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Brian Keller 4/21/99 

[20:00:34] ebijack (mi): Please welcome our host tonight BRIAN

KELLER !!!!!

[20:00:42] Jim Alton: Hi Brian.

[20:00:44] coop(oh): hey everyone

[20:00:52] Juls (WI): clap clap clap clap clap clap

[20:00:54] ebijack (mi): brian, tell us abit about yourself to get things


[20:01:02] Drift'r: Welcome Brian!!!!1

[20:01:12] BrianKeller: I am a guide on the Lake Winnebago

system in Wisconsin

[20:01:30] BrianKeller: I have been guideing for about 8 years

[20:01:55] Jim Alton: What made you decide to start guiding?

[20:02:06] BrianKeller: I fish all of the tournaments on the

Winnebago chain, (Merc nationals, Otter street, and the Fleet Farm


[20:02:15] ebijack (mi): brian, do you guide large groups, or just a

couple folks at a time

[20:02:19] BrianKeller: I love fishing and what better way to make

money than fishing

[20:02:28] BrianKeller: up to 3 people

[20:02:54] BrianKeller: check out my site, www.vbe.com/~reelhook

[20:02:54] LS (nd): brian what boat do you run

[20:03:01] BrianKeller: Ranger 620

[20:03:19] Juls (WI): cool

[20:04:00] Jim Alton: What's an average walleye on Winnebago?

[20:04:24] BrianKeller: 17-18"

[20:04:29] ebijack (mi): brian, do you also guide on the ice?

[20:04:51] coop(oh): what method (s) do you use

[20:04:53] BrianKeller: Yes, I do

[20:05:06] BrianKeller: I perfer to troll if I can

[20:05:24] BrianKeller: but I jig, and slip bobber and do what ever I

can to catch fish

[20:05:36] coop(oh): Stick baits or spoons or both

[20:05:39] Jim Alton: Can you give me a geography lesson... where

is Winnebago?

[20:06:09] BrianKeller: on the bago chain mostly stick baits, but I

have use spoons once and a while for white bass and northern

[20:06:22] ebijack (mi): brian, how far in advance do you need to

get scheduled for a charter

[20:06:29] BrianKeller: In Wisconsin, look on a map it is the biggest

lake in the state

[20:06:34] Juls (WI): reelhook is there any good nite fishing on the

bago? if so where?

[20:06:52] BrianKeller: the nite before if I am open the next day......lol

[20:07:28] Zimpelp: I just wanted to say "HI" Brian

[20:07:39] BrianKeller: I don't do a lot of nite fishing because my

theory is if I can't catch them during the day I don't need to catch

them, because I have never fished a tourney at nite

[20:07:53] Juls (WI): good point

[20:07:56] BrianKeller: but I do well night fishing in the spring walleye


[20:08:11] ebijack (mi): brian, how did you come to decide to

charter for fishing

[20:08:53] BrianKeller: I was out fishing ever day anyway so I

thought why not make some money

[20:09:15] BrianKeller: It also pays for my prefishing

[20:09:23] LS(nd): what did you do for a living before guiding?

[20:09:36] Zimpelp: Do you make all or money from charter fishing,

is that the only source of income?

[20:09:57] BrianKeller: Pretty much just fishing

[20:10:03] ebijack (mi): brian, would you recommend chartering to

any other fisherpeople?

[20:10:22] Zimpelp: Wow that would be a awsome job!

[20:10:28] Jim Alton: Brian, what advice would you give to

someone who was thinking about guiding?

[20:10:46] BrianKeller: I think that if you have the resources, I would

say go for it. It is a lot of fun

[20:11:02] Zimpelp: Is it worth it money wise??

[20:11:24] BrianKeller: Be ready for some fun, (broken tackle,

people getting snaged, etc.....)

