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 Gary Gray Chat
[[19:56:11] Gary Gray: WOW! I'm impressed, people at WC are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[19:56:20] Jighead(WI): Yaaaaaaaa GARY, Pullem in..
[19:56:24] Wolfheart (Ab): Hi rabbit! Hee Hee
[19:56:43] sundance: dedicated to the sport!!!!
[19:57:29] Gary Gray: Hi, everyone, got my coffee, and am ready
to go, just be easy on me, and I will try to get to all questions!!!!
[19:57:46] COOP(OH): better be on  toes tonight Gary
[19:57:47] sundance: what is the subject gary??
[19:57:57] ebijack (mi): hold on!    lets weight till the hour
[19:58:01] Wolfheart (Ab): What bowmount electric you running this year Gary?
[19:58:11] Gary Gray: what ever you's want to talk about!
[19:58:15] hyderipper: hello mr. gray
[19:58:21] COOP(OH): 8:02 here ebi
[19:58:25] ebijack (mi): i've got to intro you too gary, you should know by now 
[19:58:32] Gary Gray: Motor Guide, 775 Beast
[19:58:39] Griz (Oh): Evening All
[19:58:40] ebijack (mi): :)
[19:58:44] R Hill(mi): You tell em ebi
[19:58:44] ebijack (mi): ok ok
[19:58:47] Gary Gray: go for it ebi
[19:58:50] bob g: hi john p
[19:59:03] Steve (IA): keep control, Ebi :-)
[19:59:03] ebijack (mi): Please Welcome our host tonight GARY GRAY !!!!!!
[19:59:10] Drift'r: Welcome Gary
[19:59:12] ebijack (mi): clap clap clap
[19:59:13] jigman: ya ya ya
[19:59:13] Steve (IA): clap, clap,clap
[19:59:16] Wolfheart (Ab): Cheer!!!!
[19:59:24] Jighead(WI): clap clap,,
[19:59:25] COOP(OH): Clap clap from dog pound
[19:59:27] artfishman: clap-clap
[19:59:30] sundance: for jigging,what do you prefer,spoons or twister tails???
[19:59:33] putnayay: yehhhhhhhhh
[19:59:34] R Hill(mi): clap clap
[19:59:35] bob g: ya hoo
[19:59:40] Gary Gray: tails
[19:59:43] lucky(ont): clap clap
[19:59:46] slick: Gary What 's the best way to present bait to Walleye's
when theyhaven't turned on yet,. River Fishing.
[19:59:47] Nite Eyes: i'm baaaaack!!!!
[19:59:51] KEN. D: hi gary
[19:59:55] Wolfheart (Ab): Now that everyone is settling down, Gary has to go! LOL...
Just Kidding!
[19:59:57] ebijack (mi): give gary a chance to answer the questions
[19:59:59] sundance: do you tip with live bait?? 
[20:00:19] Gary Gray: fish pulling against the current
[20:00:33] Gary Gray:  yes, live bait
[20:00:33] martym: howdy
[20:00:44] Hogboss IL: Gary why is the MWC so ass backward's
when it comes to planning tournament's, How can they not let last
year's winner of the MWC ILL. River compete in this year's tournament.
[20:00:58] Griz (Oh): Hi Gary, what is the topic tonight? a glass boat Gary?
[20:01:03] sundance: minnows, leeches or crawler?? 
[20:01:35] Gary Gray: all I can say to that, is I'm glad I'm off the rules
and Ethic's comm.
[20:01:48] fisherman: Do you recommend flush mount rod holders on a
glass boat Gary?
[20:01:50] Hogboss IL: Heard that.
[20:02:06] Gary Gray: depends on the location of the mount
[20:02:22] Gary Gray: both work fine
[20:03:09] Hogboss IL: Gary who is your new partner for this year
on ILL.river.
[20:03:15] sundance: any particular color pattern you use for jigging???
[20:03:32] Gary Gray: Doug Anomen, I think I spelt it right
[20:03:37] KEN. D: i am looking for a new fish finder. what do you use
[20:03:44] Hogboss IL: I feel sorry for you.
[20:03:49] Hogboss IL: lol
[20:04:00] bob g: gary in cold water this time of year what is a good bait to troll ??????
[20:04:11] Gary Gray: my favorite color, chartreuse, and lime green,
chartreuse and orange
[20:04:24] Griz (Oh): Gary, who is your boat sponsor?
