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Andy Kuffer 3/22/00

[19:58:27] ebijack: Please Welcome our host tonight ANDY KUFFER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[19:58:34] river king mi: you been out on the river yet andy
[19:58:35] Swat 1: Hi Andy
[19:58:36] Drift'r: Welcome Andy!!!
[19:58:38] Banjominner: Hey andy
[19:58:43] jigman/ont: clap clap
[19:58:44] Drift'r: clap clap clap
[19:58:46] andy: not yet
[19:58:48] Dafuzz (Sask): cla clap
[19:58:49] RoyG(PA): hi andy
[19:58:50] donyar/mi: hello Andy
[19:58:56] ebijack: clap clap clap
[19:58:57] Rapala(nd): hi andy
[19:59:00] andy: good evening everyone
[19:59:03] river king mi: this weekend should really be hot
[19:59:03] Dan(oh): Hi andy
[19:59:06] Swat 1: Go for it Andy
[19:59:32] ebijack: andy are you fishing both pwt div's this year?
[19:59:36] andy: anyone want to ask me any questions
[19:59:52] andy: only the east
[20:00:17] river king mi: are you fishing any team walleye events andy???
[20:00:19] ebijack: andy, your fishing a 2025 lund right?
[20:00:20] Rapala(nd): what jigging line you use?
[20:00:23] jigman/ont: what is your fav spot on the D river?
[20:00:25] andy: i will also fish the RCL on green bay in oct
[20:00:46] andy: I have a new 2025 this year
[20:00:57] andy: I use fire line
[20:01:08] jigman/ont: 10#
[20:01:10] andy: I like the mid river spots
[20:01:28] river king mi: narrow that down a little
[20:01:39] ebijack: andy, do you mostly fish the canadian side of the detroit river?
[20:01:49] andy: ok, fighting island and the steel mill and the salt docks
[20:01:52] river king mi: canadian or american side
[20:01:58] andy: both
[20:02:24] jigman/ont: any specialty jigs and color
[20:02:37] ebijack: andy, what's your most average size jig head you use on the river
[20:02:37] andy: i like gold and chrome
[20:02:42] Banjominner: What do you look for in a river to start?
[20:02:46] andy: 3/8 oz
[20:03:06] Dan(oh): Andy do you use offshore boards?
[20:03:19] jigman/ont: how deep do you usually fish?
[20:03:22] andy: in the st clair system i look for steep drops with gravel bars nearby
[20:03:48] andy: i use off shore boards and i jig deep fish
[20:04:13] ebijack: andy, what do you expect in changes in lake st clair and the detroit
river with this low water
[20:04:32] andy: the fish will be early and more concentrated 
[20:04:37] Banjominner: What kind of depths do you look for this time of year?
[20:04:53] andy: shallow from 27 feet
[20:05:13] jigman/ont: do you like all the snags in Trenton
[20:05:20] andy: NOOOOO
[20:05:32] river king mi: everybody likes those snags lol
[20:05:34] Dan(oh): is there any adv. or disadv. to having 1 clip at the back of the
board? I fish lake Erie
[20:05:56] andy: I don't understand the question
[20:05:59] jigman/ont: are you fishing the mwt with son/ or wife
[20:06:05] Banjominner: Are you anchoring and casting into these areas?
[20:06:22] andy: i will slip current usually
[20:07:10] ebijack: andy, do you expect trolling to win the pwt on erie in april
[20:07:21] andy: absoluely
[20:07:22] river king mi: anchoring in the detroit river is not very effective for me
[20:07:23] Banjominner: will you start with a jig and minnow
[20:07:36] jigman/ont: wasn't the prefish of the pwt horrible last year on the river
[20:07:56] andy: i am an artifical kind of guy
[20:08:18] jigman/ont: do you use the brown rubber worm?
