Walleye Guy: This is a test of the emergency walleye info center

[19:29:20] *** Walleye Guy has left Walleye Central

[19:29:29] *** Keith has joined Walleye Central

[19:30:00] *** Keith has left Walleye Central

[19:32:19] *** seamaster has joined Walleye Central

[19:32:34] *** golden has joined Walleye Central

[19:32:49] seamaster: hi golden

[19:33:02] *** Keith has joined Walleye Central

[19:33:13] seamaster: hi keith

[19:33:16] golden: Hi Keith,

[19:33:50] Keith: Hello golden

[19:34:08] seamaster: are you both walleye fisherman

[19:34:13] golden: I'm Scott Golden - from Walleye Central. Glad to see you made it OK,

[19:34:24] *** Blane has joined Walleye Central

[19:34:26] golden: And yes, I do fish also.

[19:34:33] Keith: I fish the proffessional walleye circuits, PWT and NAWA

[19:34:55] seamaster: I fish Lake Erie

[19:35:10] *** BIGFOOT has joined Walleye Central

[19:35:15] Keith: We were just at lake Erie two weeks ago for a NAWA event

[19:35:21] *** HLH has joined Walleye Central

[19:35:31] seamaster: what part

[19:35:48] Keith: Fairport harbor east of Cleveland

[19:36:06] BIGFOOT: Is that you teeth

[19:36:19] Keith: Yes it is slim

[19:36:23] golden: Do you like the format of the NAWA as opposed to the regular style

[19:36:30] seamaster: I fish the western basin around the bass islands

[19:36:34] BIGFOOT: When you leaving

[19:36:36] *** Blane has left Walleye Central

[19:36:43] Keith: Both NAWA and PWT are pro-am, which I enjoy greatly

[19:36:54] Keith: I am leaving for SD on Wed

[19:37:36] BIGFOOT: Keith, Did you hear next years sch

[19:38:13] Keith: For NAWA I heard Toleldo, Green Bay, Mil Lacs and Sak

[19:38:59] BIGFOOT: P.W.T. Erie ,Leech Oahe,Peck

[19:39:12] seamaster: I'm only 40 miles from Toledo

[19:39:17] *** Blane has joined Walleye Central

[19:39:17] Keith: Erie in spring?

[19:39:45] BIGFOOT: May 6,7,and8

[19:39:47] Keith: At forty miles away you should have some good info come pre-fishing time

[19:40:12] Keith: So PWT is a little later, maybe weather will be a little kinder

[19:40:40] seamaster: yes i do , my best friend is the state wild life officer

[19:40:44] BIGFOOT: We'll have 2 days to pre-fish N,A,W.A.

[19:41:04] Keith: I guess PWT will be NAWA prefishing

[19:41:28] BIGFOOT: N.A.W.A. is fisrt

[19:41:42] Keith: Oh -

[19:42:08] Keith: Seamaster: do you get to go out on fish surveys with your buddy?

[19:42:44] seamaster: If you want ,I can E - mail you the info in the spring

[19:43:02] Keith: I'd like to hear about water temps, spawning stages etc

[19:43:15] *** Karl G has joined Walleye Central

[19:43:20] *** Babby (NY) WCS has joined Walleye Central

[19:43:22] seamaster: we were going out on my boat

[19:43:24] *** Karl G has left Walleye Central

[19:43:35] golden: Hi Mark, glad to see ya make it.

[19:43:48] BIGFOOT: We leave the super-pro come to either Toledo or Sandusky their not sure then the closed period then PWT

[19:44:00] Babby (NY) WCS: Yep, the server is back on line

[19:44:17] Babby (NY) WCS: everyone start early?

[19:44:25] BIGFOOT: Hay seamaster what about me I live in Oregon

[19:44:29] golden: Keith Kavacejz is the Host for tonight, he is already onboard and we are up and running.

[19:44:48] seamaster: no prblem

[19:45:10] BIGFOOT: Hi Golden

[19:45:26] golden: Hi Rick, hows it going tonight?

[19:45:31] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith, Congradulations to you and your son at the fairport NAWA tournament.

[19:45:40] BIGFOOT: I'll tell you Keith

[19:46:02] Keith: Thanks, it was great just fishing with him, let alone getting a win

[19:46:13] BIGFOOT: Did Tommy spend his money yet

[19:46:16] Babby (NY) WCS: Golden: Did you see the message Rick La Course left on the Board?

[19:46:38] Keith: He's paying for a trip to Florida this spring wiht his school

[19:46:44] golden: I haven't looked at the board yet tonight, been busy trying to catch some walleye, just made it for this.

[19:46:47] Keith: with not wiht


[19:47:19] Babby (NY) WCS: Kieth, I think thats great you fishing with your son, I hope to do the same in a few years with mine

[19:47:24] Keith: After the big waves on Sat, I was able to do a little better on Sunday - stomach-wise

[19:47:39] *** webhunter has joined Walleye Central

[19:47:47] golden: Hi Russell,

[19:47:58] webhunter: whats up scotty

[19:48:00] Keith: Mine has been wanting to since he was 10, the NAWA lets in 12 year olds, so it was nice to have the opportunity

[19:48:01] Babby (NY) WCS: Lake Erie is a dangerous lake when them winds kick up

[19:48:18] golden: Keith is already online, join on in.