[20:11:34] ebijack (mi): brian, what are your typical hours

[20:11:57] BrianKeller: I think it is worth the money, and like I said it

pays for my prefishing and i am hoping to make it big on one of the

tournament trails

[20:12:12] Juls (WI): what are your rates? sorry if this was asked


[20:12:31] BrianKeller: Half day or full day, half day is somewhere

around 4-6 hours and full day is 8-10

[20:12:43] Juls (WI): good luck to you in the tourney’s brian

[20:12:53] Holdzit: how old are you Brian?

[20:12:57] Zimpelp: That might be a good summer job in the future

for me!

[20:13:02] BrianKeller: 200 half day and 300 full day, everything


[20:13:09] LS(nd): Brian, do you have sponsors?

[20:13:09] BrianKeller: 19

[20:13:42] BrianKeller: No but I am working on them, I know most of

the people I just need to win some more tourneys and get a bigger

name if you know what I mean

[20:13:54] Juls (WI): :-)

[20:14:06] Jim Alton: Don't forget to brush up on the PR skills.

[20:14:47] Jim Alton: From what I understand... you have to sell,

sell, sell....

[20:14:51] ebijack (mi): brian, is walleye your mainstay for charters?

[20:14:58] BrianKeller: yes, you are right jim

[20:15:17] BrianKeller: yes, it is but I also guide for Northern and

Bass on request

[20:15:30] Juls (WI): whats the biggest walleye you have gotten out

of winnebago....

[20:15:42] Jim Alton: I imagine most of us go fishing for a vacation...

what do you do Brian?

[20:15:50] ebijack (mi): brian, do you clean and prep the fish for

your customers

[20:15:51] BrianKeller: 28" 5lb

[20:16:25] BrianKeller: no I don't some days we will come in with

50+ fish and that would take a while to clean them all

[20:16:35] coop(oh): do you flat line or use dipsies, down riggers


[20:16:47] LS(nd): Brain, you've been guiding since you were 11

yrs old?

[20:16:48] BrianKeller: I mostly flat line behind boards

[20:16:53] BrianKeller: yes

[20:17:41] Jim Alton: Thanks for your time Brian, best of luck... I'm

sure you'll be a success. G'night folks. - work calls....

[20:17:57] coop(oh): inline boards or skis

[20:18:09] BrianKeller: inline boards

[20:18:16] coop(oh): thanks

[20:18:28] BrianKeller: no problem

[20:18:49] coop(oh): what kind of stick bait do you use

[20:19:23] BrianKeller: Repalas and thunderstick mostly, I also use

Walley divers on occasion

[20:20:14] REELMAN: what type of electronics do you


[20:20:38] BrianKeller: All Lowrance

[20:20:43] Team Dunn(MI): Brian, what exactly do you do?

[20:20:45] ebijack (mi): brian, do you talk to other charter captains

to stay in contact with the fish, day by day

[20:20:45] big i (wi): brian can i ask you your accomplishments in

walleye fishing

[20:20:51] big i (wi): brian where are you from?

[20:20:55] LS(nd): Brian, whats the best time of the year on bago?


[20:21:01] BrianKeller: I have an x-85 on the bow and the Lms-350

and the new Lms-160 map by the wheel

[20:21:07] BrianKeller: May and June

[20:21:14] BrianKeller: Oshkosh, wi

[20:21:26] BrianKeller: yes, ebijack I do

[20:21:27] REELMAN: what type of boat????????/

[20:21:33] BrianKeller: Ranger 620

[20:21:43] BrianKeller: you can see a pic of it at


[20:21:46] REELMAN: lucky DOG

[20:21:48] Juls (WI): brand spanking new 620...lol

[20:21:59] BrianKeller: just an awsome boat

[20:22:25] REELMAN: I think I looked at that web site

today.........nice site!!!!!!

[20:22:33] BrianKeller: thanks

[20:22:52] Zimpelp: Brian

[20:22:56] REELMAN: ever use snap weights or


[20:22:57] BrianKeller: yes?

