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[19:58:52] ebijack (mi): let's welcome keith kavajecz, one of the top walleye pro's

[19:59:20] hank: welcome

[19:59:21] fishdude: welcome keith

[19:59:21] rip some lip wy: clap clap clap clap

[19:59:23] ebijack (mi): he's well known for his trolling tactics

[19:59:25] John P.: Hi Keith

[19:59:25] RoyG(PA): ditto

[19:59:28] KKrych(MI): welcome

[19:59:29] seamaster: welcome Keith

[19:59:31] KK: was anyone at Gurney this weekend

[19:59:32] Capt. Marty: Hello Keith

[19:59:34] *** Ric has joined Walleye Central

[19:59:35] Sir Walter: Welcome Keith

[19:59:36] blane (wa): welcome keith

[19:59:36] ebijack (mi): you want an open forum keith

[19:59:36] Dave(Oh): Hi, keith

[19:59:40] RoyG(PA): and really cool seminars

[19:59:42] Miss Adventure: hi keith

[19:59:49] KK: Open is good

[19:59:55] beak: KK, any tips on trolling fireline

[20:00:24] ebijack (mi): let's let keith answer the quetions guys with bombing him

[20:00:26] KK: I like to use 10-4, great strength, low diameter = deep cranks, and you

can monitor the bait because it's no stretch

[20:01:04] KK: Remember to spool some mono on your reel first so the FL doesn't spin

[20:01:12] John P.: If you could only use one crank to troll?? which one??

[20:01:28] Sir Walter: How do you catch walleyes in muddy Lake Erie?

[20:01:34] KK: I think a deep jr Thunder Stick, probably #148 met rainbow

[20:01:38] seamaster: do you prefer dipsey divers over down riggers , or not

[20:02:02] KK: Muddy lake Erie, Look for clean water, otherwise I'd probably look to

Open water spinners

[20:02:15] ebijack (mi): slow down guys

[20:02:18] Sir Walter: Thanks KK

[20:02:21] KK: I use Snap Weights, only in Erie do I even carry dipsy's

[20:02:23] ebijack (mi): give keith a chance

[20:02:28] Rx Fish (PA): Keith I'm going to try inline planers for the first time this year,

recommendations, advice?

[20:03:04] KK: You need a ballasted board so you can troll slow, the one I use is

Offshore's, it also has a great release on it

[20:03:11] Ric: Keith,do you troll leadcore line and can you offer tips on it?

[20:03:52] KK: Yes on leadcore, but only when I know the exact situation, e.g. Bay De

Noc in the fall, otherwise using SNap Weights is much more versatile and I use them

about 80% of the time

[20:04:50] John P.: The seminars at Gurney were GREAT!

[20:04:54] SKEETER Kauk: How do you know exactly where your snapweight is


[20:04:59] Miss Adventure: Keith do you use downriggers much

[20:05:20] Magic Marker 1: favorite cranks for erie in early spring?

[20:05:20] KK: For those of you who don't know Snap Weights, they're a snap on clip

where you can attach it to anywhere on your line and use 1/2 oz to 8 oz of weight

[20:05:32] JOE'EYE(Wi): How does triple grips + fireline = changed action of Deep


[20:05:46] KK: You don't really, but can make educated guess, also the Precision

Trolling book has some depths based on weight and speed.

[20:06:14] Geo: kieth,what is your favorite trolling big fish spot on winnebaggo

[20:06:28] KK: Actually sine Triple grips are light wire I use a slightly oversize one so

not much change in action, thin diameter FL will allow the bait to roll better than mono

[20:06:36] Just Look"N--MI: What kind of spinners do you use on Saginaw Bay?Also


[20:06:51] hank: Keith :why would some sonars with the same # of pixels as another

unit show more defination for example the thermocline on lake erie?

[20:07:05] KK: Winnebago, I would say in the middle off Wendts Island (Fishermans

Road on the other side)

[20:07:50] KK: More power is needed to show thermo clines, e.g. an X-85 or LMS350

has 3000 watts of power compared to an Eagle Optima with 600.

[20:08:11] hank: thanks

[20:08:48] KK: Spinners on Saginaw, Gary Parsons and I designed P/K open Water

spinners because we got tired of tying our own, 14# Fire Line, #4 triple grips, #6 silver


[20:09:18] Ric: what style blade?

[20:09:35] KK: Add a big crawler or a Power crawler and run it behind snap weights

and you have a deadly open water technique.

[20:09:50] JOE'EYE(Wi): Keith, favorite way to fish Green Bay?

[20:10:03] KK: I like Indiana, although this year I will be doing a lot with the new

"Chopper" blades (they're kind of pear shaped)

[20:10:07] shiner: do you troll at ice out ..say 38 to 40 deg. suf.temp?

[20:10:25] tom n [oh]: kk how far behind a rig or bait do you attach your weight

[20:10:44] KK: Green Bay is new to me, We have a PWT tournament this August so

will know more then, if anyone has some hints send them to walleye1@vbe.com

[20:10:59] Tom VW: when you catch fish one day in moderate wave and the next day

the wave increase dramatically to seven of eight footers. What do you do to match

what you did the day before

[20:11:03] KK: Yes we troll early in the spring, especially Lake Erie

[20:11:10] shiner: spinners or cranks??

