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Dave Kidd  10/13/99
[19:59:58] ebijack: Please Welcome our host tonight  DAVE KIDD...EYETAKER!!!!!!!
[20:00:09] Juls (WI): clap clap clap clap clap clap clapclap
[20:00:15] ebijack: clap clap clap
[20:00:15] R238S: what is topic Dave
[20:00:23] river king mi: welcome eyetaker
[20:00:32] eyetaker: thank you
[20:00:34] harley mi.: hey dave
[20:01:06] ebijack: eyetaker, why don't you start us off by telling a bit about this new curcuit!
[20:01:09] Curt-T-O: eye taker your the man
[20:01:10] RIGGERS: hi dave   is the nov. 7th tourn a go?
[20:01:14] Lu (wi): Yea
[20:01:43] eyetaker: ok, I have recently been named Tournament director for the new
USFA Pro Team walleye
[20:01:51] Pete (Oh.): the 7th. better be
[20:02:00] Juls (WI): congrats Dave....
[20:02:02] eyetaker: circuit
[20:02:19] river king mi: what are the tourney days dave???
[20:02:36] eyetaker: Its a chance to take team tourneys to the next level
[20:03:13] harley mi.: is there going to be a distance rule dave?
[20:03:47] Steelhead: by the next level, you mean money, talent, sponsors, etc?
[20:03:52] Juls (WI): how many tournies in this circuit? 6 like the PWT? 3 West and 3 East? 
[20:03:57] eyetaker: we will see some limits to the larger bodies of water but not as
extreme as in tourneys past
[20:04:13] eyetaker: money/ sponsors/ publicity
[20:04:20] eyetaker: yes juls
[20:04:28] R238S: how about on erie dave  limited?
[20:04:39] Juls (WI): what lakes are you hitting next year?  know yet?
[20:04:46] river king mi: what are the tourney days???
20:04:56] eyetaker: thurs-fri t days
[20:05:14] eyetaker: Erie will have some limits
[20:05:31] Pete (Oh.): as to what 
[20:05:40] Steelhead: do you have a web page to get scheduled stops and infor?
[20:05:41] ebijack: eyetaker, how many tourney dates are lined up so far
[20:05:44] eyetaker: Schedule is on PTW page link from wc mainpage
[20:05:49] Ron (Penna): So far are the dates still the same for all sites
[20:05:50] Juls (WI): where other than Erie will these tournies be held?
[20:06:04] harley mi.: i am talking about distance between boats dave?
[20:06:15] eyetaker:  3 east 3 west plus champ
[20:06:20] Reefer: Dave: How many teams will you limit the field to?
[20:06:29] eyetaker: 125
[20:06:34] eyetaker: teams
[20:06:34] river king mi: i thought i saw fri and sat as tourney days on the updates dave
[20:07:04] eyetaker: changed, to allow reg Team Walleye tourneys to follow on the weekend
[20:07:17] R238S: filling up fast dave?
[20:07:17] river king mi: cool
[20:07:31] eyetaker: yes, getting good amount of entries now
[20:08:05] ebijack: eyetaker, how did you become the guy to run the curcuit?
[20:08:23] R238S: do you have too pre pay for all dave or is it like pwt
[20:08:32] Reefer: so the Team Walleye events will be scheduled the Sat. following
the PTW events?
[20:08:33] geo: what is the entry
[20:08:41] ebijack: eyetaker, will this interfer with you fishing other tourney's?
[20:08:45] eyetaker: Experienced director and pro angler, I understand the importance
of image and the need for a professionally run circuit
[20:08:50] fishmon: dave  are you accepting all entries
[20:09:05] eyetaker: I will fish PWT east and local events
[20:09:26] eyetaker: we are qualifying entries
[20:09:47] eyetaker: 650.00/team/tourney
[20:09:59] R238S: so its not first come first serve dave?
[20:10:03] Reefer: will NPAA members get first look?
[20:10:10] river king mi: explain qualifing  entries dave
20:10:21] eyetaker: sat for Lake Erie - sunday for all other TW events
[20:10:50] Juls (WI): good question Reefer......
[20:10:53] eyetaker: Previous experience, making sure that there are no questionable
rulings on the entry names previously
[20:11:04] gambit: i understand its first come , first serve basis
[20:11:09] eyetaker: yes
[20:11:47] eyetaker: Npaa memebers will obviously get some consideration, to what
degree i can't say now
[20:11:49] ebijack: eyetaker, what is the team limit
[20:11:59] eyetaker: 125 teams per tourney
[20:11:59] river king mi: whats the payout???
[20:12:15] Reefer: will pro fishing the PTW be allowed to fish TW with a different
partner, similar to NAWA?
[20:12:24] Reefer: pro's
[20:12:30] eyetaker: cash payout is 80% (125 teams = $65000.00)
[20:12:38] eyetaker: yes
[20:12:45] eyetaker: to reefers Q
[20:12:49] RichardM(AB): 1st prise is?
