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Gary Gray Chat

[19:59:38] ebijack (mi): Please Welcome our host tonight..GARY GRAY!!!! PWT pro

[19:59:45] ebijack (mi): welcome gary!

[19:59:51] Gary Gray: First of all, let me say " You's here at Walleye Central are the BEST, Merry Christmas to all".

[19:59:53] Three D(NY): HI gary

[19:59:58] mikej: clap clap clap

[19:59:59] RoyG(PA): clap clap clap clap clap

[20:00:10] busy: ditto

[20:00:17] Three D(NY): ditto

[20:00:17] bob g: ya

[20:00:26] Magic: same to all

[20:00:34] ebijack (mi): same to you gary!!

[20:00:38] Eyeman (IN): Ditto

[20:01:00] Pook(NY): Gary what do you key on with a high bright sun?

[20:01:17] Gary Gray: explain

[20:02:00] alpo{wv}: anybody need any ice

[20:02:07] ebijack (mi): gary, can you tell us about your choice in

buying a gentron?

[20:02:24] Pook(NY): you fish tourn. during day when its tough to catch fish

[20:02:25] Gary Gray: sorry about that

[20:02:51] Gary Gray: usually flash if clear water

[20:03:26] Gary Gray: dirty water, look for warmer temps early in year

[20:03:26] ebijack (mi): flash with cranks in the sun or spinners

[20:03:34] Gary Gray: both

[20:04:14] Pook(NY): when bright sun fish drop down to 35ft and won't bite

[20:04:28] Gary Gray: Genatron: I bought one because of what I saw, while in the

boat with Bob schuette

[20:04:50] Gary Gray: Slow down presentation

[20:05:21] Pook(NY): jigs?

[20:05:25] Magic: How many watts of power with those sounders

[20:05:50] Gary Gray: the longer you put it in front of them, the better your chances

[20:06:07] Gary Gray: I believe 600 watts

[20:07:16] Magic: Not familiar with Genetron, can you get gps/mapping too!

[20:07:17] Pook(NY): Any new developments with GPS?

[20:07:23] Gary Gray: I don't have all the details, yet, but I know it

should me more than the 350 that was along side it

[20:07:31] ebijack (mi): gary, can you tell us anything about the new plans rumor of yarcraft

[20:07:32] Gary Gray: no, only location

[20:08:09] Tom: What is furthest you will run in a tournament(one way)?

[20:08:38] Gary Gray: Rumors, are only that, there are no changes in pro-staff, except

Bill is no longer there.

[20:08:46] Gary Gray: 150 miles

[20:08:52] Three D(NY): Gary where do you target big eyes above or below schools of

bait fish in daylite Lake Erie

[20:09:34] Gary Gray: usually below, but always keep one line high for that rouge

[20:09:58] ebijack (mi): wow, 150 miles? that would take 6 hrs of your fishing time

[20:10:38] Magic: Do you carry that much gas? Wide open?

[20:10:39] Gary Gray: YAR CRAFT is very well, going strong and putting them out the door as fast as they can build them

[20:11:08] Gary Gray: no, at 68 mile per hour, 1 1/2 hr each way

[20:11:50] ebijack (mi): you'd run at wot for 1 1/2 hrs?

[20:11:56] Buckets: gary do you know if they are ever going to have a tourney on the

eastern basin of erie

[20:12:08] Gary Gray: what are some of the rumors that everyone is hearing about Yar Craft?

[20:12:17] Gary Gray: I hope some day

[20:12:30] Buckets: ok i was wondering

[20:12:51] Big Al (wis): Gary did you get a chance to fish Winnebago much this summer?

[20:13:01] ebijack (mi): not important, gary, just if something new was happening

[20:13:01] Gary Gray: not much at all

[20:13:21] Tom: What tournament are you looking forward to most?

[20:14:03] Gary Gray: Detroit River, Saginaw Bay, Winnebago, Red Wing,

[20:14:10] Mud Duck: are you fishing the MWC in '99 & if so with who?

