Walleye Central

[19:57:39] ebijack (mi): Please Welcome GARY GRAY the


[19:57:43] Drift'r: Welcome Gary

[19:57:45] Gary Gray (wi): Winnebago

[19:57:50] ebijack (mi): welcome gary!!!!

[19:57:52] Bigfoot: I"ll call early

[19:58:04] ebijack (mi): c ya clear

[19:58:06] Bigfoot: bye

[19:58:07] Hungry Carp: Gary do you deal with Wendts marine at all

[19:58:11] tp: hi gary

[19:58:16] Lu (wi): YEAAAA!!!

[19:58:17] Gary Gray (wi): yes some what

[19:58:24] Doc: What's your favorite plug out there

[19:58:38] Gary Gray (wi): thunderstick jr

[19:59:19] Hungry Carp: good service?

[19:59:41] Gary Gray (wi): I'd say yes, why do you ask?

[20:00:16] ebijack (mi): gary, can you tell us about hwo you

planned to fish this past year, and how those plans might have changed

[20:00:16] Steve-IA: what characteristics do you like about the thunderstick jr.

[20:00:20] Hungry Carp: Am interested in new boat cant seem to

get test ride

[20:00:30] rbaron: what kind of trolling rods do you like

[20:00:52] Gary Gray (wi): Slow down

[20:01:16] ebijack (mi): we'll ask them again gary, if you miss any

[20:01:25] Gary Gray (wi): I had plans for angler of the year, then it

all fell apart

[20:01:51] Gary Gray (wi): I know where they run (depth)

[20:02:18] Gary Gray (wi): call me at * for the ride of

your life

[20:02:38] *** boomer (mi) has joined Walleye Central

[20:02:39] Gary Gray (wi): I use Quantum 81/2 ft

[20:02:52] Doc: Great rod

[20:02:58] Gary Gray (wi): you bet

[20:02:59] LS: get the new boat Gary?

[20:03:06] Hungry Carp: Thanks when is the best time

[20:03:12] Gary Gray (wi): in two weeks

[20:03:14] ebijack (mi): gary, what made it possible for you to catch

fish out on erie in those 10fters

[20:03:22] rbaron: any specific reason

[20:03:31] Gary Gray (wi): GREAT AMATURE

[20:03:38] *** busy has joined Walleye Central

[20:03:42] Doc: gary do you use Quantum energy reels

[20:03:51] Drift'r: intestinal fortitude , ebi

[20:03:57] Drift'r: :)

[20:04:09] LS: :-)

[20:04:09] Gary Gray (wi): I use the ss200, and the 27lc Diawa

[20:04:29] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:04:48] Ray C.: Gary Is their a blue book for boat values

[20:04:58] Doc: That's good info becuase I've been tearing up ny


[20:04:59] ebijack (mi): i know LS got a ride of his life out there this

year on erie

[20:05:02] Gary Gray (wi): I had a great amature the last day, i n fact

all three days, but last day he was exceptional

[20:05:10] LS: LOL

[20:05:35] Gary Gray (wi): there is a blue book, see any loan officer

at your bank

[20:05:55] Gary Gray (wi): did I miss anyone?

[20:06:07] Lu (wi): Gary, what would you say are the best months for

trolling on bago?

[20:06:08] ebijack (mi): don't think so gary

[20:06:22] Gary Gray (wi): May, June

[20:06:36] Ray C.: Gary, this will be my first boat. I want to buy a

20-25 footer to Fish Lake Erie around $15,000. any suggestions?

[20:07:07] ebijack (mi): gary, can you tell us a bit about the

equipment that you use...boat/motor/electronics etc

[20:07:12] Gary Gray (wi): I'm writting a letter to PWT, ref: amatures

need to be on stage with us, they do half the work

[20:08:06] Gary Gray (wi): Boat: I would check out the boat show

this year

[20:08:52] rbaron: have you been to little ba de noc lately

[20:09:03] Gary Gray (wi): equip: I have a 1895 Storm ( Yar Craft),

S/C 225 Merc, 15hp Kicker

[20:09:14] LS: Gary, who you teaming up with next year?