[20:11:29] Capt. Marty: Keith, what do you think about Power Baits as far as jigging?

Any preferences when, where and why?

[20:11:44] LS(nd): NAWA you mean right , Keith

[20:11:53] KK: Attaching weight, I assume you are talking Snap Weights, for dirty or

stained water 50 feet, for bottom fishing 10 feet, in clear water all the way up to 150

feet (to reduce spooking)

[20:12:22] tom n [oh]: thanks kk

[20:12:35] JOE'EYE(Wi): Keith, any tips on fishing at the Fox at DePere right now, no


[20:12:39] KK: Matching speeds: I watch my GPS for SOG (Speed over ground) it's not

precise, but gets you close - also watch rod bend, its a great indicator

[20:12:49] Magic Marker 1: favorite cranks for Erie?

[20:13:30] KK: Power Bait is great for jigging, esp for aggressive fish (shallow, rivers,

etc). I use Power jig worms, they were designed for walleyes, very soft plastic to give

great action

[20:13:38] KK: NAWA, yes

[20:13:44] Capt. Marty: thanks a lot! Keith

[20:14:30] ebijack (mi): keith, can you tell us about your boat set up and maybe why

you use what you use

[20:14:35] KK: Depere - try trolling up stream with a bottom bouncer and "Dubuque

Rig" = #2 aberdeen hook, bright Power Grub (Chart), and Red rattle bead - tipped with

a small minnow behind a bottom bouncer

[20:14:40] Geo: kk what is your favorite crank for winnebaggo

[20:15:21] KK: Favorite for Erie: Lighting Shad - small version is Blue Tango, my son

Tom and I won a tournament on it last summer

[20:16:11] JOE'EYE(Wi): Thanks Keith

[20:16:16] KK: I run a Targa 2000 (Tracker 20 footer) with a Mercury 225 EFI, 9.9

4-stroke kicker, Maxxum Trolling motor (62 inch shaft and 72 pounds of thrust on 24


[20:16:23] hank: Have you ever fished the eastern basin of lake erie?

[20:16:35] KK: Favorite for Winn: Deep Jr Thunder Stick, Metallic Rainbow

[20:17:08] *** doug has joined Walleye Central

[20:17:10] KK: Eastern Basin, yes out by Cleveland - that's where Tom and I won

[20:17:38] KK: On WInn, only run the TS 10 to 30 feet behind a planer board in May,

June, July

[20:17:46] KKrych(MI): Keith, how do you pre fish a body of water, any tips for us

tourny wanabe's

[20:18:21] Born2Fish (Mi): with the Deep Jr Thunderstick which color would you say is

more productive

[20:18:24] KK: Get a good map, talk to bait shop owners, then follow Dale Stroschein

(he happens to be sitting next to me)

[20:19:03] Rx Fish (PA): Keith suggestions for shallow water walleye?

[20:19:05] KK: Good color DTS jr - #139 Rainbow Trout, #148 Metallic Rainbow,

FireTiger, and a sleeper - Blue Mackeral

[20:19:10] Capt. Marty: Hi Dale!

[20:19:11] ebijack (mi): howdy dale

[20:19:17] trapper: Does anyone know if the PWT is coming back to Winnebago?

[20:19:34] Babby (NY): keith, any spring tactics tips for say Mississippi River?

[20:19:50] KK: Jig shallow with light jigs - favorite set up - 1/16 FireBall - FireTiger

Pattern, tipped with a Power Jig Worm

[20:20:07] Rx Fish (PA): thanks keith

[20:20:22] SKEETER Kauk: the is for Dale do you run your TR-1 hooked into your


[20:20:25] Magic Marker 1: keith,whos the best fisherman you or gary p

[20:20:26] KK: No rumors on PWT in Winnebago

[20:20:40] KK: Dale no longer runs TR-1

[20:20:52] SKEETER Kauk: thanks

[20:21:33] KK: Miss river: Vertical jigging usually best, 15 to 20 foot around channel

edges, I like a 1/4 buck shot rattle jig with a P/K reverse barb stinger - favorite color -


[20:21:59] Babby (NY): thanks kieth

[20:22:07] doug: does anyone out there know anything about southern walleyes?

[20:22:25] JOE'EYE(Wi): Keith, when fish are suspended (not on locator), how do you

find the right depth with cranks?

[20:22:38] hank: Keith when you fish spinners I assume that you also use nightcrawlers

do you try to hide as much of the hook as possible ?

[20:22:41] KK: We are going to Ark this spring - Stockton, we have been to Norfolk

and Ouichita

[20:22:46] seamaster: They are called yalleyes:)

[20:23:12] LS(nd): Keith, do you fish the team events on the NAWA this year?

