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Gary Gray 11/24/99
[19:56:01] ebijack: Please welcome our host tonight GARY GRAY
[19:56:10] Steve (IA): clap, clap, clap
[19:56:11] eyefish(mi): welcome 
[19:56:12] Drift'r: welcome Gary !!!!!!
[19:56:12] ebijack: clap clap clap
[19:56:13] walleyemaster: trolling or bouncing of the bottom gary
[19:56:13] Eyeman IN: yea !!!!!!
[19:56:14] Juls (WI): clap clap clap clap clap
[19:56:30] Juls (WI): never heard of a zipp either
[19:56:32] Drift'r: clap clap clap
[19:56:33] WALIGYD: welcome Gary
[19:56:54] Gary Gray: thank you all, and everyone have a happy Thanksgiving
[19:56:58] walleyemaster: gary they butterfly threw the water for great presentation
[19:57:19] ebijack: gary, do you want to start us of with one of your announcements?
[19:57:26] Gary Gray: are you talking about butterfly blades
[19:57:43] walleyemaster: very close to it 
[19:57:45] Gary Gray: sure, why not.
[19:58:15] Gary Gray: 1st, I just signed on with Offshore
[19:58:28] Juls (WI): too cool...good going!
[19:58:35] eyefish(mi): cool
[19:58:35] mbrandt(in): Great Gary
[19:58:38] ebijack: congrats gary
[19:58:53] Eyeman IN: congrats
[19:58:56] Gary Gray: 2nd  Yar Craft is looking for a gal who wants to fish the PWT!!!!
[19:58:57] walleyemaster: great
[19:59:11] Steve (IA): there you go, Juls
[19:59:14] eyefish(mi): there you go Juls
[19:59:21] mikej: go for it juls
[19:59:33] Eyeman IN: Juls are you there ????
[19:59:34] WALIGYD: Bruce is a good guy good goin
[19:59:37] ebijack: gary, are you heading that up?
[19:59:40] Drift'r: go Juls go
[19:59:52] Gary Gray: if you know of any gal who is interested, please give me a call, or
[19:59:57] mikej: she must be shy!
[19:59:58] Steve (IA): somebody pick Juls up off the floor
[19:59:58] Juls (WI): hahaha
[20:00:06] Drift'r: thought you fell off the chair Juls
[20:00:08] Gary Gray: Yes, I am in charge of their Pro-staff
[20:00:09] Juls (WI): i think i just passed out
[20:00:25] Juls (WI): sounds too good to be true
[20:00:47] mbrandt(in): I can use another pro on my list :)
[20:00:56] Steve (IA): Gary, if Juls were to join you, you'd have to find smaller hats.
[20:00:57] eyefish(mi): If I put on a dress can I have one
[20:01:16] ebijack: gray, i know you have a resume template on your web page, i bet
juls should look at that
[20:01:20] Gary Gray: lets get to fishing
[20:01:31] Gary Gray: you bet
[20:01:32] walleyemaster: gary it was great to see you on infisherman
[20:01:38] Juls (WI): will do thanks ebi
[20:01:40] Gary Gray: thank you
[20:02:05] walleyemaster: i could only dream of being there
[20:02:12] Gary Gray: any questions tonight
[20:02:28] Juls (WI): only a ton of them now...but i will email you hahahah
[20:02:30] ebijack: gary, are you fishing both divisions again?
[20:02:39] Gary Gray: yes
[20:02:41] eyefish(mi): Gary whats your favorite presentation on Lake erie
[20:02:50] walleyemaster: gary whats your most  productive bait for fishing the river
[20:02:52] Gary Gray: Trolling cranks
[20:03:04] Gary Gray: jig and minnow
[20:03:14] mbrandt(in): Will you be fishing MWC spring valley
[20:03:24] Gary Gray: bait depends, on time of year
[20:03:28] ebijack: gary, didn't you win the pwt on erie pulling spinners in those 10 fters?