[20:09:30] Gary Gray (wi): Going there tomorrow, fish are not

doing real well now

[20:09:42] Gary Gray (wi): which one LS

[20:09:47] LS: pwt

[20:09:50] Hungry Carp: Came back yesterday from the bay great

is all i can say

[20:09:50] Reefer: Hey Gary: You're sure draw'n a crowd!

[20:09:57] ebijack (mi): gary, does boat control play just as an

important part of the technique in trolling as it does in jigging

[20:10:25] Gary Gray (wi): PWT: Will Lage, TOM Backer, Dave


[20:10:36] Doc: Gary. I'm going to be doing a group of articles for

Wisconsin Woods & Waters Magazine on WI fishing Pro's would

you be interested

[20:10:42] Gary Gray (wi): boat control always plays a big part

[20:11:00] Gary Gray (wi): yes, doc I would

[20:11:17] Gary Gray (wi): you looking LS

[20:11:29] LS: yes.....

[20:11:45] Gary Gray (wi): give me a call, Pro or am

[20:12:06] LS: will do...

[20:12:06] Gary Gray (wi): great, call me

[20:12:31] Doc: Gary e-mail me at fishdoc@athenet.net to get in

contact. I gotta go now. I'LL BE BACK

[20:12:33] ebijack (mi): gary, are you going to fish both divisions in


[20:12:44] Gary Gray (wi): see ya doc

[20:13:02] Gary Gray (wi): yes, East and West

[20:13:24] Gary Gray (wi): Just hope I can keep up with the BOYS

[20:13:31] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:13:46] ebijack (mi): have you handlined before gary?

[20:13:57] Gary Gray (wi): no I haven't

[20:14:55] Gary Gray (wi): anyone read my article that Scott posted


[20:15:12] ebijack (mi): not posted yesterday, but i will

[20:15:22] Ray C.: Me also

[20:15:34] Hungry Carp: you probably wont have time for otter

Street of Merc National /

[20:15:40] Gary Gray (wi): The one about behind every Fisherman

[20:16:00] Gary Gray (wi): I'm going to try to fish them all

[20:16:09] ebijack (mi): i remember you talking about writing that :)

[20:16:17] rbaron: new on the sight were would i find it

[20:16:46] Gary Gray (wi): on Pro Page, click on my Picture

[20:16:52] ebijack (mi): goto the bottom of this page, there is a link

[20:16:58] rbaron: thanks

[20:17:24] Hogboss: gary what MWC tournaments are you fishing

this year or are you fishing the whole circut.

[20:17:25] Steve-IA: gary - do you prefer controlling your boat from

the front or back?

[20:17:45] Gary Gray (wi): have to check my times

[20:18:06] ebijack (mi): gary, last time you talked about not using

superlines due to losing more fish with it , is that right

[20:18:07] Gary Gray (wi): front I'm from WISCONSIN

[20:18:28] Hungry Carp: good answer

[20:18:51] LS: Gary, your wife must have given you a big kiss for

that article :-)

[20:18:55] Gary Gray (wi): sticking to my guns about super lines, but

they do have there time and place

[20:19:03] rbaron: do you use offshores if so do like the tatltails

[20:19:07] Steve-IA: I went blank on my screen -- any reason?

[20:19:12] Gary Gray (wi): she's laughing

[20:19:44] Gary Gray (wi): no, I use Wille Sideliners, they all work

[20:20:31] Gary Gray (wi): anyone bought the new lights for offshore

boards yet?

[20:20:46] Lu (wi): Gary, on shallow lakes like bago, do you use

your electronics to locate fish?

[20:21:00] ebijack (mi): not yet, but hear lots of good about them

[20:21:07] rbaron: i just use lithium sticks

[20:21:21] Gary Gray (wi): out in the basin, I do, but shallow only for


[20:21:27] ebijack (mi): gary, have you talked to more and more

pro's who have stopped using the superlines?

