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Monte Howerton 1/26/00
[20:00:13] ebijack: Please Welcome our host tonight  MONTE HOWERTON !!!!!!!!!!
[20:00:15] walleye&bass wi: cool you can stick more than one rod in each tube?
[20:00:17] Drift'r: Welcome Monte !!!!!!
[20:00:23] mikej: yeah Monte!
[20:00:29] Den: clap clap
[20:00:30] Monte: Hi all
[20:00:32] Juls (WI): clap clap clap clap clap clap 
[20:00:32] walleye&bass wi: Hey monte!!!
[20:00:34] walleyemaster: he monte
[20:00:40] walleye&bass wi: clap clap clap
[20:00:46] RichardM(AB): Clap clap
[20:00:56] Perchn ( Pa ): <---clapper onnnnnnn
[20:01:21] ebijack: monte, how about starting us off with a bit of info about you
[20:01:23] eyefish(mi): back
[20:01:25] walleyemaster: any good news monte
[20:02:33] Monte: Welcome , and thanks, as many of you all ready know I am the
regional sale manager for Fisher Astro and Procraft and an avid but not very good fisherman
[20:03:10] ebijack: monte, how long have you been with fisher and procraft
[20:03:44] Monte: I have been with Marine group for 4 years which is the umbrella that
the brands are under
[20:04:19] mikej: What states make up your region?
[20:04:23] ebijack: monte, is there anything new to the 18fx?
[20:04:46] Monte: I would like to welcome Richard. and Mike J who are valued
members of the Fisher team 
[20:05:08] mikej: thanks monte
[20:05:08] ebijack: yeah team!!    :)
[20:05:18] RichardM(AB): the biggest news about the FX is the production move to the
Procraft plant in TN
[20:05:21] Jenn_WI: congrats mike and Richard
[20:05:31] walleye&bass wi: can we be expect to see a single counsel fx dv 18?
[20:05:53] RichardM(AB): thanks
[20:05:54] Monte: The newest thing with the FXDV is that it is now produced in
Murfreesboro and includes the upgrades along with our Procrafts
[20:06:03] ebijack: will the 18fx be the same hull as a procraft?
[20:06:33] Monte: The FXDV is unique and will remain a Fisher exclusively
[20:06:39] RichardM(AB): plans call for a 17.5 Fx that will be single or tiller or dual console
[20:07:10] walleye&bass wi: oooo a tiller..that should be nice
[20:07:20] ebijack: monte, what is the actual length of the new 20fter that's coming out
[20:07:35] ebijack: and HP rating
[20:07:45] RichardM(AB) 250
[20:08:04] Monte: That is yet to be determined for sure, I am taking feedback from
fishermen to the engineers
[20:08:14] walleye&bass wi: holly man!! hold on to your hats
[20:08:19] jumbojim: holy cow gotta seat belt the minnows in
[20:08:40] Monte: We have some goals in mind and the rest is up to you
[20:08:41] Jenn_WI: lol jumbo
[20:09:02] ebijack: monte, will the full line of fisher boats be at the silverdome show?
[20:09:14] Monte: Yes
[20:09:36] Monte: The new glass will be revealed in Nashville in July
[20:09:43] ebijack: monte, are fishers sold at all procraft dealers?
[20:10:03] RichardM(AB): the pride of product and fit and finish coming out of the TN
plant is second to none!
[20:10:12] Monte: Yes as of this year all Marine group dealers are handling all three brands
[20:10:36] ebijack: richardm have you run the 18fx for 3 yrs now?  
[20:10:48] Monte: How many people here tonight are running Fishers?
[20:10:55] mikej: me!!
[20:10:57] jumbojim: is fisher still making a spectrum?
[20:11:21] Monte: Spectrum was merged into the Fisher line 2 years ago
[20:11:53] Mark(Wi): going on two years with mine Monte and love it!
[20:12:02] RichardM(AB): 2 years ebi
[20:12:11] Monte: What model Mark
[20:12:22] Mark(Wi): FX18
[20:12:51] ebijack: monte, with the dvfx18, is there room to mount a kicker on either
side of the main motor?
