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Mike Jensen Chat 

[20:01:39] ebijack (mi): Please Welcome our host tonight..MIKE

JENSEN from the PWT!!!!!!!!!!

[20:01:55] Swat 1(OH): Welcome aboard Mike

[20:01:56] Woody: welcome mik

[20:02:00] Eyeman (IN): hi Mike

[20:02:01] mikej (mn): Thanks, Ebi. Deb's here now. . .

[20:02:05] Canadian Loon: hello Mike

[20:02:07] Woody: and Deb

[20:02:08] ebijack (mi): howdy and welcome MIKE!!!

[20:02:12] mikej (mn): Hi,everyone <<Deb>>

[20:02:14] Drift'r: hi mike

[20:02:19] Canadian Loon: hello Deb

[20:02:21] Drift'r: hi deb

[20:02:22] ebijack (mi): howdy mrs jensen :)

[20:02:26] Eyeman (IN): Hi Deb

[20:02:27] Swat 1(OH): Thanks Deb. :-)

[20:02:29] mikej (mn): Hi, Loon. We like Loons here!

[20:02:36] sundance: what will the topic be for tonight?

[20:02:41] sundance: hello deb

[20:02:44] Canadian Loon: Have em all over my house

[20:03:00] mikej (mn): Topic is open - is everyone getting good fish

with this warm weather?

[20:03:01] ebijack (mi): open topic, just ask mike !!! :)

[20:03:13] Canadian Loon: Don't see many in Michigan tho. :-(

[20:03:23] mikej (mn): In a normal year, they'd be ice fishing on

Mille Lacs by now.

[20:03:39] mikej (mn): But this year, we can still take a boat out. Go


[20:03:43] Eyeman (IN): but this year sun stroke :-)

[20:04:00] mikej (mn): Indeed - we got all the benefit of El Nino up

here in Minnesota

[20:04:09] Swat 1(OH): Is there much of a trolling bite on Mill Lacs at

any time of year, mike?

[20:04:17] Woody: Mike, are you running both the east and west

next year??

[20:04:26] sundance: do you think the walleye are starting to stage

in lake erie?

[20:04:44] mikej (mn): Swat, trolling crank baits is a factor early in

the year and late in the year, particularly late at night

[20:04:50] mikej (mn): Spinners work well all year.

[20:05:07] mikej (mn): Woody, yes, it's my intention to fish both

divisions of the PWT next year

[20:05:32] Woody: Mike, do you think you will like the new format

[20:05:34] Eyeman (IN): what if any differance will the east and west

Divisions make in the Pwt in you opinion ???

[20:05:40] mikej (mn): Sundance, the way it looks, they've been

staging for a month or better, Look at the catches out of Huron

when we had the get-together!

[20:06:09] mikej (mn): Eyeman: I think both the divisions are going

to be quite similar. There are some lakes with weed bite. Each div

has a river, etc.

[20:06:24] Canadian Loon: Was fishing smallmouth that week in

colchester guess I should of been on the south end of erie

[20:06:24] Swat 1(OH): What is your opinion of the Erie tourney

only being able to fish MI water next year mike

[20:06:27] mikej (mn): I'm looking forward to the FIRST one the

most. Just because it's first.

[20:07:00] mikej (mn): Swat: I hadn't heard what the boundaries

were going to be for the Detroit tournament. We'll fish the waters

we can.

[20:07:38] Swat 1(OH): Maybe it is just rumor but I heard that only MI

waters will be able to be used.

[20:07:59] mikej (mn): Swat, that could be -- I just hadn't heard.

[20:08:04] Eyeman (IN): have you gotten your new boat yet ??? Are

you going to rig any differently then last year ???

[20:08:08] sundance: would jigging work right now, as well as

trolling is?

[20:08:18] mikej (mn): Eyeman: I'm still working on that.

[20:08:24] Swat 1(OH): If not it would make for an awfully long run to

the slot....

[20:08:25] mikej (mn): Sundance: Where?

[20:08:39] sundance: erie

[20:08:48] mikej (mn): Swat, what slot?

[20:09:12] Swat 1(OH): West sister to Middle bass

[20:09:15] mikej (mn): Sundance: I guess I haven't fished Erie

enough to be able to tell what will work and when. Harry, what do

you think?

[20:09:49] mikej (mn): Swat, I doubt we'll be able to go that far.

Seems like the PWT has put boundaries closer to the weigh-in


[20:10:14] mikej (mn): Swat, I'll be surprised if we can fish Erie at all,

because it's a Detroit River tournament.

[20:10:45] sundance: would jigging be as good as trolling right now

in erie ?

[20:10:54] mikej (mn): I bet if we can fish any of the Lakes, it would

be St. Clair.

[20:10:58] Swat 1(OH): I think trolling is the better presentation now

because the fish are not relating to structure yet. They are staging

in the deeper water to feed and make the run in the spring.

[20:11:18] mikej (mn): Swat: Sounds like an articulate definition of

the situation.

[20:11:47] HPS: I've done well in the Kelly isl. at this time of the year


[20:11:48] mikej (mn): How many of you made it to the get together

at Huron Harbor?