[20:23:19] Just Look"N--MI: good one seamaster

[20:23:32] KK: Right depth, lots of experimenting but the Precision Trolling book has

95% of the cranks charted out with different line lengths and different diameters - Troller

bible - don't troll without it

[20:23:41] Tom VW: have you tried the new tattle tale boards from off shore

[20:23:41] doug: Well leon, my buddy caught one that weighed 14-6 on 12-31 but he

won't tell me how

[20:24:28] Ric: keith,how do you like to fish the 2 or 3 week period following the

spawn,any tips on location for a shallow dirty water lowland resivoir in this time period?

[20:24:29] KK: Hide hooks: No, I put the hooks through the crawlers to get good

contact, I do however use light wire hooks, Mustad has a snell with Spade End Hooks,

very light allow the crawler to move freely

[20:24:44] KK: Tom and I are fishing 5 NAWA Team events (Tom is my son)

[20:24:50] Babby (NY): Im glad I asked him my question before that question LS

[20:24:50] waterdog: Keith, whats the best way to get sponsors,just through tourney

results or is there another way?

[20:24:51] Mark: Keith, how fast do you run when looking for fish on your LCR

[20:24:58] KK: Have not tried Tattle Tale, don't know yet

[20:26:24] KK: Tourney results are step one, the more important step is taking that

knowledge and promoting. Help companies design products, test products and

educate others on why and how the products can help them catch more fish.

[20:26:28] ebijack (mi): i think your caught up KK

[20:26:39] CHADM: KK, Do you use trebles on the front or back of your spinner

harness. What size hooks do you use?

[20:26:49] Just Look"N--MI: do you use the red releases on your off shore boards?

[20:26:57] Tom VW: when you do open water trolling do you always use fire line

[20:26:59] KK: Looking with LCR: Not very fast, maybe 2 to 3 mph, I will however skip

around in open water to try to contact a school.

[20:27:41] tom n [oh]: keith have they published a new book on presision trolling for

with fire line i have the older version of precise tolling

[20:27:41] KK: For open water spinners, 2, #4 Triple Grips, on spinners for structure, no

trebles, 2 #4 Mustad Finnesse hooks

[20:27:52] Dave(Oh): Keith ,If you where to use one spinning rod & reel ,which would

you use?

[20:28:12] KK: Red Releases, yes, especially on the nose one, the second one (red or

black) should be on the arm

[20:28:25] beak: Keith, fishing Cabela's Big Mac Tournament

[20:28:44] KK: Open water trolling: I always troll, jig, rig, spinner fish, etc. with FireLine

[20:29:22] KK: There is not a new Prec. Trolling book this year, although they have

made it less espensive and use water resistant paper for use in the boat

[20:29:28] seamaster: Is there anyone out there that would like a FREE trip on erie?

e-mail me

[20:29:38] ebijack (mi): keith, do you use Dgps?

[20:30:16] KK: The spinning rod/reel I use, Gary and I designed for Walleye Angler, it is

the HM85, 5'9" rod with a PQ10F Pro Qualifier spinning reel

[20:30:31] Ric: Keith,how and where would you look for postspawn eyes (2-3 weeks

after spawn) in a shallow dirty water res. water temps 50 to 60 degrees?

[20:31:06] KK: I don't know about a Big Mac Tournament

[20:31:07] Reelmn(In): you bet

[20:31:13] KK: I will be using DGPS this year

[20:31:41] JOE'EYE(Wi): Keith, when you have fish located a couple days before a

tourney, do you leave them alone the day before?

[20:31:50] Mark: Keith, What is the single biggest lesson you have learned that made

you a top pro?

[20:31:58] hank: Keith:Thank you for the info.,good luck,hope to see you on the water


[20:32:00] KK: Look for shallow fish in places where deep water comes close to rock

"bumpers" - things like steep shorelines, rocky points, rip-rap

[20:32:13] Shiny: Keith, I read Gary's article on fire line, How do you set the hook when

jigging with it? Do you wait ti set the hook or what?

[20:32:25] KK: I usually don't go back to any fish, no matter when I find them in


[20:32:40] Ric: thanks

[20:32:44] JOE'EYE(Wi): thanks

[20:32:53] KK: There's a time to stay and a time to go, if you can figure that out you'll

make lots of money

[20:33:24] Sir Walter: Keith where would you fish Lake Erie the second week of April

and how?

[20:33:29] tom n [oh]: kieth thank you for your time and information i must run now

good luck in your up comming season

[20:33:35] Lundman: they are moving rather quickly, sometimes have to go back and

find the question to the answer i read cause i forget the question...:-)

[20:33:36] KK: Do not wait to set the hook, with no stretch Fireline you should however

loosen your drag, do not reduce the speed or strength of your hooksets!

[20:34:27] HUFFY: Kieth, What kind of bait or lure would you use when the shad

population is overwelming

[20:34:33] KK: I would fish north of the reefs (Crib, Niagra, deep, etc) in consistent

weather use cranks (Lightning shad, Deep Thunder Stick, etc) suspsended, in bad

weather, open Water spinners

[20:34:53] CHADM: KK, Do use a mono leader when running fireline? If so how long?

Also what color of fireline do you use, green or smoke?

[20:35:10] JOE'EYE(Wi): Keith, tips on when and how to fish the upper lakes , Bago


[20:35:13] KK: Dupont spinner for overwhelming Shad population

[20:35:34] HUFFY: thanks KK

[20:35:42] Shiny: Keith, in the early spring do you jig with twister tails or minnows?

