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Dave Kidd 2/9/00
[19:59:14] ebijack: Please Welcome our host tonight DAVE KIDD.....EYETAKER
[19:59:17] Drift'r: Welcome Dave!!!!!!!!!
[19:59:28] andy: hhheeeellllooooowwwww
[19:59:29] slip-bobber(MT): clap, clap, clap
[19:59:30] eyefish(mi): Welcome Dave
[19:59:32] Bluewater: Hey Dave
[19:59:33] Drift'r: clap clap clap
[19:59:41] sheila: right on time!
[19:59:42] eyetaker: hey all
[19:59:33] Drift'r: clap clap clap
[19:59:41] sheila: right on time!
[19:59:42] eyetaker: hey all
[19:59:54] Reefer: take it away dave.
[20:00:34] ebijack: dave, how about starting us off with what you think is the most
important asset to getting sponsors
[20:01:23] eyetaker: first and foremost is doing away with the misconception of "the
angler" as tournament fisherman scenario
[20:01:47] eyetaker: doing well in tournaments helps and is great to accomplish
[20:02:05] eyetaker: but even if you are off your tournament game from time to time
[20:02:18] eyetaker: you have to be on your promotional game always
[20:02:32] walleyeassassin: eyetaker...what tournament you talking about
[20:02:48] eyetaker: any tourneys
[20:02:51] sheila: Dave, describe a good promotional game, if you can!
[20:03:05] eyetaker: sponsors want people who can help them move product
[20:03:18] ebijack: dave, about how much time a year due you spend working on
getting new sponsors
[20:03:43] eyetaker: probably about 2-3 weeks, typically in the fall
[20:04:07] eyetaker: promotions multi faceted approach
[20:04:34] eyetaker: tournaments, seminars, writing, videos, interview, etc etc see what i mean Sheila
[20:05:17] ebijack: dave, how long do you think it will be before the walleye tourney's
draw sponsors like the flw
[20:05:38] andy: hey dave how do you think the low water is going to effect lake erie
[20:05:50] sheila: Man Dave, how can a guy be/do something new and diff?
[20:06:06] eyetaker: once we get the walleye market established in the southern
waters as well as the mainstay of the north and can go year round we'll have it
[20:06:13] Jigs: how are the entries going and what are the paybacks Dave in the
[20:06:33] eyetaker: PTW questions at end of chat please
[20:07:10] sheila: good points on the promo job description
[20:07:15] Jigs: I thought we can ask you 
[20:07:27] eyetaker: erie will still be good, perhaps different locations
[20:07:40] ebijack: dave would like this chat to be about sponsors, he already did a
chat about the ptw
[20:08:02] Jigs: I must have missed that one
[20:08:10] Jigs: thats why I asked
[20:08:19] eyetaker: happy to answer PTW question later tonight
[20:08:27] Reefer: dave: how often do you report your activities to your sponsors?
[20:08:36] ebijack: dave, how would a newcomer to mwt, ptw etc start looking for
[20:08:49] eyetaker: quarterly in glossy newsletter format with lots of pics
[20:09:35] jumbojim: how do u target sponsors that do not relate to the fishing industry
knowing other companies may be interested
[20:09:45] eyetaker: sport shows are often good places to start, make your self
available to a product rep or to the manufacturer themselves
[20:10:00] ebijack: dave, have you gotten any responses from sponsors about doing
this type of hosted chat
[20:10:05] eyetaker: offer to help in their booth
[20:10:42] eyetaker: yes they like to see their people utilize internet tools like this
[20:11:01] walleyemike: Dave, with sports shows winding down in Chicago area, what
other thoughts do you have about talking to mfger's/reps?
[20:11:05] ebijack: dave, who are your sponsors that you have now
[20:11:05] Erie TT: how important is NPAA membership?
[20:11:16] eyetaker: non industry sponsors require a great deal of creativity
[20:11:34] Reefer: Dave: if you haven't already, tell us who your sponsors are.
[20:11:47] eyetaker: you have to work their products into the scheme of things
[20:12:16] eyetaker: Ranger Boats, Merc, HookHider rods, OFF Shore Tackle
[20:12:24] eyetaker: Akro-Mils
[20:12:29] eyetaker: Reef Runner
[20:12:36] eyetaker:  the list goes on for a while
[20:12:43] ebijack: dave, is it harder to get non-fishing related sponsors?
[20:12:46] Reefer: we got time
[20:13:11] Jason(ND): You were with Fisher last year right.
[20:13:20] Jigs: just product sponsors?