[20:08:21] andy: the pre fish was bad but the fish were there
[20:08:35] andy: i use shad bodies
[20:08:39] ebijack: andy, who are your sponsors
[20:09:23] andy: Lund, merc, chapmans, pinpoint, off shore, unisteel, tri county fab,
vans grapics
[20:09:29] Banjominner: How long have you been fishing tournaments
[20:09:46] andy: i started in 1994 
[20:10:32] ebijack: andy, with live bait being the favorite on the river, what do you
believe is the advantage to plastic body baits
[20:10:32] river king mi: are you fishing any team walleye events this year???
[20:10:58] slick2526: ok i got a question for you all when you use a bottom bouncer
with a spinner do you have to back troll??
[20:11:24] andy: plastics can out fish real
[20:11:39] jigman/ont: do you think the fish have gotten smaller the last few years on
the river 
[20:11:54] andy: absolutely not
[20:12:22] Banjominner: did you fish seriously before you started fishing tourney's
[20:12:35] andy: i always fish seriously
[20:12:35] ebijack: andy, how many years have you been fishing st clair and the detroit
[20:12:45] andy: 37 years
[20:13:14] andy: i grew up fishing for walleyes with my dad
[20:13:42] ebijack: andy, you going to be taking your new grandchild out to show em
how great fishing is :)
[20:13:49] jigman/ont: do you prefer the river or St.Clair
[20:13:56] andy: you can believe that
[20:14:17] andy: i prefer to fish detroit r. in the spring
[20:14:47] ebijack: andy, what trolling technique is your favorite
[20:14:53] andy: i like pulling those hawgs
[20:15:23] andy: trolling is not my favorite but i like to fish bottom bouncers off the boat
[20:15:27] Banjominner: Do you use scents , if so what Kind?
[20:15:35] jigman/ont: nothing like hand to hand combat with them big hawgs
[20:15:39] river king mi: whats your biggest eye
[20:15:52] andy: the only scents i use are the ones on the plastic anise oil
[20:16:08] andy: 32 inches
[20:16:10] Erie TT: what is your opinion of the fishing area on Erie?
[20:16:35] ebijack: andy, how important is your blast off number to you each day of a
[20:16:36] andy: the fishing on erie is fantastic
[20:16:57] slick2526: andy if you use jigs what weight?
[20:17:09] andy: blast off is not as important as time to weigh
[20:17:40] river king mi: its not how fast you get there its what you do after you/re there
[20:17:41] andy: i use 3/8 oz almost exclusively everywhere
[20:17:43] ebijack: andy, does it bother you to be close to the last blast off number?
[20:18:03] andy: no i kind of like that
[20:18:04] jigman/ont: do you pull wire
[20:18:15] andy: did you see me on tv 
[20:18:16] SdDoc: do you handline at all?
[20:18:53] andy: i used to handline but not anymore very much
[20:19:12] ebijack: why is that andy
[20:19:37] andy: i would rather fish with a pole in my hand than any other way
[20:20:04] slick2526: andy what kind of line do you use?
[20:20:17] river king mi: do you use a dead stick on the river andy
[20:20:33] andy: i use firelin 10 lb with a mono leader, 10 lb maxima
[20:21:11] andy: i will use a dead stick when i can but not if it interferes with my jigging
[20:21:23] slick2526: hey andy do you think that eyes can actually see braided line?
[20:21:23] ebijack: andy, how do you prepare to fish a tourney, like the pwt coming up
on erie
[20:21:48] patch: What is the best brand of planner boards
[20:21:52] andy: eyes can seeeee very good thats why the are called eyes
[20:22:23] river king mi: thats why plastic baits are good they see real good
[20:22:49] andy: for an upcoming tournament i will study any info i can get and i will go
there as often as i can
[20:23:16] andy: i use off shore boards
[20:23:26] ebijack: andy, do you go with area favorite baits alot when prefishing?
[20:23:57] jigman/ont: do you run big boards at all
[20:24:05] patch: Is it best to troll planner boards with the wind or against the wind?
