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DOUG KOMROSKY   11/17/99
[20:00:10] ebijack: Please Welcome our host tonight DOUG KOMROSKY>>"slip-bobber" !!!!!!!!!
[20:00:18] Drift'r: Welcome Doug !!!!!!!
[20:00:23] river king mi: welcome doug
[20:00:24] slip-bobber(MT): Hi all
[20:00:27] Waliwz: hey doug
[20:00:30] ebijack: clap clap clap
[20:00:31] mbrandt(in): Hi Doug
[20:00:37] bob g: hi doug
[20:00:46] Juls (WI): clap clap clap clap clap....
[20:01:23] Juls (WI): Doug...give us some background on yourself....
[20:01:23] slip-bobber(MT): What do you all want to talk about?
[20:01:43] slip-bobber(MT): Love to fish. Primarily in Montana
[20:01:52] slip-bobber(MT): Montana Walleye Circuit Director
[20:01:57] Juls (WI): cool
[20:02:01] slip-bobber(MT): Guide on FT Peck
[20:02:08] ebijack: howdy doug, why don't you start us off with abit about how your
tourney's are run, it's a good concept i believe
[20:02:22] slip-bobber(MT): 6 tournaments
[20:02:30] slip-bobber(MT): Catch and release
[20:02:31] #1 saugeye: greetings from fort peck everybody
[20:02:33] slapshot: How's the bite right now? FP
[20:02:42] slip-bobber(MT): No actual weighin
[20:02:56] slip-bobber(MT): Length to weight conversion
[20:03:09] slip-bobber(MT): Great live release rate
[20:03:18] Waliwz: most inches wins
[20:03:24] slip-bobber(MT): mortality is minimal
[20:03:26] mbrandt(in): who measures the fish?
[20:03:38] slip-bobber(MT): weigh boats located on water
[20:04:04] slip-bobber(MT): if fish does not swim away ZERO weight
[20:04:07] stacker: to what degree 1/16th-1/32nd?
[20:04:21] slip-bobber(MT): ¼
[20:04:37] TerryMac: Hi...Doug...and everybody
[20:04:43] stacker: ever get disgruntled people?
[20:05:02] slip-bobber(MT): what do you mean by disgruntled? why?
[20:05:19] stacker: on the wolf in wisc. they do the same
[20:05:51] stacker: every now and again there is a tie.
[20:06:19] stacker: some guys claim miss reading? I don't know
[20:06:19] slip-bobber(MT): Has never been in Montana Circuit
[20:06:53] slip-bobber(MT): tournament anglers have to agree with weigh boat
measurement before fish is released
[20:06:53] ebijack: doug, do you have a limit on how many boats fish each tourney?
[20:07:02] Waliwz: do you show fans the fish?  on video  or something?
[20:07:21] slip-bobber(MT): largest in circuit is 150 boats. smallest tourney is 100
[20:07:49] slip-bobber(MT): no
[20:08:01] SdDoc: Whats the plan for canyon ferry res. at this time according to the
dnr, Doug?
[20:08:02] ebijack: doug, are all your tourney's "team" events?
[20:08:26] slip-bobber(MT): people seem to be happy that fish being caught are being
released as soon as possible
[20:08:50] slip-bobber(MT): Canyon Ferry is going to have increased limits
[20:09:00] slip-bobber(MT): 20 per day and 40 in possession
[20:09:07] slip-bobber(MT): Yes all team events
[20:09:14] mbrandt(in): wow
[20:09:17] stacker: what kind of money is paid for first in each tourney?
[20:09:36] slip-bobber(MT): from 2500 to 4000 dollars first place
[20:10:10] stacker: good pay outs, is it for 2 days?
[20:10:14] slapshot: It doesn't work on mine for some reason
[20:10:23] slip-bobber(MT): all two day tourneys
[20:10:47] slip-bobber(MT): this year three will be on Friday-Sat and three will be on
[20:10:48] ebijack: doug, do you fish in any of your tourneys?
[20:11:04] TerryMac: Har har he fishes ALL of them
[20:11:09] slip-bobber(MT): All of them EBI
[20:11:12] Juls (WI): ;-)
[20:11:28] slip-bobber(MT): Seems a waste to be there and not fish them
[20:11:40] stacker: do the fields fill fast?
[20:11:46] ebijack: doug, is it a problem to get folks to be weigh boats?
[20:11:49] slip-bobber(MT): most of them yes
[20:12:08] slip-bobber(MT): No Ebi. In fact they line up to volunteer
[20:12:11] slapshot: anyone hear how the PTW is doing for registrations?
