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Andy Kuffer 11/10/99
[20:10:32] ebijack: Please welcome our host tonight  ANDY KUFFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:10:37] Bull(oh): hi mike and andy
[20:10:41] Lundman: Hi Andy...
[20:10:45] Bull(oh): clapping for andy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:10:51] ebijack: clap clap clap
[20:10:54] Juls (WI): clap clap clap clap clap
[20:11:10] river king mi: welcome andy
[20:23:27] ebijack: andy, how about telling us abit about yourself
[20:23:29] Den: whats you toughest body of water to fish?
[20:23:32] Juls (WI): are you fishing all 6 next year andy?
[20:24:01] Westnewton: tough odds
[20:24:31] Juls (WI): what are the lakes for the eastern half next season?
[20:24:50] Swat 1: Erie, St Marys River, and Saginaw Bay
[20:24:50] Juls (WI): suppose there is a river in there too....;-)
[20:24:54] Andy: toughest body of water for me was at the championship in Madison
[20:25:00] Juls (WI): ;-)
[20:25:23] ebijack: andy, who are your sponsors
[20:25:36] Juls (WI): you drive a Lund don't you?
[20:25:43] ebijack: madison was tough for everyone   :)
[20:25:48] Andy: lund, pinpoint chapmans
[20:26:26] Juls (WI): which lund do you run?
[20:26:33] Andy: 2025
[20:26:47] Den: what motor
[20:26:57] Andy: 225 optimax
[20:27:02] ebijack: andy, when you fished the detroit river pwt, why did you switch to
handlining the last day
[20:27:20] Andy: because it was to cold to hold the rod
[20:27:27] Juls (WI): lol
[20:27:31] ebijack: :)
20:27:44] Andy: i prefer to jig
[20:28:07] Juls (WI): I take it you like to fish rivers more?
[20:28:24] Andy: rivers are more to my liking
[20:28:24] ebijack: andy, will you be running dipsey divers for the pwt on erie on 2000?
[20:28:47] Andy: I will try anything that will work on erie
20:29:21] river king mi: you fishing the mwt next year andy
[20:29:30] Juls (WI): where did you end up placing last season in the PWT Andy?
[20:29:33] ebijack: andy, will you be fishing the mwt and the ptw and the pwt in 2000?
[20:29:36] Andy: i will fish the det river
[20:30:10] Andy: i will also fish the team walleye if possible
[20:30:47] ebijack: andy, how has the pin point held up for you on the circuit
[20:31:23] Andy: this is the first year i didn't have any breakdowns with a bow mount in
my life
[20:31:42] ebijack: andy, do you use the linking system pin point has?
[20:32:06] Andy: i think it is a great idea that s time has come
[20:32:45] ebijack: andy, how did you come about to fish the pwt
[20:33:10] Andy: that is a long story
[20:33:25] Juls (WI): we got time...;-)
[20:33:31] Andy: ok
[20:34:35] Andy: . everyone I know encouraged me especially the dealership where i
bought my boat but mostly it was because fishing is one of my lifes passions
[20:35:17] Juls (WI): cool
[20:35:36] ebijack: andy, what else do you do to help pay the bills
[20:35:38] Andy: I am trying to keep the story short
[20:35:45] Juls (WI): ;-)
[20:36:05] Andy: right now i work in sales for a steel company
[20:36:25] river king mi: what steel company andy
[20:36:48] Andy: unisteel inc based in sterling heights mi
[20:37:38] Andy: we sell tool steel for die manufacturing not the big stuff
[20:38:18] Andy: hey aren't we supposed to talk fishing?
[20:38:22] Juls (WI): what has been your biggest fish to date andy?  eye that is
[20:38:38] ebijack: andy, i know this is a loaded question, but how do you like the guys
on the pwt trail
[20:38:40] Andy: 10.8
[20:38:40] Juls (WI): what line do you like to use for jigging?
[20:39:10] Andy: the guys are very competitive but fools like me
[20:39:16] Juls (WI): ;-)
[20:39:20] ebijack: :)
[20:40:06] Andy: as for line i like fireline when vertical and stren magna thin when casting
[20:40:24] ebijack: andy, where were you fishing at for the madison tourney
[20:40:40] Andy: on lake wabesa
[20:40:43] Juls (WI): do you use a softer rod when using the fireline then?
[20:40:50] river king mi: were is your favorite spot on detroit river andy
[20:41:21] Andy: no i use a 6ft extra fast tip but it has to have a good reel
[20:41:34] Juls (WI): i see
[20:42:13] Andy: watch in-fish this sunday and you will see my favorite spot
[20:42:42] Juls (WI): how many years have you been "pro"?
[20:42:57] Andy: 4 years going on 5
[20:43:20] Juls (WI): when you troll andy, what boards do you use?
[20:43:39] Andy: i like to fish from wyandotte north to st. clair
[20:44:06] Andy: i use off shore boards with tattle flags
[20:44:42] Juls (WI): do you use the springs or not? lots of folks seem to go without the
springs ....i like the flags myself..
