Walleye Central

Bob "KAZ" Kaczkowski 3/11/98

[20:00:47] Kaz: Hi guys, this is Kaz. Let's talk walleyes!

[20:00:52] ebijack (mi): let's please welcome the director of the MWC, bob "kaz"


[20:00:53] Bigfoot: first we have to teach how to type

[20:00:55] KeithK(MI): yea

[20:01:07] ebijack (mi): howdy kaz

[20:01:12] shiner (sd): welcome kaz!!

[20:01:14] Jester: greetings and salutations

[20:01:14] Miss Adventure: hi kaz

[20:01:16] reeltime(OH): hi kaz

[20:01:16] ebijack (mi): welcome to walleyecentral

[20:01:17] KeithK(MI): welcome

[20:01:19] Baitman(sd): hey kaz

[20:01:21] Hunter: Hi Kaz

[20:01:27] Rip Some Lip wy: howdy kaz

[20:01:21] Hunter: Hi Kaz

[20:01:27] Rip Some Lip wy: howdy kaz

[20:01:29] Magic Marker: hi kaz

[20:01:47] Bigfoot: see you in Green Bay Kaz

[20:02:06] 232MN: 232 says bait your hooks

[20:02:08] Kaz: Green Bay is going to open up a lot of fishermen's eyes.

[20:02:20] Chris G: Why

[20:02:30] Jester: in comparison what is the larger of tourneys,bass or eyes?

[20:02:45] Kaz: Green Bay is an untapped walleye fishery which has new state of Wis.

record fish, which would be over 18 lbs.

[20:03:13] HOGBOSS: kaz what's the deal on making the tournament on the IL. larger

by twenty five more teams this year it is to crowded already!

[20:03:53] KeithK(MI): flat line

[20:03:54] Kaz: It's the Ill. tournaments dir. idea. We're going to try it this year to see

how it goes.

[20:03:59] ebijack (mi): lets make sure you give kaz plenty of time to answer all the

questions guys

[20:04:02] Chris G: Kaz, Will the MWC ever be as big again as it was in 89 or 90?

[20:04:18] Kaz: Do you mean two divisions?

[20:04:27] Chris G: yes

[20:04:32] Jester: what is different between MWC and PWT?

[20:04:38] Kaz: No, we have no interest in that.

[20:04:59] HOGBOSS: you should expand the bound. on ILL. river.

[20:05:04] Kaz: MWC is a team format; PWT is a pro/am format. However, our

tournaments have more boats entered and it's open to all.

[20:05:24] KeithK(MI): kaz, what sugestions do you have for someone interested in

fishing the MWC

[20:05:53] Kaz: Be patient, learn the tournament waters via local maps and local

information and prefish them.

[20:06:10] Kaz: Then grab yourself a partner and enter.

[20:06:41] Kaz: We have many father/son and husband/wife teams.

[20:06:53] KeithK(MI): what is you typical payout for a tourny

[20:07:07] Kaz: $55,000, 35 places.

[20:07:14] JOE: Kaz, how do you go about getting local info?

[20:07:21] Kaz: Spring Valley is $65,000, with $18,000 for first place.

[20:07:31] LS(nd): Kaz...are the tourneys full for this year? which ones are still open?

[20:07:46] 232MN: my boats leking water ihave to get to shore have agood eve.


[20:07:47] Kaz: To get local info, contact the respect state DNR to begin with and

local chamber of commerce, etc.

[20:08:00] HOGBOSS: Kaz how many places down on spring.

[20:08:11] Kaz: Big Stone has 50 openings left, and the other three tournaments have

well over 100 entered.

[20:08:21] Kaz: Spring Valley is paying 40 places.

[20:08:29] HOGBOSS: thanks.

[20:09:04] Kaz: Do you have any questions about the MWC waters?

[20:09:24] Jester: Remember Lansing sport fishing show..this weekend gander

mountain booth!!!

[20:09:26] Kaz: They are Illinois River, Big Stone Lake, Little Bay de Noc, Lake Pepin

and Green Bay.

[20:09:28] LS(nd): Kaz...what is full....150?

[20:09:41] Chris G: Will the MWC ever work on TV deals or major publications like

NAWA or will it stay as it is ?

[20:09:42] Hunter: How far east does MWC come?

[20:09:42] JOE: Kaz, is the local DNR usually pretty helpfull?

[20:09:48] Kaz: 200 teams at all tournaments except Spring Valley.

[20:10:06] HOGBOSS: yes i was thinking about entering G.B what kind of bite are the

fish on that time of year.

