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[19:59:26] ebijack: Please Welcome our host tonight KEITH KAVAJECZ
[19:59:28] Drift'r: Welcome Keith !!!!! clap clap clap
[19:59:33] ebijack: clap clap clap
[19:59:38] river king mi: welcome kieth
[19:59:40] KK: Erie I think is changing, it has got a lot more pressure the last few years,
also I seems like it muddies up easier therefore making it tougher fishing.
[19:59:45] cb(OH): welcome Keith
[19:59:46] Juls (WI): welcome keith..clap clap clap clap clap clap
[19:59:47] KK: Hello All
[19:59:59] Bluewater: welcome Keith
[20:00:05] Bull(oh): <<<<<,clapping!!!!!!!!!!
[20:00:41] ebijack: keith, are you fishing the new curcuit PTW in 2000 in place of
[20:01:06] KK: NAWA is gone in 2000, I will continue to fish all the PWT events - 6 for
2000 plus championship
[20:01:17] fastrack (Wi): Keith do you think they should go back to a size limit to 15 in.
on winnebago?
[20:01:30]ebijack:  i was talking about the Pro Team Walleye curcuit dave kidd is
[20:02:03] KK: Winnebago, hard to tell, there seems to be lots of small fish, I don't quite know what happened to all the big fish that were supposed to be showing up this year
[20:02:35] KK: I haven't heard about a PTW circuit yet 
[20:03:06] ebijack: well, dave kidd is hosting next week about it keith..ptw
[20:03:18] river king mi: its posted on the updates Keith
[20:03:19] huckleberry oh: have you ever used a gtm40t???
[20:03:26] KK: ALso next year I am fishing wavewackers with my son Tommy and
hosting the BP TV show still, so have a busy summer next year.
[20:03:42] KK: What is a gtm40T
[20:03:56] ebijack: keith, is there anything new on the tracker walleye boat for 2000
[20:04:05] Juls (WI): you did a great job MCing the Merc Natl. Keith...will you do that
again next year?
[20:04:26] Bluewater: K, what is your typical prefish strategy
[20:04:30] KK: Targa 2000 has new graphics and livewell system otherwise same great walleye boat.
[20:04:33] ebijack: gtm40 is a depth/temp meter
[20:05:03] huckleberry oh: it tells you the temp every 5ft and depth off dipseys ect.
[20:05:07] KK: I am planning on MCing again, it's the Wavewackers is a Thrus Fri
tourmament this year so Sat I will be back in Fond Du Lac
[20:05:22] Juls (WI): good to hear that...;-)
[20:05:35] KK: Prefishing - find a pattern that works, find as many spots as I can for
that pattern, refine the pattern 
[20:05:47] KK: Have not used gtm40
[20:05:59] KK: I have heard about it, sounds interesting
[20:06:38] huckleberry oh: i just ordered one will find out soon 
[20:06:45] ebijack: keith, on the pwt in-fish show for oahe, they mentioned you ran 110
miles one way. is that right?
[20:06:45] KK: Temp seems especially important in spring and fall, or when trying to find a thermo cline in summer
[20:07:20] KK: Gary Parsons ran from Mobridge to Okobojee creek a few years ago to
win the tournament, 110 one way!!!
[20:07:31] ebijack: opps! 
[20:07:45] ebijack: keith, would you run that far?
[20:07:51] KK: Wish I had followed :-)
[20:07:55] Bluewater: K, do you work all superlines or any lead core still
[20:08:52] KK: Superlines is a bad phrase, kind of lumps all no stretch lines together. I
still use Fireline a lot, although have switched back to Pro Select mono for casting
because Fireline is too fast.
[20:09:09] ebijack: keith, to fast?
[20:09:15] KK: Use lead core for trolling sometimes - use Snap Weights more often -
they're more versatile.
[20:09:28] huckleberry oh: thanks kk good luck cu 
[20:10:12] KK: To fast meaning I could feel the bite so fast I was actually pulling the
lure out of the fishes mouth before it bit down. That sensitivity is great for beginning
[20:10:30] ebijack: keith, do you find the walleye visit the same areas of a lake at the
same times, year after year?
[20:11:16] KK: If the weather conditions and bait conditions are the same, that is true,
but usually something changes to move them around especially in open water cases.
[20:11:22] Bluewater: What do you think about the surge in spoons recently?
[20:11:41] ebijack: keith, how about mentioning some of your sponsors and what you
run for electronics etc on your boat
[20:12:22] KK: Spoons have their place and time, several years ago I thought they
were great, then I went through a spell where I couldn't catch much with them, lately
I've been using them successfully again.
[20:13:10] KK: For electronics I run two LMS350A's and the Globalmap 1600 for GPS.  also use the handheld Globalmap 100.
[20:13:42] ebijack: keith, why a handheld also?