[19:48:39] webhunter: how was Fort Peck this year Keith

[19:48:54] BIGFOOT: What was your program

[19:49:23] Keith: I had great pre-fishing, but like most reseviors the fish moved fast and I didn't figure it out till the last day

[19:49:31] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith, Ruffly how many of the PWT Pros, besides yourself are into the information highway (internet)?

[19:49:45] seamaster: If you want reliable spring walleye report for the maumee bay ( Toledo ). E-mail me in the spring at kbaden@bright.net

[19:49:51] Keith: In Erie we were using 5 colors of lead, Storm's new Lightning Shad fishing about 40 foot down

[19:50:14] BIGFOOT: did ypu get down to 52-42

[19:50:33] Keith: I was fishing 50-40 and trolling back to the East

[19:50:49] *** webhunter has left Walleye Central

[19:51:28] Keith: Babby, almost missed your question - I would guess 10 or so

[19:51:34] *** BIGFOOT has left Walleye Central

[19:51:46] *** ebijack has joined Walleye Central

[19:51:59] *** Blane has left Walleye Central

[19:52:03] ebijack: howdy

[19:52:07] golden: HI Tom, the chat is already on!

[19:52:09] seamaster: hi

[19:52:17] Babby (NY) WCS: I happen to notice you where a computer programer before the PWT, do you still do it?

[19:52:39] Keith: Gary Parsons and I do a multi-media seminar each year and I program all of that

[19:53:15] ebijack: i'll be trying to paste what i can

[19:53:28] ebijack: that's for scott

[19:53:39] golden: thanks tom, I am also trying to save a transcript for those that can't be here.

[19:54:10] *** Wannabe has joined Walleye Central

[19:54:21] ebijack: howdy wa

[19:54:26] *** BIGFOOT has joined Walleye Central

[19:54:27] Keith: Is that you Squirt

[19:54:30] golden: Hi wannabe

[19:54:33] ebijack: howdy BF

[19:54:53] Keith: Foot, Lynn says Hi

[19:55:09] Babby (NY) WCS: Bigfoot, what motors you running on that 692?

[19:55:16] BIGFOOT: HI HONEY

[19:55:18] Wannabe: Hi scott hi baabby

[19:55:40] BIGFOOT: 175 and 9.9, four stroke Mariners

[19:56:05] Babby (NY) WCS: Wannabe: 9.2 today at cherity, lots of 4-6 footers.

[19:56:12] BIGFOOT: SOrry Golden got disconected

[19:56:35] ebijack: keith, what's the years best lure, cranks/crawlers?

[19:56:50] golden: the chat site isn't connected to your server so you might be getting an "idle time" message from your ISP

[19:56:51] Wannabe: Just the one babby?

[19:57:13] Keith: Since I got my best finish at Erie, I'd Say the Lightening Shad - we were tipping the middle hook with a crawler - so both

[19:57:21] *** ZachB has joined Walleye Central

[19:57:35] golden: Hi Zach, did you get my mail?

[19:57:48] ebijack: howdy Z

[19:57:52] Babby (NY) WCS: Kieth, I have trouble with the trailer trebel hook twisting on open water spinner rig, whats the problem?

[19:57:58] BIGFOOT: That seemed to be the key for everyone but me

[19:58:08] *** Karl G. has joined Walleye Central

[19:58:10] ZachB: Just got it Scott. sound great. Hi Ebi

[19:58:24] ebijack: howdy karl

[19:58:40] Karl G.: Hello All!

[19:58:53] Keith: Usually I only get spin when I'm trolling faster than .75 mph, If you go faster you might try a ball bearing swivel ahead of the


[19:59:55] Babby (NY) WCS: How many crawlers do run on em? 1 or 2

[20:00:24] Keith: The other thing to make sure of is that the back treble is not hooked too far back in the crawler - this can cause what I call

a "J" crawler which spins a lot

[20:00:39] Keith: 1, usually the biggest one I can find in the box

[20:00:40] BIGFOOT: Your new P.K. spinner is a big hit on the western end now

[20:01:08] Wannabe: Keth do ya try to stay at .75 or slower when runing spinner rigs

[20:01:11] Keith: Great, that's where we first developed and field tested it so it doesn't suprise me

[20:01:14] ebijack: is that the in-line that your talking about BF?

[20:01:30] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith, Yes I think thats whats happening but them things are a bear to get centered, any tips?

[20:01:33] ebijack: looks like a inline spinner?

[20:01:55] Keith: I just want the blade spinning that usually happens at 3/4 mile per hour - the slow speed also let's the Snap Weight get

down with lighter weights

[20:02:27] seamaster: Talk to you all some other time .FISH HARD !!!

[20:02:32] ebijack: keith are you useing the elec/gas more to troll

[20:02:36] *** Blane has joined Walleye Central

[20:02:47] ebijack: howdy blaine

[20:02:57] ebijack: sorry, blane

[20:02:57] Keith: I just try to connect the first treble through the nose about an 1/8 inch from the nose, I do not string the crawler on the


[20:02:59] Blane: Howdy

[20:03:03] *** seamaster has left Walleye Central

[20:03:30] Keith: For open water spinners I use a 9.9 kicker on my 21 foot boat

[20:04:12] Keith: The new 4 strokes are particularily smooth running at slow speads and the no-smoke feature is great for trolling since I

always troll with the wind

[20:04:58] Blane: They go for ever on a gallon of gas too

[20:05:09] ebijack: keith, do you have your 9.9 tyed into the lowrance?

