Walleye Central

[19:55:49] ebijack (mi): Please Welcome JERYY and KAY TIPPING, they fish the

MWC as a team, have won team of the year in 96

[19:56:12] Jerry & Kay: Hi everyone

[19:56:13] ebijack (mi): WELCOME jerry and kay

[19:56:25] e.s.f.: Welcome

[19:56:27] Sir Waltr: J&K, do you like trolling cranks,or spinner rigs, or what conditions


[19:56:27] KeithK(MI): Hi J & K

[19:56:34] Hunter(Pa): Hi Jerry & Kay

[19:56:41] Jerry & Kay: trolling cranks

[19:57:16] Hunter(Pa): what are your favorite cranks

[19:57:25] Sir Waltr: Oops, did I jump the gun?

[19:57:34] ebijack (mi): j&k can you start us off by telling us about the tourney last week

with the bad conditions

[19:57:46] Jerry & Kay: Storm Hot n Tots, Thundersticks,

[19:58:12] Hank: Hello Everone!!

[19:58:19] Jerry & Kay: very high, dirty water,prefishing it was very poor bite

[19:58:38] KeithK(MI): why did you choose hot-n-tots in cold water

[19:58:50] e.s.f.: where did you fish in the MWC turny

[19:59:11] Jerry & Kay: we didn't use hot n tots there. We jigged.

[19:59:22] Hogboss: J&K how many point's do you need to Qualify for MWC


[19:59:31] Jerry & Kay: Illinois River

[19:59:49] Jerry & Kay: about 200 but it varies year to year

[20:00:24] Sir Waltr: J&K, does the MWC land in Michigan this year?

[20:00:26] Hogboss: what is your favorite body of water in MWC to fish.

[20:00:24] Sir Waltr: J&K, does the MWC land in Michigan this year?

[20:00:26] Hogboss: what is your favorite body of water in MWC to fish.

[20:00:47] Jerry & Kay: Yes, Bay de Noc but not Saginaw, darn

[20:01:11] Jerry & Kay: Big Stone

[20:01:20] ebijack (mi): what kind/weight jigs did you use in the river j&k

[20:01:23] Hogboss: any reason why.

[20:01:49] Jerry & Kay: Bait Rigs Oddball 1/4 oz

[20:01:54] Sir Waltr: Where is Big Stone?

[20:02:22] Jerry & Kay: We like Big Stone because of the nice people and big fish

[20:02:40] e.s.f.: where is Big Stone

[20:02:42] Jerry & Kay: Minnesota South Dakota border

[20:03:36] Marc: Any proven producing rigs you two use on Big Stone?

[20:03:36] ebijack (mi): j&k, did you use live bait or plastic

[20:03:45] Sir Waltr: When is the best time for Big Stone? I'm going to Minnesota soon.

[20:03:48] Hogboss: J&K does oddball sponsor you folks.

[20:03:50] Hank: J&K do you fish any of the great lakes?

[20:04:05] Jerry & Kay: spinners, crawlers and cranks

[20:04:32] Jerry & Kay: live bait with twister tails and a scent

[20:04:51] Jerry & Kay: Big kStone-end of May, first of June

[20:05:04] Jerry & Kay: Bait Rigs sponsors us

[20:05:11] Sir Waltr: Thanks

[20:05:17] Jerry & Kay: Michigan and Huron

[20:05:50] ebijack (mi): what kind of boat and rigging do you two use

[20:06:03] ebijack (mi): electronics, etc

[20:06:17] Jerry & Kay: Skeeter 1850, Mercury 175 Lowrance

[20:06:31] Hogboss: what happen to you guy's on the ILL. River.

[20:06:32] Hank: What kind of sonars do you have on your boat and how do you like


[20:07:05] Jerry & Kay: This is the best we have ever done on the Illinois River

[20:07:17] Hogboss: good job.

[20:07:38] Jerry & Kay: Lowrance LMS 350, global map 2000 they’re great

[20:07:44] mikej: Who controls the boat or do you take turns?

[20:07:56] Jerry & Kay: Jerry controls the boat

[20:08:10] Sir Waltr: Who won the Illinois River, and what was their winning tactic?