[20:22:23] Gary Gray (wi): no, most who gained confidence with

them, still use them, I think it's a confidence thing

[20:23:06] ebijack (mi): gary, are you using any new technique that

you could share with us

[20:23:11] Gary Gray (wi): were getting a full house

[20:24:18] Eyeman (IN): Gary what is you Fovorite Crank For

trolling on Erie ?????????

[20:24:34] Gary Gray (wi): shallow water, using the pigme spins that

Storm has. Just take hook off, replace with snap swivel, then put

your own snell on, can troll up to 2 mi an hour

[20:24:40] golden (co): hey fellas, Hi Gary

[20:25:00] LS: the LOST SOUL....scott :-)

[20:25:06] golden (co): :-)

[20:25:24] Doc: gary I'm going to go into my first glass boat. I've

always fish tin because I fish a lot of ice.should I be concerned

[20:25:33] golden (co): Don't let me interrupt anything,

[20:25:36] Gary Gray (wi): favorite: start with deep jr thundersticks, if

that doen't work, I bring out the rattl'n Rouges

[20:25:51] Gary Gray (wi): no

[20:26:24] boatnut: Gary, do you use much leadcore in your


[20:26:54] Gary Gray (wi): still use it rather than snap weights,

follows contour better

[20:27:17] boatnut: how many colors usually?

[20:27:32] Gary Gray (wi): it's all in what you have your confidence


[20:27:45] ebijack (mi): gary, did you use dipsy divers when you

were at erie?

[20:28:03] Gary Gray (wi): depends on depth you want to get to,

and lures you are using

[20:28:15] Gary Gray (wi): no dipsies

[20:29:02] golden (co): Gary, when running deep water do you use

split screen on the electronics to search a certain column of water,

say 20 - 40 ft ?

[20:29:38] Hungry Carp: Top speed 1895 /175 merc aprox/

[20:29:42] Gary Gray (wi): no, I stay with full screen all the time, it

scolls by too fast otherwise

[20:30:05] boatnut: what kinda finder do you use?

[20:30:07] Gary Gray (wi): speed: 55-57

[20:30:20] Hungry Carp: thanks

[20:30:22] Gary Gray (wi): LMS 350A

[20:30:29] ebijack (mi): gary, do you tend to look for differences in

bottom turane to help find the walleye

[20:30:31] boatnut: kewl...

[20:30:46] Gary Gray (wi): depends on the lake

[20:30:53] Eyeman (IN): Gary do you always start with a confidence

bait or go to that if you are having trouble getting fish ????

[20:31:17] Gary Gray (wi): start with confidence than go elsewhere

[20:31:28] Doc: What does a pro air system do for your live-well

[20:32:02] Gary Gray (wi): I really think the on the fly water pick-up is


[20:32:14] Hungry Carp: Minnkota or Motor guide

[20:32:22] boatnut: what determines wether you go with

crawlers/spinners vs cranks?

[20:32:36] Gary Gray (wi): it tempers fish with the changes in water


[20:32:47] Gary Gray (wi): Motor Guide

[20:33:04] Gary Gray (wi): depth fish are at

[20:33:15] Gary Gray (wi): cable

[20:33:33] boatnut: cranks for deep fish?

[20:33:34] Doc: 775v?

[20:34:03] Gary Gray (wi): bottom fish, I use spinners, suspended, I

use cranks, then go to spinners if cranks don't work

[20:34:15] boatnut: k..thanks

[20:34:16] Gary Gray (wi): yes, doc

[20:34:20] ebijack (mi): gary, how many spots do you try to find for

pre-fish to hold you thru a 3 day tourney

[20:34:26] Doc: Great motor

[20:34:33] Gary Gray (wi): 5-6

[20:34:41] Gary Gray (wi): you bet doc

[20:35:00] golden (co): only 5-6 spots?