[20:11:54] Swat 1(OH): when the water cools further and the fish are

on structure it will become more of an entity to jig for them

[20:12:06] Eyeman (IN): I did

[20:12:16] mikej (mn): HPS- you do well EVERYWHERE with a jig

[20:12:43] Canadian Loon: :-( missed it Mike was fishing Horoky's

smallmouth in colchester that week..lol

[20:12:47] HPS: Gee Thanks!!

[20:13:02] mikej (mn): Loon -- but Horoky was there . . . !

[20:13:09] Canadian Loon: I know I know

[20:13:10] ebijack (mi): mike, how did you enjoy the walleyecentral

get together at huron this past nov

[20:13:17] mikej (mn): We had a great time. Great bunch of guys.

[20:13:33] mikej (mn): And gals. Gals too. Sorry, Shelia.

[20:13:42] Eyeman (IN): I take that as a you will be back next year

then ???

[20:14:09] mikej (mn): Eyeman: You betcha. I think next year we

should have a big fish fry as a get together to meet more of the

people ...

[20:14:32] Swat 1(OH): That would be a great idea

[20:14:36] Eyeman (IN): Sounds ok where you going to get the fish


[20:14:40] sundance: i think so to.

[20:14:42] Eyeman (IN): :-)

[20:14:57] Steve (IA): Do I have to fish to come to the fish fry?

[20:15:13] Swat 1(OH): Fish market right down the street. ;-))

[20:15:23] mikej (mn): I'd be willing to bring the fryer and do the

cooking (and he's a GOOD cook, guys -- Deb).

[20:15:27] sundance: long john silvers.

[20:15:42] mikej (mn): Swat, I don't think fish to fry will be a problem.

Not with the weights we saw this year.

[20:15:45] ebijack (mi): that's what harry keeps saying :)

[20:15:55] Swat 1(OH): I agree!

[20:16:20] HPS: Yes he can cook!!!

[20:16:26] mikej (mn): Swat, do you know of a good place in Huron

where we can have the fish fry?

[20:16:40] Swat 1(OH): To bad those pre breaded filets don't weigh

that much.

[20:16:44] mikej (mn): I was thinking maybe the parking lot next to

Huron Public Dock (?? is that the right place??)

[20:16:44] Doc (wi): someone mention food?

[20:16:54] mikej (mn): Where Busy-B kept his boat...

[20:17:04] mikej (mn): Doc -- breaded and deep fried

[20:17:12] Doc (wi): mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

[20:17:25] Doc (wi): beer batter?

[20:17:36] sundance: right at the park where we met for the tourney.

[20:17:38] Swat 1(OH): That would be one place we could also

have it in the park at the boat basin. That time of year there isn't

much pedestrian traffic to worry about

[20:17:52] mikej (mn): Sundance - yeah, that's what I was thinking

[20:18:07] Eyeman (IN): your making me hungry !!!!!!!!!!!

[20:18:29] sundance: that would be out of the way of the main


[20:18:51] mikej (mn): Sheila, we're talking food -- fish fry for next


[20:19:26] Doc (wi): mike whats your specialty

[20:19:36] ebijack (mi): in food or fish :)

[20:19:40] Sheila: I'm game to help in the fry

[20:19:44] Doc (wi): fishing

[20:19:50] Swat 1(OH): COme to think of it Busy has a galley on his

boat doesn't he?

[20:19:50] ebijack (mi): chef mike

[20:19:54] mikej (mn): Doc -- I consider pulling spinners to be one

of my stronger points

[20:20:02] mikej (mn): Swat - at least one, I think

[20:20:06] sundance: lol

[20:20:17] mikej (mn): Chef Mike's speciality is BBQ ribs

[20:20:23] Doc (wi): any tips for shallow

[20:20:31] Doc (wi): water

[20:20:40] mikej (mn): Doc: Where -- and what type of structure?

[20:20:47] mikej (mn): Water is good

[20:20:55] Doc (wi): little bay de noc

[20:21:04] Doc (wi): sand etc

[20:21:12] mikej (mn): Doc - that's one body of water I have never

fished, but I'm really looking forward to it. Harry?

[20:21:13] Doc (wi): rapid river area early

[20:21:21] Canadian Loon: spinners work great in sand bays early

in the spring

[20:21:41] mikej (mn): Doc - pitching jigs towards the shore line

typically works in current

[20:21:59] Doc (wi): not much current there

[20:22:15] mikej (mn): Loon, for pulling spinners in real cold water,

I'd go with real small blades

[20:22:27] Doc (wi): I had trouble getting the spinner to the right depth


[20:22:29] mikej (mn): Doc - rapid river but not much current?

[20:22:31] HPS: casting cranks around scattered weeds on sand

works great

[20:22:45] Swat 1(OH): On the inner bay try throwing shallow Shad

baits by Rapala into the shallows and a slow retrieve

[20:23:01] mikej (mn): Doc: the key to pulling spinners is having

enough weight so you can feel the bottom and try not to vary your

depths too much.

[20:23:08] Doc (wi): yup mike big flat area

[20:23:09] Canadian Loon: worked great for you on Devils Harry?

