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Gary Gray Fireside Chat 12/22/99
[19:59:19] ebijack: Please Welcome our host tonight GARY GRAY !!!!!!!!!!!!
[19:59:21] #1 saugeye: Hello everyone from Fort Peck
[19:59:28] TerryMac: clap  clap clap
[19:59:29] DFM: hi
[19:59:30] jumbojim: clap clap
[19:59:31] ebijack: clap clap clap
[19:59:33] Juls (WI): clap clap clap clap ..welcome Gary!
[19:59:35] Drift'r: Hi Gary!!!!!!!!!!!!
[19:59:37] Gary Gray: Merry Christmas, and have a Happy Holiday to start with
[19:59:39] JimO: Hi Gary..It's JImO from the PWT stage
[19:59:48] ebijack: same to you gary!
[20:00:00] joe: hey gary
[20:00:09] Juls (WI): well, hey there Jim! Glad to have you with us tonight!! ;-)
[20:00:10] Chuckles: greetings!
[20:00:22] LZ (WI): Hey Gary, Merry Christmas to you and your family!
[20:00:23] ebijack: jim will be hosting on jan 19th !!
[20:00:26] JimO: Thanks Juls...good to hear from you
[20:00:49] Gary Gray: we've got a celeberty here tonight, Jim O'Rourke from PWT
[20:01:02] TerryMac: clap clap clap clap
[20:01:03] golden (co): Hi Jim
[20:01:03] JimO: Hey Gary, thanks but the real celeb is you!!!
[20:01:06] Juls (WI): ;-) best voice on the circuit!!  ;-)
[20:01:16] ebijack: gary, how about starting us off with some good info about the year
2000 and yar craft
[20:01:18] Gary Gray: I've got all the grandkids here tonite,
[20:01:20] golden (co): I remember him from Huron
[20:01:45] JimO: Gary ...April 19-21 on Lake Erie...what would another win mean for
[20:01:46] Gary Gray: Looking for a Great yr both on the PWT, and at Yar Craft
[20:01:48] joe: hey gary you seem to have trolling  down to a science
[20:01:59] Gary Gray: REPEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:02:11] Juls (WI): ;-)
[20:02:35] Gary Gray: if I miss anyone tonite, please reply again
[20:02:57] Juls (WI): which model yarcraft will ya be running next season Gary?
[20:03:09] Gary Gray: 1895 Storm TSC
[20:03:24] Juls (WI): Is that what you ran this year?  that was a nice boat
[20:03:30] Gary Gray: yes
[20:03:40] Juls (WI): by the way...did ya sell it yet?
[20:03:50] Gary Gray: no, its for sale now
[20:03:52] ebijack: gary, with the sponsors you have, do you winterize your own boat?
and equipment?
[20:03:57] norsemen: Are you doing any sport shows in Michigan?
[20:03:59] Gary Gray: yes
[20:04:20] Gary Gray: Maybe, haven'nt set all dates yet
[20:04:43] jumbojim: is fishing the tour all you do or do you have a occupation if so
[20:05:01] Gary Gray: Retired, and lots of promotion
[20:05:07] JimO: Gary how tough is the 6 event circuit on the PWT? Any time for
[20:05:14] DFM: Gary, what do you use for trolling rods?
[20:05:38] Gary Gray: tough, it takes a total committment from you, and your family
[20:05:57] Gary Gray: Quantum, 81/2ft med action
[20:06:02] Sheila: And I suppose you squeeze all kinds of tournies in
[20:06:13] Gary Gray: you bet
[20:06:29] Sheila: Any Gary Jr's following dad's lead?
[20:06:44] river king mi: gary do you know why pwt banned handlining???
[20:07:12] jumbojim: i read your post about winning the tourney in bad waters what kind
of method were you using in that condition
[20:07:14] Gary Gray: I have a Gary Jr. But, I let him lead his own, I have another son
Josh, who loves Muskey
[20:07:49] Gary Gray: It's hard to explain to a rod sponser that you caught the fish on a
[20:07:55] TerryMac: LOL
[20:07:59] Chuckles: do they use three ways with those handlines?
[20:08:22] Drift'r: well , who makes the handline equipment ?
