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 Rick LaCourse Chat                   2/17/99

 [20:03:03] ebijack (mi): Please Welcome our host tonight RICK LA COURSE "bigfoot" !!!!!!
[20:03:12] gwalt: hi rick
[20:03:12] Griz (Ohio): BigFoot, did you eat all that fish on Sunday????
[20:03:13] Juls (WI): clap clap clap....hi rick
[20:03:14] Steve (IA): clap, clap, clap
[20:03:23] Bigfoot: all I could
[20:03:29] Sir Walter: Hi Rick
[20:03:30] Jighead: hi Rick
[20:03:33] FishHawk(WI): hi Rick
[20:03:34] Bigfoot: Hi gang
[20:03:34] slip-bobber(MT): CLAP!
[20:03:36] Eyeman (IN): Hi Rick
[20:03:52] Juls (WI): hi hill
[20:03:53] Griz (Ohio): Oh yea, bet it was good
[20:03:54] Bigfoot: Hi to all my friends and enemy's
[20:04:01] Juls (WI): :-)
[20:04:06] R Hill(mi): Howdy Hi
[20:04:10] Juls (WI): can we start now?????????
[20:04:19] Bigfoot: you first
[20:04:21] gwalt: Rick do you prefer one circuit over the other?
[20:04:26] ebijack (mi): were started!
[20:04:58] gwalt:  competition pretty equal?
[20:05:13] Bigfoot: can't wait until the FLW come onboard
[20:05:17] Eyeman (IN): what do you think would help them to grow Rick 
[20:05:27] Griz (Ohio): How many days this year will you spend on the water?
[20:05:33] Bigfoot: outside sponsor's
[20:05:55] Bigfoot: between 200 and 250
[20:06:07] slip-bobber(MT): FLW Rick?
[20:06:17] FishHawk(WI): Rick do you fish with amateur on both circuits
[20:06:30] Bigfoot: the same as the bass tournaments
[20:06:35] Bigfoot: yes
[20:06:37] Magic Marker: did you get to fish Erie this week?
[20:06:46] Bigfoot: the best thing to do
[20:07:05] Bigfoot: last week I did
[20:07:30] Griz (Ohio): BigFoot, whats going to be your topic tonight?
[20:07:33] Jim Alton: Hi Rick... nice to see you hosting a chat again.
[20:07:44] Bigfoot: I fished Tues. and Wed. off Rattlesnake
[20:08:07] Bigfoot: we are winging it tonite
[20:08:07] Eyeman (IN): do any good ?????
[20:08:11] gwalt: Rick do you use drop weights? and if so do you
set bait at different depths until you locate fish and then change all the weights?
[20:08:19] Sir Walter: Open water Rick, or ice
[20:08:26] Magic Marker: just wondered if you made it back out this week?
[20:08:29] R Hill(mi): Rick as a pro what do you think of taking a kid
(other than yours) out prefishing
[20:08:41] Bigfoot: ^ on Tues in about 1 1/2 hours and 15 on Wed.
[20:09:03] slip-bobber(MT): Bigfoot took my kid out at FT Peck.
Made the kids day.
[20:09:17] eve21_walleye: take them out RHill, they may be the future
[20:09:19] ebijack (mi): rick, can you explain some of the changes
to the pwt rules for 1999
[20:09:21] Bigfoot: yes I do use snap weights
[20:09:55] Bigfoot: I use diff. weights until I find a pattern
[20:10:06] Bigfoot: then switch
[20:10:22] Bigfoot:  such as what Tom
[20:10:23] Jim Alton: unless it's a tournament
[20:10:28] John P.: what is your first choice for a crankbait?
[20:10:56] Bigfoot: inside
[20:11:12] Bigfoot: what ever it take's john
[20:11:16] FishHawk(WI): Rick whats your specialty trolling,live bait rigs , ect.
[20:11:20] goose: what bow sonar do you use, the 7500 or 7800 ?