[20:23:23] Doc (wi): pulling with the bow mount

[20:23:39] Doc (wi): split shot?

[20:23:40] HPS: It works here on Oahe too!!

[20:23:44] mikej (mn): Doc, in really shallow water, I'd pull them with

the bow mount

[20:23:49] mikej (mn): How's fishing been, Harry?

[20:23:59] sundance: mike,what is your favorite presentation,jig

crank spinner???

[20:24:21] mikej (mn): Sundance: I typically try spinners first,

because you can cover a lot of water.

[20:24:30] mikej (mn): Cranks are also good for coverage

[20:24:30] Canadian Loon: do you have a preference in spinners or

do you tie your own?

[20:24:45] mikej (mn): When I've nailed the fish down, then I switch

over to a jig or a rig

[20:24:45] HPS: The fish here are starting to go , 9 in two hrs

yesterday 2-6 #

[20:25:01] sundance: do you cast or troll the spinners??

[20:25:06] mikej (mn): Loon, I tie all my own snells. They don't sell

'em as long as I like to tie them - right Harry?

[20:25:28] Swat 1(OH): How long do you like them, mike

[20:25:29] mikej (mn): Sundance: I always troll spinners

[20:25:33] Canadian Loon: I run usually 6 to 7 ft snells for most of

my pulling

[20:25:35] Steve (IA): Mike, how deep do feel you can pull


[20:25:39] ebijack (mi): how long do you make them mike

[20:25:42] HPS: right on Bubba

[20:25:52] mikej (mn): Swat, I like to tie them at about 10' feet. I can

always shorten them up in the boat, but it's hard to make them

longer. . . :)

[20:26:05] mikej (mn): Steve, I've pulled spinners as deep as 45-50


[20:26:22] Rx Fish: what lb test do you use for leader Mike or do

you use fire line?

[20:26:25] sundance: what type of blades??

[20:26:32] Steve (IA): How much weight did it take to keep them

down that deep?

[20:26:47] Lundman(Wi): Mike, how do you keep a snell that long

from bouncing, or riding, right on the bottom?

[20:26:53] ebijack (mi): slow down folks, let mike and deb get the

answers out

[20:26:55] Canadian Loon: I keep hearing about these silver plated

blades..any truth that they give off more flash? and if so where can

you buy them? can't seem to find any

[20:26:57] mikej (mn): Rx, I use 10-lb XT for all my snells, although

next year I'm going to start experimenting with some of the

florocarbon (sp?) lines

[20:27:14] mikej (mn): Sundance, i use all kinds of blades, from all

mfgs and sizes

[20:27:30] mikej (mn): Steve, to run them that deep, I'd use a 3-4

ounce Bottom Bounder

[20:27:40] Rx Fish: double hooks or single Mike?

[20:28:00] mikej (mn): Lundman, if I'm using a bottom bouncer and

it's a snaggy bottom, I'll run the snells long, but I'll put floats in

amongst the beads

[20:28:02] mikej (mn): thanks Ebi

[20:28:08] mikej (mn): Please repeat those we missed

[20:28:15] Lundman(Wi): Thanks....

[20:28:22] mikej (mn): Rx, I always tie double snell for crawlers

[20:28:42] Swat 1(OH): Single or treble or a mix?

[20:28:46] mikej (mn): Rx, on lakes with a lot of snags, I usually use

plain snell hooks

[20:28:52] sundance: what kind of colors would you prefer for the


[20:29:05] Rx Fish: thanks mike

[20:29:06] mikej (mn): On lakes where the fish are suspended or

there are not a lot of snags, I use trebles as the end hook

[20:29:21] Rx Fish: you are typing better tonight than last nite mike


[20:29:26] Swat 1(OH): Ditto

[20:29:29] mikej (mn): Sundance, I experiment a lot with colors

[20:29:35] mikej (mn): Rx he has a ghost typist

[20:29:58] Canadian Loon: Mike I keep hearing about these silver

plated blades? Any truth in that they give off more flash and if so

where do you get them?

[20:30:06] mikej (mn): Sundance, my favorite colors are flour. red

and hammered silver

[20:30:38] mikej (mn): Loon: I think they give off more of a flash,

that's why they're one of my favorites. But I think in real muddy

water you're better off going with florescent colors

[20:30:52] mikej (mn): Although someone told me to try black and

purple in muddy water, and I'm going to try it next year

[20:31:02] Rx Fish: what mm beads on spinners mike?

[20:31:13] Swat 1(OH): Works great on Saginaw bay mike

[20:31:20] Canadian Loon: do real well on Saginaw with purple, but

it's rarely muddy out there

[20:31:21] mikej (mn): Rx, for inland lakes, I stick with smaller

beads, like 3-4 mm

[20:31:28] mikej (mn): On Great Lakes, I'll go bigger than that.

[20:31:58] mikej (mn): Loon - I'm *really* looking forward to going to

Saginaw. I was there 2 years ago and enjoyed it.

[20:32:15] Canadian Loon: live just south of there..great fishery

[20:32:22] mikej (mn): Loon, lucky dog

[20:32:44] Rx Fish: Mike with long leaders how do you store them?