[20:05:27] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith, Alot of guys are saying that the Merc/Mariner 4 stroke 9.9's are problems, you experianced this at all?

[20:05:33] BIGFOOT: And you can talk without SCREAMING

[20:05:33] ebijack: with a tr-1?

[20:05:34] Keith: Yup, I have went a whole week of pre-fishing and tournament days on less than my 10 gal kicker tank

[20:05:45] Karl G.: Keith, Any suggestions for tolling structure that is right angles to the wind, such as a long bar or shore line.

[20:06:19] Keith: I do not tie into my GPS, although I use my 350 A a lot to follow plot trails in the open water

[20:06:43] Keith: I don't use TR-1, although it's a nice system

[20:07:33] BIGFOOT: ebi I found that other site

[20:07:48] Wannabe: Keith I fish the easter\n baisin of ontario the fish are suppended alot and hard to find any suggestions

[20:07:57] Keith: For right angles that's when you use all of the 9.9 horses on a kicker, I spend a lot of time reving the engine to the max to

keep my lures in the fish zone. The best thing to have is a boat that lays level and does not catch the wind too much.

[20:08:07] BIGFOOT: How far east

[20:08:10] ebijack: e-mail it to me later ok?

[20:08:26] BIGFOOT: ok

[20:08:58] Karl G.: I have found using a drift sock on the bow sometimes help, have you done that?

[20:09:06] Wannabe: Stone point to 1000 isl bridge

[20:09:16] Keith: Actually with a good fish finder, suspended fish are often the easiest to spot. The key is that if you are seeing fish half way

down, always assume they are higher and run a high line just under the water surface to see if their there.

[20:10:01] BIGFOOT: Great fishing over there out around the islands

[20:10:19] Keith: Karl, I don't use a drift sock although if your bow is catching wind that can be useful. You might also look at shifting some

of the weight in the boat forward to stop the bow from swing around as much.

[20:10:36] Karl G.: Great thanks I will try that.

[20:10:54] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith, the problem with the eastern basin up here, is that we have so much quality, but we do not have the

quanity. The walleye dont seem to get into those 1/2 mile schools, they really scatter.

[20:11:49] Wannabe: how bout when ya gust starting out flasher side finder ???

[20:12:11] Keith: I they do scatter, but the pods of fish tend to hold fairly well. We spend a lot of time circling productive areas even if it

means reeling up everything, going up wind and trolling through the area again - That's where GPS is invaluable.

[20:12:43] Babby (NY) WCS: Wannabe, You been hiiting the waves to hard. Cant understand your messages

[20:12:44] Keith: Are you asking what type of electronics I'd suggest?

[20:13:03] Wannabe: Yes

[20:14:09] Keith: Get the best LCG type unit you can afford - I not big on side finders. Learn what is below the boat and you can assume off

the the side is better. I've been using a 350A as my workhorse for the last 3 years and also ran the new X-85 this year and liked it

[20:14:18] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith, When will this new Storm Prototype be out on the market?

[20:14:36] Karl G.: Keith, Any hints on new '98 Eagle/Lowrance GPS / sonar products?

[20:15:31] Keith: The Lightning Shad is being delivered and produced as we chat - comes in 2 sizes, I was using the smaller one - wish I

would have had some of the big ones to try!

[20:15:39] Blane: Does Storm have an internet address?

[20:16:14] Keith: Actually not a lot of changes introduced for this year yet, I think they're just trying to keep up with current demand

[20:16:45] ebijack: keith, how did you fish the st clair river

[20:16:51] Keith: I don't believe so although we have some stuff on Storm on our page www.ool.com/walleye

[20:17:01] BIGFOOT: Lynn, Judy says Hi

[20:17:10] Keith: The St Clair was very interesting

[20:18:06] Keith: In the river itself were using a 3-way rig with a P/K Finness spinner on a short lead, trolling with the current (slightly faster to

make the blade spin)

[20:18:14] Keith: Hello Judy from Lynn

[20:19:23] Keith: Down in the lake, we ran either P/K Spinners behind Snap Weights or Storm deep jr Thunder Sticks (Brown Prism) down

by the dumping grounds - lots of fish but smaller

[20:20:14] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith, in a past walleye-in-sider article you stressed always changing baits, colors, depths, ect. How many

passes over a marked area will you make and execute these techniques?

[20:20:31] ebijack: keith, did you fish the 12-10-9mi weed bed?

[20:20:59] *** HLH has left Walleye Central

[20:21:05] Keith: Most of the time an area gets one pass - unless I'm marking a good amount of fish - then I'd probably reel up, change

everything and make another pass

[20:22:19] Keith: You know, I don't know a lot of the local names - I many use my Global Map 2000 to tell where I am - I did fish over weeds

with the spinners and cranks - a good area was half way down to the dumping grounds from Metro Park

[20:23:08] ebijack: keith, you must have covered it pretty good

[20:23:14] *** John has joined Walleye Central

[20:23:21] ebijack: howdy john

[20:23:26] *** John has left Walleye Central

[20:24:08] ebijack: keith, do you also use fireline for all your trolling?

[20:24:20] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith, as a touring PWT Pro, where do you see the Walleye Industry going. What big things are happening

from an insiders view.