[20:11:21] ebijack (mi): with the pwt opening up for 2 div.'s, are
there any rule changes that affect in any way the way to fish the curcuit
[20:11:23] Bigfoot: trolling
[20:11:30] Griz (Ohio): BigFoot, whats your favorite color in spring on Erie?
[20:11:31] Bigfoot: 7500
[20:11:51] Whip: Bigfoot, what was the model of you St. Croix 6ft
spinning rod... need one
[20:11:54] Bigfoot: chrome/blue in clear water
[20:12:06] Bigfoot: fire tiger in off
[20:12:19] gwalt: rattles or not?
[20:12:25] slip-bobber(MT): Hey Rick, you have anybody helpin'
you read all this???????????
[20:12:33] ebijack (mi): :)
[20:12:35] Bigfoot: nope
[20:12:43] Bigfoot: rattles
[20:12:46] slip-bobber(MT): Good luck!!!
[20:12:48] Sir Walter: Rick, is the Canadian side of the Detroit River
going to be open for the PWT, in April
[20:13:18] Bigfoot: I feel that they help all the time also orange
belly's on my baits
[20:13:31] Bigfoot: no
[20:13:46] Bigfoot: Mich. only
[20:13:54] Magic Marker: favorite crankbaits?
[20:13:59] FishHawk(WI): Rick do you let amateur have any input
on the day of fishing?
[20:13:59] Sir Walter: Thanks
[20:14:09] Bigfoot: depends on time of year
[20:14:15] Bigfoot: water temp
[20:14:23] Bigfoot: alot of varibles
[20:14:35] Bigfoot: can't
[20:14:56] Bigfoot: in the PWT you can in NAWA
[20:15:05] slip-bobber(MT): Do you think there will be openings for
the pro slots in any of the PWT tourneys next year.
[20:15:12] Bigfoot: no
[20:15:20] Bigfoot: they are all full
 [20:15:31] slip-bobber(MT): 2000?
[20:15:31] Bigfoot: NAWA still has a few
[20:15:39] Griz (Ohio): BigFoot, do you use sponsors baits or any
bait thats working?
[20:15:51] Bigfoot: in on div. yes
[20:15:58] FishHawk(WI): where is your favorite tourney stop?
[20:16:05] ebijack (mi): rick, do you prefer the pwt format or the
nawa format 
[20:16:08] Bigfoot: sponsors baits
[20:16:27] Bigfoot: but they always catch fish
[20:16:31] slip-bobber(MT): West Div?
[20:16:45] Bigfoot: should have Doug
[20:16:45] Magic Marker: what bait companies sponsor you
[20:16:49] R Hill(mi): Rick can you discuss your fishing strategies
with your amateur partner before you go out
[20:16:54] gwalt: Rick r u still fishing ranger boats?
[20:16:58] John P.: like brownies with or without nuts??
[20:17:04] Drift'r: Rick, are you going to fish the Allegheny Res. in June....NAWA
[20:17:10] bob g: rick what makes you change bait style instead of
the color
[20:17:18] slip-bobber(MT): Where does a guy start to try to get in
and when?
[20:17:19] Jighead: Rick, so far what would you say has been your
most productive method taking big Walleyes?
[20:17:27] Bigfoot: Bomber,Heddon,Cotton Cordell,
[20:17:37] Bigfoot: with
[20:17:41] Magic Marker: Storm?
[20:17:51] FishHawk(WI): Rick is fishing all you do for living?
[20:17:54] Bigfoot: yes a new Ranger620
[20:17:59] ebijack (mi): hey folks, please give rick a chance to
answer the questions :) thanks
[20:18:11] Bigfoot: yes thats enough
[20:18:19] Jim Alton: He's a popular guy ebi....
[20:18:26] ebijack (mi): :)
[20:18:54] Bigfoot: I'll start with Rouges in the sping
[20:18:59] Whisper from slip-bobber(MT) to [ebijack (mi)]: Is the
chat about PWT/NAWA or techique???? lol
[20:19:26] Bigfoot: and as the water warm's up I'll switch to a more
hunting lure
[20:19:30] FishHawk(WI): Rick do you do seminars in off season?