[20:08:49] Jerry & Kay: Caljun and partner, local guide, jigging the island

[20:09:15] Hogboss: what size jig's did they use.

[20:09:56] Jerry & Kay: don't know what size but the colors were blue, purple, chartruse

[20:09:59] Hogboss: did they fish tree root's at all.

[20:10:14] Jerry & Kay: don't know

[20:10:16] Chris G: J@K, Do you fish USFA team walleye tournaments? If so which


[20:10:46] Jerry & Kay: we may do some this year as time and funds allow

[20:11:47] Jerry & Kay: does any one else fish MWC

[20:11:59] ebijack (mi): how much time do you spend pre-fishing for each tourney

[20:12:20] Marc: Do you do much trolling and if so any pro tips?

[20:12:24] Jerry & Kay: usually we prefish the week before each tournament

[20:12:24] Hogboss: I do

[20:12:49] Jerry & Kay: we troll a lot, always run one high

[20:12:49] Chris G: We might do GB and Bay de Noc for the first time ,all the Team

Walleye though

[20:13:07] Sir Waltr: In the team format, how many fish are you allowed to weigh in?

[20:13:21] Hogboss: I got 18th at Illinois river this year.

[20:13:42] Jerry & Kay: Chris, stop and say hi

[20:13:56] Jerry & Kay: 5 fish are allowed per day

[20:14:08] Magic Marker OH: what do you run high ,favorite lure,how far back?

[20:14:33] Jerry & Kay: good job Hogboss, we were 18th after the first day and then our

spot got crowded

[20:14:46] Chris G: I liked your article on Castle Rock! I have fished it most of my life

and felt you did it justice!

[20:14:51] Hogboss: thank you.

[20:15:03] Jerry & Kay: Thunderstick, 5 ft down

[20:15:09] weasel: what do you think of fireline

[20:15:29] Jerry & Kay: thank you, it was my first article, more to follow

[20:15:33] Marc: I've tried to vary my trolling speeds between 1-2mph what do you


[20:15:41] Magic Marker OH: which model ,how far back?

[20:16:04] Jerry & Kay: we are just starting to troll with it, it's hard to get used to

[20:16:33] Jerry & Kay: depending on water temp. 1-2 is a good average

[20:16:46] Jerry & Kay: 3/8 oz. 50 back

[20:16:58] Hogboss: J&K what color is your skeeter.

[20:17:46] Jerry & Kay: midnight blue, light blue blaze,

[20:18:00] Hogboss: were you parked at boat club.

[20:18:10] Sir Waltr: When is the next MWC tourney, and where?

[20:18:14] Jerry & Kay: yes we were, slip 118

[20:18:49] Jerry & Kay: May 16-17 Ortonville, Minnesota

[20:18:50] Hogboss: I was two slips down from you guy's in smokercraft.

[20:19:01] Hogboss: 116 slip

[20:19:10] Jerry & Kay: well hi neighbor

[20:20:02] Jerry & Kay: hogboss, did you have to change your lower unit seal

[20:20:12] Hogboss: Yes sir.

[20:20:27] Hogboss: I was taller partner.

[20:20:35] ebijack (mi): j&k, did the 96 win really help with new sponsors or did they just

come along as you went along

[20:20:36] Jerry & Kay: that was Jerry waiting for Jay while he was changing your seal

[20:20:56] Hogboss: cool, thank's

[20:21:11] Jerry & Kay: it helped some what but they just come with time

[20:22:21] KeithK(MI): J & K, how long have you been fishing the MWC

[20:22:40] Jerry & Kay: We started fishing as a team in '94

[20:22:41] ebijack (mi): j&k, do you talk to local guys and bait shops before going out to

prefish, or rely on other mwc info

[20:23:22] Hunter(Pa): you said you are just starting with fireline. what else do you use

for line and how heavy

[20:23:36] KeithK(MI): What sugestions do you have for someone interested in the


[20:23:39] Jerry & Kay: yes we rely on bait shops, local fishermen and friends on the


[20:24:34] Jerry & Kay: It's a great circuit, friendly people, if you are thinking of it let us

know, we'll help

[20:25:28] Hogboss: J&K did you guy's get any money at all for big fish pot.