[20:24:55] Keith: Yup, mostly 10-4, but in Erie I did use some 6-2 to get some Deep Thundersticks down even deeper - both are plenty

strong for even 10 pounders

[20:25:52] Keith: I think there will be a big emphasis put on getting more kids involved in fishing - It's a great past time and never seem to

learn everything about it.

[20:26:52] Keith: We (professional fisherman) are actually starting a new organization - NPAA (National Proffessional Anglers Association) to

try to look at how to grow the sport - maybe get it up in popularity like rodeos ans NASCAR

[20:26:58] Babby (NY) WCS: Is the PWT planning on integrating some kind of kids contest like the BASS castings kids?

[20:27:50] Keith: I haven't heard that although the NPAA may start doing it at both PWT and NAWA, as well as holding kids seminars at

schools, have contests where the winners might get to fish with a pro, etc

[20:28:12] Babby (NY) WCS: Ahh, NASCAR, Martin sure had the car today

[20:28:24] Karl G.: Where can we find out more about the NPAA?

[20:29:03] Blane: When is the PWT and the NAWA going to hold some tournaments west of the Rockies?

[20:29:06] Keith: Didn't see it, went to the Packer Hall Of Fame instead

[20:29:33] Keith: I heard the PWT may have a Super Pro event out at the Columbia in the next few years

[20:29:43] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith, Is there alot of independant pros or self sponsored pros in the PWT circuit?

[20:29:47] Blane: Sounds great!

[20:30:24] Keith: NPAA office is actually run by Mike McClelland - I noticed he had some info on walleye central - might have an e-mail

address there, otherwise 605-223-2136 is the office

[20:30:55] Keith: Yes there is a lot of self sponsored pros - probably over 50% - that's how we all started

[20:32:16] Karl G.: Keith, I know that you will be going to Bismarck next month. Will there be any opportunity to ask questions of you there?

[20:32:22] ebijack: keith, how do you feel about the "teams"

[20:33:05] Babby (NY) WCS: Golden: Wheres Jig-m-Up, playing deputy dog?

[20:33:07] ebijack: scott, i've got about three pages so far

[20:33:14] Keith: You'll find most of the pros more that willing to talk fishing - I think I may be doing a seminar out there also - don't know for

sure yet

[20:33:39] Keith: Are you talking about team events or Pros teaming up to share info

[20:33:43] Karl G.: Well I will say hi to you if nothing else, see you there

[20:33:55] golden: Babby, not sure where jigmup is, need to get in touch with him. Thanks ebijack, so far I'm copying OK also. Nice to know

I have backup

[20:34:00] ebijack: keith, pro's teaming up

[20:34:18] *** Ron has joined Walleye Central

[20:34:25] ebijack: howdy ron

[20:34:37] Keith: Parsons and I have been doing it for years - it's hard for one person to cover the big waters we fish in the limited time we


[20:34:56] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith, any future in getting TNN to put more INDIVIDUAL wallleye fishing shows on? Getting tired of watching

reruns of the past PWTS. And watching Bill Dance fish from farm ponds!

[20:35:11] Keith: I do think that too big of a team can be a detriment because you'll have lots of guys sharing the same fish

[20:35:22] ebijack: next week should be the pwt start for this year

[20:35:54] BIGFOOT: the new pwt's and sportsmans quest shows start next week

[20:36:04] ebijack: keith, i agree, are they going to put a stop to this, or no because of sponsers

[20:36:16] Keith: Actually Gary and I are in the first stages of putting together a TV show which of course would be heavily weighted toward

the #1 fish

[20:36:43] Babby (NY) WCS: Yes, I know they show the competitions, but one of you pros should ask for a show dedicated to


[20:36:43] BIGFOOT: catfish ask stange

[20:36:45] Keith: I don't think they'll stop it, also haven't heard of any sponsors complaining about it

[20:37:31] ebijack: keith, not complaining, because one (aileast )is a sponser

[20:37:41] ebijack: sorry at least

[20:37:47] Keith: That's the format we'd like to see too, lots of stuff is happening all the time in fishing and sometimes its hard to explain it,

better to show it

[20:38:20] Blane: Put something in the shows about boat control

[20:38:51] Babby (NY) WCS: Yes, show and put to the test is always better than explaining

[20:38:57] Keith: For walleyes, there'd be a lot about boat control - it's the hardest part of walleye fishing - probably gets the least coverage

[20:39:51] ebijack: keith, how about a camera in a few of the pro's boats, when you fish alone

[20:40:05] Keith: Actually the best test is the tournaments - those shows are still great for showing leading edge stuff, although they probably

don't have the air time to explain the techniques as well as they'd like.

[20:40:55] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith, Yes I totally agree, if it works for the pros, it will work for the amatuer.

[20:40:55] Keith: Actually they are starting to put more and more cameras in our boats, probably not enough during pre-fishing though - that's

when most of the techniques are refined and discovered.

[20:41:49] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith, Any changes to the targa for 98?

[20:42:04] Keith: Hey if I miss anyones questions give it to me again - typing as fast as I can!

[20:42:36] golden: I think you are doing a great job Keith

[20:42:42] Keith: Targa 2000 won't change much, there should be a new 18 foot fiberglass out though that looks real nice

[20:43:14] Babby (NY) WCS: Same boat, just 18 feet? or a different boat?

[20:43:56] Keith: Different boat - actually Mike McClelland helped design a new Fisher boat (Fisher is owned by Tracker) and the same hull

will probably be used in both

[20:44:16] ebijack: keith, what are you doing to keep your fish alive, at st clair the water temps were 10+deg different from spot to spot

[20:44:30] Babby (NY) WCS: I thought Mac was in a starcraft this year?

