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Mike Jensen 3/18/98

[19:58:54] ebijack (mi): let's welcome MIKE JENSEN, he will be talking about subjects

then fielding questions, so let's get started and when mike is ready ask him a FEW


[19:59:10] mikej: Hi, everybody

[19:59:12] ebijack (mi): sit back an enjoy!!!

[19:59:12] tom n [oh]: hi mike

[19:59:15] ebijack (mi): howdy mike

[19:59:16] Hogboss: hi mike.

[19:59:18] Magic Marker OH: hi mike

[19:59:22] RoyG(PA): howdy mike

[19:59:23] shiner(sd): hi mike

[19:59:25] reeltime(OH): hi mike

[19:59:25] Baitman[sd]: hey mike

[19:59:28] Hunter: hi mike

[19:59:29] mikej: 1997 was my rookie year as a PWT touring pro

[19:59:37] Erie Addict: Hi Mike

[19:59:40] markie: hi mike

[19:59:48] mikej: I'm from Minneapolis, and I fish Mille Lacs

[20:00:00] mikej: Let's talk about finesse fishing tonight

[20:00:10] mikej: I think spinners have been covered pretty well over the last few


[20:00:30] mikej: In my eyes, finesse fishing means live bait!

[20:01:02] seamaster(ohio): hi Mike

[20:01:08] mikej: I think you need to finesse fish on heavily pressured and clear lakes

[20:01:23] mikej: that typically have a good night bite but a tough day bite

[20:01:27] *** Capt. Big Duke has joined Walleye Central

[20:01:47] mikej: typically finesse fishing is not needed when you're fishing suspended

fish or fish in heavy cover or weeds

[20:02:10] mikej: Finesse fishing means light line, small hooks, and long snells -- or

lighter jigs and lighter line

[20:02:37] mikej: Use as long a snell as you can handle

[20:02:58] Joe(WI): Mike, how small of hook do you go to using leeches?

[20:03:03] mikej: I typically tie my snells to that when I'm standing in the boat with my

rod above my head, the fish is barely at the surface of the water

[20:03:18] tom n [oh]: mike what about taking saugeye in shallow very stained water

[20:03:27] mikej: JoeW -- typically I start out with a number 8 and if it's real tough I'll

drop down to a 10

[20:03:56] ebijack (mi): hey guys hold the questions till mike asks for them ok?

[20:04:00] mikej: tom n -- in stained waters, I don't believe finesse fishing is necessary --

try heavier (8 lb) line and a 6 hook

[20:04:47] tom n [oh]: thanks mike

[20:04:47] *** Boomer has left Walleye Central

[20:04:51] mikej: when the bite gets tough and finesse fishing is needed, SLOW is the

key word

[20:05:15] mikej: You want to use active bait -- leeches that try to swim out of the

bucket, active nightcrawlers

[20:05:44] ebijack (mi): ok, mike has opened it up for any and all questions folks

[20:06:12] Lundman(Wi): are you talking plain hooks when you say you use such a

long snell?

[20:06:42] Lundman(Wi): slip sinkers, or bottom bouncers?

[20:06:50] mikej: I do play around with colored hooks, although I don't think it's


[20:07:05] Hogboss: what weight size do you perfer

[20:07:09] Born2Fish {mi}: which part of the baitfish do you hook it to

[20:07:10] mikej: Lundman -- use slip sinkers over sandy, small gravel. A light-stroke

bottom bouncer over gravel and rocks

[20:07:17] clay(wy): Was this the situation at Leech this past year at the PWT

[20:07:29] mikej: Hogboss -- it depends on how deep you're fishing and fast you're


[20:07:33] Lundman(Wi): thanks mike

[20:07:37] gwalt(MI): Mikej do you feel color of blades is as important as size?

[20:07:43] mikej: You want to feel the bottom, but not be too heavy where it's


[20:07:49] mikej: Clay - yes

[20:08:14] mikej: Gwalt -- it's important to keep experimenting. There is no one catch-all


[20:08:14] keith (MN): I need to learn to fish the rocks on the south side of Mille

Lacs...can you give me a few pointers on how to fish them?

[20:08:38] mikej: Gwalt - in general, I use 1-4's on inland lakes and larger on great


[20:09:13] mikej: keith - Boy, Keith, rocks aren't my forte. What I look for are marked

fish on the electronics, and then bobber them from there

[20:09:18] gwalt(MI): I herd several guys say not to get cauhgt up with color don't

overwhelm yourself

[20:09:19] Erie Addict: East Winds, muddywater,h2o temps around 50 Lake Erie,

Whats your advice on what to try Mike?