[20:13:10] Just Look"N--MI: what are prefishing rules??
[20:13:15] eyetaker: Still in the works
[20:14:08] Reefer: explain "questionable rulings on previous entrees".
[20:14:40] eyetaker: If a team has been proven to have cheated in a tourney Reefer
[20:15:04] Reefer: k
[20:15:19] harley mi.: dave will former usfa tourney teams have better chance also?
[20:15:21] river king mi: what is second prize
[20:15:30] eyetaker: or a individual member of that team in question as well
[20:15:51] eyetaker: priority is first come first entered
[20:16:13] harley mi.: thank's
[20:16:22] Reefer: has the schedule been released?
[20:16:33] eyetaker: $cash as of now is $7700.00 but we are receiving additional sponsor $
[20:16:35] fishmon: is their going to be a east west points leaders or one overall
[20:16:36] ebijack: will that rule first come first served hold up for future tournaments
[20:16:54] eyetaker: one overall
[20:17:25] eyetaker: we have no plans to seed for 2001 currently
[20:17:34] river king mi: if you fish 1st year will you have first shot following years???
[20:17:42] eyetaker: but that will be brought up in meeting next week
[20:17:47] R238S: dave is team walleye sending out apps to team walleye fisher
people for this circuit
[20:17:51] Ron (Penna): similer question to Reefers, as you know my father is my partner and will be for the PTW will we also be able to be partners for the weekend tourneys also
[20:17:55] eyetaker: yes
[20:18:10] eyetaker: yes Ron
[20:18:23] Ron (Penna): thanks
[20:18:33] Reefer: what type of media coverage have you secured?
[20:18:39] Just Look"N--MI: prefishing rules???
[20:18:56] harley mi.: we are team major in the usfa and want to say that all the
directors of usfa are really great people.
[20:18:57] ebijack: eyetaker, do you expect this curcuit to become a enter by jan or
you won't get in?
[20:19:12] eyetaker: Working with Outdoor Times and Outdoor Channel/Private
stations Reefer
[20:19:30] eyetaker: thanks harley
[20:19:59] eyetaker: I want to say yes ebi, but its hard to predict right now
[20:20:16] geo: where are the tourneys going to be
[20:20:33] eyetaker: Detroit River
[20:20:38] eyetaker: Lake erie
[20:20:41] eyetaker: Saginaw
[20:20:45] eyetaker:  west:
[20:20:45] ebijack: eyetaker, are there going to be cut off dates before each tourney?
[20:21:05] eyetaker: yes, looking at 1 month prior
[20:21:14] eyetaker: Red wing
[20:21:20] Ron (Penna): good move
[20:21:21] eyetaker: Winnebago
[20:21:26] eyetaker: Lak Sak
[20:21:56] Juls (WI): Winnebago? really?...cool
[20:22:06] eyetaker: again sched is on PTW page in WC
[20:22:12] geo: can you do only one tourney or must you do them all
[20:22:15] ebijack: wow, one month cut off?
[20:22:20] eyetaker: thought you would like that Juls:)
[20:22:20] Ron (Penna): will sat and sun be blow days for erie
[20:22:28] slapshot: why do have the rule you cannot prefish on mon and tues?
[20:22:41] eyetaker: Alows us to plan with the Visitors bureau ebi
[20:23:05] eyetaker: that has been changed, Sunday will be first practice day
[20:23:17] eyetaker: yes Ron
[20:23:32] R238S: sunday through weds dave
[20:23:34] Just Look"N--MI: what about practice week before or a different tourney?
[20:23:34] slapshot: so you can fish on mon and tues?
[20:23:39] eyetaker: yes bob
[20:23:44] eyetaker: yes
[20:24:53] R238S: dave any shut down days prior to tourney
[20:25:22] eyetaker: were looking at when and how long Bob
[20:25:32] river king mi: so you can prefish sun. mon. tue. and wed.dave??
[20:25:37] eyetaker: yes
[20:25:45] harley mi.: and no guides right?
[20:25:50] eyetaker: no guides
[20:26:12] R238S: charter captions/?
[20:26:13] Ron (Penna): rules say that both members must be at the mandatory rules
meeting, is that correct (both)
[20:26:13] harley mi.: what about charter boats?
[20:26:14] Reefer: charters?
[20:26:35] eyetaker: no operating charter captains
[20:27:00] eyetaker: touring pro teams
[20:27:08] gambit: eyetaker i thought pre. fishing was wed and thurs only
[20:27:10] harley mi.: this is going to be good!!!!
[20:27:48] eyetaker: changed, sun - wed practice
[20:27:56] river king mi: what about teams renting charter during prefishing???
[20:28:10] eyetaker: charter/guides same thing
[20:28:42] Ron (Penna): Curious Question Dave, I am on Team Fisher what am I going
to do with 3 Rangers? LOL
[20:28:54] Reefer: what other sponsors have you lined up besides Ranger?