[20:10:16] Baitman(sd): Boundaries on Big Stone?

[20:10:30] Kaz: We get local TV coverage now and our print sponsor is North

American Fisherman magazine, with over 500,000 subscribers.

[20:10:44] Kaz: MWC goes as far east as the upper peninsula of Upper Michigan.

[20:11:03] Kaz: The Green Bay bite in August is superb.

[20:11:11] KeithK(MI): why not erie or saginaw bay

[20:11:14] Rip Some Lip wy: How far west??

[20:11:15] ebijack (mi): kaz, how do you determine the boundries for each lake

[20:11:20] Kaz: The boundaries on Big Stone Lake are the lake proper itself, north to

south, no rivers or inlets.

[20:11:43] Kaz: You can get blown off of Erie and Saginaw Bay too easily.

[20:12:04] Kaz: Boundary rules are set up by the local tournament director.

[20:12:21] Kaz: Big Stone is our furthest west tournament--it's on the South Dakota


[20:12:37] Chris G: How long will you be here tonight?

[20:12:49] Bigfoot: F.L.W.

[20:12:50] Kaz: A couple of hours, approximately.

[20:12:59] HOGBOSS: you can also get blown off IL. river like last year.

[20:13:05] Baitman(sd): any plans for a future missouri river tourney?

[20:13:14] Kaz: Hotboss, you got that right, but that was unusual.

[20:13:24] Kaz: Baitman, no, nothing on the Missouri.

[20:13:32] HOGBOSS: 6 foot waves.

[20:13:46] Kaz: We're just happy everyone was safe.

[20:13:59] HOGBOSS: I heard that!.

[20:14:06] Chris G: Is this the first time MWC has been at GB?

[20:14:08] neon Leon: what are the boundaries on Green bay tournament?

[20:14:17] Kaz: Yes, first time at Green Bay.

[20:14:23] ebijack (mi): kaz, how long have you been running the MWC

[20:14:35] Kaz: Leon, right now we don't have any boundaries on Green Bay--you can

drive up to Little Bay de Noc if you want.

[20:14:45] Kaz: I've been running the MWC for 14 years.

[20:14:58] HOGBOSS: Kaz are these green bay fish the same ones that run up fox at


[20:15:19] Kaz: Yes, they are, but they also come from Little and Big Bay de Noc as


[20:15:53] Chris G: Any plans to do Land o Lakes chain in the future?

[20:15:56] Kaz: Lake Pepin on the Miss. River in September is also a new tournament.

[20:16:13] Kaz: No, nothing at Land o Lakes--not enough lodging.

[20:16:19] Hammerhead: Listened to you on the Morris IL radio. Great info

[20:16:25] Chris G: Ok

[20:16:29] Kaz: Thank you very much.

[20:16:57] Kaz: Do you want to talk technique?

[20:16:59] Hammerhead: Can I find the particulars on visiting the Spring Valley Tourney


[20:17:01] Bigfoot: When is Pepin

[20:17:15] Kaz: Yes, Spring Valley has its own web site.

[20:17:22] Hammerhead: www?

[20:17:23] Kaz: Pepin tourney is Sept. 12-13.

[20:17:33] ebijack (mi): can you give us stats on what's the best lure over the past


[20:17:34] 1785bt: Kaz, have you ever thought about a tourney on Winnebigosh?

[20:17:43] Kaz: You can click on to Spring Valley site from the Masters Walleye Page.

[20:17:50] Hammerhead: Thanx

[20:17:51] HOGBOSS: Iv net.cvom

[20:18:00] JOE: Kaz, what kind of weights do you think it will take to win at GB?

[20:18:06] Kaz: It's actually a combination of live bait and lures.

[20:18:26] Kaz: Minn. doesn't allow summer catch and release tournaments, so it's hard

to schedule Minn. tournaments.

[20:18:40] Kaz: We're hoping it'll be a 4 pound average on Green Bay.

[20:18:45] 1785bt: What about the Wave Wacker?

[20:18:56] Kaz: The Wave Wacker tournament?

[20:19:16] 1785bt: That''s catch and release on Mille lacs.

[20:19:41] Kaz: That's correct, but it's early June and they have to get special

permission from the local DNR officer.

[20:20:13] Kaz: Minn. only allows catch and release prior to June and after August.

[20:20:34] Chris G: Whats the chance of posting past tourney winning techniques of

the MWC of more than just the past year for referance?

[20:20:35] 1785bt: Ok ,thanks , I didn't know that.