[20:12:30] slip-bobber(MT): No slapshot.
[20:12:40] Juls (WI): haven't heard mike...but will see if i can find that out for you
[20:12:50] ebijack: doug, is there any plans on starting a pro/am event?
[20:12:57] slapshot: I hope it does well!
[20:13:05] slip-bobber(MT): Not in the Montana Circuit
[20:13:33] #1 saugeye: when are the entries going to open up for the Mont. circuit?
[20:13:35] slip-bobber(MT): Kind of nice to have some events that the little guy can fish
[20:13:59] slip-bobber(MT): Entrie come out in January edition of Fish Tales Magazine
[20:14:13] ebijack: doug, what are the entrants fees
[20:14:18] slip-bobber(MT): Going to try to get entry blanks in walleye central too
[20:14:31] Juls (WI): good thinking
[20:14:33] slip-bobber(MT): from 170 to 220
[20:14:36] stacker: good luck. lol
[20:14:45] ebijack: team? or per head
[20:14:50] slip-bobber(MT): team
[20:15:10] RichardM(AB): how was your lake (Peck) last year Slip?
[20:15:20] ebijack: doug, do you have any sponsors yourself?
[20:15:25] slip-bobber(MT): Had a great year Rich.
[20:15:41] slip-bobber(MT): Yes
[20:15:44] RichardM(AB): good fishing?
[20:16:31] slip-bobber(MT): Have Havre Ford helping me out on the western division
entries this year. Also have Mister Twister and Montana Outdoor Radio Show.
20:17:14] ebijack: wow, mister twister?
[20:17:16] slip-bobber(MT): Lot of real nice fish Rich. Even outfished #1 saugeye
[20:17:28] LS(nd): :-)
[20:17:31] ebijack: :)
[20:17:33] slip-bobber(MT): lol
[20:17:37] RichardM(AB): so what else is new Slip LOL!!
[20:17:45] slip-bobber(MT): lol
[20:18:02] Ironman: slip did you go to the BLM meeting on the missouri river last night
[20:18:12] #1 saugeye: lets talk nice guys
[20:18:14] slip-bobber(MT): Not all of it
[20:18:22] slip-bobber(MT): lol saugeye
[20:18:32] ebijack: doug, what kind of distances do teams run in your tourney's
[20:18:44] slip-bobber(MT): Up to 40 miles
[20:18:49] slip-bobber(MT): one way
[20:19:14] ebijack: sounds like small boats could do pretty good
[20:19:41] slip-bobber(MT): most do well ebi. Unless wind comes up on Peck. It can
get nasty
[20:20:29] TerryMac: Most boats are 18 -20 wouldn't you say, Doug
[20:20:36] ebijack: doug, do your tourney's launch in flights?
[20:20:45] slip-bobber(MT): There are some different things we do in our tourneys too
[20:21:14] slip-bobber(MT): No flights. One at a time. Safety concerns dictate 
[20:21:18] slip-bobber(MT): most are yes terry
[20:22:09] slip-bobber(MT): We have mixed Couples competition. Adult/Child
competition and even awards for cellar dweller folks
[20:22:49] slip-bobber(MT): Circuit sponsors take care of all these awards. Last year we had a total of 33 sponsors
[20:23:05] ebijack: there are different weighs for each group to win?
[20:23:20] slip-bobber(MT): Two of them are with us tonight. Terry Mac and #1 saugeye
[20:23:40] TerryMac: Different weights or... hahah
[20:24:06] slip-bobber(MT): Not different ways but mixed couples are competing
against other mixed couples in that category, as well as the entire field for the cash
[20:24:42] slip-bobber(MT): same with adult child
[20:25:10] slip-bobber(MT): We are trying to get some family involvement in the
tourneaments as well as kids
[20:25:25] ebijack: doug, how many years have you been running this circuit
[20:25:44] slip-bobber(MT): This will be my fourth year
[20:25:55] stacker: cool.
[20:26:33] slip-bobber(MT): It has been a great way to meet alot of fishermen and
[20:26:39] ebijack: doug, how much advertising do you get set up for each year
[20:26:52] slip-bobber(MT): Try to do alot ebi.
[20:27:11] slip-bobber(MT): We have Fish Tales Magazine that works well with us.
[20:27:37] slip-bobber(MT): We also have the Montana Outdoor Radio Show that
broadcast our tourneys statewide all summer
[20:27:58] slip-bobber(MT): We are going to be trying to break into TV this year.