[20:19:43] Bigfoot: about 75 a year
[20:19:56] Jighead: Do you concentrate on small pods of fish
[20:19:57] FishHawk(WI): good for you
[20:20:08] R Hill(mi): Bye all thanks Rick
[20:20:16] Bigfoot: I'll be in Lockport Ill. this weekend
[20:20:16] Jim Alton: Rick, I'm going to buy a portable GPS this
spring - what should I get?
[20:20:32] Magic Marker: He does a pretty good job at the shows,too!
[20:20:41] Sir Walter: Will you be at the Palace in Auburn Hills this year
[20:21:00] Bigfoot: Jim what ever you can afford
[20:21:12] skeet: Rick, can you tell us how water clarity plays a role on erie?
[20:21:21] Jim Alton: I can afford any of them... any suggestions?
[20:21:22] Bigfoot: the Lowrance or Eagle seem to be about the best
[20:21:38] FishHawk(WI): Rick whats your home state?
[20:22:05] ebijack (mi): your doing a great job rick! don't know how
your keeping up
[20:22:08] Bigfoot: they all do about the same job I meant spending
more for the whistles and bells
[20:22:23] snagmaster: i would provide some input, but i sprained
my typing finger
[20:22:37] slip-bobber(MT): You are right there ebi.
[20:22:37] coop (oh): bigfoot, you ever coming back to see us guys
in Lorain? coming back to Sea Grant seminar in Port Clinton?
[20:23:11] Magic Marker: you going to use the Lowrance 160 this
[20:23:20] Bigfoot: I'm already booked Fred Snyder called 
[20:23:59] Bigfoot: I'm using the 1600
[20:24:36] Eyeman (IN): had you used the mapping gps before this Rick ??
[20:24:38] ebijack (mi): rick, are you going to be doing the palace
show in auburn hills mich?
[20:25:03] gwalt: what is the flw format more like pwt or nawa?
[20:25:12] coop (oh): rick, what kind of line do you prefer
[20:25:17] Jighead: Rick, do you use Diawa products
[20:25:35] Bigfoot: Not this year ebi
[20:26:00] Bigfoot: yes it worked great eyeman
[20:26:14] Bigfoot: I use Mitchell reels
[20:26:24] FishHawk(WI): thanks Rick clap ,clap ,clap bye all
[20:26:34] Bigfoot: Silver  thread line
[20:26:54] coop (oh): for trolling?
[20:27:22] Bigfoot: FLW will be a Pro-am format I believe
[20:27:34] Bigfoot: yes for trolling
[20:27:46] Bigfoot: 10 or 12 lb
[20:27:52] KB (mn): Rumor has it you have to have a Genmar boat
to compete in the FLW...is that true?
[20:28:11] Bigfoot: not true
[20:28:20] bob g: rick what water temp to look for before a guy
should try crankbaits again this spring
[20:28:22] rooster: Rick, do you use leadcore & if so what lb test?
[20:28:24] Sir Walter: Rick, what is the biggest walleye you have
caught,and where did you catch it
[20:28:33] Bigfoot: the first event will be a Gennmar owners event
[20:28:48] RichardM (Alta): Rick is the FLW an open format or
invitational? single event or circuit?
[20:29:18] R238: Rick is Ranger going to have a walleye Millinium
[20:29:20] Bigfoot: I've trolled in all temps
[20:29:47] Bigfoot: thats the one I'm refering to
[20:30:18] gwalt: is ranger cutting back on sponsorship? I've notice
several former ranger guys running different boats Babe
Winkleman, Ray Scott?
[20:30:23] Bigfoot: it will be open and a curcuit if it come's about
[20:30:33] ebijack (mi): bigfoot, are you planning any new type
strategies for 99, meaning different than what you did in 98
[20:30:41] T'stick(sask): Bigfoot what is your opinion on rattling
cranks vs non rattling?