[20:20:41] Kaz: You can have summer tournaments in Minn., but you have to kill the

fish--we refuse to do it.

[20:20:59] Kaz: We will be doing this, hopefully soon.

[20:21:11] HOGBOSS: Kaz i drew team #129 this year on IL river what is cutoff for

second flight.

[20:21:38] Kaz: It'll be two flights, and it'll be discussed at the Friday rules meeting.

[20:21:41] JOE: Kaz, how soon before a tourney are the entrants allowed to practice?

[20:22:16] HOGBOSS: Member me Kaz I was late 2 years ago.

[20:22:20] Kaz: You can practice right up to an early afternoon cut-off on Friday before

the tournament.

[20:22:35] Kaz: Yes, Mr. Late.

[20:23:03] Hammerhead: any pro-am tourneys planned?

[20:23:04] Kaz: The MWC tournament record was caught from Mille Lacs, 12-1/4 lbs.

[20:23:21] Bob: onei kingly iowa

[20:23:24] Kaz: We have a pro/am event at the championship this year at Big Stone,

may 27.

[20:23:40] Kaz: The amateur entry fee for the pro/am is $100 if you're interested.

[20:23:43] Jim (Canada): Excellent show Kaz, great job... thanks guys.

[20:23:53] Kaz: Hi Canada.

[20:23:53] Hammerhead: where can i find particulars?

[20:24:34] Kaz: For the Pro/Am, contact the Big Stone Chamber of Commerce:

800-568-5722 or 320-839-3284.

[20:24:42] Hammerhead: Thanx

[20:24:57] ebijack (mi): kaz, do you run around in a boat to watch the contestants

during the tourney's

[20:25:18] ebijack (mi): is that how you get idea's on how the tourney is going

[20:25:24] Kaz: Yes, I do as much as I possibly can, but we do have regularly-assigned

patrol boats.

[20:25:50] Kaz: Patrol boats are always in radio contact with me.

[20:26:24] Kaz: On an average, the best bite occurs between 11:00 in the morning and

2:30 in the afternoon.

[20:26:31] ebijack (mi): kaz, what's the weirdest thing to ever happen at one of your


[20:26:39] Kaz: This is all of our tournaments, on an average.

[20:27:14] Kaz: One of the guys fell out of the boat netting a fish, came up with the

fish, and his partner took the net first, and his partner second.

[20:27:23] HOGBOSS: yes i did.

[20:27:52] Kaz: Another odd thing: one angler stood up at a wedding the night before

and fished all day in his tuxedo.

[20:28:27] ebijack (mi): kaz, what keeps you excited about the MWC curcuit

[20:28:29] HOGBOSS: Kaz what is your favorite walleye hole.

[20:28:43] Kaz: Another odd thing: we couldn't get a boat off the trailer and later found

out that someone had used a very long screw to mount a seat and went into the trailer


[20:28:53] Kaz: All the good friendships.

[20:29:32] Kaz: My favorite if probably Little Bay de Noc. All species of fish, not just

walleye, and it's a beautiful area.

[20:29:43] ebijack (mi): kaz, how long has your wife been the secretary for the MWC

[20:29:45] HOGBOSS: good choice.

[20:30:18] Kaz: Too long, ha ha--and I'm doing the typing!!! Bev.

[20:30:38] Kaz: I've been doing the MWC office work for about 12 years.

[20:30:42] JOE: Kaz, what kind of boat are you running this year?

[20:30:51] ebijack (mi): kaz, what lures would you suggest to new comers who are

going to start fishing the MWC curcuit

[20:30:55] Lipp Ripper: ranger

[20:30:58] Kaz: A Ranger 692 with 150 HP Mariner Optimax.

[20:31:25] Kaz: What lures? Wow, just get a good mixture of live bait rigs and

crankbaits that run at various depths.

[20:31:42] fishncrazy: wow full house!

[20:31:45] Lipp Ripper: fish lets go fish

[20:32:04] ebijack (mi): so your saying that trolling is the top producer

[20:32:08] Kaz: Most of the lunkers caught at a tourney come around high noon--the

hotter the better.

[20:32:38] HOGBOSS: Kaz what is the most excitng aspect of running the largest

walleye circut in the country.

[20:32:40] Kaz: No, trolling is not the top producer. There is times when it is, but there's

times when jigging is the best. You have to be versatile.

[20:33:24] Kaz: Well, it's a combination of things--the companionship of the anglers,

working with the hosting tourney committee and volunteers, talking with the spectators,


[20:33:42] HOGBOSS: must be neat.

