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[19:58:55] ebijack (mi): please WELCOME leon "NEON' luker, he will talk about jigging

in the weeds and trolling flats

[19:59:19] ebijack (mi): please don't over load leon all at once guys

[19:59:26] Neon Leon: Hi guys, I am going to introduce myself and then take some


[19:59:59] Neon Leon: I am from Oshkosh Wiu and have fished both circuits both as

an amateur and a Professional

[20:00:34] ebijack (mi): that's the PWT and the NAWA

[20:00:35] Neon Leon: I was taught by Rick Olson and Norb Wallock Gary Parsons

and some others.

[20:00:57] Neon Leon: Ok ask away.

[20:01:01] Reelmn(In): leon i fish a lowland res with stocked eyes with little or no nat

spawning. weeds are the primary structure. what do i do and how

[20:01:40] Neon Leon: If there are no weeds I would look for stained water and wood

[20:01:54] Reelmn(In): i do have weeds

[20:01:56] ebijack (mi): leon, what is your best used jig head and why

[20:02:04] Neon Leon: Try fishing in the mud line that develops in most reservors

[20:02:06] Sir Walter: Could you talk about Spring trolling on Lake Erie

[20:02:11] Shiny: what if there is no weeds

[20:02:41] Neon Leon: When I talk weeds I am talking shallow. From 8 ft to one foot of


[20:03:07] JOE: Describe your approach to scouting a new weedbed.

[20:03:18] Neon Leon: I use a plain round head in cart. or chart., in 1/16 to 1/8th oz.

[20:03:19] Shiny: I'mtalking aveage of 18 ft no structure no nothing

[20:04:16] Neon Leon: Joe-- When finding a weedbed I always assume that it holds

fish, sneak into the weeds and use your eyes to look for fish.

[20:04:52] Neon Leon: Use a good pair of sunglasses, I use H3O polaroids.

[20:04:58] ebijack (mi): do you pitch jigs into the weeds leon

[20:05:14] Neon Leon: Lets talk weeds first and then trolling.

[20:05:30] JOE: Do you run/sneak along the entire edge first or move in and out?

[20:05:57] Neon Leon: After I find weeds I make short underhanded casts and watch

my line. The most important part of weed fishing is line watching.

[20:06:31] Reelmn(In): what do you tip your weed jigs with

[20:06:39] Hunter: shat are you casting into the weeds leon?

[20:06:47] Neon Leon: Joe--If I think there are walleyes in the weeds and I am seeing

carp I will work an entire area quickly and return to the hot spots.

[20:07:00] Ric: what time of year do you expect to find the eyes in the weeds?

[20:07:27] Neon Leon: Reeln-- I tip my jigs with leeches or crawlers and sometimes

plastic to slow the drop.

[20:07:41] Magic Marker: do you find carp and eyes together?

[20:07:43] Reelmn(In): thanks

[20:07:55] Neon Leon: Hunter-- I pitch jigs or spoons in the weeds.

[20:08:06] Shiny: leon i fish above ground reservoirs and there is very little weeds or

cover what should i look for since there aren't any shallows just deep pockets

[20:08:50] Neon Leon: Ric-- I expect walleyes in the weeds in the end of May to the

middle of July and sometimes longer, depends on forage.

[20:09:09] Ric: what kind of spoons?

[20:09:29] Neon Leon: Magic-- Good question and the answer is yes, the walleyes are

feeding on carp eggs or carp fry.

[20:10:36] Neon Leon: Ric-- I fish Little Cleo's with a crank / pause retreive

[20:10:42] ebijack (mi): leon, do you give the walleye any time to bite or do you set the

hook right away

20:11:54] Magic Marker: favorite jig?

[20:11:56] Neon Leon: Ebi --That is so important, when I see a bite I always drop mty

rod tip and aim at the fish, give it two seconds to turn and then set the hook and bring

the fish to the surface.

[20:11:59] JOE: Neon, on windy days its hard to see fish down there, what next to

scout an area?

[20:12:33] Neon Leon: Majic-Favorite rig--Spinner baits

[20:13:11] Magic Marker: like in bass fishing?

[20:13:16] Neon Leon: Wind makes fishing the weeds tougher but don't give up. You

can still cast to the weed edges and catch fish.