[20:32:48] Canadian Loon: live just north of Erie so can't


[20:33:01] mikej (mn): Rx, I use Tackle Tamers and wind and wind

and wind and wind and . . .

[20:33:12] mikej (mn): I use the big Tackle Tamers quite a bit.

[20:33:17] Lundman(Wi): :-)

[20:33:19] sundance: mike do you also use the fire line for your


[20:33:28] Rx Fish: thanks

[20:33:35] mikej (mn): Sundance - I . . .yi yi yi... don't use Fireline

much . . .

[20:33:50] mikej (mn): I am going to set some reels up next year

with Fireline to get cranks deeper

[20:33:53] sundance: sorry bad question.

[20:34:06] mikej (mn): There are no bad questions. Only indiscrete


[20:34:14] sundance: lol.

[20:34:48] mikej (mn): I don't think we'll be able to fish that area - it'll

be inside the bay from there, but THANKS

[20:34:49] Canadian Loon: have a tendancy too rip the single snell

hooks out with fire line running spinners shallow

[20:35:29] mikej (mn): Loon, that's one of the problems with Fireline.

Without stretch, it breaks or you can rip the hooks out

[20:36:05] sundance: what do preferably use mike?

[20:36:15] mikej (mn): Loon, also with Fireline, you have to go to a

lighter action rod to not rip the hooks out

[20:36:34] Swat 1(OH): Fire line just doesn't have the stretch that

mono does and stretch equals forgiveness with a fish that wants to


[20:36:36] mikej (mn): Sundance, I have always liked 10-lb XT.

Harry likes to go heavier than that on the Great Lakes

[20:36:39] Canadian Loon: good advice

[20:36:49] mikej (mn): Swat, you got that right.

[20:37:01] Rx Fish: Mike do you use colored hooks at all on


[20:37:14] Canadian Loon: Just carry extra rods :-)

[20:37:20] mikej (mn): Rx, I don't think hook color makes much

difference on spinners, at least from what I've seen.

[20:37:29] mikej (mn): Loon - and why would that be?

[20:37:44] mikej (mn): I already carry too many rods in the boat as it


[20:38:11] Eyeman (IN): How many is too many Mike ???

[20:38:12] mikej (mn): Whatever works!

[20:38:32] mikej (mn): Sheila -- nice photos from Huron -- and

article -- <<Deb>>

[20:38:50] mikej (mn): Eyeman -- I carry at times 20 rods or so

[20:38:52] Sheila: thanks. no problem

[20:39:03] ebijack (mi): yeah, nice shot of you out on that calm water

mike :)

[20:39:06] mikej (mn): I guess I'll have to learn to fish

[20:39:17] mikej (mn): That was Deb, guys, not Mike saying that

[20:39:36] Steve (IA): Mike, you start with 10' snells... what is the

most common length you end up fishing with?

[20:39:40] mikej (mn): Ebi, yeah, we pulled up next to the water to

take those pictures

[20:40:00] mikej (mn): Steve, I only shorten them when I have to, so

most of the time I stay with 10'

[20:40:20] sundance: maybe surfed in but you didn't pull in.

[20:40:34] mikej (mn): Fishing Mille Lacs Lake as much as I do, you

end up being a finesse angler and going with long snells and

small hooks

[20:40:52] mikej (mn): Sundance, yeah, those waves were fun!

[20:41:28] Canadian Loon: Mike, do you have a preference on

speed pulling your spinners?

[20:41:44] Swat 1(OH): You going to fish the Wave Wacker next

year mike

[20:41:53] Rx Fish: so when you find fish and start jiggin Mike what

type jigs do you use and how?

[20:41:53] mikej (mn): Loon, I think I pull my spinners faster than

most people - typically I try to do 1-1.5 mph

[20:42:13] mikej (mn): Swat, I fish the Wacker every year. It's one of

the most fun tournaments there is to fish. Really well run.

[20:42:27] Swat 1(OH): I agree it is a great time

[20:42:30] mikej (mn): Rx, Harry taught me to use only Fireball jigs

[20:42:30] Canadian Loon: no big fish for me yet, but nice fish

[20:42:36] mikej (mn): Swat, do you fish the Wacker?

[20:42:45] sundance: it's is a good time.

[20:43:01] Sheila: Hey Mike your partner Jerry not too shabby


[20:43:04] Swat 1(OH): I have in the past but didn't last year . Hope

to get the invite this year again

[20:43:17] mikej (mn): Shelia -- we have a good time when we fish


[20:43:29] Sheila: We certainly do!

[20:43:40] mikej (mn): Swat -- Deb's the "computer gal" for the


[20:43:50] Sheila: me too that is

[20:43:57] Swat 1(OH): Great!

[20:44:01] Steve (IA): Mike, doesn't a longer shank jig give a wider

gap for a better hook set?

[20:44:12] mikej (mn): Shelia: <From Deb> That's what I meant - it

looked like so much fun I'll have to learn to fish

[20:44:34] mikej (mn): Steve, I only the longer shank jigs when I put

Twister Tails or plastics on

[20:45:05] Canadian Loon: does anyone no where to buy short

shanked jig hooks larger than 1/0 ?

