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Mike Jensen Chat 5/12/99
[19:58:28] ebijack (mi): Please Welcome our host tonight MIKE JENSEN !!!!!!!!

[19:58:34] ebijack (mi): clap clap clap

[19:58:38] Drift'r: Welcome Mike

[19:58:41] Bull(oh): clapping!!!

[19:58:43] mikej: Hi, everyone -- is it raining there TOO?

[19:58:50] Juls (WI): clap clap clap

[19:58:50] RichardM(AB): clap clap

[19:58:52] Bull(oh): not yet

[19:59:02] Pikeman(Sask): clap clap clap clap

[19:59:04] RichardM(AB): no sunny here mike

[19:59:11] mm(ONT)??: not yet

[19:59:17] sundance: mike,when using spinners with the 50/50 method,at

1.5mph,that roughly puts you at 22ft,how would i get it to go down to say 30ft????

[19:59:19] mikej: Can I come up? 6" since Sunday!

[19:59:50] ebijack (mi): sounds like muddy water is the new factor for the 99 season :)

[19:59:54] RichardM(AB): great and this will improve fishing on the Miss!

[19:59:55] mikej: Sundance, I am not a fan of the 50/50 method. I run shorter snells

and heavier weights and then experiment until I get weights at the right depth

[20:00:07] mikej: Ebi, everywhere we've gone so far has been muddy, windy, and rainy

[20:00:29] mikej: They don't call it the muddy Mississipp for nothin'

[20:00:46] Bull(oh): its that cloud over your head mike!!!!!(JUST KIDDING)

[20:01:07] mikej: Like Lil Abner - Mike KJHJHGLKJH)*^GLKUH

[20:01:16] ebijack (mi): you stocking up on chartreuse cranks and blades mike?

[20:01:34] mikej: Ebi, I've been hearing hammered silver is going to be hot in Red Wing

[20:02:02] mikej: Sounds like the fish have dispersed through the system and that

they're starting to pick them up on points down in Pepin on crank baits

[20:02:21] ebijack (mi): what about muddy water mike, isn't brite colors or black the

way to go?

[20:02:25] sundance: how short of snells do you run mike????

[20:03:00] mikej: Ebi, I like using the flourescent orange or chartreuse or green in mud

[20:03:11] mikej: Sundance, I'd run about 10' snells

[20:03:33] ebijack (mi): you believe those to be the best for walleye to see in muddy

water i take it?

[20:03:35] sundance: than put the snap weight on???

[20:03:37] Melonbob (ON): Clap Clap...welcome Mike!!!

[20:03:46] mikej: Ebi, I'd like to introduce to everyone KeithB, Keith Benedict who is a

new pro in the Western Division, who cashed a check in the last tournament

[20:04:01] mikej: Ebi, yes

[20:04:05] RichardM(AB): congrats Keith!

[20:04:06] ebijack (mi): howdy keith!!

[20:04:12] sundance: congradulation kieth..

[20:04:15] KeithB (mn): Thanks all

[20:04:18] Melonbob (ON): congrats! good stuff Keith!!!

[20:04:19] mikej: Sundance, I don't use snap weights, In open water conditions, I'll use

in-line bead sinkers

[20:04:26] Pikeman(Sask): congrats keith

[20:04:49] mikej: Keith, did you stay up in the Grand for the tournament?

[20:04:51] sundance: how heavy would you start with??

[20:04:55] Bull(oh): congrats keith

[20:05:00] KeithB (mn): Yes I did

[20:05:09] mikej: Sundance, start with 3-4 oz sinker for 22' and start out at about 50-60'

[20:05:13] KeithB (mn): Just around the corner from the take off site

[20:05:24] mikej: Keith - then you should be doing this seminar in how to fish the mud --

jump in!

[20:05:48] KeithB (mn): I was fishing clear water...or somewhat clear

[20:05:48] mikej: I figured you'd be up there -- every time I saw you you were there, but

it was too muddy for me

[20:05:54] mikej: What??

[20:06:08] mikej: Clearer than mud?

