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*ebijack-  Please Welcome our host tonight MIKE JENSEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*ebijack-  clap clap clap
*Grouser68-  anyone interested in coming to KY and showing me how
to catch these fish............I'll put ya up
*Roy G (PA)-  welcome mike!!!!!!!!!!!!
*eyefish(mi)-  Clap clap clap Welcome Mikey
*Nate-  Hi Mike
*MikeJ-  Thanks, guys.... we're talking about spring walleye fishing tonight.
*MikeJ-  Guys and Juls, that is!
*ebijack-  mike, how about starting us off with how things went for you at lake sharpe
*eyefish(mi)-  springs over Mike lets talk about lake erie in 2 weeks
*MikeJ-  Rod, you know more about Erie than I do!
*M. Dunn-  Clap Clap Clap, Welcome Mike.
*MikeJ-  Lake Sharpe came out OK
*eyefish(mi)-  I havent been there in 3 years
*MikeJ-  I made mistakes every day with the no-cull and the only-2-over-18-inches.
*ebijack-  you to excited mike?
*MikeJ-  Every day I'd keep one that was just over 18 inches - 
then throw back one later over 19!
*MikeJ-  Cocky, maybe
*ebijack-  :)
*M. Dunn-  Mike, That does seem like a hard slot to fish, for a Tournament. 
*MikeJ-  Kept 'em too small one too soon, then the next day threw 'em back too early.'
*ebijack-  mike, sounds like you were on fish everyday
*MikeJ-  M Dunn, Sharpe is known for lots of small to medium sized
fish... and over 18" fish are at a premium
*MikeJ-  my second day I caught three limits of fish before I quit at 10:30 am
*M. Dunn-  Mike, I noticed that from the Weights, that and with the
boats that only weighed 12 fish for the 3 days.
*MikeJ-  The third day, I threw back 3 limits and then the wind
came up - and I didn't catch any after that and didn't weigh a limit
*ebijack-  mike, how's the new fisher boat your running
*ebijack-  ouch mike
*MikeJ-  It rides nice, it's dry, and it's faster than those "other boats" that I used to run...
*ebijack-  :)
*eyefish(mi)-  Does it have a waterfall like the Ranger Mike
*MikeJ-  I left that option off this one!\
*eyefish(mi)-  LOL
*MikeJ-  Rod, you must've fished in my old boat...
*eyefish(mi)-  Winne Mike
*M. Dunn-  Mike, What was working best for you on Sharpe?
*MikeJ-  But in 60 mph winds, anything will get a little wet...
*ebijack-  mike, grouser here is new to walleye fishing and needs
help getting walleye to bite down there in ky
*MikeJ-  Dunn, I was pulling Bomber 24As in 5-6 ft of water
*M. Dunn-  Mike, Off Boards or Flat linning?
*MikeJ-  I was flat lining the Bombers and trolling with my 200 Hp Optimax - 
*Grouser68-  thanks...........alot of help eb!
*ebijack-  trolling with the 200 optimax?
*M. Dunn-  Mike, Why did you choose to use the Main engine to troll
with, rather then the Kicker or Trolling Motor?
*MikeJ-  Easy - my kicker hadn't arrived yet - picked up the boat
on the way to the tournament and rigged it on the road, with
the help of my dealer, Rustads' Water Sports
*MikeJ-  In fact, I'm still rigging - running wires tonight.
*M. Dunn-  Mike, That would explain it. lol. Would you have used
your Kicker if you had it?
*MikeJ-  Dunn, actually on the Missouri River system the walleyes
like fast trolling, so I might not have used it much, anway
*ebijack-  what kind of speed mike
*MikeJ-  In the river system when you have current, the walleyes
don't hear the motor anyway - it's trolling speed that counts
*MikeJ-  2.5mph
*M. Dunn-  Mike, Thanks for the Information.
*MikeJ-  Literally, the fish on the front rods were coming up next
to the boat almost fast enough to net them without cranking them in
*Sheila-  Mike, what technique did you use at Lk Sharpe, and what
are we going to try at LOTW?
*ebijack-  mike, what would you recommend a newbie to walleye
fishing start out fishing with….application wise
*MikeJ-  I pulled Bomber 24 As, brown and gold or silver and blue
*MikeJ-  At LOTW, I think we'll be pulling spinners, Sheila. Does
that sound like fun?
*ebijack-  fishing with you mike is fun no matter what the application
*MikeJ-  Ebi, that veries so much with the bodies of water. What's
the water like in KY, Grouser?
*MikeJ-  Ebi, that's nice of you. Thanks.
