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[19:53:59] ebijack (mi): Please Welcome GARY GRAY!! tonight he is going to talk

about getting sponsers

[19:54:08] KeithK(MI): hi gary

[19:54:14] speedy(IA): welcome gary

[19:54:16] ebijack (mi): welcome gary!

[19:54:17] Gary Gray: hi keith

[19:54:23] LS(nd): welcome Gary

[19:54:24] speedy(IA): hi stick

[19:54:26] Boomer(SD): Hi gray

9:54:28] big man: whats happening gary

[19:54:41] Gary Gray: getting ready for erie

[19:55:26] ebijack (mi): gary, how many sponsors do you have

[19:55:27] big man: out of what port gary?

[19:55:29] KeithK(MI): gary, what do you think will be the winning presentation on erie

[19:55:30] fastrack: gary how did you do last weekend in the tournament at


[19:55:49] ebijack (mi): please give gary a chance to answer guys

[19:55:54] big man: hi wizard

[19:56:01] ebijack (mi): just slow it down a bit :)

[19:56:06] Gary Gray: I will talk about sponsers for half the time , then switch to erie

[19:56:13] LS(nd): Gary, is the professional angler newsletter a good place to get info.

on getting sponsors?

[19:56:21] clay(wy): lets talk sponsors

[19:56:28] Gary Gray: sure is

[19:54:28] big man: whats happening gary

[19:56:44] Gary Gray: I have 12 sponsors

[19:57:28] clay(wy): Can you give us a brief run down of what is required to make your

sponsors happy

[19:57:57] Gary Gray: The worst thing you can do is ask a sponser what they can do

for you

[19:58:21] Gary Gray: The best is ask what you can do for them

[19:58:40] KeithK(MI): how do you approach sponsors..or do they approach you

[19:59:06] Gary Gray: Depends on what type of sponser you are working for

[19:59:18] speedy(IA): Gary I would imagine you have to develop some sort of


[19:59:20] Gary Gray: you approach them

[19:59:41] fastrack: who are all your sponsons?

[19:59:46] Gary Gray: Put a good effort in your resume

[20:00:13] Gary Gray: all my sponsers are listed on the pro page

[20:00:30] LS(nd): tournament finishes aren't really what they are looking for is it?

[20:00:55] Gary Gray: no, they want someone who will be there

[20:01:19] Gary Gray: you have to make a committment for time

[20:01:34] clay(wy): Are there incentives from most of the sponsors for making such

prestigous events as championships

[20:01:35] big man: do they furnish thier product or give you good discounts

[20:02:01] Gary Gray: The worst nightmare comes when you don't manage your time


[20:02:17] KeithK(MI): please explain

[20:02:32] Gary Gray: incentives, product, and money

[20:02:44] gwalt(MI): gary when fishing a lake like stockton do you fish likely areas or

do you just fish places youve marked fish?

[20:02:57] clay(wy): so they do care about good finishes it sounds to me like

[20:03:01] Gary Gray: so you give each the equal amount of time

[20:03:37] Gary Gray: save the thought of Stockton for 20 min

[20:04:00] LS(nd): Gary, what is your defination of Pro walleye angler?

[20:04:07] Gary Gray: they do care , no one bets on a horse that doesn't show

[20:04:52] Gary Gray: Pro: someone who commits to the time and dedication of the


[20:05:22] big man: what kind of tub do you fish out of

[20:05:26] Gary Gray: you can be a pro, just by puting up your money

[20:06:09] KeithK(MI): gary how much time did you put in during the show season this

past winter

[20:06:29] Mud Duck: What are the most important things to include on a resume


[20:06:57] Gary Gray: Lots of time without pay, the pay comes later. I think I did over

250 hrs

[20:07:18] Larry(WI): Gary, how much of a factor is confidence, and how do you

acquire it in fishing?

[20:07:46] Gary Gray: A good picture of you, your boat, truck, then how much time you

are going to spend on this

[20:08:21] LS(nd): Gary, what is the best time of the year to approch sponsors?

[20:08:27] Gary Gray: confidence: having trust in your own judgement, right or wrong

[20:08:52] Gary Gray: start talking to them in june

[20:09:20] gwalt(MI): gary, isnt it true that you also have to look presentable also. you

can be the best fisherman in the world but if you dont look the part it may be difficult?

[20:09:38] KeithK(MI): should a fisherman contact a sponsor by the internet or in person

[20:10:00] Gary Gray: you bet, some of us, you just can't dress up and take anywhere

[20:10:09] Mud Duck: Is a letter of inquiry & resume the best way to approach potential


[20:10:16] Gary Gray: you create your own image

[20:10:24] LS(nd): is the best approach, resume 1st? then follow up on the phone

[20:10:41] gwalt(MI): what do you think of the anglers newsletter?