[20:09:41] mikej: gwalt -- Exactly. Just keep experimenting until you find a pattern that

works for that day

[20:09:58] Baitman[sd]: long-line a long snell in shallow situations Mike?

[20:10:01] mikej: ErieAddict -- don't know, never been there, but I'm loking forward to

getting there in May!

[20:10:22] mikej: Baitman: Yeah -- try to keep the bait as far away from the boat as


[20:11:08] ebijack (mi): what kind of boat and rigging do you run mike

[20:11:13] mikej: About small hooks, if you're fishing with minnows, don't go that small

on the hooks - try #6's

[20:11:35] gwalt(MI): my favorite type of fish is with jigs anykind however alot of times

when I'm vertical jigging my line will twist with certrain jigs do you have a pref.

[20:11:49] mikej: Ebi, I run a 692 VS Ranger with a 175 Merc EFI and a 9.9 4-stroke


[20:12:01] Hogboss: mike why not shorten snells and use boards off the sides of the


[20:12:25] mikej: hoggboss -- that would be a solution also and would work

[20:12:57] mikej: I also use Lowrance X85 a Global Map 2000 and a PinPoint

positioning system, with a Genetron GT9

[20:13:08] Joe(WI): Mike, in deep water, do you hover over fish spotted on locator for

tough bites?

[20:13:16] ebijack (mi): mike, do you use carnks on most lakes to test fish

[20:13:39] seamaster(ohio): Mike , Do you feel that 1.5 to 2 mile per hour is a good

trolling speed.It seems to be the majic numbers for me.

[20:13:40] Magic Marker OH: what treble hooks for greatlakes open water crawler


[20:13:51] mikej: Joe: Yes. We encounter that a lot on Mille Lacs. In that situation, I

would probably use 4# test and a #10 hook and move really slow.

[20:13:57] Hogboss: mike the genetron is the berries isn't she.

[20:14:37] mikej: ebi: I more often use spinners for hunting fish instead of crankbaits --

confidence factor

[20:14:47] mikej: seamaster: yes 1.5 to 2 mph

[20:15:02] mikej: magic marker: yes I would use treble hooks and I use small trebles on

Mille Lacs

[20:15:27] mikej: hogboss: I like the Genetron for picking fish up out of the weeds

[20:15:32] clay(wy): For a tough bite situation, how long do you usually wait to set the

hook after a pick up

[20:15:34] Hogboss: used here on lake mich. could see fish actually come up on baits


[20:15:45] Baitman[sd]: indiana or colorado blades preferred MIke?

[20:15:47] Magic Marker OH: size and brand?

[20:16:04] Busy B (Oh): On Lake Erie we have found after water raises above 55,

speed kills tofind active fish then we slow down and work it

[20:16:07] mikej: clay: Wait a few seconds, but don't wait anywhere near a minute or

she's gone

[20:16:12] gwalt(MI): mikej I live and fish saginaw bay and the fish are quite high at

times how do you locate them

[20:16:26] mikej: baitman: I experiment with both Indiana and Colorados

[20:16:43] Baitman[sd]: thanks Mike

[20:17:15] mikej: GwaltL Look for schools of bait fish and when you mark fish down

deeper, try to run your deeper lines at the depth of the deeper fish and your outside


[20:17:20] mikej: fairly shallow.

[20:17:56] mikej: Gwalt: Outside lines may be 25' out with maybe 3/4 ounce sinker

[20:17:58] Boomer: I'm look for a friend.

[20:18:05] mikej: Boomer Who isn't?

[20:18:09] walleye: markie:how many events are you going to fish this year

[20:18:44] mikej: walleye: 4 PWT, the Wave Wacker, and maybe a NAWA Team


[20:19:26] gwalt(MI): mike i have a theory that the zebra mussells have pushed bait fish

higher therefore the walleye feed higher any commment

[20:19:27] Born2Fish {mi}: where will you be fishing lake erie and what date

[20:19:49] Magic Marker OH: your opinion on pinpoint motors?

[20:20:04] mikej: gwalt: I don't have that much experience with zebra mussels, since

our waters are fairly clean of them

[20:20:23] Joe(WI): Mike, do you use drift socks at all for finesse fishing?

