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Jim Kalkofen 12/13/00

chatman-  Ladies and gentlemen, welcome tonight's guest, Mr. PWT, Jim Kalkofen....

Andy-  howdy Jim

JK: PWT-  thank you

Den-  hi again Jim

Dave-  Hello Jim

RoyGPA-  welcome JIM!!!!

chatman-  Let's start off with the current hot topic, next years PWT schedule....

JK: PWT-  Earlier question about limits of pros/ams pre tournament. Will be 135 - 140

river king-  thanks Jim

JK: PWT-  PWT schedule at www.in-fisherman.com, then go to the tournament link

Tommy Mac-  With Minnesota proposing a 2 to 4 fish limit and with slot limits on most of our major lakes do you foresee The PWT leaving MN?

Andy-  I noticed that there still isn't any hand lining for the Detroit River tournament

JK: PWT-  PWT will continue to conduct business in MN, especially on the big lakes and the border lakes

Tommy Mac-  It will be a challenge to say the least

JK: PWT-  Earlier question was about expansion. We continue to examine all options.

JK: PWT-  re:handlining, see PWT rule V.B in rules, also on web

eddiec-  will you be fishing the IL river w/ Gofron 01

chatman-  Are their many rule changes that the anglers may want to know about, other than Hand lining, Jim?

JK: PWT-  Ill R. is the weekend prior to first practice weekend at Detroit, probably won't fish that event with Mike this year

Tommy Mac-  Has Winnie ever been considered as a site

JK: PWT-  New rules: practice includes 5 days prior to event.

slip-bobber(MT)-  All five days Jim??

Den-  can you fish all 5 days?

chatman-  Is there a day off like last season?

chatman-  Beat me to it Den...- -)

Den-  lol

JK: PWT-  Other news is the payout. PWT will payout 147 % of pro entry fees, which means pros win $1,300,000 in cash and merchandise at 6 tournaments and the Championship

JK: PWT-  No day off in pre-fish

Den-  thanks Jim

Dave-  What was the intent of last years 4 out of 5 day rule?

JK: PWT-  pressure on the walleyes and to give anglers a break

JK: PWT-  Also, take a look at rule VI. J, re: lightning

JK: PWT-  Safety continues to be important

Andy-  if you see lightning it is lightning

eddiec-  Jim, more pros coming on board next year compared to the last few.

chatman-  That is a good topic Jim, has there been any modifications or clarifications as to when the PWT will order people off the water and so on?

JK: PWT-  So far, we are receiving more new pro applications than last year.

Andy-  that is a good problem

Tommy Mac-  I was trying to word that myself chatman good question.

JK: PWT-  re: lightning rule. When lightning is present, pros must immediately move out of harm's way or to shore.

Andy-  define harm

JK: PWT-  Most 6-time pros have indicated they'll be back.

eddiec-  hey Colin, Ed, team 83

JK: PWT-  Pros must move in the opposite direction of lightning, or to safe harbor.

Andy-  good answer

Dave-  If a pro fishes 1 or 2 tournaments then goes on to fish an entire division the following year, does he still have rookie status.

JK: PWT-  VHF radios allow good communication with pros

Tommy Mac-  How many people are involved in a decision to call boats off the water?

JK: PWT-  Rookie is the first year a pro fishes an entire division

JK: PWT-  Calling boats off water is a CG call. PWT conducts tournaments with a noon or "5th inning rule" If we cancel a day before noon, we do not weigh fish-  if not called by noon, the weigh-in will be held

Tommy Mac-  There are CG personnel at all tourney's?

JK: PWT-  Critical to us that all pros respond so we know their status if we call before noon

Gary Gray-  Is In-fish having any special events this year

JK: PWT-  only CG contact on Great Lakes

Andy-  there is a nice barn at north bass island that gives good shelter--any port in a storm

JK: PWT-  PWT special events may be set later.

JK: PWT-  statistic from last year, 17 rookies won $65,525. Not bad. Really some quality walleye anglers out there who should give the PWT a shot

Dave-  Is cell phone communication allowed for navigational purposes such as calling a lock master?

river king-  does the PWT have a pro alternate list in case a tourney doesn't fill or for no shows

Den-  JK, what is a rookie, new to PWT?