[20:10:43] Gary Gray: then follow it up with calls

[20:11:14] Gary Gray: its a great source, if it helps anyway

[20:11:57] Mud Duck: How do you keep your sponsors informed thru-out the Season?

Quarterly reports?

[20:11:58] Gary Gray: you have to make an investment in your self, stay one step

ahead of your sponsors

[20:12:14] Gary Gray: reports, calls weekly

[20:12:15] KeithK(MI): how do you do that

[20:12:21] KeithK(MI): thanks

[20:12:40] Gary Gray: invest in yourself?

[20:12:50] ebijack (mi): and hosting chats, right gary :)

[20:12:58] Gary Gray: you bet

[20:13:38] LS(nd): gary, how many levels of sponsorship are there?

[20:13:43] ebijack (mi): gary, when do you decide to go after a new sponsor

[20:13:58] Gary Gray: when ever a person thinks they don't have time for the

consumer, sponsors won't even look

[20:14:22] Mikey: gary: what is your most memorable tournament for whatever reason?

[20:14:23] Gary Gray: usually a 3 or 4 tier program

[20:14:40] Gary Gray: when ever I find one that I believe in

[20:14:54] fastrack WI: how did you do in last weekend tournament?

[20:15:27] ebijack (mi): gary, so you have to believe in the products you use and


[20:15:32] Gary Gray: The World Championship, 1st time we won

[20:15:56] Gary Gray: Only one fish

[20:16:18] Gary Gray: yes, definitly , you have to believe in it

[20:16:38] R Hill(mi): Gary could you be a little more detailed on the 3 or 4 tier program

[20:17:03] Gary Gray: If you have noticed, I have only change 3 sponsors in 10 yrs

[20:17:36] gwalt(MI): Loyalty is important then?

[20:17:46] Gary Gray: tier's are for the levels each person is able to make a

commitment with

[20:18:11] Gary Gray: Loyalty, and Longivity

[20:18:44] Mud Duck: who have you been with the longest & the shortest

[20:19:03] Gary Gray: usually, 3 tier will have: tier 1 local and regional level tourn

[20:19:13] fastrack WI: do you have the same yar craft as last year or a new one?

[20:19:27] Gary Gray: new one

[20:19:47] gwalt(MI): When prefishing a tourney do you discuss strategy with other

members of team yarcraft?

[20:19:51] Gary Gray: longest, Mercury, shortest LUND

[20:19:57] fastrack WI: same model?

[20:20:23] Gary Gray: yes I do, usually presentation more so then location

[20:20:50] snagger: Gary, which do you think is harder to fish rivers or res.?

[20:20:50] Gary Gray: 1895 STORM/225 MERCUY

[20:21:00] Gary Gray: Rivers

[20:21:00] Mud Duck: what was your reason to switch from skeeter to yar craft, you

ran skeeters for a lot of years

[20:21:12] snagger: how so?

[20:22:08] busy(OH): Gary I would tink rivers would be more volital and harder to

predict a pattern than stable reseviors

[20:22:18] Gary Gray: Yamaha, I have been on the Mercury National Fishing Team for

a long time, didn't want to give that up. Even though Skeeter's Offer was BIG

[20:22:47] Gary Gray: Busy, you bet, rivers change daily

[20:23:15] gwalt(MI): have you trolled with the new storm lightnin shad yet and how do

you like them. they look good.

[20:23:51] Gary Gray: I like the action, will see at Erie?

[20:24:15] Larry(WI): Gary, how do you stay positive in a tournament when you aren't

doing well say by day 2?

[20:24:18] MT. Troller: welcome Gary Gray hi everyone else !!

[20:25:07] Mud Duck: If a person is denied their request for sponsorship & they truly

believe in the product, how soon should they reapply to the company?

[20:25:14] busy(OH): Nice of you to offer your time to us, I sure your anxious to get on


[20:25:42] Gary Gray: my 10 yr old is my inspiration, she tells me all the time: I think you

can, I think you Can, I know you can

[20:26:22] Gary Gray: Keep after sponsors, just as though you want that job!

[20:26:30] snagger: thats nice to have that in the backround Gary

[20:26:55] Gary Gray: I call her every night at tournaments

[20:27:21] snagger: future tourney fisherperson?

[20:27:33] Larry(WI): Thanks Gary, good luck with this one and all the rest, from the

guy on the other side of the lake.

[20:27:45] Gary Gray: yes, we will be father and daughter

[20:27:56] Gary Gray: thanks

[20:27:59] snagger: thats cool

[20:28:32] ebijack (mi): gary, how do you go to a tourney with thinking that you are

going to fish a certain patteren when you haven't been on the lake yet

[20:28:58] Gary Gray: have you's heard about the NPAA?

