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Mike Jensen 8/11/99
[20:00:04] ebijack: Please Welcome our guest tonight MIKE JENSEN !!!!!!
[20:00:14] ebijack: clap clap clap
[20:00:15] slip-bobber(MT): Clap, Clap, Clap
[20:00:17] river king mi: welcome mike
[20:00:23] slip-bobber(MT): Hi ya Mike
[20:00:27] Drift'r: Welcome Mike
[20:00:28] mikej: Hi, all. What's happening?
[20:00:35] gilman(IN): hi mike hows fishing
[20:00:45] Lundman: We're looking to glean a little knowledge...
[20:00:56] river king mi: how was saginaw bay mike
[20:00:58] mikej: Gilman, I did better up at Saginaw than I did lately. 
[20:01:20] mikej: River King, I took 48th in Saginaw Bay. Had fun - I enjoy fishing up
[20:01:22] gilman(IN): thats good
[20:01:53] river king mi: i fished the mwt first time up there for me i loved it
[20:02:38] mikej: River King, Saginaw Bay is a fantastic fishery. Not quite as good as
Erie, but still fantastic.
[20:02:53] river king mi: fish are bigger
[20:02:53] SdDoc: mike, are you going to continue with ranger?
[20:02:58] ebijack: mike, you seem to be having a real tough year, (sorry to say) do you
know why?
[20:03:06] gilman(IN): are you fishing mwc at bay de noc
[20:03:20] mikej: Doc, I've not made plans for next year yet. 
[20:03:33] mikej: Ebi, it's been brutal year.
[20:03:46] mikej: Seems like I've been in a slump like never before.
[20:04:10] mikej: Gilman, yeah - with your partner!!!
[20:04:14] ebijack: mike, have you changed to much at once?
[20:04:22] river king mi: i/m gonna fish the linwood classic up there saturday mike
[20:04:34] gilman(IN): i thought so
[20:05:03] mikej: Ebi, I think my main problem this year was I didn't pre-fish smart, so I
didn't have as many options as I needed going into each tournament
[20:05:14] mikej: River King, don't forget your pa's at home
[20:05:26] river king mi: how did you fish saginaw mike
[20:05:57] mikej: River King, the first day I pulled spinners, and then switched over to
pa's in front of the spinners and did better.
[20:06:18] river king mi: i used tots and came in 28th there mike
[20:06:19] mikej: mbrandt, doing pretty good, regardless of the season.
[20:06:45] mikej: River King, boy I never got those tots going. I tried pulling them quite
often, and never caught enough fish on them.
[20:07:08] mikej: River King, so what's your secret to make those things go?
[20:07:23] river king mi: i caught about 20 every day on blue and silver rattle tots
[20:07:36] mikej: River King, I had those out, too. Hmmmmmmmmm
[20:07:43] river king mi: 60 feet behind boards
[20:07:44] Drift'r: what size tots mike
[20:07:52] mikej: I know that Chris Gilman was pulling tots for the Win.
[20:08:07] mikej: Drft'r 1/4 and 3/8 oz rattle and non-rattle
[20:08:17] ebijack: mike, what would you do to have pre-fished smarter
[20:08:26] mikej: I did take Swats advice on the red bell, but it didn't seem to help
[20:08:29] river king mi: 3/8 rattle is what i was using
[20:08:47] mikej: Ebi, I needed to try more things in more places. It seemed I had too
much of a one-track mind on methods to be used this year.
[20:09:09] mikej: River, I had them out. 
[20:09:21] ebijack: mike, are you going to try that for your next tourney?
[20:09:42] mikej: Ebi, my next tourney I'm only going to have about two days of
pre-fishing so I have to depend upon my partner. 
[20:09:44] river king mi: i was about three miles from buoy number one
[20:09:58] mikej: River King, three miles which direction? West?
[20:10:09] river king mi: north west
[20:10:36] mikej: River King, I pretty much fished 5 miles west of buoy 1.
[20:11:04] ebijack: mike, were you on schools of fish?
[20:11:23] river king mi: i found them in 1 spot mike every time my alarm went off we had
fish on
[20:11:41] mikej: Ebi, it seemed like there were fish everywhere you went on Sag Bay.
The key was to find fish that were 15-17feet down. They seemed to be more active
[20:11:58] river king mi: thats true mike
[20:12:13] mikej: River King, there was a big pack of them about 10 miles NE of
Hoyle's, that I pretty much fished around the outsides of the pack.