[20:24:17] andy: if i know what the locals are using i will but i always am thinking about
what might work that is similar and try that too
[20:24:59] andy: i run big boards for musky and if i am stacking alot of lines otherwise i
run in line
[20:25:26] andy: troll with the wind or quarter
[20:25:38] skeeter il.: do you use snap weights much
[20:25:51] patch: Thanks for the help
[20:26:05] ebijack: andy, what advice would you give to new anglers who want to try
the detroit river this april
[20:26:18] andy: i use snaps when the fish are real spooky because of clear water or
when it is very rough so i can settle down my leaders surge
[20:27:03] andy: first time fishers on the det r should be careful this spring, stay 
with the pack and watch everyone else be friendly don't over crowd and they will make 
friends who will help
[20:28:41] skeeter il.: mostly cranks /w snap waights?
[20:28:44] ebijack: andy, where would you expect to find walleye on st clair this year
with the low water
[20:29:11] andy: i use snaps to get tots deeper but mostly with spinners
[20:29:13] jigman/ont: who is the fav for the mwt Det river tourney this april
[20:29:26] andy: my brother
[20:30:00] skeeter il.: weighted spinners?
[20:30:05] andy: walleye will be in the channels early this year but the mouth of the det
r is going to be the hottest spot
[20:30:38] andy: i don't weight my spinners when i am using snaps
[20:31:05] andy: make sure u use a ball bearing swivel though
[20:31:12] ebijack: andy, what do you look for on your electronics when searching
[20:31:13] river king mi: do use pas on saginaw bay
[20:31:26] andy: pas rule
[20:31:40] river king mi: favorite color???
[20:31:42] jigman/ont: do you belong to any of the MI fishing clubs
[20:31:43] RoyG(PA): what is/are pas?
[20:31:47] andy: i look for bait fish or hooks looking up
[20:32:18] andy: favorite color is silver plated
[20:32:28] skeeter il.: so sometimes you use cranks w/no snaps?
[20:32:33] andy: i belong to saginaw bay walleye
[20:33:01] andy: yeah i use snaps whenever the fish are deeper than the bait is rated
[20:33:36] andy: i like to keep line out around 120 or less
[20:33:56] ebijack: andy, do work different techniques by what time of day it is?
[20:34:28] andy: the only time i do that is when the sun comes out and the wind lays
[20:34:32] jigman/ont: what is your biggest catch of 6 walleyes on the river Andy
[20:34:51] andy: 40lbs
[20:35:24] andy: ebi when that happens i go to spinners and crawlers
[20:35:35] andy: silver
[20:36:12] ebijack: andy, do you mainly use crawlers vs minnows?
[20:36:36] andy: i don't usually use minnows
[20:36:42] skeeter il.: think there will be much trolling in april
[20:36:45] jigman/ont: do you fish the river during the summer
[20:37:03] andy: there is always alot of trolling in april
[20:37:17] andy: in the summer i fish the st clair river
[20:37:45] jigman/ont: have you ever went night casting for walleyes on the Detroit
[20:37:53] andy: never
[20:38:01] ebijack: andy, do you look for drop offs in both rivers for your bigger fish?
[20:38:14] andy: i am not a night fisherman i work days
[20:38:39] jigman/ont: no night tourneys either
[20:38:41] andy: if you find deep water near shallow bars you will find big fish in spring
[20:39:21] jigman/ont: where did you fish last spring for the pwt
[20:39:31] andy: fighting island
[20:39:46] ebijack: andy, in the detroit river, do you prefer faster or slower current areas
[20:40:18] skeeter il.: ever fish the maumee river
[20:40:22] andy: dosn''t matter as long as the water is deeper near the bars
[20:40:40] andy: never fished the maumee
[20:41:13] jigman/ont: do you think many on the pwt had a tough time on the river last
[20:41:47] andy: alot of them didn't know what to expect because of the dirty water
during prefish
[20:41:59] ebijack: andy, do you know what makes you such a river rat :)
[20:42:15] andy: i grew up on the river
[20:43:13] jigman/ont: do you like the pinpoint bow mount 
[20:43:23] andy: alot of pro's fish the maumee
[20:43:27] ebijack: andy, is your boat that black lund that was at the sliverdome? :)
[20:43:40] andy: no way mine is black and gold
[20:43:52] ebijack: :)
[20:44:37] ebijack: andy, are you working on getting a major sponsor like "timex"etc?