[20:45:23] Keith: Our livewells have recirculating pumps, but I also added a system that picks up water as you run - I'll look up the name and

give it to you shortly -

[20:46:10] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith, What is your opinion of the new NAWA team format?

[20:46:11] Keith: Mac was with Starcraft up until they were sold by Brunswick - last winter he started to work with Fisher on a new fiberglass


[20:46:14] ebijack: keith,larry mote runs a targa and had that trouble of shocking fish

[20:46:24] Wannabe: Keith I could throw a stone and hit the tracker dealer any pointers on aproching him to help me out for next year

[20:47:21] Keith: It was interesting - my son Tommy and I fished the one in Cleveland - it's really two one day events and a great format for

people wanting to try out tournaments - even if you bomb one day you can change tactics and try again the next

[20:47:27] Babby (NY) WCS: Wannabe, I got your stuff if you show up sunday!

[20:48:25] Keith: What is shocking - temp change or electrical

[20:48:26] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith, What is the opinion of the PWT Pros, do they appeal to them because they can team up, ect.?

[20:48:46] ebijack: keith, temp change

[20:48:57] Keith: Tell your dealer how you can help him - or better yet help him out then see what he can do for you

[20:49:29] golden: Keith, is the name of the system that picks up water on the run "Keep Alive" by any chance?

[20:49:50] Keith: Usually two pros don't team up - if it is two NAWA pros fishing the 3 day pro am, they can't team up.

[20:50:00] ebijack: keith, when running and have to shut down due to the waves, the fish takeon fresh water which can be different temp

[20:50:49] ebijack: that keep a live mess up your live wells, i won't use it

[20:50:55] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith, Do you always fish other events like the MWC, or the NAWA circuits if you can?

[20:50:59] Keith: The system is by T-H Marine - it is basically a water pickup connected to a tube that shoots water into the livewell when

the boat is moving. It is called the Hydro-Flo system

[20:51:20] Keith: T-H Marine Supplies, Madison, AL 205-772-0164

[20:51:27] BIGFOOT: not enough to make a differance

[20:52:09] BIGFOOT: your quick tonite Keith

[20:52:20] ebijack: the st clair river temp was 58 and st clair lake was 65

[20:52:22] Keith: I have found the most important thing on keeping fish alive is to give them lots of oxygen. This pickup system keeps new

water coming in at the most crucial time - when running.

[20:53:05] Blane: Keith, I say one of our seminars at a sportsman show in Portland, OR this last winter. Are you going to be back this winter?

[20:53:17] Blane: our = your

[20:54:14] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith, Any clues to give us potential 98 schedule for PWT?

[20:54:23] Keith: Doesn't look like we'll be back this year, Gary or I will probably be back the following year - just have too many to get to

them all

[20:54:35] *** squirt has joined Walleye Central

[20:54:35] *** squirt has left Walleye Central

[20:55:25] Keith: Foot tell them again what the PWT is

[20:56:07] Keith: Blane, to answer an earlier question, I don't fish the MWC but do fish the whole NAWA circuit as well as some of the

NAWA team events

[20:56:08] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith, Do you happen to remember a young college kid fishing with you on the PWT a couple years ago

named David Pratico?

[20:56:20] *** Ron has left Walleye Central

[20:56:50] Keith: Which tournamet - names are hard to remember but I usually can remember fishing days

[20:57:21] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith, Even if you dont, I can tell you that he has been taught well on open water trolling!

[20:57:24] golden: Hey FOOT, if you have a 1998 PWT schedule would you e-mail me the dates so I can post them on Walleye Central. I'm

waiting for the information to come in the mail

[20:57:38] Karl G.: Keith, Will you be posting a seminar schedule some place?

[20:57:50] Babby (NY) WCS: Foot, I just want to know what states.

[20:58:13] Blane: What's it like for an amateur at a PWT tournament? What does he/she need to bring?

[20:58:21] Keith: Pro-am events are a great way for anyone to learn about the techniques we use

[20:58:53] Keith: Seminar schedule should be on the Walleye Guys home page www.ool.com/walleye next week/

[20:59:22] golden: I'd like to post that on Walleye Central too, if it's possible Keith.

[20:59:23] *** wannab has joined Walleye Central

[20:59:23] *** wannab has left Walleye Central

[20:59:31] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith, at the Allegany NAWA tournament some people where saying that alot of PROS Boycotted that

tournament cause it was too far east? any truth to this?

[20:59:50] BIGFOOT: PWT-APRIL16-18 Super_Pro Lake Stockton,Mo.-May 6-8 Lake Erie,Port Clinton,Oh.-June 4-6 Leech Lake

Walker,Mn. June 25-27 Lake Oahe,Pierre,S.D.- July 23-25 Ft. Peck, Mt.

[21:00:03] Keith: Basically the best thing to do as an am is to show up ready to learn. I have them bring a rainsuit, their food and be ready to

concentrate all day.

[21:00:34] golden: Thanks BIGFOOT

[21:00:37] Wannabe: Blane bring your life Jacket and back brace

[21:00:43] Babby (NY) WCS: Looks like another midwest trail!