[20:13:58] KK: The other "electric" thing on my boat is MinnKota Motors - you should
see the new Genesis motor they will be introducing next year!!!
[20:14:02] eyefish(mi): Keith how do you like the Global map 1600
[20:14:16] ebijack: keith..tell us more!
[20:14:36] KK: I have a boat we use for TV and photos and run a hand held on it -
mainly so I can also use it for hunting.
[20:15:52] KK: The Genesis is a foot controlled motor that is as responsive as a cable
system but steers with a motor, it has self stow and deploy, trims up and down for
shallow or deep water, has autopilot and tough enough bracket system to even go on
the front of my boat
[20:15:52] Jim Alton: Who are some of your other sponsors Keith?
[20:15:53] river king mi: is the genesis made by minn kota???
[20:15:57] ebijack: keith, have you been using your electric trolling motor more often for
pulling baits than your kicker?
[20:16:36] Jim Alton: Any idea what the price tag is going to be on the Genesis... 
[20:16:44] ebijack: keith, do you know when that will hit the market?
[20:16:50] KK: Tracker boats, Mercury Motors, Berkley Line and Power Bait, Master
Lock, Offshore, Mustad, Northland, P/K Tackle - did I mention my wife
[20:17:22] KK: Supposed to be out for this spring - I think I can talk about it since it
was shown at the PWT championship sport show.
[20:17:25] Pete (Oh.): Keith, whats your opinion on the aqua view camera
[20:18:25] KK: Aqua View, I use one and like it a lot - I use it more to look at the
environment though. Instead of looking for fish (which you will see) I look at bottom
content, bait fish schools, weeds, etc.
[20:18:33] Juls (WI): speaking of the championship...what is your take on having it
there again next year...? Some seem to think it is not a good fishery...
[20:19:23] Juls (WI): does that matter? or is it more for the show and the availability of
say, the arena and sportshow area?
[20:19:27] KK: Tough fishery, although it was a competitive tournament last year.
Hopefully holding it a couple of weeks later will help. The boys caught a lot more fish
than I expected, so maybe it was underrated, but still a tough fishery./
[20:19:46] Jim Alton: Were you surprise at what the camera showed, particularly in an
area you already knew from fishing?
[20:19:59] KK: The show is important, and the facilities were certainly top notch.
[20:20:48] KK: It was surprising how much more "rugged" everything looks. Even on what looks and feels like a smooth bottom there are lots of ripples and depressions and stick half buried etc.
[20:21:19] Juls (WI): you mean looking thru the Aqua View?
[20:22:01] KK: Yes Aqua View - the nice thing is this year they came out with a much
more user friendly carry case.
[20:22:07] Bull(oh): Keith, will you be coming to Huron, Ohio in Nov for the W/C get
[20:22:17] KK: When is the get together
[20:22:23] Juls (WI): november 4th -7th
[20:22:46] Jim Alton: Are there still a few openings?
[20:22:54] ebijack: keith, what would you say is the biggest thing you have seen with
the aquaview that changed the way you look for fish or fish
[20:23:11] KK: I think we are heading there later in the fall, We will be shooting up in
Lake of the Woods at the end of Oct through early Nov.
[20:23:34] ebijack: for bass pro shops?
[20:23:43] ebijack: at lake of the woods?
[20:24:28] KK: I use it a lot to see profiles of bait fish - when you see the big clouds of
bait on the 350A, I drop it down and get a general shape of the bait. That gives me a
good idea whether to use a Jr TS or a Lightning Shad - long or round
[20:24:42] Lou: when does the walleye bite start happening at erie pa or around marble head
[20:24:43] KK: BP TV show and our multimedia seminar filming in LOW
[20:25:36] KK: Erie PA should be going good now, Marble head is based on when the
fish migration gets that far - should be close to Nov 1.
[20:25:46] ebijack: that show is spilt between you and kevin van dam, he doesn't want
his own tv show keith, do you?
[20:26:00] Drift'r: erie pa is done
[20:26:16] Drift'r: steelhead hitting there now
[20:27:02] KK: Parsons and I want to do TV, for now we are working with BP Outdoor
World, but hopefully can someday have a TV show that is more directed to the
northern angler - walleye, pike, small mouth, musky, walleye, walleye, walleye
[20:27:19] Lou: thanks for that info on erie.Is it a night bite or can you troll during the
[20:27:38] Bull(oh): both Lou
[20:27:40] Juls (WI): Good luck with that keith...your articles in the WC mag are
enjoyable...im sure the show would be too!
[20:27:59] KK: Fall on Erie can be both, last year at Huron we trolled open water during
the day and deep structure at night, both produced big eye's.
[20:28:17] Bull(oh): keith, does p/k tackle have a web site??????
[20:29:06] KK: Parsons and I have a web site, under it we have a section for P/K
tackle - although I noticed for the last few days our server has been messed up.
