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Andy Kuffer - November 29, 2000

chatman-  Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome tonight's Guest Host, Andy Kuffer!!!!!!

chatman-  Let's start out by telling us a little bout yourself, Andy....

Andy-  been fishing since I was a kid with my dad on the PWT for 5 years now

Juls-  will you be fishing all 6 next season Andy?

chatman-  I see on your pro page you have a good deal of info...

Reefer-  several championship appearances as well, right.

Andy-  I am looking into fishing all 6

Andy-  I made the 99 and 200 championships

Driftr-  Andy , where are you from

chatman-  Who are your sponsors Andy?

Reefer-  great job, quite an accomplishment considering you didn't do all six.

Andy-  I live on beautiful Lake St. Clair in a town called Fair Haven

chatman-  Lucky Dog!

Driftr-  Is that Michigan

chatman-  So, do you chase an occasional smallie then?

Andy-  My sponsors are Lund Mercury Off Shore Tackle Bert's Custom Tackle UniSteel Tri County Fab. Midas and Vans graphics whew!

chatman-  Or Musky?

Andy-  Michigan is walleye heaven

Corey-  Where did you cut your teeth on Walleye fishing Andy?

Chairman-  any thoughts on an RCL circuit Andy?

Andy-  Lake St. Clair MI

chatman-  Do you spend most of your time on St Clair, or do you try to spend more time on PWT waters Andy?

Andy-  lets go for it

Reefer-  Andy: can you go over the different conditions and presentations regarding using spinners?

Andy-  I spend as much time on PWT waters as possible but love it here

Chairman-  when are we getting another major tourney on St. Clair?

Andy-  I have an article on spinner fishing on Walleye Central

Andy-  Mark Dorn was asking me that the other day

chatman-  Is spinner rig fishing your go to presentation then?

Chairman-  Nice spinners you gave me too!

Reefer-  I can't read

Juls-  lol

chatman-  lol

Andy-  I think everyone needs to know how to fish crawler harnesses who is a serious Walleye fanatic

i-man / mi-  Andy, how do you feel about the PWT going to the Detroit River and the St. Mary's again next year

Andy-  Watch for a special for Christmas and the new colors are killer

chatman-  I think a brief comment on your technique is in order Andy

Chairman-  do you think we will ever go to artificial's

chatman-  One thing I have learned is everyone does something just a little different than the "norm"...

Andy-  My favorite tech is to pull bottom bouncers right off the boat in the sand and mud

bob g-  Andy when fishing Detroit river do you hand line or jig most of the time????

chatman-  flat line? Bouncers? Boards?

Andy-  I use 8 1/2 steelhead rods and bait cast reels with flipping switches

Spinner(WI);-  Andy, what kind of electronics do you use?

Andy-  if you keep your rods flat and on the boat you can see what is exactly going on at all times and I have caught fish in 3 feet of water doing this

Andy-  I use lowrance and pinpoint

Andy-  also by fishing off the boat you can keep them just ticking bottom

chatman-  Watching rod tips is very important then ....

Driftr-  Andy, what motor for trolling at that depth

Andy-  you can also follow a contour better

i-man / mi-  have you seen the new lowrance units sorry to hear your having problems..that is never fun..been there done that..

Andy-  watch those tips all the time

Spinner(WI);-  Andy, don't you feel that you lose some action (surging) by running strictly boat rods with harnesses?

Andy-  I will use my Pinpoint moist of the time but a lot of times I use a kicker and a bow mount at the same time to maintain control

Andy-  let the boat do the work

Andy-  don't get me wrong I use boards a lot but I like to keep 2 rods on board most of the time

bob g-  what length leaders off the bouncers

chatman-  on bard?

Andy-  usually I use 3 or 4 ft unless it is really rough

Andy-  board

Andy-  or bored

EyeBoy-  Terry!!

Spinner(WI);-  Andy, could you explain how you set your bouncers?

bob g-  what size blade most of the time Andy

Andy-  I like to run them at 45 and 60 degree if all are on board

Chops-  Andy, are you more concerned with blade color, lure color or speed- 

Andy-  let them down till they hit hold for a few seconds then let them down 

again stick it in the holder and watch the fish hit

artic cat-  walleye on lake Cumberland KY the next few weeks help!

Andy-  everything is important but to start with use a medium sized blade say a #4 and use 4 different colors

Andy-  go fast enough to get a constant blade turn and flutter

artic cat-  hello

Elka-  which colors are best Andy?

Chops-  I'm sure you have favorite starting colors for different areas, any hints for Erie in the spring

Andy-  the 4 standards are silver gold chart and orange

Andy-  Erie is good with these 4

Spinner(WI);-  Andy, how about Green Bay?

EyeBoy-  Andy-  assuming that you have marked fish, how long do you fish a 

harness before changing colors etc. That is if you don't get any hits?