[20:13:43] ebijack (mi): leon, do you have a back up lure to throw after a lite bite or

missed strike

[20:13:46] Ric: so you use spinnerbaits in the weeds as well,with bait?

[20:14:26] Neon Leon: If you have a missed strike throw back to the same spot as

soon as possible, 90% of the time the fish will hit again

[20:14:34] Magic Marker: before i asked favorite JIG

[20:14:58] Neon Leon: Magic--Not like a bass spinner a straight inline spinner but thats

for trolling.

[20:15:24] Magic Marker: OK

[20:15:25] Shiny: Neon, what do you do in above ground reservoirs with no shallows or

weed beds. just some deep pockets??

[20:15:45] Neon Leon: Ric--Only use spinners if I am trolling a long weed edge in

deeper water or trolling over the tops of weeds.

[20:16:38] Neon Leon: Shiney--Thats a tough one, I would start out trolling the edges

and points and use my eyes to look for structure.

[20:16:54] Shiny: such as??

[20:17:04] Ric: I have had sucess w bass style spinnerbaits in the weeds,take off the

skirt use minnow instead,have you ever tried that ?

[20:17:11] JOE: Neon, do encounter eyes outside the weededge, say on the first drop,


20:17:41] Neon Leon: I would look for cuts in the shore, what we call cups. Or for

some steep banks with fallen rock.

[20:18:05] ebijack (mi): leon, do you find it better to have rock piles in the weeds

[20:18:13] Neon Leon: Ric--No I havnt, but it sounds great and pretty weedless too.

[20:18:13] Shiny: The sides are all rock

[20:19:10] Ric: thats why I like it,goes right thru the weeds,I use the small 1/8 size.

[20:19:13] Neon Leon: ebi--Oddly rocks are not needed to hold walleyes as evidenced

on the Winnebago chain. They can hold in only a foot of water with weeds and feel


[20:20:02] Neon Leon: Shiny--Have you tried trolling and looking for the suspended

bite or look for bait fish and walleyes.

[20:20:46] Ric: do you look for deeper water near the weeds or what feature do you

look for that might distinguish a good weedbed from a bad one?

[20:20:50] Neon Leon: Ric-- I can get most jigs through the weeds too, and spoons

around the pockets.

[20:21:00] Shiny: No but that tip earlier about carp should work pretty good

[20:21:40] Shiny: lots of carp spawning in the shalower are of the reservoir

[20:21:54] Neon Leon: Deep water is another myth when it comes to walleyes. If there

is cover available they will be in it period.

[20:22:04] Magic Marker: favorite JIG

[20:22:50] Neon Leon: Shiny--Follow those carp and you should find walleyes. It works

in Wi and it works in South Dakota.

[20:23:05] Shiny: Neon, what kind of planer boards do you use and how do you rig


[20:23:14] Russ: Leon what are some of favorite weed bays on lake winnebago?

[20:23:27] Neon Leon: Magic--Favorite jigs are all of them. I love fishing a jig and

feeling that tic.

[20:23:36] JOE: Does the tip about carp apply to most bodies of water even clear


[20:24:03] Neon Leon: Shiny-- I use Off-Shore rigged pro style in the y formation.

[20:24:42] Neon Leon: Russ--Asylum and Pegusus and Neenah. Also the cane on the

upper river.

[20:24:42] LS(nd): Leon, do you replace the red releases with the black ones?

[20:24:52] ebijack (mi): leon, how do you like the pro/am format

[20:25:10] Magic Marker: do you tip them with powerbaits and,or plastic tails

[20:25:24] Neon Leon: Joe--The carp tip should work everywhere, the carp will dirty

even the clear water as they spawn.

[20:26:03] Neon Leon: LS. I replace the black clips and use only the red ones which

are stronger.

[20:26:40] Neon Leon: I think the pro / am format is the only way to go and keep some

of the fun in fishing.

[20:26:49] JOE: Neon, on clear lakes do you always check beds with wind blowing in


[20:27:00] Magic Marker: have you tried new tattle-flags yet

[20:27:00] R Hill: Leon Do you find your loosing planners with the black clips

[20:27:31] Neon Leon: Joe-- The best time for the weeds is when there is no wind but if

it blows I still fish the weeds.

[20:28:02] Neon Leon: Magic, only heard good things about the rattle flags I dont have

mine yet.