[20:20:29] mikej: magic marker: I haven't tried a PinPoint yet, but I'm looking forward to

it. If it does everything it's supposed, it'll be great

[20:20:53] mikej: Joe: Yes, I use drift socks quite a bit to slow down controlled drifts on


[20:20:56] Hogboss: Mike who would you say you learned the most from fishing the

PWT, which Pro was the most resourceful.

[20:21:16] mikej: hogboss: Since Harry Stiles is listening, I suppose it was him....

[20:21:24] walleye: markie:do you plan to fish little bay on Aug 1 and 2

[20:21:27] Magic Marker OH: i'm in process of getting one,hope it works out

[20:21:33] Hogboss: did you fish with him.

[20:21:43] mikej: walleye: No

[20:21:44] Busy B (Oh): Hi harry, rick

[20:21:48] fishtale(MT): yes there is some

[20:22:20] mikej: hogboss: harry and I are good friends and fish together quite a bit --

we were supposed to leave tomorrow to pre-fish Lake Stockton, but the weather isn't


[20:22:26] gwalt(MI): mike did you fish am. side before turn pro

[20:22:35] Joe(WI): Mike, what kind of rod do you use for finesse fishing?

[20:22:55] mikej: gwalt: I fished a few amateur tournaments, but I've fished more local

tournaments than anything else

[20:22:57] Fish-on: Mike, I just joined and you may have already covered this, but did

you fish one year as a PWT am before turning pro or did you get in otherwise?

[20:23:06] mikej: joe: Can't beat a 7' G. Loomis 8400

[20:23:18] mikej: that's an 8400 IMX

[20:23:31] Hogboss: mike what i meant was when you were an amatuer who was the

pro you learned the most from in one day.

20:23:59] mikej: fish-on: I fished individual tournaments in the PWT before 1997, but

last year was my first year doing the full circuit

[20:24:30] Fish-on: So you didn't fish a full am year?

[20:24:33] mikej: hogboss: That would be Bob Malowitz (sp?) -- never fished with Harry

as an amateur

[20:24:46] Hogboss: thank you

[20:24:51] mikej: fish-on: NO, I've only fished a couple of tournaments as an amateur

[20:24:52] gwalt(MI): mike do you fish for a living or do you work outside also?

[20:24:55] markie: Mike have you fish on winnebago much.

[20:25:11] mikej: gwalt: That depends on whether you ask me or my wife... I do work

outside of fishing

[20:25:27] Fish-on: How did you finish in the Rookie of the Year standings, Mike?

[20:25:34] mikej: markie: Never been there but Harry likes it, so I have the inside


[20:25:48] mikej: fish-onL I think I was about 5th for rookie of the year

[20:25:58] Busy B (Oh): Do you find the circut both stressfull and physically demanding,

make you old quick

[20:25:58] Fish-on: Nice Job.

[20:26:24] mikej: BusyB: No, I find it exciting! Especially the first morning of the


[20:26:31] gwalt(MI): mike have you herd anything about the divide tour next year?

[20:26:49] mikej: The first morning, you look arround and you see all the big names that

you're competing against

[20:26:49] mikej: You go - Wow!

[20:26:55] Joe(WI): Mike, do you feel that wind affects fish location on deeper


[20:27:04] mikej: gwalt: only rumors -- the sam e ones you guys have heard

[20:27:29] mikej: joe: Wind affects light penetration and the fish will probably move

shallower on deep structure.

[20:27:30] Fish-on: Which PWT do you think fits you best skills for this year?

[20:27:52] Fish-on: your

[20:27:58] mikej: fish-on: I'm looking forward to them all, but Erie's got my attention.

[20:28:18] gwalt(MI): It wpild interesting to see how it would work. I herd there was a

waitng list this year

[20:28:19] Fish-on: You like to troll? It will probably be a tralling bite, no?

[20:28:20] Yar-Man(SD): Using Fireline?

[20:29:18] mikej: Fish-On: Trolling spinners is one of my favorite methods. Most of the

tournament money I've won has come from spinners one way or the other

[20:29:18] Born2Fish {mi}: Erie can be really good in May

[20:29:35] gwalt(MI): mike do you fish only fish you can see with your locator?

[20:29:37] mikej: yar-Man: I don't use Fireline much, I would use it when I need to get

crankbaits a little deeper

[20:29:56] Busy B (Oh): I think it coudl be either or both on ay given day that time of

year. With the eastrn boudrary where it at, a lot depends on weather next few weeks

[20:30:15] mikej: gwalt: If I don't mark fish on the depth finder, I don't stay in those

areas -- keep moving around until I see bait fish or fish

[20:31:37] mikej: With finesse fishing, lively bait is very important. Try to catch the

leech that's trying the hardest to swim away

[20:31:46] Fish-on: Do you think spinners will be more effective than cranks on Erie in

May, Mike?