[20:03:35] Gary Gray: yes, I will
[20:03:35] walleyemaster: gary how about  in colder weather
[20:03:59] Gary Gray: both cranks, and spinners
[20:04:13] Gary Gray: cold weather, slow down
[20:04:24] walleyemaster: understand
[20:04:47] Gary Gray: at erie, the last day I changed to half spinners, when fishing
slowed down
[20:04:59] walleyemaster: gary  you mean troll at 1mph
[20:05:02] eyefish(mi): did you find that cranks or spinners worked better on erie
[20:05:03] ebijack: gary, are their any new features on the yarcrafts for 2000?
[20:05:07] #1  Saugeye: do you find Fort Peck tougher to fish than other lakes?
[20:05:07] Gary Gray: yes
[20:05:08] netter: Gary, what qualifications do you require for Yar-Craft pro-staffers
[20:05:20] Gary Gray: a whole bunch
[20:05:49] Gary Gray: new boat called the Cobra, and new polyflake, like I had last year
[20:06:03] Gary Gray: yes, peck
[20:06:05] #1  Saugeye: What do think makes it tougher?
[20:06:29] Gary Gray: 1st, a resume, then we go from there
[20:07:25] walleyemaster: gary thanks for coming on to night and making the walleye
curcuit a better place
[20:07:26] Gary Gray: the fish move a lot
[20:07:28] ebijack: gary, are you running a efi for 2000?
[20:07:45] Roach: Gary, have you sold your boat yet?
[20:08:05] Gary Gray: thank you for being here at WC, and allowing me the time to
spend with you's
[20:08:15] Juls (WI): ;-)
[20:08:18] Gary Gray: yes-EFI
[20:08:26] Gary Gray: no
[20:08:43] Roach: Why not Opti-Max?
[20:09:17] Gary Gray: someone on Merc National team has to run them, 
[20:09:27] ebijack: gary, fishing pwt, mwc how will you find the time to do the ptw
[20:09:27] TerryMac: good answer
[20:09:34] Gary Gray: have I missed anyone yet
[20:09:57] ebijack: not yet gary  :)
[20:09:59] Gary Gray: both engines are great, I just like the efi for speed
[20:10:29] ebijack: gary, what shows are you doing....any in michigan?
[20:10:30] Roach: Gary, I heard they are beafing up the HP for 200?
[20:10:55] Gary Gray: Yar Craft has come a long way in the last 3 yrs, boats are GREAT!!!
[20:10:59] TerryMac: Efi  is noticeably faster
[20:11:03] Roach: Excuse me, 2000 , Optimax
[20:11:04] TerryMac: ?
[20:11:09] Gary Gray: don't know as of yet
[20:11:36] Gary Gray: yes, they are
[20:11:58] Gary Gray: first you walk, then you learn to run
[20:12:07] netter: What do you look for on a resume for Yar Craft pros staff consideration 
[20:12:10] ebijack: what do you mean roach...
[20:12:55] ebijack: hp is hp, you mean beefing up the motor?
[20:12:56] Roach: I heard they are beafing up the HP for the Opt-Max for the year 2000.
[20:13:03] Gary Gray: location, promotion ability, how you get along with people, and
what value you think you will be to Yar Craft
[20:13:18] netter: Thank you Gary
[20:13:39] netter: Who is on the Yar-Craft Pro Staff for 2000?
[20:13:56] ebijack: gary, how many folks is yar craft sponsoring
[20:14:32] Gary Gray: Cheif, Gregg Lemere, Will Lage, Vaughn, Myself, and more, to
many to mention
[20:14:38] Roach: Gary, how would you compare the ride of your boat with the Tuffy
Osprey 1990?
[20:14:54] Gary Gray: roughly 25
[20:15:36] Gary Gray: no comparison, Bill had one last year, he asked to come back to
a Yar Craft
[20:16:08] ebijack: gary, is yar craft going to get more advertising? seems like they
don't have enough
[20:16:15] river king: are you fishing the new ptw circuit next year
[20:16:27] Gary Gray: you will see them more and more
[20:16:31] walleyemaster: howdy
[20:16:52] netter: Is tourney participation required for Yar Craft Pros Staff participation?
