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Mike Jensen

ebijack (mi): Please Welcome our host tonight MIKE JENSEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!

[19:58:27] Juls (WI): hi mikej

[19:58:28] buck: Hey Mike

[19:58:30] mikej: What's happening, guys?

[19:58:32] Bigfoot: lol

[19:58:36] sundance: clap clap calp

[19:58:38] canuck: hi MIKE

[19:58:39] Juls (WI): clap clap clap

[19:58:41] Jighead: hi mike

[19:58:44] tp: hay mike

[19:58:47] skeet(WI): hi mike

[19:58:47] Lundman(Wi): Hey Mikey....:-)

[19:58:54] Walleye Angler: HI MIKE

[19:58:55] Harry: Hi Bubba

[19:59:15] mikej: Watch who you're calling Bubba, Stiles!

[19:59:21] Jighead: <'{{{{{{{{{{{{{{

[19:59:27] sundance: yikes

[19:59:43] Harry: Had a BAD DAY????

[19:59:43] mikej: I thought tonight we might talk about fishing rods . . . .

[19:59:56] sundance: that sounds good.

[20:00:02] mikej: In my eyes, rods fall into a few categories

[20:00:03] mikej: One would be trolling rods

[20:00:04] Bigfoot: sorry to hear that

[20:00:07] tp: after bubba the other nite i don't blame you mike

[20:00:10] ebijack (mi): start away mike, tell us your thoughts

[20:00:13] Reelhook(wi): I like St. Croix

[20:00:22] REELMAN: Mike what rod do you use for bottom bouncers

[20:00:29] Lundman(Wi): Mike, is there an advantage to having a rigging rod more than 7 feet long....do you lose some feel with longer....say 8 ft....?

[20:00:42] mikej: Reelman, that's a category I'd like to get into a little later

[20:00:50] REELMAN: ok

[20:01:13] mikej: Lundman, I use a maximum of a 7' jigging rod... I think an 8' rod wouldfatigue you more

[20:01:18] sundance: what style rod would you prefer for trolling mike???

[20:01:25] mikej: The leverage of the extra foot would make you more tired

[20:01:39] mikej: Sundance, for trolling I like the St. Croix glass series

[20:01:47] Lundman(Wi): I asked about Rigging...??

[20:01:50] mikej: The glass series have a slower action to them

[20:02:09] mikej: Yep, we're a little behind tonight. Typist fall down go boom

[20:02:15] sundance: are they more of a moderate action or fast???

[20:02:38] mikej: Lundman, I was answering your question. I feel the 8' rod would be more fatiguing to have in your hand all day long than the 7' rod

[20:02:47] mikej: Sundance, the glass rods I use, I'd call a slow action

[20:02:56] Lundman(Wi): I'm sorry, thank you.....

[20:02:57] sundance: o.k.

[20:03:21] sundance: any certain length??

[20:03:28] mikej: In general, I like to use longer rods than I used to a few years ago. I used to use 6' rods for rigging and jigging

[20:03:42] Reelhook(wi): why did you change

[20:03:47] mikej: I changed to 7' rods because I felt the rods themselves were a little more forgiving in cranking in fish

[20:04:23] Nite Eyes: is there a big enough difference between the st.croix avid and the premier to justify the extra money?????

[20:04:38] Rod (Sask): longer rods for jigging are slower aren't they , on the hook set?

[20:04:48] ebijack (mi): you got a real draw here tonight mike :)

[20:04:55] RichardM (AB): Hi guys, have I missed out on all the wisdom yet?

[20:04:56] mikej: Nite eyes, I'm not really familiar with those families of rods from St.Croix. I'm going to buy an Avid series rod and give it a try

[20:05:14] mikej: Rod, I found that you need a slower hook set on the longer rods

[20:05:17] Nite Eyes: thanks!!!

[20:05:24] Bull: we like mike!!!!!!heheheh

[20:05:35] Rod (Sask): the fast acton are stiffer ... when you shake the rod it comes back to center fast

[20:05:44] mikej: I found myself, particularly with an 8' long slip bobber rod, setting thehook too hard and ripping the hook out of the fish'es mouth.