[20:06:14] KeithB (mn): I fished the riprap along the railroad

[20:06:36] mikej: That makes sense -- it did seem a little cleaner than up in the Grand

[20:06:42] sundance: 50-60 ft before you put the weight on??

[20:07:02] mikej: I ended up fishing just South of Mobridge on the East side. Driving

around on thursday, that was the cleanest water I could find

[20:07:14] ebijack (mi): mike, what's your first or main consideration when having to fish

muddy water, look for clear?

[20:07:19] mikej: Sundance, 50-60 feet between the board and my sinker, with about a

10' snell after that

[20:07:28] KeithB (mn): I figured my big fish spot would have been too muddy

[20:07:34] sundance: o.k. got it now...thanks..

[20:07:40] mikej: Ebi, the second day of our delayed tournament, I was noticing the

water was getting awful muddy

[20:08:01] mikej: particularly in the Moreau and the Grand Rivers that I was fishing, so I

drove around and tried to find clear water

[20:08:17] mikej: A few of the guys that I were fishing there did cash checks, but I was

a little more than a pound out of the money

[20:08:38] ebijack (mi): mike, do you increase size of baits in dirty water?

[20:08:44] mikej: Keith, was that the point where I ran into you on Monday?

[20:09:06] mikej: Ebi, I try to slow down, which typically means smaller jigs, and going a

little shallower than normal

[20:09:07] KeithB (mn): No. My big fish spot was south about 14 miles

[20:09:14] mikej: Ohhhhhhh

[20:09:49] mikej: A lot of the guys that were weighing in, said the bigger fish came real

shallow - like under 3'

[20:10:01] mikej: I did catch 2 that were over 18" in under 3' of water

[20:10:15] ebijack (mi): why smaller jigs mike, don't you want a noisier bait?

[20:10:18] KeithB (mn): I caught my fish about that depth...but as the wind picked up I

dropped deeper to catch my slot fish

[20:10:23] mikej: Ebi, they fall slower

[20:10:48] mikej: Keith, I agree - my smaller fish came out in 10-12' of water but you

had to sort through a lot of them to find a 14" fish

[20:11:08] mikej: I even slip bobbered the last day to slow my bait down even more,


[20:11:11] Bull(oh): what was the slot???

[20:11:12] KeithB (mn): I didn't catch anything less than 15 on Friday

[20:11:28] KeithB (mn): 14- 18 "

[20:11:28] mikej: One fish over 18" per person, with a 14" minimum

[20:11:29] ebijack (mi): mike, do you like fishing a tourney on a lake that has slot limits?

do you think it's tougher?

[20:11:46] mikej: Keith, boy I wish I could say that -- I probably had 20 under 14"

[20:12:07] RichardM(AB): combine it with no cull and it is brutal!

[20:12:11] mikej: Ebi, I'm used to fishing with slot limits, because Mille Lacs has had

one throughout the 10 years I've fished tournaments on it

[20:12:30] mikej: Really, what it makes you do, is it makes you find a big fish spot, and

a spot that holds good sized slot fish

[20:12:57] ebijack (mi): sounds like you really like that richard :)

[20:13:37] ebijack (mi): will redwing be slot limits also?

[20:13:49] mikej: No cull tourneys are always tough to judge what fish you should keep

and which you shouldn't, but after the conditions we had, I'd made my mind up in the

morning that I wouldn't throw anything back that I could have weighed

[20:14:04] mikej: Ebi, no slot limits in Red Wing

[20:14:19] KeithB (mn): I made the same decision Mike

[20:14:20] mikej: But there are slot machines, again!

[20:14:25] RichardM(AB): how bad is Red Wing now Mike?

[20:14:53] mikej: Richard, I don't know yet. It's been so crummy here that I haven't

talked to anyone who has fished the last few days

[20:14:57] mikej: Hi, Gwalt!!

[20:15:04] ebijack (mi): mike, what was the biggest difference between the detroit river

spring walleye fishing and the mississippi river

[20:15:08] mikej: I'm going down on Saturday to fish the local opener

[20:15:31] mikej: Ebi, the biggest difference was the current, for one. The current in

lake Pepin will be a whole lot slower than in Detroit.

[20:15:32] RichardM(AB): more on the way north and east of here has got 2 feet of

snow last 2 days!