[20:23:29] REELMAN: what type of clips and what rods do you


[20:23:31] Zimpelp: Brain do you ever drift with bottom bouncers

and cranks??

[20:23:32] Juls (WI): what color jigs are working best on bago right


[20:23:35] big i (wi): brian had a situation this morning where we

could only get fish drifting in the wisconsin river.was wondering

what method you would use still fishing ?

[20:23:56] BrianKeller: I use daiwa and G-loomis

[20:24:11] big i (wi): we were drifting quarter once jigs

[20:24:19] BrianKeller: jigs, Orange and Black are working best for


[20:24:25] Juls (WI): thanks

[20:24:27] Drift'r: do you know Gary Gray

[20:24:46] BrianKeller: I would drift with jigs or try a lindy rig

[20:24:48] REELMAN: fire line with the snap weights????

[20:24:49] BrianKeller: yes, I know him

[20:24:58] BrianKeller: no I troll with mono

[20:25:04] big i (wi): thanks

[20:25:05] Zimpelp: Brian is chartering your only job, or do you do

something else??

[20:25:16] BrianKeller: no I only charter

[20:25:21] BrianKeller: and fish tournaments

[20:25:29] REELMAN: why mono over fire line?????

[20:25:31] Zimpelp: what do you do in the winter?

[20:25:32] Team Dunn(MI): Brain, Do you use In-Line Planners?

[20:25:41] big i (wi): what lake do you fish most ?

[20:26:34] BrianKeller: I perfer mono over fire line because I don't

like stopping the boat after I get a fish on, I like to keep the boat

moving and keep the baits working, because if you catch one fish

there are usually more

[20:26:39] big i (wi): i think i might know his answer lets see ?

[20:26:53] BrianKeller: yes, I use in line planners Dunn

[20:27:21] BrianKeller: I fish Bago most often

[20:27:22] big i (wi): what kind of boards

[20:27:23] Team Dunn(MI): What brand? our family business

holds the patent on the Releases that are on the Offshore Tackle

In-Line Boards

[20:27:30] BrianKeller: Off shore

[20:27:36] Juls (WI): :-)

[20:27:52] Zimpelp: Brain what do you do in the Winter then?

[20:28:08] BrianKeller: I guide Ice fishing and in the fall I guide Duck


[20:28:37] Zimpelp: Holy man that would be the best job you could

have!! :)

[20:29:13] ebijack (mi): brian, do you decide on how you'll fish or let

your customers decide

[20:29:18] big i (wi): do you feel like your job is like the rest of ours

sometimes ????:)

[20:29:48] BrianKeller: I usually let the customers decide, but if I am

on a good bite doing something I will surely let them know

[20:29:59] ElyIA: Do you ever fish the big river between WI and MN

[20:30:03] BrianKeller: yes, it is work for sure

[20:30:04] Team Dunn(MI): Brain, Do you have any experience in

fishing jigs in heavy current?

[20:30:09] BrianKeller: no I have not

[20:30:48] Zimpelp: Do you use a console or a tiller?

[20:31:07] BrianKeller: yes, usually in the spring here the current is

very strong but not this year

[20:31:23] BrianKeller: console

[20:31:42] Zimpelp: Any reason why that over a tiller?

[20:32:05] BrianKeller: it is hard to steer a 225 with a tiller

[20:32:08] BrianKeller: lol

[20:32:13] RichardM(AB): I've fished both Detroit and Fox and the

Miss after Detroit the others are pretty pale

[20:32:20] big i (wi): how do you like your globalmap?

[20:32:36] big i (wi): he he

[20:32:40] Team Dunn(MI): How do you try and fish your jigs?

Vertical? 45* ?

[20:32:48] BrianKeller: I love it, it is going to be awsome for trolling

in the middle of the lake or on Green Bay

[20:33:07] BrianKeller: I try to fish vertical as much as I can

[20:33:14] Team Dunn(MI): With your Bow mount?

[20:33:23] big i (wi): i just put one on last fall and love it also so far

so much to get use too.

