Walleye Central

[20:01:03] golden (co): OK let's get rolling. Tonights host is Gary Gray PWT Pro - the

topic is planer board fishing. The forum is open. Let the questions begin

[20:01:28] Destry: what do find you catch the most fish doing?

[20:01:52] Gary Gray: it is about the same either way

[20:02:17] KeithK(MI): gary, when don't you like to run boards

[20:02:48] Gary Gray: I run the big boardds when i fish where it is snaggy

[20:03:17] Destry: what kind of mast system do you use?

[20:03:33] Gary Gray: Wille mast& boards

[20:04:01] Gary Gray: I haven't used the mast for awile though

[20:04:09] Destry: Know will that fit right into the taperloc?

[20:04:42] "Skeeter"(GB): when you go out to fish is there any factors that you see

when you get on the water that clues you ,you should run planner boards

[20:04:43] Gary Gray: yes, Wille has a snap in adaptor

[20:05:12] Gary Gray: yes, suspended fish, or weed line

[20:05:44] ebijack (mi): gary, do you find it easier to use in-line boards vs the mast

[20:06:03] SDWA: Do you pull cranks or spinners mostly behind your boards?

[20:06:08] Gary Gray: for sure, they are in the boat all the time,

[20:06:19] Gary Gray: both

[20:06:26] KeithK(MI): do you modify your wille boards, different clip or anything

[20:06:41] Gary Gray: I add a clip on the back side

[20:07:13] RIP SOME LIP wy: How do you determine the depth of your crankbaits?

[20:07:34] Gary Gray: Wille has a variety of releases for their boards know

[20:07:53] Skipper II: Do you use Precision Trolling as a guide for lure depth's?

[20:08:00] Gary Gray: I, use a chat, and experience from past running them

[20:08:07] Gary Gray: chart

[20:08:13] Destry: do you have a favorite type of lure to run.

[20:08:18] KeithK(MI): off shore has a "tattle tale" flag system comming out. does wille

have anything like that comming out.

[20:08:28] Gary Gray: yes, Precision

[20:08:44] Gary Gray: storm DJs

[20:08:53] Gary Gray: no they don't

[20:09:25] Gary Gray: you can tell very easy when you have even a small fish on

thanks. I really need to take more time. I am just rushed to the max right now!

[20:09:58] reelmn(In): gary do you have an email address for wille other than their mail

order address?

[20:10:09] RIP SOME LIP wy: What type of line do you use when you're running

cranks?? Mono? Fireline?

[20:10:12] Skipper II: What lb test line are you running?

[20:10:15] "Skeeter"(GB): What do you do that always sets you ahead of the Pack,are

you doing somthing most people have no knowledge about yet yes or no for an answer

will be fine

[20:10:15] Gary Gray: yes

[20:10:18] Captain Marty: do you think the mast is a faster fishing method when

catching fish vs. in-line boards

[20:10:24] Gary Gray: slow down guys

[20:10:37] Gary Gray: mono

[20:10:42] KeithK(MI): do you have a general rule for how far to run your boards from

the boat

[20:10:44] Gary Gray: 10lb

[20:11:34] Gary Gray: use to be that only 10% knew about suspending fish, now 100

[20:11:38] Skipper II: If the water is calm, how far out do you run your boards?

[20:12:01] Gary Gray: Marty, Not really

[20:12:17] Just Look"N--MI: What kind of electronics do you use?You seem to find

some small schools of fish

[20:12:18] Gary Gray: as far as I can get them

[20:12:35] Gary Gray: lms 350

[20:13:01] RIP SOME LIP wy: Have you had much success in western reservoirs with


[20:13:04] Skipper II: And your trolling the edges of the weeds?

[20:13:06] Gary Gray: you guys are fast

[20:13:21] Just Look"N--MI: I switched to that last year,its helped

[20:13:36] golden (co): Let's try to give Gary some time to answer the questions, he has

a full house here. :-)

[20:13:44] Gary Gray: Great fishing with cranks

[20:14:26] Gary Gray: trolling the edge of weeds works very well at times

[20:14:59] Gary Gray: am I caught up yet

[20:15:21] SDWA: Your doing great

[20:15:30] Skipper II: When a HIGH front comes in where do the fish go?

