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[19:57:21] ebijack (mi): Please WELCOME....MIKE JENSEN the pwt walleye pro and

all around nice guy!!!!!

[19:57:23] Mike: Big Man -- just a rough one so far. Sounds like conditions are varying

a lot, so it's going to tak e awhile to put something together

[19:57:32] Mike: Thanks, Ebi

[19:57:44] prairiepillow: welcome Mike

[19:57:46] RoyG(PA): welcome MIKE!

[19:57:58] Mike: Hi

[19:57:59] LS(nd): welcome Mike

[19:57:59] big man (mich): welcome mikie

[19:58:05] Drift'r: welcome mike

[19:58:26] ebijack (mi): mike, could you tell us what you planned to do at leech, and


[19:58:39] Mike: I planned to catch fish!

[19:58:47] ebijack (mi): :)

[19:59:00] big man (mich): did you?

[19:59:05] Mike: No, really , I planned to cover a lot of territory and look at different


[19:59:21] Mike: but unfortunatley fishing was quite off -- and so was my finish

[19:59:33] Mike: Big Man - I finished 78th

[19:59:45] Mike: It was a tough bite with ROUGH weather

[20:00:00] Mike: The fish kept moving, and the patterns that looked successful kept


[20:00:31] ebijack (mi): did you have a big fish pattern at all mike

[20:00:54] Mike: No - nothing big. My biggest fish was about 4.5 lbs in pre-fishing

[20:01:24] Mike: The fish were inactive and were on the move, at least in the areas I

was fishing

[20:01:49] Mike: I fished deep during most of the tournament, which must have been a

mistake. I thought the deeper fish

[20:01:56] big man (mich): who won the tourney mike

[20:01:57] Mike: would be less affected by the cold fronts that rolled through

[20:02:05] Mike: Pete Harsh won it

[20:02:19] ebijack (mi): mike, you work with another pwt guy to help put together


[20:02:35] Mike: Yes - I work with two other guys.

[20:04:01] ebijack (mi): mike, what do you do when like on lake erie the mayfly hatch is

going on

[20:04:26] prairiepillow: were you live bait fishing Mike

[20:04:34] Inktomi: what is a kevorkian spoon?

[20:04:35] Mike: Ebijack, I've not fished Erie when there's been a big hatch.

[20:04:59] Mike: Prairie: I used lead core and pulled crank baits in deeper water

[20:05:09] Mike: A kevorkian spoon???

[20:05:36] ebijack (mi): mike, what was the winning pattern

[20:05:39] Mike: If you've got a 'deadly' spoon, I could use it for Oahe

[20:05:45] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:05:48] walleye42<}}><<: do you go to the smaller lure's when the mayfly hatch is on

[20:06:07] Mike: Pete Harsh was either rigging or pulling spinners on a deep hump.

[20:06:30] Mike: Walleye42: I don't change things that much during a hatch, although I

may downsize crankbaits or live bait a bit

[20:06:46] LS(nd): Mike, what tactics will be used at Oahe?

[20:07:13] Mike: LS: I think the winning pattern will be a deep trolling with spinners or

cranks around the smelt schools

[20:07:36] Mike: But I think the bite will be inconsistent and I think you'll need a quick

'limit' spot to do well

[20:08:09] LS(nd): Big weights at Oahe?

[20:08:22] Mike: Oahe's conditions are such that any number of different tactics could

pull out a good finish

[20:08:24] ebijack (mi): mike, how are you going to approch oahe without giving away

your real plans

[20:08:43] Mike: LS: Could be -- I don't know that it's going to be as high as some

people are predicting

[20:08:57] Mike: Ebi: I plan to #@$^%&RJSRTHSRJTSRTJ

[20:09:07] prairiepillow: lol

[20:09:13] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:09:22] Mike: Ebi, I really am looking forward to Oahe - sounds like we'll catch a lot

of fish.