[20:28:34] Neon Leon: R hill-- Yes the black clips don't seem to have enough tension.

[20:28:48] Shiny: Neon do you use the Off Shore snap wieghts and if so how? With

the planer boards?

[20:28:48] Ric: when you tip the jig w crawler,do you use whole crawler or just part of


[20:29:44] Neon Leon: Shiny-- I do use snap weights and the general rule is 50m ft

from lure to weight and 50m ft from weight to board.

[20:30:07] Neon Leon: Often I will use a 35-35 ft set up like on Saginaw.

[20:30:10] JOE: Neon, how tall do the weeds have to be early in the yr. to hold

concentrations of eyes?

[20:30:36] Neon Leon: Ric-- I use a part of a crawler most of the time, you will have

fewer misses that way.

[20:31:09] Capt. Marty: Do you ever use Power Tails and Grubs on jigs and if so do

you rip these jigs through the weedbeds?

[20:31:19] Neon Leon: Joe-- All you need is six inches of weeds that are green to

attract walleyes.

[20:31:09] Capt. Marty: Do you ever use Power Tails and Grubs on jigs and if so do

you rip these jigs through the weedbeds?

[20:31:19] Neon Leon: Joe-- All you need is six inches of weeds that are green to

attract walleyes.

[20:32:16] Neon Leon: Capt.-- I only use grubs to slow my drop if the fish are being

uncooperative and I need to slow the drop.

[20:32:16] Ric: are cattails good weeds to find eyes in?

[20:32:28] Reefer (IN): Neon: I came in late so I'm sorry if you have already covered

this. Lead vs. snap weights, which do you prefere and pro's and con's of each.

[20:32:30] ebijack (mi): leon, if you see carp rolling on the surface do you fish that area

[20:32:52] Shiny: Neon, do you use them to get the shallow crank-baits down or with

worm harnesses?

[20:33:01] Neon Leon: Ric--Cattails wood be my last choice of weeds, they seem to

hold more of the predator fish.

[20:33:12] JOE: Neon, when the weeds are that short, do you ever use lindy rig w/


[20:33:42] Neon Leon: If they are rolling on the surface I fish the closest weeds, not

the open water.

[20:34:16] fishncrazy(nd): Neon, when fishing for post spawn eyes on midwestern res.s

such as Sakakawea what are your favorite search tools and tactics

[20:34:24] Neon Leon: Reefer--I like snaps as opposed to lead but there is a time when

each has an advantage.

[20:34:42] Neon Leon: Joe--Yes on the lindy rig.

[20:35:23] ebijack (mi): your doing great leon!

[20:35:47] ebijack (mi): how about some tips on trolling leon

[20:35:57] JOE: Neon, could describe your retrieve with jig in the weeds?

[20:35:57] Lundman: Leon, what if there are no carp in the body of water you are

fishing, what do you look for then to find a good weed bed?

[20:36:00] Capt. Marty: what about slip-floats?

[20:36:35] Neon Leon: fishcrazy-- Like most guys, when I was in Sak I went to the

baitsjhops and searched the shore areas. There are weeds there also that hold fish. I

also run the shoreline with my electronics and look for fish in the 8-35 foot range at


[20:36:54] fishncrazy(nd): thanks

[20:37:05] Ric: thanks leon,having trouble staying on,good luck next year!

[20:37:51] Neon Leon: Joe--Make a flip and watch your line if you see it twitch or move

sideways get ready to set the hook.. I fish the weeds slow unless the fish are active. If

really actibve go to a spoon type bait.

[20:37:53] ebijack (mi): do you use lead core line leon

[20:38:32] Neon Leon: Lundman--Look for coontail and cabbage and the best bet is

where those two types of weeds come together.

[20:38:39] Shiny: Neon, when you use snap wieghts what baits do you use??

[20:38:53] JOE: Neon, so flippin is good in clear water as well?

[20:38:55] Neon Leon: Thanks Ric

[20:39:59] Neon Leon: Ok now to trolling--Yes ebi I use leadcore and I also use

snapweights. I like to use lead core when trolling with stick baits and snaps for trolling

with spinners.

[20:40:18] ebijack (mi): leon, can you decribe your tips for flats trolling

[20:40:57] Neon Leon: Shiny --I use many baits but my best and the ones that the pros

really use the most are Shad Raps, Reef Runners, Rapala Huskies, and Storms.