[20:33:35] BrianKeller: yes, and if the current is to strong I use the

kicker and then steer with the bow mount

[20:34:10] BrianKeller: you guys were asking about the boards

before and I thought I would tell you what clips I use

[20:34:31] Team Dunn(MI): What type of Releases/clips do you


[20:34:42] BrianKeller: I swiched the front clip to the Snapper Line

Release by wille Products

[20:35:23] LS(nd): why is that Brian?

[20:35:24] BrianKeller: I Like them because you can snap it closed

and the line can not come out so you don't loose boards on a

rough day and you can take them off with one hand

[20:36:36] REELMAN: Brian have you ever tried the Mr. walleye


[20:36:44] BrianKeller: I have never seen them by off shore, the

only ones that i have seen are by wille products

[20:36:44] Zimpelp: Brain you talked about tournament fishing, are

you fishing any circuits??

[20:36:44] ebijack (mi): brian, about how many days a week do you


[20:37:26] BrianKeller: about 5 ebijack

[20:37:44] Team Dunn(MI): On the Off Shore Boards, there should

come two small Blacks?

[20:37:47] REELMAN: yea i like the off shore boards but i put mr.

walleye clips on them

[20:38:14] Team Dunn(MI): Why put different clips on them?

[20:38:34] REELMAN: they hold the fire line with out double


[20:38:57] BrianKeller: because with the wille clips the board can

not come off your line and you don't have to wrap you line

[20:39:16] shad: whats better for walleye jigs or rapalas

[20:39:20] Team Dunn(MI): Bluewater R&D is coming out with a

new release for next year that should be introduced on the

Offshore Boards, that can hold the Super Lines

[20:39:41] BrianKeller: depends on the time of year

[20:39:46] REELMAN: is it easy to get off???????? do the pads

hold up?????/////

[20:40:06] BrianKeller: yes, I use them all of last year and they still

look new

[20:40:11] Team Dunn(MI): It holds the line with a Centered set-pin

the line runs behind, and will not come out of pads, and yes it is just

as easy to take off the line

[20:40:36] BrianKeller: you can take them off with one thumb

[20:40:50] Team Dunn(MI): Just like the Normal OffShore Red


[20:41:07] BrianKeller: personal perferance

[20:41:11] BrianKeller: no

[20:41:43] BrianKeller: I troll a lot of rough water and I don't like

having to turn around to get boards

[20:42:49] ebijack (mi): brian, do you plan on still chartering after

you turn pro?

[20:43:05] porkchop: whats the best board Brain and how much $?

[20:43:10] BrianKeller: I will when I can, you are on the road a lot

when you turn pro

[20:43:11] Team Dunn(MI): Brian, do you have much experience

with shallow weeded lakes?

[20:43:31] BrianKeller: I like off shore and here they are about 20

[20:43:47] porkchop: thanks

[20:44:01] BrianKeller: yes, I do Butte des Morts and Poygan are

only 9 feet deep max

[20:44:29] Team Dunn(MI): How do you go after the Eyes?

[20:44:59] BrianKeller: Jigging the weeds, I use a 7' med. heavy rod

and 8/3 fire line

[20:45:32] Team Dunn(MI): Do you get alot of various other


[20:46:08] ebijack (mi): brian, do you find the fish travel alot thru the

lakes or do they tend to stay in the same places year after year

[20:46:19] BrianKeller: In the weeds once and a while a few

northern, while trolling we get white bass, sheephead, catfish,

northerns, perch once and a while

[20:46:37] Juls (WI): rock bass too...:-)

[20:46:42] Team Dunn(MI): Interesting, you dont get more Bass

and Pike

[20:46:50] Drift'r: any muskies :)

[20:46:56] porkchop: what your favorite post spawn pattern?

[20:46:56] Steve (IA): of course you don't charge extra for the

sheephead do you?