[20:10:34] racer: with the water level dropping from last year and the water temp being

as cold as it is lots of short fish and very sporadic large fish are a problem this year

[20:10:41] Mike: I think my Pinpoint positioning system will be a valuable tool

[20:10:55] ebijack (mi): mike, do you prefer that everyone catches alot of fish in a

tourney or prefer to have it a tough tourney where only a few fish are brought in

[20:10:58] Mike: racer- that's what I've been hearing

[20:11:29] racer: that's what i have been finding out first hand

[20:11:36] Mike: Ebi- I prefer it when we're catching fish. It's hard to keep your

concentration during tough bite tournaments

[20:12:10] ebijack (mi): mike i believe you like the pro/am tourneys the best

[20:12:15] Mike: Racer, how were you fishing out there?

[20:12:41] Mike: Ebi, yeah - I really like the pro-am format, although it's fun to fish a

team tournament everyone once in a while with a good friend.

[20:12:56] Mike: I've had some great amateurs, and I've met some great people.

[20:13:17] Mike: I still keep in contact with some of the amateurs I met years ago

[20:13:24] racer: have tried every thing jigs & minnows jigs and leachs spinners cranks

nothing is very consistant at the moment

[20:13:58] Mike: Racer: That's what I've been hearing. Seems like the fish are moving

and changing depths and kinds of structure on a daily basis

[20:15:30] LS(nd): Mike, what boat do you run?

[20:15:32] racer: yes have fished from the face of the dam to about bushes landing the

cheynne is about as consistant as any where at the moment seeing water temps on the

surface from mid 50's to 70s back in the bays

[20:15:38] ebijack (mi): mike, you said your pin point will really help, do you troll more

with the pin point than the kicker

[20:16:02] Mike: LS I run a Ranger 692 with a Merc 175EFI and a 9.9 4-stroke

[20:16:33] Mike: Ebi, I typically use the kicker when I'm pulling spinners or cranks.

When I'm jigging or rigging, then I jump up n the Pinpoint

[20:16:40] gwalt(MI): mike how do you like the tourney trail so far?

[20:17:07] Mike: gwalt: I'm enjoying it, but I'd like it better if I were sitting higher in the


[20:17:40] gwalt(MI): you still have time you can catch up the next two

[20:17:49] Mike: racer - Cheyenne will be a crowded area

[20:18:11] Mike: gwalt - oh yeah. We're only half way through, and I only need to gain

about 11 spots to go to the championship

[20:18:55] racer: what really confuses me is that around the mouth of the cheynne this

week we were seeing a thermo cline line around 26 to 30 feet and reports of numerous

salmon being caught in the cheynne means lots of cold water still around....

[20:18:59] gwalt(MI): mike have fished Oahe before?

[20:19:20] Mike: gwalt, I was out there last fall, and a few times a few years back

[20:19:34] LS(nd): How long have you been fishing the PWT, Mike?

[20:19:49] Mike: Although I've not fished many tournaments on the Missouri reservoirs,

I think I can do better on them this year than I did at Ft Peck last year

[20:19:54] gwalt(MI): the way I understand it theres a good spinner bite there

[20:20:05] Mike: LS: this is my second year a full-circuit pro

[20:20:23] Mike: gwalt - it sounds like a lot of fish, but not necessarily a lot of big fish.

They'll be the challenge to catch

[20:20:56] gwalt(MI): have you noticed that the fish usually school according to size?

[20:21:26] Mike: gwalt: I feel that the smaller fish have a tendency to school up more,

and that the bigger fish, at least on Minnesota lakes, have a tendency to be loners

[20:22:10] racer: how much prefishing do you plan for oahe

[20:22:15] gwalt(MI): have you ever tried trolling cranks out there?

[20:22:33] Mike: racer - I'll be out there tomorrow, and I'll fish the five allowed

pre-fishing days

[20:23:01] Mike: gwalt: I've done some crank bait trolling on the western Missouri

reservoirs, with some success

[20:23:16] Mike: I feel that I'm stronger at pulling cranks, though

[20:23:58] gwalt(MI): mike how does it compare to the great lakes? easier or tougher?