[20:41:54] Neon Leon: When trolling the flats the biggest hint is to always run a high

line. Walleyes will not feed down.

[20:42:27] Shiny: Neon, deep divers or the shallow runners?

[20:42:33] Neon Leon: Remember to run your highest baits the furthest from the boat.

and your deep runners the closest.

[20:42:48] ebijack (mi): leon, do you believe that because they are feeding on shad

when on the flats

[20:43:47] Neon Leon: ebi--Yes fish on the flats are normally chasing shad and I like to

troll cranks first because I can go faster than with blades.

[20:43:53] JOE: Neon, favorite patterns/colors for deep fish--match the hatch?

[20:44:38] ebijack (mi): leon, what do you do if the fish are on the first drop off of a flat

[20:44:48] Neon Leon: Favorites are fire tiger in dirty water and the silver and blues in

most of the clean water, but each lake has its own pattern when it comes to color.

[20:45:13] Magic Marker: Erie colors

[20:45:43] Capt. Marty: favorite times of the day?

[20:46:08] fishncrazy(nd): Neon, when pulling cranks what brand line counters and

rods do you use?..8.5 foot?..2 piece?..fiberglass? etc.

[20:46:12] Neon Leon: ebi--If fish are holding on a sharp break I take my boards off

and try and follow the contour of the break as closely as possible.. Taking the boards

off allows you to stay right on the edge with the baits.

[20:47:08] Neon Leon: fishcrazy--I use Diawa line counters on Berkley Roach

telescopic rods that are 71/2 ft long and they work and store just great.

[20:47:21] fishncrazy(nd): thanks

[20:48:01] Shiny: Neon, how deep running are the crankbaits you use with the baits.


[20:48:12] Neon Leon: I have a hint for you guys that use blades I buy only the

hammered silver plated deep cup blades and dye them with spike-It to any color that I


[20:48:36] Shiny: OOPs I mean use with the snap wieghts.

[20:49:31] Neon Leon: Shiny-- I pull cranks from 5 ft behind my boards on Winnebago

to 50m ft deep in the Missouri River.

[20:50:11] JOE: Neon, what is spike - It?

[20:50:18] ebijack (mi): leon, can you tell us about your boat and it's set up

[20:50:24] Neon Leon: In the Missouri system to get our baitss to the deep fish we

used deep divers with 4-6 oz of snap weights.

[20:51:11] Neon Leon: Spike-It is a dye from Ga. 800-774-5301

[20:51:27] Neon Leon: The dye works just great.

[20:52:05] boomer: what colors are available?

[20:52:14] Neon Leon: Joe-- I always troll with the waves too.

[20:52:34] CHADM: Neon, Do you die the front and leave the back shinny or die the

whole thing. Have you ever tried permanent markers??

[20:52:57] Neon Leon: Boomer--White, red blue, yellow pink and the rest you mix

yourself to make other colors.

[20:53:18] Neon Leon: All the base colors are available but dont spill it.

[20:53:38] Neon Leon: I die the whole thing front and back.

[20:53:39] Shiny: Neon, are you going to be at the Cle. show in March and if so when?

[20:54:13] Neon Leon: Shiny--Sorry but I wont be in clev..

[20:54:26] Shiny: where will you be then

[20:54:34] ebijack (mi): leon, can you tell us about your boat and how you have it set


[20:54:40] Neon Leon: I will be at the Bass Pro Shops in Gurnee this weekend though.

[20:54:51] JOE: Neon, any crankbait tips for the upper lakes, Winnebago system?

[20:55:04] Jim (Canada): You're doing an incredible job of keeping up with these

questions Leon..... Great job.

[20:55:07] Shiny: where is Gurnee?

[20:56:34] Neon Leon: Gurnee Mills is just north of Chicago, its their newest store.

[20:56:50] ebijack (mi): leon, are you fishing the NAWA in 98?

[20:57:11] Shiny: what day

[20:57:13] Neon Leon: Born2 --Only appearance will be in Green bay.

[20:57:47] Neon Leon: Shiny--Fri-Sunday

[20:57:47] Dr. Z: do you ever fish the missimssippi?