[20:14:35] Gary Gray: I haven't decided yet

[20:14:47] Magic: Rumor-Yar Craft tried a dealer in Northern MT but they said he had to buy $$$ worth and the dealer wasn't that srong

[20:15:28] Gary Gray: No, I believe he will sign, just talked to Mike Lewis yesterday

[20:15:28] Pook(NY): Gary what is the first bait you reach for to night fish lake Erie(spring)

[20:15:44] hyderipper: gary are you going to fish nawa?

[20:16:18] Gary Gray: never fished at night at lake erie, but I guess it would be a thunderstick Deep Jr.

[20:16:47] Gary Gray: been thinking about it, talked to Bigfoot about it yesterday

[20:17:00] Buckets: good choice gary they kill lots of eyes near shore in spring

[20:17:34] Gary Gray: how about around the mouth of detroit river in april

[20:17:42] Mud Duck: what is your favorite pattern for winnebago

[20:17:46] ebijack (mi): gary, i believe you mentioned before that you don't use superlines because you loose more fish on it

[20:17:58] Pook(NY): Merry Christmas all have to go(thanks Gary for your time)

[20:17:59] Gary Gray: jig fishing shorelines, and trolling

[20:18:02] Buckets: dont know i fish out of erie pa jrs work about the best

[20:18:49] Mud Duck: do you prefer to troll the rocks or mud & why

[20:18:59] Gary Gray: at winnebago?

[20:19:03] Mud Duck: yes

[20:19:46] Gary Gray: I'll start on the rocks and move out. Only because sometimes fish have been moved there by wind or bait fish

[20:19:50] Tom: Do you use fireline at all when trolling boards?

[20:20:02] Gary Gray: rarely

[20:20:14] alpo{wv}: Gary do you go to any lakes that get drawn down in winter

If so do you have any tips

[20:21:20] busy: On an average , what percentage of your time is spent fishing, versus promotional activities

[20:21:23] Gary Gray: winnebago has a drawdown, check 1st, and 2nd drop offs, this is where fish move when water levels drop

[20:21:40] Gary Gray: 50%

[20:21:48] busy: thanks

[20:22:30] ebijack (mi): looks like the major fishing world is here :)

[20:22:38] Gary Gray: it will be interesting at winnebago this year, I haven't been here at that time for a while

[20:23:02] alpo{wv}: sometimes winter pool is tough

[20:23:25] Magic: When is PWT coming back to Ft Peck

[20:23:27] Mud Duck: when is the 'bago PWT

[20:23:38] Gary Gray: It's nice to see everyone here tonite, make it Chistmas at Walleye Central!

[20:23:53] Gary Gray: don't know about peck

[20:24:14] Gary Gray: winnebago is june 24-26

[20:24:21] Mud Duck: thanks

[20:24:55] ebijack (mi): gary, how or what do you do when you take the first tourney of the year then find yourself struggling,

[20:25:16] Gary Gray: 23-25 june, excuse me

[20:25:37] Gary Gray: punt

[20:25:41] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:25:41] Swat1(oh): Gary what is your favorite Erie presentation in the spring

[20:25:53] Gary Gray: trolling

[20:26:10] ebijack (mi): i know it has to be real hard, but how do you keep your concentration up

[20:26:13] Swat1(oh): Spinners or hard baits/colors?

[20:26:41] Gary Gray: Even though this year I won one, I still feel that I failed!

[20:26:52] Pikeman(Sask): wow

[20:26:55] Gary Gray: try both, and SLOW

[20:27:03] Magic: What do you think about the 6 PWT tourney's this next year?

[20:27:06] Swat1(oh): thanks.

[20:27:18] Big Al (wis): Gary how is your son coming along on the fishing? I know he is out fishing you on Winnebago, :):):)Do we expect to see him on the trail in the future?

[20:27:33] Gary Gray: Looking forward to it, gives me 2 more to try and QUALIFY with!!!

[20:27:54] Three D(NY): Gary how slow in spring?