[20:44:58] Andy: i use the springs
[20:45:11] Juls (WI): cool
[20:45:22] ebijack: andy, do you have a formula for running snap weights?
[20:45:27] Andy: we call it bobber cranking
[20:45:33] river king mi: is off shore tackle a sponsor of yours
[20:45:58] Juls (WI): when trolling what is your "go to" lure...your confidence lure...or
do you just find out what they have been hitting on before you get out there?
[20:46:07] Andy: my favorite time to use snaps is when it gets rough to settle down the
20:47:00] Andy: off shore is a sponsor and my favorite lure is a 9 shad deep diver
[20:47:19] ebijack: andy, is there any certain speed you usually start trolling at
[20:47:21] Juls (WI): any specific color?
[20:47:40] RichardM(AB): how is the low water going to affect Port Clinton next year
[20:48:00] Juls (WI): are you one of the folks that feel the color is not as important ?
[20:48:05] Andy: i like to go fast say 2mph to start with and my favorite color is natural
20:48:45] Andy: low water will move the fish deeper but should help concentrate them
[20:49:09] ebijack: andy, have you spent much time fishing erie
[20:49:12] RichardM(AB): will it affect the timing of the spawn?
[20:49:14] Andy: color is important more than most people think
[20:49:26] Juls (WI): i think so too...;-)
[20:50:22] Andy: the fish spawn when the water hits about 43-45 degrees so  i think
the weather is the more important factor
[20:50:37] ebijack: andy, what advantage do you think the 2025 gives over the 1900 lund
[20:51:13] Andy: it is much more comfortable on the great lakes where i spend most of
my time
[20:51:55] ebijack: andy, what are you using to pull that big 2025
[20:52:05] Andy: bigger is better when the water is bigger and badder
[20:52:30] Andy: 225 optimax
[20:52:40] ebijack: andy, how do you go about picking your spots to prefish
[20:54:26] Andy: i of course study the lake maps then make some calls to bait shops
before hand and try to get to the lake before the cut off period when first on the water i
try to do more looking with sonar and visually for other fishermen
[20:54:30] Den: how many days ahead do you go to the tourney site to learn the area?
[20:55:01] Andy: when i can i go as many weekends as possible
[20:55:34] Andy: the truck is a 150 ford 4 x 4
[20:55:41] ebijack: andy, will you be doing the ponitac boat show at the dome?
[20:55:44] RichardM(AB): the east wont be a lot of travel for you this year Andy
[20:56:34] Andy: the east schedule will be great for travel time and i will be at cobo and
pontiac this year for lund and chapmans
[20:57:46] Den: andy, have you fished the huron, vermilion, and lorain areas,??
[20:58:00] ebijack: andy, what did you go to (technique) at madison when things were
so tough
20:58:41] Andy: i fished there during a cabelas tournament in 94 it is wide open basin
[20:59:43] Andy: in madison i was rigging and jigging but all i caught was one keeper
[21:00:49] river king mi: good night guys and thanks andy
[21:00:56] ebijack: are there any more questions for our host tonight?
[21:02:04] slip-bobber(MT): Thanks for the info Andy.
[21:02:19] Mahumba1: Thanks Andy! It was great reading!
[21:02:28] Juls (WI): thanks andy...good job
[21:02:35] Swat 1: Thanks Andy
[21:02:36] Den: thanks andy
[21:02:37] mabrandt(in): Thanks Andy Clap Clap
[21:02:38] slip-bobber(MT): clap,clap,clap
[21:02:42] Jim Alton: Thanks Andy... 
[21:02:43] RichardM(AB): thanks Andy
[21:02:48] Pikeman(Sask): thanks
[21:02:49] ebijack: I'd like to thanks our host tonight ANDY KUFFER!!!!!!!!
[21:03:12] Drift'r: Thanks Andy!!!!!!!!!!
[21:03:14] ebijack: thanks for stepping in for gary gray andy!
[21:03:19] Andy: keep your lines in the water
[21:03:26] Jim Alton: Great pinch hitter...
[21:03:36] mabrandt(in): Second that
[21:03:41] Mahumba1: Third That!
[21:03:44] Den: good job
[21:03:53] Jim Alton: Andy... did you give us a list of your sponsors?
[21:04:00] Swat 1: I think that is a unanimous decision
[21:04:06] slip-bobber(MT): yep
[21:04:07] ebijack: we'll be watching for you andy, and stop back into the chatroom
when you can and say howdy
[21:04:11] Andy: a partial list
[21:04:32] Jim Alton: May as well give us a full list... I like to know who sponsors quality
[21:05:51] Andy: lund mercury chapmans sport center pinpoint off shore tackle gander
mountain midas tri-county fab unisteel
[21:06:14] Jim Alton: Thanks Andy...
[21:06:19] ebijack: wow your company sponsors you?
[21:06:22] Juls (WI): got the list right here.....Capman's Sport Center, Lund, Witchcraft
Tape Products, Off Shore, Unitsteel, Beaver Trucks, Gander Mnt., Pinpoint, Tri
Country Fabricators, and Midas
[21:06:53] Andy: yes they were the biggest reason i could start fishing the pwt

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