*Grouser68-  Mike how would you fishpaintsville lake in KY? it's deep and clear
*MikeJ-  Grouser, what kind of bait fish are in the system?
*Grouser68-  the eyes are at 14to 60 ft.
*Grouser68-  shiners and crayfish
*Sheila-  spinners are my fav, hope the walleyes are ready
*M. Dunn-  Mike, How do you run your spinner setup?
*MikeJ-  grouse, typically shiners are shallower water fish, but
also cooler water - so depending upon the water temperatures,
if they were below 60 degrees, start shallow, then move deeper as the water warms
*MikeJ-  if the walleyes truly feed on the crawfish, stick to rocky
reefs and that type of thing
*river king-  doesn't paintsville lake have a lot of timber in it grouser???
*MikeJ-  Try a silvery crankbait 
*Grouser68-  no timber
*MikeJ-  Good question, River King. Anything else unusual about the structure?
*MikeJ-  Is it anything like Norfolk?
*Grouser68-  it's a deep hollow with cliffs on both sides.........narrow
*eyefish(mi)-  Mike did you give that same suggestion to the fish at Houghton Lake
*MikeJ-  I'd be surprised if there weren't also suspending shad species in that lake....
*Grouser68-  the cliffs are a shear drop
*river king-  i/m origanlly from there in eastern ky and i thought
it had lots of timber in it
*MikeJ-  Is it a reservoir?
*Grouser68-  in the lower end it has some in the shallow water but no fish there
*MikeJ-  Grouser, it always pays to scout around and mark fish
before you actually start to fish. In middle to later summer,
you'll find fish suspended.
*MikeJ-  If the fish are suspended, they're active fish - try to
run crank baits at the depths you're marking fish
*Grouser68-  ok
*MikeJ-  if the fish are tight to structure, Bottom bouncers and
spinners might be a better choice
*MikeJ-  With both these techniques, you can cover a lot of
territory and try to narrow down more specific spots to fish
*MikeJ-  A lot of time in a southern reservoir, the fish will
relate to the root structures of flooded timber.
*Grouser68-  Mike it just looked like to me the fish filled the screen!
*MikeJ-  So therefore you'd want to go with a weedless snag free
type jib, like a Northland weed weasel.
*MikeJ-  Find another lake - leave that one for me
*ebijack-  mike, do you get a map of every lake and mark spots
where you plan to prefish?
*river king-  do you fish at night there grouser???
*Grouser68-  some were hanging to the cliff edge pretty close
*MikeJ-  I try to get multiple maps of all the lakes I fish. I
find that different maps have better details in certain areas,
and by looking at them all you can find areas to fish
*Grouser68-  all day and all night monday...........diehard huh?
*river king-  no fish in the shallows at night thats odd
*MikeJ-  I agree, RK
*river king-  are you sure those are eyes filling the screen
*MikeJ-  RK, I bet they're not
*Grouser68-  we were at the dam end at night looking at a fish
finder full of fish
*ebijack-  mike, how many times have you fished lotw?
*MikeJ-  I bet they're white bass
*MikeJ-  I haven't been up there in about 10 years, but back
then I spent a few weeks up there over a couple of trips
*river king-  i agree mike if they were eyes you would get a few
just by luck if nothing else
*MikeJ-  Grouser, did they look like baitfish, or did the image hook up?
*Grouser68-  i did have one on....but not for long 
*Grouser68-  did the same thing last year there did'nt get a hook set
*river king-  in some of those lakes in the south those big carp
will suspend. I've seen them do that
*Grouser68-  brought one to the top and watched him swim away!
*MikeJ-  Grouser, the southern reservoirs from my experience do not
have the numbers of walleyes to make for good walleye fishing,
although they typically do have a few big walleyes
*MikeJ-  Carp and the stripers and wipers, too
*Blackbyrd-  when is the best time to use leadcore line fishing for walleye ?
*MikeJ-  Anybody ever heard of Lake DeLesseps in Canada?
*river king-  not me
*wilfer-  nope
*eyefish(mi)-  nope
*ebijack-  nope
*Grouser68-  the KDFW says it's full of eyes.........but will know more next week
*MikeJ-  Leadcore is a viable alternative any time you need to get
a crank bait deeper than what it will normally run
*MikeJ-  You'll have to let us know!
*Blackbyrd-  is it tough to use ?
*MikeJ-  We're going to DeLesseps in June on a fisherman's holiday
*Grouser68-  fishing buddy is diver and wants to see them up close
*ebijack-  save some gps numbers for mike grouser :)
*MikeJ-  leadcore is not tough, I just use a formula of lead core
adding 5-6 feet of depth to the crank bait, for each color of
line to let out. You have to pay attention to speed - the
faster you go, the less it will drop
*Grouser68-  we are intent on finding the eye's there .........and hooking at least one!