[20:13:26] eyetaker: not really , they are often desperately looking for new avenues
for promoting their products
[20:13:37] eyetaker: yes Fisher last year
[20:14:16] Jason(ND): Why Ranger this year?
[20:14:57] jumbojim: how did it go when you changed sponsorships? everybody says it
blacklists you.  i find that hard to believe but that is the word
[20:14:59] eyetaker: The 620 was so impressive for the water I fish
[20:15:03] ebijack: dave, do you prefer to stick with the same sponsors year to year?
[20:15:42] eyetaker: I have only changed two sponsors in my career, I look at it as a
gradual promotion of events
[20:16:14] jumbojim: so u do not feel it hurt your image or the company you were going
[20:16:27] eyetaker: I retain 98% of my sponsors annually
[20:16:59] eyetaker: not at all
[20:17:10] jumbojim: good thanks for the openness
[20:17:11] RoyGPA: what make the average pro decide to change his/her
sponsors?..... in other words do you spend time at the end of the year
determining/analyzing which you got the best bang for the buck out of.... so to speak..
[20:17:57] eyetaker: not so much that, we have to decide what products we are willing
to allow our name to be associated with
[20:18:25] eyetaker: I can't promote something that doesn't work well or has potential
[20:18:38] eyetaker: no target intended
[20:18:58] ebijack: dave, how do you handle sponsors that want you, but you don't
/won't indorse their products
[20:19:14] eyetaker: upfront and honestly 
[20:20:15] ebijack: dave,  what avenues have been the hardest to open to sponsorship
[20:20:19] jumbojim: how do you get sponsors to help with expenses instead of just
[20:20:42] eyetaker: every one starts with product, and I mean everyone
[20:21:05] ebijack: is product a bargaining chip to bigger and better things?
[20:21:46] eyetaker: its a time thing, over time the help with expenses will come to
those who stick it out and are working to help meet the sponsors goal
[20:21:49] sheila: oh come on, how many years until you can develop cash
[20:22:01] jumbojim: do you make a plan on paper showing where there money would
go if donated?
[20:22:09] Jason(ND): Do you use St. Croix 10 foot trolling rod?
[20:22:13] eyetaker: I can't give you a average year figure
[20:22:22] Drift'r: to the point Sheila :)
[20:22:24] walleyemike: so starting pros get free product and still cover there own
[20:22:45] eyetaker: yes, 98 percent of the time
[20:22:47] slip-bobber(MT): Yes walleye
[20:23:06] eyetaker: no I use 8' HOOKHIDER trolling rods
[20:23:12] sheila: well, guess that left me hangin'
[20:23:16] ebijack: tournament fishing isn't a money making adventure walleye
[20:23:28] jumbojim: i think it is how well you package yourself and how much media
you try to attract that target there market
[20:23:35] ebijack: for 98%
[20:23:40] Jason(ND): Any comments on the St. Croix.
[20:23:45] eyetaker: you have to remember that this business is 10% fishing and 90%
[20:24:03] walleyemike: I realize that. I am a little surprised about the product vs
expense though
[20:24:53] eyetaker: the sponsors have to decide who would best serve their needs in
exchange for cash sponsorship
[20:25:08] walleyemike: jumdojim what do you mean by media and target market?
[20:25:38] jumbojim: do you plan a time of year when it is best to address sponsors
such as before they make there budgets?
[20:26:05] ebijack: dave, have you ever figured out how many hours this all uses up in
a year? average job is 2080 hours/year
[20:26:08] jumbojim: newspaper radio writers and the people these people are trying to sell them to
[20:26:20] jumbojim: tv also of course
[20:26:34] eyetaker: I have no idea,, a 40 an hour week would be a vacation, i can
say that
[20:26:40] sheila: poor Chairman, he must get asked too often
[20:26:58] Juls (WI): ;-)
[20:27:19] walleyemike: slipbobber, who are your sponsors; mainstream fishing types?
[20:27:42] eyetaker: early fall, is the time to follow up on contacts made during the year
[20:28:38] jumbojim: i find email is usually the best way to get a hold of people for
sponsors now adays you get faster responses
[20:28:47] ebijack: dave, what would you think would be the next big thing to get
sponsors going towards fishing
[20:28:59] eyetaker: yes it is, it is much less obtrusive
[20:29:34] eyetaker: not sure what you mean ?