[20:12:59] Monte: Great what dealer did you get it from
[20:13:11] RichardM(AB): It is exciting being involved in designing a new boat 
[20:13:14] Mark(Wi): Scott F.
[20:13:25] Monte: Yes,  but it works best on the starboard side
[20:14:11] mikej:  the trolling motor batteries are mounted under the riders seat
[20:14:15] ebijack: monte, does the 18 only come as a dual console?
[20:14:29] RichardM(AB): I look forward to everyone here expressing their opinion on
what a great eye boat should have
[20:14:45] mikej: and out of the way
[20:15:13] walleye&bass wi: as of now...will the 17.5 fx have a center rod box like the 18?
[20:15:33] Monte: The boat is only a dual console available with windscreens or walk
thru windshield
[20:15:34] river king: if you get trolling motor batteries too far from motor does it take
away some of the power
[20:15:52] HP: nothing wrong with that either
[20:15:53] RichardM(AB): yes it is the current trend in rod boxs
[20:16:02] mikej: not if the cables are heavy enough river king
[20:16:06] RichardM(AB): where would you like it?
[20:16:27] Monte: We use heavy guage wiring and the seat location is closer than
most others with the batteries in the rear
[20:16:33] RichardM(AB): they're closer than the back of the boat river
[20:16:35] ebijack: closer to the trolling motor (elec) the better
[20:16:46] walleye&bass wi: i have yet to try the rod box in the fisher but don't you need
something to rest the butts of the rods on?
[20:16:57] Monte: The reels
[20:17:02] RichardM(AB): LOL
[20:17:07] SdDoc: no take out the rod tubes
[20:17:11] RichardM(AB): The other rods
[20:17:19] river king: in my lund the batteries are right  between consoles
[20:17:27] Monte: Last time my wife counted I had 15 too many rods in the rod box LOL
[20:17:34] RichardM(AB): about the same for the FX
[20:17:34] slip-bobber(MT): lol
[20:17:36] Juls (WI): lol
[20:17:40] SdDoc: i got that to monte
[20:18:02] nd walleye man: river thats where mine are too works great
[20:18:28] ebijack: i rode with richard last year and the fisher 18fx is a real nice
boat..we had some bad weather too..right mikej?
[20:18:32] Monte: I need that many to keep up to her
[20:18:33] jumbojim: ya thats a great idea on the lund to put them there
[20:18:52] walleye&bass wi: yea it is a great idea!
[20:19:10] mikej: we had some big waves, i turned around
[20:19:17] Mark(Wi): What windshield do you have Richard?
[20:19:36] Monte: We put the batteries between the consoles on our aluminum boats
as well but did not want to sacrifice the length of the rod box on the FXDV
[20:19:37] RichardM(AB): dual screens
[20:20:09] Mark(Wi): there are days I think the walkthru would be nice
[20:20:09] ebijack: monte, what is the time wait from ordering till delivery on fishers right now
[20:20:29] Monte: The rough water is where this boat really shines as well as in the
race for the spot, right Richard/
[20:20:31] walleye&bass wi: a fx dv 18 tiller wouldn't be a bad boat?? Would go fast for tiller
[20:20:44] RichardM(AB): with the way the consoles are constructed it wouldn't be a
foot further to the batteries in he FX
[20:21:02] mikej: walk thu's are nice when you run but catch the wind for boat control
[20:21:03] Monte: With our increased capacity we are at 4-6 weeks right now,
[20:21:49] RichardM(AB): Fx is the best riding rough water boat I've run
[20:21:52] ebijack: monte, is there a limit to what colors hull and carpet you can get?
[20:22:07] walleye&bass wi: will the 20ft or 17.5ft fishers be on the new website feb. 1st?
[20:22:14] RichardM(AB): still too many color choices 
[20:22:34] mikej: thats why I copied Richards colors!
[20:22:41] Todd_NE: What is Fisher's "Mission" of building walleye boats in a sentence or two?
[20:22:43] ebijack: :)
[20:23:15] RichardM(AB): I always worry about the colors my buyer might pick, the
other guys might make fun of me!
[20:23:55] Drift'r: are there any big changes in the Hawk line
[20:23:56] river king: are you a salesman also richard???