[21:01:25] *** Mark B. has joined Walleye Central

[21:01:33] ebijack: howdy mark

[21:02:00] Mark B.: hi ebjack. I finally got into the chat site

[21:02:03] Babby (NY) WCS: Wannabe, You must of had yours on to be out there saturday, you should have seen it today.

[21:02:08] *** wannab has joined Walleye Central

[21:02:08] *** wannab has left Walleye Central

[21:02:13] Keith: We did not boycott it - for me, just trying to fish the two circuits is hard schedule wise, I do try to fish the NAWA team

events that correspond to the 3-day ones since I'm there already

[21:03:01] Keith: Babby - I wouldn't call Fort Peck Mid west - when we're out there they call Wisconsin people easterners

[21:03:04] ebijack: keith, how do you handle selling your present boat and any you win

[21:03:07] golden: Hi Mark B, glad to see you made it.

[21:03:20] Babby (NY) WCS: MarkB. Welcome, I see you figured out them buttons

[21:03:36] Keith: I get two boats a year and sell them to the first person with a down payment

[21:03:47] ebijack: :-)

[21:04:07] Babby (NY) WCS: Yes, thats true, pack your Longcoat.

[21:04:13] Keith: Oh boy, computer sign language?

[21:04:19] ebijack: keith, i've heard some stories as to the real winnings

[21:04:31] Keith: Real Winnings?

[21:04:35] ebijack: that's a smile

[21:04:48] Mark B.: I had to download IE 3.02 and that seemed to get things to work

[21:05:00] ebijack: keith, what they say you get and what you really get for winning a tourney

[21:05:04] BIGFOOT: NAWA April 22-26 Lake Erie, either in Toledo or Sandusky,Oh.- MAY Lake Mille Lacs-Aug. 12-16 Lake Saka.

Garrison,N.D.- Aug 26-30 Lake Mmichigan Green Bay, Wi

[21:05:06] *** wannab has joined Walleye Central

[21:05:07] *** wannab has left Walleye Central

[21:05:15] *** wannab has joined Walleye Central

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[21:05:27] *** wannab has joined Walleye Central

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[21:05:39] ebijack: wow is he having trouble getting on

[21:05:43] Babby (NY) WCS: Is that the quest series or team events

[21:06:06] Keith: Some of the boat packages are stated at full retail value, what the winner sells it for is usually less - kind of like Wheel of

Fortune and a trip to China

[21:06:09] Babby (NY) WCS: Wannabe!!!!what the h... are you doing?

[21:06:33] Keith: Babby, whats the question?

[21:06:56] Wannabe: Blane if you are thinking of entering a pwt as an amatuer do it I did and it was agreate experience

[21:07:19] ebijack: here's one that was on before for you keith, <*}}}}}><

[21:07:20] BIGFOOT: Quest and some of the team events

[21:07:58] golden: I like that one ebijack!

[21:08:03] Keith: Me too

[21:08:36] Blane: Wannabe, yes I was thinking of doing that, but it's a long way to go for me even to the nearest tourny

[21:08:45] *** squirt has joined Walleye Central

[21:08:45] *** squirt has left Walleye Central

[21:08:54] Mark B.: wife has to use the phone for a minute be back soon

[21:08:57] *** Mark B. has left Walleye Central

[21:09:06] ebijack: blane do it if you can, you won't regret it

[21:09:37] Blane: Does an amatuer get to prefish the tourny also?

[21:09:50] Keith: The nice thing is that you don't have to invest a whole week of time, show up the night before the tournament fish with 3

different pros and head for home with your prizes (hopefully)

[21:09:56] Wannabe: Babby I Didn't do nothing

[21:10:27] Keith: Typically you can hitch up with some of the pros during pre-fishing if they don't have other sponsor or press obligations

[21:10:29] ebijack: i couldn't afford it, but i did get to take some pro's out to pre fish and that was GREAT!

[21:10:35] Babby (NY) WCS: Chat showed you signing off three times in a row

[21:10:55] ebijack: no that was wannab

[21:10:56] Blane: With Lake Ohae 2 days drive away that still adds up to 7 days

[21:11:14] BIGFOOT: Ft. Peck

[21:11:23] Keith: Lake Erie wouldn't be that far

[21:11:50] Babby (NY) WCS: Blane: tell me about it, we have to drive 1650miles from new york to lake sakakawea in 4 weeks

[21:12:18] Keith: Babby are you in the Team Walleye events

[21:12:37] Babby (NY) WCS: Airline tickets are pretty cheap right now, course you might need a parachute.

[21:12:37] Wannabe: babby that was wannab not Wannabe

[21:13:03] Babby (NY) WCS: Whoops! my falt, your mistake

[21:13:25] Babby (NY) WCS: Yes, I am the Director for NY

[21:13:41] golden: wannabe, doesn't that strike you as strange that someone is trying to log on as wannab?

[21:13:53] Keith: Is there are event there or a meeting - are you fishing?

[21:14:05] Keith: Is there an event

[21:14:18] ZachB: maybe he's a wannabe wannabe

[21:14:21] Wannabe: yes golden

[21:14:54] *** squirt has joined Walleye Central

[21:14:54] *** squirt has left Walleye Central

[21:15:12] golden: good one Zach, squirt is having some difficulty also.

