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 Doug Komrosky 3/17/99
[19:59:39] ebijack (mi): Please Welcome our host tonight DOUG
[19:59:42] slip-bobber(MT): Hi Myron
[19:59:43] putnayay(Wi): kewl
[19:59:54] Steve (IA): clap, clap, clap
[19:59:54] sundance: clap clap clap
[19:59:56] ebijack (mi): clap clap clap
[19:59:59] Juls (WI): clap clap clap
[20:00:02] tlml(mn): hi slip
[20:00:02] Drift'r: Welcome Doug!!
[20:00:04] SdDoc: clap
[20:00:05] Swat 1(oh): Hi Doug
[20:00:05] Hogboss IL: hi  doug
[20:00:06] putnayay(Wi): hi doug
[20:00:06] Bull: <<<<<<clapping!!!!!!!
[20:00:14] fish-alot (ND): welcome doug
[20:00:32] ebijack (mi): howdy doug, why don't you tell us abit
about the history of the montana curcuit
[20:00:46] RichardM (AB): hello everyone full house tonight!
[20:00:53] slip-bobber(MT): Well over 8 years old.
[20:01:11] slip-bobber(MT): Have up to six tourneys a year
[20:01:24] slip-bobber(MT): Two day team events
[20:01:37] ebijack (mi): how long have you been the director slip?
[20:01:50] slip-bobber(MT): This is my third year
[20:02:23] slip-bobber(MT): Hardest part of director work is
obtaining sponsors for the circuit.
[20:02:49] slip-bobber(MT): Looks like we will have in excess of
thirty (30) sponsors.
[20:03:20] ebijack (mi): doug, how many hours do you think you
spend just getting things set up for each tourney
[20:04:02] slip-bobber(MT): By the time the actual tourneys start,
I'm pretty much done except for circuit points totals.
[20:04:07] Steve (IA): doug, how many teams fish in your tourneys
and do most of them fish all of your tourneys?
[20:04:29] slip-bobber(MT): Individual tournament directors handle
their own operation using circuit rules.
[20:04:57] ebijack (mi): doug, each tourney has a different director?
[20:05:03] slip-bobber(MT): Tourneys range from 125 to 150 boats.
[20:05:21] slip-bobber(MT): Alot fish at least three to qualify for
circuit awards.
[20:05:54] ebijack (mi): doug, what's the average 1st place pay out?
[20:05:55] #1 Saugeye!: Can pros enter your state tournaments
[20:06:02] slip-bobber(MT): Yes ebi. I oversee their tournaments,
but they call the shots.
[20:06:26] slip-bobber(MT): 2500-4000 first.
[20:06:37] slip-bobber(MT): No Pros.
[20:06:38] Steve (IA): Doug, do many of the teams take the time off
to pre-fish any of the tourneys?
[20:06:47] ebijack (mi): doug, how soon does each tourney fill up,
or isn't there a limit on boats
[20:06:56] tlml(mn): been hearing a lot about big fish out west do
you have a lot of walleye water or are they limited to just a few
lakes or impoundments?
[20:07:00] slip-bobber(MT): Absolutely. Most prefish from 3-5 days.
[20:07:33] slip-bobber(MT): Limits of 125 or 150. Most fill by
tournament time Some sooner than others.
[20:07:58] ebijack (mi): doug, how many states fish your curcuit
[20:07:59] slip-bobber(MT): tlml - ME?
[20:08:02] river king mi: what trail slip
[20:08:14] tlml(mn): yes doug sorry
[20:08:24] slip-bobber(MT): ND, SD, MN, WY, Sask, MT etc
[20:08:45] slip-bobber(MT): Good Walleye Waters in Eastern MT tlml
[20:09:11] ebijack (mi): doug, how did you get involved in running
the curcuit
[20:09:22] slip-bobber(MT): PWT Pinnacle Award at FT Peck last year.
[20:09:34] slip-bobber(MT): VOLUNTEERED !!!!?????
[20:10:11] ebijack (mi): doug, do you fish any tourneys
[20:10:52] slip-bobber(MT): I fish the entire MT circuit and the MT
Gov Cup. Bobber Dave is my partner.
[20:11:22] ebijack (mi): doug, how does each tourney handle
getting blast off numbers
[20:11:23] slip-bobber(MT): We took second last year in the circuit
angler and team competitions.