[20:05:47] Juls (WI): thanks rod

[20:05:52] mikej: When I slowed down the hook set to more of a sweep, I got morefish

[20:06:10] mikej: Rod ... say again?

[20:06:20] Juls (WI): that was to me mike

[20:06:26] mikej: Oh – Ok

[20:06:31] Jighead: sweep side or sweep up?

[20:06:46] ebijack (mi): only for trolling ,mike? or for jigging also

[20:07:06] mikej: Jighead - it depends on which direction my line is coming from - I always try to set the hook away from the way my line is pointed

[20:07:22] Jighead: oh k

[20:07:22] mikej: Ebi, I don't set the hook when I troll

[20:07:50] buck: Hey Mike, Have u ever fished in North Dakota?

[20:08:22] mikej: I fished Sakakawea (sp???) a couple of times and I have fished around Bismarck

[20:08:30] mikej: But I will be going to Devil's Lake next summer

[20:08:43] sundance: mike you said two categories for rods what is the other???

[20:09:09] canuck: hey mike whats your favorite lake to fish and why

[20:09:12] mikej: Sundance, I feel rigging and jigging rods fall into the same category, where I want a fast action, higher class graphite

[20:09:43] mikej: Canuck, boy, I've got a lot of favorites -- Erie, Lac Seul, Oahe, MilleLacs

[20:10:00] ebijack (mi): mike, you like a less forgiving rod for trolling, by not using glass?

[20:10:00] mikej: Sundance, the other category would be trolling


[20:10:05] SPINNER: Why don't you set the hook when trolling?

[20:10:10] wl: mike, did you fish the super pro at stockton lake,mo

[20:10:14] Steve (IA): do you want the tip on your rigging rod to be as stiff as on your jigging rod, Mike?

[20:10:30] mikej: Typically, for trolling the high modulus is more of a detriment because the migher modulus the rod is, the more brittle it is and it breaks easier

[20:10:31] RichardM (AB): mike you told my wife that mille lacs was a no fish slough....lol!

[20:10:38] Jighead: don't know, sorry

[20:10:47] mikej: Ebi, I use glass rods when I troll

[20:10:48] buck: How did u like Sakakawea?

[20:10:54] Lundman(Wi): do you use different actions for rigging, as opposed to jigging...?

[20:11:09] mikej: Spinner, normally you don't need to set the hook when trolling. The action of the boat and the fish will set it for you

[20:11:13] Magic Marker: Mike, Which presentation has made you the most money?

[20:11:21] REELMAN: What type of rod do you use with snap weights

[20:11:37] mikej: Steve, I use the same rods for jigging and light weight rigging

[20:11:46] mikej: Richard, didn't catch that before it went off the screen

[20:12:00] mikej: Buck, Sakakawhatever was great 10 years ago, haven't been back

[20:12:14] RichardM (AB): just giving you a hard time bud!

[20:12:15] mikej: Magic -- pulling spinners, by far

[20:12:35] buck: You should come back and try it.

[20:12:35] mikej: Reelman, I don't use snap weights because I haven't been able to get fish to go on them like you can!

[20:12:37] Magic Marker: favorite spinner?

[20:12:49] mikej: Buck, I'll try to do that

[20:13:04] mikej: I know a little more now than I did 10 years ago when I was there!

[20:13:16] REELMAN: Maybe I'll help You with that!!!!

[20:13:28] Magic Marker: So do the fish :-)

[20:13:50] mikej: Magic, one that catches fish! I experiment a lot with size, colors of spinners. I really like DONT' have a favorite spinner size or color

[20:14:04] mikej: Reelman, I hope so!

[20:14:19] sundance: have you ever use a blue colored spinner mike??

[20:14:21] Bigfoot: me too

[20:14:30] RichardM (AB): truly mike no go to color or size?

[20:14:54] mikej: Sundance: I have played around with blue colored spinners, particularly on cloudy days and I'm going to start trying them on muddy water

[20:15:11] mikej: Richard, truly I don't have a favorite spinner. I just have a lot of them.

[20:15:15] sundance: have you produced with them at all??

[20:15:17] Lundman(Wi): Mike, do you use fast, or extra fast...?