[20:44:47] andy: no
[20:45:33] jigman/ont: glass vs aluminum what do you prefer even though you do have a nice Lund
[20:45:49] andy: my favorite plastics are mister twister tri alive
[20:45:49] ebijack: andy, what motors are you running on your lund, 
[20:46:12] andy: mercury 225 optimax and 15 4 stroke
[20:46:39] andy: i use a pinpoint bow mount
[20:47:27] andy: pinpoint is small light an powerful
[20:47:37] ebijack: andy, will that pin point run a breakline in the detroit river?
[20:47:44] eyefish(mi): andy which Lund are you running
20:47:55] andy: yes it will but not if you are slipping
[20:48:13] andy: i run a lund 2025 le
[20:48:57] jigman/ont: do you always believe your electronics in the D river
[20:49:06] ebijack: andy, why do you choose the LE vs the SE like most others
[20:49:12] andy: no, there are alot of suckers
[20:50:07] andy: i like the ride of a tiller boat and the le is that also i actually have
learned that i can fish a tournament better when i am looking face to face with my
[20:50:37] andy: i have fished the rainy in april
[20:51:30] jigman/ont: what graph do you use
[20:51:47] andy: i use both pinpoint and lowrance
[20:52:12] eyefish(mi): which Pinpoint do you use
[20:52:23] andy: 7500
[20:53:17] ebijack: andy, you using lowrance for it's gps?
[20:53:37] andy: yeah
[20:54:07] jigman/ont: do you guide on the river or ever
[20:54:23] andy: i am not a liscened guide
[20:54:58] ebijack: andy, do you prefer a soft tip rod for jigging ?
[20:55:20] andy: i like a soft tip but with an extra fast action
[20:55:31] jigman/ont: did you ever learn from Capt Al Lesh
[20:55:53] andy: i know al but never had the pleasure of fishing with him
[20:56:22] ebijack: are there any more questions for our host tonight?
[20:56:28] andy: you want your rod to load up quickly 
[20:56:51] river king mi: what rod do you use???
[20:57:02] andy: st. croix
[20:57:14] jigman/ont: bait casting or spinning?
[20:57:28] andy: i also have an ancient diawa that is my money stick
[20:57:36] jigman/ont: do you jig with 2 rods
[20:58:04] andy: usually i fish spinning because it is faster but if the fishing is slow i use a bait caster
[20:58:44] andy: very seldom do i fish 2 rods when slipping, miss to many hookups
[20:58:50] jigman/ont: who taught you to fish the river so well
[20:59:07] andy: i taught myself how to fish
[20:59:34] ebijack: I'd like to Thank our host tonight ANDY KUFFER!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:59:41] Jim Alton: Thanks Andy...
[20:59:41] ebijack: clap clap clap !!!
[20:59:43] Drift'r: Thanks Andy !!!!!!
[20:59:43] river king mi: thanks and good luck this year
[20:59:50] muskyhigh: thanks andy
[20:59:50] eyefish(mi): Great job Andy
[20:59:55] Den: good job andy clap clap
[20:59:57] RoyG(PA): thanks andy
[21:00:06] ebijack: thanks andy and good luck this year
[21:00:13] jigman/ont: thank you for answering so many of my questions and good luck
this year
[21:00:21] andy: remember this fellas fishing is mostly common sense if you think
something will work it probably will
[21:00:29] WHALE-EYE: andy good luck on the PWT
[21:00:50] jigman/ont: see you at the mwt
[21:00:51] andy: the PWT is tough but i like it that way

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