[20:29:08] LS(nd): yes...

[20:29:18] R Hill(mi): No

[20:29:20] KeithK(MI): no what is that

[20:29:22] Mud Duck: no

[20:29:23] Gary Gray: look at the basin of the lake, then make your decission

[20:29:26] WeberRig: Gary, if you were going to pick one technique to work at and

improve on this year, what would it be and why?

[20:30:18] Gary Gray: rigging, not use to it , sometimes miss the bites

[20:30:48] gwalt(MI): gary do you use drift sock alot?

[20:31:10] Gary Gray: NPAA: National Professional Anglers assoc.

[20:31:21] Gary Gray: yes, I do

[20:31:34] snagger: how do drift socks work in rivers?

[20:31:44] gwalt(MI): drifting?

[20:31:47] Gary Gray: when the bite dictates it

[20:32:06] WeberRig: what technique do you think is your best bet for big fish in a tx?

[20:32:19] Gary Gray: not so good, usually you are flowing with the current

[20:32:44] Gary Gray: Trolling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[20:33:12] gwalt(MI): of all the cranks which is your favorite?

[20:33:16] MT. Troller: cool gary !!

[20:33:49] Gary Gray: LS will be able to tell you's all about it after this tournament,


[20:34:00] LS(nd): :-)

[20:34:04] Gary Gray: jr thunderstick

[20:34:13] Gary Gray: deep jr.

[20:34:16] R Hill(mi): Gary when trolling something like the lightning shad do you ever

tip it with a crawler

[20:34:47] Gary Gray: you bet, we taught NORB WALLOCK that trick

[20:34:52] gwalt(MI): do you carry all colors or do you work the primary colors like blue

silver black silver

[20:35:18] Mud Duck: Gold & Black deep jr still hot on Winnebago?

[20:35:21] WeberRig: Gary, when trolling in a tx, do you work a few defined structures

or areas, or are you looking more to cover a lot of ground and contact fish that are

roaming around?

[20:35:24] Gary Gray: I start with the basic's, then work from there

[20:35:38] Gary Gray: always on bago

[20:36:08] gwalt(MI): do you use drop weights ?

[20:36:20] gwalt(MI): snap weights?

[20:36:40] Gary Gray: I look for reefs, then usually the fish that feed on those reefs, will

suspend at same depth

[20:37:07] Mud Duck: Gotta go guys, thanks for your time Gary, see ta at Big Stone

[20:37:15] Gary Gray: everything to include the sink!!

[20:37:25] fastrack WI: good night all see you at the merc national Gary.

[20:37:26] Gary Gray: see ya there

[20:37:33] WeberRig: How far from the reefs will those suspended fish move?

[20:37:37] Gary Gray: you bet

[20:37:46] gwalt(MI): how about board preference inlines?

[20:37:58] Gary Gray: have I kept up or am I behind

[20:38:02] R Hill(mi): gary do you know anything about the titabawasee river

[20:38:25] Gary Gray: Wille sideliner is my pick

[20:38:31] ebijack (mi): your doing great gary!!!!!

[20:38:51] Gary Gray: yes, a little bit. I know she eats props

[20:39:06] WeberRig: Gary, how far will the suspended fish move away from the reefs?

[20:39:30] gwalt(MI): Gary do you let them release and slide down or do you keep them


[20:39:36] Gary Gray: not far, they move on and off the reefs at will

[20:39:37] R Hill(mi): where are some good fishing hot spots

[20:39:46] Gary Gray: tight

[20:40:19] Gary Gray: powerlines, dow damn, find any eddie

[20:40:34] gwalt(MI): I wish them would use a release instead of a wing nut.

[20:40:53] WeberRig: Are there differences in the way you troll for suspended fish near

reefs, compared to the way you'd contour troll for fish near a shoreline?

[20:40:56] R Hill(mi): or do you have some gps cordinates

[20:41:04] Gary Gray: any little difference in depth makes a possibility on that river

[20:41:28] Gary Gray: You have to see the NEW one

[20:41:44] gwalt(MI): no used the old style

[20:42:06] Gary Gray: no, stay at the depth of fish, let them do the dancing

[20:42:26] Gary Gray: no gps coor

[20:43:01] snagger: nice try r hill

[20:43:16] gwalt(MI): does the new one use a release gary?

[20:43:18] ebijack (mi): hey guys, you got 15 minutes till gary HAS to go

[20:43:28] gwalt(MI): yes

[20:43:30] ebijack (mi): finish up

[20:43:32] MT. Troller: thanks for your time Gary walleye meeting tonite c. ya every one

!! Nite

[20:43:43] Gary Gray: call the factory, ask Jean schick(owner), for new release info,

[20:44:00] gwalt(MI): thanks

[20:44:01] WeberRig: When trolling, do you start out fast or slow? And how often is it

that the best speed changes throughout the day?

