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Gary Gray 9/1/99
[20:05:04] Gary Gray: Hello Everyone
[20:05:11] river king mi: hi gary
[20:05:12] riggers: good evening gary
[20:05:21] TROLLER1: hey gary
[20:05:21] ebijack: Please Welcome our host tonight GARY GRAY !!!!!!!
[20:05:43] Juls (WI): clap clap clap calp
[20:05:49] Juls (WI): welcome
[20:05:50] Gary Gray: hi juls
[20:05:51] river king mi: welcome gary glad you could make it
[20:05:51] ebijack: howdy gary, how you been?
[20:06:06] Gary Gray: busy
[20:06:25] Gary Gray: trying to get ready for the Championship
[20:06:32] ebijack: gary, how's your tournament season been so far this year
[20:06:35] Juls (WI): You'll be at Madison won't you Gary?
[20:06:50] Gary Gray: ended up 10th overall
[20:06:58] ebijack: congrats gary!!!!
[20:07:02] Juls (WI): way to go Gary
[20:07:21] river king mi: east div. or west???
[20:07:31] ebijack: gary, what did you do different this year than you have since last
[20:07:31] Gary Gray: fished both
[20:07:45] Gary Gray: attention to detail
[20:08:00] river king mi: any top 10 finishes???
[20:08:17] Gary Gray: last 3 were close to top 10
[20:08:25] TROLLER1: ill be watching u in madison gary. i fish the chain 3-5 times a
[20:08:27] ebijack: gary, was trolling in your yarcraft your primary technique?
[20:08:30] Gary Gray: 11 13 15
[20:08:33] river king mi: good deal
[20:09:06] Gary Gray: this year it seemed like you had to make changes daily
tournament time, you couldn't buy one trolling, switched to jigging
[20:09:53] ebijack: gary, did you do anything different in your prefishing times to help
you more this year
[20:11:16] ebijack: gary, how much water of a lake to you try to run over to look at
before you start to fish
[20:11:37] river king mi: did the weather change at devils
[20:11:42] Gary Gray: usually the entire system
[20:12:14] riggers: gary have you fished lake of the woods much?
[20:12:31] Gary Gray: yes, very good system
[20:12:41] Gary Gray: lots of 10lbers
[20:13:01] riggers: going at the end of the month for the first time
[20:13:12] ebijack: gary, anything new for 2000 in yarcraft?
[20:15:09] Juls (WI): do you like to prefish by yourself or do you like to find a local from
the lake your fishing to prefish with you?
[20:15:13] Gary Gray: yes, new 1785 Wrangler walk-thru, and we might have a center
[20:15:29] ebijack: gary, when do you decide to stop trolling and switch your plans and
go to jigging? did you have jigging spots or were they the same spots?
[20:15:46] Gary Gray: anytime you can find a local, it cuts down on time
[20:16:13] RRoller (MN): Gary you are very correct there!!
[20:16:22] Gary Gray: usually, when I locate fish in one area,
[20:16:55] Gary Gray: RRoller, what do you mean?
[20:17:18] Juls (WI): do you prefer jigging over bottom bouncing? or is there a time a
place for each of them?
[20:17:21] RRoller (MN): That it is always helpful from the people at the lakes you fish
[20:17:38] Gary Gray: each has it's time and place
[20:18:14] Juls (WI): who are some of your sponsors Gary?
[20:18:17] ebijack: gary, would you tell us about how your set up on your boat and
what you use
[20:18:30] Gary Gray: I found it to be, locals have probably put more winners on the
winning fish, than you can imagine
[20:19:13] wade: Gary...usually the guys fishing small Aluminum boats too!
[20:19:30] Juls (WI): ;-)
[20:19:31] Gary Gray: Mercury, Yar Craft, Wille Products, Storm, Berkley, Quantum,
Motor Guide, and a few others
[20:20:31] Gary Gray: I rig my own boat, that way I know where to trouble-shoot any
[20:20:47] Gary Gray: have I missed any ebi?
[20:21:05] Juls (WI): hey Gary, what's that really cool locator called that you have
under your dash? The one that shows what the heck is down there for sure...thought
that was pretty cool...
[20:21:16] wade: Smart thinking Gary.......then ya know.
[20:21:22] ebijack: not that i know of gary
[20:21:44] Gary Gray: that's a GENETRON
[20:22:02] wade: Cool......a Video?
[20:22:04] Juls (WI): ok...pretty slick...heard they are pricy?
[20:22:58] Gary Gray: you pay for what you get, I was impressed with it, and realized
what I was missing. It lets me see things that other people miss
[20:23:07] Juls (WI): true true
[20:23:24] ebijack: gary, do you rely on lake maps to start you off before fishing a lake?
[20:23:58] Gary Gray: yes, they give you a feel for the lake before you get there, then
fine tune
[20:24:36] ebijack: gary, are you using the internet and walleyecentral to help find
locals to help you on the lakes you fish?