[20:28:52] Gary Gray: I don't know if he will be there, its his money!!

[20:29:21] Gary Gray: as slow as you can go, and still move forward

[20:29:38] Three D(NY): under 1mph

[20:29:38] ebijack (mi): gary, have you or are you going to try handlining for the detroit river?

[20:29:38] Tom: How much does it cost you to fish one PWT event?

[20:29:47] Gary Gray: no

[20:30:08] Gary Gray: about $ 2000.00

[20:30:20] Perchn: wow..

[20:30:33] Gary Gray: in less its winnebago, $ 1000.00

[20:30:47] Perchn: 1/2 wow

[20:30:52] Pikeman(Sask): thats an awful lot

[20:30:55] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:30:57] Magic: Heard about handlining-what is it?

[20:31:05] ebijack (mi): besides all the time to prefish

[20:31:12] Gary Gray: you bet

[20:32:07] ebijack (mi): magic, there is a posted chat on handlining listed on the chat schedule

[20:32:58] ebijack (mi): i believe keith krych on may 13th

[20:33:08] Pikeman(Sask): thats a ways off

[20:33:25] ebijack (mi): gary, do you know the boundries yet for the detroit river

[20:33:36] ebijack (mi): it was may 13th pike

[20:33:36] Gary Gray: I had a lot of good comments about the article, " Behind every fisherman there is a Woman" My wife says to say hi, and tell everyone they should copy that article and put it in a card for their special person for X-mas

[20:33:54] ebijack (mi): that was a good one gary

[20:33:58] Gary Gray: no I don't, do you know the boundaries Bigfoot

[20:34:11] Mud Duck: i had my wife read it she thought it was great

[20:34:49] Big Al (wis): Gary what sections of the western shoreline of Winnebago would use if you had to narrow it down to two spots to jig and leech fish?

[20:36:16] Gary Gray: off the Jesuit retreat, and south of there

[20:36:53] Mud Duck: is the retreat near Kalbus reef?

[20:37:12] ebijack (mi): gary, how soon do you start to prefish, only on the 5 days before?

[20:37:21] Gary Gray: yes

[20:37:34] Big Al (wis): Mud duck that should be just west of point comfort

[20:37:45] Mud Duck: ok

[20:37:45] Big Al (wis): as the shore goes west

[20:37:51] Gary Gray: I try to do home work before I get there

[20:38:06] Gary Gray: south

[20:38:26] Big Al (wis): ok

[20:38:48] busy: Have to know a lot of people and have good people skills to do well i would think on a consistent basis

[20:38:50] Big Al (wis): how deep next to those rocks Gary?

[20:39:02] ebijack (mi): gary, are you going to run the opti-max in 99?

[20:39:43] Gary Gray: before you asked whats new at Yar Craft, well we are coming out with a NEW 1895 Storm Tournament Side Counsel

[20:39:45] ebijack (mi): yeah, know someone like busy :)

[20:40:20] Gary Gray: no, EFI

[20:40:26] Mud Duck: MERRY CHRISTMAS guys, thanks for you time Gary, gotta go

[20:40:36] Gary Gray: 1 ft, and out to 5 ft

[20:41:41] jrd: why EFI and not opti -max

[20:42:04] alpo{wv}: Gary, do you ever use colored beads to up your catch? If so how ? above a jig etc?

[20:42:41] Gary Gray: I use beads when rigging,

[20:43:04] bob g: sound or color

[20:43:14] Gary Gray: color

[20:43:18] busy: gary last spring, were you pulling spinners east of Kelly

[20:43:33] Gary Gray: only on the last day

[20:43:53] busy: Was that the windy day

[20:44:05] bob g: what made you go to that

[20:44:18] Big Al (wis): Gary what is your favorite spot on the Fox River from Hwy41 to the mouth at Winnebago? I know you fished this your whole life so you must have your favorite spot? In Spring!