What size of each do you recommend?

[20:35:48] KK: Dupont is a stick a dynamite - otherwise a shad style bait in a bright

color - Lightning Shad, Rattling Thin Fin

[20:36:00] Tom VW: Keith any tips in fishing the outer bay of saginaw bay

[20:36:25] KK: No mono leader, tie direct with a palamar knot, gray from trolling/bottom

bouncers, Flame Green for jigging

[20:37:16] Ric: could you explain more,never go back to fish you find in pre-fishing?

[20:37:27] KK: Upper lakes - troll a Baby Thunderstick or a Jr Thunderstick, Black Top

Silver belly, Black and gold, or the black top, orange belly, with prism tape.

[20:37:40] amberjack: keith do you know where Pwt headquarters will be for Lake Erie

event ?

[20:37:53] Capt. Marty: Keith, do you think FireLine is better to use than standard


[20:38:04] Mark: Keith, when pre-fishing a tourney how much water do you look at and

how much do you fish?

[20:38:06] KK: Early spring - I like fat head minnows, on a Buck Shot rattle jig - the

rattle ring tends to bulk up the presentation enough that I don't need a tail

[20:38:32] Magic Marker 1: do you bring your own live bait to tournaments?

[20:38:54] KK: Outer bay of Saginaw - Open Water Spinners behind Snap Weights

very high - 1/2 ounce weight only 20 feet behind the board even though you might be

in 40 feet or more of water

[20:39:05] HUFFY: KK, are you gonna fish for the money at Basspro Tourn. on

Tablerock on the 24th & 25th?

[20:39:26] KK: I only use FireLine, sometimes it just takes a little getting used to, but it

has some tremendous advantages

[20:40:27] CHADM: KK, what lb/diam fireline do you use for trolling/bottom bouncers

and jigging?

[20:40:32] John P.: have you ever fished Tablerock for WALLEYES?

[20:40:32] Magic Marker 1: where do you get big redtail chubs at erie [per al lindner]

[20:40:33] KK: I look at water until I see fish - then I fish them, the only exception is if I

think the fish are under 10 feet, then I have to fish for them, typically with spinners

behind boards, or with a slightly bigger (1/8 ounce) jig to move fast

[20:40:59] KK: Often I bring my own bait if needed, pounds of leeches and gallons of

minnows are often in my live well.

[20:41:24] KK: I'm not in the Table Rock tournament - that's for the Bass Heads

[20:41:55] Baitman(sd): Keith, what is your hook preference for live bait

presentations--size --style?

[20:42:21] KK: Fireline for Trolling - Smoke 10-4, for jigging start out using 6-2 Fire Line

(Flame Green), when you get comfortable use 4-1 (four pound test, one pound


[20:42:32] KK: No to Table Rock walleyes

[20:42:40] Reelmn(In): kk what lenght snells do you use on lbr?

[20:42:51] fishncrazy: dont know about that Born to fish!!

[20:43:01] KK: Lake Erie Chubs - carry them from a bait dealer in Wis

[20:43:02] John P.: going to have a baitwell made into the Targa 2000?

[20:43:56] KK: If I missed a ?, give it to me again

[20:44:01] Magic Marker 1: how fast in spring?

[20:44:05] KK: what is an lbr?

[20:44:14] Alan: what length and weight rod do you like for jigging?

[20:44:18] terry: KK-how do salted minnows work - jigging-trolling,etc.?

[20:44:25] HUFFY: Kieth, what GPS would you recommend

[20:44:29] KK: Not to bait well, find that 2 livewells are more than adequate

[20:44:29] Reelmn(In): what length of snells on lbr?

[20:44:33] fishncrazy: live bait rig

[20:44:55] KK: How fast: I assume trolling - 1 to 1.5 mph, slow will catch bigger fish!

[20:45:19] Reelmn(In): lbr=live bait rig

[20:45:29] Shiny: Keith, earlier you said that you have a red snap on the front and have

the second snap connected to the mast. Is that for slow trolling?

[20:45:38] KK: Snells on lbr: normmally a 6 foot (then it still hitches into the bottom of my

rod when not in use), for snaggy all the way down to an 18 inch

[20:45:55] Ric: good luck this year KK,bye,thanks for being here!

[20:45:59] Reelmn(In): thaks kk

[20:46:09] Ratter: have you had any problems with your 9.9 merc

[20:46:27] KK: Second snap on an offshore Inline planer board goes on the arm, this

makes it easier to read small fish (or perch etc), the new tattle tail will help with this

[20:46:57] amberjack: Keith is the Pwt event on Lake Erie at Port Clinton or Put n


[20:47:10] Shiny: Thanks I just bought a set and everything helps!

[20:47:12] KK: My 9.9 four strokes (I've had 4) have all been the best kicker I've ever

run, smooth, quiet, smokefree, and gas efficient.

[20:47:28] Magic Marker 1: what about underwater camera?

[20:47:31] LS(nd): Keith, is Lowrance replacing the 350A this year?