[20:11:25] R Hill(mi): Sorry for being late but which curcuit are we
talking about
[20:11:47] ebijack (mi): montana hill
[20:11:52] slip-bobber(MT): First come, first serve numbers.
Stickers given to each boat.
[20:12:01] Steve (IA): doug, should we ask Bobber-Dave who the
better fisherman is in the boat?
[20:12:04] #1 Saugeye!: Slip, Do you expect to go Pro in the near future?
[20:12:24] slip-bobber(MT): NO!!!!!! He'll just say he is!!! lol
[20:12:24] ebijack (mi): doug, do you try to plan to not be running
against any nawa or mwc tourney times?
[20:12:31] Steve (IA): :-)
[20:12:48] slip-bobber(MT): Like to. Trying to round up some sponsors.
[20:13:45] slip-bobber(MT): No ebi. Window of opportunity is small
for tourneys in MT. Early ice late spring.
[20:14:33] Steve (IA): what businesses sponsor your circuit?
[20:14:36] ebijack (mi): it seems from the number of teams you
don't have a problem with interfering with nawa or mwc
[20:15:27] slip-bobber(MT): No Ebi. Where do you want me to start
Steve? 30 + sponsors some corporate some local MT sponsors.
[20:15:33] ebijack (mi): doug, are there and special regulations in
the montana curcuit?
[20:15:58] Steve (IA): I was curious as to what type of businesses? Doug
[20:16:30] slip-bobber(MT): Just one that is unique to MT circuit.
We don't actually weigh fish. We have a length to weight
[20:17:04] ebijack (mi): why that way doug?
[20:17:04] Bull: what is your conversion????
[20:17:06] slip-bobber(MT): Mostly marine dealers, tackle
companies sporting goods stores bait companies etc.
[20:17:10] Steve (IA): please explain how that works, Doug
[20:18:02] slip-bobber(MT): ebi, we think we have a better survival
rate. The MT circuit caught and measured in excess of 4900 fish
last year and lost 9 total fish.
[20:18:23] R Hill(mi): thats impressive
[20:18:29] slip-bobber(MT): Sponsors Steve?
[20:18:35] Swat 1(oh): Sure is
[20:18:38] Steve (IA): do you measure in the boat with a honor
[20:18:48] ebijack (mi): is that because it's a faster system doug?
[20:19:28] slip-bobber(MT): No Steve, we have weigh boats
located throughout the tournament boundries. Teams go to those
boats to have fish measured.
[20:19:30] Tstick{sk}: only 9  thats incredible
[20:20:00] slip-bobber(MT): Yes Ebi, it is fast. Fish are not carried
all day in live wells.
[20:20:21] ebijack (mi): why would anyone weight fish early, what if
you get into bigger ones later
[20:20:24] Steve (IA): can teams cull fish that have already been
[20:20:28] Swat 1(oh): How deep is the water the fish are being
taken from on average Doug?
[20:20:37] RichardM (AB): Great system and as I understand it you
can weigh as many fish as you want in a day and take your five
[20:20:53] R Hill(mi): Cool
[20:20:55] slip-bobber(MT): Upgrading is allowed. Heaviest five
fish on card count.
[20:21:06] tlml(mn): doug is there a time limit fish can be kept in the
[20:21:13] ebijack (mi): cool!!!!!!!!
[20:21:13] slip-bobber(MT): No.
[20:21:20] Tstick{sk}: do u have a slot limit??
[20:21:24] slip-bobber(MT): No
[20:21:59] Steve (IA): doug, why do you suppose some of those
smart fellows from Michigan haven't thought of that before?
[20:22:18] Blazer Pa.: I fish for pleasure and sometimes a great
meal but tournament fishing that almost takes the fun out of it
doesn't it I mean how many of us could really do this for a living?
[20:22:19] R Hill(mi): we eat ours Steve
[20:22:19] ebijack (mi): doug, has nawa or mwc or pwt studied your
system of weigh in?
[20:22:31] Bull: is the formula just length = weight like 27.25=7lbs 4 ozs?????
[20:22:40] slip-bobber(MT): Don't know. I DO know that the general
public likes the idea of that many fish being returned to the water.