[20:15:40] Magic Marker: ever try large solid black blades?

[20:15:49] mikej: Sundance, my best finish in the PWT was 9th place in 1997 on Lake St. Claire, and it was using spinners

[20:15:58] mikej: Lundman, yeah - both

[20:16:17] mikej: Magic, I have some large solid black blades. I've never really got them going well -- any suggestions?

[20:16:25] sundance: sorry, i meant ever produce with the blue spinners???

[20:16:36] mikej: Sundance, oooooooo

[20:16:50] mikej: Sundance, I have had good days on Mille Lacs on real dark cloudy days with blue spinners

[20:16:51] Magic Marker: got a bunch too, I'll let go cheap :-)

[20:17:09] RichardM (AB): blue/scale blades are hot on Lesser Slave Lake when the fish are in that 30' plus

[20:17:11] mikej: Magic, my spinner box has gotta weigh close to 10 pounds

[20:17:23] SPINNER: I'm fishing our local walleye 444 tourney in port colborne this year, i'm sure to get my limit trolling but think jigging bottom might get bigger fish?

[20:17:24] JIG HEAD: when 3way trowlling cranks ??

[20:17:32] mikej: Richard, yeah, probably it might be due to the darkness of the water issue, too issue, too

[20:18:04] RichardM (AB): 10 lbs you must of cut down from the one I saw last year lol!

[20:18:04] mikej: Spinner, typically, year after year, trolling crankbaits will get the biggest fish

[20:18:13] mikej: Jighead -- say again?

[20:18:32] Magic Marker: Do you tie up your own spinners? What line do you use?

[20:18:40] mikej: Richard, there's a limit to what I can carry, but I've actually added a few

[20:19:06] mikej: Magic, I definitely tie my own spinners. In the past I've always used10# XT. This year, I'm going to experiment with flurocarbon leaders

[20:19:35] mikej: Sometiumes on the Great lakes, I'll go up to 12# leaders, and sometimes on Mille Lacs, I'll go down to 8#

[20:19:41] mikej: When Harry's not around, anyways

[20:19:45] jiffy: Mikej whats the best all around jighead

[20:19:50] RichardM (AB): mike what is your #1 bouncer rod?

[20:19:52] ebijack (mi): was break off's a problem with 10 # line mike?

[20:19:58] mikej: Jiffuy, FIREBALL

[20:20:28] jiffy: mikej thats what i thought can you use curly tails on them also because of the short shank

[20:20:29] mikej: Richard, I've got some Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifier rods that I really like for when you're bottom bouncing with the rod in your hand

[20:20:59] mikej: Jiffy, I typically use a minnow on the fireballs. If I go with the Twistertail, I'll go with a longer shank jig.

[20:21:01] Rod (Sask): do you use fire line for jigging? Mike

[20:21:04] RichardM (AB): 7.5' pitching sticks?

[20:21:07] jiffy: mikej how late are you here tonite

[20:21:31] mikej: Rod, I don't use much Fireline. I will be experimenting this year with cranks and Fireline to get them a little deeper

[20:21:44] mikej: Richard, 7' pitching sticks, medium action

[20:22:11] jiffy: whats the best rod and reel for jigging specific names

[20:22:16] mikej: Jiffy, as long as you guys want me and my wife's fingers don't fall off

[20:22:18] REELMAN1: got to love the fire line and cranks with snap weights

[20:22:26] Juls (WI): lol..mike

[20:22:48] jiffy: mikej do you do much ice fishing

[20:22:53] mikej: Jiffy, my jigigng rods are G Loomis, IMX's, 7'

[20:22:54] RichardM (AB): mike our gear is almost interchangeable

[20:23:12] mikej: Reelman, yeah, you can make them go!

[20:23:20] freshleech: how many pound test do you use when ice fishing?

[20:23:28] mikej: Jiffy, no, but I caught 15 walleye last weekend out of my boat in Minnesota!

[20:23:31] Rod (Sask): so you use 7' jigging rod with mono? what speed tip?

[20:23:38] jiffy: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!