[20:47:37] KK: Port Clinton, we have about a 20 square mile boundry I've heard

[20:48:00] KK: I will be running an underwater camera this year, haven't decided with

yet, more later

[20:48:25] terry: Keith have you ever used salted minnows as bait??

[20:48:26] waterdog: Keith, do you use a ski mast or just in line boards. If no why?

[20:48:26] John P.: can you use the camera during the tourney?

[20:48:28] Shiny: Keith I'd like to know when your going to fish out of Port Clinton.

[20:48:45] KK: No replacement for 350A, they've been spending a lot of research on

GPS, but it's still hard to beat 350A's, that's what I'm rigging on the boat next year

[20:49:03] KK: Used salted minnows, prefer frozen or Power Bait

[20:49:19] racer: you don't like the global 2000?

[20:49:38] big red: have you tried the lowrance x - 85

[20:49:43] KK: Only in-line boards, can't troll slow enough with big ski mask - I like the 1

to 1.5 mph for cranks, .5 for spinners

[20:49:54] Ratter: Different lb test lead core must sink at different rates. Is there a rule

of thumb to follow

[20:50:00] KK: Last I've heard, cameras can be used any time

[20:50:22] KK: We will be in Port Clinton the first week in May

[20:50:23] JOE'EYE(Wi): Keith, ever use scents, what kind if so?

[20:50:58] KK: I love the Global Map 2000 - I run it with a Map Link reader and get

tremendous detail using the little IMS smart map cartridges, esp good for new bodies of


[20:51:20] waterdog: Keith, when and where is your next seminar in Wi.

[20:51:23] KK: Tried the X-85, in fact Gary uses it as his main fish finder (Gary Parsons

that is)

[20:52:01] KK: We use 18 pound lead core - it is the thinnest diameter for the most lead

- Bass Pro Shops catalog has a new "thinner" lead core I'll be trying this year

[20:52:04] racer: ah that's why i went away from the lms 350 and run a seperate x 70

which is the same as a lms 350

[20:52:49] Mark: Keith, do you trust your LCR to show you bumps on the bottom as fish

in rivers?

[20:52:52] KK: Scents are in Power Bait, I simple add a small piece if I want to also use

live bait

[20:53:00] Shiny: Is it true he out jigged you using the Fire-Line?

[20:53:06] Bill: In less then 40 feet of water, is there much advantage to X-85 vs X-75?

[20:53:07] Magic Marker 1: what sens. and grayline on 35oa?

[20:53:12] KK: Next WI seminar is at Mr Outboard in Green Bay - March 18th - both I

and Gary

[20:53:23] John P.: the Optima is not as powerful as the x-70?

[20:53:42] Tom VW: if you would fish the detroit river vertical jigging would you use a

stinger hook and what kind of minnows in a tournament

[20:54:18] KK: Bumps on the bottom - I see them and believe they are fish, need to

slow down to see them, I also run one 350 with a wide angle transduce to pick them

out in mud basins

[20:54:32] KK: Haven't run the X-75

[20:55:04] KK: Parsons beat me for the first time ever vertical jigging because I tried

Mono when he was using Fireline

[20:55:17] Shiny: Keith are you going to be at the Cleveland Sport show? When?

[20:55:30] Ratter: Are you going to be at the Mpls sport show in March

[20:55:40] KK: 350 Max sens that the unit gives in Auto (normally 90% or better) and

31% gray line

[20:55:44] amberjack: keith do you ever run dipsys on Erie

[20:55:48] HUFFY: Kieth, splitshoting crawlers..long rod or short?

[20:56:20] KK: Cleveland show - yes, March 20, 21, 22 I believe

[20:56:31] Shiny: GREAT!!

[20:56:54] waterdog: Do you prefer the Pro Am format or the team format in


[20:57:00] KK: Mpls - Yes, March 31 and April I, Gary Apr 2 & 3, both of us will be doing

our Multi-media seminar

[20:57:17] KK: Dipsy's are fun - enjoy fishing them, haven't used them in a tournament


[20:57:27] Born2Fish (Mi): what lb. test Fireline do you prefer for Vertical Jigging

[20:57:28] RoyG(PA): there is no better seminar than keith's.....been to alot......his is the


[20:57:43] JOE'EYE(Wi): Keith, do you ever run your LCR on auto?

[20:57:55] KK: Some one whispered to let Dale Type - he may have more knowledge

them me, just can't communcate it as fast

[20:58:08] Magic Marker 1: do you use rattling bottom boouncers?

[20:58:33] KK: Vertical Jigging FL: Start with 6-2, but for even more sensativity go to

4-1 - just turn down your drag

[20:58:44] ebijack (mi): dale will get his chance soon as he gets a puter :)

[20:59:04] KK: LCR - 90% of the time auto is what I use - bump up the SENS and 31%

Gray line for LMS 350 A

[20:59:51] KK: I have put Buck Shot Rattle Rings on bouncers and seemed to work,

maybe better is to use the new Buck Shot Beads and put the sound right ahead of the

live bait or in your spinner rig

[21:00:02] waterdog: Dale, been looking for you on Gilespie, when are you going to be

on again?