[20:15:42] Reelhook(wi): Mike are you fishing the PWT on Winnebago this year

[20:15:45] mikej: Also, there will be a lot fewer snags, more silted in than in Detroit

[20:15:58] mikej: Reelhook, yep. Will be there in a month or so

[20:16:15] Reelhook(wi): June 24 I think

[20:16:30] mikej: Of course, he's always gone on my birthday (Mrs. Mike said)

[20:16:44] Lundman(Wi): :-)

[20:16:49] mikej: :(

[20:17:01] mikej: Lundman, I get better presents that way

[20:17:03] ebijack (mi): what better than to make him think of you mrs jensen :)

[20:17:09] Melonbob (ON): Mike, I'm trying to get into using cranks, it's something

nobody does around here, but I can't really afford to buy a huge selection to

start......any good picks to begin with?

[20:17:16] mikej: Wait, what part of fishing .....?

[20:17:37] mikej: Melonbob, what depth ranges do you normally fish?

[20:18:13] Melonbob (ON): anywhere from 3-20 ft throughout the year......shallower in


[20:18:47] RichardM(AB): Shad Raps and Tsticks Jr deep

[20:18:47] ebijack (mi): mike, what is your down to basic tactic for spring river fishing

[20:18:56] mikej: Melonbob, in under 10' of water, I think it's hard to beat Shadraps.

The number on them is approx how deep they'll dive, but the number tends to be


[20:19:10] mikej: Deeper than that I like Deep Thunderstick Jr, like Richard said

[20:19:19] Melonbob (ON): cool, thx....

[20:19:23] mikej: I also like Deep Thundersticks, to get deeper than 20'

[20:19:49] Nite Eyes: how deep do the jr.s run????????

[20:20:05] RichardM(AB): 17 to 19 '

[20:20:26] Melonbob (ON): would you use a colour along the same line as you would

jig with?

[20:21:02] Bull(oh): on the circuit do most pros use mono or fireline for trolling cranks?

[20:21:12] mikej: Melonbob, in clear waters I try to stay with natural colors, silvers,

maybe a rainbow trout type color, and in dirtier water more toward the wild colors

[20:21:14] sundance: if you have your crank at maximum depth,what would be a good

way to get that crank deeper???

[20:21:14] RichardM(AB): chrome/ble, fire tiger, nat shad, blk/silver all good

[20:21:31] mikej: Bull, I can only speak for myself, and I use mono almost all the time

[20:21:38] RichardM(AB): mono

[20:21:48] mikej: Sundance, yes, that's the situation in which I would use Fireline, to

get the cranks deeper

[20:21:50] Bull(oh): what test????

[20:22:03] RichardM(AB): 10 lb

[20:22:04] mikej: Richard, I've been playing around with blue chrome, and I like it

[20:22:19] mikej: Bull, 10lb XT

[20:22:23] RichardM(AB): my favorite Shad rap mike

[20:22:27] Bull(oh): tks

[20:22:56] mikej: Blue must show up well against all that SNOW Richard

[20:23:06] Monte(mn): LOL

[20:23:08] Melonbob (ON): thx mike....Richard....gonna have to buy a few.....

[20:23:16] Nite Eyes: is fireline really as hard on guides as they say??????????

[20:23:23] RichardM(AB): what snow ? we got none Mike

[20:23:23] sundance: how much deeper would you get with fireline???

[20:23:26] #1 saugeye: blue & white works good on Fort Peck

[20:23:35] ebijack (mi): mike, have you found anything this year that has really helped

you in all this muddy water you've had to fish

[20:23:43] RichardM(AB): 10% deeper

[20:23:59] mikej: Sundance, about 3-5 ' more

[20:24:01] mikej: maybe

[20:24:11] mikej: Ebi, find clean water

[20:24:14] sundance: so say your at 20 ft,the fireline would get you to 22 ft??

[20:24:20] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:24:24] mikej: Sundance, 22-24

[20:25:15] ebijack (mi): mike, do you use water temp to dictate when you start to run


[20:25:35] mikej: Ebi, I think cranks can work any time the fish are active

[20:25:47] mikej: You can make cranks work late in the fall and any time other than

when they're spawning

[20:26:16] Rod(Sask): to day would have been at freezing

[20:26:35] sundance: o.k. say i want to get to 40ft,what would you use???