JK: PWT-  cell phones are encouraged for safety & locks or to contact PWT HQ, for safety

gcrose(ia);-  thanks for sending the in-fisherman 2000 PWT video tapes they will be a nice reminder of a dream season.

JK: PWT-  PWT credentials establishes an alternate list, and we use them

RoyGPA-  is it possible to get copies of the 2000 In Fisherman PWT shows....I missed em

Tommy Mac-  As a guide I have a lot of sponsors. Do you know are they generally in favor of sponsoring rookies. If so what kind of help can you expect?

JK: PWT-  PWT videos are available-  check the In-Fish web site

RoyGPA-  vids of the 2000 season?

JK: PWT-  rookie sponsorship -- Yes, especially if you guide, fish locally and start promoting via your PWT activities

JK: PWT-  the media that you can attract by fishing the PWT will interest your sponsors. Many pros take sponsors with them to sites and meet the other pros

JK: PWT-  Any questions about sites or ???

Andy-  which ramp are we going to use at the Detroit R.?

Gary Gray-  Jim, if I may, some sponsors of the PWT will scout out the rookies

chatman-  Tommy Mac, Another really good way to promote yourself is to take local media people out for a day

JK: PWT-  Those considering fishing the PWT should get their entries in as soon as possible.

JK: PWT-  Detroit River ramp and site is Elizabeth Park

river king-  why so early on the Detroit River there will be lots of boats in the Trenton channel for sure

Andy-  god deal

eddiec-  Also, don't be afraid to ask guys like Gary for advice.

John Holstine-  I see St. Mary River was moved to later in summer- good choice for better weather then.

Dave-  What does the PWT consider to be a "base level boat" fit for competition (Length, HP, Year, etc.).

JK: PWT-  Detroit River fits around Easter and is 3 weeks prior to the next event at Chamberlain

Gary Gray-  I will talk Sponsors next week a Fireside chat

#1 saugeye-  When might the PWT be coming back to Fort Peck?

JK: PWT-  re: boat for competition: That is a call for Mark Dorn tournament director. and he's tough

Tommy Mac-  I have talked to Scott and Marty G. in the past, just need to get more time off of work.

JK: PWT-  Gary will have a good sponsor chat and advice

JK: PWT-  If you have specific questions about boats, call PWT HQ any time

JK: PWT-  When talking rookie, the Raytheon Rookie of the Year winner gets $3,000

Gary Gray-  Boy they didn't have that when I started,

Dave-  What's your favorite part of your job?

#1 saugeye-  Jim, do you know when the PWT might be coming back to Fort Peck?

JK: PWT-  This is the first year for the PWT on Sakakawea, L. Erie in New York and the Missouri R. at Chamberlain

Andy-  hey Jim, are the boundaries set for the Lake Erie end of the Detroit R. tournament?

JK: PWT-  Good Q. My favorite aspect is fishing with the pros and seeing how 

many variations there are to simple tactics. And, learning what makes them tick

Dave-  Least favorite?

eddiec-  Jim, what do see in the next 10 years of tourney fishing.

Chris K-  Jim, would the PWT ever venture into Canada, and base a tournament from there?

JK: PWT-  Least favorite: travel, travel, travel, although I am fishing the Columbia R. Jan. 2 -- 10, with a few seminars in between. I will let you know if the report I heard today is true--new world record 23#

chatman-  wow!

Dave-  WOW!

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  C&R or catch and keep?

Andy-  where?

JK: PWT-  Canada could happen.

river king-  I thought Arkansas produced bigger fish than 23 lbs.

John Holstine-  Looks like I have pull that 24# out of Drip Creek next month!

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  denied record status the AR fish.

JK: PWT-  In the next 10 years, walleyes will continue to become more popular. So will tournaments, the gear and boats to catch them will improve, and most of all the info and tactics and the pros who teach will grow with it

Dave-  Do you think walleye pros have reached the status level of bass pros? If not, will they?

Chris K-  Where in Canada would be considered for the PWT?

JK: PWT-  23 # rumor from Columbia R., friend checking it out for me now.

Gary Gray-  Jim: is Marsha doing the typing

JK: PWT-  No, I learned typing my first year in college.

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  :)

Andy-  I always wanted to fish the Columbia

JK: PWT-  Some walleye pros are working extremely hard to become the best they can and they are selling products and representing their sponsors. They will make it.