[20:28:58] ebijack: eyetaker, what percentage of pwt pro's do you expect to fish the ptw
[20:29:04] eyetaker: Leech MRH, still stuck on initial sched sorry
[20:29:05] R238S: get rid of your fisher
[20:29:18] harley mi.: i really liked what they did at the nationals.
[20:30:52] Reefer: dave: other sponsors?
[20:30:56] river king mi: you run a fisher dont you richard???
[20:31:12] RichardM(AB): yes I do Riverking
[20:31:32] eyetaker: Meeting with several next week Reefer
[20:31:42] Rick Parrott: Hi Eyetaker
[20:31:49] ebijack: eyetaker, who do you have to MC your weigh in's ?
[20:32:22] eyetaker: Jack Kotsch, experienced, well liked mc
[20:33:02] harley mi.: still lending your boat out dave?
[20:33:07] ebijack: eyetaker, any chance these tourney's will be covered on tv?
[20:33:17] MRH: how will point system work
[20:33:19] eyetaker: yeah, I never learn, too nice :)
[20:34:09] harley mi.: they didn't tear things up like rod?
[20:34:10] eyetaker: points will be more spread than regular team walleye, this is a pro
[20:35:03] slapshot: How are applications coming in??
[20:35:20] eyetaker: no, just a chunk of gelcoat on bow from the sea wall in Baudette
[20:35:23] river king mi: if you win one tourney are you in classic automatically
[20:35:40] eyetaker: great response on aps
[20:35:57] slapshot: What's the cut off date?
[20:36:17] ebijack: what about tv coverage eyetaker
[20:36:18] eyetaker: one month prior to tourney date slap
[20:36:42] Ron (Penna): Dave ,I would like to say that if you only do have as good of
job you did for the erie circiut the PTW will be a great success
[20:36:57] slapshot: Who can I contact in person to go over a few things??
[20:37:08] eyetaker: Circuit will probably have its own show on Outdoor channel, in
talks currently
[20:37:45] eyetaker: thanks ron
[20:37:53] eyetaker: me slap
[20:37:57] river king mi: if you win a tourney are you qualified for classic dave????
[20:38:15] eyetaker: top 25 teams from each division river
[20:38:34] R238S: how many teams from each division dave?
[20:38:34] river king mi: no automatics then
[20:38:53] eyetaker: 25 to classic bob
[20:39:10] Ron (Penna): as of now do you for see any scheduling conflicts between the
PTW and the Pwt
[20:39:54] eyetaker: none, arranged that way, i fish pwt too ;)
[20:40:56] eyetaker: can use one alternate and ONE alternate ONLY!!
[20:41:38] ebijack: so team members are limited each year eyetaker?
[20:41:43] R238S: speacial jim rule dave
[20:41:48] eyetaker: lol
[20:42:24] eyetaker: only two of three names are allowed in that boat for the circuit
[20:42:39] Ron (Penna): If you have to use an alternate , that alternate has to stay with
you for the remaining tourneys correct
[20:42:44] slapshot: What will be the tourney hours during the day?
[20:43:40] eyetaker: yes
[20:44:49] ebijack: eyetaker, will you be fishing the ptw and running it?
[20:45:26] eyetaker: directing only
[20:45:34] Reefer: Dave: will you be running option pots, or any carry over bonus like
the kodiak.
[20:45:41] eyetaker: can't do both and run a good tournament
[20:46:45] ebijack: are their anymore questions for our host tonight?
[20:46:45] eyetaker: I'm sure those sponsors will be involved yes
[20:46:54] harley mi.: is any of the tourny's in northern mi.?
[20:47:14] river king mi: sag. harley
[20:47:21] eyetaker: saginaw is farthest north
[20:48:37] ebijack: I'd like to thank our host tonight  DAVE KIDD...EYETAKER  !!!!!!!!!!
[20:48:42] eyetaker: just want to remind everyone about the WC weekend
[20:48:50] Pete (Oh.): what's the date on Erie Dave
[20:48:51] eyetaker: November 4-7
[20:48:52] Juls (WI): thanks Dave...clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap
[20:48:54] river king mi: thanks eyetaker
[20:48:59] harley mi.: why don't they hold any north  
[20:49:00] ebijack: good luck with this new venture dave!!!
[20:49:01] eyetaker: yes slap
[20:49:01] Ron (Penna): Thanks alot Dave
[20:49:06] Drift'r: Thanks Dave !!!!!!
[20:49:10] Juls (WI): good luck dave!
[20:49:11] eyetaker: u r welcome
[20:49:18] Juls (WI): good chat dave
[20:49:24] eyetaker: thanks ;)
[20:49:28] slapshot: Thanks for your help Dave!
[20:49:34] gilman(IN): thanks dave
[20:49:41] eyetaker: u bet Roger'
[20:49:42] Ron (Penna): send me the erie schedule ok Dave
[20:49:47] eyetaker: ok
[20:49:53] river king mi: do they have reservations at docks already dave???
[20:50:01] eyetaker: yes river

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