[20:44:26] RoyG(PA): yep ...busy that was the day the walleye central group went out with you

[20:44:31] Gary Gray: I only used them for about an hour and a half, and only 2 of them

[20:44:33] RoyG(PA): 10 footers

[20:45:23] busy: that area east and north of Kellys is usually a better crank bite area

[20:45:54] Gary Gray: It use to be what I call the $50.000.00 hole, but there was a new marina put in up river and everything has changed. I have not caught a good fish there in 3 yrs

[20:46:24] Big Al (wis): so no favorite any more?

[20:46:28] Gary Gray: I would have to say now, it would be by the 41 bridge

[20:46:33] Tom: How fast do you run the boat when scouting for fish in open water?

[20:47:07] Gary Gray: with a flasher, 40mph, with locator, 10mph

[20:47:10] Big Al (wis): 41 bridge any time of the year Gary?

[20:47:20] busy: Do you like a flasher for high speed scouting

[20:47:21] ebijack (mi): gary, do you use DGPS?

[20:47:22] Gary Gray: best bet, anytime

[20:47:32] Gary Gray: no

[20:47:59] Big Al (wis): Gary what brand electronics do you use/

[20:48:22] ebijack (mi): gary, do you use line counter reels, and if so what brand

[20:48:34] Gary Gray: I think sometimes we out do ourselves by using to much, and we can't figure any of it out, only spend more money!!!

[20:48:55] Gary Gray: Lowrance, and now Genatron

[20:49:26] Buckets: youll love the genetron gary did you get the dual transducer model

[20:49:27] Capt. Marty: I believe your right Gary, several good pieces of electronics and learning them well!

[20:49:41] Gary Gray: Diawa 27lc, only because Quantum doesn't make them

[20:49:56] busy: good answer

[20:50:13] Gary Gray: I guess they are coming out with new ones in JAN 99

[20:50:43] Gary Gray: I fish for Quantum, they have the best, but no line counters

[20:51:08] Big Al (wis): good more competition in the line counter market! maybe we will see some prices fall?

[20:51:46] Three D(NY): Quantum line counter in the future??

[20:51:49] ebijack (mi): gary, have thundersticks been your best cranks in 98?

[20:52:10] Gary Gray: no, I meant the transducers, not line counters, sorry!

[20:52:26] Three D(NY): Oh ok

[20:52:41] Gary Gray: by far, but I used others at Lake Erie

[20:53:15] Big Al (wis): Gary your best thunderstick Jr. for Winnebago?

[20:53:15] alpo{wv}: Gary, what would be best way to catch eyes from riprap along the face of a dam? water drops off to about 100 ft but not real steep

[20:53:45] Gary Gray: black and gold/orange belly

[20:53:52] Gary Gray: jigging

[20:54:48] Big Al (wis): Gary how about your favorite Shad rap for Winnebago?

[20:54:48] alpo{wv}: Gary , is jigging usually a good bet on riprap?

[20:55:07] Gary Gray: everyone order their new issue of Walleye Central Mag.?

[20:55:15] Big Al (wis): not yet

[20:55:20] mikej: yep

[20:55:23] Hogboss: no

[20:55:26] RoyG(PA): yep

[20:55:27] alpo{wv}: going to

[20:56:19] bob g: do you change color our style of crankbaits first when not working

[20:56:30] Magic: Merry Christmas everyone- need to go, thanks

Gary-I'm going to order the mag!

[20:56:30] ebijack (mi): are you running the new yarcraft in 99 gary?

[20:56:45] Gary Gray: By the way, anyone wanting to order

sideliners, Jean Schick will give 20% discount for product within 48 hrs of chat

[20:56:59] Big Al (wis): Gary when casting Winnebago shoreline what size jig do you use and style?

[20:57:06] Gary Gray: yes, 1895 Storm Tounament S/C

[20:57:11] Hogboss: Gary what MWC tournaments do you plan on fishing this year.

[20:57:28] Gary Gray: 1/6 oz

[20:57:48] Gary Gray: all if possible

[20:58:30] golden (co): "All" is mighty encompassing

[20:58:30] Hogboss: do any conflict with PWT.