[20:27:59] ebijack: doug, have you found 150 boats to be a good limit to have for each
[20:28:02] slip-bobber(MT): Montana Stations
[20:28:33] slip-bobber(MT): Most of our tourneys are limited to the body of water we are fishing.
[20:29:06] stacker: it doesn't sound like advertising is needed, the fields are full.
[20:29:11] slip-bobber(MT): We have three on FT Peck, but the tournament boundries
at each of those do not overlap.
[20:29:25] ebijack: doug, do you have any problems with getting ramp space for your
[20:29:37] Juls (WI): how big is Ft. Peck?
[20:29:45] LS(nd): any out of glasgow?
[20:29:58] slapshot: huge Juls
[20:30:01] slip-bobber(MT): Advertising is not necessarily for the tournament fields. Its
to plug the sponsors and their products/services
[20:30:15] slip-bobber(MT): no problem ebi
[20:30:21] Juls (WI): bigger than Sak? slapshot?
[20:30:24] slip-bobber(MT): Juls BIGGGGGG
[20:30:28] slip-bobber(MT): 132 miles long
[20:30:31] slapshot: yes
[20:30:32] Juls (WI): wow
[20:30:39] slip-bobber(MT): yes
[20:31:21] ebijack: doug, do you get any of the manufacture support trucks for your
[20:31:44] slip-bobber(MT): Most of our tournaments are ran out of Marinas. Marina
staffs are more than willing to have us run our tournament from there. Good business
[20:31:54] Juls (WI): true true
[20:32:21] slip-bobber(MT): Not yet ebi. Been a long process getting our sponsorship to
the level it is right now.
[20:32:30] ebijack: wow, they should try that here  :)
[20:32:34] #1 saugeye: F.T water level can rise or drop 15 feet in a year
[20:34:17] ebijack: doug, do you think you will get local tv coverage soon?
[20:34:29] slip-bobber(MT): Talking about plugs for folks that support you, I want to
take this opportunity to thank EBI and all the folks at Walleye Central for their support
[20:34:53] ebijack: :)   glad to have you doug
[20:34:57] TerryMac: ya..thanks ebi
[20:35:05] slip-bobber(MT): Hoping this year Ebi. Have a guy working on that very
subject as we speak.
[20:36:02] ebijack: doug, do you think the taping would make "fishing the midwest"?
[20:36:13] slip-bobber(MT): Maybe I can take this opportunity to ask Terry Mac if we
can get a boat this year????
[20:36:30] Juls (WI): heheh
[20:36:32] ebijack: i think it would be great to get the way your tourney's are run out in
the public
[20:36:38] #1 saugeye: Doug has put more effort in the Mont. circuit than anybody
[20:37:26] slip-bobber(MT): Gonna try ebi. I think we do some unique things in the
Montana Circuit. Would really like to get our success on live release promoted.
[20:38:22] TerryMac: The circuit has really gotten organized by Komrosky..there are no
grey areas
[20:38:31] Juls (WI): cool
[20:38:55] ebijack: doug, any chance you could run a ptw there?  :)
[20:39:19] slip-bobber(MT): PTW Ebi?
[20:39:30] RichardM(AB): LOL
[20:39:33] Juls (WI): the new Pro Team Walleye
[20:39:38] ebijack: the ptw is taking over the nawa opening they left
[20:39:42] slip-bobber(MT): No ebi.
[20:40:06] slip-bobber(MT): Would like to see PTW come to FT Peck with a
[20:40:15] slip-bobber(MT): Like the PWT
[20:40:35] ebijack: they are supposed to have a east/west division
[20:41:43] riggers: does anyone know how many are registered for the east div. of
[20:41:45] ebijack: doug, your marina's must be real large to hold 150 boats
[20:41:56] ebijack: not me riggers
[20:41:57] Juls (WI): not yet riggers...
[20:42:32] TerryMac: I would bet the PTW does come if the first year goes ok..don't
you think, Doug?
[20:42:35] riggers: just wondering  any of you guy,,,gals fishing it with me???
[20:42:36] Jig Head (WI): can't wait till Erie in April
[20:42:37] slip-bobber(MT): As a side note; Montana's state Walleye Unlimited
convention is set for the first weekend in February in Billings MT. They are planning
1000 people at the banquet. Should be a blast Everyone is welcome.