[20:08:38] Gary Gray: they use a thing called a shank, which allows you to use 4 lines
on 1
[20:08:47] LZ (WI): Gary, what method do you use to get a bait like a DJ down further
than it will run?
[20:08:49] river king mi: made locally here in mich.
[20:08:55] Juls (WI): Off Shore makes some handlining equipment too
[20:08:56] Gary Gray: Offshore
[20:09:13] Gary Gray: snap weights
[20:09:22] Chuckles: I saw them catching fish with them on the Detroit River this
spring, they were doing better than the jig anglers
[20:09:26] Gary Gray: have I missed anyone yet
[20:09:29] Drift'r: thats justifiable reason enough to allow it then as it is a presentation
[20:09:40] JimO: Not yet...help!!
[20:09:43] Gary Gray: it's a effective meat rig
[20:09:52] Sheila: Gary took me prefishing the Detroit river. We didn't handline!
[20:09:54] Chuckles: I'm not arguing, just curious as to how they work
[20:10:10] Sheila: We faked something with rods though :)
[20:10:17] Juls (WI): ;-)
[20:10:19] Drift'r: i never have seen them either
[20:10:28] Gary Gray: there are a very effective way to catch fish in current
[20:10:35] jumbojim: i asked what method were you fishing in such rough waters when
you won that tourney
[20:10:43] river king mi: if water is dirty they/re more productive than jigs
[20:10:44] Gary Gray: it's like weight lifting all day
[20:11:08] Chuckles: is the shank essentially a three or four way swivel then?
[20:11:09] Gary Gray: very effective in dirty water
[20:11:16] LZ (WI): Do you have a rule of thumb with the snap wts. as far as how
much deeper it will take a DJ?
[20:11:24] ebijack: gary, over the past year, was trolling spinners or cranks better for
you overall
[20:11:33] Gary Gray: a long leader, with 4 attachments
[20:11:33] river king mi: but if water is clean watch out for the jiggers
[20:11:37] #1 saugeye: Do you expect the pinnacle big fish to be broke on Fort Peck
this year?
[20:11:39] Chuckles: thanks
[20:11:44] Gary Gray: cranks
[20:11:59] Gary Gray: always a possibility there
[20:12:09] Drift'r: wouldn't be allowed that in Pa.
[20:12:50] ebijack: gary, anything new in electronics for 2000 that you will be using?
[20:13:10] Gary Gray: Does everyone know Jim O'Rourke, he is the guy who does the
announching for PWT and In-Fish Radio
[20:13:18] Chuckles: also any new cranks you're field testing???
[20:13:39] Sheila: Jim's going to host a chat!!!! But first I must teach him to whisper ;-)
[20:13:41] Gary Gray: lms 350, and the lms 160
[20:13:44] ebijack: you passin the buck here gary?  :)
[20:13:52] TerryMac: LOL
[20:14:07] golden (co): HI Jim, we met at Huron.. glad to see ya again
[20:14:13] Gary Gray: yes, the new light'n shad, very small and effective
[20:14:25] Chuckles: what weight and what depth
[20:14:46] Gary Gray: yes to the Yar Craft question
[20:14:52] LZ (WI): Gary, rule of thumb with the snap wts. and cranks for added
[20:14:56] river king mi: gary does the alarm on your 350 go off alot 
[20:15:15] ebijack: gary, snap weights are really becoming a big factor to trolling, how
do you come up with the basics to use them
[20:15:55] Gary Gray: new shad: 15-18ft, size half the size as before, like a # 7 shad
[20:16:06] Gary Gray: no
[20:16:28] TerryMac: no 350 alarm   right?
[20:16:53] Gary Gray: 1ft for every 5ft  after weight to board with 1 oz
[20:17:03] bigfish: is it true that Yar Craft boats are built[hulls] by a job shop in eastern
[20:17:05] Gary Gray: who did I miss?
[20:17:24] ebijack: gary,  do you winterize your own equipment/boat?