[20:04:24] jigman: in the spring we fish in 3ft of muddy water with
stumps everywhere. any ideas on line gary
[20:04:31] sundance: is that for lakes and rivers gary??
[20:04:44] Gary Gray: shallow diving thunderstick, it has a subtle action
[20:04:52] Gary Gray: yes
[20:04:58] putnayay: Gary, whats your best method fishing weed
beds after a front came through? ( slow bite that is)
[20:05:20] Gary Gray: slip bobber, and pitching light jigs
[20:05:30] putnayay: thanks
[20:05:36] ebijack (mi): gary, tell us what your running for the 99
season for boat/motor/electronics
[20:05:43] Drift'r: are those colors for spinners or all baits
[20:06:26] Gary Gray: I'm running a Yar Craft 1895 Storm TSC, 225
Merc, 15ele kicker, Genatron, and a LMS 350
[20:06:50] Jighead(WI): Gary, Will bow front trolling take Walleyes
as good as Backtroll method?
[20:06:57] Wolfheart (Ab): That Genatron takes up alot of room, hey?
[20:07:34] Gary Gray: yes, whats the difference, the walleyes don't
know if your going forward or backwards
[20:07:44] Jighead(WI): 10-4
[20:07:55] ebijack (mi): gary, is that the new hull you were working
on and telling us about before
[20:07:58] John P: do you think the Genetron is that much better?
[20:08:07] Gary Gray: yes, but the unit is worth its weight in gold
[20:08:51] Hogboss IL: Gary who is you favorite walleye angler all time.
[20:08:56] Gary Gray: yes, new design, but same hull, it has a new inside design
[20:09:27] FishHawk(WI): gary what type of trolling rod do you use?
[20:09:30] Gary Gray: Gary Roach, some day I want to fish in the
same boat with him
[20:09:39] sundance: gary,what is your favorite method for catching eyes???
[20:09:41] Hogboss IL: good choice.
[20:09:45] jigman: what is you're rod, reel and line of choice gary
[20:10:06] Gary Gray: Quantum, telescopic, 7'6" med/lite tip
[20:10:15] Gary Gray: jigging
[20:10:41] sundance: all year long gary??
[20:10:50] jigman: gotta love jigging
[20:10:50] Gary Gray: have I missed anyone
[20:11:22] goose: any preference on colored hooks
[20:11:26] Gary Gray: yes, but I guess anyway you can catch them eyes is great
[20:11:29] ebijack (mi): gary, are you using the tattle tale boards
yet and how do you like them
[20:11:31] John P: when trolling winnebago which is your start out lure/lures?
[20:11:43] Gary Gray: I like red hooks
[20:11:50] bobbi: yes gary how do you like the metal flake
[20:11:52] ripper: do u use anything in your live wells to keep fish healthly
[20:11:55] Gary Gray: thanks'
[20:11:56] goose: any brand?
[20:12:11] FishHawk(WI): Gary what type of in-line planer board do you use?
[20:12:24] Skitch: Do you have any experience with the wide 3d
graphs by hummingbird? I am wondering if they would be better for
locating fish in shallower waters, like 12 to 10 feet where you might
miss them with a graph that is just shooting straight down?
[20:12:52] Gary Gray: any hook, as long as it is in a walleyes mouth
[20:13:02] Gary Gray: Wille Sideliner
[20:13:14] putnayay: Gary, thanks for the advice, good fishin and
good luck this season. nite all.
[20:13:17] IDOC(mn): why wille over off shore?
[20:13:22] jigman: what do you think of the mortality rate of walleye
in tounaments gary
[20:13:32] Larry (WI): Gary, on Winnebago, do you run different
color cranks when the fish are down deep vs. when they are high in
the water column?
[20:13:57] Gary Gray: have not used 3d, I think they sell to much
with those units
[20:14:24] Gary Gray: easier to tell what’s on the board, easier to read
[20:14:36] Gary Gray: it stinks
[20:14:39] ebijack (mi): gary, are you fishing both pwt div's and mwc also?
[20:14:52] fisherman: Is the split divisions E./W. on the PWT going
to be a good deal? Sounds like a good move.