[20:43:27] slip-bobber(MT): Most of our boats launch each morning ebi. Not enough
boat slips for all of them
[20:45:26] ebijack: we don't have any marinas that could handle 150 vehicles/boats
etc that i know of
[20:45:54] ebijack: all the tourneys are launched out of park ramps
[20:46:04] slip-bobber(MT): Yes
[20:46:15] ebijack: doug, is the dnr involved with your tourneys?
[20:46:26] slip-bobber(MT): Most of our folks take a few days and prefish
[20:46:50] ebijack: doug, do you have a closed period before your tourney's
[20:47:08] slip-bobber(MT): DNR in Montana is our Fish, Wildlife and Parks. Yes they
are. They have to approve all our tournaments.
[20:47:27] slip-bobber(MT): Not yet ebi, but we have been kicking around the idea
[20:48:04] ebijack: doug, what's your feeling on having a closed period
[20:48:04] #1 saugeye: doug , do you do any stunts before a tourney
[20:48:16] TerryMac: hehehe..
[20:48:26] RichardM(AB): like walking on water?
[20:48:36] slip-bobber(MT): Personally I like the idea. Puts everyone on an even
playing field
[20:48:50] ebijack: magic tricks saugeye?  :)
[20:48:53] slip-bobber(MT): As a circuit director, I don't like the idea.
[20:49:11] slapshot: I think that is a bad rule
[20:49:15] slip-bobber(MT): Alot of our folks can take only so much time off.
[20:49:35] slip-bobber(MT): Takes away some of the fun for the little guy
[20:49:45] TerryMac: Agree
[20:49:51] slapshot: Why punish a guy who likes to fish a body of water a lot!
[20:49:58] #1 saugeye: doug does like to entertain
[20:50:02] TerryMac: agree
[20:50:16] TerryMac: with slap
[20:50:27] Juls (WI): got to agree with ya there slapshot
[20:50:40] ebijack: doug, how do you get insurance coverage
[20:50:43] slip-bobber(MT): be nice guys. Just because you are two of the MT circuit
sponsors, doesn't give you the green light to be nasty. lol
[20:50:52] ebijack: :)
[20:51:03] slip-bobber(MT): One company covers all six tournaments.
[20:51:05] TerryMac: I AM being nice you should know
[20:51:29] slip-bobber(MT): We get a 1 million dollar liability policy for each tournament
[20:51:55] riggers: doug im in the process of getting insurance for tourns. now. do yo
get coverage per event or can u get a yearly policy?
[20:52:10] riggers: thanks  i typed to slow...
[20:52:18] TerryMac: has there ever been an incident  where needed, Doug?
[20:52:19] slip-bobber(MT): We may also be getting major sponsorship dollars from an
insurance company this year. That is in the mill.
[20:52:29] slip-bobber(MT): Yearly policy riggers
[20:52:56] slip-bobber(MT): Not yet Terry. and HOPEFULLY Never!!!!
[20:53:03] TerryMac: 10-4
[20:53:27] slip-bobber(MT): Can't afford not to buy the insurance though
[20:53:36] TerryMac: 10-4
[20:53:36] ebijack: are there anymore questions for our great host tonight?
[20:53:39] riggers: yes i was wondering if u could get a blanket policy for a set amount
of tourns. in a one yr. period.
[20:53:51] slip-bobber(MT): yes riggers
[20:54:07] slip-bobber(MT): we are insured for the six we have
[20:54:26] slip-bobber(MT): each year
[20:54:31] riggers: that is what i am waiting on a quote for  now
[20:54:40] RichardM(AB): thanks Slip nite all!
[20:55:04] ebijack: I'd like to thank DOUG KOMROSKY....slip-bobber..!!!!!!!!
[20:55:13] ebijack: clap clap clap..!!!!
[20:55:15] Juls (WI): clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap ..thanks Doug
[20:55:19] mbrandt(in): clap clap clap
[20:55:21] TerryMac: yaeh....thanks, Doug
[20:55:37] sheila: can't wait to come up to Montana to fish!
[20:55:40] slapshot: good job!  Thanks
[20:55:44] slip-bobber(MT): Thank all of you. Guess what I get to do now???? Go to a
Walleyes Unlimited Meeting. lol
[20:55:49] #1 saugeye: good job slip I headed out
[20:55:50] ebijack: thanks doug!
[20:55:57] Juls (WI): hehe have a good nite slip bobber
[20:56:00] Swat 1: Thanks Doug for an informitive chat and thanks as well to #1
saugeye and Terry mac for their sponsorship of a great circuit
[20:56:10] riggers: thanks  that will help  have a good night

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