[20:15:47] Gary Gray: DEEP

[20:16:04] Skipper II: Possibly suspending without structure?

[20:16:04] cb: whats your confidence bait?

[20:16:34] Gary Gray: Deep could be 20ft depending what is deep on that lake

[20:16:42] Destry: When you first get to a lake what determines whether you are going

to board or something like lindy rigging?

[20:16:43] Gary Gray: yes suspending

[20:16:57] Gary Gray: DJ Thunderstick

[20:17:24] Skipper II: I fish Big Bay De Noc exclusively. The normal range is 10-14ft.

with 32 ft being 3 miles south. Would they travel that far?

[20:18:22] cb: does color matter? do you have a favorite?

[20:18:25] Gary Gray: not for sure, I would look at the closest deep water to where you

were catching fish

[20:19:07] Gary Gray: I ask every seminar that I do, Whay color is a MINNOW?

[20:19:25] KeithK(MI): gary, when using in-line boards what rod&reel setup do you use.

[20:19:51] Gary Gray: fish will find a minnow, shad, smelt even in dirty water

[20:20:05] Skipper II: By smell and sound?

20:20:30] Gary Gray: I use a Quantum 7.6ft, ml action, w/SS200 reel

[20:20:53] RIP SOME LIP wy: When you're marking suspended fish, and they're being

stubborn...what methods do you use and how long do you give them?

[20:21:26] Gary Gray: Keep fishing above them, give them a pass or two

[20:21:46] Skipper II: Fish cannot see below themselves, am I correct?

[20:22:06] Gary Gray: yes, but saugers feed down

[20:22:06] Gary Gray: yes, but saugers feed down

[20:22:26] Destry: won't they feel vibrations?

[20:22:38] Eyeman (IN): if they don't go on a pass or 2 then where do you go Gary

[20:22:53] Dead-Eye(Oh): Walleyes can see straight forward, up and around the back

a little.....not down

[20:23:00] SDWA: What kind of rig are you using?

[20:23:09] Gary Gray: sure, thats how most fish feed if they can't see the baitf

[20:23:38] Skipper II: So sight, sound, smell, in that order?

[20:23:38] Gary Gray: check to see if there is a water temp change nearby

[20:23:58] KeithK(MI): how often do you use cranks vs spinners with boards

[20:24:00] Gary Gray: 1895 Storm Yar Craft

[20:24:13] Dead-Eye(Oh): Gary....how about a water clarity change ?

[20:24:29] Gary Gray: put them all together and you got a deal

[20:24:34] Destry: Great boat :)

[20:24:55] Gary Gray: about the same, depends on time of year

[20:25:05] RIP SOME LIP wy: What is your strategy when the wind comes up? What

adjustments do you typically make?

[20:25:27] Gary Gray: water clarity plays abig part, check it out

[20:25:58] Gary Gray: go shallower, if I loose contact with fish

[20:26:03] KeithK(MI): explaine about time of year

[20:26:17] Skipper II: The clearer the water, the further away from the boat and deeper

as a starting rule?

[20:26:49] Gary Gray: cranks early,and late, try spinners inbetween

[20:27:03] Destry: do you look for the thermo-cline alot. If so whats the best way to dial

it in on the 350A

[20:27:15] Gary Gray: further away yes, deeper no

[20:27:53] Skipper II: How important has GPS become to you?

[20:28:03] Gary Gray: yes, always try to fish above a thermocline, fish below are


[20:28:33] Gary Gray: you can increase your sensitivity to see the thermocline

[20:29:03] Gary Gray: GPS has become very important, don't leave home without it

[20:29:22] ebijack (mi): do you use a flasher gary?

[20:29:46] SDWA: Do you have a Global Map 2000?

[20:29:59] Gary Gray: yes, flasher is very important for hi-speed locating

[20:29:59] cb: doing great!