[20:17:25] Gary Gray: not true. would you like a tour
[20:17:43] Gary Gray: yes I do, just did it today
[20:17:57] bigfish: sure, went through Ranger and Triton, 
[20:18:07] ebijack: i'd love a tour if i make it to wis
[20:18:09] Gary Gray: I have to type as fast as Jim O' talks
[20:18:15] ebijack: :)
[20:18:15] TerryMac: LOL
[20:18:15] golden (co): :-)
[20:18:16] slip-bobber(MT): lol
[20:18:19] LZ (WI): Gary, how close to crank do you place the snap wt.?
[20:18:22] ebijack: don't know if you can do that gary
[20:18:22] Chuckles: don't ya hate putting it away for the year, do ya ice fish?
[20:18:40] joe:  how did you start tournament fishing
[20:18:44] Drift'r: ICE...... when :)
[20:19:16] bigfish: Then who is wausaukee fiberglass?
[20:19:32] TerryMac: You did say Off-Shore was your favorite sponsor, right, Gary?
[20:19:33] Gary Gray: use the lures own maximum depth, then add weight example; DJ
thunderstick 100ft back it runs 14ft down, then place weight and go from there
[20:19:52] Gary Gray: they do small parts, and covers
[20:20:26] Gary Gray: some decks when need be, but everything will be done at main
lamination plant in 2000
[20:20:35] Sheila: I heard Bruce say some awful nice things about you Gary 
[20:20:46] Juls (WI): ;-)
[20:20:51] TerryMac: LOL
[20:21:05] Sheila: It's true, Juls will vouch
[20:21:12] Juls (WI): yep
[20:21:13] Gary Gray: I am now with Off Shore 
[20:21:35] Chairman: I am happy about that too gary
[20:21:41] golden (co): LOL 
[20:21:49] Gary Gray: I just started with a super underwater camera, and its cheap
[20:21:49] TerryMac: LOL
[20:22:05] Gary Gray: hi Bruce
[20:22:08] ebijack: gary, if you get 10fters again in erie, will you fish it different than
when you won?
[20:22:16] norsemen: Gary, Are you going to run offshore boards or willys?
[20:22:21] Gary Gray: thanks for having me Bruce
[20:22:22] TerryMac: Lol
[20:22:36] Gary Gray: Off Shore Only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:22:39] Juls (WI): hahahaha 
[20:22:41] golden (co): now, think before you answer LOL
[20:22:43] TerryMac: LMAO
[20:22:49] Drift'r: lol
[20:23:07] Gary Gray: Sideliners are a dead issue, don't think they will be around long
[20:23:29] ebijack: why not gary?
[20:23:57] Gary Gray: no, the same as I have before, maybe a different place though
[20:24:45] Chuckles: What's a sideliner
[20:24:47] Chairman: how do you pick lures for dirty not stained water?
[20:25:07] Gary Gray: noise, color, flash
[20:25:50] TerryMac: Gary are you doing All PWT  or just the east?
[20:26:01] Gary Gray: ALL PWT's
[20:26:14] TerryMac: See ya at Peck, then
[20:26:14] Gary Gray: wouldn't miss it
[20:26:17] ebijack: gary, if you get 10fters again in erie, will you fish it different than
when you won?
[20:26:21] Gary Gray: you bet
[20:26:45] Gary Gray: Depends where the fish are
[20:27:11] river king: how did you fish erie when you won
[20:27:17] ebijack: gary, will you fishing any of the ptw tourney's?
[20:27:36] Gary Gray: trolled crankbaits, and a few spinners on the last day
[20:27:54] Gary Gray: don't know yet
[20:28:11] ebijack: gary, how do you troll in 10fters?  :)
[20:28:12] Gary Gray:  Steve Poll is starting a new circut
[20:28:24] Gary Gray: very carefully
[20:28:33] LZ (WI): Do you like fishing with bottom bouncers?
[20:28:37] ebijack: :)
[20:28:46] Juls (WI): ;-)
[20:28:49] Gary Gray: when the applications call for it'
[20:29:08] ebijack: gary, which shows in mich are you doing?
[20:29:08] Chuckles: after seeing what Erie can look like I see what you mean!
[20:29:22] LZ (WI): How do you set the depth of the bouncer?