[20:45:07] Sheila: Deb - once you catch one walleye you'll be

hooked. we really have a blast.

[20:46:31] mikej (mn): Sheila -- I like to fish for sunnies, but Mike

won't do it -- Deb

[20:47:00] mikej (mn): Mike's a walleye snob

[20:47:10] Sheila: well, he's gotta practice on the tough species

[20:47:15] Perchn ( Pa ): sunnies??????? OMG!!:)

[20:47:21] Mike (MN): LOL

[20:47:32] Sheila: so he can sell out on his day-job

[20:47:35] mikej (mn): Yeah, that's what Mike says. I like to see how

many I can catch on one worm, deb

[20:48:13] mikej (mn): Loon, thanks for stopping by.

[20:48:37] Sheila: I like to see all the rods go at once, get the

pandamonia going on Mike's boat!

[20:48:48] mikej (mn): Shelia: sounds good to me!

[20:49:09] mikej (mn): We had one good stretch at Huron -- wasn't

all the rods going, but we barely got 'em all out

[20:49:51] Sheila: big ones too. was good action there for a bit

[20:50:16] Swat 1(OH): sorry

[20:50:25] mikej (mn): Shelia - that's the great thing about Erie

[20:50:30] mikej (mn): Lots o big fish

[20:50:49] Sheila: if only it wasn't so rough, we could've made

passes over that school

[20:51:05] mikej (mn): Shelia, yeah, and if it hadn't gotten so late.

[20:51:14] Sheila: that too

[20:51:35] Eyeman (IN): boat control wasn't all that great that for sure

[20:51:56] Mike (MN): I was talking to Scott Stecker from Reef

Runner and was telling me it has been great on Erie the last

several days.

[20:52:09] mikej (mn): Eyeman, that's one of the nice things about

Erie -- there's so many fish that boat control is not as important on

structure fishing

[20:52:14] Lundman(Wi): So Mike, you use your spinners pretty

much as a search tool, then switch to rigs or jigs huh?

[20:52:15] Doc (wi): little bay's been good too

[20:52:22] Sheila: sounds more like all fall really

[20:52:30] mikej (mn): Lundman -- you got it

[20:52:38] sundance: it wasn't bad as long AS you didn't try to

move around.

[20:52:55] mikej (mn): Sundance, you can move around, you just

had to hang onto something in the boat!

[20:53:20] Swat 1(OH): I just needed someone who wasn't afraid to

let go of the panic handle. :-)

[20:53:33] mikej (mn): Lundman, if I'm still searching and spinners

aren't working, I switch over to cranks

[20:53:35] Eyeman (IN): :-)

[20:53:51] mikej (mn): Swat: Yeah, you have to let go of the handles

now and then to net fish!

[20:53:54] Mike (MN): mike, how fast will you troll with your cranks?

[20:54:03] Lundman(Wi): Why is that....more agressive...?

[20:54:11] mikej (mn): Mike, I try to pull cranks 1.5-2.5 mph

[20:54:29] sundance: i let go when i had to real in a fish,then i

strapped in.

[20:54:37] Mike (MN): ever try anything else?

[20:54:38] mikej (mn): I think it's important to experiment with

speeds, whatever presentation you're using and let the fish tell you

what speed you should be going

[20:54:45] Swat 1(OH): He grabbed on and never let go till we hit the

dock made it kinda rough to set lines reel in fish and drive all at


[20:55:08] sundance: can't do it by your self.

[20:55:09] mikej (mn): Mike, that's worked pretty well for me.

[20:55:34] mikej (mn): Swat -- set lines and walk around him,

probably, too, I bet

[20:55:36] Mike (MN): how far up do you set your cranks to the fish

on the graph?

[20:55:57] mikej (mn): Mike, I try to run crankbaits within 1-3 feet

above the fish

[20:56:17] Swat 1(OH): Yeah there isn't much room in a 17 foot boat

when the waves get that big.

[20:56:19] Eyeman (IN): if the searhing with spinners and cranks

comes up empty then what mike ???

[20:56:19] mikej (mn): Sometimes if they're real lackadaisical, I'll try

to run the cranks at the same depth as the fish

[20:56:33] sundance: do you prefer to troll with the wind or against


[20:57:00] Westy: Mike, do you ever use Powerbait on your


[20:57:01] mikej (mn): Eyeman, if you're marking fish and not

catching them with a searching technique, you gotta slow down

and rig or jig

[20:57:32] mikej (mn): Sundance, I always try to troll with the wind. In

the smaller boats, it's really tough to hold any consistent speed in

to the wind

[20:58:04] mikej (mn): Hye, no problem - what's today's report from


[20:59:18] Bigfoot: just got in from hunting talked to one guy who

went out a short time and had two good ones the wind has been

blowing all weekend

[20:59:39] Swat 1(OH): Sure has

[20:59:39] mikej (mn): Bigfoot, where'd you hunt?

[20:59:53] Pikeman: Did you shoot anything?