[20:24:42] river king mi: ive found maps get you pretty close to the spots ebi
[20:24:42] ebijack: :)
[20:24:48] riverfishing wi: me too king
[20:24:50] riverfishing wi: at least around here
[20:25:14] Gary Gray: yes, the internet is a great tool, when used right
[20:25:22] riverfishing wi: especially with the gps now on many of them
[20:26:30] Juls (WI): when are you headed over to madison Gary? how many days of
prefishing will you get in?
[20:26:31] ebijack: gary, has gps been a large part in your presentation equation?
[20:27:00] Gary Gray: the new LMS 160 is a great unit, you can download to a cd, and
save everything from each trip
[20:27:58] ebijack: gary, have you found fish to be in the same areas year after year?
[20:28:12] Gary Gray: yes, pretty much
[20:28:56] Thunderstick: How do you pick a spot to jig?
[20:29:20] Gary Gray: Juls, how did you do a Sakakawea
[20:29:25] ebijack: gary, how are you going to start off fishing the lake for the
championship..with giving out to much detail :)
[20:29:51] Juls (WI): Rick and I took 3rd in the second day of the team event...i took
41st out of 47 in the pro/am....at least i was not last eh? lol
[20:30:17] Gary Gray: I look for weed edges, rock humps, sometimes, it may be just the
baitfish dictating where to jig
[20:30:41] Gary Gray: you bet juls, good job
[20:30:52] Thunderstick: I can't seem to get jigging down
[20:30:56] Juls (WI): thanks..makes up for coming in late on the first day of the
[20:31:02] ebijack: gary, what do you do in a clear lake that has turned muddy the day
of the tourneyment
[20:31:07] Gary Gray: I am going to star deep, then work towards the shallows
[20:31:23] Gary Gray: usually PUNT
[20:31:40] ebijack: you mean go home? :)
[20:31:44] Gary Gray: lake erie is terrible for that
[20:31:55] river king mi: how many guys made the championship
[20:31:58] ebijack: that it is!
[20:32:03] Gary Gray: no, usually go to reefs, or structure
[20:32:19] Gary Gray: 42
[20:32:25] ebijack: would you troll or jig in muddy water gary
[20:32:59] Gary Gray: slow down your presentation, or go to rattles, anything with noise
[20:33:37] river king mi: how many places do they pay
[20:33:43] Gary Gray: if I was trolling cranks, I might just switch to blades for water
[20:34:06] Gary Gray: everyone gets a check, but I want 1st
[20:34:16] Juls (WI): ;-)
[20:34:32] ebijack: your doing great being in 10th place gary!
[20:35:01] Gary Gray: my wife told me a long time ago, 2nd place is the 1st place
[20:35:08] Juls (WI): lol
[20:35:18] ebijack: :)
[20:35:23] Gary Gray: thanks. it was a uphill battle this year
[20:35:54] ebijack: gary, have you found it to be a disadvantage or an advantage to
not be fishing out of a 20ft boat
[20:36:09] RRoller (MN): gary did you fish any lakes in MN this year?
[20:36:33] Gary Gray: my confidence level is real high in my 1895 Storm Yar Craft
[20:36:50] Gary Gray: Red Wing,
[20:37:26] ebijack: gary, what is your favortie presentation
[20:38:37] Gary Gray: I'm leaving for Madison tomorrow, and you know what
happened the last time I did a chat the night before leaving for Lake Erie, Not that I'm
[20:38:46] Juls (WI): hehehe
[20:38:51] ebijack: :) i remember :)
[20:38:53] Gary Gray: trolling
[20:39:25] RRoller (MN): What was that??
[20:39:28] ebijack: gary, are you going to switch to a opti-max next year or stick with a
[20:39:31] Gary Gray: I love to jig though, right Juls
[20:39:46] ebijack: gary won erie in 10ft waves after hosting a chat!
[20:39:47] Gary Gray: Efi if they let me
[20:39:52] Juls (WI): yepper..you da man! when it comes to jigging Gary!
[20:40:12] Gary Gray: for catfish
[20:40:16] Juls (WI): lol
[20:40:23] RRoller (MN): That is cool ought to chat more often then
[20:40:38] Gary Gray: you bet,
[20:40:41] river king mi: why the efi over the opti gary???
[20:40:54] Gary Gray: the extra speed
[20:41:41] Gary Gray: the opti's are great though, maybe next year
[20:41:58] ebijack: gary, is storm coming out with any new crankbaits for 2000 you
might be able to let us in on?
[20:42:26] Markum: Who are your sponsors Gary?
[20:42:38] Gary Gray: yes, the little Light'n Shad, I have them now
[20:43:17] ebijack: do they work for trolling and cranking?
[20:43:19] Gary Gray: storm, mercury, yar craft, quantum, motor guide, and a few more
[20:43:20] Steve (IA): Gary, you mentioned you like to jig..... do you jig only with jigs or
do you also use spoons?