[20:15:25] Gary Gray: same colors, sometimes I try different colors,
when my favorites are not working
[20:15:32] Gary Gray: Both divisions
[20:15:45] Gary Gray: yes
[20:16:04] Gary Gray: miss anyone yet
[20:16:11] sundance: gary,when you fish in different states,do you
need a special license,or do they allow you to fish because it is a tournament???
[20:16:21] ebijack (mi): gary, do you do any shows while also in
states for tourney's?
[20:16:39] Gary Gray: same as anyone who fishes
[20:17:02] Steve (IA): Gary, choose between your Genetron and
350.... which would you throw overboard first?
[20:17:13] Skitch: What are your favorite colors?
[20:17:23] sundance: so if you go to michigan,you'll have to buy a temp licsens??
[20:17:41] Gary Gray: sometimes, depends on time
[20:17:47] fisherman: What`s you`re favorite deep diving baits Gary?
[20:17:51] bobbi: gary how do you like your flake large or small
[20:17:53] Gary Gray: 350
[20:17:56] Wolfheart (Ab): Hey... that hurts!!!
[20:17:58] John P: what is a good starter lure to troll on Winnebago?
[20:18:11] Gary Gray: black/gold, blue/silver
[20:18:25] Gary Gray: out of state lic
[20:18:43] sundance: ouch that can get expensive.
[20:18:57] Gary Gray: thunderstick, rattl'n rouge
[20:19:06] goose: any particular brand of crankbaits
[20:19:09] jiffy: Gary whats your opinion of the best all around jig 
[20:19:17] John P: what do you think about having a very soft dead rod?
[20:19:56] Gary Gray: my own jig, I have a guy make them, just a ball head jig
[20:20:05] Pook (ny): Gary...Is fishing the wind blown shoreline a
common tactic used by pro's? 
[20:20:08] ebijack (mi): do you sell those gary?
[20:20:14] Steve (IA): Gary, when searching for fish... will you stop to
fish a good looking spot if no fish show on your sonar?
[20:20:16] Gary Gray: soft is good
[20:20:48] Gary Gray: yes, always play the wind even the day after a blow
[20:21:14] Gary Gray: no, I don't sell them, just my own use
[20:21:26] jiffy: Gary have you ever fished any lakes in Northern
Wisconsin and if you have what were some successful lures (not Winnebago)
[20:21:36] ebijack (mi): gary, when will you start to plan for your trip
to a state for a tourney (how many days)
[20:21:36] Lundman(Wi): what tactic do you use to fish the
windward side of the lake...?
[20:22:01] Gary Gray: I will now, because the genatron, does show
you fish where the 350 doesn't
[20:22:35] Gary Gray: long time ago, just for fun, a jig and minnow was best
[20:22:55] Lundman(Wi): you mean you fish just for fun??....:-)
[20:23:04] Lundman(Wi): just kiddin'....
[20:23:05] jigman: ever get up to northern ontario gary, horwood
lake, abitibi lake?
[20:23:05] Gary Gray: as soon as I find out the date of tourney
[20:23:31] Skitch: Why the day after a blow also, why do the fish still
relate to that area after things have calmed down
[20:23:34] Gary Gray: cast crankbaits to locate, then jig
[20:23:43] sundance: gary when fishing,do you go buy match the
hatch,starting out small,and as year go's on you go with bigger baits???
[20:23:59] Gary Gray: not anymore, seems like no time for fun
[20:24:09] Gary Gray: no
[20:24:12] jiffy: where i fish in summer lots of heavy vegetation what
are some good tactics or lures for the thick i mean thick vegetation
or should i shy away from thick vegetation
[20:24:26] Gary Gray: baitfish are still there
[20:24:59] Gary Gray: yes, always try to match size, not necessarily
the hatch
[20:25:01] Lundman(Wi): When your fishing the windward side, do
you pitch jigs to the shore, or throw cranks...?
[20:25:13] fisherman: How does the stand a lone pinpoint
depthfinders compare to Genetron?
[20:25:21] Gary Gray: fish the edge
[20:25:30] FishHawk(WI): Gary are you sponsored by storm lures
[20:25:56] Gary Gray: both
[20:25:59] jiffy: Gary do you know a guy by the name of Bob
Woodke on the MWC
[20:26:00] ebijack (mi): i can tell you gary only uses what he believes in
[20:26:01] jigman: thank u gary hope you fill your boat
[20:26:09] Gary Gray: no comparison
[20:26:25] Gary Gray: yes, storm has been very good to me
[20:26:56] Gary Gray: maybe by face, I'm terrible with names
[20:26:59] John P: did you get an Opti-Max??