[20:30:01] golden (co): You are doing great gary,


[20:30:11] Gary Gray: No just LMS 350A

[20:30:26] KeithK(MI): gary do you use a global map 2000, and how do you use in

congunction with the 350a

[20:30:31] Skipper II: I know our Bay has monsters in it, but during the summer, the slot

we catch is 3-6-1/2 lbs. Where have the bigger ones gone?

[20:30:54] Gary Gray: what bay?

[20:31:02] Skipper II: Big Bay De Noc

[20:31:38] Gary Gray: suspending out deep, or laying in the weeds,

[20:31:43] SDWA: Is the 350A's sonar that much better than the GM 2000 or why do

most have both?

[20:32:12] reeltime(OH): yeah, i agree with the sonar, but not the gps. :-)

[20:32:12] Gary Gray: Most have it because of the Map feature

[20:32:54] LS(nd): Gary, do you fish NAWA as well as PWT?

[20:33:05] Gary Gray: that upper was chief

[20:33:25] Gary Gray: No I couldn't get into NAWA

[20:33:41] Gary Gray: I fish MWC& PWT

[20:34:10] Lip Ripper: gary you fishing with bill this year?

[20:34:30] Destry: what would lead you to go boarding on a lake you just arrived at

instead of doing something else?

[20:34:49] Gary Gray: no, He is still taking care of his Mother, I told him family First

[20:35:18] Lip Ripper: so who gary?

[20:35:22] Dead-Eye(Oh): Gary, have you fished the central basin of lake erie ?

[20:35:42] Gary Gray: to just cover water, locate reefs, and Mid-Liake stuctures that

are Uncharted

[20:35:56] Gary Gray: No I haven't

[20:36:17] Dead-Eye(Oh): You would love it

[20:36:29] Skipper II: Troll to locate first, then attack.

[20:36:31] Gary Gray: I'll bet I would

[20:36:50] Dutchman(SD): Gary tell us a little bit about your tourney boat

[20:36:51] Gary Gray: yes, just to check the water out

[20:37:07] Gary Gray: I love it!

[20:37:35] Skipper II: Do you fish the Aug 2 tourney in Little Bay De Noc?

[20:37:56] Gary Gray: Yar Craft has made me a Boat that I have a Lot of confidence in

[20:38:08] Gary Gray: Yes I will be there

[20:38:32] Lip Ripper: gary how do you feal about theas fat sauger on the il river

[20:38:57] Gary Gray: there great, and fun to catch

[20:39:02] KeithK(MI): gary, howd you like the scenery and the fishing on lake st clair

last year

[20:40:19] Gary Gray: Fishing was great, just too many boats

[20:40:20] RIP SOME LIP wy: When you find the water high in the reservoirs...do you

head for the upper portions of the bays??

[20:41:11] Gary Gray: I look further up in bays, LOOK for new growth CLOVER

[20:42:13] Skipper II: Is the Yar Craft cenrter console?

[20:42:47] Gary Gray: no, side console

[20:44:02] RIP SOME LIP wy: Gary, have you had a chance to run the new Merc


[20:44:19] Gary Gray: only the 300hp

[20:44:28] Ol' Fiddler: I'de like to try Erie

[20:45:11] golden (co): Gary, what are the advantages of each type of planer, inline

and mast?

[20:46:25] KeithK(MI): gary back to boards, can you tell us how you set the big boards

up, do you use just the release or do you use rubber bands too

[20:46:30] Gary Gray: Inlines, I would use for most occasions, I would use a mast

system, when I fish very snaggy area

[20:47:04] Gary Gray: I use releases,

[20:47:14] Skipper II: Does wave height have a factor in your choice of systems?

[20:47:59] Just Look"N--MI: what kind of inline boards do you use?

[20:48:01] CM: Gary, which type of in-line boards do you prefer??

[20:48:12] Gary Gray: yes, waves affect the way boards run, I like boards in waves,

more action

[20:48:24] Gary Gray: Wille Sideliners

[20:48:36] Eyeman (IN): what is you favorite brand of board to run when it gets rough


20:49:04] Gary Gray: We have a new release comming out shortly, its great

[20:49:15] "Skeeter"(GB): when you run snapweights how do you determine where the

bait is running?