Mikej-  Jim do you ever see the PWT putting on a no live bait tournament?

Andy-  I would like that

river king-  what are your thought's on the RCL tour? Good or bad???

Gary Gray-  We do that now from time to time

JK: PWT-  Canada could work in Manitoba and Ontario-  lots of water

eddiec-  Jim, I'll be in Portland this weekend along the Columbia River. should I stay an extra day and book a trip?

JK: PWT-  Artificial's only. Have talked about it-  in many tournaments, cranks win, look at Ron Seelhoff

Andy-  hmmm

Chris K-  Not somewhere in Saskatchewan, like Deifenbaker?

JK: PWT-  If you can find a guide and book in advance, go ahead. Cold there now.

Andy-  cold here too

JK: PWT-  Yes, the western provinces would be excellent choices, but travel is a consideration at this time

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Cold everywhere I think?

eddiec-  That's why God invented Gore-Tex.

Chris K-  You guys need a tournament where Richard Mellon can have a short drive!

Andy-  Rich likes to drive

JK: PWT-  He wouldn't know what to do. He usually drives 40 hours before an event.

Andy-  he gets my iron man vote

JK: PWT-  As the walleye popularity grows, so will the opportunities for making money in tournaments.

River. What area (dam) was that 23lb walleye caught?

Dave-  Logistically, about how many fisheries are there in the US that are viable walleye tourney sites?

Chris K-  The shortest drive this year was Peck, it was nice getting home in one day!

JK: PWT-  The top anglers will strive to fish where they can demonstrate their skills, like Scott G

chatman-  Good point, Scott does a marathon drive for every tournament.....

JK: PWT-  I have a map that has about 100 pins in it-  PWT has only made it to a few so far. And, more are available every year

Andy-  what are those pin dolls called

Chris K-  What is the biggest factor that goes into picking a site the PWT will visit?

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Hail Gore Tex

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  What is considered cold on the Colombia River this time of year ?

JK: PWT-  The Great Lakes continue to produce amazing fisheries, so do the reservoirs out west, and the southern waters will surprise you

Andy-  St. Clair is coming on strong the last 3 years

JK: PWT-  Selecting a PWT site has to do with timing of the best bite. Sometimes history works, sometimes Ma Nature wins

JK: PWT-  Other factors include adequate lodging, good ramps, willing host community, etc.

T-Mac-  Jim, I got here late, did you say what section of Col. R. that 23 lb. walleye came from?

JK: PWT-  waiting for more info re: rumored 23 # fish

eddiec-  Supposed to be 50 ish the next couple of days in Portland.

T-Mac-  Ok...thanks..can make some calls

slip-bobber(MT)-  Is lodging going to be a problem at Belauh/Hazen Jim?

Dave-  Has there ever been a "recount" on the PWT?

T-Mac-  lol

slip-bobber(MT)-  lol

JK: PWT-  Watch for one of the hottest bites at Sakakawea this year

JK: PWT-  Never had a pregnant Chad, just Chad's wife

eddiec-  don't go there

T-Mac-  lol

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Were is the tournament to be based out of at Sakakawea this summer, area wise?

JK: PWT-  One-time amateur applicants get in if their entries are in by Jan. 10, unless more are received than 140, then we have a lottery, but chances are about 80 percent.

JK: PWT-  At Sakakawea, Beulah and Hazen, with site about 15 miles N. of Beulah

Dave-  Have you reached the 140 level yet?

Chris K-  Even if you fished last year?

JK: PWT-  Way back, someone asked Lake Erie boundaries, they are 15 minutes east and west longitude from Dunkirk, to the Canadian line

T-Mac-  Beulah Bay?

Andy-  thanks

alaskander-  Kavanaugh

JK: PWT-  Contestants know the Jan. 10 deadline and use that as a benchmark. Entries must be at PWT by that date for the drawing or to be slated into the tournament.

JK: PWT-  Entries are coming in strong as usual

Chris K-  Thanks Jim.

JK: PWT-  B. Bay, yes at the park

Dave-  Have you tried the new Evertroll battery yet?

JK: PWT-  Confirmation packets will include lodging info for Beulah and Hazen. Book early. Lots of camping spots and nice areas at lake.