[20:47:09] BrianKeller: well after the spring run the fish come back

down and filter into the lakes and then they stay there for the rest of

the year

[20:47:15] Drift'r: sheephead = lake possum

[20:47:35] BrianKeller: no, steve.........lol come with the territory

[20:47:36] Juls (WI): lol driftr

[20:47:59] BrianKeller: I have a different word for sheephead, but I

better not say it.....lol

[20:48:22] Steve (IA): I think we all do!!!!!

[20:48:23] Team Dunn(MI): What type of Jigs do you use and the

setup as far as Twisters and whatnot in those Weeds?

[20:49:08] Steve (IA): do you fish exposed hooks in the weeds?

[20:49:17] RichardM(AB): they bounce off cowlings!!

[20:49:18] BrianKeller: I use mostly a plain jig and a leach most of

the time, I don't like to get to fancy because there is a lot of stuff to

snag up on

[20:49:29] Juls (WI): ever use roadrunners brian? we find they work

pretty good

[20:49:52] BrianKeller: no I have not, I use the Loudmouth Jerk bait

last year and it worked great

[20:49:53] Team Dunn(MI): What size Jig Head?

[20:50:09] Juls (WI): roadrunner is a jig with blade.....

[20:50:11] BrianKeller: 1/16 to 1/8 and on windy day up to ¼

[20:50:20] Juls (WI): horse shaped head

[20:50:40] Steve (IA): what size hooks are in those jigs,Brian?

[20:50:44] Team Dunn(MI): How do you present it? Cast into the

weeds? or vertical?

[20:51:02] BrianKeller: I use the short shanked jigs, hook size not


[20:51:18] BrianKeller: pretty much vertical

[20:51:27] Steve (IA): Northland? Brian

[20:51:28] snagger: like a short bite jig?

[20:51:41] Team Dunn(MI): Thanks

[20:51:27] Steve (IA): Northland? Brian

[20:51:28] snagger: like a short bite jig?

[20:51:41] Team Dunn(MI): Thanks

[20:51:47] BrianKeller: yes, steve

[20:52:08] Team Dunn(MI): How tall is the emergant vegitation


[20:52:10] RichardM(AB): I like ebi style of jigs 5/8 oz .. 2/0 hook!!!

[20:52:14] Steve (IA): do you use the stingers that come with the


[20:52:19] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:52:30] BrianKeller: on the upper lakes we have cane and it is

up about 3ft

[20:52:31] Steve (IA): consider the source, Richard

[20:52:40] LS(nd): :-)

[20:52:44] BrianKeller: only in the spring sometimes

[20:52:45] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:52:49] ElyIA: do you use any northland whistler jigs

[20:53:12] Team Dunn(MI): Do you present just over the weeds, or

let the jig sink into them and pull it out ont he upward jig?

[20:53:16] BrianKeller: no, I don't get to fancy

[20:53:46] RichardM(AB): steve where he fishes that is ultra light


[20:53:53] Steve (IA): :-)

[20:53:56] BrianKeller: I only fish the outside edge along the weeds

and pitch it into the open pockets

[20:54:17] Team Dunn(MI): Thank you

[20:54:20] Steve (IA): Brian, I haven't heard you mention spinners?

[20:54:31] BrianKeller: here when we fish the weeds we are only in

about 3-4 feet of water

[20:54:38] BrianKeller: I dont' use them alot

[20:54:49] BrianKeller: only when I get desperate

[20:55:13] Steve (IA): not productive, don't like ???

[20:55:16] BrianKeller: I troll alot faster than most people

[20:55:25] porkchop: to small and to ezey?

[20:55:26] tp/colo: well some of us are desperate all the time

[20:55:28] Team Dunn(MI): How fast do you troll your spinners?

[20:55:36] BrianKeller: .5 to 1

[20:56:01] BrianKeller: if you ever see me trolling i will probably go

right past you

[20:56:11] Steve (IA): you probably don't use many live bait rigs

then either?