[20:27:36] jiffy: he placed like tenth in the championship
[20:27:39] Gary Gray: no, still EFI
[20:27:43] FishHawk(WI): Gary do you ever alter colors on
[20:27:46] Jighead(WI): Gary, why a 15 hp kicker & not a 9.9 
[20:27:52] ebijack (mi): gary, do you know if your going to try
handling the detroit river?
[20:28:40] IDOC(mn): gary, would u attach a tiller to the console or
run it as a tiller? TR-1?
[20:28:44] jiffy: do you ice fish at all GAry
[20:28:55] IDOC(mn): kicker
[20:29:00] John P: I got into all six too.
[20:29:23] Gary Gray: yes, red lips
[20:29:36] Gary Gray: my own preference
[20:29:58] Larry (WI): Gary, what kind of cranks do you like to cast
shallow on Bago?
[20:30:00] Gary Gray: don't know much about TR1
[20:30:34] Jiggin'Pro: So mr.gary gray...how'd ya like fishing
dakota waters???
[20:30:43] Gary Gray: baby thundersticks, and shadraps
[20:31:08] Reelhook(wi): Gary, what do you think the bit is going to
be at the PWT on Bago in June
[20:31:22] ebijack (mi): gary, how'd you like being a regular writer
in the walleyecentral mag
[20:31:27] Gary Gray: great, I have had good success on the dakota's
[20:31:47] Gary Gray: trolling, weeds, rocks
20:32:48] gilman: gary do you fire line for jigging
[20:33:34] IDOC(mn): advice for a rookie fishing the circuit?
[20:34:00] Larry (WI): Gary, during a big blow and you are trying to
troll slow how do you keep your speed down and stay on course?
[20:34:08] Gary Gray: No, I use mono, strickly personal preference
[20:34:42] Nite Eyes: gary, have you ever tried spiderwire super mono?????????
[20:35:07] Gary Gray: everyone starts as a rookie, but are they
really a rookie, we are all fisherpersons
[20:35:55] Jiggin'Pro: do you like rivers or lake better for walleye fishing?? gary
[20:36:04] Gary Gray: yes, just bad first experience, not the lines
fault, idiot using it,
[20:36:16] John P: I think the word AMATEUR is a four letter word. I
like co-angler.
[20:36:42] Gary Gray: both rivers and lakes, wherever there are walleys
[20:37:08] fisherman: Do you usually find you`re own fish or do you
work w/ others?
[20:37:28] Bull: i envy anyone that has gone through it!!
[20:37:31] Gary Gray: yes, there is no such thing as a Amature, they
are my PARTNERS for the day
[20:37:36] Nite Eyes: what is your line preference????????
[20:37:56] Gary Gray: work together, and on my own
[20:38:03] Clicker(Oh): Just hang in there.  It is worth it in the end.
[20:38:17] Wolfheart (Ab): Hey... now that's nice... I'd like to fish with
that Gary Gray guy!!! :-)
[20:38:32] Gary Gray: trilene, 8# jigging, 10-12
[20:38:39] Gary Gray: for trolling
[20:38:43] ebijack (mi): gary, are most of your am partners pretty
good fisherman?
[20:39:08] Lundman(Wi): Which Trilene Gary?
[20:39:30] Larry (WI): Gary, keeping trolling speed down on very windy days?
[20:39:34] Gary Gray: they all are, they want to have fun, and its my
job to see to that
[20:39:49] Gary Gray: tournament strength
[20:39:55] Lundman(Wi): ...k
[20:39:56] Steve (IA): Gary, any of your Ams ever drop a nice one
back in the drink on you?
[20:40:22] ChadM(nd): Hi Gary, Backer and Randash said to say
hi. Got any tips for Big Stone during the first week of May??? 
[20:40:46] Gary Gray: no, and if they did, I just would tell them, now
you have to catch a bigger one!
[20:40:57] Steve (IA): :-)
[20:41:00] sundance: lol gary
[20:41:20] Gary Gray: about Big Stone, email me
[20:41:36] Wolfheart (Ab): Lotsa stress during the PWT dates? ...or lotsa fun too???
[20:41:47] Juls (WI): pro chat with gary gray junior
[20:42:04] Pook (ny): Gary....I fish a lake that bans minnows }<> Is
there a plastic body you like on a jig?