[20:24:35] racer: cool well from there you can go about any where i have a 690 and

run from there clear up in the cheyenne

[20:24:35] Mike: gwalt, I think in some aspects, there are some similarities between Erie

and Oahe, although the average fish would be bigger on Erie

[20:24:42] ILOCKDOORS: what exactly is "fizzing" a fish and is it legal in tournament

action,always,sometimes,or NOT!

[20:25:14] Mike: ilockdoors_ as far as Im' aware of, no states that I'm aware of are

banning fizzing.

[20:25:56] Mike: In fizzing a fish, you stick a large hypodermic needle in front of and off

the side from the anal vent to relieve air pressure in the air bladder

[20:26:05] Mike: It relieves 'the bends.'

[20:26:22] ebijack (mi): mike, how many times during the season do you find that the

fish you found in prefish are still there for the tourney

[20:26:30] gwalt(MI): mike do you prefer any particular size spinner blade and what


[20:26:45] Mike: ebijack, not often enough! It depends on the type of system you're


[20:27:03] Mike: It seems like the fish move more in the Great Lakes and in the

reservoirs than on natural lakes.

[20:27:41] Mike: gwalt: I experiment a lot with all different sizes and colors, probably

with 3's and 4's and hammered silver

[20:27:47] gwalt(MI): do you use different size depending on the time of year?

[20:28:09] Mike: gwalt: More so due to the type of lake. Larger blades are used where

I expect to catch larger fish.

[20:28:24] Mike: Sometimes in cold front conditions, I'll drop to a really small blade.

[20:28:35] LS(nd): Mike, can you give us a idea on how you approach a lake during


[20:28:57] Mike: LS: , #1, I get maps of the area, as many good maps as I can find

[20:29:15] Mike: Then, I study the maps. Different maps have different detail, and

some are better in different areas.

[20:29:34] Mike: Leech lake was a prime example. The Lake Maps map had the reefs

spelled out in better detail

[20:29:41] ebijack (mi): mike, do you use the pin point system with the lcd’s

[20:29:54] Mike: while the HotSpots really listed more fishing spots than showed exact


[20:30:22] Mike: Ebi, yes. The clarity on the LCD is phenomenal.

[20:30:47] gwalt(MI): mike when you prefish do you return to areas every day to check

on the fish or do you locate them and then leave them alone?

[20:30:54] Drift'r: Tell us about the electronics you use

[20:31:26] Mike: More on preparation, I study the maps and check with the locals and

others for ideas on spots to start.

[20:32:03] Mike: drift’r: I've got a Genetron GT9, a Lowrance X85, a GlobalMap 2000,

PinPoint Positioning Motor and LCD.

[20:32:34] Mike: gwalt: I don't like to burn out my pre-fishing spots. I'll run over the

spots once I know they're there, but I may not stop and fish them again.

[20:33:20] gwalt(MI): do you find the locals very helpful?

[20:32:34] Mike: gwalt: I don't like to burn out my pre-fishing spots. I'll run over the

spots once I know they're there, but I may not stop and fish them again.

[20:33:20] gwalt(MI): do you find the locals very helpful?

[20:33:45] gwalt(MI): or do you sometime recieve disinformation?

[20:33:48] Mike: gwalt: Local information can be very important, but I try to stay away

from 'community spots,' although sometimes you're forced to fish them

[20:34:17] Mike: gwalt: There are a lot of games being played out there that don't have

anything to do with fish during a tournament

[20:34:36] ebijack (mi): mike, what is your "go to " lure when all else fails

[20:34:50] gwalt(MI): are you part of the ranger fishing team?

[20:34:58] Mike: Ebi, my goto's are spinners.

[20:35:01] LS(nd): Mike, how do you & your partners split up the lake for pre-fishing?

[20:35:09] Mike: gwalt, Yes I am and I'm very proud of it.

[20:35:30] gwalt(MI): do you share info with other team members?