[21:00:27] KK: Dale is on Gilespie's show this Sunday

[21:00:48] Ratter: Which hand held GPS would you recomend?

[21:00:56] KK: Just a little advance notice, I can only stay on till about 8:30 - great

questions so far

[21:01:18] ebijack (mi): THANKS Keith

[21:01:18] RoyG(PA): who said you were allowed to leave?

[21:01:24] RoyG(PA): :)

[21:01:25] ebijack (mi): :)

[21:01:26] Lundman: and a fine job you are doing too kk

[21:01:31] KK: Hand held, for hunting, hiking and some fishing - Eagle Explorer, for use

mainly in the boat an Eagle AcuNav

[21:01:32] HUFFY: any ideas on how to market new design of bouncer?

[21:01:33] Shiny: Is Gary going to be with you at Cleveland?

[21:01:45] racer: which boat will you run this year the big one or the new smaller one i

saw you with up in sd?

[21:01:50] John P.: thanks in advance!!! great job!! see ya at Stockton!!

[21:01:59] KK: The AcuNav has a bigger screen, easier to see the plotter

[21:02:11] seamaster: nobody leaves until all the beer is gone!! :)

[21:02:12] Jim (Canada): You're doing a fabulous job Keith... great answers.

[21:02:16] Magic Marker 1: will you take an ameteur out prefish at erie?

[21:02:57] KK: New bouncer: sign a big name pro, for big $$$$$$, have him win a big

tournament with it, and happen to have it in the Walleye Angler catalog

[21:03:00] terry: Keith are erie dearies as good as I've heard?

[21:03:07] *** Lipp Ripper has left Walleye Central

[21:03:11] KK: Gary will not be at Clev,

[21:03:19] SKEETER Kauk: If dale would'nt mink Iam wondering why he is'nt using the

TR-1 anymore?

[21:03:26] SKEETER Kauk: mind

[21:03:28] Sir Walter: Keith, have you fished Tobin Lake, and how did you do?

[21:03:32] KK: I will be running the big Targa 2000 - I feel the need for speed, nothing

beats a 225

[21:03:44] Ratter: Do you think the new green Fireline will spook fish?

[21:03:56] racer: except the new 300 mercs....lol

[21:04:08] KK: Pre-fish at Erie, already have a full boat each day with sponsors, press

and family - sorry

[21:04:39] Shiny: What does it cost to fish as the Amateur in the Pro-Ams?

[21:04:50] KK: Erie Deery, not so good any more - clear water dictatates trolling Open

Water spinners behind boards and Snap Weights instead

[21:05:00] Mark: Keith, does it make any sense to increase the range on my LCR to

get a triple echo in order to tell if the bottom hardness changes?

[21:05:50] SKEETER Kauk: Ok thanks Dale and Keith

[21:05:54] amberjack: keith when will you begin pre fish at Erie?

[21:06:02] KK: Lake Tobin - 2yrs ago, did great, caught a 14, 14.5 and 15.8 on blue

buck shot rattle jig

[21:06:07] waterdog: When fishing tourneys , should you avoid wearing company

logo's if you have no sponsors. If nothing else to give them the hint if you place well?

[21:06:21] KK: I'm behind, might have missed some ??

[21:06:32] Neon Leon: Kieth do you have a system for entering waypoints on your

computer and do you use any of the fishing cd logs?

[21:06:51] KK: No triple echo, to see bottom contrast, go to manual, wide band is hard,

thin bottom line is soft

[21:06:59] KK: No flashers

[21:07:03] Eric: Keith... do pros not normally have amatuers with them when they


[21:07:15] Shiny: Do you use flipping harnesess

[21:07:28] KK: begin pre-fish 5 day before tournament, I believe May 2

[21:07:43] racer: ever try greers ferry in the spring ??

[21:07:54] SMITTY: what i s yor favorite walleye water, kk?

[21:08:17] KK: If you are not being sponsored, you can still wear patches to show

people what you like to fish

[21:08:52] Ratter: Thanks KK

[21:08:54] *** Ratter has left Walleye Central

[21:09:00] *** big red has left Walleye Central

[21:09:04] Magic Marker 1: how important is lunar phase?

[21:09:15] HUFFY: Kieth, if an ametuer is entered in pro-am and he is also there

prefishing, do you take any input he gives as to where he has caught fish?

[21:09:15] KK: I can't take a lot of amatuers because sponsors, press, etc. like to come

aboard, however many guys love to take out ams - more lines and someone to split

expenses with

[21:09:28] KK: No Greers ferry

[21:09:50] KK: I liked Tobin, lately I'd say Fort Peck - good fishing, great scenery

[21:10:00] racer: hmmm if your at the bass pro spring open house it is about the right

time and not far

[21:10:24] Shiny: Any place to stow away on your

[21:10:26] Babby (NY): keith, in relation to that past question about sponsors, isn't it

true that companies prefer you start from the dealers first, then work up? or what is your


[21:10:35] Shiny: boat

[21:10:40] KK: If I've had a bad pre-fish and they got info that sounds good, I may use

it, most of the time I rely on my own info

[21:10:55] Mark: Keith, how many miles did you put on during pre-fish at Ft. Peck last


[21:11:40] KK: I'm at Bass pro right in between Seminars at Clev. and Mpls, if I had

time, I would have liked to visit Stockton quick

[21:12:04] JOE'EYE(Wi): Keith, what are the main baitfish in upper lakes of Bago


[21:12:16] terry/IA: Is that BASS pro in chicago??