Driftr-  what is your blade style choice

Andy-  green bay depends on where u r fishing

artic cat-  do any good

artic cat-  at Cumberland

Spinner(WI);-  Sturgeon Bay

Andy-  harnesses catch fish fast so if you don't get some kind of bite change 

every 15 minutes

EyeBoy-  Thanks

Andy-  worms will usually tell you what is down there

artic cat-  caught a few bass fishin'

Chops-  do you prefer less weight and more line to reach bottom, or a little more weight and less line

artic cat-  accidents

Andy-  more is less

chatman-  would you start out using a variety of colors, or same colors on your 

rods Andy?

Andy-  use what worked last but don't be afraid to try something different

chatman-  No accidents cat, key on those types of areas.....

Spinner(WI);-  Is there anything you do to keep sheeps head off your hooks when they are in with walleyes?

artic cat-  fish wild life says walleye by the millions

Andy-  eyes can be very selective color wise so keep trying

Chairman-  do u use trebles or single hooks in open water

Andy-  go faster helps

Andy-  I use 3 # 2 hooks in tandem off boards in open water

T-Mac-  Hook style?

Andy-  octopus

T-Mac-  thanks...

Andy-  at Saginaw I only lost 2 fish out of approx. 100

Andy-  sharpest hooks you can find is the way to go

T-Mac-  Good style...like 'em

Andy-  I use Daiichi

Spinner(WI);-  How far apart with hooks Andy?

Andy-  3 inches on a 3 hook harness and 4 on a 2 hooker

artic cat-  chairman bottom bouncer on deep or shallow areas at Cumberland

Spinner(WI);-  Thanks

Andy-  I use 2 hooks most of the time when bottom bouncing

artic cat-  minnow or crawler

Andy-  if you are losing fish on the 2 hooker use the 3

T-Mac-  But , you like 3 better on boards.....

Andy-  usually I use crawlers but leeches are pretty good when perch are a problem

Andy-  use 3 hooks on boards

chatman-  do you use a smaller third hook Andy or one the same size as all the rest?

Andy-  try the new green crawlers they kick

Andy-  I use 3 #2 hooks in tandem

Juls-  ya but the greenies make a mess of the carpeting...lol

Chairman-  ever try plastic?

Andy-  yeah but so does slime

chatman-  I've used the green crawlers 3 times on Green bay, no increased change in eye action, but the smallies seem to seek them out with radar!

Driftr-  Juls, that they do

slip-bobber(MT)-  You got that right Juls

T-Mac-  g Tog 'n with greenies? Juls?

Andy-  I use power bait sometimes and actually do better with it when going faster

Juls-  lol TMac

artic cat-  upper end of lake is south fork Cumberland River caught some eyes while bass fishing this spring jerk bait spinner bait

jerry-  No Tog'n tonight!

T-Mac-  lol

chatman-  lol

Chairman-  Same here Andy, better out west than G lakes

Andy-  greenies don't always make a difference but when the bite is slow try them

chatman-  No tog, tog not here, BE is probably up to his hoo has in the Mississippi chasin piggies...

T-Mac-  Andy...how about a good plastic worm?

Juls-  used the greenies on Green Bay...perch love them too...- -)

Driftr-  Andy, sounds like I need them all the time :)

Andy-  I would try the original creme ones

Andy-  never leave home without them

Spinner(WI);-  Andy, What kind of blades do you like at Sturgeon Bay?


Fish'n Fool-  Andy is that the ones with whip cream???? LOL

Andy-  I was using #5 Colorado blades

T-Mac-  lol Fool

Fish'n Fool-  would you try pulling harnesses this late in the season?

Andy-  anymore questions about harnesses?

Chairman-  how do you find fish in a deep river like Detroit where you can't see them with the sonars?

Andy-  I don't fish harnesses in water colder than 53 usually

T-Mac-  Andy.. I got here late...what you using for weight on your spinners back of boards

Andy-  troll the drop of nearest the docks or sea walls and just keep going until u catch a fish

Andy-  I use snap weight with boards and in line weights and bottom bouncers

Andy-  snaps work well in rough water and when the fish are fussy

gpare-  15 days till I retire, how could I be anything but AWESOME!!! Eh?

Jack-  Hi Andy, If you had to pick one presentation what would you choose. Also 

what percentage of time (ballpark) do you use it?


Andy-  if fish are high I like to use in line chain sinkers

jerry-  Congrats, gpare!!

Andy-  can't chose one that is best all the time but jigs have to go on top of the list

bob g-  Andy do you hand line or jig Detroit River most of the time????

Andy-  jig but hand liners kick it when it is on

bob g-  do you use any hair jigs there

Andy-  never have

bob g-  ok

bob g-  any colors you like best

Fish'n Fool-  Andy when you are trolling and its slow do you find a fish on the bottom while trolling and try it or how do you determine when to jig when trolling stops?