[20:58:04] R Hill: Leon Is this weekend the only time you'll be in Gurnee

[20:58:13] Neon Leon: Dr.z Yes I have fished the Mississippi

[20:58:25] Russ: lipp ripper, i got it and if you want i"ll kick your but tonight

[20:58:48] Neon Leon: Hill--Yup, this weekend is there fishing special.

[20:59:12] Shiny: Neon, is there a tourny in Port Clinton? When?

[20:59:25] Dr. Z: what season?

[20:59:31] Lipp Ripper: Leon ..what booth are you going to be at in gurnee.. ill be there

sat, sun?

[20:59:34] Neon Leon: ebi--Sorry, I have a Skeeter 1850 with a 175 and a 15 kicker.

[21:00:00] R Hill: I'm going over for the walleye masters instute thought I'd stay an extra

day to play at Bass Pro

[21:00:04] Neon Leon: Ripper--I will be at the Off-Shore or Reef Runner booths.

[21:00:33] Neon Leon: Hill-Cone see me and talk it would be fun.

[21:01:05] Neon Leon: Come on Skeeter where is your question?

[21:01:05] Lipp Ripper: ill talk to you leon this week end..

[21:01:24] Neon Leon: Im looking forward to it Ripper.

[21:01:29] Shiny: is this the sport show or the Bass pro-shop show?

[21:01:51] Neon Leon: Bass Pro Shop Show.

[21:02:11] MillacsMan: Will you be fishing the NAWA on Millacs this year?

[21:02:17] "SKEETER"(GB): my question is how can I catch a walleye on lake


[21:02:25] R Hill: Leon You'll be there 27,28 and 1st?????

[21:02:56] Neon Leon: Unfortunately I am not fishing NAWA this year, I had to take a

year off to save my money. At two thou a tournament you better win alot.

[21:03:22] Neon Leon: Skeeter--You know how!!!

[21:04:02] Born2Fish (Mi): have you ever tried jigging walleye on the Detroit River and

what kind of rod would work best for this kind of fishing

[21:04:10] MillacsMan: How do you catch walleyes on Millacs Lake?

[21:04:11] Neon Leon: R Hill--Find me and we can talk awile, nothing like talking


[21:04:21] Hunter: what kind of line do you use Leon?

[21:04:43] Neon Leon: Mill Lacs-- I did great on Mill Lacs and love to fish there. What a

great lake.

[21:05:26] Neon Leon: Hunter-- I use Stren when jig fishing and Fireline for most of my


[21:06:08] Neon Leon: Six pound for the weeds and sometimes 8.

[21:06:45] walleyezone(mn): Leon, could you talk about the use of leadcore, in what

situation do you like to use it, could you give us any tips on its use?

[21:06:26] Neon Leon: Hey rabbit.

[21:06:50] rabbit(wi): Good evening leon

[21:06:54] Shiny: What lb fireline and what color?

[21:07:01] Hunter: Is there any particular reason you don't use fireline all of the time?

[21:07:11] R Hill: Leon Is the reason you use the red clips on your planners because of

the fireline

[21:07:51] Neon Leon: walleyezone--I use leadcore when fishing big water with big

waves and for getting to really deep fish. The action of lead core is different than snap


[21:08:27] walleyezone(mn): Please expand on how you mean action

[21:08:45] Neon Leon: Shiny when trollijng I use 6 pound gray Fireline, unless the fish

are huge like at Saginaw then I go to the ten pound.

[21:09:13] Magic Marker: everyone i know that uses offshore boards changes

releases,why don't they come with red clips

[21:09:31] Neon Leon: Hill-- No even with the red clips you have to double the line

through the clip, once somebody shows you how it works great.

[21:10:08] R Hill: Leon you double the line instead of wrapping it??

[21:10:40] Neon Leon: zone--The leadcore dosnt allow the bait to be pulled veritcally

as musch in the water so it remains in a more horizontal position. It is easier to control

depth in the big seas too.

[21:10:41] walleyezone(mn): Leon, how do you mean the action is different on lead vs.


[21:10:50] Shiny: Now is that 6lb test or 6lb diameter?

[21:10:40] Neon Leon: zone--The leadcore dosnt allow the bait to be pulled veritcally

as musch in the water so it remains in a more horizontal position. It is easier to control

depth in the big seas too.

[21:10:41] walleyezone(mn): Leon, how do you mean the action is different on lead vs.