[20:56:26] Team Dunn(MI): Hehehe, we try to go about .4 or less,

thats interesting, do you have much luck?

[20:56:28] BrianKeller: no, only jigs and lindy rigs on windy days

[20:56:32] fox: Hi brian, looks busy tonight

[20:56:41] BrianKeller: we I fish spinner I do

[20:56:56] Steve (IA): with age, Brian everything slows down

[20:57:01] BrianKeller: lol

[20:57:01] Juls (WI): :-)

[20:57:04] RichardM(AB): lol

[20:57:26] BrianKeller: I have found that trolling fast catches me

bigger fish and i don't get as many sheephead

[20:57:34] Team Dunn(MI): Alright...

[20:57:55] BrianKeller: Last year I caught about 5 walleye to every

sheephead and if you have ever fished here that is good

[20:58:11] snagger: seems true on the miss too brian

[20:58:34] BrianKeller: I don't catch as manly fish probably but I

catch bigger fish

[20:58:46] Team Dunn(MI): Alright...

[20:58:50] RichardM(AB): good night all

[20:59:00] ebijack (mi): are there any more questions for our host


[20:59:02] snagger: thats the name of the game

[20:59:14] BrianKeller: yes it is

[20:59:18] porkchop: loose many plugs doing that?

[20:59:28] BrianKeller: no I don't

[20:59:45] snagger: do you troll tandem plugs at all Brian?

[20:59:59] BrianKeller: tandem plugs?

[21:00:10] Steve (IA): One behind the other, snagger?

[21:00:24] BrianKeller: you can only have 3 hooks on one line

[21:00:36] snagger: two plugs hooked together with the front plug

having the hooks removed

[21:01:02] Team Dunn(MI): Dont they use that plug setup alot in


[21:01:03] snagger: we kill em on the mississippi with that

[21:01:11] Steve (IA): enlighten me as to why you do such a thing,


[21:01:29] BrianKeller: ok, no i don't Last year I experimented with a

six pack ( they use them on Lake Michigan) they look like a school

of bait fish

[21:02:12] BrianKeller: the bait fish trailing the other looks like a

wounded bait fish

[21:02:29] REELMAN: did the 6 pack work????????

[21:02:31] Team Dunn(MI): They love those for the Salmon and

Steelies over there

[21:02:37] Drift'r: tell us about the 6 pk

[21:02:38] fox: How do you fish the six pack

[21:02:47] BrianKeller: it is natural for the fish to pick out the wounded


[21:02:49] Steve (IA): full or empty?

[21:02:54] Juls (WI): lol

[21:02:55] BrianKeller: yes, it did work

[21:02:57] BrianKeller: lol

[21:02:58] snagger: well i guess i don't know why a couple of guys

in our walleye club started it a few yrs ago and they out fished

everyone else so like they say when in Rome do as the Romans


[21:04:35] ebijack (mi): I'd like to THANK out host tonight BRIAN


[21:04:39] LS(nd): gotta go....nite all....thanks Brian

[21:04:41] BrianKeller: no not a problem

[21:04:42] ebijack (mi): clap clap clap

[21:04:50] Juls (WI): thanks brian...clap clap clap clap

[21:04:52] RoyGPA: thanks brian

[21:04:54] Zimpel: great job, brian!!!!

[21:05:01] Team Dunn(MI): Thanks Brain

[21:05:01] Steve (IA): clap, clap, clap....... thanks Brian..... good luck

this summer

[21:05:08] ElyIA: thanks brian

[21:05:18] snagger: thanks Brian

[21:05:19] Drift'r: Thanks Brian!!!!!!

[21:05:27] ebijack (mi): post your e-mail again brian

[21:05:33] fox: fox, thanks brian

[21:05:37] REELMAN: enjoyed the chat ....have a great year Brian

[21:05:39] BrianKeller: thanks guys for coming if you have anyother

question email me at reelhook@vbe.com and check out my web

site at www.vbe.com/~reelhook

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