[21:01:08] Lundman(Wi): Mike, thanks for the info, you were helpfull,

I live up north too, and I'll be trying some of your tips... appreciate


[21:02:10] Pikeman: celsius that is

[21:02:17] ebijack (mi): thanks for your time mike and deb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[21:02:23] ebijack (mi): you don't have to go mike and deb

[21:02:26] Drift'r: thanks mike

[21:02:41] mikej (mn): We got time -- this is fun with this many


[21:03:02] tp: good job mike learnít somethin again good watching to

[21:03:36] Pikeman: mike- have you ever been to


[21:03:41] Swat 1(OH): Do you use spinners as a search tool on

resivoirs too mike?

[21:04:00] mikej (mn): Pikeman- no, but I'd really love to go

[21:04:15] Pikeman: Tobin is great

[21:04:16] Griz: Hey Bigfoot, Bruce said he might make it to Norris

late Feb or early March

[21:04:19] mikej (mn): Swat - at times I do, seems like at Oahe last

year, I caught lots of fish that way, but they were small

[21:04:29] gremlin: mike , what effect do you think a 60 foot drop in

water level will have on fishing for next spring

[21:04:45] mikej (mn): gremlin, depends on how deep the water

USED to be

[21:04:53] mikej (mn): and what type of body of water it is (or was)

[21:04:57] Pikeman: wow 60 feet!

[21:05:04] mikej (mn): Where're we talking about?

[21:05:06] Swat 1(OH): Might make launching the boat a


[21:05:43] mikej (mn): Whew!

[21:05:55] Bigfoot: it was self defence he tried to run over me

[21:06:12] Pikeman: yah i heard it was great.

[21:06:28] Pikeman: saginaw that is

[21:06:30] Sheila: Hey guys (and Deb too), signing off here.

Thanks again and see ya soon.

[21:07:41] Pikeman: what does :-) mean???

[21:07:46] mikej (mn): Smiley face

[21:08:02] Pikeman: i see!

[21:08:03] mikej (mn): Just like ;) is a wink

[21:08:09] Swat 1(OH): fat finger attack.;-)

[21:08:33] Bigfoot: you guys have to much time on your hands

[21:08:40] Pikeman: thanks

[21:08:42] Bob: hey guys

[21:09:21] Eyeman (IN): it almost keeps the fingers loose for tying

knots Rick

[21:10:28] Pikeman: mikej- what type of net do you prefer?

[21:10:42] Eyeman (IN): most likely will have big fish stories :-)

[21:10:55] mikej (mn): PIkeman, I use long-handled, rubber-coated

nets, like Beckman

[21:11:10] Doc (wi): Frabill

[21:11:24] Pikeman: who harm the fish?

[21:11:30] Griz: Bigfoot, are you do to talk at Fairfield Marine this


[21:11:40] Pikeman: do they harm the fish?

[21:11:55] Bigfoot: yep

[21:11:56] mikej (mn): Pikeman, I don't think they do.

[21:12:17] mikej (mn): Although most of the time, if I'm pre-fishing, I

don't use a net -- don't need the 'flag' that I've got a fish on

[21:12:34] Pikeman: do you have any experience with tangle-less


[21:12:44] Griz: Have any idea when its happing this year?

[21:12:50] mikej (mn): Pikeman i don't like them -- I've had too

many fish go through them

[21:13:57] mikej (mn): In my first PWT tourney, I pulled 3 walleye

within 100 feet of the launch site, and not one of the 12 other guys

launching there knew I caught a fish

[21:14:03] Pikeman: fish go threw tangle less? the holes are tiny!

[21:14:21] mikej (mn): Pikeman, but heavy fish make them


[21:14:43] sundance: mike,what is your favorite crank to use???

[21:14:54] Pikeman: ok

[21:14:59] Pikeman: thanks

[21:15:04] mikej (mn): Sundance, I like ** Storm Thundersticks and

Thunderstick Jrs

[21:15:29] sundance: color preference???

[21:15:52] mikej (mn): Sundance, depends on where I'm fishing

and the bait fish that are in the system

[21:16:34] mikej (mn): Sundance, an example might be, on Erie, I'd

use bright clown-like colors and on inland lakes, I'd try to match the


[21:17:30] Swat 1(OH): Hottest bait I had on Erie this summer was a

gold /Black Deep Reef Runner

[21:17:32] sundance: like emerald shiner color?

[21:17:36] ebijack (mi): is that from years of experience mike?

[21:17:43] Pikeman: what about a cloth tangle-less?are they any


[21:18:15] mikej (mn): Gold has been a hot color on Erie, and I did

well with Reef Runners, although I didn't have a gold one there

[21:18:39] mikej (mn): Sundance, it seems like the purples, golds

are good on Erie

[21:18:55] Big Al (wis): hey guys ! whoa there are alot of you guys

here tonight!

[21:19:09] Pikeman: they are popular here. sort of!

[21:19:12] Swat 1(OH): Early in the year it was blue and silver with

an orange belly then switched about mid june

[21:19:14] Rx Fish: black and gold works best around Pittsburgh :)

[21:19:47] mikej (mn): Colors are variable by time and place and

situation ----

[21:19:47] Doc (wi): green and gold in wi

[21:19:53] Team Dunn: Anyone have any suggestions for a Small

Lake with lots of Weed Beds, and a lot of Pike and so on, but are

after Walleye, and the average daily temp is about 70 degress?