[20:17:03] Gary Gray: depends
[20:17:16] ebijack: gary, what electronics are you running for 2000
[20:17:16] Roach: Where do you hail from?
[20:17:21] Gary Gray: river king:
[20:17:24] Lance: yes
[20:17:32] Gary Gray: I am looking at it
[20:17:36] river king: depends on what gary
[20:17:51] mbrandt(in): Where are your seminars this winter?
[20:18:29] Gary Gray: Fargo,ND,  Depere,Wi, and where ever else they send me
[20:18:57] Gary Gray: I want to do more clubs this year if possible
[20:19:02] Juls (WI): cool....will go to the Depere seminar for sure! ;-)
[20:19:05] mbrandt(in): Send me a schedule for my list
[20:19:13] Gary Gray: you bet
[20:19:25] ebijack: gary, you mean seminars for clubs?
[20:19:32] Gary Gray: have to tie up loose ends yet
[20:19:43] mbrandt(in): Understood!
[20:19:58] Roach: Gary, how do you think the 200 would do with the Storm (EFI or Opti)?
[20:20:27] Gary Gray: both work fine
[20:20:59] Gary Gray: The Storm has performed with everything from a 175-225
[20:21:09] walleyemaster: gary do you ever fish with alum boat . do you like them?
[20:21:17] Lance: a 200 EFI will run the Storm about 55mph
[20:21:21] ebijack: gary, will you be more nervous at erie this year, since you won last
time here?
[20:21:22] netter: Gary, do you have an agent that books you and takes care of
sponsor negotiations
[20:21:33] Gary Gray: no fishing questions tonight
[20:21:41] Juls (WI): hahah
[20:21:41] Ness: Wow...
[20:21:43] Gary Gray:  no, but I wished I did
[20:21:44] Roach: Thanks Lance
[20:21:45] TerryMac: Toughest tournament water to figure out Gary?
[20:22:25] Gary Gray: Peck, when you think you got them, they move
[20:22:27] TerryMac: your opinion
[20:22:36] ebijack: ok gary, what about the superlines...do you use them?
[20:22:58] Gary Gray: yes, at times, they have there times
[20:23:09] mbrandt(in): Such As?
[20:23:41] Juls (WI): Gary...What is your approach to fishing new water? What do you
do first?
[20:24:04] river king: what kind of line do you use on line counters
[20:24:20] Gary Gray: check with local sport shops, and any local you can talk to. This
eliminates a lot of time
[20:24:34] Roach: Gary, have you drove the 2000 1895 StormTSC, how does it take
rough water?
[20:25:12] Gary Gray: thats what I ran this year, and I fell in love with it
[20:25:16] TerryMac: what is your FAVORITE tournament water, Gary?
[20:25:46] Gary Gray: lake Erie
[20:26:04] ebijack: even with those 10ft waves gary?  :)
[20:26:11] Juls (WI): ;-)
[20:26:14] Gary Gray: but I think it's time the PWT goes to NEW WATER
[20:26:24] TerryMac: yes!
[20:26:25] eyefish(mi): What kind of speed do you troll on erie in the spring Gary
[20:26:29] Gary Gray: you bet, bigger the better
[20:26:33] Juls (WI): where would you like to see them go Gary?
[20:26:35] eyefish(mi): spring
[20:26:48] Gary Gray: 1-1.5
[20:27:06] netter: Is the PWT expanding the field for contestants this year?
[20:27:18] Gary Gray: some of the western res, and more into the river scene
[20:27:28] Gary Gray: yes
[20:27:31] mbrandt(in): St. Mary's is new
[20:27:38] Gary Gray: you bet
[20:27:39] TerryMac: sounds good for new water ideas!