[20:32:03] gwalt(MI): Do you prefer one jig over another. style wise that is?

[20:32:22] mikej: Fish-On: From what I hear, most guys will probably be running cranks.

I'm planning on experimenting with both.

[20:32:39] mikej: Gwalt: It's hard to beat a Northland Fireball jig!

[20:33:09] rooster: using a stinger hook

[20:33:20] sir walter: Mike, when trolling spinners,how far back of your boards do you

like to run them, and what size blades are best?

[20:33:29] LS(nd): Mike, do you take amatuers out on practice days?

[20:33:35] mikej: rooster: I only use a stinger hook after I've been bit off several times

as a last resort

[20:33:39] Magic Marker OH: have you used risto raps yet,any advice on trolling


[20:33:55] fishtale(MT): 6 yrs ago

[20:34:06] mikej: sir walter: I try to set the lines at the depth I'm marking fish -- that's

going to determine how far back your lines will be run .

[20:34:14] mikej: As far as bait size, you need to experiment.

[20:34:31] mikej: Guys, I think it's important to keep experimenting and trying differnet


[20:34:42] mikej: Until you're satisfied with your catch rate.

[20:34:58] Lundman(Wi): is there such a thing...:-)

[20:35:16] mikej: Start with whatever you have confidence in, and if that doesn't work,

start experimenting with different size, different blades, different speeds and different


[20:35:18] Hogboss: mike when you are trolling what is your go to bait!

[20:35:33] mikej: Lundmand -- well, there is that!

[20:35:51] rooster: mike do you feel a stingers prevents bites . why only last resort?

[20:35:51] mikej: hogboss: Go to bait gotta be a spinner with a crawler.

[20:36:14] Hogboss: how about favorite crank.

[20:36:19] mikej: rooster: Yes, it's additional hardware down there, and I think you get

fewer bites with it, but you'll get hooks in more of the bites.

[20:36:22] Fish-on: Spinner and crawler on a bouncer, Mike?

[20:36:40] mikej: hogboss: Storm thunder Stick, Silver sides, black back and red belly

20:37:18] mikej: fish-on: on suspended fish, I use in-line bead sinkers over gravel and

rocks I use bottom bouncers. Over mud, I use a 3-way Wolf River rig.

[20:37:53] mikej: Iwould use in-line bead sinkers in weeds.

[20:38:26] gwalt(MI): mike i've been tying crawler harness on wire just beads and

blades then snelling hooks on mono do you think wire will spook fish?

[20:38:49] Busy B (Oh): Mikej, on LE we have found it is real critical to find right lead of

bouncers each day with varing conditionds. Often rods inholders out produce personal

rods on windy days

[20:39:03] mikej: gwalt: Ithink that method works fine on Great Lakes; I don't think I'd

try it on Mille Lacs.

[20:39:34] mikej: BusyB: All right! That's my kind of fishing.

[20:39:39] Yar-Man(SD): How many beads and what size do you put on your spiiners?

[20:39:49] gwalt(MI): Do use any type of drop weight system ?

[20:39:51] Busy B (Oh): Mikej, we seem to do best with simple siingle hook,large blde

single spinners

[20:39:59] mikej: Yar-Man: I put enough beads on so the end of the blade that I'm

using ends before the eye of the hook.

[20:40:22] mikej: gwalt: I haven't used snap weights much. It's something I plan on

trying this year.

[20:40:43] mikej: BusyB: I'll start tying some up now.

[20:41:04] gwalt(MI): how about inline boards what style do you use?

[20:41:15] mikej: gwalt: I use Off Shores.

[20:41:34] mikej: Haven't tried the Tattletale yet -- hoping to get some soon.

[20:41:41] gwalt(MI): single release or double

[20:41:49] mikej: gwalt: Double

[20:42:18] gwalt(MI): have you had any prob. with them coming off in rough water?

[20:42:39] Fish-on: Mike, do you put both red clamps on the front?

[20:42:43] sir walter: Mike, what speed do you troll spinners at?

[20:42:44] mikej: gwalt: Not really-- I replace the releases often.

[20:42:52] Joe(WI): Mike how long of lead will you go to w/ Bot. Bouncers on tough


[20:43:06] mikej: sir walter: I typically troll spinners between 1-1.5 mph, sometimes a

little faster than that in the summer.