[20:35:39] Mike: LS: Somewhat, but we all have different strengths, and we try to

utilize those strengths rather than divide up the lake

[20:35:56] Mike: gwalt: Yes

[20:37:06] ebijack (mi): mike, if after day one goes by, and you hear about someone on

fish and the way they are fishing, do you try to copy that technique

[20:37:12] Mike: About sharing information, it seems like when you get more than a

couple of guys together, you each have strengths to build on

[20:38:01] Mike: Ebijack, I hate it when people move in on me, so I will not move in on

the leaders. I may take that information and try to use it elsewhere, but not with their


[20:38:43] gwalt(MI): mike do you a dead rod very often?

[20:38:59] ebijack (mi): mike, are you moving up to the new bigger ranger boat

[20:39:04] gwalt(MI): and if so when is it most effective?

[20:39:15] Mike: gwalt: in Minnesota, we're only allowed to fish with one line, so I can't

do that here. I do plan on using it in Oahe.

[20:39:43] Mike: Ebi, I don't know what my next Ranger will be. The 20 footer does

sound tempting, but I like my 692.

[20:40:19] Drift'r: what is a dead rod

[20:40:23] HPS: Hi guys

[20:40:26] Rod in hand: How often do you change boats.... what prompts you to?

[20:40:51] Mike: Dead rodding can be very effective on a number of bodies of water.

Dead rodding is putting a rod in the rod holder with a jig or a rig at the desired depth.

[20:41:01] Mike: The main thing is the rod is in the rod holder, not in your hand.

[20:41:09] gwalt(MI): mike have you heard any more the divided circuit next year and if

so will you fish the great lakes side?

[20:41:30] Mike: rod in hand: I have been changing boats every couple of years but

I'm hoping to do it more frequently .

[20:42:16] Mike: gwalt: They haven't announced the tournament sites, althought they

have indiciated they should have some announcement next week. Until I see the sites,

and hear what else is going on, I won't decide.

[20:42:53] gwalt(MI): I heard that linwood is going to be one of the sites right by my


[20:43:12] Mike: gwalt: Where's that? Saginaw?

[20:43:18] gwalt(MI): yup

[20:43:36] Mike: gwalt: I'd love to go back to Saginaw.

[20:44:05] gwalt(MI): you know where I am if you need info about the bay mj

[20:44:18] Mike: gwalt, I like all the Great Lakes. This was my first tournament on Erie,

and it was exciting.

[20:44:29] Mike: gwalt: I'll remember that!!

[20:45:19] gwalt(MI): do you wash your crawlers and store them in ice water or in


[20:45:57] Mike: gwalt: I leave them in bedding and try to keep them cold. There's

something about grooming a worm that I've never understood....



[20:46:36] Mike: Big Eye: Is Rick here?

[20:46:54] Mike: Big Eye: No, really, what are the weather conditions like?

[20:46:59] ebijack (mi): mike, do you prefer to fish reservours or the great lakes

[20:48:01] ebijack (mi): and why mike

[20:48:04] Mike: Ebi: They're each fun to fish, and they're challenging. I enjoy them

both. Reservoirs are ever-changing


[20:48:25] Mike: Great Lakes have such awesome size and numbers of fish

[20:48:53] Mike: Big Eye: Where will you be going out of? I'm hearing that deeper

water out of Loraine are producing well.

[20:49:13] Mike: Big Eye: e-mail BusyB, and I'm sure he'll have the latest info for you


[20:49:48] Mike: Big Eye: I"m not familiar with that location. BusyB really has the


[20:50:29] gwalt(MI): mike does it seem that the trollers are catching bigger fish then

the guys jigging?


[20:50:58] Mike: gwalt: It depends on the system. I bet on Oahe, they probably will.

[20:51:02] gwalt(MI): what line do you use for trolling?

[20:52:23] ebijack (mi): mike, do you look for current anytime it's available

[20:52:35] Mike: gwalt: it seems like on the great lakes, often the trollers do catch the

bigger fish. In the inland lakes, the riggers and jiggers have the advantage - witness

Pete Harsh's win.

[20:52:47] gwalt(MI): when fishing a tourney do you first try to get your limit and then

move to up grade or do you go to the bigger fish right away?

[20:53:11] Mike: Ebijack, I like to use the current in areas where it's available. It helps

to dictate where the fish will be. I look for current and try to use it to my advantage.