[20:42:09] Gary Gray: you have to make it fun, or it will tear you up before it's over
[20:42:41] Gary Gray: walleye asassin
[20:43:16] sundance: where do you get those walleye assasins at gary??
[20:43:25] Gary Gray: bass pro-shop
[20:43:51] Gary Gray: have I missed anyone?
[20:44:13] sundance: what is your biggest eye gary???
[20:44:13] Wolfheart (Ab): Fingers getting tired yet Gary? All that typing!
[20:44:15] Catch5: I can get a deal on a new 200h.p. carb. motor
over EFI or Opti-Max. What would you do?
[20:44:18] Larry (WI): Keeping trolling speed down on windy days?
[20:44:24] Gary Gray: no
[20:44:24] ebijack (mi): gray, how do you put your last tourney
good or bad out of your mind to fish your next tourney
[20:44:38] Gary Gray: take the deal
[20:44:54] Gary Gray: slow
[20:45:14] ChadM(nd): Gary, do you do much bobber fishing??? If
so what type of rig do you recommend. 
[20:45:24] IDOC(mn): gary, what is the best placement on the boat
for your rod holders, is farther back better?
[20:45:42] Gary Gray: just drive to next site, forget about last one,
comes with experience, not that I have had the experience
[20:46:00] Jighead(WI): Catch 5, now ask him about that bow mount!!
[20:46:19] sundance: what is your biggest eye gary???
[20:46:22] Gary Gray: I put 8 locations, but use 2 for up front rigging,
back for trolling
[20:46:27] goose: whats the best advice you give your partners in the pwt?
[20:47:09] Gary Gray: right from the start, winnebago has always
been walleyes first, 
[20:47:12] IDOC(mn): what rod holders do u use?
[20:47:45] Gary Gray: 13# 10oz
[20:47:53] Nite Eyes: wow!!!!!!!
[20:48:12] sundance: nice fish,where did you catch that one at,and
is that one on the wall???
[20:48:25] Steve (IA): I don't have a net that BIG!
[20:48:27] Skitch: What lure,  what color?
[20:48:47] Gary Gray: lets have fun first, the fish will come natural,
you can ask anyone who has ever been in a tournament with me,
thats exactly what I tell them
[20:49:05] Gary Gray: lake winnebago, 1978
[20:49:24] Pook (ny): Gary...When looking for big fish with
spinners...What size blade and what style blade do you use most?
[20:49:32] Wolfheart (Ab): Hey... this guy can tell you about the
TR-1, right Richard?
[20:49:39] John P: pre-fished with gary at Saginaw, great time!
[20:49:57] RichardM (ALTA): What would you like Wolf?
[20:50:03] Gary Gray: start small, then work up in size till you find
what they want
[20:50:07] Gary Gray:  Hi rich
[20:50:19] Wolfheart (Ab): It's just that someone asked about the
TR-1 earlier and you know about them, right?
[20:50:21] RichardM (ALTA): Hello Mr. Gray!
[20:50:51] RichardM (ALTA): I've used them for 3 years. 
[20:50:52] fisherman: Do you run much leadcore Gary?
[20:51:54] ChadM(nd): When do you make the choice to use lead
versus just regular line??
[20:52:01] ebijack (mi): how many rods will you run at one time with lead gary
[20:52:17] RichardM (ALTA): and a couple thousand thunderstick
JR right Gary
[20:52:17] sundance: gary is fishing what you do for a living or do
you have a side job???
[20:52:28] Wolfheart (Ab): WARM GLOVES
[20:52:34] Gary Gray: when I need to go deeper then lure will go,
and I am going to be following contours
[20:52:44] Gary Gray: 3 rods
[20:52:45] PORKCHOP: AMEN
[20:52:53] Skitch: What color and type of lure did you catch the 13# on?
[20:52:58] Gary Gray: live bait
[20:53:13] Gary Gray: you bet
[20:53:32] JRslip-bobberMT: Is that your biggest fish this past year, Gary?
[20:53:40] PORKCHOP: 1/8TH  OR 1/4?
[20:53:41] Gary Gray: No retired from military 5 yrs ago, now just fish
[20:53:48] Drift'r: on those three rods ...do you have different depths set
[20:53:56] Gary Gray: jig, green
[20:54:10] Gary Gray: lifetime fish
[20:54:20] sundance: thats great gary..