[20:43:23] gwalt(MI): Mike have you tried wrapping around release one time?

[20:43:33] mikej: joew: I tie all my snells at about 10 feet. It's easier to shorten them in

the boat than to lengthen them.

20:44:01] Hogboss: mike what are your back up plans for erie if the weather turns

nasty, do you tuck in around the islands etc.

[20:44:01] mikej: gwalt: I've tried wrapping and I don't like it. I worry about keeping

tension on the fish while you're playing around withthe board to unwrap it.

[20:44:15] mikej: hogboss: Yeah my wife wants to know that too.

[20:44:38] gwalt(MI): mike do you use lighter line with your snells than main line?

[20:44:45] mikej: No, really -- just try to find clearer water and fish the fish you find

there. I trust my Ranger.

[20:45:06] Hogboss: good rough weather boat.

[20:45:13] Fish-on: 690?

[20:45:23] Fish-on: 175hp?

[20:45:27] mikej: gwalt: I use 6# test on my main line and most times 4# on the snells.

[20:45:35] Joe(WI): Mike, on deep structure, do you always go with the wind or

sometime against?

[20:45:40] Busy B (Oh): That time of year ,there is often a god rock bite on le points in

rough water, esp Nbass and NE corner Middle

[20:45:42] mikej: hogboss: I think Ranger's are a great rough-water boat.

[20:45:49] Yar-Man(SD): Do you use leadcore much Mike?

[20:45:52] mikej: Fish-on: 692 VS with a 175 Merc EFI

[20:46:00] Don: fishtale(MT), If you are still there, I just spent some time up near you

and have a friend with a cabin on the Sun River. Anything good that you can tell me.

[20:46:09] gwalt(MI): Do you use same on erie with zebs.?

[20:46:24] mikej: jow: On deep structure, I like to work into the wind with a bow mount.

I feel boat control is a little better that way.

[20:46:40] mikej: yarman: Yeah, Harry's teaching me about lead core, but I'm still


[20:47:11] mikej: gwalt: What do you mean?

[20:47:32] Magic Marker OH: do you use suspending rouges much?

[20:47:32] gwalt(MI): do you use same line around the zebra mussells?

[20:47:47] Yar-Man(SD): What size and how do you spool it (amount)?

[20:47:56] mikej: magic marker: No, I use ThunderSticks more often.

[20:48:15] mikej: gwalt: No with zebra mussels I wouldn't go below 6, probably

would use 8

[20:48:30] rainman: mike pulling cranks how do clip on weights work for depth work

[20:48:44] Born2Fish {mi}: when you go to erie take some deep jr thundersticks, the

chrome ones black-chrome and rainbow-chrome caught most of our fish last may

[20:49:08] mikej: rainman: I suppose I would use snap weights -- as heavy as I would

need to get the crank to the desired delth

[20:49:23] gwalt(MI): Mike you said you use thundersticks. Have you ever run live bait

with the cranks?

[20:49:25] mikej: born2fish: Thanks for the tip!

[20:49:47] mikej: gwalt: Only with Hotntots. But plan on trying with other similar baits

on Erie this year.

[20:50:58] Busy B (Oh): I think Reef runners new smaller version rip stick will be a hot

bait this spring

[20:51:46] mikej: BusyB: What do you know about them?

[20:51:50] ebijack (mi): mike, what made you decide to start going as a pro

[20:51:58] rooster: live bait on crankbaits

[20:52:12] Hogboss: mike nice talking to you and good luck on PWT

[20:52:16] mikej: ebijack: I have fished tournaments for about 10 years, and it's always

been a desire of mine to fish the PWT

[20:52:28] Magic Marker OH: do you have any favorite soft plastic baits?

[20:52:30] mikej: And last year, things just worked out right to where I could actually

get started.

[20:52:39] Busy B (Oh): They are size of JRDeep thund, but more arched back with

same action as larger rip stick, new color is the lavender/ purple which is always good

that time of year

[20:52:58] gwalt(MI): Did you ever question whether or not you made the right move

turning pro?

[20:53:06] Busy B (Oh): Size should be perfect for early season bite.

[20:53:33] mikej: gwalt: No, I never questioned it -- it's a lot of fun, but it's a lot of work

too. It's enjoyable.

[20:54:04] mikej: One thing I didn't realize was all the work that's required in the off

season, trying to round up sponsors.