[21:10:48] RapalaBoy: I mean Wannabe

[21:10:50] Shiny: Now is that 6lb test or 6lb diameter?

[21:11:25] walleyezone(mn): Thanks Leon

[21:11:26] Neon Leon: Hill-- I double loop it around the end of the clip.

[21:11:32] rabbit(wi): Leon, have you seen the new release from Wille Prod., they will

hold any of the new lines

[21:11:51] Neon Leon: Shiny 6 pound test.

21:12:30] Neon Leon: rabbit- I havent seen them yet because you wont show them to

me, they should be great.

[21:12:57] rabbit(wi): They will also fit any board made

[21:13:41] R Hill: SO Rabbit how do we get these wonder clips

[21:13:53] ebijack (mi): ok guys, leon will answer a few more questions, so make em


[21:13:57] LS(nd): Leon, do you take any of the amateurs out pre-fishing at the pwt


[21:13:59] Neon Leon: rabbit --If they fit any board they are sure to be a huge hit.

[21:14:05] JOE: Neon, how do you handle inside boards when you have a fish on

outside line?

[21:14:06] Shiny: Is that why you rig your boards the pro way because the line is too

thin to set to release?

[21:14:59] rabbit(wi): Wille made a kit, to fit any board made, with the parts to fit them

all in one kit

[21:15:01] Neon Leon: LS I always welcomed amateurs to come with me, I can

sometimes learn from them and its fun to talk with somebody The hardest thing is

fishing alone for weeks at a time,

[21:15:35] Neon Leon: Joe--Sometimes I real in one board and let another one go


[21:16:16] Neon Leon: Shiny --No the y set up makes it easier to read the board if you

have a small fish on.

[21:16:39] rip some lip wy: How about Mr.walleye planer board's and their releases??

[21:17:46] ebijack (mi): ok, how about a wrap up NEON LEON

[21:17:48] R Hill: Leon Whats your favorite body of water to fish

[21:18:16] Neon Leon: Favorite is pulling spinners on Saginaw, the hardest fighting

walleye anywhere.

[21:18:22] JOE: Neon, thanks a bunch for all the help, good luck this season!

[21:18:22] JOE: Neon, thanks a bunch for all the help, good luck this season!

[21:18:28] *** gambit has joined Walleye Central

[21:18:38] Neon Leon: You bet Joe. thanks for being here.

[21:18:49] rabbit(wi): Great Job, Leon

[21:18:56] RoyG(PA): thanks neon!!

[21:18:59] "SKEETER"(GB): Good Job FishBoy

[21:18:59] RapalaBoy: Wannabe, can you tell me something about this Walleye Club?

[21:19:00] ebijack (mi): GREAT JOB LEON!!!

[21:19:06] Shiny: Neon it was great talking to you!!

[21:19:07] LS(nd): Leon, Good Luck in 98...thanks for the info...great chat

[21:19:08] Neon Leon: Guys I had a ball and hope to do it again. Save up some tough


[21:19:09] MillacsMan: Will you fish Millacs At all this year

[21:19:10] Magic Marker: Thanks Leon

[21:19:13] *** oldben has left Walleye Central

[21:19:14] R Hill: Great Job Leon thanks for being here

[21:19:19] Born2Fish (Mi): :-)

[21:19:23] ebijack (mi): great chat leon, thanks again for hosting

[21:19:29] terry: THANKS LEON!!!

[21:19:44] Jim (Canada): Thanks Leon

[21:19:46] walleyezone(mn): Thank you Leon

[21:19:50] rip some lip wy: great job LEON

[21:19:53] MillacsMan: thanks Leon

[21:19:54] Neon Leon: Mill--I hope to fish it in June this year.

[21:20:02] Hunter: Thanks Leon, You gave some great tips

[21:20:11] Walstalker(mi): Great job Neon

[21:20:12] Neon Leon: I love that flat fishing.

[21:20:12] terry: Will any of you guys comment on using salted minnows???

[21:20:22] MillacsMan: Wave Wackers?

[21:20:37] R Hill: Terry they cause me to drink beer LOL

[21:20:54] Neon Leon: I would love to fish wackers but I dont have an in for that


[21:21:02] Capt. Marty: Leon, soaked up a lot of good info. being open minded lets

new ideas filter in. Thanks again!!!!!!



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