*Blackbyrd-  thank you
*ebijack-  mike, will you be pulling spinners with your pin point?
*MikeJ-  Chances are pretty good, 
*M. Dunn-  Mike, How do you setup for trolling spinners?
*MikeJ-  Dunn, the sinkers I use for pulling spinners vary from in
line bead sinkers to Bottom bouncers to 3-way rigs
*MikeJ-  Depending upon the type of structure I'm fishing
*M. Dunn-  Mike, What type of Boards do you use?
*MikeJ-  OFf-Shore Boards, most often
*M. Dunn-  Mike, With the 50/50 Method?
*MikeJ-  I do carry Roach Boards for when I troll with Fireline, which isn't often
*Blackbyrd-  why offshore boards ?
*MikeJ-  Dunn, I don't use snap weights often, so I don't use the
50/50 method that much - I'd use leadcore before I'd use snap
weights, just because I'm more familiar with it
*M. Dunn-  Mike, Alright. Thanks.
*ebijack-  mike, what changes do you do when going from spring to
summer patterns and what water temp dictates that
*MikeJ-  BB, OffShore has good tattle-tale flags. They save me a
lot of time in not pulling around small fish and weed-fouled lures
*MikeJ-  I watch water temperature, but it's not my primary
indicator. The earlier in the spring, the shallower I start,
and the later in the spring, the deeper I start, and just keep
looking from there. Its' the starting point, really, that changes. 
*MikeJ-  I hear the fish are in transition in LOTW, as we speak
*MikeJ-  The WWA tournament was won by Stier and Ney, with 25 pounds
*MikeJ-  So the bite isn't really going. I imagine the fish are
going from spring to summer patterns now.
*river king-  2 days mike or 1
*Sheila-  transitioning to what?
*M. Dunn-  Stier won the MWT at Houghton this previous weekend.
*MikeJ-  This will normally happen a few weeks later, but it's been an early spring.
*MikeJ-  Sheila, away from shore, to the summer patterns.
*river king-  was the 25 lbs a 2 day weight
*MikeJ-  Stier gets around. Good for him.Heck of a fisherman.
*MikeJ-  RK, yep - a 2-day winning weight
*MikeJ-  There weren't many big fish caught in the tournament
*M. Dunn-  He managed to get a good limit both days on Houghton
Lake with a tough bite. He deserves credit for that alone.
*MikeJ-  This spring has been really strange. In most areas, we
had a warm, early spring, but then it got cold, which really
messed up the spawning cycles
*MikeJ-  At Lake Sharpe, I never did catch a female walleye in 7 days of fishing.
*Dusty(ND)-  Mike, you pitch jigs much?
*MikeJ-  On LOTW in the summer, the fish go miles off shore and
they're kind of in a no-man's land
*wilfer-  Mike-I will be entering my first tourney soon- what is your best advice?
*MikeJ-  Dusty, I love to pitch jigs
*Sheila-  oh, then Juls & I must give you towel - "go for the girls"!!
*MikeJ-  I did some at Sharpe, but I found the crank baits better
*Dusty(ND)-  great, me too!! What do you suggest to keep minnows
on the jig for more than a few casts?
*M. Dunn-  The weather played havoc on Houghton.
*MikeJ-  Dusty, I always when using minnows use Fireball jigs and I
put the hook through the mouth and up through the top of the
head - they stay on pretty well that way
*MikeJ-  It also creates a more natural presentation, meaning it
stays in a straight line
*Dusty(ND)-  why shortshank? 
*MikeJ-  Dusty, I only use long shank jigs when I put plastics on
it because Harry Stiles taught me that way
*Dusty(ND)-  you ever add any spins when pitching jigs?
*MikeJ-  Spins???
*MikeJ-  Like a whistler jig?
*Dusty(ND)-  somthing like a beetle-spin?
*REELMAN-  what was your best crank on Sharpe
*MikeJ-  Reelman, #24A Bomber
*MikeJ-  Brown and gold when the water was muddy, and blue and
silver when the water was clean
*wilfer-  ok- i'll try that-
*MikeJ-  When the current was flowing, the Bad River would not flow
muddy water into the Missouri.
*REELMAN-  i haven't even pulled them yet this year, looks like I
better get them out of the bag
*MikeJ-  When they weren't generating power at the plant, the
current wasn't flowing, dirty water would flow out of the Bad
River, creating a Bad River Muddy Mess
*MikeJ-  Reelman, if I were you, I wouldn't change a thing ! You
and Todd have been on a roll!