[20:54:26] Fish-on: How are you doing on the sponsor front, That's got to be tough for

a rookie.

[20:54:37] gwalt(MI): mike who are some of your sponsors?

[20:54:58] mikej: fish-on: It's tough. Without having a big name yet, and finishing in the

middle of the pack last year, I have some proving to do yet.

[20:55:16] mikej: gwalt: Ranger and Mercury for now. I'm waiting to hear from a few


[20:55:17] Joe(WI): Mike, what would be your definition of reading water?

[20:55:20] Fish-on: Are you doing any seminars and appearances?

[20:55:57] mikej: joe: That's a tough question. When you go to a new place, you do

research in advance to know what to expect.

[20:56:15] mikej: Then when you get there, you try to put what you know and what

you've heard together with what you see.

[20:56:20] gwalt(MI): Mike it seems strange that in this industry when you really need

the help its not there but when you become known all kinds of help comes your way.

[20:56:47] mikej: Fish-on: I've done a couple of seminars and appearances. Mostly

local and I guess I would like to hear about more possibilities -- espeically with kids.

[20:56:55] Busy B (Oh): mikej, friends and contacts mean a lot with all the different

lakes each year, the networks of some make it hard to compete on regular basis

[20:57:00] mikej: gwalt: I happen to know that even the big name people struggle with


[20:57:24] Fish-on: That should help. A couple sport shows goes along way with

sponsors, I know.

[20:57:50] mikej: busyb: I agree networks mean a lot. It's always important to try to

network out as much as you can. That's why I asked you last week who you were

helping at Erie!

[20:58:06] Busy B (Oh): MIkej: if it was easy "Everbody would be doing it!"

[20:58:24] mikej: fish-on: I'm looking for more opportunities to make appearances. The

season is mostly over now, through.

[20:58:29] Busy B (Oh): I remember, Tell Harry to give you my numbers

[20:58:35] mikej: busyb: That's true.

[20:58:35] Joe(WI): Mike, do you find that the Fish Manageries people are good

resources for info before getting on new water?

[20:58:40] Walstalker(mi): Mike what do you feel is your best method ? trolling,jigging

rigging etc

[20:58:44] mikej: busyb: I hope he does,too.

[20:58:52] gwalt(MI): Mike I teach a fishing class at the local state park to fifth grade

childern a great program for kids if your interested just e-mail for info.

[20:59:05] mikej: joe: I've not really worked with them. sounds like something I should


[20:59:21] mikej: walstalker: pulling spinners is my go-to bait.

[20:59:35] mikej: gwalt: too bad you're not in Minnesota!

[20:59:50] mikej: gwalt: any contacts up this way?

[21:00:14] Busy B (Oh): mikej: what is your e mail if you want to give it out

[21:00:15] Joe(WI): Mike, do you go to larger spinners on stained/dark water?

[21:00:19] gwalt(MI): There is a real need for fishing ed. in all the states to many kids

turning the wrong way.

[21:00:34] gwalt(MI): no not in your ares.

[21:00:37] mikej: bb: mikej@cpsmn.com

[21:01:14] mikej: joe: I use large spinners really only on the Great Lakes, on inland

lakes I'll probably go up to #4. Probably not much bigger than that.

[21:01:41] mikej: gwalt: I agree. I was at a kids fishing fair just last Saturday -- there

were close to 4000 people there.

[21:01:42] Walstalker(mi): do you tie your own spinners

[21:01:44] gwalt(MI): we've had 6000 people through prom since 95

[21:01:45] Fish-on: Your right about the kids, gwalt. I wish every pro would take some

time to work with kids.

[21:02:05] mikej: walstalker: Definitelyl!

[21:02:16] mikej: I like spinners longer than what you can buy them.

[21:02:18] Walstalker(mi): whose blades

[21:02:46] gwalt(MI): I really believe that professional fisherman can be role models for


[21:02:47] mikej: walstalker: Blades from Northland and Lakeland tackle.

[21:02:55] Lundman(Wi): do you use folded, or quick change clevis's?

[21:03:12] mikej: gwalt: I agree -- it's a family sport your kids can actually enjoy instead

of just watch.

[21:03:25] Busy B (Oh): Mike, it depends on weight your using, but we often find with

big blows we shorten up leads for more action with bounchers

[21:03:26] Dogfish (AZ): mikej: have you ever tried the hatchet shaped blades that are

supposed to give out more vibration?

[21:03:36] mikej: lundman: I use quick-change when I'm changing blades a lot. I think

you get a better spin out of a folded clevis.