[21:15:57] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith, Our USFA National Championship is there Sep 22-27th. Yes I plan to fish it hpoefully, I had to tranfer my

points from Ohio cause I dont fish the NY trails cause of conflict of interest

[21:16:33] ebijack: keith, what difference do you find in rods for trolling different conditions

[21:16:49] Keith: If you're fishing it that guy who works for us was from there and says the good area that time of year should be from Deep

Water into the Van Hook arm

[21:17:07] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith, If you think you have a hectic schedule, try being in the military and compete in the tournaments on the


[21:17:24] ZachB: babby,That's why I only fished the 1st WI team Walleye event this year, with MWC obligations that drive to ND is just to

much with limited time off

[21:18:02] Keith: For trolling open water I like a longer rod to handle the In-line planer boards. For contour trolling I often hand-hold a rod so a

6&1/2 to 7 footer is often easier to hold all day.

[21:18:07] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith, Yes, I was stationed in St.Paul,MN for 4 years and my wife is from Parshall, ND which is right near VAN


[21:18:40] *** squirt has joined Walleye Central

[21:18:41] *** squirt has left Walleye Central

[21:18:48] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith. We are launching from Stevens state park, its going to be a 40 mile treck to Van Hook

[21:18:48] *** squirt has joined Walleye Central

[21:18:49] Keith: I used to work full time at IBM and fish tournaments on weekends - that's why I had to retire :-)

[21:18:49] *** squirt has left Walleye Central

[21:18:59] *** squirt has joined Walleye Central

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[21:19:02] *** squirt has joined Walleye Central

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[21:19:21] Blane: Come on squirt, you can do it

[21:19:36] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith, I retire in 2 years, I will bump boats with you on the trail, hopefully!

[21:19:40] Keith: That's where we launched when we were there last also - if the fish are 40 miles away - get on the fish that will win

[21:19:59] Keith: Look forward to having you join us

[21:20:28] BIGFOOT: Bad term-bump boats

[21:20:41] *** squirty has joined Walleye Central

[21:20:42] *** squirty has left Walleye Central

[21:21:13] Babby (NY) WCS: Yes, Bad choice. Sorry

[21:21:16] golden: Is this site really that hard to log onto?

[21:21:48] Keith: I had no problem and it's my first Chat

[21:21:49] ZachB: I've never had a problem, Scott

[21:21:59] Karl G.: Golden, I have never had a problem, I wonder if people just need to update their browsers.

[21:22:12] ebijack: your doing great keith for a first chat

[21:22:13] *** HLH has joined Walleye Central

[21:22:23] ebijack: howdy hlh

[21:22:25] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith, Does your son have an interest in competing professionally in the future?

[21:22:26] golden: We want you back again Keith

[21:22:27] Wannabe: Tell him (babby)to get a real boat first Keith not that tin can he's drivin

[21:22:54] HLH: howdy back again got sent to store by wife

[21:23:10] ebijack: for beer? hlh

[21:23:19] BIGFOOT: It's been a pleasure but I have to finish packing see ya-all in Oct.

[21:23:20] Babby (NY) WCS: At least mine is not named after a public nusance

[21:23:25] HLH: no butter

[21:23:27] Keith: I think he'd like to, but I told him he had to get a college degree in business and a minor in public speaking - it's not all fun -

have to do some business also

[21:23:37] ebijack: have a good one FOOT, hookem good

[21:23:43] Babby (NY) WCS: Nusance (Skeeter)!

[21:23:53] golden: see ya bigfoot, thanks for joining in.

[21:24:07] Keith: See ya in SD

[21:24:18] BIGFOOT: Teeth- see ya in Pierre

[21:24:39] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith, Yes, I have learned alot just the past year working with sponsors of the trail

[21:24:49] *** BIGFOOT has left Walleye Central

[21:25:15] Keith: If you learn it all, let the rest of us in on it - it's suprising how much politics goes on

[21:25:39] *** Mark B has joined Walleye Central

[21:25:41] ebijack: too much for me

[21:25:49] ebijack: howdy mark

[21:25:50] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith, Yes we are starting to see that even in the military

[21:25:58] golden: you're getting good at this now Mark B

[21:26:47] Wannabe: Is it politics or just tight money

[21:26:49] *** BB has joined Walleye Central

[21:26:56] ebijack: howdy bb

[21:27:01] golden: Hi BB

[21:27:02] Mark B: Thanks its easy when your computer cooperates

[21:27:06] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith, will that show your working on be nationally distributed?

[21:27:21] ebijack: keith and how soon??????

[21:27:22] Keith: Some of both, the companies have a budget for promotions and there are lots of guys who would like to get paid to fish

[21:27:28] ZachB: BB how was the tourney this weekend-who won?

[21:28:13] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith, is that why we are seeing alot of non-related sponsors? ie. Coke/Pepsiect

[21:28:51] Keith: As I said we are in the first stages - we are negotiating to get the format we want (highly educational) once that's settled

then yes it would be national TNN, ESPN, ESPN2 or FOX have all be discussed.

[21:29:19] Babby (NY) WCS: Who won ND Team Walleye event past weekend?

[21:29:40] ebijack: the bigger the sponsers, the more the money and politics

[21:29:59] Keith: The fishing industry is tiny compared to the money that many corporations have - as our sport grows and gets more

exposure you will see more and more Coke/Pepsi type sponsors getting involved.

[21:30:04] Mark B: I think TNN is better because we get it in canada but not espn or espn2

[21:30:14] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith, I think thats great and Gary and yourself are the perfect teachers for that show.

