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  JNB Originals - Chat 9/6/00

chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome our guest tonight , Joe Beech of 

JNB Products

mongo - clap, clap, clap, clap

river king - welcome Joe beech

Juls - clap clap clap clap..welcome JNB

mongo - whaaaassssuuuup

KeithB(MN) - Hi Joe


Jim Alton - Hi Joe...

chatman - Hello Joe, can you give us a little background on JNB?

Joe Beech - Privately owned business started in a small shop busting out of the seems. Now operate in 15 states and 2 countries. Looking forward to all 50 next year!

chatman - Can you tell us a little about your products?

Juls - holy moly!!!!!!!!!!! congratulations on your success!!!!!!

Joe Beech - We make high quality drift bags, bags to store leeches, bags to store bottom bouncers, and bags for planer boards. We recently added mesh storage bags and a tow line kit for the drift bags.

chatman - I saw the drift bag storage bags on your web site they look like a winner

mongo - anybody out there besides me and Keith use their stuff?

KeithB(MN) - I don't leave home without them

Joe Beech - Well we're really proud of out products! They have been tested by over 50 PWT pros - they all love them!

chatman - What makes your drift bags and products stand out from any competitors?

Joe Beech - Our bags inflate to full capacity in less than 10' every time. They're made out of polyester - so they'll last a life time.

mongo - like old ladies stretch pants

SUPERTROLLER - is that polyester coated ?

Joe Beech - mongo- true, true...

chatman - They also float, something a guy like me needs, I lost my last (Name shall remain secret, but not a JNB) bag as it sank and snagged

Joe Beech - no - 100% polyester


Joe Beech - 50% of the bags we sell are to people who have lost theirs!

mongo - super.....the fabric is coated

SUPERTROLLER - he just told me not coated mongo - hmmmm.......thought it was....have to ask him about that.

Joe Beech - there's a urethane coating on one side of the polyester

SUPERTROLLER - does the fabric get wet or is it water-repellent ?

SUPERTROLLER - ok, understand now.

Joe Beech - poly. will not absorb water. that's why it lasts.

mongo - must be using new fabric....I had a couple of the very first ones they made and thought they were coated

Joe Beech - do you use leeches?

mongo - sorry super....

SUPERTROLLER - he said it's urethane coated on one side.

Joe Beech - We have found a way to keep them alive all summer.

Juls - are you talking about your leech tamer bags?

Joe Beech - yes

mongo - hey Joe....tell everyone about the leech bags!! one of the coolest things I've seen in years

Joe Beech - You won't be disappointed!

chatman - That is a good point mongo, I have the Little leech tamer and I love it

SUPERTROLLER - what point ?

Joe Beech - I've been fishing the PWT and MWC this year, have had pretty good success will qualify for championship

chatman - The comment mongo made about the leech tamers

mongo - I have a couple of the regular leech tamers and I wouldn't think of putting my leeches in anything else

SUPERTROLLER - what does it look like ?

mongo - a green mesh bag, with a float at the top and a Velcro closure


Joe Beech - It's just a mesh bag that will hold 1 pound of leeches, it floats.

mongo - also made of a coated polyester


Joe Beech - The products were made with professional fishermen in mind and the general public benefits also.

SUPERTROLLER - keep in bait well to keep oxygenated ?

chatman - Where do most of your product ideas come from Joe? mongo - yup...

Joe Beech - bait well, live well, cooler, hang over the side of the boat - very versatile

Joe Beech - Many years of fishing tournaments, and being frustrated with the equipment that is available. Trial and error equals success!

chatman - You have several well know PWT pros on your pro staff. Lot's of input from them?

Joe Beech - They have been essential in the development of our product line. All of the products we have are used a lot.

chatman - I see you can order direct from your web site, tell us a bit about that

Joe Beech - We're excited about it - the input from our customers means a lot to us - this will help us decide what products people want and what improvements can be made.

chatman - input through the demographics page that comes up when someone clicks the banner ad on the Message center?

Swat1 - I know I came in late but what products do you make/carry etc. Joe

Joe Beech - There are many states that don't have dealers as of yet. Being able to order from the web site guarantees our products are available to everyone.

Joe Beech - drift bags, leech bags, bottom bouncer bags, and planer holders

Swat1 - Are the planer holders for the in line boards?

Joe Beech - yes - allows you to store your planers anywhere in your boat.

SUPERTROLLER - when I buy a drift bag does the attachment harness come with it or do I have to buy it separately ?

nd ranger - Hello everyone been a while since I have been on

Joe Beech - separately


Swat1 - Would I be able to mount the planer holder to the inside lid of my rod storage box on my Fisher FX 18 DV?

Joe Beech - sure anyplace you want it

nd ranger - Joe , I am a dealer, how do I get in touch with you to buy your products?

mongo - got mine in the splash well

Swat1 - How many Boards does it hold?

mongo - 4

SUPERTROLLER - neat idea mongo

mongo - yeah.....it's mesh so it doesn't hold water

Joe Beech - You can get in contact with us through our web site www.driftbag.com or call 1-507-629-3969

Swat1 - I carry mine in either the live well or bait well now but don't like doing it that way

SUPERTROLLER - out of the way yet handy too.