[20:30:30] ebijack: what would it take to draw in a whole new line of sponsors , as a
major advertising campaign
[20:30:46] eyetaker: I think more programs , tourneys or otherwise, to generate more
public interest in the sport would be a great help
[20:30:50] jumbojim: are there products u own that you tried to get sponsorship for but
could not but you believe in that product so much that you do not look for a substitute
and if so what is it?
[20:31:11] eyetaker: and we're starting to see that.
[20:31:34] TerryMac: Like Glovigens have Coca Cola... like that is what is needed I
think Dave
[20:31:48] ebijack: like flw..great idea
[20:32:09] eyetaker: major sopnsors like that have to see what I referred to earlier, a
multi faceted approach
[20:32:50] eyetaker: I think we could see that for the walleye market soon 
[20:32:52] waligyd: real good
[20:33:26] eyetaker: I'm thinking Jumbo
[20:33:37] ebijack: dave, do you think pro's will end up getting agents to work on
sponsors etc?
[20:34:23] eyetaker: We're starting to see that on a very small scale, that could
continue to grow, but to what level, I'm not sure
[20:34:24] Jason(ND): Around here many local Marine dealers are sponsoring Tourn.
Teams. Also boat and prop repair shops. 
[20:34:48] eyetaker: dealers are great about sponsoring, great place to look
[20:35:53] Jigs: who are some of the best with sponsors
[20:36:07] ebijack: dave,how much does your wife play in all this time you spend
working/looking for sponsors
[20:36:19] Den: full house , good showing
[20:36:22] eyetaker: my wife is my greatest blessing
[20:36:48] eyetaker: her commitment to me and my career has help me enormously
[20:37:08] eyetaker: she is also my office manager
[20:37:17] eyetaker: as my business has many parts
[20:37:35] Jason(ND): Start with a resume to your local dealer. Include personal bio,
home waters, favorite techniques, equipment, and some good references. Get to know
the PWT guys they are willing to help out.
[20:38:00] eyetaker: good advice Jason
[20:38:14] walleyemike: dave, do you also have a full time regular job? 
[20:38:35] eyetaker: I am full time in the fishing industry
[20:38:56] eyetaker: I also am president/owner of a large rep group
[20:38:56] Reefer: so what else do you do?
[20:39:34] Den: what do you do in your spare time Dave ???    LOL
[20:39:36] Reefer: what products do you rep.?
[20:39:51] eyetaker: we represent several, major fishing and marine industry
[20:39:55] Jigs: how many guys work for you
[20:40:11] eyetaker: 10 great reps
[20:40:14] Jigs: like who?
[20:40:45] eyetaker: all professional anglers
[20:40:55] eyetaker: gives us a leg up on other groups
[20:41:01] Drift'r: now I understand why Swat was working for you
[20:41:02] Jigs: that means if your a rep we can approach you for sponsorships
[20:41:09] Jason(ND): Most dealers start by asking you to help out at sport shows. If
you run their product and can help them sell it, they are more than willing to help you
[20:41:37] Reefer: do you approach the products you rep. like the sponsors you
carry/? ie. quality vs. quantity
[20:41:37] eyetaker: I can put you in touch with the right people, like other reps can,
[20:41:45] Jigs: ok
[20:42:32] eyetaker: yes, the quality has to be there, before my name or any of my reps
names can be associated with it
[20:43:05] eyetaker: I have final say when it comes to the lines we carry
[20:43:22] ebijack: dave, when do you think the sponsors will advertise with pro's on
main tv programs/commercials
[20:43:43] eyetaker: thats coming, probably see some of that this year
[20:44:08] ebijack: dave are you pushing for that?
[20:44:13] eyetaker: I think we will have the RCL tournament to thank for that
[20:44:53] eyetaker: I'd like to see it, as it would be a tremendous boost for the industry
[20:44:53] sheila: oh boy Dave, heard that was boink
[20:45:04] eyetaker: if i can help that come to pass, I certainly will
[20:45:11] Jason(ND): Dealers hear news fast. Professionalism such as you and your
team member getting matching shirts and any thing dealing with kids is a help to
[20:46:07] eyetaker: professionalism is paramount to anyone’s success
[20:47:01] ebijack: dave, do you expect the PTW to maybe get this type of thing
moving forward?
[20:47:41] eyetaker: yes I do, I think that the circuit is needed to take team competition
to the next level
[20:48:12] eyetaker: the more we can grow the sport, the more sponsor interest we can generate
[20:48:24] Jason(ND): Getting kids involved with fishing is more important to some than your past tourn. finishes.
[20:48:33] St Pt Stinger: eyetaker...what would you say is the next level???