[20:35:12] Gary Gray (wi): sometimes I can only find 2-3, then hope

for the best

[20:35:40] Gary Gray (wi): my wife says thats when I call home


[20:35:46] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:35:50] golden (co): :-)

[20:35:51] Doc: If I remember sometimes they are a long way from

the weigh in

[20:36:05] ebijack (mi): it's not whinning, it's only spuing the facts

[20:36:13] Gary Gray (wi): you bet, too far

[20:36:20] Eyeman (IN): :-)

[20:36:40] Doc: Like at Illinois River

[20:36:54] Gary Gray (wi): yep

[20:37:05] Gary Gray (wi): or Oahe

[20:37:26] golden (co): what tourneys are you fishing next year


[20:37:34] ebijack (mi): gary, what has been your best speed

average for thunder sticks this past year

[20:37:52] Gary Gray (wi): PWT, NAWA, Merc Nat'nls, MWC

[20:38:04] ebijack (mi): wow! full schedule

[20:38:08] Gary Gray (wi): 1.5-2.5

[20:38:20] golden (co): no kidding! the boat will never dry off :-)

[20:38:37] Gary Gray (wi): probably be calling home to do a lot of


[20:38:48] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:38:48] LS: :-)

[20:39:20] Doc: How's your back holding out

[20:39:32] Gary Gray (wi): who's back

[20:39:42] ebijack (mi): gary, how much does the distance you

have to run take into account your planning for the last day of a


[20:39:43] Doc: Yours

[20:40:10] Gary Gray (wi): a lot, time becomes critical

[20:40:47] Gary Gray (wi): still sore from that ride with the owner of


[20:40:53] ebijack (mi): so do you save spots closer to the ramp for

the last day

[20:41:18] Gary Gray (wi): yes, and hope no one else is there

[20:42:10] ebijack (mi): gary, have you found, as a average, that

some spots are a morning bite,afternoon bite or once you've

found them you can mostly catch them

[20:43:15] Gary Gray (wi): oh, some spots the fish show up at

different times, just like deer do, if you can time it right it can be fun,

but don't be late!

[20:43:24] boatnut: Gary, do you find the walleye fishing in southern

reservoirs any tougher then northern?

[20:44:31] Gary Gray (wi): a lot, they are over promoted, less fish

than everyone says, but thats only my confidence level of southern


[20:44:38] Doc: Gary were you down at the first PWT superpro in


[20:44:45] Gary Gray (wi): yes

[20:44:48] ebijack (mi): gary, what hours of the day do you make

sure your fishing and not running because of the bite

[20:45:03] Doc: did you catch any of those huge crappie's

[20:45:14] Gary Gray (wi): depends on lake, time of year, temp

[20:45:29] Gary Gray (wi): you bet, they are big down there

[20:45:46] bob (oh): gary, is it true those southern eyes talk funny

[20:45:56] Doc: LOL

[20:46:09] golden (co): Gary, how do you eliminate non-productive

water, do you run the lake with the electronics before you actually

put a lure in the water?

[20:46:29] Gary Gray (wi): I think I was the only guy to fish all three

super-pro's, and be 1 fish out of the money in all three

[20:46:32] tp: yalllllll

[20:46:36] Lu (wi): I heard they are alittle slow to

[20:46:46] bob (oh): heard that

[20:47:37] ebijack (mi): gary, how many new sponsors have you

picked up this year

[20:47:38] Gary Gray (wi): take Erie, I like to run it with a flasher at

about 25 mph, note the marks, then start fishing

[20:47:44] boatnut: hey..i was a southerner in my former life,,watch

it! :)

[20:47:50] Gary Gray (wi): none

[20:48:23] bob (oh): weren't any of them at erie ??? ;-)

[20:48:23] ebijack (mi): i know your a firm believer in your


[20:49:06] Gary Gray (wi): I don't believe in changing sponsers, Iím in

it for the long run

[20:49:37] Doc: That's a great attitude !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[20:49:57] Gary Gray (wi): I have had offers, but, I only can do so

much, and it would not be fair to them or me

[20:50:21] ebijack (mi): gary, is there anything you really like about

the pwt splitting it into 2 div's

[20:50:31] Doc: That's what makes you a success

[20:50:46] Steve-IA: Gary - how many sponsers do you have and

what besides fishing do they ask of you?