Andy-  I like to use plastic and that don't work well with hair jigs

Andy-  jig until it doesn't work then start trolling

Andy-  usually when the water is dirty trolling is the way to go

Jack-  Have you used the 3-D holographic blades and if so have you noticed any advantage?

Fish'n Fool-  thank you

Andy-  I make them and they out fish everything else

Jack-  They're that good?

chatman-  you make them?

Fish'n Fool-  can you explain how and what you use?

Todd_NE-  hi all

Andy-  I have experimented with them for 3 years on school of fish that live 3 miles from my house. they will out fish everything 99 percent of the time

Jack-  Excellent!!!!

Andy-  yeah I make them and they are for sale on WC

chatman-  on the products page

Jack-  Wait, are you saying you make the blade itself or you put the snell together?

Andy-  I used to let my friends follow me around trolling with regular blades, they didn't catch much then I would throw them a pack and they would start catching

Andy-  find them on the products page under hand tied spinners

Jack-  OK

Spinner(WI);-  Andy, do you use interchangeable clevis or fixed?

Andy-  I buy the blades and paint them and tie them etc.

Andy-  I use the quickies

chatman-  Is it a special blade style? Or a few styles of blades...

Andy-  they are lighter and work just fine I never have seen a difference in the fish preferring one over the other where clevis is concerned

Spinner(WI);-  What is your favorite blade color for clear water?

Andy-  I usually use deep cup Colorado but I am finding more different styles that work better under different circumstances

chatman-  can you explain a little on that?

Andy-  if water is blue-ish use silver green ish use gold

Driftr-  Andy ,have you ever tried tomahawk blades

Andy-  I have just begun using a more flat style that thumps like a rabbit and it seemed to work better in dirty water

Spinner(WI);-  Andy, how greenish water?

Andy-  tomahawk hawk blades work well in dirty water and when the fish are really aggressive or need to get mad to hit

Andy-  if the water looks green it is green

Andy-  watch for the new black nickel

Juls-  sorry got to go...Thanks for the chat Andy..much appreciated!! Good luck next season...- -)

Driftr-  Who makes that

Andy-  I will

Spinner(WI);-  Thanks Andy, Good Luck next year!

Andy-  black nickel works well in the spring and in very clear water

jerry-  Andy, do you buy your blades in mass through mail order, or from a private supplier?

chatman-  how much of a difference does bead color make, in your experience?

Andy-  yeah Jerry. beads are a way to add color without adding it to the blade and can be important at times

T-Mac-  Andy what boat you running next summer?

Andy-  Lund 2025 le

Fish'n Fool-  Andy I got bumped before I got your answer on where in wc is your blades?

T-Mac-  Attaboy

Andy-  on the products page under hand tied spinners

Jack-  Thanks Andy got to go - Here's look'n to spring.

Andy-  OK

Fish'n Fool-  thanks

chatman-  what do you think of the difference between the IPS hull and the non IPS hull Andy?

Andy-  IPS rules

chatman-  how so?

Andy-  softer ride and better planning speeds in rough water

BobB(MI);-  Andy, thanks for the blade samples at the "Get Together". M. Victor gave me some at the Sault - they hold up well in a box and in water.

T-Mac-  And your motor sponsor is?

T-Mac-  motor?

Andy-  Mercury

chatman-  Opti Max?

Andy-  Opti is the boss

Andy-  gas mileage is great

chatman-  I run the 225 also, not a problem here and I love it!

T-Mac-  What prop ? Andy?

Andy-  wanna race?

Driftr-  Andy, how fast

Andy-  3 blade trophy 21 pitch

chatman-  Only if you let me put it on a 14 foot jonboat!!!

Andy-  up to u

chatman-  lol

T-Mac-  OK...getting about 56-5800?

Andy-  usually depending on weight

chatman-  Any more questions for Andy as we wind down?

T-Mac-  Thanks, Andy

jerry-  Thanks, Andy.

Driftr-  how fast does the boat go

bob g-  Andy do you use any braided lines when jigging

Fish'n Fool-  Thanks Andy

Andy-  when the fishing is tough keep your lines in the water

JC.WI-  Thanks Andy

jerry-  Have same rig, Driftr, should go about 56-58.

Andy-  I use fire line when I jig vertically with a crane swivel and 3 ft of 

Maxima leader line

bob g-  the 6 pound

T-Mac-  Thnaks Andy...good Job...I gotta go

Andy-  no 10 & 10

chatman-  Ladies and gentlemen, a warm round of applause for tonight's guest 

Host, Andy Kuffer!

Driftr-  Thanks Andy

T-Mac-  that was "thanks"

Driftr-  clap clap clap

jerry-  clap clap clap

bob g-  thanks Andy/////////////////

BobB(MI);-  thanks

Andy-  your welcome everyone

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