[20:26:39] mikej: I had a crank bait pattern going out on Oahe, but it was kinda

inconsistent - there were some big fish suspended off of some of the points

[20:26:51] Melonbob (ON): I'm looking for something to produce in the summer

months.....It's easy to catch 50-60 here just after the spawn....

[20:26:57] mikej: Sundance, on spinners, I'd use 5oz or better

[20:27:09] sundance: how about cranks??

[20:27:12] mikej: Melonbob, size??

[20:27:17] Nite Eyes: what about cranks mike????

[20:27:29] Bull(oh): dipseys or jets on erie sundance

[20:27:39] mikej: Sundance, boy if you're looking that deep, I'd consider switching to

spoons and Dipsy Divers

[20:28:09] sundance: how about useing down riggers??

[20:28:14] Melonbob (ON): size? average around 16" I guess, we have a 14-17" slot,

and it's usually easy to limit over, but things slow right down mid-june...

[20:28:25] Nite Eyes: mike have you ever tryed the big deep lighting shad by


[20:28:34] mikej: Sundance, years ago, I played around in downriggers, and you can

catch fish on them, but I like to spread my lines out more than down riggers allow

[20:29:01] mikej: Nite eyes, I've tried them some and they look neat, but haven't played

with them too much

[20:29:18] RichardM(AB): how deep are you going Rod?

[20:30:18] mikej: Nite, I'm waiting to get my new Romanack Precision Trolling book

before I use them too much, so I can see how deep they dive

[20:30:57] ebijack (mi): mike, can you explain why you prefer to use in line sinkers than

snap weights

[20:31:42] mikej: Ebi, in line sinkers and bottom bouncers are pretty much

interchangeable, in terms of 2 oz going to a certain depth, so I can switch back and

forth and not have to recalculate where my baits are running

[20:32:15] mikej: Wheras, if I go with snap weights, without a chart, I don't know where

they're running

[20:33:07] mikej: Although, I think if I had to go really deep, I'd play around with snap

weights, because you can hang more weight on them

[20:33:12] ebijack (mi): mike, have you seen the new "no-snagg" sinker system

[20:33:29] mikej: Ebi, I've just seen it in the catalogues. It'd be interesting to see how

they do work

[20:33:41] mikej: Maybe we should all call Ted and see if we can get some samples!

[20:33:45] Nite Eyes: can you explain how to use snap weights with cranks,


[20:33:52] ebijack (mi): i did :)

[20:34:10] RichardM(AB): what did you think ebi

[20:34:13] mikej: Nite, most people use snap weights with crank baits by using the

50/50 method - 50 feet of line, your snap weight, and 50' of line

[20:34:18] ebijack (mi): he sent lots of free samples

[20:34:26] mikej: And you vary the weight of the snap weight to get down to the depth

you need

[20:34:28] Bull(oh): anytime i dont start using them till jul usally

[20:34:33] ebijack (mi): they look like i'll be trying them!

[20:34:36] mikej: Ebi, have you tried them?

[20:34:47] ebijack (mi): not yet mike, working to much still

[20:35:06] mikej: Try 'em on that Detroit River and see if they really ARE snag proof!

[20:35:16] ebijack (mi): i plan on it!

[20:35:17] mikej: Or snag resistent, I guess it would be

[20:35:34] ebijack (mi): yes resistent

[20:35:38] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:35:49] mikej: Ebi, maybe we have to have another tournament in Detroit so you

can have some time off

[20:36:19] ebijack (mi): i would take my vacation time again if you guys come

[20:36:33] mikej: That's nice of you - sure enjoyed it

[20:36:36] TBO/MN: mikej, do you use dipseys with cranks very often

[20:36:51] ebijack (mi): mike, what would you different if you were coming back to

detroit next week to fish it again

[20:37:14] mikej: TBO, no I really don't. If I did, I'd use a smaller shallow diving crank

baits or small spoons with them

[20:37:22] RichardM(AB): yes it was great Tom just order better weather next time!