[20:54:28] Pook (ny): Gary ...Wouldn't it drive you nuts if an
amateure in your boat was asking as many questions as your
getting now?
[20:54:30] Skitch: Thanks for all the info Gary,  bye
[20:54:38] Gary Gray: yes, 8hp is good enough
[20:54:39] artfishman: Thanks for the tips Gary----gotta go <*}}}}><
[20:54:53] Gary Gray: no,
[20:55:13] Wolfheart (Ab): Best of luck to you Gary... and to You too
Richard this upcoming season... Dinner bell is ringing though!!! B'bye!
[20:55:13] bob g: man thats great you probably for got more than i
know///// man that great
[20:55:15] Gary Gray: thanks for being here
[20:55:24] Gary Gray: am I caught up yet
[20:55:39] John P: Gary, good luck this year!  good nite all!
[20:56:05] R Hill(mi): Your doing great Gary
[20:56:06] sundance: on erie what is your preference??
[20:56:15] Steve (IA): Gary, with your laid-back, relaxed attitude....
don't you drive some of the other Pros nuts?
[20:56:19] goose: thanks for the tips and good luck. see ya
[20:56:20] Gary Gray: trolling on erie
[20:56:24] Larry (WI): How do you keep your trolling speed down
on very windy days when you don't need the kicker?
[20:56:30] fisherman: what would be top end on the 225 if loaded down?
[20:56:38] Gary Gray: some day I would like to go there for fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:56:39] Jighead(WI):  Gary, what color is the new boat this year?
[20:56:40] Jiggin'Pro: no prob....we have a reservoir down by my
place and i had to learn the hard way
[20:57:06] PORKCHOP: im new to cold water fishen
[20:57:06] Gary Gray: sometimes, but I'm not always laidback!
[20:57:21] Gary Gray: drift sock
[20:57:37] Gary Gray: 62mph
[20:57:44] ChadM(nd): Gary, what is your philosophy on fishing in crowds??
[20:57:45] Steve (IA): Thank
[20:57:49] Gary Gray: white/green
[20:58:34] Gary Gray: find some place else to fish
[20:58:37] Pook (ny): Gary ....Thanks for your honest answers,
hope to be on the same water as you someday ... good nite
[20:58:49] sundance: do you fish erie much gary??
[20:59:27] Eyeman (IN): Gary How many times during a tournament
do you get to run your boat wide open on an average ???
[20:59:27] Larry (WI): Gary, what do you use to color crank lips red?
[20:59:32] Gary Gray: only tournaments on erie
[20:59:36] R Hill(mi): Gary whats your plan for Detroit
[20:59:37] JRslip-bobberMT: Gary, have you ever fished Ft. Peck?
[20:59:53] fisherman: Will the MWC be going back to Petenwell?
[20:59:57] PORKCHOP: are walleyes real lethargic in feb.?
[21:00:10] Gary Gray: all the time
[21:00:36] Gary Gray: Dykum, it's a dye, very cheap
[21:00:51] Gary Gray: won't know till I get there
[21:01:06] PORKCHOP: do you drag or hop your plastic lure on the bottom?
[21:01:14] Gary Gray: I like Ft. Peck, it hates me
[21:01:25] Gary Gray: not this year
[21:01:25] Juls (WI): gary do you do any nite fishing on
winndebago and if so...what is the strategy???
[21:01:35] JRslip-bobberMT: My dad is a guide on Peck, great fishery i think
[21:01:48] Jiggin'Pro: wasn't there a guy on the PWT that had
$8,000 in crankbaits???
[21:01:59] Gary Gray: no, winnebago has never been a night bite, 
[21:02:07] Juls (WI): k..thanks
[21:02:12] ChadM(nd): Do you prefer fixed arm bottom bouncers or
ones that can slip
[21:02:25] RichardM (ALTA): about 120 of them do jiggin pro
[21:02:25] Gary Gray: it is a Great Fishery
[21:02:32] Jiggin'Pro: lol
[21:02:45] Jiggin'Pro: your probabaly right
[21:02:48] Gary Gray: slip
[21:03:09] PORKCHOP: do you drag or hop your lure while retreiving it?
[21:03:16] Gary Gray: both
[21:03:25] gwalt: Gary do you have a favorite blade size for summer?
[21:03:25] Jiggin'Pro: do they allow live bait on the PWT???