*REELMAN-  hope it continues
*Dusty(ND)-  Mike, would the power minnows be a good alternative to
my bait-loss problem? How do the fish like them things?
*MikeJ-  Dusty, power bait can work at all times.
*ebijack-  mike, do you have any other new sponsors besides fisher?
*MikeJ-  with the Fisher sponsorship, came a Mercury
sponsorship also and I've been working too hard for Fisher and
Pinpoint to pick up any others this year.
*SdDoc-  mike i have a pinpoint ?
*ebijack-  mike, are you lining up folks to prefish with for each
tourney using walleye central?
MikeJ-  I've just about booked up solid for each tournament
with guys AND GALS from Walleye central
*M. Dunn-  Mike, What would you suggest to a 17 year old Angler who
is just getting their feet wet with Professional Fishing in a
State Circuit, and is looking to work his way up to Tournaments
like PWT, and membership to the NPAA?
*ebijack-  cool!
*MikeJ-  SdDoc, yes I'm running Pinpoint and loving it.
*SdDoc-  i cant seem to get my units to recognize the others
*MikeJ-  Dunn, you've got a good start. The MWT is a great circuit.
continue with school - because fishing is really a small part
of this business. The business of fishing is catching sponsors.
*SdDoc-  when i go to views, it only gives me local
*MikeJ-  Sddoc - I'm thinking
*eyefish(mi)-  Doc do you have the Insync system
*SdDoc-  yes, i have insyn
*M. Dunn-  Mike, How would you suggest my looking to get sponsors? 
I know about resumes and that, but what do I do with them
after I get a good one going?
*MikeJ-  SdDoc, give Pinpoint a call. at 1-800-474-7550 and tell
them the problems you're having. '
*SdDoc-  they number themselves 1+2
*MikeJ-  They will talk you through trouble shooting and arrange to
get you back on the water as soon as possible.
*SdDoc-  ill talk to ron tommorow..
*MikeJ-  Dunn, the best way to get sponsors is to prove to them
that you can help them sell product. Sponsors don't pay
anybody to fish - you're part of the sales force.
*ebijack-  mike, how many years have you been running pin point
*SdDoc-  what prop are you running now mike?
*MikeJ-  by showing them you can help them sell product at sports
shows, in articles, open houses, etc, they will see the value
in you and thus sponsor you... you may need to volunteer at first.
*Pikeman(Sask)-  Mike - have you ever fished in saskatchewan?
*MikeJ-  I've been running Pinpoint since 1998
*MikeJ-  SdDoc, I'm running a 23 pitch Trophy
*MikeJ-  I got 61.2mph at Sharpe per GPS
*M. Dunn-  Mike, So make good showing at Tournaments and such, and
be public friendly? I have gotten compliments from one
sponsor on how he was impressed with my behavior at the
Tournament at Houghton. 
*M. Dunn-  Thanks alot for the Information, look forward to
possibley seeing you on the PWT soon. ;-)
*ebijack-  mike, what's the biggest advantage you found in your new
fisher over other boats
*MikeJ-  Pikeman - never. But where's Richard when we need him?
*SdDoc-  how many vents are open, mike?
*M. Dunn-  Mike, So approach a Sponsor with offering to sit in
their booth or help at events they are holding?
*MikeJ-  Great question, Ebi. The Fisher is a great all around
boat. I like the ride, its speed, the livewell systems
*MikeJ-  SdDoc, just the way the factory set it up - I have not touched it
*MikeJ-  Dunn, tournament finishes make a name for you, and they
will open the sponsors' eyes, but you can be the best
tournament angler and still not have sponsors if you can't
work with them and help them sell product. Think SALES
*eyefish(mi)-  I love my Pinpoint....nothing like jigging in 30
feet of water and watching your jig
*SdDoc-  i was told to try a tempest 21, better hole, and top end,
kulm is running one on his 1900 targa..
*M. Dunn-  Mike, I work right now for a Tackle Producing Company 
that is rather large, and represent them as Factory Pro Staff,
will this help also as credentials? To prove I have been Pro
Staff and Sponsored by some people already?
*MikeJ-  Eyefish, a couple of years ago on Lake Oahe, I was jiggin
gin 65' water with a 3/8 ounce Fireball, watching my jig
*M. Dunn-  Mike, That's some clear water.
*eyefish(mi)-  I believe that
*MikeJ-  Dunn, it may and it may not - it depends on if they would
think your association with that company was advantageous to
another company or not.