[20:37:40] ebijack (mi): hey ya can't have everything :) the fish were there!

[20:37:43] TBO/MN: is that to keep the crank off the bottom??

[20:37:57] RichardM(AB): they just didnít know we were!

[20:38:03] mikej: Ebi, I don't know what I'd do, I'd probably fish more spots

[20:38:42] mikej: TBO, a deep diving crank bait would pull back so hard on the Dipsey

that it would detract from the depth you'd be able to get out of it

[20:38:56] TBO/MN: ok

[20:39:19] ebijack (mi): mike, tell us about your sponsors this year

[20:39:56] mikej: Ebi, this year I'm sponsored by Ranger Boats, PINPOINT, Crystal

Marine, Golden Eye Products, and Eagle Claw

[20:40:45] ebijack (mi): mike, that hyd. lift on your kicker looked sweet, how well has it


[20:40:57] RichardM(AB): have you used the golden eye motor link Mike?

[20:41:19] mikej: Ebi, it's worked great. It's by Golden Eye, and I like it because it's so

easy to switch from cruising to fishing with your kicker. It's the lazy man's way to fish!

[20:41:56] mikej: Richard, yeah, Golden Eye also makes the product to link the big

motor and the little motor together

[20:41:57] R Hill(mi): Whos Mike Jensen........Does he fish for walleye

[20:42:04] mikej: Hi, RHill.

[20:42:20] ebijack (mi): mike, does that hold the kicker at any position and do you still

have to tie your kicker down with it

[20:42:32] mikej: :)

[20:43:23] mikej: Ebi, the Golden Eye allows me to not strap it down, I just leave it in

the locked down position. Where most kicker brackets break, it's because the motor

has bounced off the catch and dropped into the water, bounced back up and broken

the bracket

[20:43:36] mikej: With this, the motor can't drop, because it's already in the down

locked position.

[20:44:02] Nite Eyes: have they come out with a auto pilot for a kicker motor yet?????

that may sound stupid but it's something i've been wondering

[20:44:19] RichardM(AB): yes TR 1

[20:44:21] mikej: M\with my set up, I never take the rod between my big and little

motors off. It doesn't really seem to make any difference in my high speed cruising to

leave the rod on.

[20:44:38] mikej: Nite, TR1 makes an auto pilot that works off a compass for your

kicker motor, but I've not used one

[20:44:52] Reelhook(wi): I have it and I love it

[20:45:13] mikej: $aint much, Richard

[20:45:33] mm(ONT)??: RichardM, what is the best line to use?

[20:45:34] mikej: Reelhook, most of the guys that have them seem to like them, but I

havne't seen the need yet

[20:47:02] gooch: mike, how did you like the P.W.T. in Mobridge?

[20:47:23] ebijack (mi): mike, do you know when pin point will have a gps unit?

[20:47:41] mikej: Gooch, I think it will be a fantastic fishery in a couple of years when

the fish get a little bigger

[20:47:49] RichardM(AB): down rigging on the west coast here we use 20 lb High

Impact or Big game

[20:48:07] gooch: how did you do?

[20:48:10] mikej: Ebi, PINPOINT will announce it in June, I've heard, and it will be

available in late fall. That was the last I heard, could've changed

[20:48:17] mikej: Gooch, 33rd

[20:48:28] gooch: I finished 88th

[20:48:40] ebijack (mi): mike, do you know if that will be an upgradable deal too?

[20:49:19] mikej: Ebi, all existing equipment will be upgradable to accept the signals

from the GPS. I've also been told that it will have a differential beacon built in.

[20:50:04] gooch: Mike, are you fishing the tournament at Devils Lake?

[20:50:12] mikej: I've also been told that it will have the ability to put the cursor on the

point you want to go to, and the bow mount positioning motor will take you there.

[20:50:17] mikej: Gooch, yes I am

[20:50:23] ebijack (mi): cool!

[20:51:04] mikej: Reelhook, how's the bite on Winnebago?

