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Honda Marine Chat 7/21/99
[20:00:23] Bob Wells: Thanks for your interest in Honda.
[20:00:29] ebijack: you on your laptop bob?
[20:00:41] Bob Wells: Yes, I'm in Tenn
[20:00:49] ebijack: Please Welcome our host tonight BOB WELLS from HONDA
[20:00:57] ebijack: clap clap clap
[20:00:57] Drift'r: welcome bob
[20:01:04] Bob Wells: Thanks
[20:01:20] ebijack: how about starting us off with abit of your back round bob
[20:01:52] Bob Wells: Well, I, m the district sales manager in the S.E. US.
[20:02:24] ebijack: bob, how long has Honda been producing 4 strokes out boards
[20:02:58] Bob Wells: They started in Japan in 1964 but in the US in 1974
[20:03:15] Bob Wells: Honda Marine formed in 1990
[20:03:44] ebijack: bob, do you know if Honda is considering building any 2 strokes
with the new fuel/oil technology?
[20:04:29] ebijack: and injector technology
[20:05:00] Bob Wells: Well, I have read some tech manuals that say they have a new
2 stroke with an exhaust valve. But it will not be used as an outboard.
[20:05:31] Juls (WI): what makes Honda four strokes stand out from say...Merc?  
[20:05:42] ebijack: yes I am familiar with that exhaust valve in the exhaust, they use it
on their new motorcycles
[20:05:49] Bob Wells: I would like to see our 40 - 90hp engine F/Iíd
20:06:28] Bob Wells: But all future outboards are to be 4 Stroke
[20:06:34] Drift'r: are there any plans to go into the 150 hp class
[20:07:02] Bob Wells: They are looking at the 200 - 225 range next.
[20:07:09] ebijack: bob, when do you think Honda will be in the 200hp range
[20:07:10] Drift'r: wow
[20:07:16] Drift'r: that will be big
[20:07:50] Bob Wells: We seem to be about 3 years between product cycles. But
when it is ready.
[20:07:57] Drift'r: what metal will be used to get the weight down
[20:08:02] ebijack: bob, do you think a 150hp 4 stroke can be as durable as a 150hp 2
[20:08:27] Bob Wells: I'm not sure. But the target weigh is around 580lbs
[20:09:08] Bob Wells: Yes, more so. 4 strokes run cooler and are better lubed
[20:09:52] ebijack: bob, what about all the extra moving parts and those small 4mm
valve stems
[20:10:42] Bob Wells: Well, a 2 stroke has more moving parts ( needle bearings, reeds,)
[20:10:49] REELMAN: how long have you worked at HONDA ,,,,, bob
[20:10:59] Bob Wells: 11 years
[20:11:26] REELMAN: What motor do you run right now, on what boat?
[20:11:51] ebijack: bob, is Honda going into sponsorship for any tournament guys?
[20:11:59] Bob Wells: I use a company Stingray Ski boat with a BF90LRTA.
[20:12:36] Bob Wells: I have heard nothing on sponsorships. John Lally handles that
[20:12:40] Drift'r: on the other end of the scale....small motors , has Honda any plans to
make internal controls for the 9.9 - 15 hp
[20:12:57] ebijack: bob, is fuel injection close to being apart of every Honda outboard?
[20:13:00] REELMAN: Where is the plant that produces the most Honda out boards?
[20:13:29] Bob Wells: Yes, a new BF8 and BF9.9 will be out in about 1 year. It will
remote easily.
[20:14:03] Drift'r: what I have seen in the past required a bracket & a lot of clutter
[20:14:19] ebijack: bob, how did you get hooked up with Honda marine
[20:14:25] Bob Wells: F/I is only on 115/ 130hp. Engine made in Hamamatsu Japan
[20:14:42] Drift'r: that was a big stopping point when I went to a 4 stroke
[20:14:49] REELMAN: no plants in the USA then Bob
[20:15:15] Bob Wells: I was running private yachts in Newport Bch, CA and answered
a blind add in the local boating paper.