[20:27:40] ebijack: gary, how did you like fishing the detroit river
[20:27:52] walleyemaster: gary have you ever fished the wis river
[20:27:57] Gary Gray: loved it, it just didn't love me
[20:28:13] netter: How many pros per tourney in the PWT this year?
[20:28:18] Gary Gray: 125
[20:28:19] ebijack: :)
[20:28:22] TerryMac: Why did they outlaw hand lining...Gary?
[20:28:43] Roach: How about a ride in your boat Gary?
[20:28:49] Gary Gray: sponsers, had to say you caught it on a Quantum hand line
[20:28:57] netter: Who outlawed hand lining?
[20:28:59] Lance: lol
[20:29:04] #1  Saugeye: Gary, are you glad the PWT is coming back to Peck?
[20:29:05] Gary Gray: anytime there is open water
[20:29:16] TerryMac: too bad...Off shore got a bummer there
[20:29:32] Gary Gray: yes, maybe this time I can catch some fish
[20:29:38] TerryMac: Hahaha
[20:30:17] Gary Gray: ya, its another way to catch fish, and isn't that what this is all about
[20:30:20] Roach: Have you been up to DePere this Fall, the night fishing has been
pretty good?
[20:30:33] TerryMac: Ya...seemed weird
[20:30:33] walleyemaster: gary have a happy thanksgiving ill try  to send you a zipp.
[20:30:33] Gary Gray: where at
[20:30:48] netter: Who outlawed hand-lining??
[20:30:51] Gary Gray: I know what the zipp is
[20:30:54] TerryMac: PWT
[20:31:07] Juls (WI): In-Fisherman guys netter
[20:31:14] Gary Gray: they are called smilely blades
[20:31:15] netter: Thank you TerryMac and Juls
[20:31:39] walleyemaster: not these ill send you one
[20:31:59] riggers[pa]: gary how do you feel about using sents?
[20:32:00] Eyeman IN: :-)
[20:32:08] Roach: East side of channel, between landing and 172 bridge.
[20:32:13] ebijack: ban handlining? that's not going to look good if they come back to
the detroit river
[20:32:19] eyefish(mi): Gary what is your favorite line for trolling
[20:32:27] Gary Gray: I never used them only for catfish, so I guess they will work
[20:32:50] Gary Gray: 12lb Berkley photochomic
[20:33:31] Gary Gray: high visibility out of water, low visibility in water
[20:33:46] ebijack: gary, what electronics you running for 2000
[20:34:15] Gary Gray: LMS 160, LMS 350, Genetron
[20:34:41] ebijack: gary, what advantage do you find using the genetron
[20:35:09] Gary Gray: I use the Genetron, when I need to detail what I am looking at
[20:35:13] Roach: Gary, I'll give you a call about that ride, I'm shopping for a new boat.
[20:35:13] eyefish(mi): gary what bank did you rob to afford the genetron
[20:35:33] Eyeman IN: is it as easy to use as the 350 Gary ??
[20:36:08] Gary Gray: my wife bought it for a Xmas present
[20:36:21] eyefish(mi): you have a great wife then
[20:36:37] arnie(Mn): does the genetron have GPS?
[20:36:50] Gary Gray: yes, the genetron is very easy to use
[20:37:06] Gary Gray: no
[20:37:09] TerryMac: Do you think PWT would ever consider a Canadian water..?
[20:37:29] Gary Gray: my wife bought it as a wife would buy tools for a machinist
[20:37:44] Gary Gray: no, due to the regulations
[20:37:57] TerryMac: 'spose
[20:38:12] arnie(Mn): do you plan to fish some MWC tournaments this summer?
[20:38:13] netter: Why does the PWt go back to the same waters so often?
[20:38:23] Gary Gray: yes
[20:39:11] Gary Gray: I don't know, maybe it so the people who did not catch fish the
first time, can catch fish the second time around
[20:39:38] eyefish(mi): Gary when you fish a large body of water like erie for the first
time what do you look for
[20:39:41] mbrandt(in): I think it has a lot to do with community money put in
[20:39:53] ebijack: i imagine it has alot to do with county help and parking etc
[20:39:55] netter: Did PWT pull out of Madison for next year?