[20:33:51] Kaz: I especially like seeing the youngsters starting out at age 12 and

seeing them grow up on the tour.

[20:34:21] Chris G: Kaz, are down riggers used at places like Bay DE Noc

[20:34:25] Kaz: I've seen these kids use some of their winnings to go on to collete.

[20:34:48] ebijack (mi): kaz do you know how many family teams that fish the MWC

[20:34:54] Kaz: I would like to see our guys use more downriggers. I think they're

missing the boat by not using them more often.

[20:35:10] HOGBOSS: Kaz name of few of the top guy's in walleye fishing that got

there start on the MWC.

[20:35:25] Kaz: Family teams--there's quite a few: father-son, husband-wife, brothers,


[20:35:33] JOE: Kaz, what can a first yr, participant expect to learn on the MWC, in


[20:36:15] Kaz: Roach, McClelland, Propst, Parsons, Stiles, Kavajecz, Takasaki,

Gilman, Martin, Gray, Good, etc etc. Need I say more?

[20:36:44] HOGBOSS: lot of people did not know that.

[20:37:02] Kaz: Expect to learn how to read water, the fishing techniques, how to

adjust to certain water and cold front conditions. You'll see how boats and equipment

are rigged.

[20:37:07] ebijack (mi): kaz, have you ever fished the curcuit

[20:37:47] Kaz: I won't fish my own circuit, but I'm a tournament angler since the

beginning of BASS 30 years ago--I'm 59 years old.

[20:38:49] ebijack (mi): kaz, how do you determine the dates for your tourney

[20:39:27] Kaz: We try to work with the locals with regard to picking a good "bite" time,

but Mother Nature is always the boss. Also have to check with DNR.

[20:39:30] ebijack (mi): you know, so they don't get crossed with other tourney's

[20:39:36] JOE: Kaz, what is your favorite way of catching walleyes?

[20:39:56] Kaz: We try to work with the PWT and NAWA re scheduling, but it doesn't

always work out.

[20:40:11] Kaz: My favorite way is probably with crankbaits.

[20:40:45] ebijack (mi): does the PWT get preference on dates to a lake over the


[20:40:47] Kaz: I like working the weedlines for walleyes.

[20:41:08] Kaz: No the PWT does not get preference on dales to a lake over the


[20:41:13] Chris G: Back to the downriggers .Growing up on Lake Michigan I have a

lot of salmon trolling experience. How would you recomend going for walleyes with

downriggers.Ive been succesful using cranks on flatlines, but dont want to look dumb

with the downriggers.

[20:42:01] Eagle1: kaz, where is the MWC this year in MN? What is the cost? Are

there any openings left?

[20:42:07] Kaz: Last year on Little Bay de Noc while salmon fishing, we located fish 72

feet deep, went after them with cranks on downriggers and they were all huge


[20:42:37] Kaz: We're on Big Stone Lake, Ortonville, MN and Lake Pepin at Lake City,

MN. $350 per team entry.

[20:42:39] HOGBOSS: did they blow up on you Kaz.

[20:42:58] Chris G: How far out would that be?

[20:43:06] Kaz: Yes, so we stopped fishing them because we couldn't release them.

[20:43:26] Eagle1: kaz What are the dates for the MN tournaments?

[20:43:29] Kaz: Approximately 4 miles off of the Ford River.

[20:43:30] HOGBOSS: what's the best way to release a walleye after you catch them

from water over 70 feet deep.

[20:43:49] Kaz: Big Stone is May 16-17 and Lake Pepin is Sept. 12-13.

[20:44:10] JOE: Kaz, ever consider Lake DuBay as a tournament site? (Central WI)

[20:44:14] Kaz: You have to fizz them, then monitor them in the livewell before


[20:44:28] HOGBOSS: thanks.

[20:44:38] Kaz: I know of Lake DuBay--I don't know what facilities they have. Can they

handle 200 boats, plus parking?

[20:44:45] Chris G: whats fizz?

[20:45:13] JOE: Can handle 200 boats, not sure about parking.

[20:45:17] Kaz: Fizzing is puncturing the bladder with a special needle to deflate it so

the fish can swim upright.

[20:45:33] Kaz: Joe, if you send me some info about DuBay, I'll be glad to check it out.

[20:45:46] JOE: Sure will

[20:46:03] reeltime(OH): read an article in a salt water mag., that said a lot of fizzed fish

will die days later.

[20:46:26] Matt: Kaz, Do any of the so called Pro's still fish the MWC?

