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Dave Kidd 7/14/99
[20:00:13] ebijack: Please Welcome our host tonight DAVE KIDD!!!!!! PWT pro
[20:00:18] ebijack: clap clap clap!!!
[20:00:32] Ness: Clap Clap Clap
[20:00:33] eyetaker: thanks 
[20:00:35] tp/colo: hey dave   
[20:00:41] ebijack: dave"eyetaker" tell us abit about yourself
[20:01:01] eyetaker: well, I've been tourney fishing for 6 years
[20:01:15] eyetaker: am an outdoor writer, photographer 
[20:01:28] eyetaker: guide and manufact. rep
[20:01:36] ebijack: as a pro? did you start in local tourneys?
[20:01:52] ebijack: dave, who do you rep for?
[20:01:54] eyetaker: yes, USFA team walleye, great place to start
[20:02:15] eyetaker: TR1, Reef Runner, Akro-Mils
[20:02:25] eyetaker: Cisco rod holders
[20:02:31] eyetaker: to name a few
[20:02:51] ebijack: wow, cool!   how long you been running a tr-1 dave
[20:03:12] eyetaker: first year, absolutely a must have for a troller
[20:03:44] ebijack: are you a regular writer for any mag or do you write for many mags dave
20:04:08] eyetaker: many,  walleye editor/columnist for Outdoor Times Publications
[20:04:21] eyetaker: In-Fish work often
[20:04:39] ebijack: i take it, writing and guiding and curcuits fill up your days
[20:04:57] eyetaker: more than, wife keeps my schedule straight
[20:05:23] ebijack: what boat and electronics do you run dave
[20:05:45] eyetaker: I run a Fisher FX 18 DV with Mercs and Pinpoints
[20:06:09] ebijack: dave, what is your basic set up to start trolling out on erie for walleye
[20:06:19] ebijack: wow nice rig dave!
[20:06:35] eyetaker: There are two schools of thought for erie eyes
[20:07:05] eyetaker: first, there are the crank and weight trollers
[20:07:17] eyetaker: that's my program
[20:07:35] eyetaker: then there are dipsey/spoon/crawler/crank guys
[20:07:37] ebijack: what do you mean by weight trollers?
[20:08:00] eyetaker: cranks escorted to the depths by Church tackle snap weights
[20:08:28] ebijack: dave, do you run leadcore line?
[20:08:49] eyetaker: yes, but not on Erie, thats not to say it wouldn't work
[20:09:04] ebijack: why not on erie
[20:09:27] eyetaker: Erie fish are going much deeper
[20:09:51] eyetaker: takes a lot of line to get leadcore down to those depths
[20:09:58] ebijack: don't you want leadcore  to run deeper?
[20:10:35] eyetaker: yes, but at the trolling speed I catch fish at, it takes way too much
line to get down there
[20:10:36] ebijack: eyetaker, what weight line do you mostly run for deep cranks
[20:00:52] eyetaker: 10# fireline, exclusively
[20:12:28] R Hill(mi): we took 28 last weekend
[20:12:35] ebijack: congrats hill
[20:12:41] eyetaker: great weekend
[20:12:58] R Hill(mi): it was fun but the biggest was only 5.5
[20:13:34] eyetaker: a limit of those would have cashed a check on Erioe last sunday
[20:13:46] ebijack: what tourney was that dave
[20:14:14] eyetaker: The LEMTA/USFA circuit qualifier I direct
[20:14:51] R Hill(mi): Where you from Dave
[20:14:53] ebijack: tell us about how you started to direct a usfa curcuit dave  
[20:14:56] eyetaker: Ohio
[20:15:22] eyetaker: I am the director for the Lake erie district
[20:15:28] Ness: Hi, huck
[20:15:40] ebijack: how long you been running that dave
[20:15:53] eyetaker: inauguaral season
[20:15:58] R Hill(mi): Cool I hear you have a great circuit
[20:16:10] ebijack: who sucked you into that dave  :)
[20:16:12] eyetaker: It has been well accepted, thanks
[20:16:53] ebijack: dave, do you plan on fishing both div's of the pwt next year?