[20:58:40] ebijack (mi): gary, anything new in trolling motors for you in 99?

[20:58:58] Gary Gray: haven't checked that yet!

[20:58:59] busy: Nite all, Merry Christmas, great job Gary

[20:59:23] Nails: looking forward to seeing pwt in madison for championship-good luck gary

[20:59:26] Gary Gray: yes, Motor Guide will have a new 100lb plus bow mount

[20:59:38] ebijack (mi): wow !

[20:59:51] alpo{wv}: thats 4 horse

[20:59:58] Gary Gray: bigger

[21:00:04] Tom: 100 lb of thrust?

[21:00:17] alpo{wv}: 36 volt Gary?

[21:00:25] Gary Gray: 107 to be exact

[21:00:33] Gary Gray: yes, 36

[21:00:48] mikej: foot controlled??

[21:00:59] Gary Gray: yes

[21:01:17] Eyeman (IN): how long a shaft they offering it in Gary ??

[21:01:37] Buckets: gary how do the boats take the water on erie when it gets bad

[21:02:14] Gary Gray: great

[21:02:32] Three D(NY): nice job good luck next year Happy Hollidays

[21:02:36] Buckets: how rough can you fish in them

[21:02:47] Gary Gray: some people get in trouble by not using

common sense, others by accident

[21:03:02] alpo{wv}: thanks and good luck this year

[21:05:02] golden (co): Hey, for those that don't know it and most of you don't, Wille Products is offering a 20% discount of the Sideliner planer board during Garys chat and 48 hours thereafter.

[21:05:59] alpo{wv}: Gary, have you tried the new trolling thunder batteries?If so, any comments

[21:06:22] bob g: anything new from storm coming out

[21:07:30] Gary Gray: no I haven't used the new batteries

[21:07:40] Gary Gray: yea

[21:09:06] ebijack (mi): sounds like your going to be using alot of new equipment in 99 gary, when will you get to try it all out

[21:09:29] Buckets: any coments on ande line gary

[21:09:29] Gary Gray: I was hoping now, but now we got ice

[21:09:51] Gary Gray: what kind of line?

[21:10:01] Buckets: ande tournament line

[21:10:12] Big Al (wis): Gary do you get to get out Ice fishing at all?

[21:16:24] ebijack (mi): i'd like to thanks our host tonight, GARY GRAY !!!!

[21:16:34] golden (co): Everyone look for Gary's column in the new Walleye Central magazine

[21:16:41] Buckets: everyone have a good christmas got to go good luck gary say hello to john candle for me if you see him and good luck

[21:16:48] Tom: Thanks Gary, Merry Christmas

[21:16:49] bob g: thanks gray

[21:17:23] alpo{wv}: thank for answering all these questions. God bless

[21:17:24] golden (co): -- Thanks Gary

[21:17:24] Capt. Marty: we are some really lucky people having

such good fishing and internet friends, Merry Christmas to all and all a GOOD-NIGHT!

[21:17:26] Three D(NY): clap clap clap clap

[21:17:33] ebijack (mi): same to you gary !!!!

[21:17:54] Gary Gray: I would like to book for dec 23, 1999 now Ebi

[21:18:19] ebijack (mi): :) ok gary, and i'll get you a reminder :)

[21:18:47] golden (co): <*}}}}><

[21:19:05] Gary Gray: Too All A GOOD night!!, Tight Lines

[21:19:15] golden (co): cya Gary, thanks

[21:19:22] ebijack (mi): thanks gary

[21:19:26] Gary Gray: Thanks for having me!

[21:19:37] Eyeman (IN): good job !!!!!!!!!

[21:19:49] alpo{wv}: the man

[21:19:53] golden (co): 20% off sideliners everyone, for the next 48 hours

[21:20:10] Gary Gray: Take advantage of the Deal!!

[21:20:59] Three D(NY): Merry Xmas to all you Walleye chasers

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