[20:29:25] KK: The site is walleyeguys.com
[20:29:35] Bull(oh): k tks
[20:29:37] Juls (WI): hahah good name
[20:29:38] Lou: Are the wally's staging around kelly's island at beginning of nov.
[20:30:03] river king mi: how old are you and how long have you been chasing eyes
[20:30:08] ebijack: keith, do you prefer a pro/am tourney or a team tourney
[20:31:41] KK: I turned the big 40 this year but did not start fishing walleyes till I married
my wife in 1981, she is Parson's sister so I had to learn walleyes to fit in their family
[20:31:54] Juls (WI): hahaha
[20:31:55] Lou: Thanks K.K. have a good one
[20:32:00] ebijack: what a deal keith
[20:32:03] ebijack: :)
[20:32:11] Jim Alton: Not a bad way to go... 
[20:32:19] KK: I like Pro-Am, lets me make the decisions, also good for the AM
because we fish boat weight, so we're partners for the day and not fishing against each other.
[20:32:29] Bull(oh): fish r stacked ne of kelly shoals......not much going on during day
only at nite on rocks
[20:32:29] river king mi: did you marry to learn walleye fishing or for love lol
[20:32:55] Pete (Oh.): Keith, what's your go to bait when it gets tough
[20:32:55] ebijack: now now king  :)
[20:33:01] KK: Can you plead the fifth on this chat?
[20:33:09] Jim Alton: Is the new version of the Aqua View a little easier on batteries?
[20:33:09] Juls (WI):  ;-)
[20:33:37] Pete (Oh.): no way
[20:33:46] KK: Seems to be, the monitor is now built in and seems to draw less that the old TV they provided.
[20:34:37] ebijack: keith, we have a few guys here who are starting out fishing
tourney's, you have advise for them?
[20:35:12] Jim Alton: Marry one of Parons sisters?
[20:35:20] ebijack: and gals...sorry juls  :)
[20:35:31] Juls (WI): no prob. ebi...lol
[20:36:05] KK: If you have a buddy that you are fishing compatible with, there are a lot
of great Team events - MWC, MWT, Team Walleye, all will teach you more about
fishing and how to make tournament decisions - otherwise the AM side of the PWT is a great way to fish walleye
[20:37:10] KK: I married Lynn - she now travels all the tournaments with me - I even get
her to wash the boat once in a while.
[20:38:45] ebijack: keith, do you recommend folks work more on perfecting a
technique or work on just getting to know all the techniques
[20:39:17] Magic Marker: KK, What happened to your web site? 
[20:39:29] KK: I don't think you have to perfect a technique - you should be
comfortable with as many techniques as possible.
[20:39:52] Jim Alton: Gotta go folks... take care... thanks Keith... great information as
[20:40:09] KK: It's there, the server crashed late last week and they're trying to get it
back up I guess, maybe I'll have to go back to computer programming 
[20:40:19] Bull(oh): KK, is rapala going to come back with some of storms colors?????
[20:41:11] KK: From what I've heard they are going to reduce the number of colors (get
your favorites while they last) after that dealers can specially order the colors but only at
30 dozen at a time.
[20:41:43] ebijack: sounds like buy an airbrush and paint your own  :)
[20:41:48] Bluewater: K, do you think the walleye circuit will ever match the prestige as
the bass
[20:42:14] KK: Airbrushing isn't always as easy as it seems - believe me I've tried lots 
[20:42:38] KK: ever is a long time, seems like we were catching up but lately they've
taken off big time
[20:42:49] Bull(oh): we just have to find another favorite!!!!!
[20:42:58] Drift'r: you must be blessed to airbrush Keith :)
[20:43:05] ebijack: :)
[20:43:22] mikej: nice one drift'r
[20:43:22] KK: I with finding more favorites was that easy, I seem many times when
only one or two colors seemed to work.
[20:44:46] KK: I was down at BP in springfield last week and heard they are opening a
store in OH
[20:45:09] ebijack: keith, how do you go about fine tuneing your color presentation
[20:45:16] Bull(oh): ummmmm where at??????
[20:45:28] Magic Marker: Sounds like it'll only be bout 30 miles from here
[20:45:44] Bluewater: What seems to be the biggest mistake most non pros make as
they reach for their lure selection
[20:45:52] Magic Marker: forest fair mall, cinn
[20:45:58] KK: For crankbaits I take all three of my boys fishing, in WI that means 12
lines, then when a fish bites I keep refining until all 12 lines are catching fish 
[20:46:15] KK: Cinncinati <sp>
[20:46:35] ebijack: how do you keep 12 lines running clean in a weedy lake?
[20:46:54] Bull(oh): dont use hooks!!!!!!