[20:17:03] R Hill(mi): Dave do you only fish the eastern div
[20:17:25] R Hill(mi): Guess I should learn the read and type
[20:17:27] eyetaker: we'll see how much of me Ican spread around
[20:17:38] eyetaker: east this year yes
[20:17:51] R Hill(mi): How did you do at winne
[20:18:06] eyetaker: it was tough, 98th I think
[20:18:15] R Hill(mi): It was tough
[20:18:18] ebijack: dave, who are your sponsors
[20:18:24] eyetaker: 20-30 short fish per day
[20:18:41] R Hill(mi): I know the feeling
[20:19:02] eyetaker: never saw so many 14 7/8 "s
[20:19:08] R Hill(mi): lol
[20:19:15] ebijack: dave, what's your favorite presentation
20:19:40] eyetaker: without a doubt, reef runners behind boards
[20:19:56] R Hill(mi): What do you plan on using on the Bay
[20:20:20] eyetaker: I'll try them, and everything else, whatever it takes
[20:20:33] R Hill(mi): think meat
[20:20:41] eyetaker: lol, I know
[20:21:06] ebijack: dave, what makes reef runners your favortie
[20:21:19] eyetaker: confidence
[20:21:19] R Hill(mi): they look cool ebi
[20:21:23] ebijack: :)
[20:21:36] eyetaker: they perform, day in/out
[20:21:55] eyetaker: they dive deeper than other baits their size
[20:22:04] ebijack: is there a favorite color for erie dave?
[20:22:06] R Hill(mi): I have several and have never caught a fish on them
[20:22:22] R Hill(mi): Guess you have to put them in the water huh
[20:22:30] eyetaker: Eriedescent and cheap sunglasses
[20:22:38] ebijack: what speed is best dave
[20:22:54] eyetaker: that is debatable
[20:23:05] eyetaker: I troll quicker than most
[20:23:39] ebijack: what do you call quick dave
[20:23:49] eyetaker: 2.9-4.0
[20:24:06] R Hill(mi): damn thats skiing isn't it
[20:24:09] ebijack: wow, 4 mph? sounds like musky trolling
[20:24:19] eyetaker: bigger fish, try it
[20:24:36] Juls (WI): they are trolling faster on bago too....3 i think
[20:25:06] eyetaker: follow this line of thinking.....
[20:25:41] eyetaker: a slow presentation gives a walleye too much time to inspect a
bait and be hesitant
[20:25:56] Juls (WI): makes sense
[20:26:02] eyetaker: a fast bait, fires a instinct in that fish
[20:26:22] eyetaker: to grab it before another does or it gets away
[20:26:49] ebijack: how much weight do you have to add to keep a bait down deep eyetaker
[20:27:01] R Hill(mi): Ill give that a try this weekend Dave I always think I'm going too fast
[20:27:16] eyetaker: why do you think so many eyes are caught at musky trolling tourneys
[20:27:21] Juls (WI): Dave dont you fish PWT?  or was it another I saw you at?
[20:27:31] eyetaker: yes pwt
[20:27:44] Juls (WI): are you at Devil's now? or are you another division?
[20:28:03] eyetaker: weight, not usually necessary unless exceeding depth capability of bait
[20:28:18] eyetaker: no home now
[20:28:35] eyetaker: for a change
[20:28:58] Monte(mn): Are you fishing the east division then?
[20:29:00] ebijack: what kind of boards do you use to run that fast eyetaker
[20:29:03] eyetaker: yes
[20:29:25] eyetaker: Church boards, they can hold the fireline and i can adjust them
[20:30:16] ebijack: are those large boards? i've never heard of them
[20:30:36] eyetaker: Mr. Walleye Boards, made in Sodus MI
[20:30:58] eyetaker: small in lines
[20:31:07] R Hill(mi): No flag hard to see when your drinking
[20:31:23] Juls (WI): like the flags myself...:-)
[20:31:29] R Hill(mi): lol
[20:31:32] eyetaker: flags, nah, don't need em , lol
[20:31:38] Juls (WI): :-)
[20:31:50] R Hill(mi): I heard they run better
[20:31:57] ebijack: do they run high in the water dave?