[20:15:53] ebijack: bob, do you know much difference there is between the accord
motor and what Honda did you make it into an outboard
[20:16:08] ebijack: that must have been a surprise bob!
[20:16:31] Bob Wells: Some of the engine parts (Crankshaft, etc) are made in the US,
but they are assembled in Japan. The way of the modern world.
[20:16:53] REELMAN: I hear you on that BOB
[20:17:07] Bob Wells: Yes, Honda is a very nice company to work for
[20:17:24] Drift'r: are there any more openings :)
[20:17:37] ebijack: bob, do you know about what is being considered for dealerships? 
[20:17:46] Bob Wells: The 115/130 hp eng parts in common are the internal drive
[20:18:46] Bob Wells: Honda Marine is looking for service reps in the mid Atlantic (NC)
and the North Western US.
[20:19:10] ebijack: bob, do you know if Honda is considering buying any boat
manufacture like omc has to gain market share?
20:19:27] Bob Wells: As for dealerships, I'm looking in SC, GA and TN
[20:20:01] REW: Does Honda have any plans for making any larger motors, or lighter
[20:20:15] Bob Wells: Boats are being discussed, but that is a very large move that will
not happen anytime soon.
[20:20:18] ebijack: bob, is there any help from Honda when it comes to propping a
heavy boat with the 130hp lets say
[20:20:33] netter: Bob, I have heard good stuff about Honda motors from dealers and
users, but you have few if any endorsers such as television or tournament guys. how
[20:21:18] REW: With the torque curves of a 4 stroke, is Honda making any 4 strokes
specific props? 
[20:21:22] Bob Wells: We have a number of props available. Mercury props fit also.
[20:21:58] ebijack: bob, do you know if Honda has experience as to help with prop
[20:22:23] Bob Wells: As for tournament endorsements, we have not explored that
avenue. mostly it is done at the dealer level
[20:23:09] REW: Bob, is Honda planning on any new products for 2000??????
[20:23:10] ebijack: bob, what is the Honda standard warranty
[20:23:19] Bob Wells: Your local dealer is the first place to start. We do work with
Power Tech SS props
[20:24:15] Bob Wells: Warranty - 2hp - 90hp is 2 years. 115/130hp is 3 years. 1 year if
[20:24:35] ebijack: I really don't know off hand how many dealers are here in lower
[20:24:36] netter: What is considered commercial use??
[20:24:44] Bob Wells: The only thing new for 2000 is a new 8 and 9.9hp
[20:25:08] Bob Wells: Commercial use is if you use it to make money on the water.
[20:25:44] REW: Do you know the weight of the  new 9.9 motor? 
[20:25:55] Bob Wells: I'm not familiar with MI dealer network 
[20:26:12] ebijack: bob, I haven't had the pleasure to run a 130hp Honda yet, how is
the noise level compared to the opti-max's/ficht's
[20:26:22] netter: a guide or tournament guy would only have one-year warranty??
[20:26:26] Bob Wells: the new 9.9 will weigh 79.5 lbs
[20:26:43] Drift'r: that is light
[20:27:07] Chequamegon-Wi: Bob Wells-great job with a great company
[20:27:12] Drift'r: is it the same as a 15 of different
[20:27:26] Bob Wells: A guide would be 1 year. Tournaments probably the full warranty.
It's up to your dealer.
20:27:31] REW: Bob, do you know if Honda is working on any motors to compete with
the 150,175, and 200 hp motors? 
[20:28:03] Bob Wells: Yes. something in the 200/225 range
[20:28:53] REW: With respect to worldwide use, is the Honda 4 stroke being widely
[20:29:01] ebijack: bob, does Honda manufacture it's own oil to use in their 4 strokes?
[20:29:27] Bob Wells: Yes, price is still a factor in less devolved parts of the world.
[20:29:52] Drift'r: is the 9.9 & 15 the same motor
[20:29:56] Bob Wells: Yes, Honda 4 stroke oil is available.