[21:03:57] mikej: digfish: I haven't tried them yet. I've heard from a guy just last

weekend who said he loved them, and I'm going to get some to play with this year.

[21:04:30] sir walter: Mike, when bottom bouncing, how far back is your spinner from

bottom bouncer?

[21:04:46] mikej: sir walter: The spinner should be 5-6 feet back.

[21:04:46] rooster: are folded clevis's hard on line

[21:04:53] gwalt(MI): Mike do you think folded clevises wear on line more than quick


[21:05:16] mikej: rooster: I've never worried about that much. the line's in the water,

and the water is a lubricant -- and I change my spinners often.

[21:06:28] mikej: As to trolling rods --

[21:06:35] Dogfish (AZ): mikej: ever tied spinners with spider or gorilla braid for


[21:06:59] mikej: I like to tie a crank bait clip on my trolling rods before hooking up

weights, that way I can change to different weight systems and crank baits quickly.

[21:07:03] gwalt(MI): mike do you use any line counter reels?

[21:07:07] Walstalker(mi): what happens when spinners dont work whats #2 method

[21:07:18] mikej: dogfish - i've never tied snells with spider or gorilla braid. What are the


[21:07:28] mikej: gwalt: Yes -- I have Daiwa Line Counter Reels.

[21:07:48] gwalt(MI): do you use them with bottom bouncers

[21:07:53] mikej: walstalker: Depends on the situation. I'm very comfortable rigging,

jigging, and pulling cranks.

[21:07:54] rooster: Mike what are you feelings on spiral guide set ups

[21:08:14] Dogfish (AZ): mikej: the real thin stuff is almost invisible and you get better

feel for quick hooksets and no kinking

21:08:41] Walstalker(mi): good for you so many guys ca

[21:08:46] mikej: rooster: I really haven't tried spiral guides much. I do have one rod

with them, but I'm not too impressed with that rod.


[21:09:21] Busy B (Oh): Thanks for the talk mikej, Night and good LUCK

[21:09:34] Walstalker(mi): arent versatile enough to switch and die by one method

[21:09:57] mikej: walstalker: Fishing tournaments you have to be versatile. No one

method will work at all times in all places.

[21:10:01] Dogfish (AZ): normally only used when fishing spinners very deep and over

rocks - abrasion resistance good

[21:10:16] rooster: Thanks Mike good luck on tour

[21:10:18] mikej: You have to be prepared to experiment until lyou've figured out the


[21:10:20] gwalt(MI): Mike I've herd that pulling bottom bouncers are tougher on

graphite rods than glass any comment

[21:10:26] mikej: rooster: Thanks!

[21:10:53] mikej: gwalt: I use glass rods a lot - mainly with the rods in the rod holder. If I

feel it's necessary to feel the bite, I'll go to a graphite rod.

[21:10:55] Fish-on: gotta go Mike, thanks and have agood year.

[21:11:02] mikej: fish-on: thatnks for being here.

[21:11:03] sir walter: Mike, have a great season this year, and catch a lot of walleyes in

the PWT. thanks for the info on spinners, I learned a lot. Gotta run.

[21:11:08] Joe(WI): Thanks Mike, I think you have a good perspective on the Big

Picture of fishing and I think you will do very well in yrs. to come.

[21:11:27] mikej: Thanks for the encouragement, guys!

[21:11:35] mikej: This has been a real experience for me....

[21:11:59] mikej: One of the things I like best about the tournaments is the people I've

met there.

[21:12:05] mikej: Whattaguy!

[21:12:35] mikej: My wife (that'me) has been very supportive of my fishing. she kicks

me out if I stay home too long.

[21:12:43] Dogfish (AZ): Good luck Mike. thanks for your time

[21:13:06] mikej: Any questions, Harry? burning issues?

[21:13:08] Magic Marker: when you coming to erie to prefish?

[21:12:43] Dogfish (AZ): Good luck Mike. thanks for your time

[21:13:06] mikej: Any questions, Harry? burning issues?

[21:13:08] Magic Marker: when you coming to erie to prefish?

[21:13:33] mikej: magic marker: Are you volunteering? don't remember the dates, but I'll

be there the first day of pre-fish, 5 days before the tournament.

[21:13:37] gwalt(MI): mike how do you like the am. format

[21:14:00] mikej: gwalt: I like the pro-am format. Last year I drew several really good

amateurs, including Shelia Ryan of Walleye Central!