[20:32:02] eyetaker: bright orange, they run fantastic
[20:32:11] Juls (WI): Like the Offshore boards ....but hey, that's me
[20:32:23] eyetaker: they are adjustable to run any way you want them to
[20:32:51] ebijack: how long you been running a fisher boat dave
[20:32:57] eyetaker: 2 years
[20:32:57] R Hill(mi): How do you adjust them Dave
[20:33:18] eyetaker: sliding weight on the bottom side
[20:33:29] Juls (WI): sounds easy enough
[20:33:52] Juls (WI): did you fish bago Dave?  Is that where I saw you?
[20:34:08] ebijack: dave, what are the dates you have to guide
[20:34:08] Juls (WI): know I heard your name somewhere at a tourney
[20:34:13] eyetaker: yes I did, I don't know if you saw me, but i was there
[20:35:59] ebijack: dave, how did you get started fishing tourney's
[20:37:12] Juls (WI): Dave...what technique do you like the best? Trolling,
jigging...rigging...etc? I know you do them all, but what is your favorite?
[20:37:18] eyetaker: I started with a local event (small bait shop)
[20:37:31] eyetaker: trolling Juls
[20:38:40] Juls (WI): just got into using boards this year Dave...and I'm hooked for
sure...my favorite now
[20:38:44] R Hill(mi): Dave when are you coming to the Bay
[20:39:03] Juls (WI): what is the next tourney you fish Dave?
[20:39:03] eyetaker: they are addicting, kinda like bobber fishing as a kid, eh?
[20:39:07] ebijack: eyetaker, how do you keep a bad tourney from hurting your metal
state for your next tourney
[20:39:09] Juls (WI): yep
[20:39:55] eyetaker: I guess I try to learn from it, and I'm not so much of a egotist to
think that I won't have bad tourneys, we all do
[20:40:42] eyetaker: every bad tourney moves you closer to the good ones, it'll happen
[20:40:43] RISTORAPPER: Ditto just following PWT at Devils lake and thought I'd
jump in here as long as I was around
[20:40:52] Juls (WI): going to be fishing my first tourney in August Dave...any pointers
on anything at all you can give me? Will be fishing the ameture side of the Cabela's at
[20:41:25] eyetaker: stay positive, and alert in the boat, don't let yourself get lazy
[20:41:36] RISTORAPPER: Juls: ya coming to Sak. things have slowed down on the
big lake here lately!
[20:41:37] Juls (WI): good advice...thanks
[20:41:38] eyetaker: stay on your feet, be active
[20:41:55] Juls (WI): well...maybe in August it will change risto...let's hope eh?
[20:42:03] Juls (WI): always am eyetaker...lol
[20:42:04] ebijack: eyetaker, do you run a lake before fishing it
[20:42:17] R Hill(mi): Dave when are you coming to the Bay
[20:42:23] eyeguy/mn: be persistent , never give up and keep changing till you hit on
the mother load
[20:42:36] Juls (WI): sounds good to me...thanks
[20:42:44] eyetaker: ye first day I'm running and gunning more than anything
[20:43:07] eyetaker: be there next week for 2 days , Hill
[20:43:38] R Hill(mi): Ill be there every weekend till the tourneys
[20:44:38] ebijack: eyetaker, do you like the pro/am part of tourney's
[20:45:18] eyetaker: yes, I like meeting new people, pro's can learn a lot from good ams
[20:47:02] ebijack: eyetaker, what kind of expense you do plan for a year of fishing the
eastern div of the pwt?
[20:47:33] eyetaker: $1500.00 a tourney easy
[20:48:16] eyetaker: not including entry fees
[20:48:30] ebijack: not including fees? ouch
[20:48:33] none: hey eb, jon thelen here,just aquainting myself for the chat i am
supposed to host on the 28th
[20:48:59] ebijack: howdy jon, welcome!