[20:44:08] Gary Gray: they look great, and run great, I'm saving them for Madison
[20:44:27] Gary Gray: both
[20:44:39] ebijack: gary, how important is spinner blade size
[20:45:11] Gary Gray: real important for the time of the year, and the size of fish your
[20:45:15] ebijack: and does the amount of beads make a difference
[20:45:23] Steve (IA): given same depth and conditions..... do you use the same
weight spoon as jig or heavier spoon?
[20:45:53] Gary Gray: sure, it's the color the fish see, and attack once they hone in on
[20:46:01] Markum: How do you talk your sponsor or soon to be in to giving you a boat
or financial backing?
[20:46:25] Gary Gray: heavier spoon, usually 1/2 oz spoon
[20:46:42] ebijack: that's a mouth full markum :)
[20:46:55] Markum: ( :
[20:47:20] Gary Gray: no one gets their boat free, they give discounts, and you work
show, for other benefits
[20:47:38] ebijack: pro's work more hours than i do :)
[20:47:56] Markum: How do you approach a would be sponsor?
[20:48:10] Gary Gray: I buy my boat like everyone else, in fact, my boat is for sale after
the Championship
[20:48:12] Husker: I've been doing alot o fspoon jigging lately, what is your favorite
[20:48:13] Juls (WI): p.s. don't promise anything you cannot deliver markum....that's a
[20:48:32] Gary Gray: tell them what you can do for them!!!
[20:48:46] Gary Gray: hopkins
[20:48:57] Steve (IA): will spoons work as well as jigs in water from 40 to 60 feet deep?
[20:49:33] Gary Gray: be honest, or it won't last long, there is always 10 people to
replace you, it's a dog eat dog world out there
[20:49:49] Gary Gray: yes
[20:50:05] Steve (IA): will you use a stiffer action rod for spoons vs. jigs?
[20:50:06] ebijack: gary, i know your very true to your sponsors. i think they know that
[20:50:12] Gary Gray: yes
[20:50:22] Gary Gray: thank you
[20:50:46] Steve (IA): are your spoons ever tipped with bait?
[20:50:55] Gary Gray: I have been very fortunate with the sponsors I have
[20:51:11] Gary Gray: most of the time no
[20:51:18] ebijack: gary, do you travel with other pro's when possible in a convoy so to
[20:51:26] Gary Gray: yes
[20:51:53] Gary Gray: this year 4 of us stayed together
[20:52:04] Markum: What do you promise them? Be a nice guy and talk to clubs like
us( :
[20:52:08] Steve (IA): are there any particular weather or water conditions that would
indicate to you to use a spoon over a jig?
[20:52:21] ebijack: gary, would you like the PWT to go to the way the FLW and BASS
tourney's have gone where it's only the top 10 on the last day?
[20:52:40] Gary Gray: no, usually I use spoons when fish are hot!!!
[20:53:18] Gary Gray: you will see it someday, but for now, I want to fish all 3 days
[20:53:47] ebijack: are you packed and ready to go gary?
[20:53:47] Steve (IA): more aggressive = spoons..... less aggressive = jigs/minnows ?
[20:54:07] Gary Gray: no, we are packing right after chat
[20:54:17] Gary Gray: yes
[20:54:30] Juls (WI): Good luck at the Championship Gary! Wanted to say that before I
forgot to! ;-)
[20:54:34] ebijack: are there anymore questions for our host tonight? before he has to
[20:54:42] ebijack: good luck gary!!!!
[20:54:46] Gary Gray: that's a good theory, steve
[20:54:54] Thunderstick: Yeah Good Luck!
[20:54:57] Gary Gray: thanks Juls
[20:55:05] RRoller (MN): Gary good luck and have fun!
[20:55:08] Steve (IA): good luck, Gary...... and thanks for the spoon info
[20:55:16] riggers: good luck gary thanks for all the info..
[20:55:30] Husker: Thanks Gary, good luck
[20:55:34] Markum: Good fishing( :
[20:55:47] Gary Gray: thank you all for showing up tonight, and thanks for the chat
[20:55:51] ebijack: ok, we'll let you get packing gary, stop in after the tourney!
[20:55:58] ebijack: have a safe trip!
[20:56:22] ebijack: thanks gary!!!!
[20:56:29] Gary Gray: everyone keep their fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1st
[20:56:31] Juls (WI): see you Saturday night at the banquet Gary....
[20:56:44] Gary Gray: see you there
[20:56:52] Juls (WI): ;-
[20:56:53] ebijack: clap clap clap
[20:56:55] Juls (WI): ;-
[20:57:07] Juls (WI): dang smile is missing...lol ;-)
[20:57:15] Juls (WI): clap clap clap clap clap
[20:57:16] Gary Gray: thanks ebi, see everyone another time, thanks
[20:57:29] Thunderstick: good night

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