[20:25:38] Jerry & Kay: trilene xt 10 lb. for trolling, 6 lb. solor for jigging

[20:25:49] Hunter(Pa): thanx

[20:25:59] Jerry & Kay: yes, sescond place Saturday

[20:26:02] ebijack (mi): j&k, do you tend to go back to old spots when a tourney

repeats on a lake/river, or do you look for new areas

[20:26:24] Hogboss: good job,You had told me Kay had got a nice one.

[20:26:39] Jerry & Kay: we always check the old spots but also look for new, you have

to have back ups

[20:27:16] Magic Marker OH: ever fish Erie?

[20:27:45] Jerry & Kay: During the PWT's in '92 and '93

[20:27:47] Chris G: My partner and I are thinking of doing Green Bay and Bay de Noc.

Any quick suggestions. We never fished MWC. Have fished Fox River but not B.D.N.

[20:28:39] Jerry & Kay: Don't get overwhelmed by the number of boats in the


[20:28:52] Magic Marker OH: gonna fish Erie this year?

[20:29:06] Hogboss: J&K what part of Wisconsin are you folk's from.

[20:29:09] Jerry & Kay: Call Kaz at MWC links on this board

[20:29:39] Jerry & Kay: No Erie this year, wish we could

[20:30:01] Jerry & Kay: southern WI by Janesville

[20:30:15] Hogboss: Rock river eh.

[20:30:36] Jerry & Kay: Koshkonong

[20:30:43] Hogboss: ya

[20:30:56] Chris G: How close are tourney boats allowed to be to each other?

[20:31:18] Jerry & Kay: Not touching, but they request 50 ft.

[20:31:51] Hogboss: what about river situations.

[20:32:04] Jerry & Kay: fishing river systems the boats get pretty close

[20:32:27] Chris G: any attitude problems?

[20:32:27] R Hill(mi): J&K do you feel bait size vs. water temp makes a difference

[20:32:54] Jerry & Kay: there are a few, but that's life

[20:33:04] Chris G: I suppose

[20:33:09] Joe(WI): Were you fishing pre or post spawn fish?

[20:33:26] Jerry & Kay: we've never noticed that to make a difference

[20:33:35] Jerry & Kay: pre-spawn

[20:33:48] Chris G: Do you guys do seminars, if so when and where?

[20:34:43] Jerry & Kay: when ever or where we're asked, Rock Valley Angler's

Southern WI Chapter members

[20:34:46] Joe(WI): I got in late, was it a vertical jig bite?

[20:35:00] Jerry & Kay: yes, shallow water

[20:35:57] Joe(WI): What's your favorite jig color in stained rivers?

[20:36:19] Jerry & Kay: any one have any questions about fish taxidermy, we have


[20:36:51] e.s.f.: have you ever fished the Willow Flowage in norther wis. J&K

[20:36:51] Jerry & Kay: chartruse, orange

[20:37:01] ebijack (mi): how much info do you need to make a replica of a fish

[20:37:05] Jerry & Kay: no

[20:37:10] R Hill(mi): J&K are you taxidermist

[20:37:29] Jerry & Kay: size, lenght and girth and a good picture

[20:37:33] Hogboss: what kind of eye's do you two prefer.

[20:38:31] Marc: I am a high school Ag. teacher in MN and my students mounted

waterfowl this past year. In comparison, how hard would fish be for high school


[20:38:46] Jerry & Kay: yes, fish only

[20:39:01] Jerry & Kay: competition

20:39:16] Da-PaK: my dad toos 13 in state

[20:39:21] e.s.f.: J&K have you fished Pricket Dam in Upper migh.?

[20:39:35] Da-PaK: he was invited to natoinal but he didnt have the money

[20:39:38] Jerry & Kay: fish are tough, you can't cut the skin or it shows

[20:39:48] R Hill(mi): What would you charge for a 50 1\4 inch musky

[20:40:12] Jerry & Kay: no we haven't, just Gogebic

[20:40:46] Jerry & Kay: Chris i'll e-mail you

[20:40:55] e.s.f.: we fished gogebic we didn't catch walleyes just jumbo perch

[20:40:58] Chris G: Thanks!