[20:49:03] eyetaker: it can be expensive
[20:49:59] R Hill(mi): Dave what do you look for your first time on open water like the Bay
[20:50:05] ebijack: eyetaker, what do you like best about fishing pwt events
[20:50:33] eyetaker: bait in not so big concentrations
[20:50:49] eyetaker: I call it a smattering of bait on the screen
[20:51:10] Juls (WI): if you want to know.....just ask the pro's eh?  lol
[20:51:36] eyetaker: I like the competition and the aquaintences of the PWT ebi
[20:51:42] R Hill(mi): Do you try and stick to the open water or do you look for the weeds
[20:51:50] How: What kind of weight will it take to win on saginaw bay?
[20:52:09] eyetaker: I will start with some kind of structure, then move off from there
[20:52:32] red_dog: Question for the Pro.....on Lowrance products, upper end graphs,
whats the best way to differentiat between carp and walleye in say 15-25 foot depths?
Big problem for me where I live.....thanks
[20:52:59] eyetaker:  carp will have more grayline, thicker
[20:52:59] idoc(mn): eyetaker, who is leading today on devils lake, have u heard?
[20:53:09] eyetaker: Bruce samson I think
[20:53:20] RISTORAPPER: Bruce Samson 27.69#
[20:53:41] eyeguy/mn: on the message board
[20:53:56] Clicker (Oh): WC message board General Info.
[20:53:57] Juls (WI): might be in the Patrol boat on Sunday for the MWC...will find out
Sat. if there is room
[20:54:16] ebijack: eyetaker, do you use your pin point to help you find long points out
in open water?
[20:54:30] eyeguy/mn: randash oir backer?
[20:54:50] eyetaker: yes, it also allows me to review the point after I've already crossed it
[20:54:59] RISTORAPPER: dave randash 59th
[20:55:11] red_dog: Juls....practice saying "you have the right to remain silent, etc" 
[20:55:12] ebijack: you use the "retract"?
[20:55:23] eyetaker: review
[20:55:37] How: Could one of you pros tell me how many feet to let out a crawler
harness if I want it down 15 ft?
[20:55:45] RISTORAPPER: Backer 96th
[20:56:01] eyetaker: have to weight it How
[20:56:12] How: How much
[20:56:12] eyeguy/mn: wow thats their backyard!
[20:56:54] eyetaker: 50 foot - half ounce-50 foot should be close
[20:57:10] How: Thanks so much
[20:57:16] R Hill(mi): At what speed Dave
[20:57:18] ebijack: isn't that a standard eyetaker..50/50?
[20:57:29] eyetaker: 1.8-2.2
[20:57:54] red_dog: Eyetaker mph or knots?
[20:58:00] eyetaker: yes, I like to keep it even 50/50  75/75 etc
[20:58:05] eyetaker: mph
[20:58:08] red_dog: Thanks
[20:58:17] R Hill(mi): How would it be effected if you cut the speed in half
[20:58:29] eyetaker: drop
[20:58:39] Jim Alton: Dave... what do you use to measure your trolling speed?
[20:58:46] eyetaker: GPS
[20:58:57] Jim Alton: It's accurate at those slow speeds?
[20:58:58] Juls (WI): :-)
[20:59:00] eyetaker: sound of my kicker kicker tach
[20:59:10] eyetaker: mine is
[20:59:18] Juls (WI): works here too
[20:59:19] Jim Alton: What model is it?
[20:59:37] eyetaker: Lowrance GM1600
[20:59:50] Jim Alton: I had heard that civilian gps wasn't accurate below 5 mph. Guess not?
[20:59:52] red_dog: Eyetaker.....best way for me as well......what size is it?
[20:59:52] How: Have you ever tried the hydrocarbon line and if so do you like it?
[21:00:08] RISTORAPPER: nothing but good things have i heard about the  1600
[21:00:22] Juls (WI): not..jim...have an eagle and it seems to be accurate enough ....handheld
[21:00:23] eyetaker: nope flouro not hydro
[21:00:36] How: your right flouro
[21:00:52] eyetaker: yes, great for clear lakes
[21:01:02] red_dog: Like the Luhr Jensen acu-troll that you hang over the
side....difdferent stroke for different folks :)
[21:01:03] eyetaker: Berkley new Vanish line is good
[21:01:10] Juls (WI): i use that when casting inline spinners...as leader....outfishes Joe
who does not use it...go figure
[21:01:24] Juls (WI): right red dog
[21:01:58] red_dog: Tried the Flourocarbon....jury is still out...seems brittle in cold weather.