[20:24:13] RichardM(AB): no river just a fisherman
[20:24:16] Monte: To build boats, for Family, Fishing and Fun. We use the best of
materials and design to construct boats for the fisherman of today and tomorrow
[20:24:34] jumbojim: no problem with colors for me on my 18 ft tunnel comes in green or green
[20:24:52] Den: frog color?
[20:25:09] walleye&bass wi: hey rich..will the 20ft and 17.5ft fisher be on the new fisher
website feb 1st?
[20:25:15] ebijack: monte, what is the hull warranty on the glass boats
[20:25:21] Monte: The Hawk line has many small improvements for 2000 but nothing
[20:25:23] RichardM(AB):  a great spin off of a quality product is the ease of resale 
[20:25:40] RichardM(AB): not yet W&B
[20:25:50] Monte: 10 years transferable
[20:26:12] walleye&bass wi: just new pics and things for the fx 18?
[20:26:30] Todd_NE: Mike J, what are the positives from your perspective going from
Ranger to Fisher?
[20:26:30] Drift'r: what will the over price increase on an average be
[20:26:44] RichardM(AB): yes and some improvements on the pro team
[20:27:07] walleye&bass wi: cool..cant wait till the 1st...
[20:27:49] mikej: Todd == well I talked to Richard last year and he always said his
Fishers were drier, faster and rode smother than a Ranger
[20:28:20] Monte: And what about the rep Mike?
[20:28:27] RichardM(AB): not to knock another brand but the deeper v of the FX is
much drier and smoother
[20:28:51] mikej: And Monte is a WALEYE fisherman and not a bass fisherman!!!!
[20:29:03] mikej: and a heck of a nice guy!
[20:29:12] #1 saugeye: what degree of a V hull do they have?
[20:29:14] Monte: Thanks Mike, LOL
[20:29:24] Drift'r: i always thought of Ranger to be more bass oriented
[20:29:31] ebijack: mikej , are you doing any shows this year for fisher?
[20:29:34] river king: you/re saying all the right things mike lol
[20:29:35] RichardM(AB): with the 200 Opti the rig runs with anything out there
[20:29:53] RichardM(AB): what degree of hull?
[20:30:25] ebijack: you mean dead rise saugeye
[20:30:43] mikej: I'm waiting for Monte to tell me where and when
[20:30:51] #1 saugeye: ya
[20:31:14] Todd_NE: Monte, a lot of people who frequent this board are current or "aspiring pro's". What are your comments for people seeking boat manufacture support/sponsorship?
[20:31:18] Monte: The FXDV runs a variable deadrise to increase top end without
sacrificing rough water handling
[20:31:23] Drift'r: mike ,are you going to run the FX
[20:31:46] mikej: yes drift'r
[20:31:58] Monte: Just remember it is a relationship and involves give and take
[20:32:02] RichardM(AB): I'll be at Saginaw Power Sports in March
[20:32:06] Mark(Wi): Congrats mike 
[20:32:22] mikej: thanks
[20:32:06] Mark(Wi): Congrats mike 
[20:32:22] mikej: thanks
[20:32:38] Lip: what do you mean by variable deadrise????
[20:32:40] RichardM(AB): Mike is a great addition to the team!
[20:32:46] Drift'r: anyone going to be at Cleveland in march
[20:33:17] ebijack: yes he is, mike is and has been a good product guy 
[20:33:17] Monte: Sharper , or greater at the point of entry flattening out to the rear or pad
[20:33:23] Drift'r: me too Den
[20:33:47] Monte: Who was in Cleveland last week?
[20:34:02] RichardM(AB): the hull has a great front entry that slices through waves
[20:34:10] mikej: thats cause I'm still learning the fishing side Ebi!!
[20:34:12] Lip: isn't dead rise the degree of angle or v
[20:34:18] Drift'r: i didn't make that one Monte
[20:34:41] Den: i went there for a day
[20:35:02] Monte: Yes that is right and ours changes from front to rear
[20:35:13] Lip: thank you
[20:35:17] RichardM(AB): the other beauty about the hull is when you set down to fish
it snuggles down into the water and rides level not nose up
[20:35:30] Monte: Did you see the FXDV at Pats, in the show?