[21:14:31] hps: Outstanding job Mike now if we can the weather to coop.

[21:14:47] Magic Marker: i'll start fist good weekend, and then fish right on into june

[21:14:48] mikej: HPS: What, you don't want to fish in the snow?

[21:16:21] mikej: I had a great day fishing with Sheila. I knew I had a good partner,

when running out in the moring, in a decent chop, I looked over and she had her

hands on her knees - grinning away

[21:16:39] Don: fishtale(MT) Have you ever fished Nylon, Bean, Bynum, Wood Lake or

Willow Creek Resevoirs near Augusta?

[21:16:51] Sheila: Oh my gosh, and we caught nothing but walleye all afternoon!!

[21:17:00] mikej: I knew I liked you!

[21:17:14] gwalt(MI): how did you do at erie last year?

[21:17:18] mikej: We'll need a few more days like that this coming summer

[21:17:22] Sheila: I bragged on stage about you - member?

[21:17:32] mikej: gwalt: Didn't go to Erie last year -- St. Clair instead. I took 9th.

[21:17:43] Lundman(Wi): great job Mike, thanks for sharing some of what you know

with us, good luck on the tour this year!

[21:17:45] mikej: Sheila: I remember!

[21:17:56] mikej: lundman, thanks!

[21:18:06] Lundman(Wi): see ya next time

[21:18:17] Magic Marker: thanks mike

[21:19:02] mikej: I've tied 23 snell holders so far this winter, and after hearing BusyB's

comments, I think I have a few more to tie!

[21:19:04] gwalt(MI): Mike thanks for your time and advice, valuable stuff good luck

this year on pwt.

[21:19:12] mikej: Winters are long here, and there's not much to do...

[21:19:19] mikej: gwalt: Thanks a lot!

[21:19:56] Walstalker(mi): thanks Mike very interesting stuff stop in here again and let

us know how your doing

[21:19:58] jbeboatman: mike do you know pwt pro i sponser bill shovar of saginaw

[21:20:35] mikej: big john: I haven't fished Devil's Lake, but Harry won the PWT there

in .... 94?

[21:20:36] Walstalker(mi): good luck on tour this year

[21:20:44] mikej: walstalker: Thanks!

[21:20:56] ebijack (mi): is there any more questions for mike jensen?

[21:21:08] BIG JOHN: is harry on line tonight

[21:21:09] Jim (Canada): Are your fingers sore?

[21:21:15] mikej: Oooh yeah

[21:21:43] Born2Fish {mi}: are all your rods g loomis

[21:21:45] ebijack (mi): i'd like to thank mike and his wife for spending so much time

here tonight!!!

[21:21:50] shiner(sd): thanks for the info mike good luck!!

[21:21:53] mikej: (mike's wife) maybe I'll go for a back rub .....?

[21:21:56] ebijack (mi): real good chat!!!

[21:22:02] Jim (Canada): Thanks Mike... much appreciated...

[21:22:14] Jim (Canada): At least a 30 minute back rub for all that work...

[21:22:27] mikej: Jim: I knew I liked Canada!

[21:22:28] BIG JOHN: jimare you in canada now

[21:22:32] Sheila: Wait, Mike don't go, I just got here! Well, thanks anyway. Kick

walleye-butt this coming season!!

[21:22:39] Jim (Canada): Yes Big John... I am...

[21:22:51] BIG JOHN: where ?

[21:22:55] mikej: Sheila: Thanks . . .

[21:22:57] LS(nd): Thanks Mike...Good Luck ....

[21:23:07] RoyG(PA): thanks mike

[21:23:18] Jim (Canada): Hamilton Ontario.... about 30 minutes from Toronto, on the

western end of Lake Ontario.

[21:23:18] mikej: You guys were great -- thanks for your questions

[21:23:32] Born2Fish {mi}: thank you mike

[21:23:43] ebijack (mi): stick around mike and his personal typest

[21:23:43] Walstalker(mi): stop in anytime mike

[21:23:44] keith (MN): Thanks fror spending your evening with us

[21:23:55] mikej: Our pleasure

[21:24:03] Jim (Canada): Start rubbing mike... and maybe a glass of wine would hel....

[21:24:18] Jim (Canada): help...

[21:24:45] Jim (Canada): A question for Ms. Mikej.... how was the first year on the


[21:25:03] mikej: jim: It was exciting!

[21:25:18] mikej: To fish with the big names that are in there, and to at least hold my

head above water, felt good.


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