[20:47:03] ebijack: :)
[20:47:07] Juls (WI): lol bull
[20:47:09] KK: Biggest mistake in crankbait selection is not knowing the depth the lure
can cover effectivly. Most important thing is to get the lure in a zone where the fish will
[20:47:12] Bull(oh): and run surface baits
[20:47:31] KK: I fish Winnebago in May/June - pre-weeds, pre-algae
[20:48:11] ebijack: keith, did you ever try handlining when you were at the detroit pwt?
[20:48:24] KK: Hey I'm a fisherman - everyone know a fishermans 12 is really 8
[20:48:28] Bull(oh): Keith have u tried any Reef Runners?????  Whats your opinion??
[20:49:01] KK: Tried hand lining - different, although effective in the muddy water -
jigging was lots more fun and I don't feel like I'll loose a finger.
[20:49:20] ebijack: :)  good one keith
[20:49:29] Bluewater: K, I fished with you on erie out of South Bass for PWT, my arm
still aches from holding kicker when bracket broke
[20:49:36] KK: Reef Runners - good bait in the right situation - Right Situation - Lake
Erie or any where there is a mature smelt population.
[20:50:01] fastrack (Wi): K what is your biggest walleye you got in a tournament?
[20:50:35] KK: Brackets don't break no more, I use MinnKotas Power up on my
kickers, not only is it more convenient, but allows the motor to stay in the locked
position - the strong position
[20:51:06] KK: Biggest walleye - several over 10 pounds
[20:51:59] ebijack: keith, are you going to be running that new genesis trolling motor for 2000?
[20:52:14] Juls (WI):  what fishery..(lake) is your favorite?
[20:52:43] KK: I still have your card somewhere - though I recognized the name
[20:53:00] KK: Gensis in 2000 Yes, hopefully will have a prototype this fall 
[20:53:34] KK: Favorite fishery - Fort Peck - great fishing, some big fish, In Peck able
[20:54:18] ebijack: ok folks, get in your questions while you can!
[20:54:32] Juls (WI): cool...good thing you will be going to Peck next year for the PWT
[20:54:48] KK: I'm looking forward to Peck
[20:55:03] red baron: KK do you have any problems with the fireline fraying with the off
shore clips
[20:55:09] Jbob: what is the toughest water or body of water to fish on
[20:55:12] Bluewater: Keith, you are as great a teacher as you are a walleye fisher,
thanks for your time again
[20:55:28] KK: I have had no problem with Fireline and clips - I do double wrap them to
stop slipping 
[20:55:38] Magic Marker: any new videos coming out this year?
[20:55:42] KK: Good hearing from you bluewater
[20:55:58] red baron: what pound test do you use
[20:56:39] Bluewater: Good Luck to you this year
[20:56:47] KK: We put out the previous years multi-media seminar on video the
following year, so we have two new titles for this year, all available through Walleye
[20:57:30] KK: LB test, jigging 6lb Pro Select, rigging 4 lb Pro Select, Bottom Bouncers - 10-4 Fireline, Trolling 10-4 Fireline
[20:57:59] red baron: thanks
[20:58:03] ebijack: keith, do you use leaders with the fireline trolling?
[20:58:21] ebijack: leaders out of fireline..i mean
[20:58:45] Drift'r: do you use the 10 - 4 on Erie for trolling ?
[20:58:49] KK: No leaders, I hate knots, I think they are the easiest place to loose a
fish. I direct tie Fireline with a Palamor knot.
[20:59:46] KK: 10-4 on Erie - yes, I've never caught a walleye that could break 10 lb
Fireline, only exception would be Dipsy fishing then I use 30 lb Fireline (I think)
[21:00:11] Drift'r: that was my thought ..thanks
[21:00:29] KK: Toughest - Muskegon lake in MI - Parsons and I caught 1 legal fish in 5
days of practice in 2 days of fishing in the MWC
[21:00:34] Drift'r: i have broke 10 with my dipseys :(
[21:01:46] ebijack: i'd like to thank our host tonight KEITH KAVAJECZ !!!!!!!!!!
[21:01:51] Bluewater: Thanks Keith
[21:01:52] Bull(oh): good luck in all your endeavous in 2000!!!!!!!!
[21:01:57] eyefish(mi): Thanks Keith
[21:02:01] Juls (WI): thanks keith...great job tonight!!! clap clap clap clap clap
[21:02:02] cb(OH): thanks Keith
[21:02:03] ebijack: clap clap clap!!!
[21:02:06] river king mi: thanks keith good luck next year
[21:02:06] red baron: thanks Keith
[21:02:09] ebijack: thanks keith!
[21:02:12] fastrack (Wi): thanks Keith
[21:02:14] Nofish (WI): Good luck Keith
[21:02:18] Drift'r: Thanks Keith !
[21:02:20] KK: It was good hearing from you all, hopefully I can schedule a chat again

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