[20:49:31] Gary Gray: Inline Wille sideliner

[20:49:45] Skipper II: Get Precion Trolling, great book, explains everything about lure


[20:49:53] Gary Gray: snap weights: 50/50 system

[20:49:58] cb: would you generally run the bait 50' behind the snap weight

[20:50:09] Gary Gray: yes

[20:50:28] Eyeman (IN): you talking cranks or spinners

[20:50:33] cb: 50' between board and weight

[20:50:34] Gary Gray: both

[20:50:57] "Skeeter"(GB): could you explain the 50/50 please

[20:52:05] Eyeman (IN): using 50/50 how fast you moving the spread

[20:52:37] Gary Gray: usually I run lure 50ft, then snap weight, your depth will be

determined by size of weight, how far out you put the weight before conecting board

[20:52:53] Gary Gray: about 1-1,5 mph

[20:54:17] lundman: Gary, I've never run boards for walleyes, what would i need just to

get started, and should i use in-line boards , being a rookie?

[20:54:28] Captain Marty: have you equipped your boat with one of the TR-1

AutoPilots ?

[20:55:00] Gary Gray: Yes, use the Inline, they are cheaper, and easier to use

[20:55:20] Gary Gray: no, don't have TR-1

[20:55:38] Just Look"N--MI: what kind of line do you troll with?

[20:55:53] Destry: Thanks Gary very informative gotta run great line scott!!

[20:56:00] golden (co): getting back to lundmans question, what size rod, line weight


[20:56:10] Gary Gray: I still have 100 spools of Wille Cranking line

[20:56:29] lundman: what about reels, baitcasting?

[20:56:58] Gary Gray: 7.5ft rod, 10lb line,

[20:57:07] walleyezone(mn): Gary, do you have any input why downriggers would

produce better than snapweights on Lake of the woods or have you run across this


[20:58:06] Gary Gray: they run downriggers because of number of lines and they keep

lines short

[20:58:07] Ol' Fiddler: Gary any suggestion on a shallow lake Five ft max depth 10miles

across lake

[20:58:46] Gary Gray: troll, get lines away from boat, cover water

[20:59:19] lundman: should I use baitcasting reels Gary?

[20:59:42] RIP SOME LIP wy: What do you typically go to if the thunderstick ain't

makin' noise?

[20:59:54] Gary Gray: I would, you can be more precise

[21:00:08] null: Gary have you tried the flag down system from off shore?

[21:00:34] Gary Gray: I, try hot'n tots, baby thundersticks

[21:01:19] KeithK(MI): gary, have you tries the new bait from storm "lightning shad"

how is it

[21:01:21] cb: have you had any luck with spoons

[21:01:27] Gary Gray: no I haven't, I'm able to tell with the Wille sideliners when I have

a small fish on

[21:01:48] SDWA: What flag down system are you refering to?

[21:02:02] Gary Gray: Don't use spoons much, only for jigging

[21:02:11] golden (co): and Wille Sideliners are available on Walleye Central.

[21:02:42] Skipper II: Do they come in different sizes?

[21:02:54] Gary Gray: Lightnin Shad:, have used a little this fall I think they will make

their place in history

[21:03:06] Gary Gray: No, only in one size

[21:03:27] Eyeman (IN): gary are the new releases going to fit the old boards

[21:03:49] Gary Gray: they will work on ALL BOARDS

[21:04:02] walleyezone(mn): Gary, do you think snapweights on boards with crankbaits

in rough4-5footers that the bait remains in the fishzone or is it in and out?

[21:04:18] Skipper II: What kind of releases doyou use on the big boards?

[21:04:48] Gary Gray: snap weights will keep your lures down in rough water

[21:05:06] Dutchman(SD): better than leadcore Gary?

[21:05:32] Gary Gray: there are all kinds that work, I have tried them all

[21:06:07] HPS: HI GARY this is harry are you looking forward to the SUPER PRO i

hear thats going to be a good board bite !!