[20:46:38] Kaz: That's not really true according to the Mich. DNR, who practices


[20:47:20] Kaz: Yes, sure. Takasaki and Gray are entered in Spring Valley. Lots of

them do, maybe one or two tournaments.

[20:47:27] *** Eagle1 has left Walleye Central

[20:47:53] Kaz: Most of the, as you say so-called "pros", have fished the MWC at one

time or another.

[20:47:54] Chris G: Kaz, Do you remember what won the Castle Rock Tourney some

years back weight and technique?

[20:47:58] ebijack (mi): kaz, do you think more pro's will fish the mwc now that the pwt

changed their dates

[20:48:01] Kaz: Al Lindner even fish the MWC.

[20:48:20] HOGBOSS: Kaz is tom skarlis from IA in spring this year.

[20:48:21] Kaz: I think Castle Rock was around 30 lbs.

[20:48:40] Kaz: The PWT has reduced its field so yes, anglers are coming back to the


[20:48:53] Kaz: Yes, Skarlis is entered in all the MWC tournaments this year.

[20:49:09] Matt: Is Gary Gray fishing them all, and what kind of guy is he. He has been

on the chat at different times?

[20:49:18] Kaz: The PWT is going to two divisions next year.

[20:49:42] Kaz: Gary Gray has fish the MWC every tournament for the past 13 years.

The all-time money winner.

[20:50:06] Kaz: Gray is fishing them all and he's a great guy, and has a terrific

knowledge of fishing.

[20:50:44] Eyeman (IN): what are the new PWT divisions Kaz????

[20:50:46] Kaz: Gary Gray has won five MWC tournaments, two World Walleye

Championships and four MWC Team of the Year titles.

[20:50:51] Lipp Ripper: Kaz when do you think you will no longer have the spring

opener at spring valley

[20:51:10] Kaz: I'd say Spring Valley will be around as long as the MWC.

[20:51:47] Kaz: The PWT will have a east and west division, 3 tournaments each

division plus one championship.

[20:52:20] Kaz: Capt. Marty, now here's a guy who can catch walleyes.

[20:52:47] Capt. Marty: How you doing KAZ?

[20:53:00] Eagle1 mn: Where do the divisions divide for the PWT?

[20:53:01] Kaz: Marty can catch some big smallmouths, too. Hi, Marty.

[20:53:12] Kaz: You'll have to call the PWT on that.

[20:53:14] Capt. Marty: I was just talking about you this weekend at the Green Bay


[20:53:16] Eyeman (IN): what are they calling east and west Kaz???

[20:53:23] ebijack (mi): kaz, do you see the MWC dividing into to divisions also in the


[20:53:40] Kaz: Check with PWT. I really don't know what their divisional line will be.

[20:53:43] Matt: Kaz, I met him at WBAY Sport show, he does a great seminar, seems

very down to earth, and seems to have time for everyone's question. I was wondering if

it was only me, or is he like that with everyone?

[20:53:47] Lipp Ripper: Kaz /I think you should open the valleys tourny up /no


[20:53:55] Kaz: We used to have two divisions, a total of 12 tournaments. It's just too


[20:54:20] HOGBOSS: Kaz what about expanding Bounds. at spring valley

[20:54:21] Kaz: Ripper, talk to Bill Guerrini about that.

[20:54:40] Kaz: Bill Guerrini (local tournament director) is in charge of boundaries.

[20:54:59] JOE: Kaz, are you familiar with the USFA tournaments, what is your


[20:55:27] Lipp Ripper: I know Bill well Kaz

[20:55:36] Kaz: I've heard it's where they're held as to regard how well they're run.

[20:56:12] Matt: Kaz, I think you missed my question about Gray!

[20:56:32] Kaz: The MWC is not in competition with any other walleye circuit. The

sponsors started the MWC to promote walleye fishing and to encourage other circuits.

[20:56:46] Kaz: Matt, what was the question again? Sorry.

[20:57:43] HOGBOSS: Kaz what do you think about raising the entry fee next year to

eliminate the out pouring of entries sent in to spring valley.

[20:58:16] Matt: I met Gary at the WBAY sport show, seems like a good guy, did a

great seminar, and had time for everyone's question, Is that the way he is or was that a

put on in front of a crowd?

[20:58:18] Kaz: We only have that problem at Spring Valley, and it's a great problem to

have. Raising the entry fee would discourage to the other tournaments.

[20:58:35] HOGBOSS: how many turned down this year.