[20:30:30] Bob Wells: Now the 9.9 and 15 are the same engine. that will change soon
[20:30:46] Magic Marker: same weight too?
[20:30:48] ebijack: does Honda recommend using an hour meter to keep track of when
to do oil changes?
[20:30:58] Drift'r: what will the major difference be
[20:31:32] Bob Wells: The new 15/20 will probably weigh more that the new 9.9 (79.5lbs)
[20:31:53] Drift'r: I like that , a 15 - 20
[20:32:22] ebijack: does Honda use rpm to limit hp?
[20:32:24] Drift'r: here in Pa we have to change our 9.9's to 15's
[20:32:25] Bob Wells: Yes, that should be a nice eng. but I do not know the specs yet
[20:33:02] Bob Wells: Are present 9.9 is a limited 15hp. 
[20:33:14] Magic Marker: going to change out my 2-stroke Johnson soon. How does
Honda price compare with 4-stroke Johnson? 9.9
[20:33:29] Drift'r: just a screw position on the throttle plate
[20:34:03] Bob Wells: I believe we are about the same price to maybe a little cheaper
in price. Shop around
[20:34:40] Bob Wells: Yes the bolt limits the carb from opening up.
[20:35:11] ebijack: bob, is Honda having any problems like omc's ficht is? or is the
motor pretty much trouble free
[20:35:59] Bob Wells: Well, nothing is treble free, but we have a very low warranty
rate < 5%
[20:36:35] ebijack: bob, what is a typical break-in for the Honda 4 strokes
[20:37:14] Bob Wells: We recommend 10 hours use before full time WFO operation
[20:37:55] Bob Wells: In the low hours it is best to vary the running speed.
[20:37:56] ebijack: bob, is salt water a problem with the engine blocks?
[20:38:08] How: Is the price of a 9.9 Honda compatible to say Mariner
[20:38:59] Bob Wells: Salt water is a problem with everything. But proper preventative
attendance will keep the engine in good shape.
[20:39:27] ebijack: bob, what fuel  octane rating does Honda recommend
[20:39:42] Bob Wells: Prices vary greatly. Shop around is my best advice.
[20:40:00] Bob Wells: We recommend 87 Octane.
[20:40:49] ebijack: bob, do you see the 4 stroke outboards getting to the point of so
many sensors as in the Honda vehicles?
[20:42:01] Bob Wells: Our outboards are really rather simple. The 115/130 has more
sensors  because of the fuel injection. The the Carb versions are basic in computer
[20:42:59] ebijack: bob, how are the carb's motors doing as far as emissions 
[20:44:15] Bob Wells: The large Carb'ed engines meet EPA 2006 and CARB 2008.
The smaller engines do not meet CARB 2008. Which is why new model are coming
[20:44:42] ebijack: wow, seems like Honda is really ahead on meeting emissions
[20:45:25] Bob Wells: Yes, at 1st I was in Honda R & D and they are very up to date
on emissions
[20:46:24] ebijack: bob, since you were in R & D , is there any need to develope a
different block or cyl heads to satisfy outboards?
[20:47:23] Pikeman(Sask): Bob-for a 1200 pound aluminum boat, what HP would you
recommend(Honda of course)
[20:47:41] Bob Wells: The use of Steel cylinders cast into the aluminum blocks
reduces weight. Also. the head is held on by sretching head bolts.
[20:47:46] ebijack: bob, was oiling a big problem since the motor sits in a different axis
[20:48:31] Bob Wells: 1200lbs boat depends on recommended hp. 
[20:48:38] Pikeman(Sask): 115
[20:48:53] Pikeman(Sask): is the max
[20:49:11] Bob Wells: Oil is forced through the engine at high pressure. 
[20:49:42] ebijack: bob, how does Honda compete against package deals you get from
other manufactures
[20:49:52] Bob Wells: Probably a BF90 would be best. Aluminum requires less hp.
[20:50:15] ebijack: different than just the regular oil pressure/flow system?
[20:50:17] Pikeman(Sask): thanks
[20:50:41] Bob Wells: Honda does not package with boat companies. But we do pre-rigg
with a number of boat companies.