[20:29:35] Gary Gray: don't know yet, but I will have scott publish them when I get it
[20:30:16] Gary Gray: hit bottom, then up about 2 ft. that is if the fish are on the bottom
[20:30:53] ebijack: gary, do you very leader length much when you fish bottom
[20:30:54] Gary Gray: did I miss anyone
[20:31:02] ebijack: not yet gary
[20:31:18] Gary Gray: oh yes, sometimes as long as 10ft
[20:32:48] ebijack: gary, how much does the spinner size affect lift with leader length
[20:33:04] Drift'r: tell us what a 10' leader does that a 5' leader doesn't
[20:33:37] Sheila: I always wanted to know if it was worth effort too
[20:33:38] Gary Gray: it does, bigger the blade, the more lift, but I wouldn't worry to
much about it
[20:34:02] Gary Gray: gets it away from the lure
[20:34:06] Chuckles: also what does current do to affect spinner lift?
[20:34:10] golden (co): speed is the main thing isn't it? to slow it's in the rocks, to fast it
[20:34:32] Gary Gray: that depends on speed
[20:34:42] Drift'r: then length makes the presentation slower?
[20:35:53] Gary Gray: no, just separates lure from weight, you can also use snap
weight for same presentation, 
[20:36:20] ebijack: gary,  do you find snap weights to control the depth better?
 [20:36:30] golden (co): what kind of snap weights Gary ? :-)
[20:36:34] Gary Gray: when using longer snells, you are better going with snap weights
[20:36:43] Gary Gray: offshore
[20:36:49] Juls (WI): :-)
[20:36:49] TerryMac: attaboy
[20:36:59] Swat: :-)
[20:37:12] Gary Gray: who did I miss
[20:37:35] LZ (WI): Gary, are you fishing MWC this year?
[20:37:44] Gary Gray: some events
[20:37:51] Juls (WI): how did you do at the PWT Championship this year Gary?
[20:37:55] Chuckles: what length snell do you usually start with in dirty water?
[20:37:59] ebijack: gary, you are fishing mono for trolling aren't you?
[20:38:08] Gary Gray: like I said before, I am waiting to see Steve Polls new Circuit
[20:38:16] Gary Gray: 3ft
[20:38:30] Juls (WI): i got the schedule if you want it gary...did you get it yet?
[20:38:36] Gary Gray: yes, still hook on stretch
[20:38:46] ebijack: gary, can you tell us about steve's tourney's?
[20:39:19] golden (co): It's on Walleye Central too, duh  LOL
[20:39:30] Juls (WI): hahaha there ya go....
[20:39:32] Gary Gray: He faxed it to me tonite, but I did not get it in time to read before
[20:39:41] Juls (WI): ok..i see
[20:40:24] LZ (WI): Gary, do you use cranks on Green Bay? What kind?
[20:40:41] JimO: Gotta Go Gary.  have a great Christmas and to all at WC!
[20:40:42] Gary Gray: If anyone is looking for a good under water camera, and cheap,
NEW Catch-Cam
[20:40:54] ebijack: c ya jim, thanks for stopping in!
[20:40:54] Drift'r: c ya Jim
[20:40:54] Swat: Thanks JimO Nite
[20:40:54] Juls (WI): Nite Jim..thanks for stopping in!
[20:40:56] Gary Gray: thank for stopping jim
[20:41:27] Chuckles: what price range, dad is looking to buy?
[20:41:35] ebijack: where can we see this camera gary?
[20:41:35] river king: how much for the camera gary
[20:41:42] Gary Gray: 400and a dime
[20:42:09] slip-bobber(MT): Similar to Vista Cam Gary?
[20:42:32] Gary Gray: no, has projection screen, 6 inch screen
[20:42:47] slip-bobber(MT): ok
[20:42:50] Gary Gray: Tew's Two has them 920-233-3557
[20:42:51] slip-bobber(MT): thanks
[20:42:52] Chuckles: What's it got the others don't besides lower price point?
[20:43:05] Gary Gray: clearer'
[20:43:24] TerryMac: can see it better in bright light, Gary?
[20:43:26] LZ (WI): Gary, think ED is tuned in?