[20:24:10] mikej: Rod, a 7' jigging rods with mono - fast action

[20:24:14] Steve (IA): Mike, do most of the pros use a jigging rod that long?

[20:24:19] JIG HEAD: where were you fishin in MN

[20:24:29] mikej: Steve, boy, I don't know. Harry? Rick?

[20:24:35] jiffy: mike you fishing a river or what

[20:24:35] REELMAN1: what pound test normally on that jigging rod

[20:24:38] Reelhook(wi): Mike, why mono over fireline

[20:24:44] Reelhook(wi): for jigging

[20:24:45] mikej: Jighead, South St Paul, on the Mississippi

[20:24:49] Bigfoot: 7ft

[20:24:58] Magic Marker: What electronics? Depth-Fish-Gps?

[20:25:01] JIG HEAD: pool two?

[20:25:05] mikej: Reelhook for jigging, I guess I'm an old dog that doesn't always buy new tricks

[20:25:13] mikej: Jighead, Pool 2, yep

[20:25:17] RichardM (AB): 6' for vert jigging 6.5' for everything else

[20:25:27] mikej: Had to use the Ranger as an ice breaker in the morning, but a nice day overall

[20:25:32] jiffy: mike j what is a good depth for mid day eyes

[20:25:36] Jighead: Mike, have you jigged with 6lb/4dia. fireline, is this OK?

[20:25:36] Reelhook(wi): is there any reel good reason or just your taste

[20:26:03] mikej: Jiffy, depth can vary so much from time of year to baitfish in the system, to light penetration , so there is no set mid-day depth

[20:26:14] JIG HEAD: mikej, nice walleyes or sauger?

[20:26:18] jiffy: mike i know you catch eyes in about 4-6 ft in winter nights will eyes move real shallow like that in summer and is night better than the day

[20:26:27] Drifter: mike , what rods do you use for leadcore

[20:26:32] mikej: Jighead, they were small walleyes and saugers. Nothing big, but it was nice to get out

[20:27:07] mikej: Jiffy, if the right bait fish are in the system walleyes can be as shallow as a foot of water

[20:27:40] mikej: Drifter, for leadcore I use St. Croix glass series, 7-8'

[20:28:00] Drifter: what action , mike

[20:28:10] wannabe: you fishin PWT too

[20:28:10] mikej: Drifter, slooooooooooooooooow

[20:28:20] mikej: wannabe, yep - both divisions

[20:28:25] REELMAN1: What reel for the leadcore??

[20:28:32] ebijack (mi): mike, do you use 2 rods to jig when holding over cover?

[20:28:44] mikej: reelman, for leadcore I've been using Penn 209, a saltwater series reel

[20:29:04] mikej: Ebi, depends on what state you're in. Can't here in MN

[20:29:19] mikej: When possible jigging, I will use a dead rod and one in the hand

[20:29:26] ebijack (mi): mike, when you do, are both rods/lines the same?

[20:29:37] Jighead: Recommend fireline for jigging?


[20:29:52] mikej: Ebi, yeah, typically they don't vary much. They might have different colors on them, but normally not much different weight

20:30:16] mikej: jighead, I don't like fireline for jigging -- it's great for sensitivity, but I haven't had real good luck using it

[20:30:24] ebijack (mi): mike, is there anything new in rods for 99?

[20:30:39] mikej: Ebi, yeah, I've got a wish list about 12-rods long

[20:30:50] MUSKIEMAN: NO

[20:31:28] mikej: A couple of the rods I want to try this year are real long, steelhead rods

[20:31:30] Bigfoot: yep

[20:31:31] JIG HEAD: whats wrong with fireline

[20:31:42] Steve (IA): Mike, you've told us you don't use Fireline much.... what lines do you use and when?

[20:31:48] REELMAN1: who is your rod sponsor???

[20:31:53] mikej: jighead, I've had that line like that knock eyelets out of rods

[20:31:55] MUSKIEMAN: really

[20:32:12] mikej: reelman, I do not have a rod sponsor.