[20:40:18] Juls (WI): yes...going to Bismarck next year
[20:40:24] Eyeman IN: Gary what is the smallest body of water you ever fished a PWT
tourney on 
[20:40:27] Gary Gray: if anyone knows of some gals who fish tournaments, please
have them email me. I will be looking for more than one
[20:40:37] TerryMac: hahahaha
[20:40:50] Juls (WI): I know another gal...will have her email you
[20:41:00] Gary Gray: suspended fish, run with flasher
[20:41:06] Roach: Do you have the Merc lift for your kicker? If so, what do you think of it?
[20:41:09] TerryMac: figured you would  thus, the Hahahaha
[20:41:11] netter: Why back to Bismarck?
[20:41:14] Gary Gray: yes, on Madison
[20:41:30] Juls (WI): ;-)
[20:41:33] arnie(Mn): the crowd is unbelievable in Bismark
[20:41:39] Gary Gray: ok
[20:42:08] Gary Gray: I have Steve Plhls bracket, it's great
[20:42:16] TerryMac: And  they don't have much ELSE going on in Bismark...lol
[20:42:24] arnie(Mn): lol
[20:42:24] Juls (WI): ;-)
[20:42:34] Gary Gray: Bismark: the community, money
[20:42:51] Roach: You mean he has a bracket, not just the tie down?
[20:42:58] netter: Is indoor weigh-in required by PWT?
[20:43:01] ebijack: gary, is yar craft coming out with a walleye boat larger than 21ft?
[20:43:05] Gary Gray: yes
[20:43:18] Gary Gray: we wouldn't want to get wet
[20:43:26] Juls (WI): heheh
[20:43:33] Gary Gray: Maybe some day!!!!
[20:43:34] ebijack: :)
[20:43:41] eyefish(mi): does it bother the fish Gary
[20:43:55] Gary Gray: just the fishermen
[20:44:02] eyefish(mi): lol
[20:44:23] ebijack: gary, do you use dgps?
[20:44:31] Gary Gray: no
[20:45:02] TerryMac: that is not available  many places is it?
[20:45:07] Gary Gray: this way, when the fish move, I might end up on them by accident
[20:45:18] ebijack: :)
[20:45:21] Lance: lol
[20:45:30] Eyeman IN: got to Run !!! Thanks Gary !!!!!! Nite ALL !!!!!!
[20:45:33] Gary Gray: you can get it, from most dealers
[20:45:36] Roach: Ebijack, I have one sometimes it gets me back to within 40',
sometimes its 100.
[20:46:17] Gary Gray: they are great tool, just never put one on boat
[20:46:23] ebijack: gary, how many spots do you think you'll run in the prefish on erie
this year
[20:46:46] Gary Gray: boy, thats tough ebi, maybe 4
[20:46:56] Gary Gray: per day
[20:47:05] mbrandt(in): What kind of bite is it at that time of year
[20:47:21] Gary Gray: should be trolling
[20:47:39] mbrandt(in): No jigging?
[20:48:04] ebijack: gary, if you win again, do you think you'll make the walleyecentral
gathering this year?
[20:48:05] eyefish(mi): Gary do you find the fish are mostly suspended that time of year
[20:48:07] Gary Gray: you just never know till you get there
[20:48:29] Gary Gray: they start to suspend with the warmer weather
[20:48:52] arnie(Mn): if you could only use one crank bait the whole year, what would it
be, ps. none of the sponsors are looking
[20:49:07] Juls (WI): lol
[20:49:12] TerryMac: shadrap
[20:50:12] Roach: Gary, did you have a chance to test the Rattlin Shad Rap this year?
[20:50:17] Gary Gray: thunderstick jr. deep diver
[20:50:20] ebijack: gary, how long have you been with yar craft?