*MikeJ-  No, Dunn, I saw it on the Pinpoint graph. Clear graph, not clear water.
*ebijack-  good one dunn :)
*M. Dunn-  Mike, What exactly do you mean by that?
*M. Dunn-  Thanks Ebi.
*MikeJ-  Dunn, you couldn't go after a direct competitor, for example. 
*M. Dunn-  Mike, Ah. lol.
*SdDoc-  its just like ice fishing with a zercom or vexilar, 
except it moves your boat around too...
*MikeJ-  For instance, Reefrunner probably wouldn't sponsor someone
who was already sponsored by Storm, in most cases
*M. Dunn-  Mike, Yeah I can see how the competition wouldn't like sponsoring you. lol.
*MikeJ-  SdDoc, it also keeps you at a certain depth.
*MikeJ-  Todd, I'm aware of that 
*SdDoc-  exactly...
*MikeJ-  Exactly, Dunn
*MikeJ-  Public speaking experience and comfort in public speaking
is one of the things that is absolutely necessary when
approaching sponsorships. 
*M. Dunn-  Mike, So look for some diversity when looking for
Sponsors? Such as looking for a Line Company, a Separate Lure
Company that is not competition, and so forth?
*ebijack-  mike, do you prefer to prefish more or less days and do
you spend more time looking than fishing
*Sheila-  and nice personality helps too
*MikeJ-  Dunn, that's right. For one thing, they often pay you in product.
*T-Mac-  good looks help too LOL
*M. Dunn-  Mike, I am taking classes on Business and Speaking in
Public. I also have been told I have a "nack" for public
speaking, in formality for my age.
*MikeJ-  part of prefishing is eliminating water, as well as
finding productive water
*M. Dunn-  Mike, That's good.
*MikeJ-  Dunn, you're on the right track, especially at 17!
*MikeJ-  Monte, are you ready to go? 
*Sheila-  how about unknown hot-spots, hehe
*Monte-  Ready willing and able!!!
*MikeJ-  Sheila, on LOTW! Do you have any?
*M. Dunn-  Mike, Thanks for all the Information.
*MikeJ-  Dunn, my pleasure. Good luck to you.
*Sheila-  we will find them, eh Mike....
*M. Dunn-  Mike, I hope I am on he right track. I want to be in
the Fishing Industry for my Career. Selling Products,
Writing, and Fishing.
*BAAD BOAT- Good evening looking for some advice
on fishing for the eyes on erie, Dunkirk NY. Catching afew at
nite on the showles what would you suggest to boat them during the day ? 
*Sheila-  shady side of the humps...
*MikeJ-  Shelia, that's always a good start.
*M. Dunn-  Good Luck to you also in the PWT.
*MikeJ-  Monte, I got a lot of work to do yet. I'm not packed, and
clothes aren't washed, and the boat's not done yet. 
*ebijack-  i'd like to thank our host tonight MIKE JENSEN
*ebijack-  clap clap clap
*MikeJ-  Our pleasure. 
*Todd_NE-  clap clap
*MikeJ-  Todd - don't go there!
*Sheila-  YES, thank you very much MJ!!!!!
*eyefish(mi)-  As always Great job Mike
*T-Mac-  yeeeeeeeeeeeeey Mike clap 
*Den-  good going mike, 
*river king-  thanks mike and good luck
*MikeJ-  I'm just glad I wasn't part of the mess
*M. Dunn-  Thanks Mike.
*Pikeman(Sask)-  goood job as always mike
*ebijack-  thank you too deb!
*UP Pro-  Thanks Mike
*2old2-  yeeha 
*T-Mac-  good job Mike
*M. Dunn-  Good luck, and Good Fishing to you Mike.
*Pikeman(Sask)-  goood job as always mike
*BAAD BOAT-  Good luck in 2000
*MikeJ-  Deb says :)
*Monte-  Thanks Mike
*ebijack-  good luck this year mike....you deserve a win!
*T-Mac-  Mike ...you doing Ft Peck?
*MikeJ-  'night everyone - gotta finish up so I can leave early.
Thanks, Ebi, for all your great help, as usual!
*SdDoc-  good luck mike, say hey to richard
*Sheila-  hi Deb! good luck to you both for upcoming tourney
*MikeJ-  T-Mac, I am fishing peck
*Roy G (PA)-  thanks mike
*Juls_WI-  nite mikej...thanks
*T-Mac-  cool see ya there
*MikeJ-  I'm hoping Ft Peck is kinder to me this year than in the past
*ebijack-  thanks mike
*Den-  good luck mike
*MikeJ-  Night!

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