[20:43:26] Chuckles: What about in bright sunlight?
[20:43:40] Gary Gray: no problem
[20:43:53] Gary Gray: they have a green screen film
[20:44:05] Pikeman(Sask): do they have a web page?
[20:44:17] TerryMac: Polaroidís make it look good , then?
[20:44:20] Gary Gray: they have lcd lighting in camera head
[20:44:30] #1 saugeye: How far can you see with the cam in dirtier water
[20:44:39] Gary Gray: no
[20:44:55] Gary Gray: yes, polaroids
[20:45:13] TerryMac: ya
[20:45:17] Gary Gray: 5ft
[20:45:20] TerryMac: thanks
[20:45:23] ebijack: gary. so is x-mas the longest time you get to spend with your family?
[20:45:29] Gary Gray: call tew's
[20:45:36] Gary Gray: yes
[20:47:19] Gary Gray: no, just plugging away again, starting to feel like Roach
[20:47:25] ebijack: :)
[20:47:26] TerryMac: LOLOL
[20:47:31] golden (co): rofl
[20:47:35] Gary Gray: Just wised I could fish as Good
[20:48:12] LZ (WI): Gary, on new water, how much time do you spend looking vs.
[20:48:21] Gary Gray: 50%
[20:48:25] ebijack: gary. do you think pro walleye fishing will get to the point where you
will need an agent?
[20:48:45] Drift'r: :)
[20:48:47] Gary Gray: I hope, then I can relax
[20:48:51] Juls (WI): ;-)
[20:48:59] slip-bobber(MT): Gary, Do you know if the Eastern Division PWT is filled up
[20:49:09] Chuckles: Are you involved in any programs to start kids into fishing?
[20:49:14] Swat: Agents cost though and that is a serious drawback to them
[20:49:22] Gary Gray: no, I have not been in touch with them for a week
[20:49:40] Gary Gray: yes this year, with DNR
[20:50:19] Gary Gray: they are starting a program in Jan
[20:50:23] Chuckles: What state are you from?
[20:50:29] Gary Gray: WI
[20:50:31] Sheila: What is an agent program? 
[20:50:49] Gary Gray: I don't know
[20:50:59] Swat: Just like an actor or a model has an agent so do some fishermen
[20:51:01] Juls (WI): i think he meant kids program?
[20:51:11] golden (co): I thought he missed the whisper key LOL
[20:51:12] Gary Gray: yes
[20:51:13] Chuckles: yes, i did
[20:51:16] Sheila: oh, duh, thanks
[20:51:22] Juls (WI): ;-)
[20:51:29] ebijack: some pro's in other circuits have agents to handle all aspects of
the business
[20:52:02] Gary Gray: Scott, I would like to say, thank you for having Walleye Central,
so I can come to a place to talk with friends
[20:52:18] golden (co): <blush>  I'm glad to have ya here buddy
[20:52:24] Sheila: it is fun!
[20:52:29] ebijack: yeah. THANKS scott
[20:54:47] slip-bobber(MT): Good Luck in 2000 Gary
[20:54:49] tp/colo: thanks for the information again gary
[20:55:07] Gary Gray: Merry Christmas, and thanks for having me again , it fun!!
[20:55:12] tp/colo: thanks
[20:55:27] ebijack: I'd like to thanks our host tonight GARY GARY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:55:32] TerryMac: Good Job, Gary
[20:55:36] ebijack: clap clap clap
[20:55:43] ebijack: good luck in 2000 gary!
[20:55:46] golden (co): thanks Gary, g'luck in the new year, net sum
[20:55:47] Drift'r: clap clap clap !!!!!!!!
[20:55:48] Juls (WI): clap clap clap clap...good chat gary..thanks
[20:55:49] DFM: thanks Gary
[20:55:51] Sheila: xxooxxxOO
[20:55:57] RichardM(AB): thanks Gary!
[20:56:00] Gary Gray: I hate to Run, but Grandkids, and Family, they all wish you's a
Happy Holiday!
[20:56:11] Juls (WI): nite gary
[20:56:21] Swat: Nite Gary
[20:56:28] Gary Gray: And to ALL a GOOD NIGHT!!!!

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