[20:50:49] mbrandt(in): What kind of price we talking on a BF90?
[20:51:02] Pikeman(Sask): I had the opportunity to try a Honda this spring, was the best
smelling trip I ever had!
[20:51:20] Bob Wells: Price is best left at the dealer level. I'm not up on retail that much.
[20:51:29] mbrandt(in): Thanks
20:52:16] Bob Wells: Oiling is much as a standard engine. Not much different from and
aircraft engine.
[20:52:31] ebijack: bob, what should we be looking for Honda to bring new as far as
[20:53:17] Bob Wells: Well, I'm looking forward to larger hp and some new mid-range
[20:53:42] ebijack: bob, is there anything you find with Hondaís that most of us never
hear about..good stuff :)
[20:53:52] Pikeman(Sask): you can tell Honda are reliable, all the lodges up here are
switching to them
[20:53:58] Bob Wells: We have played around with Superchargers.
[20:54:14] ebijack: cool!
[20:54:27] Juls (WI): what is a supercharger?
[20:54:34] Drift'r: a supercharged 9.9.......cool
[20:54:47] Bob Wells: Much work to get a sellable supercharged product, but it may
[20:54:48] Drift'r: we would buy it in Pa
[20:54:58] Drift'r: :)
[20:55:07] Drift'r: 10 hp limits here
[20:55:10] ebijack: it compresses the air into the motor..more air more horsepower
[20:55:27] mbrandt(in): Got in late, does Honda outboards have a web site?
[20:55:40] Juls (WI): ic..thanks
[20:55:43] Bob Wells: A supercharger is a belt driven air pump that forces air into the
[20:56:03] Bob Wells: Yes. Check out Honda.COM
[20:56:10] mbrandt(in): Thank you
Whisper sent to [Juls (WI)]: known as blowers on drag cars
[20:56:28] Whisper from Juls (WI) to [ebijack]: oh ok...lol
[20:56:56] Bob Wells: If you want a KiILER 9.9 hook up Nitros Oxide to it. But no
[20:56:58] ebijack: are there any more questions for our host tonight?
[20:57:06] Juls (WI): lol bob
[20:57:11] ebijack: :)  yeah bob, that would work  :)
[20:57:23] Bob Wells: Thanks for your interest.
[20:57:35] ebijack: thanks for the great info bob
[20:57:42] Drift'r: we are subjected to old 1932 laws here :)
[20:57:43] ebijack: enjoyed it !!!
[20:57:45] mbrandt(in): Sorry I missed most of it
[20:57:51] Pikeman(Sask): Thanks bob, Iíll be getting a Honda
[20:57:57] Bob Wells: Thanks
[20:58:15] Drift'r: thanks for the info Bob
[20:58:17] Thunderstick: I think we all have a few engineering tricks up our sleeve that
void the warranty
[20:58:41] Drift'r: do you have an e-mail we can reach you
[20:58:42] Juls (WI): clap clap clap clap clap...thanks bob
[20:58:46] Bob Wells: Your welcome
[20:58:51] Pikeman(Sask): clap clap
[20:58:59] ebijack: thanks again bob wells!
[20:59:04] ebijack: clap clap clap
[20:59:09] mbrandt(in): clap clap
[20:59:14] Drift'r: clap clap clap
[20:59:17] mbrandt(in): whistle
[20:59:20] Juls (WI): hehehe
[20:59:22] Bob Wells: My e-mail address is rwells@amerhonda.com I think it works.
[20:59:26] Thunderstick: clap clap 
[20:59:33] Drift'r: thank you
[20:59:46] Thunderstick: rattle rattle
[20:59:50] Juls (WI): :-)
[21:00:50] Bob Wells: Thanks alot ebijack. It was fun. let me know if you need me
back TTYL
[21:00:59] Juls (WI): nite bob
[21:01:10] ebijack: i sure will bob, would like to have you back again
[21:01:44] Bob Wells: Thanks,

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