[20:30:48] Bigfoot: catch fish I hope
[20:31:10] ebijack (mi): :)
[20:31:19] Bigfoot: business decisions on sponsorships
[20:31:39] Bigfoot: always rattles
[20:31:48] Jighead: Rick, do you have a favorite stick bait in the box.
[20:31:53] ebijack (mi): bigfoot, that is a bigger decision than your
actual fishing isn't it
[20:32:02] Walstalker(MI): Rick are you going to fish the Team
Walleye Tourney in Detroit ?
[20:32:06] Bigfoot: the new Super rouges
[20:32:11] Bigfoot: no
[20:32:19] Bigfoot:  can't fit it in
[20:33:01] Bigfoot: what do you mean ebi
[20:33:02] jiffy: hello
[20:33:15] gwalt: Rick Linwood is having a tourney the week before
the pwt do you think you"ll fish it?
[20:33:18] ebijack (mi): your decisions on sponsors
[20:33:36] T'stick(sask): bigfoot are u a big believer in rattle jigs to?
[20:33:47] Bigfoot: that was for T.V. sponsors
[20:33:55] Bigfoot: yes
[20:34:14] Bigfoot: the one at Linwood I don't know about
[20:34:20] T'stick(sask): All the time????
[20:34:34] Bigfoot: we are limited to 5 days of pre-fishing
[20:34:51] gwalt:  if you want info let me know and I'll get it to you.
[20:34:57] Bigfoot: I spend as much time on the water as I can
during that time
[20:35:07] Whip: Ricky, got a new bottom bouncer for you to try... I'll
send you some... makes noise...
[20:35:17] Jighead: Rick, have you fished at night, is it productive
on clear lakes?
[20:35:29] Bigfoot: very
[20:35:48] Bigfoot: the clearer the water the better the nite bite is
[20:35:56] Jighead: thanks
[20:36:24] ebijack (mi): that's why rick has that walleyecentral get
together in nov at night :)
[20:36:36] Jim Alton: What topography do you target for night
fishing on a clear lake?
[20:36:38] Bigfoot: the problem with fishing a tourney during
pre-fishing it cuts down my time on the water
[20:36:56] RichardM (Alta): yes
[20:36:58] Bigfoot: flats
[20:37:21] ripper(sask): planer boards???
[20:37:22] Eyeman (IN): have they ever talked about a PWT night
tourney that you know of Rick ??
[20:37:40] gwalt: do you use large cranks over flats at nite?
[20:37:42] Bigfoot: not to my knowledge
[20:38:01] Bigfoot:  mostly minnow baits
[20:38:23] Bigfoot: We should start one
[20:39:09] Bigfoot: I'd look at rock humps and flats at nite
[20:39:20] ebijack (mi): bigfoot, how many months in advance
would one have to contact you to talk at a club function
[20:39:30] Bigfoot: run minnow baits on top
[20:39:40] Clicker (Oh): Yes.
[20:39:51] Jighead: are these black lights for line any good for
night fishing?
[20:40:04] Bigfoot: it all depends ebi when and where
[20:40:19] Bigfoot: never used them
[20:40:24] Magic Marker: everyone talks bout night fishing in fall,
how is it in spring?
[20:40:26] T'stick(sask): yes especially with solar line
[20:40:34] Bigfoot: good
[20:40:52] Jim Alton: I've heard the fish don't spook as easily at
night... does that fit with your experience?
[20:40:55] sundance: gonna go,thanks for the info rick talk to ya later
[20:41:32] bob g: rick what makes you change the style of
crankbait instead of color?????
[20:41:41] Bigfoot: it's a slower presentation and no I feel the fish
are as spooky
[20:41:57] Bigfoot: action
[20:42:20] fishy mishey: Could you get me a good sized spool of
the tournament line? I still like mono better than Fir e line
[20:42:23] Bigfoot: is what causes reaction
[20:42:57] snagger: isn't the nite bite usually in much shallower
water than daytime ?
[20:43:07] Bigfoot: yes
[20:43:43] Jim Alton: So do you cast over these flats, troll with
[20:43:54] ebijack (mi): ok folks, get your questions in for our host!