[20:12:21] mbrandt(in): wind direction made a difference too
[20:12:30] mikej: I did have some fish going out about 6 miles out from White's Beach
[20:12:49] river king mi: my graph would show a stickup and fish would be stacked up
on it
[20:13:07] mikej: River King, boy I wish I would have found that spot.
[20:13:32] river king mi: i was exactly 10 miles out mike
[20:13:42] mikej: From Hoyle's??
[20:14:03] river king mi: there was lots of boats another mile or 2 on out
[20:14:18] river king mi: yes from hoyles
[20:14:24] gilman(IN): is the water low there
[20:14:51] river king mi: i was in 24 feet of water
[20:14:54] mikej: Gilman, yeah, it's low like everywhere else on the Great Lakes. Cl.ose
to 2 feet.
[20:15:06] mikej: River King, I was in about the same depth - 23 feet.
[20:15:22] gilman(IN): did you pull reef runners
[20:15:26] mikej: Interesting thing happened the last day of the tournamnet. We had a
strong SW wind,and the water in Hoyle's Marina dropped a foot and half to 2 feet.
[20:15:39] mikej: Gilman, I tried them briefly, but no luck.
[20:15:40] river king mi: mellon and rocco were there the last day we fished
[20:16:02] mikej: River King, yeah, I was fishing near Richard for a while
[20:16:44] river king mi: the couple that won the mwt were out in channel by bouy 1
using pas
[20:16:58] ebijack: what's pas
[20:17:06] mikej: River King, I had a friend that was out in that area, that was on good
fish until the last day
[20:17:15] RoyGPA: am glad you asked that ebi... i was gonna  :)
[20:17:19] mikej: Ebi, a pa's is a weight-forward spinner with a blade on it
[20:17:24] mikej: So it gets down deeper
[20:17:39] mbrandt(in): It has a lip like a shad rap too
[20:17:39] mikej: Typically you rig it up with a spinner, with the spiinner behind the pa's
[20:17:51] mikej: Pa's is the name of the company
[20:18:00] ebijack: sounds like erie dearies
[20:18:01] RoyGPA: how is a pas different than an erie dearie?
[20:18:04] mikej: Walleye Central Walleye Products sells them....
20:18:12] Drift'r: sort of the same ebi
[20:18:20] mikej: The lip makes it dive deeper than an Erie Dearie
[20:18:25] gilman(IN): diving lip
[20:18:33] RoyGPA: oh ok
[20:18:38] mikej: Seems likes a 3/4 oz Pa's will run about as deep as a 2 oz bead
sinker with the same amount of line out
[20:18:48] Drift'r: what weight do you use mike
[20:18:55] mikej: I use a 3/4 oz
[20:19:10] mikej: At 60 feet, they dove 15 ft
[20:19:24] Drift'r: how many patterns are there of the Pa's
[20:19:25] ebijack: how do they pull behind boards
[20:19:44] mikej: And that's where I caught most of my fish; Richard was fishing
shallower than that, at least on the first day
[20:19:58] mikej: Drift'r, boy, I dunno..... gotta be a dozen or two
[20:20:23] mikej: Ebi, they pull a little hard. i had to put the springs on the shaft of the
flag and all the way down to the front of the board
[20:20:35] gilman(IN): you ever use plastic worms
[20:20:36] mikej: Or, use Reelman springs
[20:20:44] ebijack: mike, was color important?
[20:21:17] mikej: Gilman, I tried them there, but I didn't get any bites with all the catfish
and perch there, if it would have worked, it would have been nice - you went through a
lot of crawlers and had a lot of garbage bits
[20:21:49] mikej: Ebi, color is important. My best blade for the last 2 days was kind of
perch color. Specially painted blade that I found at Frank's - I wish I would have gone
back and gotten more before I left
[20:22:14] river king mi: i caught a 12 lb catfish in tourney on the tot
[20:22:41] mikej: River King, that's bigger than any of them I caught there, I never did
get a big one. But I hear they've got them.
[20:22:52] gilman(IN): i bet you thought you had a pig on
[20:22:57] mikej: Kinda different to catch suspended catfish!
[20:23:20] mikej: I think a lot of the fish that were near the bottom were really catfish
[20:23:35] mbrandt(in): or carp, I saw a lot of dead ones
[20:23:41] river king mi: i told my partner that we had the big fish of the tourney we
were disapointed when it showed up
[20:23:41] mikej: Yep
[20:24:00] mikej: River King, Happened to me before, too ..... a REAL disappointment
[20:24:33] mikej: I caught a big northern this summer....