[20:41:55] Jerry & Kay: yes

[20:42:10] e.s.f.: Did you catch walleyes on lake gogbic?

[20:42:20] Jerry & Kay: yes, that's all we fish for

[20:42:36] Da-PaK: perch are awesome to eat!

[20:43:03] Hogboss: J&K do you two ever fish Wisconsin river at all, and if yes where


[20:43:09] Jerry & Kay: we fish perch through the ice on Saginaw Bay a first ice

[20:43:28] Jerry & Kay: Castle Rkock, Petenwell, we guide both

[20:43:56] KeithK(MI): you mentioned saginaw bay earlier...where on the bay do you

like to fish

[20:44:12] Hogboss: do you troll stump field's at all.

[20:44:16] Jerry & Kay: Walleyes in Gogebic are hard to catch but are the best we've

ever eaten

[20:44:30] Jerry & Kay: west side near Hoyle's

[20:45:21] Hogboss: I have done the same on lake Wisconsin.

[20:45:45] Hogboss: Need shad rap sponsor.

[20:46:18] Jerry & Kay: we have Storm but use shad raps also

[20:46:21] ebijack (mi): j&k, how do you handle having the both of you fish the MWC,

money wise

[20:46:35] Chris G: Is Petenwell similiar to the Rock as far as presentations go? We

have good luck trolling cranks, especially the old Bomber waterdogs.

[20:47:07] Jerry & Kay: we both work in the same place and have the same amount of

vacation time

[20:47:30] Jerry & Kay: The Rock is dirtier

[20:48:09] Chris G: As far as the algea or just water clarity?

[20:48:15] R Hill(mi): J&K is taxidermy work your primary income

[20:48:21] Jerry & Kay: water clarity

[20:48:45] Hogboss: J&K good luck to you both on the rest of the circut, And will see

you both up in Greenbay.

[20:48:51] Jerry & Kay: no, jerry is a welder and Kay is a machinist

[20:49:05] Jerry & Kay: thanks, Hogboss

[20:49:16] R Hill(mi): Where do you find the time to fish

[20:50:07] Jerry & Kay: Our favorite water is Saginaw Bay, any one else

[20:50:19] Mike (MN): Sorry if I am repeating this question, but how much time do you

spend pre-fishing?

[20:50:42] Jerry & Kay: that's all we do in our free time

[20:50:52] Chris G: Do you think Green Bay will be a trolling presentation ? How about

Bay De Noc?

[20:50:52] BIG JOHN: why saginaw bay

[20:50:58] Jerry & Kay: any where from 3 to 7 days

[20:51:32] Mike (MN): Any good tips on Redwing in a month?

[20:51:39] Jerry & Kay: Green Bay will be cranks, Bay de Noc should be spinners and


[20:51:50] KeithK(MI): do you like the steeples in the bay or the inner part of the bay

[20:52:03] KeithK(MI): saginaw is one of my favorite too

[20:52:09] Jerry & Kay: size and quality of fish and we have friends that live in Saginaw

[20:52:32] BIG JOHN: what time of year do you fish it?

[20:52:34] Jerry & Kay: ktry

[20:52:42] Jerry & Kay: stockholm pier

[20:53:02] Jerry & Kay: big fish on steeples, inner bay for numbers

[20:53:08] Chris G: Do you ever fish Winneconnie in the spring (now)

[20:53:35] Jerry & Kay: june, july , August

[20:53:44] Jerry & Kay: no

[20:53:47] Mike (MN): where is Stockholm pier?

[20:53:53] shiner(sd): how early (water temp) do you start trolling?

[20:54:08] Jerry & Kay: Minnesota side, check Hot Spots map

[20:54:22] Mike (MN): thanx, any hot presentations???

[20:54:47] Jerry & Kay: Lead Core with shad raps on channel edge a good bet (#5 &7)

[20:55:09] Jerry & Kay: From ice out on

[20:55:11] Mike (MN): THANK YOU!!!