[20:35:49] Lip: what does fxdv stand for
[20:36:07] RichardM(AB): so your bow doesn't pop when working into waves and the
bow mount stays in the water more
[20:36:39] mikej: and the bow doesn't BLOW around in the wind
[20:36:51] ebijack: monte, who's electronics comes with the glass fishers
[20:37:03] river king: boy thats one great boat guys
[20:37:29] Monte: We have Lowrance as and option and a Zercom RTD flasher as
standard equipment
[20:37:36] RichardM(AB): what would you like to see in a 20 footer?
[20:37:50] mikej: bait well up front
[20:38:08] RichardM(AB): yes that is on the board
[20:38:34] Lip: how does this boat compare to say a crestliner??
[20:38:35] Mark(Wi): more dry storage in the back
[20:38:46] RichardM(AB): we also like longer live wells for musky men
[20:39:25] Monte: It is always tough to compare a Fiberglass boat and its advantages
to an aluminum boat and that is why we make both 
[20:39:27] ebijack: monte, what is the length of the rod lockers on the 18 and what will
they be in the 20
[20:39:58] Lip: thank you
[20:40:00] Todd_NE: I'd like to see an integrated seat/throw cushion, overside lighting
for night fishing, cartridge pumps, option for non skid carpetless decks, drivers seat for
BIG guys, 8'8" rod locker in middle slots
[20:40:03] RichardM(AB): 7.5' on the 18 
[20:40:13] mikej: Both Glass boats and Aluminum boats have their place
[20:40:31] RichardM(AB): you getting all that Monte?
[20:40:36] Lip: sorry i thought fisher was all alum
[20:40:38] RichardM(AB): thanks Todd
[20:40:39] #1 saugeye: Are there bait wells and live wells aerated?
[20:41:04] RichardM(AB): yes and yes #1
[20:41:16] mikej: Lip the fx dv that we have mostly talking about is a glass boat
[20:41:29] Lip: ok thanks 
[20:41:38] river king: hi pete
[20:41:38] mikej: we all still are lip
[20:41:50] Monte: Sorry I should have been more clear the FXDV is an 18.6 fiberglass
walleye boat
[20:42:16] Lip: no problem Monte, i arrived on site late
[20:42:39] Monte: Cartridge pumps are already part of the package
[20:42:58] ebijack: monte, how many gals of gas does the 18 carry, and does it have a
seperate tank for the kicker?
[20:43:05] Monte: Lip, I didn't make that clear, Sorry
[20:43:26] mikej: I think one of the best features with Fisher is its value pricing and all
the standard items that are options on other boats
[20:43:33] Monte: The boat has seating for 4 and yes it has a 8 gal kicker tank
[20:43:41] RichardM(AB): one complaint that dealers have with the Fisher line is they
come complete including tie downs batteries transom saver the works
[20:44:17] mikej: and those are all high margin things at a dealer
[20:44:47] Drift'r: Monte, what is the Powerpoint that is standard equipment on the fishers
[20:45:05] Monte: While we all are focused on the elusive Walleye this boat lays out
well for multi species which is impotant to us and prices in the comparable range of
high end aluminum thus giving us a more available market
[20:45:33] Todd_NE: Monte, everyone hears "horror stories" about manufacturer
support. What kind of customer service/satisfaction does Fisher strive for?
[20:45:59] ebijack: ok, what's a average price range for a 18fx with 200 efi, 15hp
kicker, electronics etc
[20:46:40] Monte: Less than 30 K
[20:47:03] Monte: Happy customers are what drives todays business
[20:47:09] ebijack: monte, does procraft have a walleye boat line?
[20:47:11] RichardM(AB): the boat comes standard with a Motor Guide bowmount
[20:47:13] Pete[Oh]: how much less?
[20:47:35] Monte: Power Point?, 12 volt outlet for Phones etc
[20:48:05] Drift'r: thanks , wondered about that
[20:48:09] RichardM(AB): no Procraft doesn't
[20:48:22] gm: What Pro's are using the boat on the various trails this year?