[21:12:19] seamaster: See you all later, Thanks Keith for your info. good luck this year

[21:12:20] KK: Shiny - I didn't get the context of the questions

[21:12:29] Capt. Marty: Keith, learned a lot tonight and wish both you, Gary and Dale

great success on the circuit! You guys are an asset to the walleye fishing world!

[21:12:33] John P.: how does the 1900 run, handle, look

[21:12:45] KK: Miles at Peck - approx 80 miles per day times 5 days

[21:12:59] HUFFY: thanks for the input Kieth..hope to see you at BPS.. good luck and

tight lines

[21:13:13] Eric: Keith will you be fishing the Mille Lacs (NAWA) tourney this summer? if

so, how much pre fishing will you do...

[21:13:19] Sir Walter: I'll second that Capt Marty

[21:13:22] KK: Baitfish: I assume the same as Winn, emerald Shiner and Trout shiners

this year, other years shad

[21:13:30] 232: KK do you plan to be at Cabellas new mn store?

[21:13:32] amberjack: Keith the Dipsy's produced super in dirty water western basin

last year, you may want to try it

[21:13:45] KK: Bass pro shop is in Gurnee, right by 6 flags Great America

[21:13:50] Born2Fish (Mi): i believe they make stow-aways walk back

[21:14:02] terry/IA: ok ref Gurnee!!!

[21:14:11] KK: Mill Lacs yes, no pre-fishing, PWT leech tournament ends the night

before Mil Lacs

[21:14:31] KK: Cabelas, maybe, if one of my sponsors wants me there

[21:14:46] terry/IA: When does Cabelas in MN open?

[21:14:53] WOBBER: APRIL 1

[21:14:54] KK: Ok on the Dipsy's, thanks - spoons, blades or cranks?

[21:15:02] Eric: how about pre fishing at Leech, how many days will you put in?

[21:15:14] wall-eyed: When is the Cabela's store in Owatonna set to open?

[21:15:17] KK: Cabelas - don't know

[21:15:20] Shiny: Keith..What docks in Port Clinton will you be fishing out of?

[21:15:24] amberjack: yes

[21:15:33] Mark: Keith, Have you ever had any luck in the really dirty water at Erie?

Mark fish but can't get them to go.

[21:15:38] KK: pre fish at leech - PWT allows 5 days - that's how long I'll be there

[21:15:48] Reelmn(In): what so you THINK the pattern will be for Leech?

[21:15:57] Babby (NY): keith, are you fishing nawa in april team event at Quincy?

[21:16:04] KK: Port Clinton - we go out of the public access on Marble Head I believe



[21:16:42] KK: Dirty water = bad news, I have the same problem, but Erie is big enough

I can ususally find cleaner water

[21:16:48] JOE'EYE(Wi): Thanks a bunch, Keith, good luck to you and Dale this


[21:17:04] KK: Leech: jigs in the weeds with spot tail shiners

[21:17:11] 232: first wk of april for Cabbels

[21:17:14] Shiny: Keith ..Have you tried out the flipping jigs yet? How do you fish


[21:17:59] John P.: how about the 1900 Targa?

[21:18:07] waterdog: Will you be at the NAWA Team Green Bay or any MWC How

about Dale?

[21:18:20] Just Look"N--MI: Is Dale still doing Chicago seminar Saturday?

[21:18:25] KK: Flipping: well I sort of do that on WInnebago weeds, I look for holes and

troughs, use a 1/16 Fireball and a Jig worm or Tournament Strength Power leech -

make small pitches and hop the jig

[21:18:28] wall-eyed: I came in late, who's Dale?

[21:18:58] Sir Walter: Thanks Keith for the great answers, I'll be a spectator at Port

Clinton. Good luck there and the rest of the year

[21:19:04] KK: Targa 1900 - great boat, if I didn't fish big water tournaments that's the

boat I'd have - I'd get it with a 200 hp and walk through wind shield

[21:19:09] Eric: Keith-- this may be a repeat... did you say you would or wouldn't be at

the Minneapolis sports show?

[21:19:22] KK: NAWA GB, KK yes, Dale no to both

[21:19:43] amberjack: i think he meant flippin rig

[21:19:43] KK: Dale in Chicago sat: yes for Ted Takaski's school

[21:19:53] Babby (NY): keith, nawa quincy?

[21:19:54] Just Look"N--MI: Thanks Keith

[21:19:56] KK: Dale Stroschien, the Wacky Walleye

[21:20:17] KK: MPLS, yes, Mar 31 and April 1 doing the multi-media seminar

[21:20:19] Mark: Keith, do you know the actual breaking strenget of the 4-1 fireline?