[21:20:39] mikej (mn): I think that speed and action in most cases

are more important than colors.

[21:20:44] Pikeman: toss small jigs

[21:20:57] mikej (mn): Colors are kind of a refining-thing: you try

them after you've found a style of crank bait that works

[21:21:25] Rx Fish: you had much luck with hot-n-tots mike?

[21:21:29] Doc (wi): color CAN make a differance

[21:22:04] mikej (mn): Rx, I've never fished much with hot-n-tots. I've

got some, but it seems I never get around to trying them

[21:22:27] Rx Fish: what cranks do you use mostly mike?

[21:22:36] Westy: Mike, do you ever use artificials on your


[21:22:50] mikej (mn): Doc, I agree color CAN make a difference,

but I don't think it's the determining factor (usually)

[21:22:51] Swat 1(OH): Hot n tots work great on erie once the water

warms in the west end

[21:23:16] mikej (mn): Westy, I've tried some of the Berkely Power

Worms on spinners, and have done, at times, as well as I do with

crawlers on them

[21:23:31] bob g: mike do you troll any spoons

[21:23:48] Doc (wi): Sometimes it seems that a certain pattern can

be the determining factor on about 25% of the days

[21:23:54] mikej (mn): bob, that's something I haven't tried yet, but

do plan on trying next time I get to the Great Lakes

[21:24:46] sundance: what do you look for in the crank,the flash or

the action???

[21:25:03] Swat 1(OH): Spoons are something I can't get a handle

on for eyes. I have about a thousand of them for salmon but can't

seem to get them to produce as good on the eyes

[21:25:04] bob g: mike what do you use to tell your speed

[21:25:19] mikej (mn): Sundance, both -- at times, it can be either

[21:25:42] mikej (mn): Bob, the speed indicator on my Genetron is

pretty accurate at trolling speeds.

[21:25:44] sundance: would that depend on the water clarity??

[21:25:49] mikej (mn): I also watch how fast the bubbles go by the


[21:26:11] Swat 1(OH): Genetron is a great unit isn't is mike

[21:26:19] mikej (mn): Sundance, they're both triggering properties

that you have to experiment with, until you figure out what the fish


[21:26:53] mikej (mn): Swat, yeah, I really like my Genetron.

Particularly with the wide transducer beam, I can use it with the

other electroncs in my boat and get an idea of if a fish is under the

boat or off to the sides

[21:27:16] Doc (wi): how wide a beam?

[21:27:38] mikej (mn): I also find that by running 2 depth finders, the

Genetron and another one one, that I mark about 60% more fish

than I could if I just ran one unit

[21:27:49] Swat 1(OH): Exactly! I don't know how I used to fish

without one anymore 50 Mghz and a 45 degree cone

[21:27:54] mikej (mn): Doc, Genetron claims that on a

high-sensitivity setting, you can get 78-degree beam out of it

[21:28:02] bob g: mike have you tryed tatltal flags for boards yet

[21:28:16] mikej (mn): Bob, yes, I absolutely love them!

[21:28:18] sundance: mike have you used the new aqua view???

[21:28:39] Doc (wi): that would be good in the river

[21:28:44] mikej (mn): They're not really designed for heavy

weights or big cranks, so they're not for all applications but flags

are great

[21:29:13] Swat 1(OH): Doc 50 Mghz is only good in deeper water.

25 to 30 feet or more

[21:29:14] mikej (mn): Sundance, yes I'm on the pro staff. I use them

a lot to look at changes in structure that a depth finder wouldn 't

pick up.

[21:29:26] mikej (mn): Doc, the wide beams are really best when

the fish are suspended a little bit off the bottom

[21:29:40] mikej (mn): The narrower beams are better when the fish

are tight to the bottom as they would be in a river

[21:29:48] Swat 1(OH): right

[21:30:15] sundance: how well do they really work,and do you use

them to look at the fish that you locate???

[21:30:32] mikej (mn): the Genetron is also great for picking out fish

in the weeds, as it doesn't really show much of the weeds

[21:31:04] Swat 1(OH): Best unit on the market I think but the you

also pay for what you get

[21:31:24] Doc (wi): I thought you were talking multiple transducers

[21:31:32] mikej (mn): Sundance, the Aqua Vu's are limited by the

water clarity as to how far you can see. If you're on really clear

water, they're great.

[21:31:56] mikej (mn): Swat, I also like the PinPoint LCD's. they

have close to the clarity of the old paper graphs

[21:32:19] sundance: how deep can you use them say in clear


[21:32:20] mikej (mn): doc, I'm talking about using multiple depth

finders at the same time - they have to have different enough

frequencies so they don't interfere with each other

[21:32:38] mikej (mn): Sundance, they come with a 75' cable, so

you can use them nearly that deep

[21:32:48] Doc (wi): I understand

[21:32:57] Swat 1(OH): I have heard good things about pinpoint but

have not seen one in action yet

[21:33:27] mikej (mn): Drift's - it really makes a lot of sense, doesn't

it? Each unit has its strong points.