[20:48:38] Monte: No  , we have focused our lines, Procraft is Bass and
performance fish and skis
[20:48:40] RichardM(AB): I am for my 3rd season
[20:48:46] mikej: Procraft are all Bass boats and fish and ski's
[20:49:22] RichardM(AB): So is Daryl Christionson and Scott Fairbarn
[20:49:41] RichardM(AB): And Mike J
[20:50:24] Monte: Dealers take advantage of our team programs and I do not have an
updated list of the pros for this year
[20:51:07] gm: What shows will the boat be at in the midwest this winter ?
[20:51:36] Monte: Most of them, where are you from gm?
[20:51:45] gm: Chicago
[20:51:46] Mark(Wi): Goodnight All, Thanks Monte, Richard, and Mike 
[20:51:52] RichardM(AB): check out www.themarinegroup.com
[20:52:28] Monte: i donít know about Chicago but it is on display now in Milwaukee
[20:52:36] ebijack: monte, who's trailer does fisher use for their glass boats
[20:53:37] Monte: We build our own trailers ,  we have two state of the art plants
one in TN and one in Mo
[20:53:47] RichardM(AB): Monte doesn't see home much from Jan 1 to the end of April
[20:54:02] Drift'r: are they Trailstar rtailers
[20:54:10] Monte: Home is where your herat is, LOL
[20:54:24] Monte: Not on the FXDV Drift'r
[20:54:32] RichardM(AB): Yes I watched the trailers being built in TN, its pretty cool to watch
[20:54:58] ebijack: are they leafspring or torsion bar?
[20:54:59] Monte: The trailers out of MO are trailstar
[20:55:05] Monte: Torsion
[20:55:20] RichardM(AB): tandem axle with brakes and swing away tongue they pull great.
[20:55:32] Drift'r: how much influence has Fisher had to get Tracker to go welded
[20:55:44] mikej: and Richard knows how they pull
[20:56:13] Monte: What do you mean, Drift'r
[20:56:40] Drift'r: tracker went to welded hulls this year on targas
[20:57:09] Drift'r: wonderin if fisher made them
[20:57:33] gm: Do you see stronger sales in your aluminum or fiberglass line of boats?
[20:57:37] Monte: Oh okay, yes they needed some help in their DV lineup and we
have supplied two hulls for them. Hulls only
[20:58:01] Drift'r: i thought that, good to see that
[20:58:21] RichardM(AB): Fisher has made alum boats for 32 years
[20:58:31] Monte: They are very separate markets, but by the numbers the aluminum is greater
[20:58:32] ebijack: are there any more questions for our host tonight?
[20:58:47] RichardM(AB): they have proven the advantages of their welded hull
[20:59:43] ebijack: I'd like to THANK our host tonight MONTE HOWERTON !!!!!!!!!
[20:59:46] Drift'r: Thanks Monte for a great chat
[20:59:52] ebijack: thanks richard and mikej!
[20:59:55] slip-bobber(MT): Thanks rich. see ya at taber
[20:59:56] gm: g'nite
[20:59:57] Drift'r: clap clap clap
[20:59:59] #1 saugeye: See ya Rich, Great chat
[21:00:00] Monte: caya Richard
[21:00:05] eyefish(mi): Great job Monte...
[21:00:05] Juls (WI): thanks monte and mikej..clap clap clap clap clap
[21:00:22] teammac(MT): thanks monte and mikej
[21:00:29] slip-bobber(MT): Great job monte
[21:00:34] mikej: my pleasure
[21:00:35] slip-bobber(MT): and mike
[21:00:36] Keith Krych(MI): Monte I have a fx18dv   great boat
[21:00:50] Monte: Thank you all, my pleasure
[21:01:27] Keith Krych(MI): the only problem I have is proposing at about 30mph
[21:01:47] Monte: Sounds like a prop issue, Keith
[21:02:08] Keith Krych(MI): I have the high five
[21:02:12] Monte: What are you running, small hub trophy?
[21:02:13] mikej: what props are run most on the fx dv monte?
[21:02:36] mikej: 23"?
[21:03:06] Monte: High five and small hub are the most common, depending on setup(
motor size, height etc)

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