[20:55:30] R Hill(mi): J&K do you prefer lead core over clip on weights

[20:55:36] Jerry & Kay: Vertical jig the end of the pier

[20:56:13] Jerry & Kay: Just in rivers, you can follow the contours better

[20:56:49] Chris G: What kind of planer board do you recomend ?

[20:57:05] shiner(sd): thanks do you use cranks at ice out or spinners & live bait about

how fast?

[20:57:05] R Hill(mi): J&K how does it work in heavy current

[20:57:19] Jerry & Kay: OFF SHORE IN-lINES AND MAST

[20:57:25] BIG JOHN: J&K thanks for giving BIG ED the maps of Devils Lake!!

[20:57:38] Mike (MN): in a three way set up do you ever use a jig as your dropper?

[20:57:40] Chris G: And Mast??

[20:58:04] Jerry & Kay: we 3-way small cranks slowly

[20:58:17] Jerry & Kay: your welcome

[20:58:19] shiner(sd): ok thanks

[20:58:37] Jerry & Kay: yes, we do, if law allows

[20:59:02] Jerry & Kay: Mast is for big boards

[20:59:03] BIG JOHN: I will be sure to get them back to you

[20:59:22] Chris G: What kind of big boards?

[20:59:36] shiner(sd): have you tried the new mystic shads?.. are they any better than

shad raps?

[21:00:10] Jerry & Kay: Off Shore cattamarans

[21:00:13] Mike (MN): Any tips for high water in the river?

[21:00:25] Jerry & Kay: haven't tried them yet

[21:00:39] Jerry & Kay: go shallow when water is high

[21:00:47] shiner(sd): thanks

[21:00:53] Mike (MN): wood, rock,.....?

[21:01:23] Chris G: Will you be at the tackle dealers show this weekend in Milwaukee


[21:01:33] Jerry & Kay: both, try everything, go with light jigs

[21:01:57] BIG JOHN: J&K have you fished the mighty Rock much this spring

[21:01:59] Jerry & Kay: no we won't, sorry, have to clesn the boat form the last


[21:02:08] Chris G: I see

[21:02:14] Jerry & Kay: not yet, no time

[21:02:31] shiner(sd): what are fav. colors (raps) for shallow stained water & size?

[21:03:04] Mikey: What make boat do you use?

[21:03:23] BIG JOHN: I talked to my brother who lives in Mauston they are doing very

good under dams

[21:03:28] Jerry & Kay: #5 crawdad, new gold chrome, black back

[21:03:37] Jerry & Kay: Skeeter 1850

[21:03:49] Jerry & Kay: thanks, John

[21:03:54] shiner(sd): great! thanks

[21:03:57] Chris G: Thanks for all your help. Hope to meet you somewhere some time.

Be looking for your e-mail info. thanks again!

[21:04:04] Mikey: same as me!!

[21:04:13] Jerry & Kay: The Skeeter is for sale, check classified page

[21:04:25] Mike (MN): Do you have a good way to eliminate water fast in the river?

[21:04:36] BIG JOHN: what are you replacing it with?

[21:05:15] Jerry & Kay: If the waters high go shallow, if it is low go deep

[21:05:38] Mike (MN): and if it is stable?

[21:05:49] Jerry & Kay: Skeeter or Tuffy, depends on our dealer

[21:05:52] -=Fisher Guy=-: Do you find night fishing better than day?

[21:06:05] Jerry & Kay: Work the edges and eddies

[21:06:22] Jerry & Kay: don't have time to fish at night

[21:07:03] Mike (MN): Thanx for the tips and good luck to you both this year. I hope to

see you on the water.

[21:08:14] shiner(sd): are planer boards important at ice out?

[21:08:22] ebijack (mi): j&k, do you use a tr-1 or do you have the trolling motor tied to

the big motor

[21:08:31] Jerry & Kay: Any one fishing the Mercury Marine National

[21:08:49] Jerry & Kay: no,not on a river

[21:09:08] Jerry & Kay: tied to the big motor

[21:09:19] shiner(sd): a lake sorry

[21:09:47] ebijack (mi): j&k, what kind of elec. trolling motor do you use

[21:10:48] Jerry & Kay: we don't troll lakes till the water warms to about 60

[21:11:06] Jerry & Kay: Motor Guide

[21:11:09] -=Fisher Guy=-: Do you find merky water better to fish in for walleye?