Joe Beech - you bet

Joe Beech - Pictures on the web site

SUPERTROLLER - web address ???

mongo - sure beats stepping on them or getting lines tangle in 'em

Swat1 - Where are you located Joe

Joe Beech - Our drift bags can be trolled as well as drifted

Joe Beech - Tracy, MN

Joe Beech - www.driftbag.com

chatman - you can get to the web site by clicking JNB's banner on the Message center page here on Walleye Central

Swat1 - Do your drift bags have an adjustable tail opening?

Joe Beech - Yes

mongo - the bags troll great...won't break apart either

Swat1 - www.driftbag.com is the web address right

Joe Beech - Yes

Swat1 - How many sizes of Drift bags do you carry Joe?

Joe Beech - 3 52" diameter 40' diameter and NEW 30" diameter

Swat1 - Sounds good.

chatman - Joe, The sizes are also grouped for certain length boats too, is that correct?

Swat1 - Do you make anything to hold crank baits or spoons in?

mongo - hey that's a good idea Swat!!

Joe Beech - Probably conditions more than anything, and the way you fish. All of our bags are very easy to deploy so they work in both large and small boats.

Joe Beech - Not yet!

SUPERTROLLER - treble tamer !

mongo - lol

Joe Beech - It could happen!

Swat1 - I'm looking for something to hang on my transom that I can see the spoons or cranks in and be able to get them out when I want to change but have me protected from those darn hooks when they are not in use...lol

Joe Beech - We have a great trolling system and a container for storing minnows in the works! You're going to love them!

chatman - Sounds very promising Joe

mongo - ya gotta hate those treble hooks

SUPERTROLLER - just don't lose it off the back in rough water !

Swat1 - Specially on those reef runners they are just to sharp

chatman - not when they are latched firmly into the maw of a 10lb eye mongo!! :-)


mongo - lol...true, true....

mongo - only when they are firmly imbedded in a 275 lb human

chatman - ouch,

Swat1 - A 275 lber don't bother me it is this 225 lber that worries me...lol

chatman - LOL Swat, I am concerned about the one that is pushing 3 bills!!!

mongo - see, there you go...worrying about yourself again...lol :)

SUPERTROLLER - I worry about them setting the hook.

Swat1 - Actually I am also worried about the customers on the charter boats too

mongo - hey Joe, you got a thing for bottom bouncers too, right

Joe Beech - I have a question for you all - if you could change anything about the drift bags you are using now, what would it be

Swat1 - Adjustable tail opening would be my biggest want

SUPERTROLLER - fold up smaller to take up less room

chatman - That I had one Joe, mine is a blue piece of structure up in Little Bay de Noc right now

mongo - I've got one of the best ones made right now, so I can't think of any changes

Joe Beech - Before the chat is over I would like everyone to take a minute to fill out the questionnaire on the message board menu. It is so important for us to know what's needed.

Joe Beech - Right now we have about 50 PWT pros are using Tamer Group products.

chatman - Just click the JNB Banner there and the page Joe mentions comes up before you get to his web site.

Joe Beech - The tail opening is adjustable on the 40" diameter and 52" diameter.

chatman - Do you have any pro's on the MWC or other circuits Joe? I know a few who use tamer products there, but not Pro staff of yours

Joe Beech - Yes, we do. Many. We receive dozens of calls from tournament fisherman monthly, looking for products. From northern Canada to Texas

mongo - what are they most interested in Joe?

Joe Beech - Dirft bags, and Leech Bags

SUPERTROLLER - Thanks for your time, Joe.

Joe Beech - Thank you.

chatman - What are the names of some stores that we might recognize that handle JNB products Joe?

jigman/ont - Are your products available in Canada?

Joe Beech - Mills Fleet Farms, Scheels, Gander Mountains, and better specialty shops everywhere

Swat1 - Thanks Joe I keep hearing good things about your products

Joe Beech - Through our web site

mongo - keep up the good work joe...clap, clap, whistle, whistle, clap, clap

chatman - Before we end tonight's chat are there any questions for Joe that may have been missed ?

mongo - gotta go....see ya Joe... see ya in lake city Juls

jigman/ont - Are the products available in Canada?

Joe Beech - If you've ever been frustrated by drift bags, dead leeches, tangled bottom bouncers, and a mess in your boat, try our products, you won't be sorry!

Juls - see ya mongo..by the way who are ya?

Joe Beech - Through our web site

chatman - can you list your contact info again Joe

Joe Beech - Hey Juls, Mongo has a boat just like yours!

chatman - How do we find your web site

Joe Beech - www.driftbag.com

RickF - whats 'da hot topic tonight?

RickF - lol.....the way everyone is bailing left and right ....I suppose none?

Swat1 - Just finishing a hosted chat with Joe Beech from JNB products the (tamer stuff)

chatman - Hey Rick, we have Joe Beech of JNB products with us tonight

RickF - oh, ok ....

chatman - Ladies and gents a warm round of applause and a hearty thank you to Joe Beech of JNB products

RickF - that must explain why everyone is leaving? .....hehe .......just kiddin Joe

jigman/ont - clap clap clap

Eyeman (IN) - Oh Clap Clap

Joe Beech - Thanks everyone, be sure to visit the demographic page on the message board menu , click on JNB banner. It's been a pleasure visiting with you!

RickF - See ya Joe....sorry I missed the chat

RickF - but Ill check out the banner

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