[20:48:39] ebijack: dave, are there any plans for the PTW events to be televised?
[20:49:18] eyefish(mi): Dave do you think USFA will be able to overcome Team
Walleyes performance in MI this year
[20:49:35] eyetaker: yes, we are working on bringing a television presence to the
[20:49:45] Den: great
[20:50:16] eyetaker: I think MI circuit will bounce back once the new director steps in
[20:50:56] Chairman: who is the new director dave?
[20:51:06] Jigs: who's the new director
[20:51:11] eyefish(mi): Dave
[20:51:26] eyetaker: Walleye Wise Promotions, my organization Bruce
[20:51:49] sheila: Wait Dave, is PTW same as USFA?
[20:51:57] walleyemike: dave, in the eyes of the industry, any differences between
MWC, USFA and team walleyes?
[20:52:07] eyetaker: PTW is pro team walleye a division of USFA
[20:52:08] Reefer: run it like you did the Erie circuit and things will be just fine.
[20:52:14] Jigs: Oh. Mich. and PTW
[20:52:27] Jigs: PWT
[20:52:32] big fella: does ptw have a site?
[20:53:30] eyetaker: I think the fact that you are out there fishing and promoting
product alone is more important than on what circuit your doing it on
[20:53:32] walleyemike: tourney page on walleye central
[20:53:32] ebijack: walleyecentral's main page big fella
[20:54:28] eyetaker: ok PTW questions anyone?
[20:54:31] ebijack: dave, is there anything that you wanted to say that we didn't ask
[20:55:13] sheila: Are you ready?
[20:55:19] Jigs: what are the paybacks
[20:55:33] Reefer: yeh, where's the championship I'm gonna win going to be at?...lol
[20:55:33] sheila: Is it filled?
[20:55:36] eyetaker: don't be afraid to go after sponsorships, but do so knowing that it
takes work and the most productive individuals rise to the top
[20:55:39] Jenn_WI: lol rick
[20:56:01] Jenn_WI: optimistic is always good 
[20:56:01] eyetaker: your gonna win? I got a pond out back
[20:56:07] Jenn_WI: lol
[20:56:19] eyetaker: just kidding buddy!
[20:56:28] Reefer: ooohhh, that hurts.
[20:56:31] sheila: LOL, ditto!
[20:56:41] eyetaker: paybacks are good, depending on field size as with all tourneys
[20:56:42] river king: have you guys decided what 1st place was gonna pay dave???
[20:56:53] Jigs: what are the paybacks
[20:56:54] Den: he has 10 pound bluegill in it
[20:57:10] ebijack: dave, has there been any thought to doing tourney's here like slip
bobber does with weigh-in boats?
[20:57:41] Jigs: and then what?
[20:58:02] river king: it dropped from 25000 to 17500
[20:58:03] eyetaker: 19th will pay $650
[20:58:16] eyefish(mi): Dave I may have missed it but how many do you have so far
[20:58:24] jumbojim: taxes
[20:58:38] Jigs: paying how many spots?
[20:58:48] eyetaker: texas has registration numbers I am on-site director
[20:58:56] eyetaker: 19 spots
[20:59:08] Jigs: field of how many
[20:59:14] eyetaker: 125 boats
[21:00:10] ebijack: are there any more questions for our host tonight?
[21:00:12] sheila: Dave, one last silly question. do you know guys that incorporate?
real pros let's say?
[21:00:28] eyetaker: there are a few
[21:00:32] river king: does the payout come to 80% dave???
[21:00:42] eyetaker: yes rk
[21:01:11] eyetaker: full field purse is 64,600
[21:01:29] sheila: i always worry about fishermen, tournies and taxes
[21:01:42] ebijack: I'd like to Thank DAVE KIDD...EYETAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!
[21:01:48] ebijack: clap clap clap
[21:01:50] Zach and Dale: do you anticipate a full field for ptw?
[21:01:52] Drift'r: Thanks Dave 
[21:01:52] jumbojim: clap clap
[21:01:53] TerryMac: Good JOB   Dave
[21:01:57] Jenn_WI: thanks dave
[21:02:00] Den: thanks dave see you at cleveland
[21:02:02] Juls (WI): thanks Dave!!
[21:02:04] slapshot: thanks Dave
[21:02:04] eyefish(mi): Great job Dave.......clap clap
[21:02:08] sheila: excellente KIDD
[21:02:09] eyetaker: it looks promising at this point
[21:02:10] #1 Saugeye: Good job Dave, Thanks

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