[20:24:50] slip-bobber(MT): Happens at FT Peck with Carp Mike
[20:24:50] gilman(IN): do you ever fish lake of the woods
[20:24:53] bob (oh): using a bunch of crawlers on erie WB right now - perch and
[20:25:17] mikej: Gilman, I haven't fished LOW for a few years. The PWT is going
there next year, so I will be fishing it some between now and then
[20:25:30] Lundman: Cool, I'll be there man....
[20:25:47] mikej: Lundman, how much do you fish LOW?
[20:25:49] gilman(IN): were going last wk sept
[20:26:01] Lundman: Couple three times a year....
[20:26:12] Lundman: for many years....
[20:26:38] gilman(IN): big fish there
[20:26:40] RoyGPA: hey drift'r...have you ever tried those chartruse "tinted" live
crawlers that they sell up by Arthur?
[20:26:46] mikej: Lundman, would you like to do some prefishing with me next year?
[20:26:47] ebijack: mike, has that big ranger helped your presentations?
[20:27:13] mikej: RoyGPA, I had some of those air shipped in for the Wacker. But they
were too small to use.
[20:27:24] Drift'r: they have had them around here for awhile Roy
[20:27:13] mikej: RoyGPA, I had some of those air shipped in for the Wacker. But they
were too small to use.
[20:28:05] RoyGPA: it's the first i've seen of them...... where have I been?   lol
[20:28:09] mikej: They were pretty odd looking, though. My wife loved them lurking in
the frig
[20:28:19] ebijack: :)
[20:28:20] gilman(IN): lol
[20:28:36] Drift'r: they feed them a special feed to change them
[20:29:07] mikej: Drfit'r - if you saved the bedding, you can do additional crawlers in the
[20:29:13] RoyGPA: that's what I was told....i figured they dipped em in dye
[20:29:37] Drift'r: its a little pellet in the bedding
[20:29:42] ebijack: mike, why don't you think plastic worms were working on saginaw
[20:29:43] R238S: some are dipped in dye
[20:29:47] mikej: Roy, naw, it's the bedding that turns them colors. It is a dye in the
bedding, I guess. It turns everything else green when it gets wet, but it doesn't stain.
[20:30:21] mikej: Ebi, I dunno. I did experiment some with using chunks of power Bait
along with crawlres, but when I ran plain PowerBait, I didn't catch a fish
[20:30:27] river king mi: they want a little smell in warm water ebi
[20:30:33] R238S: back to a regular crawler in 15 minutes
[20:30:48] mikej: R238S - me too. Saw the same thing.
[20:30:53] Drift'r: i used power worms on spinners at erie ...never a bite
[20:31:11] Drift'r: walleye  specific too
[20:31:16] R238S: leaves a trail behind in the water
[20:31:17] mikej: Drift'r - seemed to be the same on Saginaw, although I only tried them
for an hour or 2
[20:31:31] Drift'r: thats long enough mike
[20:31:47] river king mi: the brown worms that we use in river we tip with small piece of
crawler ebi
[20:31:56] mikej: Seems like a very long time when you're not catching fish
[20:34:17] ebijack: mike, what do you think you'll change in the way you prefish
[20:34:44] mikej: Ebi, I need to have more spots that I have confidence in, in catching
fish, before the tournament starts.
[20:35:03] mikej: This year it seemed like I just didn't have enough spots, when the
tournament started, that if one or 2 didn't go, I didn't have confidence in the rest of
[20:35:12] ebijack: so you need more time on the water?
[20:35:20] mikej: So, in other words, try more spots and more techniques on more
[20:35:34] mikej: From Fishing WIDOW:  I don't think so!
[20:35:48] ebijack: :)
[20:35:57] mikej: Ebi, not necessarily more time, but to try more things and more places
during the time I am on the water.
[20:36:52] mikej: Does everybody know what the PWT schedule is next year?
[20:37:02] ebijack: mike, do you need to catch fish at all your spots, or just a good
looking spots is good for you
[20:37:26] mikej: Eastern Div: Eire April 19, Sault Ste Marie, June 21, Saginaw Bay,
July 12
[20:37:47] mikej: Western: Pierre, May 10, Lake of the Woods, May 31, Fort Peck,
[20:37:58] R238S: is it full yet mike?
[20:38:13] R238S: eastern half
[20:38:26] mikej: Ebi, there's a lot of good looking spots where you don't catch fish. It's
important to catch fish on a spot, to have the confidence to go back to that spot and
know you'll catch fish on it. 