[21:02:02] eyetaker: am I missing any questions?
[21:02:11] ebijack: your doing fine eyetaker
[21:02:15] eyetaker: ok
[21:02:16] Juls (WI): stronger than Sampson tho....lol
[21:02:46] How: is it best to troll with waves or against
[21:02:50] R Hill(mi): Dave do you always use Fireline when trolling
[21:02:53] red_dog: Eyetaker...yep, that elusive carp that keeps showing up on my
graph as a walleye! How y\do you tell the difference? Or do you have that problem?
[21:02:53] Juls (WI): never get a snag back...breaks at the swivel
[21:02:57] ebijack: are there any more questions for our host tonight?
[21:03:01] eyetaker: with, why fight them, let them help you
[21:03:40] eyetaker: yes fireline, always
[21:03:47] R Hill(mi): Why
[21:03:55] RISTORAPPER: what pound test fireline
[21:04:02] eyetaker: thinner bait deeper less line, more action to bait
[21:04:06] ebijack: I'd like to thanks our host tonight DAVE KIDD !!!  "eyetaker"
[21:04:14] Juls (WI): clap clap clap clap
[21:04:16] ebijack: get better dave!
[21:04:20] Juls (WI): thanks Dave!!!!!
[21:04:22] eyetaker: thanks
[21:04:23] Ness: Bravo, bravo
[21:04:24] red_dog: Thanks Eyetaker....
[21:04:24] How: Thanks for all the help tonight Dave
[21:04:25] eyeguy/mn: thanks eyetaker
[21:04:28] Eyeman (IN): Thanks Dave
[21:04:28] Jim Alton: Thanks Dave... wish I'd been here earlier...
[21:04:28] RISTORAPPER: clap clap
[21:04:31] Clicker (Oh): Thanks Dave
[21:04:31] Ruffnek: fireline for trolling bottom bouncers also?
[21:04:36] eyetaker: yes
[21:04:39] R Hill(mi): Thanks Dave Hope to meet you on the Bay
[21:04:39] red_dog: High five!
[21:04:46] ebijack: thanks dave!
[21:04:59] Ruffnek: thanks Dave
[21:05:08] eyetaker: u r welcome
[21:05:32] eyetaker: too much sun I think, been guiding every day
[21:05:44] red_dog: Eyetaker......do you use the quick change sliding bouncers?
[21:05:51] Jim Alton: Dave... can I ask one more question?  Who are your sponsors?
[21:05:54] eyetaker: yep, make my own
[21:06:09] eyetaker: sure Jim
[21:06:19] eyetaker: give me a second to list
[21:07:22] eyetaker: Fisher Merc, Reef Runner Akro-Mils Stamina Cisco Rod Holders
Pinpoint Aqua-Vu
[21:07:35] eyetaker: Redi-Rig
[21:07:46] Jim Alton: Thanks...
[21:07:49] eyetaker: HookHider Rods
[21:07:55] eyetaker: etc etc lol
[21:08:09] Jim Alton: Looks like a nice collection... ;-)
[21:08:21] eyetaker: I'm grateful for their support
[21:08:22] Eyeman (IN): what is redi-rig Dave
[21:08:58] eyetaker: it is a system of floats, walking sinkers, that are easy-on and easy off
[21:09:43] ebijack: are your sponsors advertising on walleyecentral eyetaker?
[21:10:07] eyetaker:  a few are and/or plan to
[21:10:07] Ruffnek: what pound fireline for bottom bouncers, eyetaker?
[21:10:27] eyetaker: typically 10 or 14
[21:10:38] Ruffnek: thnx
[21:11:46] Ruffnek: whats the fastest you pull bottom bouncers before switching to cranks?
[21:12:13] eyetaker: 2.0-2.2
[21:12:18] Eyeman (IN): Dave when you started trolling with fire line what changes if
any did you make to your set up rods /Reels / Etc
[21:12:50] eyetaker: went to a softer 8 1/2 foot downrigger rod to absorb the shock
[21:13:10] ebijack: thanks again dave

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