[20:58:58] Kaz: No, Gary is free with his information at tournaments or away from them.

I love fishing with Gary. I really learned a lot about walleye fishing from him.

[20:59:21] Kaz: Over 200 teams were turned away at Spring Valley this year. If you got

in, congratulations!

[20:59:39] Capt. Marty: Gary, is a great guy and fisherman, easy to get along with

[20:59:48] Matt: thanks for the info Kaz, got to go to work. nice chatting with you.

[21:00:08] Lipp Ripper: Kaz/to bad for the locals

[21:00:11] Kaz: Gary's driving a Yarcraft this year with a 225 on it--a very fast boat.

[21:00:39] HOGBOSS: who is his partner this year.

[21:00:40] Kaz: Ripper, locals make up a good portion of our entries, but most of our

anglers are from Wis. followed next by Minn.

[21:00:57] Kaz: Gary's partner this year is Del Zerbe.

[21:00:58] Eagle1 mn: Kaz, how many spots are left for Big Stone May 16?

[21:01:10] Kaz: Less than 50 left at Big Stone.

[21:01:27] HOGBOSS: no more cheif.

[21:01:36] Kaz: The others are well over half-full.

[21:01:47] Kaz: Chief is fishing with his old partner, Glenn Wangerin of MI.

[21:02:06] HOGBOSS: how about G.B kaz how many left.

[21:02:16] Capt. Marty: Hi Gary

[21:02:26] Kaz: Green Bay has about 80 spots left.

[21:05:14] Kaz: Gary, tell these guys why you fish the MWC.

[21:05:23] rabbit(wi): you mean who I am going to fish with

[21:05:38] Kaz: No, WHY you fish the MWC.

[21:06:13] rabbit(wi): Well, I always said, I'm going to stick with the lady i went to the

danch with

[21:06:46] Kaz: You've done some dancing on the MWC, Mr. All-Time MoneyWinner!!!

[21:06:52] rabbit(wi): The guys on the MWC are a great group of guys, friendly!!!!

[21:07:07] rabbit(wi): Ya, and my wife spent it all

[21:07:17] HOGBOSS: rabbit you still got pepsi on your boat.

[21:07:22] Kaz: She deserves it for putting up with you.

[21:07:25] rabbit(wi): you bet

[21:07:45] HOGBOSS: no more pappy .

[21:07:53] Kaz: Actually, Gary is one of the few MWC guys I've fished with. I just don't

get that much time.

[21:08:18] Kaz: Gary, what's your favorite MWC tourney site?

[21:09:15] rabbit(wi): I would have to say, Spring Valley, because of the people, and it

the opener, but they are all my favoirte

[21:09:31] Kaz: Do you want to talk technique, boats, motors, whatever?

[21:09:55] Kaz: Have you ever used a downrigger in an anchored position?

[21:09:55] ebijack (mi): sure, have at it kaz

[21:10:55] Kaz: When fishing a river, I anchor. I lower the downrigger ball to the

bottom, put a crankbait on about a 3' tail and let the current impart action onto the


[21:11:27] HOGBOSS: how about planner boards on a wing dam.

[21:11:37] Kaz: You can also drift very successfully with downriggers, especially live

bait and especially works well in wavy conditions.

[21:11:58] Kaz: Yes, planer boards will work very well on a wing dam, especially on

shallow wing dams where you don't want to bottom out.

[21:12:25] Kaz: If there is enough river current, you can successfully use inline boards

when fishing from the bank. I've done it.

[21:12:51] Kaz: I use Wille Sideliners exclusively. They have a great new release and

tow arm.

[21:13:10] fishncrazy: anybody else?

[21:13:37] Jerry: Gary you said a great bunch of guys on the circuit did you forget us

girls? Kay

[21:14:15] John P.: Hi Kaz, sorry I'm late.

[21:14:15] HOGBOSS: how did the bass \walleye go on the miss. the year the MWC

had it.

[21:14:22] Kaz: Here's a record-setter gal. Kay and her husband Jerry were 1996 MWC

Team of the Year.

[21:14:26] rabbit(wi): I'm sorry, slap me the next time you see me, I meant great


[21:14:41] Kaz: The bass/walleye tourney did not go over well.

[21:15:02] Kaz: Kay is right, we have great guys and gals, as well as youngsters fishing

the MWC.

[21:15:03] HOGBOSS: was that do to conditions.

[21:15:57] Kaz: It didn't work I think because the teams just too into their own species.

I still think it's a great idea.