[20:38:42] Drift'r: what part of erie for the eastern
[20:38:51] mikej: R238S: No, it isn't full yet. They don't even have the applications out
yet. Typically, apps are due around January 13 to get in.
[20:38:58] mikej: Port Clinton
[20:39:01] ebijack: mike, how do you determine that if your going after suspended
[20:39:29] mikej: Ebi, if I mark suspended fish, I'll spend some time fishing for them. In
my experience, those fish are more active than the ones on the bottom.
[20:40:08] mikej: I'm finding the walleyes are suspending in Minnesota a lot more often
than I ever realized in the past. 
[20:40:19] gilman(IN): do you pull dipsys
[20:40:27] mikej: After fishing the Great Lakes, you kind of condition yourself to looking
for walleyes off the bottom.
[20:40:55] mikej: Gilman, no, not for walleyes. That's pretty much a great Lakes
technique, particularly in Erie, that I haven't really played around with much
[20:41:15] riverfishing wi: so then what tactics do you use for inland lake suspended
[20:41:23] riverfishing wi: or maybe i missed it cuz i came in late, sorry
20:41:47] mikej: River: I often will start out with crankbaits, because they're probably
the easiest to get your depths close, the quickest
[20:42:05] mikej: Thanks to Mark Romanack and his Precision Trolling book./
[20:42:16] gilman(IN): flat line or snaps
[20:42:35] R238S: mike do you run mono or a braided line
[20:42:37] ebijack: mike, trolling in rough water, how do you determine weeds on your
[20:42:42] mikej: Gilman, I don't use snap weights...
[20:42:49] river king mi: he caught 30 lbs the first day and 4 the second day mike
[20:43:02] mikej: R: mostly mono; I use superlines to get it deeper.
[20:43:18] riverfishing wi: what lb mono
[20:43:44] mikej: Ebi, I use tattletale flags; when you have the flags set right, the flags
are sensitive enough to tell you when they're fouled or when you have small fish on the
[20:43:57] mikej: Riverfishing_ 10 # XT
[20:44:22] gilman(IN): believe your flag they work
[20:44:38] mikej: Gilman, I agree.
[20:44:39] river king mi: what kind of line counter do you use mike
[20:44:47] R238S: have you tried the flurocarbon leaders mike
[20:45:04] mikej: I found a few different ways of handling heavier/harder pulling
crankbaits behind them, by playing around with springs and spring locations
[20:45:12] mikej: R238: yes, and I love them
[20:45:41] R238S: any knot problems mike
[20:45:43] mikej: R: I was flipping in 28" fish over the side of the boat during the Wave
Wacker, rigging 6 # flourocarbon snells
[20:45:56] riverfishing wi: if you're going to a new area/ lake and want to troll ; how do
you choose what crankbait to use...is there a general one you use ....besides asking
around in the area..
[20:46:17] mikej: R238: I did have one break during the last tournament, as I was
netting the fish, it broke at the knot, but I really don't think it was a problem with the
[20:46:20] river king mi: i been looking at some in capalas new book they are electric
line counters
20:46:54] mikej: Riverfishing: I decide which crankbait to use when I mark fish - how
deep the fish are is one of the criteria to choose the crankbait.
[20:47:43] mikej: Riverking, Cabela's has electronic line counters out. I was talking to
Richard, at the last tournament, and he runs Penns.
[20:47:51] mikej: He really likes them, don't you, Richard?
[20:47:59] ebijack: mike, do you listen to local regulars to help decide on colors?
[20:48:05] gilman(IN): anyone caught fish on risto rap
[20:48:17] RichardM(AB)1: yes I do Mike
[20:48:41] river king mi: whats the advantage richard
[20:48:45] mikej: Ebi, sure you do. seems like a lot of times, certain colors dominate on
certain bodies of water. For instance, chrome blue on Saginaw and red and black in
Red Wing.
[20:48:54] RichardM(AB)1: colors weren't that important at Saginaw ebi
[20:49:09] mikej: Well, there's two opinions
[20:49:13] ebijack: what was richard? speed?