[21:06:12] Gary Gray: leadcore will hold your line more consistant in rough water, right


[21:06:58] Gary Gray: I sure hope so, can't stand another no fish tourn

[21:07:08] HPS: yes you got it right

[21:08:16] KeithK(MI): gary, any secrets youd like to share with us reguarding tourny

fishing for us starting out

[21:08:50] Skipper II: I'm still using an Apelco paper graph but want to go digital due to

cost of paper. Any suggestions?

[21:09:25] Gary Gray: Just jump in, DON'T BE INTIMIDATED BY ANYONE, we all put

our shorts on the same way

[21:09:31] Gary Gray: LMS 350A

[21:10:12] Lance Lemmen: Have you used any other graph than lowrance?

[21:10:29] Gary Gray: There are a lot of units out there, but for your money, its hard to

beat the LMS 350

[21:10:35] golden (co): What would be your favorite method of "searching" for walleye

on a new body of water with no maps?

[21:10:45] Lance Lemmen: How about Raytheon?

[21:11:00] Gary Gray: I, used to use Interphase Video

[21:11:25] cb: what did you think of thier matrix unit

[21:11:48] Captain Marty: do you feel some of the biggest fish of any large water body

are always suspended?

[21:11:56] Gary Gray: use a Flasher, cover the water at about 20mph, watch for the


[21:12:42] Gary Gray: this will also start to pattern any suspended fish if there are any

[21:12:50] walleyezone(mn): Gary, what flasher do you use?

[21:13:05] ebijack (mi): how do you determine if the marks are walleye

[21:13:17] Gary Gray: as a rule, these are rouges, they like to be alone

[21:13:22] Dutchman(SD): Gary do you use the flasher feature on your 350?

[21:13:39] Gary Gray: lowrance

[21:14:06] Gary Gray: just guess, or fish them if you see enough marks

[21:14:30] Gary Gray: no, seperate unit

[21:14:50] Lance Lemmen: Do you use off shore boards or mr walleye's?

[21:14:58] Gary Gray: for locating, you want a wide angle transducer

[21:15:03] cb: do you have separate GPS or module for LMS 350

[21:15:12] Gary Gray: Wille Sideliners

[21:15:23] Skipper II: If you see minnows exploding on the surface at dusk, what bait

would you use and how would you fish it?

[21:15:29] Lance Lemmen: why do you like those?

[21:15:30] Gary Gray: Module

[21:15:30] Captain Marty: I understand the reasoning that trolling covers large areas of

water , do you ever stop and fish a different method like livebait once you've found


[21:16:11] Gary Gray: shallow thunderstick, 20ft behind boards

[21:16:26] Gary Gray: easier to read when you have a fish on

[21:16:53] Gary Gray: yes, I love to jig fish, throw spoons

[21:17:48] Gary Gray: You can Purchase Wille Sideliners right here on WALLEYE

CENTRAL< check it out

[21:18:17] cb: Did you ever try Interpahses's Matrix

[21:18:23] Lance Lemmen: I won't plug the others then.

[21:18:42] Eyeman (IN): on a new lake that is clear you go longer with your leads to the

snap weights

[21:18:47] Dutchman(SD): how do you store your cranks , do you use a willie bait file ?

[21:19:01] Gary Gray: yes, they all work, its just that they did not have a two in one unit

[21:19:09] motroll: GARY, you said you didn't use spoons much, just for jigging

[21:19:31] Gary Gray: no, on the longer

[21:19:52] Gary Gray: bait file

[21:20:20] KeithK(MI): do you modify your cranks with different hooks

[21:20:53] Gary Gray: I use to, but Storm finally started putting on better hooks

[21:21:14] Skipper II: If you did, woiuldn't that affect running depths?

[21:21:20] Captain Marty: do you think those oversized hooks get more fish?

[21:21:37] Lance Lemmen: What is your favorite treble hook?

[21:21:50] Gary Gray: they now are using teflon coated hooks on the flashtails

[21:22:19] Gary Gray: won't change depth unless you use to big of hook

[21:22:36] Gary Gray: no, on oversize

[21:23:45] Gary Gray: have I missed anyone?