[21:33:47] Swat 1(OH): Well guys time to head out have a good

one and thanks again Mike & Deb

[21:33:52] mikej (mn): Sometimes I'll run the flasher and the

Genetron at the same time

[21:34:04] mikej (mn): Swat - night and thanks for your input

[21:34:57] ebijack (mi): mike, what kind of rods do you prefer for

trolling and jigging

[21:35:15] Drift'r: mike, do you still like the global map 2000

[21:35:17] mikej (mn): Ebi, I like St Croix fiberglass rods for

crankbaits, pulling spinners, boards

[21:35:32] bob g: mike do you ever use crawlers on cranks when


[21:35:48] mikej (mn): Driftr - yeah, the mapping units make

traveling on unfamiliar water so much safer, and you don't get ...

uh... lost

[21:36:11] mikej (mn): bob, I've tried crawlers on cranks, but it

seems like I always get the crawlers bitten off with nothing on the


[21:36:39] Drift'r: i really like mine , Rx is thinking about getting one

[21:36:48] mikej (mn): Ebi, for jigging, I use a 7' G Loomis IMX or

GLX rod - the most sensitve rod out there I've seen

[21:37:09] sundance: what is the cost on them mike?

[21:37:19] mikej (mn): IN my new boat, I'm going to try one of the

new Global maps 1600s

[21:37:34] mikej (mn): Sundance, IMX's are about $240, the GLX is

about $320

[21:37:42] Westy: Thanks Mike, good night.

[21:37:52] mikej (mn): Westy, thanks for stopping in

[21:38:20] sundance: they better be sensitive>

[21:38:23] Rx Fish: you use spinning reel or baitcaster for jigging


[21:38:30] mikej (mn): Sundance, they aren't cheap. But when

you're fishing for the kind of money in the PWT, you really can't


[21:38:44] mikej (mn): Rx, I use spinning reels for jigging

[21:38:58] sundance: i heard that mike.

[21:39:17] bob g: mike what bead colors do you use on spinners on

great lakes

[21:39:43] mikej (mn): bo G, I use a lot of florescent red beads,

although I throow all kinds of colors out to find the pattern that will


[21:40:29] sundance: for an all around rod,what length do you


[21:40:50] bob g: what blade size do you start with colors too

[21:40:51] mikej (mn): Sundance, I've gone almost exclusively to

rods 7' or over

[21:41:36] mikej (mn): bob B, on inland lakes, I stick to 4's and

under, on the Great Lakes, over 4. Colors: experiment

[21:41:47] Nite Eyes: what kind of spinning reels do you use


[21:42:04] mikej (mn): Sundance, I think the longer rods fight the fish

better - their length makes them a little more forgiving

[21:42:11] mikej (mn): Nite - Daiwa!!!!

[21:42:27] mikej (mn): Almost all my reels are Daiwa -- baitcasters,

line counters, spinning...

[21:42:41] Doc (wi): better hook set too

[21:42:49] mikej (mn): Doc, I agree

[21:43:03] sundance: any paticular kind of hook your fond of????

[21:43:11] mikej (mn): About the only time I use a 6' rod is if I'm

pulling heavy sinkers on spinners, where the rod's in my hand

[21:43:37] mikej (mn): Sundance, I use any of the premium quality

hooks - Like Owner, GAmagatsu, VMC (sp?)

[21:43:48] bob g: mike what about leader lenght long or short

[21:44:13] mikej (mn): Bob, I always tie my snells at 10 feet --

shortening them is easier than lengthening them

[21:44:45] mikej (mn): Part of learning to fish walleyes on a lake like

Mille Lacs, which is a finesse lake, has taught me to use really

long snells and small hooks

[21:45:51] ebijack (mi): ok folks, let's thank our guests tonight for

their great chat!!!!!

[21:45:59] bob g: mike do you use the hachet blades at all

[21:46:07] Doc (wi): ]THANKS MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[21:46:07] ebijack (mi): thanks mike and deb !!!!!!!

[21:46:13] mikej (mn): Bob, I've experimented a little bit with them

but not much

[21:46:22] Rx Fish: thanks a lot mike!!!!!!!1

[21:46:23] mikej (mn): This is always fun, guys, thanks for your


[21:46:25] Drift'r: thanks mike

[21:46:30] sundance: thanks mike and deb i really enjoyed myself


[21:46:31] bob g: thanks mike bob g

[21:46:36] ebijack (mi): it sure went fast tonight

[21:46:45] mikej (mn): Night, all. Sure went fast tonight!

[21:46:46] ebijack (mi): THANKS AGAIN !!!!

[21:46:48] Big Al (wis): Thanks for the advice on the cranks mike!!!!

[21:46:56] sundance: nite mike deb.

[21:47:07] tinnie: hows fishin been and thanks for the tail end of the


[21:47:08] mikej (mn): My pleasure. See you here again soon.

[21:48:01] mikej (mn): Thanks all -- good night and take care

[21:48:08] ebijack (mi): c ya mike and deb

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