[21:03:33] Gary Gray: yes
[21:04:08] Jiggin'Pro: why don't more anglers use them...i can see
using crankbaits to find the fish but you'll have better luck using live bait
[21:04:30] Jim OH: Gary for Fireline or lead core what length rod do you use??
[21:04:42] Gary Gray: they use everything they can, when it is right
[21:04:44] gwalt: what size Gary?
[21:04:55] Gary Gray: 8'6"
[21:05:20] ebijack (mi): are there anymore questions for our host tonight?
[21:05:29] Eyeman (IN): Got to run Fisherpeople !!! Thanks Gary it
was fun and informative !!!!!!
[21:05:38] Mud Duck: thanks Gary
[21:05:40] Gary Gray: thanks eye
[21:05:42] gwalt: Gary what size blade?
[21:05:50] RoyGPA: thank you gary
[21:06:06] Gary Gray: blades: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 what ever it takes
[21:06:12] Larry (WI): Good luck this year Gary, hope to see ya on
Bago some time.
[21:06:17] fisherman: How many spots do you try and have for
each tourney? Do you try and predict the prevailing wind and have
spots on that side of the lake?
[21:06:25] Jiggin'Pro: what other kind of fish do you like to fish for???
[21:06:48] Gary Gray: yes, plus I like to have about 5 spots not
many more than that
[21:07:05] ebijack (mi): why is that gary?
[21:07:05] Gary Gray: anything that bites
[21:07:48] Gary Gray: don't want to get confused
[21:08:14] fisherman: would all 5 spots require you`re favorite presentation?
[21:08:21] ebijack (mi): even on a three day tourney gary?
[21:08:33] gwalt: When you are prefishing do you return to the
spots every day?
[21:08:35] Gary Gray: no, it seem like each is different
[21:08:47] RichardM (ALTA): thanks Gary gotta run!
[21:08:47] Gary Gray:  yes,
[21:08:53] Drift'r: how do you run your 3 lead core rods
[21:08:58] Gary Gray: no
[21:09:18] gwalt:  Find and leave them alone?
[21:09:32] Gary Gray: 2 off side, 1 straight off back
[21:09:49] Gary Gray: leave them till tournament day
[21:09:57] Drift'r: do you run them at the same depths
[21:10:05] Gary Gray: usually
[21:10:41] ebijack (mi): any more questions for gary gray?
[21:10:43] J.D.: feel sorry for your fingers gary, all this typing!!!
[21:10:56] Mud Duck: lots of action though?
[21:11:00] Gary Gray:  no, its fun, you's are great
[21:11:29] ebijack (mi): gary, do you try to hook up with other pro's
for the drive to other states?
[21:11:31] Juls (WI): :-)
[21:11:56] Gary Gray: ya, we usually make the trek together, brake
downs and such
[21:12:56] ebijack (mi): I'd like to thank our host tonight GARY GRAY !!!!!!
[21:12:56] fisherman: Doin` any seminars Gary?
[21:13:05] Jighead(WI): Thanks Gary,!!!  "Keep Pulling em in..." 
[21:13:16] R Hill(mi): Thanks Gary
[21:13:18] RoyGPA: thanks again gary
[21:13:20] fisherman: Enjoyed it!!!
[21:13:23] JRslip-bobberMT: thanks gary
[21:13:25] Juls (WI): thanks gary
[21:13:26] Bull: clapping for GG!!!!!!!!  good job!!!!!!!!!
[21:13:31] gwalt: Thanks Gary good luck in 1999!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[21:13:32] Larry (WI): thanks Gary
[21:13:44] sundance: thanks gary,come back again..
[21:13:44] Jiggin'Pro: thanks gary
[21:13:45] J.D.: thanks gary
[21:13:49] fisherman: KICK BUTT IN 99
[21:13:50] Mud Duck: thanks gary
[21:13:59] Clicker(Oh): Good Job Gary.
[21:14:39] RoyGPA: encore...encore!!!!!
[21:25:11] ebijack (mi): thanks gary!
[21:25:18] G. rabbit: thanks everyone
[21:25:29] R Hill(mi): Thanks Gary
[21:25:34] Mark(Wi): Night all...Thanks Gary, see you in springvalley.
[21:25:39] Lundman(Wi): Thanks Gary....
[21:25:51] Drift'r: c ya Gary

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