[20:44:01] rooster: Rick, do you use leadcore & if so what lb test is best?
[20:44:05] snagger: probably more so in clear lakes than say the
miss. river?
[20:44:47] Yar-Man(SD): What your #1 crank
[20:44:50] Bigfoot: 18 lb and yes
[20:44:52] Eyeman (IN): is the fall trolling baits speed and set ups ,
a good place to start in the spring fishing at night 
[20:45:00] Whip: Rick, fingers sore yet...lol
[20:45:01] Jim Alton: Hang around snagger... ;-)
[20:45:05] Bigfoot: 25A bomber
[20:45:18] Bigfoot: not yet 
[20:45:29] Bigfoot: but don't check the spelling
[20:45:45] ebijack (mi): i'll fix that later rick  :)
[20:45:51] hyderipper: hello mr. lacourse
[20:45:53] Bigfoot: no go to the western end farther
[20:46:00] Clicker (Oh): Ok. I also just got your e-mail address will
drop you a line.
[20:46:05] Bigfoot: bring the BIRD
[20:46:07] snagger: what do you think the best bite is say this time
of year on the miss. rick?
[20:46:25] Steve (IA): Rick, when using your sonar, are you looking
for fish, structure, or bait?
[20:46:54] Bigfoot: that is a tough one for me to answer
[20:47:04] Steve (IA): give it a try
[20:47:16] ebijack (mi): :)
[20:47:24] Bigfoot: I don't fish it anytime other than when there for an event
[20:47:55] Bigfoot: not you steve
[20:47:58] Magic Marker: Just curios, In last years Pinpoint promo
tape, were you fishing around Huron?
[20:47:58] snagger: you think one should start in deep off current
holes or wingdams, or semi-deep flats?
[20:48:12] Bigfoot: yes
[20:48:16] ebijack (mi): bigfoot, what kind of speed do you run
when looking for fishable water or to eliminate water
[20:48:17] Bigfoot: Steve
[20:48:28] Bigfoot: I look for fish first
[20:48:33] Clicker (Oh): Good.
[20:48:49] Bigfoot: then if in open water I look for bait
[20:49:01] Bigfoot: in shallow water structure
[20:49:38] ebijack (mi): bigfoot, how did you come to decide to fish
that bridge in 97 for the win
[20:49:54] Bigfoot: it all depends on the lake I'm fishing
[20:50:25] Bigfoot: we had found fish there the year before
[20:51:03] Bigfoot: and when we checked it again I had faith in the spot
[20:51:09] snagger: when fishing the nite bite in shallow water do
you troll or do you sometimes cast to the bank?
[20:51:10] ebijack (mi): bigfoot, do you usually find the fish in the
same areas year after year
[20:51:17] Yar-Man(SD): Do you tie your own spinners, if so snell
length, # of beads, color, ?float, blade color/size?
[20:51:26] Reelhook(wi): Rick, are you fishing the PWT on
Winnebago this year
[20:51:43] Bigfoot: there was other guys that knew about the spot
but had other fish to try 
[20:51:47] wannabe: so you found fish in 97by fishing at the bridge
or with electronics
[20:51:57] Bigfoot: both
[20:52:15] Bigfoot: I'd rather troll and cover more ground
[20:52:15] Jim Alton: Rick, any chance you'll be in the Toronto
Ontario area this year?
[20:52:25] snagger: which do you think is better?
[20:52:28] Bigfoot: same areas
[20:53:09] Bigfoot: spinners depends on the bottom structure on the length
[20:53:11] Clicker (Oh): Good.
[20:53:17] Bigfoot: yes hook
[20:53:27] ebijack (mi): stop over here in detroit jim and meet rick in april :)
[20:53:28] Bigfoot: fishing it
[20:53:43] Bigfoot: not that I know of
[20:53:43] Jim Alton: When in April Ebi?