0:32:53] mikej: Don't know why they knocked the eyelets out, they just did it

[20:33:15] canuck: mike you like spider wire

[20:33:19] Bigfoot: no

[20:33:46] mikej: canuck, I put spiderwire and fireline in roughly the same categories, they have slightly different tendencies, but generally they're similar

[20:34:30] REELMAN1: do you mostly use Trilene XL for jig fishing and rigging??

[20:34:43] mikej: reelman, yep.

[20:35:02] mikej: 4-6# test, occasionally 8#

[20:35:08] Steve (IA): XL over XT for rigging?

[20:35:20] R Hill(mi): mike have you used the stren sensor and if so what do you think of it

[20:35:39] Bigfoot: nope

[20:36:03] mikej: Rhill, I've not tried sensor - some of the things I've read about it make me think I should, though

[20:36:46] Rod (Sask): i use excalaber for jigging

[20:36:58] mikej: Rod, what do you like about it?

[20:37:15] ebijack (mi): mike, do you prefer spinning tackle for jigging?

[20:37:40] Rod (Sask): It is strong and has good abrasion resistance

[20:37:43] REELMAN1: Mike what rod do you use for long lining cranks and what pound test line

[20:37:46] mikej: Ebi, I've always used spinning rods for jigging. Although in Detroit I think I'm going to try baitcasters

[20:38:08] mikej: Rod -- Oh . Good information.

[20:38:24] R Hill(mi): mike whats the reason for the switch on detroit

[20:38:26] mikej: reelman, 10# XT and St. Croix glass rods

[20:38:31] R Hill(mi): switch

[20:38:37] Magic Marker: What electronics on your boat, Mike?

[20:38:38] Steve (IA): Mike, what is different about Detroit that you would change reels?

[20:39:12] mikej: Steve, the current there is fast, and I was thinking that with the heavier weights it might be better to go to a bait caster

[20:39:25] mikej: Magic, PINPOINT

[20:39:26] wl: mike do you use pinpoint

[20:39:30] Rod (Sask): it seems to be like a cross between xt xl at least that is my opinon

[20:39:40] waliguy: good choice mikej :)

[20:39:42] Magic Marker: GPS?

[20:39:47] Jighead: Mike, is G-Loomis GLX super top quality, or super top overpriced.

[20:40:03] mikej: Magic, the last word I heard on PINPOINT GPS ist hat it will be announced in July and available to the public this fall

[20:40:35] mikej: jighead, I've got on GLX rod; it's a nice rod, although I don't know that I'll buy another one because I don't see the difference between the IMX and GLX for the price

[20:41:01] ebijack (mi): what is different about a steelhead rod mike for trolling

[20:41:02] Magic Marker: sent my pinpoint in for upgrade yesterday, told me same thing, but what do you use now for GPS?

[20:41:02] mikej: I've also heard a few horror stories of the GLX's breaking because they're such high modulus that dings on the outside of the rod make them break

[20:41:36] mikej: Ebi, they're a lot longer and I know a lot of the guys are running really long dead rods mainly because the action of the rod give the fish more time to get the bait swallowed

[20:41:42] Jighead: have sent in 2 for repair in 98

[20:41:46] Rod (Sask): I am getting a rod built at walleye world that is imx has baitcaster handle and spinning tip 7 1/2 ft for rigging

[20:42:02] mikej: magic, last year I used a GlobalMap 2000; this year GlobalMap 1600

[20:42:33] mikej: Sounds like a nice rod, Rod

[20:42:35] ebijack (mi): how long of steelhead rods you going to try mike

[20:42:46] mikej: Ebi, little over 10'

[20:42:53] Magic Marker: Have you seen the 2000 and 1600 working side by side? which more detail?

[20:43:01] ebijack (mi): your not going to fit those in a rod locker :)

[20:43:18] mikej: magic, I haven't seen them side by side, but I've been told by a rep that's it's a same information on the CD as what the chips had

[20:43:30] Jighead: Mike, is Lowrance discontinuing the 2000 & replacing with 1600?

[20:43:31] mikej: Ebi, rods that long are 2-piecers

[20:43:35] REELMAN1: Do you use the St. Criox rod for planer boards

[20:43:36] Bigfoot: more

[20:43:49] mikej: jighead, rumor has it they are

[20:44:13] Magic Marker: I'm adding one or other to boat this spring, still kicking it around which one to get :-)

[20:44:15] mikej: reelman, I use the same rod for planar rods as for pulling dead rod spinners or cranks

[20:44:22] ebijack (mi): mike do you know when pin point will have it's mapping out?