[20:53:16] racer: our biggest problem this year is the unstable weather we need 5 to 6

days of high pres with some stable temps

[20:53:38] Mike: gwalt: Yes - a limit is the first objective in any tournament, and in some

tournaments, like Erie, catching numbers of fish is really the key.

[20:53:57] Mike: racer: I agree. it has been a strange spring, with the warmth early and

windy and rainy ever since.

[20:54:31] gwalt(MI): did you say what line you use mike for trolling and jigging ?

[20:54:40] Mike: The surface water temperature last week on Mille Lacs for the Wave

Wacker was five degrees cooler than it was opening weekend, a month earlier.

[20:54:45] racer: heck it snowed last 7 to 10 days ago less than 100 miles from oahe

[20:55:27] Mike: gwalt: I use 10 pound Berkly XT for trolling. For r/jigging, I use 6


[20:55:45] Mike: racer: Oh joy.

[20:55:51] gwalt(MI): have you tried fireline?

[20:56:08] Mike: Maybe I should bring my long underwear - I sure could have used in

on Leech!

[20:56:18] racer: week ago friday my boat cover froze solid... really fun

[20:56:28] Mike: gwalt: I haven't used Fireline too much. I try to keep it simple.

[20:56:31] Drift'r: Brrrrrr

[20:56:40] Mike: racer>> you win! That's really tough.

[20:57:55] gwalt(MI): did you approach leech any differently then you would a full three

day tourney since it was shortened to 2 days?

[20:58:28] Mike: gwalt: Not particularly. I think, actually, missing the first day of the

tournament hurt me in that the fish we'd found the day before had moved by the time

we were able to get to them.

[21:01:33] gwalt(MI): mj have you ever fished an aluminum boat ?

[21:02:04] Mike: Gwalt. Not for many years. I had a Crestliner in 1988 or so, but I'm sold

on Ranger quality.

[21:02:29] gwalt(MI): what sold you on the ranger?

[21:03:00] Mike: I'm really pleased on the extra amount of storage in the 692. And the

Ranger is a well-built, great-looking, and well-designed.

[21:03:27] gwalt(MI): how about ride and fish abilitiy

[21:03:39] Mike: I also find the Ranger organization very easy to work with.

[21:03:54] racer: mike if the weather stabilizes this week the crank baits bite should get

very good in the cheyenne since the water temp there is nearly ideal right now we

always look for 68 or 69 water temp and wind blown mudlines and run the 10 to 12 ft

stuff on the

[21:04:00] ebijack (mi): mike, what's been your best trolling crank this year

[21:04:19] Mike: gwalt: The ride is great, smooth and dry.

[21:04:33] Mike: Thanks Racer - I'll look for that.

[21:05:12] gwalt(MI): mike after fishing lake erie do you feel the ranger is deep enough

for the big waters?

[21:05:19] Mike: Ebijack, I like Thundersticks. Particularly the Tennessee shad color.

[21:05:48] Mike: gwalt: I felt very comfortable in my Ranger. The last day of the

tournament was the roughest day we were out there, and I felt it handled well.

[21:07:02] gwalt(MI): mike have you had a chance to fish the lightening shad yet?

[21:07:14] Mike: gwalt: No - have you?

[21:07:30] gwalt(MI): not yet they sure look nice tho.

[21:08:31] Mike: I'm leaving in the morning, too. I'm stopping at Cabela's new store on

the way out to SD.

[21:10:18] Mike: gwalt: I like the St. Croix 'S' glass series rods for trolling, in the 7 and 8

foot range.

[21:12:22] ebijack (mi): i'd like to thank mike for hosting tonight!

[21:13:17] gwalt(MI): thanks mj

[21:13:30] racer: thanx for the good seminar mike good luck on the oahe...have fun in

the cowboy bars....lol

[21:14:11] gwalt(MI): a huge success

[21:21:24] Mike: Thanks, everybody. It's been fun.

[21:21:50] gwalt(MI): good luck i'll be watching on in-fish .com

[21:21:50] LS(nd): good luck at oahe Mike.....thanks for the info.

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