[20:23:16] slip-bobber(MT): ebi, I think they have seen the system
work but don't know what they think about it.
[20:23:53] Steve (IA): how many weigh-in boats do you use?
[20:23:59] slip-bobber(MT): Yes bull. 14" = 1lb, 30 " = 10.82 lb
[20:24:11] Steve (IA): measurement boats
[20:24:36] slip-bobber(MT): Varies on the size of tourney
boundries. From 5 to 10 boats
[20:25:25] slip-bobber(MT): Tournaments pay for gas used by
weigh boats.
[20:26:14] ebijack (mi): doug, is there a problem finding trust worthy
weigh in boats?
[20:26:21] Swat 1(oh): Do you promote fizzing Walleyes taken from
deep water Doug?
[20:26:44] Steve (IA): about how many surface acres would 1
measurement boat cover, Doug?
[20:26:55] slip-bobber(MT): Not at all ebi. All weigh boats are
volunteers but recruited by tournament directors.
[20:27:08] #1 Saugeye!: Slip, share what was your most
embarrassing moment at a tournament?
[20:27:19] RichardM (AB): Steve: About a million - have you ever
seen how big Ft. Peck is?
[20:27:30] Steve (IA): No
[20:27:36] slip-bobber(MT): Tourney boats come to weigh boats
Steve. Depends on how far they want to travel to find a weigh boat.
[20:27:42] ebijack (mi): doug, is there a limit on how close you can
fish next to a weigh in boat?
[20:28:05] slip-bobber(MT): lol saugeye. Please answer that for
me Bobber Dave.
[20:28:30] Bobber Dave(Mt): no
[20:28:42] slip-bobber(MT): No ebi. Once caught and measured,
most fish aren't going to bite again for awhile.
[20:28:56] Steve (IA): Dave must be a good partner to be biting his
lip on that request
[20:29:34] slip-bobber(MT): The two of us have bobber in our
names for a reason that I won't go into.
[20:29:48] #1 Saugeye!: Slip, must I tell the folks?
[20:29:49] ebijack (mi): doug, what's the one thing you'll like every
tourney guy to know 
[20:29:54] slip-bobber(MT): nope.
[20:29:54] Bobber Dave(Mt): never
[20:30:24] slip-bobber(MT): HAVE FUN AND LEARN FROM THE
[20:30:31] river king mi: share it guys it cant be that bad
[20:30:45] fish-alot (ND): what are the hot patterns on peck, in the
late summer
[20:31:09] slip-bobber(MT): Spinners, Spinners, Spinners
[20:31:27] Bobber Dave(Mt): cranks sometimes
[20:31:29] Tstick{sk}: what no cranks?
[20:31:34] Steve (IA): how do you present your spinners, Doug?
[20:31:35] ebijack (mi): :)
[20:31:44] slip-bobber(MT): Few, but to catch fish you pull spinners.
[20:31:46] tlml(mn): slip do you have a lot of suspended fish?
[20:32:02] #1 Saugeye!: No guys, a good jig presentation works
best every time!
[20:32:15] slip-bobber(MT): Not that anyone has been able to
target, including the PWT pros.
[20:32:41] slip-bobber(MT): How did you do in tourneys last year
saugeye??? lol
[20:32:55] RichardM (AB): Suspended bite in Peck is hit or miss.
[20:33:22] slip-bobber(MT): You jig your way into watching
tournament checks presented???
[20:33:27] slip-bobber(MT): lol
[20:33:37] tlml(mn): slip what has been some of winning weights 
[20:33:57] fish-alot (ND): what kind of forage fish, smelt?
[20:35:00] slip-bobber(MT): perch mainly, some cisco fish-alot
[20:35:09] Steve (IA): if you measure and then convert to pounds.....
why don't you award winners based upon inches, Dave?
[20:35:12] tlml(mn): slip how many fish are you allowed to keep in mt?
[20:35:41] slip-bobber(MT): 5 per day
[20:36:10] ebijack (mi): doug, how did your curcuit come to try that
way to weigh in fish
[20:36:52] slip-bobber(MT): In place a long time. Don't know how it
started. Just know it works.