[21:23:51] Skipper II: On Big Bay, weedbeds tend to be 1-2000 ft. long and 30 ft. wide.

Would you troll the center of the bed with planers on both sides?

[21:24:14] ebijack (mi): do you pay any attention what your competitors are doing

during a tourney

[21:24:18] Dutchman(SD): Gary we all know that you have to cater to your sponsors

but do the Pro's use whatever crank the fish are biting on?

[21:24:19] Gary Gray: no, stay off to one side or the other

[21:25:22] Gary Gray: yes, I, do, but I will not tell you I caught them on something that I

didn't, just to please the sponsers

[21:26:08] golden (co): Gary, any advice for those out there that are trying to break into

the pro fisherman world and the PWT?

[21:26:16] Gary Gray: I will use whatever lures they want to bite on

[21:26:31] KeithK(MI): god question scott

[21:27:41] Gary Gray: Try a pro-am first, but don't be scared of anyone out there, like I

said before, I and most, put their shorts on the same way

[21:27:41] Gary Gray: Try a pro-am first, but don't be scared of anyone out there, like I

said before, I and most, put their shorts on the same way

[21:28:36] Dutchman(SD): you've just been puttin' them on for more tourney mornings


[21:28:38] Gary Gray: sure, mainly how they are doing it

[21:29:14] Skipper II: What kind of binoculars do you use?

[21:29:15] Gary Gray: I would call PWT, let them know, get your money in fast

[21:29:33] golden (co): I was thinking along the lines of sponsorship, how do you

approach them and what do they expect from you?

[21:29:46] Gary Gray: can't use them

[21:29:55] Skipper II: You're kidding!!!

[21:30:43] Gary Gray: When approaching sponsers, ask them what can I do for you,

not what they can do for you

[21:31:37] LS(nd): what exactly are the sponsers looking for

[21:31:43] Gary Gray: be honest with them, let them know what your plans are, and

how you think you can help promote them

[21:32:08] Dutchman(SD): Gary how do you respond when your on fish and other

anglers move in on you?

[21:32:40] Dutchman(SD): non tpourney anglers/

[21:32:44] Gary Gray: sponsers look for how many appearances you are doing, what

seminars, boat shows, ect

[21:33:04] Skipper II: I'd let them clean out the smaller ones.

[21:33:23] Dutchman(SD): happens alot on Oahe

[21:33:58] Gary Gray: not a problem, I normally don't care even if they are tourney

guys, they have to figure out how I am fishing, by then its over

[21:34:08] Skipper II: Correct

[21:34:38] golden (co): Back to sponsorships, how receptive are they, I mean Berkley,

etc..... gotta be tired of hearing from perspective anglers

[21:35:03] golden (co): I'm not thinking about it, just real curious

[21:35:20] KeithK(MI): shuuure scott

[21:35:23] Roy G. (PA): <<<am interested too scott

[21:35:28] Gary Gray: all depends how you approach them, and again, what are you

going to do for them

[21:35:43] null: how about those yar crafts?

[21:35:51] LS(nd): whats the best way to approch them?

[21:36:10] Skipper II: You have to prove yourself somwhat don't you, before

approaching them?

[21:36:29] Captain Marty: your right Gary, sponsors are looking for the long haul guys

that will be there

[21:36:36] Ol' Fiddler: whats the best bait to use when fishing for walleye?

[21:36:48] Gary Gray: send them a resume, picture,what your plans are for this year,

and next

[21:37:24] Gary Gray: no, proving is not so much on the water, more at shows

[21:37:47] Skipper II: So gift of gab is a requirement?

[21:37:48] "Skeeter"(GB): dont expect nothing for nothing

[21:37:59] Gary Gray: the one you have the most confidence in

[21:38:08] LS(nd): more in marketing, is that what you mean?