[20:51:06] Monte(mn): I have heard that the GPS software can be loaded in the

present unit, is this true, mike

[20:51:09] ebijack (mi): mike, how have you liked your 20ft ranger so far this year

[20:51:19] gooch: would you like a hazard map so you don't run into anything like a

fence, mail box,etc.?

[20:51:20] Nite Eyes: boy fishing is starting to get really high tech

[20:52:02] mikej: Monte, yeah Pinpoint will always upgrade their current models to the

newest software. If it's simply loading hte software on, it's typically no charge, and if

they have to replace chips with faster ones, then they charge for it, but it's usually

pretty resonable

[20:52:19] RichardM(AB): I've heard you can hit a lot of stuff there Gooch

[20:52:24] mikej: Gooch, hazard map = yes

[20:52:29] Melonbob (ON): 57 hrs bull....hehee

[20:52:49] Bull(oh): hehehhe

[20:52:55] gooch: yes you can richard.

[20:53:10] mikej: Gooch, whawt is the best map available for Devil's Lake now? Are

any of them accurate?

[20:53:39] mikej: Ebi, I really like the storage in my Ranger 620

[20:53:59] gooch: give me your address and I will send you a hazard map. The best

map right now is no map.

[20:54:29] gooch: the water level keeps rising.

[20:54:57] ebijack (mi): mike, do you think you'll be fishing both div's next year in the


[20:55:17] mikej: Ebi, it's my intention to, but there's a lot of things that could come up

between now and then that might change that

[20:55:24] TBO/MN: same here gooch been raining for a week, guy next door is

stating to build something big in front yard

[20:55:31] mikej: First off, I have to ask my wife

[20:56:22] Nite Eyes: that's true bull

[20:56:28] mikej: Actually, guys, my wife is very supportive of my fishing endeavors. I'm

very lucky in that aspect. she just offered to give me our tax rebate.

[20:56:48] ebijack (mi): she must be a keeper :)

[20:56:51] Monte(mn): YOur a lucky guy

[20:56:58] mikej: I keep telling him that -- Deb

[20:57:05] Nite Eyes: yep you should keep her

[20:57:06] R Hill(mi): lol

[20:57:10] Juls (WI): :-)

[20:57:12] Bull(oh): behind every good man there is a good woman!!!!

[20:57:20] gooch: anyone else need hazard maps for Devils Lake?

[20:57:25] mikej: Besides that, after 26 years, I'm used to it

[20:57:58] ebijack (mi): are there any more questions for our host tonight??

[20:58:05] Ephemera: Mikej>>It´s an enviable wife you got there!

[20:58:15] mikej: Thank you!

[20:58:51] mikej: And she's a good angler, too

[20:58:59] mm(ONT)??: you better thank,deb.....mike

[20:59:01] ebijack (mi): i'd like to THANK our host tonight MIKE JENSEN and DEB !!!!

[20:59:05] Monte(mn): Good luck Mike

[20:59:11] Juls (WI): thanks mike! clap clap clap clap clap clap

[20:59:12] gooch: when are you going to red wing mike?

[20:59:12] mikej: Mrs. Mellon, I meant -- I drew her as an amateur a few years ago. My

wife doesn't fish

[20:59:12] ebijack (mi): clap clap clap!!!!

[20:59:25] ebijack (mi): good luck in the rest of 99 mike!

[20:59:27] Drift'r: Thanks Mike & Deb

[20:59:34] RichardM(AB): thanks mike

[20:59:37] R Hill(mi): Great job Mike......What ever your last name was......LOL

[20:59:38] mikej: Been fun, all - thanks

[20:59:42] Melonbob (ON): Thx Mike!!!! You too Deb!!!! Clap Clap!!! Thx for the

crankbait help!!!

[20:59:52] Bull(oh): good luck in all u do mike nice chat!!!<<<<<<<<<clapping

[21:00:09] KeithB (mn): Thanks mike

[21:00:16] lazy ike: i enjoyed reading tonight, i am sort of new to this, good luck

[21:00:20] Bull(oh): u too deb!! clap clapclapclap

[21:00:25] mikej: Isn't it kinda strange that people who fish also speak computer?

[21:00:27] ebijack (mi): good luck to you too keith and richard

[21:00:41] KeithB (mn): thanks ebi

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