[20:37:36] ebijack (mi): doug, how long do you plan on running the
montana curcuit
[20:37:57] fish-alot (ND): what kind of structure and depths do you
look for to pull your spinners in the summer 
[20:38:08] slip-bobber(MT): Don't know. I volunteered for the job so
I can't get fired. lol
[20:38:26] slip-bobber(MT): Drop offs and rocky points.
[20:38:41] slip-bobber(MT): 2-20 ft
[20:39:09] ebijack (mi): doug, is your curcuit times/dates listed on
walleyecentral tourney page?
[20:39:39] #1 Saugeye!: Slip what type of boat do you prefer on
windy days on Ft. Peck?
[20:39:42] slip-bobber(MT): Yes it is. Folks can get my email
address if they have any questions or need an app.
[20:39:58] slip-bobber(MT): WARRIOR!!!
[20:40:36] ebijack (mi): doug, is your applications avail. over the internet?
[20:40:50] RichardM (AB): Slip: You have no class - other than that
you're not a bad guy.
[20:40:59] slip-bobber(MT): Not this year, maybe next.
[20:41:07] Bull: is wind on peck an everyday problem or does erie
have the only claim to that??
[20:41:09] ebijack (mi): :)
[20:41:11] slip-bobber(MT): Class Boat????
[20:41:15] tlml(mn): slip are you mainly pulling nightcrawlers on
your spinners?
[20:41:25] slip-bobber(MT): Peck too, but not everyday.
[20:41:31] RichardM (AB): LOL
[20:41:34] slip-bobber(MT): Yes tlml
[20:42:05] ebijack (mi): doug, when you have 150 boats, do you
launch in flights?
[20:42:37] slip-bobber(MT): No, One at a time, about 5-10 seconds apart.
[20:42:49] fish-alot (ND): slip heard rumors peck eyes will sit in 1-2
foot of water on calm hot days true?
[20:42:55] slip-bobber(MT): Reverse order second day.
[20:43:09] ebijack (mi): are all your tourneys 2 days?
[20:43:44] slip-bobber(MT): Yep. If water is coming up. Exactly
what happened last year's Gov Cup. Surface temp 81-83 Fish in 2 ft.
[20:44:00] slip-bobber(MT): Yes ebi. Two days each.
[20:44:23] tlml(mn): slip leaches work good in mn do you use them
out there?
[20:44:48] slip-bobber(MT): yes tlml, early summer with jigs.
[20:46:04] ebijack (mi): is there anything else you like to tell us
about your montana curcuit doug?
[20:46:05] #1 Saugeye!: Bobber Dave, explain how the pair of you
got your names
[20:46:40] slip-bobber(MT): New Canyon Ferry Tournament. 
[20:46:55] Bobber Dave(Mt): miracle of modern science
[20:47:08] slip-bobber(MT): Fish up to twenty pounds have been
gill netted in the last two years by our FWP
[20:47:42] slip-bobber(MT): Looking for a new state record during
that tourney.
[20:48:12] Bull: what is mt. state record???
[20:48:36] slip-bobber(MT): Richard M has volunteered to help with
a weigh boat for the MT circuit. I hope other pros will hop on board.
[20:48:50] slip-bobber(MT): MT record is a little over 16 pounds.
[20:49:18] ebijack (mi): are there anymore questions for our host tonight?
[20:50:31] ebijack (mi): I’d like to thank our host tonight 
DOUG KOMROSKY “slip-bobber”  !!!!!!
[20:51:02] fish-alot (ND): thanks slip-bobber good job !
[20:51:06] Swat 1(oh): Thanks Doug
[20:51:08] Steve (IA): thanks, Doug!!!
[20:51:08] Drift'r: Thanks Doug!!!!!
[20:51:10] Wolfheart (Ab): clap, clap, clap!!!
[20:51:14] Bull: <clapping!!!!!!!!
[20:51:14] *** J.R. has left Walleye Central
[20:51:17] Juls (WI): thanks slipbobber...good job...clap clap clap
[20:51:19] *** Steve (IA) has left Walleye Central
[20:51:24] ebijack (mi): thanks doug,  !!
[20:51:31] Pikeman(Sask): great  job
[20:51:32] #1 Saugeye!: Slip,  you done good!
[20:51:33] ebijack (mi): clap clap clap   
[20:51:33] slip-bobber(MT): Thank You EBI
[20:52:21] ebijack (mi): good luck in 99 bobbers  :)
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