[20:44:23] Bigfoot: 1600

[20:44:47] REELMAN1: and what boards do you use

[20:44:51] mikej: magic, they're both great units. If you don't fish a lot of different places the 2000 may be the way to go the 2000 may be the way to go

[20:45:13] mikej: Bigfoot -- 1600. I don't want the depth finder

[20:45:28] Bigfoot: call Reeds sporting goods in Walker MN. for the best price.

[20:45:32] Magic Marker: got 350a on boat already, fish Erie 80% of the time

[20:45:34] mikej: Ebi, PINPOINT says mapping probably won't be out for another year. Other companies have mapping capabilities out

[20:45:58] Bigfoot: it will be outdated here real soon

[20:46:02] mikej: PINPOINT is working on the technology of putting an x on the spot on the plotter and getting you to that spot

[20:46:35] Bigfoot: that was for Magic Mike

[20:46:38] ebijack (mi): can't you do that with cross hairs?

[20:46:40] mikej: Oooooh

[20:46:49] Steve (IA): Hope there's nothing between you and the X !

[20:46:50] Bigfoot: yep

[20:46:56] mikej: Ebi, GET you to the spot, not SHOOT the spot

[20:47:04] Bigfoot: sorry

[20:47:06] ebijack (mi): :) the plotter and getting you to that spot

[20:47:10] LSnd: :-)

[20:47:22] mikej: Steve, Yea -- with pinpoint sometimes that's all you need to do for navigation is to look forward

[20:47:24] wl: mike can any plotter get you as close as 5 mtrs

[20:48:04] mikej: wl, GPS accuracy’s in my opinion, are better than they get credit for

[20:48:19] mikej: I've never seen a GPS not get me to a spot that I've wanted to fish

[20:48:35] mikej: Although I've also seen myself vary while I'm tied up to a dock

[20:48:43] wl: mike, even the cheap ones

[20:48:55] Jighead: Mike, do you use a external mounted skimmer transducer or through hull.

[20:49:18] mikej: wl, I don't think price of the GPS has much to do with accuracy - it's the technology that determines the accuracy

[20:49:38] Magic Marker: Had my 350 turned on other day sitting still, said I was moving more than a mile an hour :-)

[20:50:00] mikej: Jighead, I use both, I do have transducers mounted in the bottom of the boat and on the transom, depending upon whether I leave the electronics in the boat when I sell it

[20:50:13] ebijack (mi): that's why gps speed isn't accurate

[20:50:18] mikej: magic, I've seen that and I've also seen myself go off the screen on a tenth-mile plotter

[20:50:24] mikej: while tied to a dock

[20:50:44] mikej: Ebi, I think the slower you go, the less accurate GPS speeds are

[20:50:46] Bigfoot: put a DGPS on

[20:50:59] ebijack (mi): your right mike,

[20:51:12] Magic Marker: what's best trolling speed indicator?

[20:51:16] mikej: Bigfoot, I'm thinking about doing that this year. Are you?

[20:51:19] wl: mike who is the best

[20:51:24] mikej: At what?

[20:51:39] Bull: just use a jrc ant for gps

[20:51:42] Bigfoot: I'm thinking

[20:51:44] wl: gps tech.

[20:52:17] mikej: magic, I like the Genetron that I have, it has an accurate speed indicator, but it's also been pointed out to me that its the same one that PINPOINT has

[20:52:49] ebijack (mi): do you use that for trolling speed mike?

[20:52:55] mikej: wl, I think Eagle and Lowrance are the easiest to use GPS at this time

[20:53:04] RichardM (AB): hard to beat pedulum gauges for accuracy

[20:53:09] mikej: EBi, yes, I have been using the Genetron for trolling speed

[20:53:22] mikej: Richard, I've been told that. Do you actually use them?