[21:30:59] Keith: Actually convincing a big sponsor is harder initally, once aboard I think they are easier to make happy

[21:31:25] ebijack: keith, do you see the auto manufactures getting more involved?

[21:31:36] Babby (NY) WCS: But dont get caught with a non sponsor lure!

[21:32:11] Keith: We're seeing it a lot better at the regional level in the last few years - again more exposure via TV will open doors to the

national sponsors

[21:32:18] Wannabe: Keith who is your #1 sponsor

[21:32:43] ebijack: scott, i don't know how i cant e-mail all this to you

[21:32:53] ebijack: sorry, can

[21:33:03] Keith: #1 is Tracker - great company, lots of fore-sight in promotions, let us design our own boat.....

[21:33:05] ebijack: i fat finger a lot

[21:33:18] Mark B: Keith. What does your number 1 sponsor require of you?

[21:34:11] golden: ebijack, just save it as a text file and attach with an e-mail message. Right now I'm keeping up, but I really appreciate the

back up. I'll let you know if I need something.

[21:34:23] ebijack: keith, is it true that the tracker has the same hull as champion, just different lenght?

[21:34:25] Keith: To fish hard, help design the boats, field testing, lots of promotions, educate the public on what is a good boat for walleye

fisherman, show people how good the boat is by our performance on the water etc

[21:35:07] BB: Keith, where did you first start professionally walleye fishing?

[21:35:16] Keith: The Targa 2000 was a brand new hull design, the main designer was the president of Tracker - Ken Burroughs along with

a host of engineering types

[21:35:32] Mark B: Keith. Do they require any level of consistent results?

[21:35:41] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith, do you think the boat industry like Lund and Ranger is way too high priced and will eventually hurt the

average fisherman?

[21:36:21] golden: Keith has got to be really punching the keys right now!

[21:36:37] Keith: I entered my first tournament - MWC events - in 1986, did well enough to qualify for championships, then in 1988 won

Team of the Year and the Championship - that's when we got our first sponsors.

[21:36:51] Keith: I quit IBM in 1991 to become a full time pro

[21:37:32] golden: Keith, double click the BB on the right side of your screen.

[21:38:07] Keith: One of the criteria we had when designing the Tracker boats was to have the most functional boat on the market (speed

wise and fishability wise) and to have it at a price below other boats in our catatgory. I believe we suceeded at that very well.

[21:39:06] ebijack: i had the chance to ride /fish and though it was quite a good boat, i have an old champion bass boat

[21:39:12] Babby (NY) WCS: Yes, I like the boat. But cant afford the 225hp to go with it

[21:39:35] ebijack: babby, you shouldn't need it

[21:39:36] Keith: Actually the hull runs great with a 175 - in fact that is what most of testing was done with

[21:40:12] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith, I herd from a owner that it needs at least a 175 to get it going good

[21:40:23] Keith: The other thing to remember is that the 2000 is a big boat, keep an eye out for the 18footer coming out - it will be at a great

price and hall a.. with a 175

[21:40:58] Wannabe: Keith if you stayed at IBM would you be making more money than now you dont have to ans if you dont want to

[21:41:23] Keith: Oh boy..... I would have needed some big raises at IBM

[21:42:14] Mark B: Keith. Is there any boat restrictions on the PWT like in B.A.S.S. (150 hp)

[21:42:30] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith, Yes its big, I knick named my friends boat the USS NIMITZ. The lake actully came up 2 foot when he

launched it!

[21:42:31] Keith: Course I actually work harder now then I did then - and there's a lot less job security - your only as good as your last


[21:42:44] ebijack: the b.a.s.s. is suppose to be unlimited next year

[21:43:03] Keith: It didn't seem so big in Lake Erie two weeks ago in 5 to 7 footers

[21:43:26] Keith: Mark B, there are no restrictions, the HP can not exceed the rating sticker on the boat

[21:43:31] Babby (NY) WCS: Keith, Have you seen or tested the New Merc 300?

[21:44:11] golden: Keith, you have been great and I don't want to talk you into leaving. You can stay as long as you want. The original agreement was to host for an hour or so and I don't want to keep you any longer than you want to stay. I just thought I'd offer you an out if you need one.

[21:44:16] Keith: No, but I did talk to a tech rep and he said "where the 225 is BAD, the 300 is NASTY!"

[21:44:48] Babby (NY) WCS: Is the 225 going to have the new Optimax Injection?

[21:44:57] Keith: I can take a couple of more questions

[21:45:14] Keith: Yes, Optimax will be from 150 to 250 I believe

[21:45:51] Keith: I'd like to put one of the new 225 Optimax's on my boat this fall for our video shooting

[21:46:20] golden: My message was cut short, I appreciate you hosting a chat for walleye central. I'm sure everyone else feels the same way. I'd like to have you back again if possible.

[21:49:13] Mark B: Golden. On the entry form a spot for where people are calling from would be interested. I am from Hamilton Ont, Canada

[21:49:24] Wannabe: How manny we got?

[21:49:35] ZachB: is that Kaz (BB)?

[21:50:21] Babby (NY) WCS: Dont know yet, does it matter? I think this year is pretty much over. I think next year will be interesting

[21:50:22] ebijack: scott, how about next to the name you get the state

[21:50:31] BB: Babby,Ranger isn't a high priced boat. You get what you pay for. Drive a Ranger and you'll see what I mean.

[21:50:35] *** Keith has left Walleye Central




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