[21:38:11] Gary Gray: it helps

[21:38:19] Gary Gray: yes

[21:38:31] Ol' Fiddler: does anyone know the best bait to use when fishing for


[21:39:18] Just Look"N--MI: STORM LURES

[21:39:22] Gary Gray: I didn't mean that as a joke, OL'Fiddler, confidence is the best


[21:39:28] Eyeman (IN): Thanks Gary !!!! Got to go . GOOD JOB!!!!!

[21:39:50] golden (co): I'm really interested in this part of it. It would seem the hardest

part of the game

[21:40:04] null: when your where you are now do sponsors contact you?

[21:40:32] Gary Gray: no, thats a false hope!

[21:40:49] Skipper II: Most of your diehard fisherman know how to feed a good line of

bull anyway.

[21:41:02] Gary Gray: I have never had a sponser contact me

[21:41:36] Gary Gray: Bull is not the best way, be honest with them, it will go a long


[21:41:41] Captain Marty: public relations from the boat landings to the shows, articles,

etc! and being honest with the people!

[21:42:05] Captain Marty: sounds like we should fish together

[21:42:11] LS(nd): what tips do you have in going after a boat sponser?

[21:42:12] golden (co): I guess I just find it hard to believe it's easy to get sponsorship

before you actually establish a name, will they buy into a "newbie"?

[21:42:24] Gary Gray: lets go out so time, would love to

[21:42:29] "Skeeter"(GB): what could most guys expect to recieve from sponsers just

starting out cash?,product?

[21:42:29] Skipper II: Bull was the wrong word. You still goota be nervous getting up in

front of so many people.

[21:43:10] Gary Gray: Its the commitment that you make, long haul, or short lived

[21:43:46] Gary Gray: product, and maybe if your lucky, a entry fee

[21:43:46] mikej: but grays doing good

[21:44:11] Gary Gray: I still have butterflies every time

[21:44:47] Skipper II: Thanks for being honest. But that check makes it easier doesn't


[21:44:55] Mike(MN): Gary lets talk about gut feeling on when to move off of a spot

[21:44:57] Gary Gray: sure does

[21:45:05] golden (co): I like the question LS asked earlier. What is a good way to

approach a boat sponsor?

[21:45:37] Gary Gray: gut feeling is every mans confidence

[21:45:58] Mike(MN): Has it changed for you over the years?

[21:46:10] sk: the sponsors with the costliest products have to be the hardest to please

don' t they?

[21:46:33] mikej: no

[21:46:48] KeithK(MI): gary, I noticed a lot of pros switching to glass boats. Is it just the

ride or is it a better fishing platform

[21:46:53] Gary Gray: Boat sponser: get out to the factory in person, leet him meet you,

tell him what your plans are, tell them you are willing to do boat shows

[21:47:33] Gary Gray: yes, more confidence

[21:47:48] Gary Gray: yes, they want more out of you

[21:48:09] Gary Gray: both, better, ride

[21:48:19] Skipper II: quieter?

[21:48:29] LS(nd): what person in the orginazation is the best to talk to in regards to


[21:48:38] sk: it must be tough selling these high ticket items.

[21:48:42] "Skeeter"(GB): Thank you Gary,gotta go shovel that 6 inches of new

snow,later guys

[21:48:57] Gary Gray: don't get me wrong, every boat has its purpose and they are all


[21:50:11] Gary Gray: I want to say this "this is my first chat, and you guys are


[21:50:23] cb: great chat gary, gotta go

[21:50:39] KeithK(MI): your the one that need to be patted on the back for a great job


[21:50:42] golden (co): we appreciate you gary, thanks alot

[21:50:46] sk: you're doing a fine job!

[21:50:48] Gary Gray: Am I boring anyone yet???

[21:50:52] Skipper II: Scenario: You and I are fishing the same hole. I'm catching fish

on harnesses by drifting. You're trolling and not doing as well. What are you going to


[21:51:01] Captain Marty: Gary, you've done a great job tonight, I've learned alot and

my highest regards to you, it's time to say goodnight to all!

[21:51:11] wefish[SD]: Thanks for all the tips Gary. Have a Great Year.

[21:51:28] LS(nd): great job, gary...really appreciate the info.