[20:53:58] ebijack (mi): 9th thru the 16th
[20:54:07] WL: Rick what bait do you prefer this time of year
[20:54:07] Reelhook(wi): I will be fishing otter street the weekend before
[20:54:17] Steve (IA): dinner at your place, Ebi?
[20:54:22] ebijack (mi): :)
[20:54:23] Bigfoot: good luck
[20:54:41] Bigfoot:  right now a jigging spoon
[20:55:06] Bigfoot: then a prop jig
[20:55:16] Bigfoot:  then crank baits
[20:55:17] Jim Alton: What's on for that weekend that draw Bigfoot to Detroit?
[20:55:29] snagger: Rick have you ever used swedish pimples
with much sucess?
[20:55:33] ebijack (mi): pwt, mwt, usfa
[20:55:38] Bigfoot: alot
[20:55:43] T'stick(sask): do u bait your jigging spoons?
[20:55:51] Bigfoot: 3 minnows
[20:56:12] WL: What if you were in missouri,  
[20:56:16] bob g: what size cranks this time of year   [on erie]
[20:56:24] Bigfoot: with a barrel swivel about 18 in. above it
[20:56:38] Bigfoot: jigs
[20:56:52] snagger: when using swedish pimples you use three
minnows is that right on the treble hook?
[20:57:11] Bigfoot: 4 1/2 first dead slow on the bottom
[20:57:30] Bigfoot: yes
[20:57:57] Jighead: Rick, do you use any type of scent attraction with
[20:58:10] ripper(sask): do u use any additives in the live well to keep
fish healthier
[20:58:21] Eyeman (IN): If the weather stays decent will you start trolling by March Rick
[20:58:43] ebijack (mi): ok rick, we'll continue when you get back
intermission   ?
[21:13:29] Whip: Rick, Tell us about the new 620 Ranger...
[21:13:46] Bigfoot: it's awsome
[21:14:00] ripper(sask): do u use any additives in ur live well to
keepm good
[21:14:11] Bigfoot: no a lead in for the sport show this weekend
[21:14:14] snagger: fished next to one a couple of weeks ago
[21:14:18] jumbojim: i put fish in mine
[21:14:19] John P.: reallly that much better than a 692?
[21:14:24] jumbojim: and cold drinks
[21:14:47] Bigfoot: really
[21:15:06] Bigfoot: has Reni sat in your yep John
[21:15:09] snagger: looks like a great ride to me
[21:15:45] John P.: she sure has!
[21:15:52] ebijack (mi): bigfoot, did you get a chance to run the new 617 yet?
[21:16:09] Bigfoot: mine should be done this week
[21:17:16] RiverFishing WI: yep i know dave
[21:17:22] snagger: what is the diff w/ the 617 rick?
[21:17:39] Bigfoot: it's a 17 ft
[21:18:04] snagger: ok haven't seen that one yet
[21:18:19] Bigfoot: Ranger now has the full lineup of fishing boats
[21:18:31] Bigfoot: from 17ft to 20ft
[21:18:40] Bigfoot: in fiberglass
[21:21:13] coop (oh): Thanks Rick!
[21:21:17] ebijack (mi): i'd like to thank RICK LA COURSE for
hosting tonight!!!!
[21:21:29] Steve (IA): Thanks, Rick..... good luck this year
[21:21:30] Eyeman (IN): Thanks Rick 
[21:21:30] Juls (WI): thanks rick..clap clap clap
[21:21:32] Jighead: Thanks Rick
[21:21:35] Drift'r: Thanks Rick!!
[21:21:40] bob g: thanks
[21:21:42] ^2old2^ (mi): yep thanks rick
[21:21:42] John P.: THANKS RICK!!! GOOD LUCK THIS YEAR!!
[21:21:42] Bigfoot: lets go fishing
[21:21:45] Rx Fish: brb
[21:21:45] LS: thanks Rick
[21:21:52] RoyG(PA): thank you rick
[21:21:52] snagger: thanks a ton rick good luck man
[21:21:56] Bigfoot: you to John P
[21:21:58] goose: thanks and good luck rick

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