[20:51:14] Gary Gray (wi): It's going to be tough out there this year,

thats why I am fishing all, too hope to qualify

[20:51:27] walleye1st: new twist - it'll open up the field

[20:51:40] ebijack (mi): like it isn't always tough :)

[20:52:02] Lu (wi): Gary do you do any public speaking or seminars

during the off season?

[20:52:39] ebijack (mi): you have to admit, it's a tough game to

have to make a living at it

[20:52:46] Gary Gray (wi): 10, they ask to do promotions, boat

shows, sport shows, be visable in good standings, represent them


[20:53:09] Gary Gray (wi): I'll be doing about 15 seminars

[20:53:25] walleye1st: good thing you don't have to pay


[20:53:37] Gary Gray (wi): Its very tough, thats why I call it a Hobbie

[20:53:39] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:53:46] ebijack (mi): some hobby

[20:53:47] golden (co): Send me your seminar schedule and I'll get

it added to your site Gary, when you get it finalized that is

[20:53:48] Steve-IA: Sounds like you give them their moneys


[20:54:12] Gary Gray (wi): should have it in about 4-5 weeks

[20:54:33] Gary Gray (wi): I try, sometimes you can only do so


[20:55:09] Gary Gray (wi): I really have Great sponsers, I have

been with most of them for over 5 yrs or better

[20:55:48] ebijack (mi): gary, have you ever fished the detroit river,

the first stop on the pwt

[20:55:50] Steve-IA: Gary - do you have a "favorite" technique for

fishing walleye?

[20:56:21] Gary Gray (wi): no, but really looking forward to it, hope

its another ERIE for me

[20:56:28] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:56:51] walleye1st: gary, promise me you won't go and buy wire

[20:56:54] Gary Gray (wi): I, like trolling, jigging,

[20:56:56] Doc: Gary how do you deal with frustration?

[20:57:04] Gary Gray (wi): I won't

[20:57:12] Gary Gray (wi): call home

[20:57:17] golden (co): :-)

[20:57:18] busy: She will hold you to that Gary

[20:57:30] Gary Gray (wi): she does

[20:57:39] Doc: how does she deal with frustration

[20:57:51] Gary Gray (wi): ya, very well

[20:57:58] walleye1st: not a problem

[20:58:26] Gary Gray (wi): its easy to get down, you just have not

beat yourself in a tournament

[20:58:35] ebijack (mi): you were just a bit excited at erie gary, bet

that call will be remembered

[20:59:17] Gary Gray (wi): I always wanted to call home from stage

and say, I WON!!!

[20:59:24] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:59:50] Gary Gray (wi): It was a neat feeling, some of you's were


[21:00:16] busy: wees were there

[21:00:25] Doc: I know I saw some one come in at the superpro in

ARK who's amature knocked off a big eye with the net and broke

off another because he thought he was snagged do you just keep

smiling[21:00:47] Gary Gray (wi): everyone thats here tonite, I wish they

read that article, then E-mail me to let me know what you think

[21:01:02] Reefer: you bet, was real happy for ya, next year let's

get MJ in too.

[21:01:11] ebijack (mi): will do gary

[21:01:18] Drift'r: will do gary

[21:01:21] Reefer: will read

[21:01:27] tp: ok

[21:01:39] Doc: will read

[21:01:39] Eyeman (IN): Sounds good to me

[21:02:07] golden (co): you can click to it straight from the "New

Stuff" link on the front page

[21:02:09] ebijack (mi): :)

[21:02:09] ebijack (mi): :)

[21:02:28] Doc: I guess that's what makes you a pro

[21:02:39] Reefer: it's coming Mike, just keep diggin!

[21:04:17] ebijack (mi): gary, has trolling been the best producer

over the past years for all the pwt events

[21:04:49] Gary Gray (wi): I hear a lot of guys say, the amature

knocked a fish off, I then tell them they should try netting it themself if

they can do better, everyone is only human!!!