JK: PWT-  I will have EverTroll batteries in my boat this year. The literature sounds good, and they should be the answer for those of us who stand on our bow mounts all day

JK: PWT-  Many touring pros and amateurs make reservations early.

JK: PWT-  Amateurs can get a bigger bang for their buck by contacting pros this winter and planning to fish with them on practice days.

chatman-  Jim, has the PWT brought any new sponsors on board this season?

JK: PWT-  new sponsors include Real Tree, EverTroll, Trilene and Flambeau

Andy-  Anyone from Dunkirk NY want to go fishing next year?

T-Mac-  Jim will you be doing your boat in "Real Tree" this year?

JK: PWT-  I just did a story on NY part of Erie, for In-Sider-  expect most PWT records to be broken

Andy-  cool

Chris K-  Hey Terry, we talked about a cammo Lund didn't we?

JK: PWT-  Real Tree, I might not find it in my driveway

T-Mac-  yep

Andy-  A 2025 in Realtree would be a great lakes waterfowl boat bar none

river king-  I fished Fairport harbor last august lots of big fish. the biggest caught was 12.5

JK: PWT-  I am thinking of getting a windshield boat this year, does that make me an old fisherman?

chatman-  think of the advantages of full camo, Jim, no one could follow you on the lake either...LOL..

slip-bobber(MT)-  Is there anything available that may assist amateurs to locate Pros that are willing to share travel expenses to tournaments?

T-Mac-  No Jim...

Andy-  no just drier

Chris K-  Do you think most fish caught at Dunkirk will be brought in dead because of the depths the fish are at that time of year?

T-Mac-  a warmer fisherman

slip-bobber(MT)-  I'm a windshield guy Jim and you ARE older than me!! lol

JK: PWT-  Yes, for finding pros willing to fish with you, meet them in person at sport shows, call them (or at least get some advice from pros you already know) and see if they can accommodate you

Chris K-  I had a IFS Lund and sold it to go with a dual console model. The windshield really catches a lot of wind.

JK: PWT-  NY fish are generally from 40 feet to 70 feet, but that's because not many try for the suspended fish at 15 to 20 feet. Limit will be 5-  max of the state limit in boat

JK: PWT-  Doug, you did a good job last year, and more amateurs from Montana are entering already

JK: PWT-  Thanks Ed, I'll talk to Jeff tomorrow

JK: PWT-  What's Peck ice doing, Doug

slip-bobber(MT)-  Better ask Myron Jim. He is on the lake now I think.

JK: PWT-  Hey, this year, the PWT reaches a milestone. We will hit the $10,000,000 mark in cash and merchandise paid out. WOS

chatman-  Jim, you mentioned the 15 foot deep fish vs. the 40 to 70 footers, is there a difference in size class between these fish?

JK: PWT-  In fact, the 4th place pro at Chamberlain will be the one to make the 10,000,000th dollar

Chris K-  How old was the youngest PWT tournament winner?

T-Mac-  Chad Hall was youngest

T-Mac-  22 at time?

JK: PWT-  Youngest PWT winner was recounted several times, and keeps coming up Chad Hall, 22

chatman-  was he hanging? Or Dimpled???

Den-  lol

JK: PWT-  Oldest to win way Will Lage, 57

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  :)

chatman-  As we wind down, are there anymore questions for our host tonight?

JK: PWT-  Final questions

Slapshot-  I am sure this was asked a million times already but is the west filling fast?

Slapshot-  Pro side?

T-Mac-  Dates...Sakakawea tourney?

JK: PWT-  Red Wing is the most popular tournament for amateurs, so far, with New York next.

chatman-  Ladies and Gentlemen a warm round of applause for Jim Kalkofen!!

RoyGPA-  thanks Jim

JK: PWT-  Thanks everyone for your time and interest. See you on the water

RoyGPA-  clap clap clap

Andy-  clap clap

Chris K-  Thanks Jim. clap clap

T-Mac-  thanks Jim....clap clap clap

Den-  thanks Jim. clap, clap, clap

colin-  thanks Jim

Chris K-  thanks Jim, clap, clap

slip-bobber(MT)-  Thanks Jim. Clap, clap, clap

eddiec-  Have a merry Christmas and say the same to all the In-fish folk.

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