[20:44:04] snagger: nice chatting with you Gary very enjoyable

[20:44:17] Larry(WI): Gary, when is it time to switch to spinner harness from cranks?

[20:43:43] Gary Gray: call the factory, ask Jean schick(owner), for new release info,

[20:44:00] gwalt(MI): thanks

[20:44:01] WeberRig: When trolling, do you start out fast or slow? And how often is it

that the best speed changes throughout the day?

[20:44:04] snagger: nice chatting with you Gary very enjoyable

[20:44:17] Larry(WI): Gary, when is it time to switch to spinner harness from cranks?

[20:44:55] Gary Gray: let the fish dictate that, when they get lazy, speed up

[20:45:21] Gary Gray: when fish are on bottom, or very top

[20:45:58] gwalt(MI): do you have any preference to blade size when rigging gary?

[20:46:21] Gary Gray: start small

[20:46:27] WeberRig: Gary, I'm not sure I understand your answer on trolling speed.

Are you saying speed it up if the action slows down .... try to trigger them to hit?

[20:46:31] gwalt(MI): color?

[20:46:43] Gary Gray: yes

[20:47:11] WeberRig: Do you use bigger baits when trying to trigger inactive fish?

[20:47:13] Gary Gray: silver or gold when bright, colors when cloudy

[20:47:21] busy(OH): gary I agreee, when looking for active fish I say speed kills, then

slow down if yu have to to work an active pod

[20:47:38] Gary Gray: depends on size of baitfish present

[20:47:48] R Hill(mi): gary for the river do you prefer to jig or troll

[20:47:55] WeberRig: Match the size of the baitfish?

[20:48:22] Gary Gray: jig,

[20:48:34] jbeboatman: gary do you do pwt

[20:48:41] R Hill(mi): ok what depth

[20:48:58] Gary Gray: yes

[20:49:18] Gary Gray: PWT< MWC<

[20:49:32] jbeboatman: my pro bill shovar going to ohio tomorrow

[20:50:07] Gary Gray: I'm leaving in 1 hr

[20:50:07] WeberRig: Gary, been nice chatting with ya ..... hope ya do well and load

up the livewell this year!

[20:50:16] R Hill(mi): gary were you at the mwt tournament on the detroit river

[20:50:20] Gary Gray: thank you

[20:50:24] *** WeberRig has left Walleye Central

[20:50:28] Gary Gray: no

[20:50:42] ebijack (mi): hey guys, let's let gary rap this up so he can finish packing

[20:50:48] *** esf has left Walleye Central

[20:50:48] *** e.s.f. has joined Walleye Central

[20:50:48] snagger: Gary did you fish the PWT in Dubuque Iowa last april?

[20:50:49] jbeboatman: good luck and ill tell him to say hi to you thanks for the talk


[20:50:56] Gary Gray: yes

[20:50:58] bob (oh): good luck at erie, gary

[20:51:07] ebijack (mi): THANKS FOR YOUR TIME GARY!!!!!!!!!!!!

[20:51:15] ebijack (mi): good luck at erie gary!!!!!!!!!!!

[20:51:16] Gary Gray: you bet anytime

[20:51:23] LS(nd): Thanks for all the info. Gary....see you in Port Clinton

[20:51:30] gwalt(MI): good luck gary!!!!!

[20:51:31] Gary Gray: you bet

[20:51:36] e.s.f.: gary have you been on pricket dam

[20:51:38] snagger: lots of luck at erie Gray!!!!!!!!!

[20:51:43] R Hill(mi): thank for the help gary

[20:51:56] R Hill(mi): good luck this year

[20:52:09] rip some lip wy: thanks gary

[20:52:20] Gary Gray: anytime you want to ask a question, drop me an E-mail

[20:52:58] ebijack (mi): have a safe trip

[20:53:01] LS(nd): have a good trip, Gary

[20:53:01] Gary Gray: see you there

[20:53:22] e.s.f.: Gary have fished Pricket Dam

[20:53:29] busy(OH): Thankyou Gary, keep giving as you do and the world will return in


[20:53:42] Gary Gray: everyone have a safe one, be happy, catch


[20:54:23] ebijack (mi): c ya gary

[20:54:30] e.s.f.: c ya gary

[20:54:34] bob (oh): nite gary

[20:54:36] Gary Gray: good night to all!

[20:54:37] gwalt(MI): bye gary

[20:54:38] jbeboatman: thanks gary and ebi

[20:54:43] LS(nd): nite Gary

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