[20:53:37] Bull: i use wireless fish hawk

[20:53:54] RichardM (AB): had a Luhr Jenson and lost it I'm getting another

[20:53:54] Magic Marker: What's the Fish-Hawk that I read about on message board?

[20:53:55] mikej: Bull -- trolling speed indicator?

[20:54:20] Bull: yeah and temp surface and lure depth

[20:54:33] mikej: I've also heard that trolling speed gauges through Cabela's are good, although I've not used them

[20:54:54] mikej: Bull - lure depth?

[20:55:07] Magic Marker: Where do I find out about them?, Bull

[20:55:14] mikej: me too

[20:55:17] Bull: speed at depth of lure

[20:55:26] mikej: How does it measure that?

[20:55:34] Bull: could be running 2.7 on surface and 1.4 at lure

[20:55:41] mikej: I've seen downriggers speed sensors, but lures?

[20:55:41] Jighead: Mike, do you rely on flasher unit for fish searching ie: run & gun or high speed look.

[20:55:56] Bull: it attaches to downtrigger cable

[20:56:07] mikej: jighead, I have been relying on a flasher, but then they arrested him

[20:56:15] mikej: No, seriously

[20:56:16] Bull: thats the same one only there is no wire uses radio sig.

[20:56:17] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:56:18] Jighead: ha ha ha

[20:56:27] zuba: anyone fished northern minnesota??

[20:57:02] mikej: I think the new system 7 flash chart on the PINPOINT may change how I hunt for fish at speeds

[20:57:10] Magic Marker: who sells them, Bull?

[20:57:20] Jighead: ok

[20:57:22] Bull: i think cabelas has them

[20:57:25] mikej: The 60-pixels per second it's something like 1 pixel for every 3/4 of afoot, at 30 mph

[20:57:46] Bull: capt gary’s out of mich has them

[20:57:53] sheila: Mike, sorry to change any threads here, have you done any ICE fishing this year?

[20:58:00] ebijack (mi): so that's 1/10 of a foot at 60 mph? :)

[20:58:05] mikej: What is this old buddy stuff??

[20:58:12] mikej: Old busy. Busy.

[20:58:12] old busy oh: busy " " room tonight

[20:58:24] mikej: Sheila, I haven't been ice fishing either

[20:58:32] mikej: Although I did go out on the river last weekend

[20:58:35] mikej: In my boat. Not on foot

[20:58:38] sheila: Good, so I'm not the only one

[20:59:01] zuba: sheila. you have never been ice fishing?

[20:59:42] ebijack (mi): is there any more questions for our host tonight?

[21:00:44] wl: what is your favorite lure or bait

[21:01:02] mikej: wl, spinners, spinners, and spinners

[21:01:18] old busy oh: spoons spoon spoons

[21:01:28] wl: with worms or minnows?

[21:01:33] Magic Marker: THUNDERSTICKS

[21:01:36] mikej: wl, crawlers

[21:01:37] sheila: jigs, jigs, jigs

[21:01:54] mikej: Sheila, jigs are second

[21:01:59] Bull: mike u might have misunderstood me the unit i was talking about gauges your speed at the surface and at the depth of your lure it also detects the temp of same

[21:02:05] ebijack (mi): i take it theirs no more questions for mike

[21:02:27] Steve (IA): Thanks, Mike.... and Mrs. Mike

[21:02:37] Lundman(Wi): Thank you Mike.....

[21:02:41] Juls (WI): thanks mikej...very informative clap clap clap...well done Mrs. J!!

[21:02:47] Drifter: thanks mike

[21:02:53] Bull: <clapping!!!!!!!!

[21:02:54] mikej: Thanks, everyone -- fun group tonight

[21:02:58] old busy oh: thanks mike, even though i missed it

[21:03:16] R Hill(mi): Thanks mike and Mrs. J.

[21:03:16] wl: thanks mike

[21:03:17] Bigfoot: Hi Mrs. J

[21:03:19] sheila: clap clap clap...snip snap snap

[21:03:22] mikej: That's what happens when you get old, Busy

[21:03:23] ebijack (mi): thanks mike and mrs mike jensen!!!!!!

[21:03:28] Magic Marker: Thanks mike

[21:03:28] old busy oh: clap clap clap

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