[21:05:19] Doc: That's a very true statement

[21:05:22] Gary Gray (wi): I think so, only because of the waters

they take us to

[21:05:38] mikej: and losing fish is part of fishing

[21:05:51] busy: sometimes a big part

[21:06:04] Gary Gray (wi): you bet, just think, if we caught


[21:06:12] golden (co): You have to admit that netting isn't as easy

as it looks, at times it's tough!

[21:06:23] Steve-IA: Gary - when jigging, is there one style jig you

prefer over others

[21:06:28] Gary Gray (wi): you got that right

[21:07:04] golden (co): If you fish enough, you'll get the chance to

lose a fish, we all do

[21:07:13] Gary Gray (wi): I use all ball jig heads, it is the ones I was

brought up on, CONFIDENCE

[21:07:34] Doc: And Brett Favre doesn't like throwing interceptions

but it happens

[21:07:37] Reefer: like a wise man told me, just last week, you can

make a mistake reeling them in and get away with it, make one

mistake netting and it's gone.

[21:07:48] ebijack (mi): gary, do you always take livebait to every


[21:07:58] Steve-IA: short or long shank?

[21:08:03] Drift'r: specially against the steelers

[21:08:06] Gary Gray (wi): not to ERIE

[21:08:53] Gary Gray (wi): I use extra large hooks, 2-3 O

[21:08:59] Doc: Gary does a big fish still get your knee's knocking

[21:09:32] Gary Gray (wi): wouldn't do it if it didn't!!, even makes my

heart pound

[21:09:41] Doc: adrenillin is fun huh

[21:09:49] Gary Gray (wi): you bet

[21:10:39] Steve-IA: do you subscribe to using the very lightest jig

you can feel?

[21:10:45] Reefer: gotta go guys, c ya all later, good luck to you

Gary, LS and MikeJ.

[21:10:57] Gary Gray (wi): thanks

[21:11:05] ebijack (mi): gary, do you plan your prefish days buy

looking at maps and by info from locals

[21:11:05] Doc: Gary any winter sports like bowling or basketball

[21:11:39] Gary Gray (wi): I like to use 1/8 if possible, but in current,

sometimes you have to go heavier

[21:11:52] Gary Gray (wi): shooting coyotes

[21:12:13] golden (co): and deer hunting..... did you get a deer

today Gary?

[21:12:44] Gary Gray (wi): no, passed up 2 8 pointers tonite, maybe


[21:12:57] tp: thats fun gary good calling

[21:13:15] Doc: Gary make sure you e-mail me about the article I

gotta go

[21:13:27] Gary Gray (wi): you bet doc

[21:13:32] Doc: Thanks

[21:14:16] Lundman(Wi): What about Ice Fishin'..?....

[21:14:38] Gary Gray (wi): love it, but no time

[21:14:40] Steve-IA: Gary - do you Lindy rig or is jigging you sole


[21:14:47] ebijack (mi): gary, do you use the info from walleye

insider to help eliminate water from last years articles

[21:15:17] Gary Gray (wi): rigging, when it requires it, I try to be


[21:15:41] Gary Gray (wi): no, I start over at each site,

[21:17:43] ebijack (mi): gary, do you look for bait fish when running

a lake or are you looking for something else while checking out


[21:17:50] Steve-IA: when would you decide to rig over jigging -- or

visa versa?

[21:18:31] Gary Gray (wi): I always look for baitfish, they normally

will tell where the fish are, close by

[21:19:04] Gary Gray (wi): where there is current, jig, on cotours rig

[21:19:07] ebijack (mi): gary, how important are weeds to your

approach to finding walleye

[21:19:56] Gary Gray (wi): very, they will play a big difference in the

PWT Championship next year!

[21:20:05] Gary Gray (wi): If I make it!!!!!!