[21:11:13] shiner(sd): ok thanks

[21:11:46] Jerry & Kay: Not really, we catch more fish in cleaner water

[21:12:32] R Hill(mi): J&K do you ever fish back in marinas

[21:12:57] Jerry & Kay: not many marinas in WI

[21:13:45] shiner(sd): thanks alot j&k great having you here!!!

[21:14:08] Jerry & Kay: Thanks, Shiner

[21:14:40] Mud Duck: J&K what are you buying if you sell your skeeter

[21:15:09] Jerry & Kay: Either a Skeeter or Tuffy's new walleye boat

[21:15:33] LS(nd): the 1990, J&K?

[21:15:37] Mud Duck: I pick up my new tuffy this Fri.

[21:15:48] Jerry & Kay: Yes

[21:16:05] Jerry & Kay: Which Tuffy

[21:16:17] Mud Duck: the osprey 1760

[21:16:38] Jerry & Kay: very nice ride and fast boat

[21:16:41] LS(nd): i'm going to the Minneapolis show this weekend to look at it, the

Tuffy 1990

[21:17:01] Mud Duck: i can't wait

[21:17:19] -=Fisher Guy=-: Do you find that rocky bottom contains more walleye than


[21:17:19] Jerry & Kay: we get to take our first ride Easter week end

[21:17:43] ebijack (mi): hey everyone, you got 10 minutes to get in your questions

before our guess have to leave!!

[21:18:03] Jerry & Kay: yes but check the transition line

[21:19:21] -=Fisher Guy=-: Just one thing J&K, do you find cranks better for walley?

[21:19:30] Jerry & Kay: it probably will, go low and slow

[21:19:51] Jerry & Kay: we like trolling cranks

[21:20:23] -=Fisher Guy=-: Great, well thanks for all the info. See ya

[21:20:50] Jerry & Kay: no matter where we troll cranks we always have a least one hot

n tot in the water

[21:21:13] KeithK(MI): Thanks guys...good luck for the rest of the year....hope you

repeat as team of the year

[21:21:23] Jerry & Kay: no, slow down your presentation

[21:21:38] Jerry & Kay: 10.35#

[21:21:48] Jerry & Kay: Thanks, Keith

[21:21:49] Mud Duck: tough bite

[21:22:21] Jerry & Kay: Real tough, water 9 ft. above normal pool

[21:22:43] bt: I hear the best time for the eyes is the day before and day after the front

comes in.....true?

[21:23:06] Jerry & Kay: we like fishing before

[21:23:38] bt: where are you Jerry& kay?

[21:23:51] Jerry & Kay: we're right here

[21:24:01] bt: I meant do you fish erie?

[21:24:14] shiner(sd): do you put any faith in moon cycles?

[21:24:51] Jerry & Kay: Haven't in a couple years, hope to soon

[21:25:10] Jerry & Kay: Shiner, never check them

[21:25:46] shiner(sd): me either just thought i'd check thanks

[21:26:04] ebijack (mi): i'd like to THANK both jerry and kay for sharing their time here


[21:26:32] R Hill(mi): J&K great job

[21:26:34] prairiepillow: thank you Jerry ad Kay

[21:26:34] Mud Duck: Thanks J&K

[21:26:43] Jerry & Kay: Thanks Tom, hope you have us back again some time, thanks

to everyone

[21:26:44] bt: Thanks

[21:26:52] KeithK(MI): Thanks J & K

[21:26:56] e.s.f.: thanks J&K

[21:27:03] ebijack (mi): sure!! let me know when you will have time!!

[21:27:11] Seamaster(ohio): thanks

[21:27:17] shiner(sd): thanks j&k it was great chat!!!

[21:27:35] Jerry & Kay: k

[21:27:36] Jerry & Kay: w

[21:28:11] ebijack (mi): good luck this year!!


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