[21:16:31] Kaz: On an average, only 1-1/2 fish per team per day are caught at our


[21:16:46] John P.: The Illinois river is very high , may make it interesting!

[21:16:47] Kaz: The average fish weight is 1-1/2 lbs.

[21:17:14] Kaz: The Ill. River is high today, but hopefully in 17 days it'll be near normal.

[21:17:36] Kaz: If there are flood conditions, they have an alternate site prepared at


[21:17:49] Eagle1 mn: Kaz, How many fish on average do the teams weigh?

[21:17:50] Eyeman (IN): and the weather may be closer too :-)

[21:17:57] Kaz: We've had to move to Depue twice over the past 12 years.

[21:18:22] Kaz: The good thing about the flood years is that the fish had more areas to

spawn resulting in super bites down the road.

[21:18:44] Kaz: On an average a team weighs 3 fish per tournament.

[21:19:10] HuntnTky: is there any good Yellow Perch fishing out there??

[21:19:38] HOGBOSS: they were on superbite up til snowstorm, don't need high water.

[21:19:53] Kaz: I'm hoping that the 12-1/4 lb. circuit record will be broken at Green Bay

this year.

[21:20:17] Kaz: It's always fun to go to new water.

[21:20:47] Kaz: If you fish the circuit, you're forced to learn new waters to be


[21:20:47] Eagle1 mn: kaz are there any SD tournaments this year?

[21:21:28] Kaz: South Dakota has also incorpporated new summer tournament

regulations. I'm waiting to receive them.

[21:22:09] Capt. Marty: The Fox --It's difinitely got some big fish and lot's of them and

then there's the bay itself

[21:22:20] Eagle1 mn: kaz I heard something about those regs. seems the locals don't

like the tournaments much.

[21:23:15] Kaz: In the near future, you're going to see most of the states coming up

with seperate tournament regs. I don't necessarily agree with this because our rules are

more stringent than DNR rules.

[21:23:26] HOGBOSS: Kaz nice chatting with you, see you at spring valley in 2 weeks

keep up the good wqrk. later guy's.

[21:23:35] Kaz: By Hogboss.

[21:24:25] HuntnTky: does mwc come to lake erie?

[21:24:35] Kaz: The 1999 and 2000 MWC World Walleye Championship will be held

on Little Bay de Noc.

21:24:52] Kaz: No, because you can get blown off of Erie too easily.

[21:25:16] HuntnTky: is litle bay de noc a lot tamer than erie??

[21:25:16] Kaz: Gary Gray said Erie was the scariest body of water he ever motored.

[21:25:38] Kaz: Little Bay de Noc can get rough, but nothing like Erie or Saginaw Bay.

[21:25:39] rabbit(wi): ya, but they have great fishing

[21:26:00] Kaz: Gary, this is Bev.....even I could catch walleye on Erie.

[21:26:22] rabbit(wi): when we going fishing Bev?

[21:26:33] Kaz: June or July--you name it.

[21:26:36] HuntnTky: I grew up on erie,,it sure can make a believer out of ya in a hurry

[21:26:50] rabbit(wi): I knew Kaz couldn't type that fast

[21:27:11] Kaz: But Kaz can talk faast.

[21:27:15] ebijack (mi): is that bragging bev? :)

[21:28:22] Kaz: I'm not a fisherperson--I'll go, but Kaz has to bait my hook, tell me

where to cast, and take my fish off. BUT I'm great at pushing paper around to help run

the MWC.

[21:28:38] HuntnTky: Kaz how does 1 qualify to be on this circuit??

[21:28:47] ebijack (mi): pushing what? :) just kidding

[21:29:01] John P.: how about

[21:29:12] bob (oh): my fisherperson fishes the same way !!

[21:29:13] Kaz: You have to be 12 years of age or older, have a partner, and it'll cost

you $350 per team per tourney.

[21:29:54] Kaz: Jerry and Kay, why do you fish the MWC?

[21:29:56] HuntnTky: I see,,where is a schedule of your events?

[21:30:12] Kaz: See our MWC web site, or we can send you a brochure.

[21:30:26] HuntnTky: ok Ill look soon thanks

[21:30:31] Chris G: Kaz, What are some of the biggest changes youve seen in the


[21:30:39] Kaz: You can click on to the MWC web site from Walleye Central.

[21:30:57] HuntnTky: ok Ill do that

[21:31:06] Kaz: Biggest changes on the MWC has been the boat, motor and related

equipment advancements.

[21:31:23] Kaz: Also the professionalism of the anglers have made great strides.