[20:50:57] Gary Gray: this will be my fourth year, if I get a contract. Mine is up next month
[20:51:12] arnie(Mn): why did you leave skeeter?
[20:51:36] Gary Gray: no, but I did test the new small Light'n shad, they are Great
[20:51:47] Gary Gray: Yamaha
[20:51:52] Roach: In what situations, lakes?
[20:51:59] ebijack: ok folks, get your questions in for gary!
[20:52:05] arnie(Mn): you sold me on skeeters in 93'
[20:52:19] Gary Gray: I am on Mercury's National Team, and it took to long to get
there, to give that up
[20:52:29] arnie(Mn): I understand
[20:53:13] eyefish(mi): cant beat the service Mercury offers either
[20:53:30] Gary Gray: there is no such a thing as a bad boat, only when you don't want
it anymore, then you have to sell it to someone, then it is still a good boat again
[20:53:48] Gary Gray: Mercury has been GREAT to me
[20:54:01] TerryMac: it's a REALLY good boat when it's for sale...LOL
[20:54:09] Juls (WI): lol
[20:54:31] Gary Gray: did I miss anyone
[20:54:43] TerryMac: You are doin great
[20:54:45] eyefish(mi): you did great Gary
[20:54:58] Roach: Gary, what situations, lakes rivers was good with the Lightnin Shad?
[20:55:11] Gary Gray: didn't think these fingers could move this fast anymore
[20:55:19] Juls (WI): lol
[20:55:21] arnie(Mn): lol
[20:55:27] ebijack: gary, will you be running a pin point unit?
[20:55:56] Gary Gray: I think Winnebago will be hot with this bait, rivers will be good,
because they track good in current
[20:56:09] Gary Gray: no, Motor Guide
[20:56:21] Roach: Gotta go, thanks Gary and I'll call you tonight about that ride.
[20:56:35] Gary Gray: look forward to the call
[20:56:59] ebijack: are there anymore questions for our host toinght?
[20:57:03] eyefish(mi): who was it that bought PinPoint out
[20:57:20] Gary Gray: Motor Guide
[20:57:29] eyefish(mi): thats what i thought
[20:57:53] Gary Gray: everyone think juls will make out there on tour
[20:58:03] LS: you bet.....
[20:58:05] arnie(Mn): definitley
[20:58:07] TerryMac: ya...She'll do fine...
[20:58:12] Ness: Yep..
[20:58:14] mbrandt(in): I think so
[20:58:22] Juls (WI): blush blush
[20:58:22] eyefish(mi): Sure she'll be great
[20:58:31] TerryMac: she will get lots of endorsements
[20:58:37] ebijack: I'd like to thank GARY GRAY for hosting tonight  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:58:42] ebijack: clap clap clap
[20:58:44] Juls (WI): clap clap clap clap clap clap
[20:58:44] Gary Gray: I think it's time for a Gal to step up in the lime light, don't you's
[20:58:48] eyefish(mi): Thanks Gary
[20:58:48] TerryMac: yeeeeeyyy clap
[20:58:49] mbrandt(in): clap clap clap
[20:58:57] ebijack: good luck in 2000 gary!!! see ya at erie!
[20:59:09] Drift'r: thanks Gary & Go for it Juls :)
[20:59:15] arnie(Mn): Take care gary, if you get out here in may make sure we hook up
for a day on the water
[20:59:23] Gary Gray: to everyone: HAPPY THANKSGIVING, and thank you for letting
be here
[20:59:29] TerryMac: you too
[20:59:32] ebijack: same to you gary!!
[20:59:39] Juls (WI): happy turkey day to you too Gary...
[20:59:43] Lance: thanks Gary...ditto to you too
[20:59:53] #1  Saugeye: see you on fort peck
[21:00:16] Gary Gray: Thank you all
[21:00:28] Juls (WI): Noooooooo thank youuuuuuu ,,,,lol

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