[21:51:30] Gary Gray: Thats easy, Drift with you

[21:52:38] golden (co): Gary, I feel I should offer you an out. I'm certainly not trying to

run you off, but you have been at if for almost 2 hours. Please continue if you would

like to but if you need to leave we will understand

[21:52:42] walleyezone(mn): Thanks Gary, Hope I have the opportunity to meet you

some time.


[21:53:08] Gary Gray: I don't know if I would say better, they have a easier time making

decissions sometimes

[21:53:15] Mike(MN): How does it affect you when you talk to potential sponsors?

[21:53:36] Gary Gray: look forward to meeting each of you

1:53:42] KeithK(MI): gary, are you doing any boat shows this winter

[21:53:56] Gary Gray: lots

[21:54:01] LS(nd): maybe i'll meet you on the pwt this summer

[21:54:11] Gary Gray: how do you mean affect me

[21:54:14] Just Look"N--MI: How about Pontiac Mich?

[21:54:44] KeithK(MI): do you have a list of the shows

[21:55:05] Mike(MN): Affect you in that it is harder to get a slice of the pie. More knifes

if you will.

[21:55:29] Gary Gray: chicago, green bay, don't have the rest handy

[21:55:47] golden (co): Denver?

[21:55:49] walleyezone(mn): Mpls

[21:55:58] Skipper II: Have you ever fished any of Jim Gradt's rods?

[21:56:16] Skipper II: Grandt's

[21:56:18] Gary Gray: no

[21:56:19] reeltime(OH): good job gary, good luck this year, bye all

[22:00:02] golden (co): are you tired yet gary? you certainly have deserved a rest, but

please continue if you want

[22:00:02] Gary Gray: I hope everyone had as much fun as I did talking to a great

group of guys

[22:00:07] Dutchman(SD): Gary are you "itchin" for another season?

[22:00:30] Skipper II: Do you believe that line sensitivity is the most important part of

the setup?

[22:00:33] Gary Gray: Can't wait till I put lines back in the water

[22:00:50] golden (co): fish "online" with us gary

[22:00:58] ebijack (mi): thanks for the great chat gary, you helped alot of guys with your


[22:00:59] KeithK(MI): gary are you planing on doing any videos soon

[22:01:39] Gary Gray: no video, just want to fish

[22:01:39] Skipper II: If your holding the rod!!

[22:03:04] Dutchman(SD): Gary what your favorite Big Stone Technique?

[22:03:37] Gary Gray: throwing cranks, pitching jis shallow

[22:04:32] golden (co): Gary are you going to be at Big Stone this year?

[22:04:39] Gary Gray: like to use rattlin thin fins

[22:04:47] Gary Gray: I'll be there

[22:04:57] golden (co): I'll see you there

[22:05:09] Dutchman(SD): Great Lake, full of eye's

[22:05:18] Gary Gray: look me up, we can go out fishing

[22:05:28] golden (co): save me a seat, I'll take you up on it

[22:05:33] Just Look"N--MI: anybody in for the walleye seminar in march by chicago?.

[22:05:36] KeithK(MI): gary whats your favorite body of water

[22:05:47] KeithK(MI): yea I'm going

[22:06:38] Gary Gray: I just want to tell everyone, that when these tournaments come

to your towns, don't be scared to walk up ask to go out with the guys

[22:07:00] Gary Gray: Lake Erie, Oahe

[22:08:06] golden (co): down here in colorado we don't get much of a chance to see

too many pros

[22:08:13] Indy Eyeman: Man you speak my language, any pointers for mid june eye

fishin' at Erie

[22:08:15] Skipper II: I once asked Babe, he was fishing our Bay, why he didn't do a

show on it. And the man said, "You think I'm going to spoil my hole" and laughed.

God's truth.

[22:09:14] Indy Eyeman: western basin that is.

[22:09:25] golden (co): Should we call this the "official" end to the chat and just have

fun from here on Gary?

[22:09:26] Gary Gray: , Troll big cranks, if that don't work, use the smallest you have

[22:09:46] Gary Gray: If you want,

[22:09:49] Just Look"N--MI: Ill second that scott



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