[21:21:20] ebijack (mi): gary, do you think you'd go to a larger boat

if yar-craft made one for walleye fishing

[21:21:41] Gary Gray (wi): probably would set up both

[21:22:23] ebijack (mi): gary, how has going to a larger hull helped

your fishing this year

[21:22:28] Gary Gray (wi): It would be nice to fish in comfort on Erie


[21:22:57] Gary Gray (wi): confidence in getting there and back in

one piece

[21:23:06] Drift'r: you have to go out with Busy for comfort

[21:23:09] ebijack (mi): it was still rough to say the least out on

busy's 34fter in those 10fters

[21:23:28] Drift'r: that is was ebi

[21:23:31] walleye1st: you might just end up in the River at 1st pwt

[21:23:48] Gary Gray (wi): I think in 10fters it is softer in a 18fter than

a 34fter

[21:23:48] walleye1st: right Ebi?

[21:23:58] ebijack (mi): :)

[21:24:07] Gary Gray (wi): I hope

[21:24:32] mikej: gray have you heard what the boundries will be at


[21:24:32] Gary Gray (wi): ebi, are you going to be there at detroit


[21:24:43] walleye1st: tune up for backtrollin'

[21:24:43] Gary Gray (wi): no, not yet

[21:24:54] ebijack (mi): i'll be there, not fishing in tourney

[21:25:10] Gary Gray (wi): we'll have to go out

[21:25:26] ebijack (mi): sure!

[21:25:28] golden (co): You should take Gary out before hand Ebi,

you're an old river rat :-)

[21:25:36] LS: :-)

[21:25:38] ebijack (mi): i'm a rat :)

[21:25:52] Gary Gray (wi): :)

[21:25:58] walleye1st: i used to be a downriver rat.

[21:26:03] *** azich has joined Walleye Central

[21:26:03] tp: and i;m old

[21:26:05] Drift'r: a very fast rat

[21:26:07] mikej: nothin wrong with that

[21:26:35] Gary Gray (wi): how big will the average be at that time of


[21:27:22] ebijack (mi): depends on the water temp, but a 5 to 6 lb

average wouldn't be to unreal

[21:27:41] Gary Gray (wi): that will be fun after cabin fever

[21:27:47] mikej: ebi how about pigs??

[21:28:09] walleye1st: it could be post-spawn time so many will get

on small males, but there's female holding areas

[21:28:11] ebijack (mi): 10's are there in april, right sheila

[21:28:22] Gary Gray (wi): hi sheila

[21:28:24] walleye1st: Yep

[21:28:30] walleye1st: it's me Gary

[21:29:54] ebijack (mi): depending on where you fish gary, the

current averages 4 to 8 and upto 12 mph

[21:30:16] Gary Gray (wi): can use my 225 for backtrolling

[21:30:44] ebijack (mi): depends on the wind gary, your electric

should handle it

[21:31:51] ebijack (mi): is there any other questions for our host


[21:32:31] Steve-IA: this was my 1st night and I really enjoyed it --

thanks Gary and all!

[21:32:46] golden (co): Give your sponsors a plug gary, tell us who

they are

[21:33:34] Magic (MT): Last question, do you have a pinpoint


[21:34:00] Gary Gray (wi): Wille, Mercury, Yar Craft, K-DEE , Storm,

Motor Guide, Quantum, Trilene, Dodge

[21:34:15] Gary Gray (wi): no, I don't

[21:34:42] Magic (MT): Ive heard alot about them but no dealers in


[21:34:52] Gary Gray (wi): I'll stay on here, we will just chat, I will still

answer questions

[21:36:02] ebijack (mi): I'D LIKE TO THANK GARY GRAY !~!!!!!!!!!!!

[21:36:06] Gary Gray (wi): I thank everyone for comming out tonite,


[21:36:17] tp: really enjoyed this chat thanks gary and the rest of

you guys

[21:36:17] mikej: thanks Gray

[21:36:22] Drift'r: Thanks Gary

[21:36:25] golden (co): Thanks Gary, we all appreciate the time


[21:36:27] LS: thanks Gary

[21:36:41] Gary Gray (wi): You's are GREAT!!!!!

[21:36:49] Magic (MT): Thanks Gary

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