[21:20:27] Shiny: Keith what I'm talking about is a a lure that looks like a cross

between an Erie-Derie and a worm harness.

[21:20:28] KK: what is flippn rig

[21:20:43] Shiny: just answered

[21:20:49] Born2Fish (Mi): Have you tried the composite graphite rods? they seem

kinda stiff to me what's your opnion.

[21:20:49] terry/IA: KEITH-do U have any info on the new SENSOR line?

[21:20:55] KK: Actual strength - it will cut my fingers on a straight pull - strong enough

for any walleyes

[21:21:01] amberjack: Fofrich rig

[21:21:16] Eric: Keith-- could you breifly describe what the multi-media seminar is? I am

unfamiliar with it...

[21:21:16] KK: Oh yeah, saw it lately, left it sit on the shelf

[21:21:18] Magic Marker 1: flippin harness?

[21:21:50] Petrolite: What's the best tackle holder you have used for spinner's ?

[21:21:59] KK: We use the Walleye Angler series of rods, there all graphite, just

different modulus for different techniques

[21:22:03] Shiny: THANKS! I got one for Christmas!!

[21:22:15] RoyG(PA): it's a really cool seminar eric...don't miss it

[21:22:44] KK: Multi-media, it is run by computer, includes video, animations, sound,

graphics etc. let's us take you on and below the water to describe techniques

[21:22:58] ebijack (mi): hey guys, get in the last couple questions before keith has to


[21:23:00] Eric: I'll be there.....!

[21:23:06] KK: New sensor line - You'll have to ask Dale when he has his Chat

[21:23:19] terry/IA: ok ref sensor

[21:23:19] walleyezone(mn): KK, What kind of a box do you use to keep all your

crankbaits organized in? Roughly how many baits do you have?

[21:23:26] KK: Did you like your christmas present

[21:23:31] Eric: thanks for all the info Keith..good luck!

[21:23:39] racer: good luck kk good chat program...thanx...

[21:23:46] Mark: Keith, any of your shows near Chicago this year?

[21:24:10] Babby (NY): thanks for the info keith

[21:24:14] KK: Box, in the Walleye Angler catalog they have a big soft sided box that

holds 12 plastic boxes - that's what I use - it's called a Walleye Angler Tournament bag

[21:24:15] Neon Leon: Say hi to Lynn and the boys for me!

[21:24:26] Shiny: Not now I might ask for the receipt for that flipn harness:)

[21:24:27] WOBBER: anyybody got any best dates for fishing erie and which side east

or west is best

[21:24:33] KK: How many baits: Can a guy ever have enough?

[21:24:51] KK: Chicago: was just in Gurnee, no more this year

[21:25:02] KK: Neon - Ok

[21:25:07] terry/IA: thanks KK from Terry/IOWA

[21:25:12] waterdog: Keith, Dale, great chat !!! you two are the mans! see ya

[21:25:18] shiner: thanks keith....good luck!!!!

[21:25:23] KK: West in the spring, east in the summer

[21:25:39] walleyezone(mn): Seems that I never have enough :)

[21:25:50] WOBBER: thanks keith

[21:25:52] KK: You never will.............................................................

[21:25:58] Neon Leon: Dale--Take your typing lessons now!

[21:25:58] Born2Fish (Mi): Thanks KK

[21:25:59] amberjack: best days for Erie, any day the weather is good

[21:26:16] KK: Neon: lkajdfa;lskdjfa;skldjf;alskdjf;alsdkjfasd

[21:26:18] Just Look"N--MI: Thanks for the info tonight KK.See ya Saturday

Dale.another good walleye central chat.thanks Ebi

[21:26:42] terry/IA: thanks EBI

[21:26:52] ebijack (mi): since you have to leave keith, i's like to say THANKS for the

great chat!!!!

[21:27:00] KK: Well guys, that's all for me, see you on the water and Good Luck

Walleye Fishing

[21:27:01] Shiny: Thanks Keith! See ya in Cleveland!!

[21:27:04] golden (co): Thanks alot Keith,

[21:27:07] Rx Fish (PA): Thanks keith

[21:27:08] RoyG(PA): come back again sometime!

[21:27:14] ebijack (mi): we'd love to have you back, and teach dale to type :)

[21:27:25] amberjack: Thanks Keith

[21:27:26] rip some lip wy: Thank's Keith

[21:27:29] Magic Marker 1: thanks kk

[21:27:29] walleyezone(mn): See you in Minneapolis Keith

21:27:48] Wannabe: thanks KK

[21:27:50] terry/IA: is the ice heading out on Mill Lacs

[21:27:52] John P.: see ya SAT. Dale

[21:27:56] racer: good luck and see you at bass pro...

[21:28:05] LS(nd): Thanks Keith...see you at Erie

[21:27:48] Wannabe: thanks KK

[21:27:50] terry/IA: is the ice heading out on Mill Lacs

[21:27:52] John P.: see ya SAT. Dale

[21:27:56] racer: good luck and see you at bass pro...

[21:28:05] LS(nd): Thanks Keith...see you at Erie

[21:28:17] Babby (NY): thanks again keith

[21:28:51] ebijack (mi): lots of great info keith!!


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