[20:49:18] ebijack: :)  
[20:49:19] mikej: Depth
[20:49:38] river king mi: the blue and silver worked pretty good there richard
[20:49:55] RichardM(AB)1: I talked to a lot of guys after and everyone had diff hot
colors and let backs. In that clear water hot fish were all that mattered
[20:50:14] mikej: To me, it seemed like certain lures or colors of lures were hot for a
while in Saginaw, but it did change from day to day and time of day
[20:50:43] riverfishing wi: what do you like about the electronic line counters richard
[20:50:49] river king mi: that one color worked best for 4 days for me i tried some others
[20:50:59] RichardM(AB)1: I think color is often more important to me than the fish
[20:51:08] riverfishing wi: lol
[20:51:13] slip-bobber(MT): lol
[20:51:13] mikej: Yeah, it was kind of funny, when Richard and I were standing beside
the Hot-N Tot display at Frank's, you could stand there for an hour, and different locals
would point at different colors every time
[20:51:44] mikej: Richard, there's definitely something to that.
[20:51:51] RichardM(AB)1: the Penn's are very accurate and have much nicer drag
than the Diawa
[20:52:10] mikej: Richard, they also stay accurate as you take more line off your spools
[20:52:24] mikej: They calculate your spool diameter and adjust for it, while the Daiwa's
are mechanical
[20:52:31] riverfishing wi: sound cool
[20:52:31] RichardM(AB)1: yes they are dead on right to the spool
[20:52:38] gilman(IN): thats nice
[20:52:40] slip-bobber(MT): What do ya know about the Okumas Richard?
[20:52:46] mikej: But they're also expensive
[20:53:16] riverfishing wi: so mike what tactics do you use when you're marking fish
tight to the bottom
[20:53:25] RichardM(AB)1: Monty bought one and a Diawa at the same time. they are
not equal
[20:53:34] mikej: Slipbobber, I ran 4-0 Okuma's this year, and I think the drags were a
little better than the daiwa's, but I had one I had to assist when letting out baits, so I
don't think they're quite as smooth as the Daiwa's
[20:53:42] mikej: Basically, I use them for prefishing. 
[20:53:55] slip-bobber(MT): Thanks Mike and Rich
[20:54:12] slip-bobber(MT): Are they accurate
[20:54:29] river king mi: did you guys make the championship???
[20:54:38] mikej: Riverfishing, depends on how scattered they are. If they're very
scattered, I'll bang crankbaits or spinners off the bottom. But if they're tighter to
structure and more schooled up, I'll rig or jib
[20:54:42] RichardM(AB)1: spooled with the right dia line and full just as good as a
[20:54:48] gilman(IN): what brand of rods do you use mike
[20:54:59] mikej: The important thing is to cover water when they're scattered. 
[20:55:13] mikej: Gilman, I use a lot of brands of rods. My rigging and jigging rods are
[20:55:23] RichardM(AB)1: river king  I did
[20:55:33] mikej: My trolling rods are either St Croix or I have a couple Eagle Claw
cross Wing rods that I really like
[20:55:46] river king mi: thats great richard good luck
[20:56:15] RichardM(AB)1: thanks I thought I blew it on the last day
[20:56:33] slip-bobber(MT): What is the length of your trolling rods Mike?
[20:56:41] riverfishing wi: what do you mean by rig when you said rig and jig when
schooled up
[20:56:43] mikej: Richard, but the important thing is you DID make it into the
Championship. Good going!
[20:56:56] mikej: Slip, for trolling, I use 7-8.5 ft rods
[20:56:56] RichardM(AB)1: thanks Mike
[20:57:32] ebijack: yeah congrats richard!
[20:57:58] RichardM(AB)1: I was sweating the last day Tom!
[20:59:03] ebijack: are there anymore questions for our host tonight?
[20:59:28] river king mi: no thanks mike good luck
[20:59:37] mikej: Riverking, thanks a lot
[20:59:42] ebijack: thanks mike!!!! clap clap clap
[20:59:47] riverfishing wi: thanks mike
[20:59:51] Lundman: Thanks mike...
[20:59:53] Swat 1: Thanks Mike
[20:59:53] ebijack: good luck in next years tourney's mike
[20:59:56] gilman(IN): no thanks mike best of luck to you
[21:00:06] mikej: Been fun, as always. Thanks for your help and inspiring leadership,
[21:00:07] slip-bobber(MT): Thanks alot Mike
[21:00:08] R238S: good job mike
[21:00:21] slip-bobber(MT): clap.clap.clap
[21:00:25] Drift'r: Good luck Mike
[21:00:28] RichardM(AB)1: great Mike
[21:00:36] Drift'r: clap clap clap
[21:00:55] Lundman: And the crowd goes wild.....:-)

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