[21:31:24] Jerry: It's a fun circuit and because of all the great friends we've made and

great people that fish the MWC.

[21:32:09] Kaz: Jerry and Kay are a great fishing team--it takes two.

[21:32:26] Chris G: Is there some end of year banquet or something?

[21:32:41] Kaz: You're going to see some huge strides in professional walleye fishing in

the next two years.

[21:33:02] Jerry: And she catches all the big fish.

[21:33:03] ebijack (mi): why do you say that kaz

[21:33:06] "SKEETER" Kau: like what would that be Kaz?

[21:33:13] Kaz: Our World Walleye Championship is the highlight of the season which

includes an awards banquet on the last night.

[21:33:16] HuntnTky: How long has mwc been up and running?

[21:33:36] Kaz: You probably heard of the FLW, well I think it's coming to the walleye


[21:33:41] Capt. Marty: Kaz, you and Bev do a great job in this fishing operation,

you've made great strides and really helped the fishing public learn more about

walleye's and being sportsmen and women!

[21:33:50] Kaz: This is the MWC's 14th year. We were the first kid on the block.

[21:34:27] bob (oh): kaz, come to erie and we'll get a bigger boat for gary ;-)

[21:34:34] Kaz: Okay, now ask me some real good walleye fishing questions.

[21:34:50] Kaz: Lake Erie has recently shown an interest in hosting a MWC


[21:35:13] ebijack (mi): hey kaz and bev, i'd like to thank you for your time and all the

great info on the MWC, please stick around if you can

[21:35:36] Kaz: Of interest at the Green Bay tournament: Ranger will introduce its new

20 footer sporting a 225 engine.

[21:36:18] Kaz: Well, Bev and I will be running the MWC for at least a couple more


[21:36:26] Eagle1 mn: Kaz: the other night in a chat we talked about when they were

going to take out the random scrambling for GPS does anyone know a firm date when

it will be final?

[21:37:09] Kaz: Well, GPS is set to rollover in Aug. of 1999, which means that some

GPS units may navigate incorrectly.

[21:37:38] Kaz: If you own a GPS or thinking of buying one, ask the manufacturer if it's

year 2000 compliant.

[21:37:43] ebijack (mi): kaz, does the MWC take up your whole year

[21:38:10] Kaz: Well, put it this way....it's a 12 month a year job---it's a lot easier to fish

the circuit than to run it.

[21:38:27] bob (oh): I know lawrence and garmin will tell you if you're GPS is compliant

[21:38:27] Kaz: Well, I'll give you 15 more minutes, then gotta go.

[21:38:41] ebijack (mi): is nit a full time job that you both work

[21:39:04] Kaz: I'm a retired police officer; Bev is a retired legal secretary.

[21:39:20] bob (oh): kaz, what's your comfort bait, the one you always turn to if it's


[21:40:02] Kaz: When bass fishing, it's a Charlie Brewer slider rig with a 4" worm and

for walleye, it would be a good old jig and some form of live bait.

[21:40:24] Chris G: Thanks for the chat Kaz!!!!!! Try to see you in Green Bay And Bay

DE Noc . Ill try them downriggers. Membership money on the way!

[21:40:27] Kaz: I like fishing slipbobbers too.

[21:40:43] Kaz: Good luck with the downriggers.

[21:41:23] Kaz: Here's my best advice about tournament fishing: Be open minded and

not afraid to experiment, especially when the bite is off.

[21:42:18] Capt. Marty: Kaz, thanks for the time and will be getting in touch with you.

Take care and wish you well for "your" up-coming season!

[21:42:31] Kaz: Thanks Marty, see you soon.

[21:42:36] ebijack (mi): thanks again for the chat kaz

[21:43:09] Kaz: I'll be giving a seminar this Sat at the Gander Mountain store in

Madison, Wis. I'll also be at the M&W Marine booth at the Milwaukee Sports Show

starting this Friday.

[21:43:54] Kaz: Well, it's been a great chat. Thanks for having me (us), and even if you

never fish a MWC tournament, if one's in town come down to have a look-see.

[21:44:17] Kaz: No, my seminar is about river walleye fishing.

[21:44:47] Jerry: Kaz what time at Gander? Maybe well see you there.

[21:44:58] Hunter: thanxs kaz

[21:45:19] bob (oh): hot hand, I think it is but you can call or email lowrence and they

will tell you for sure

[21:45:20] Kaz: 11:00 a.m. Lots of great walleye river fishing tips.

[21:45:38] Kaz: Buy guys, it's been great. Talk again soon.


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