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[20:12:36] ebijack (mi): Please welcome NEON LEON LUKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[20:12:44] seadog: hey neon

[20:12:51] Drift'r: hi neon

[20:12:52] Woody(MI): welcome Neon

[20:12:54] Skeeter WI: welcome!!!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

[20:12:55] ebijack (mi): tonight he is going to talk about trolling and boat control

[20:13:03] oldben: weeeeeelcome

[20:13:25] ebijack (mi): it's an open format, please give leon a chance to answer all the


[20:14:17] Neon Leon: Hi guys I hope this is coming through, seems to be a problem

with my server

[20:14:30] Jim Alton: Looks good from here Leon...

[20:14:38] Woody(MI): Leon, do you use a TR-1

[20:17:26] Neon Leon: My name is Leon Luker and I am from Oshkosh Wi

[20:17:43] Neon Leon: Lets take some questions on trolling ...shoot

[20:18:56] Neon Leon: Woody, no I dont use a TR-1 but would like to, but like so many

of us, the cost is to great for me.

[20:19:02] Hogboss: leon what sort of presentation would you use for Muddy


[20:19:22] Ric: favorite trolling speed,fav. cranks for slow trolling speeds,fav. cranks for

faster presentations

[20:19:43] Neon Leon: Muddy conditions mean using the brightest tackle that you

have in the box, and also searching for clearer water somewhere

[20:20:05] Hogboss: any specific speed.

[20:20:32] Neon Leon: Ric- My favorite lures for slow trolling are shad raps, they are

about the best, I also like Reef Runner at speeds under 1 mph

[20:20:42] Mud Duck: what is your favorite crankbait & color on Lake Winnebago?

[20:21:01] Neon Leon: I like trolling slow under1.5 in most conditions.

[20:21:36] Neon Leon: Mud duck- I like blue and silver and perch colored baits the

best on Winnibago

[20:22:01] seadog: hey neon , what are your thought on the new color walleye diver

,bright pink , blue ,yellow

[20:22:05] Neon Leon: I use Storm and Reef Runner too.

[20:22:20] Jim Alton: Under what conditions would you "fast" troll?

[20:22:37] rh (MD): with the motorguide "walleye backtroller" that has 5 speeds fwd

and 2 back, are the 5 speeds forward really taking you backwards, ie., backtrolling.

[20:22:38] Neon Leon: It might surprise you but pink can be a great color for walleyes,

sometimes ugly is best!

[20:23:01] Ric: what would you fast troll with?

[20:23:01] Hogboss: what kind of board's do you prefer leon,

[20:23:21] Neon Leon: I fast troll in river situations and also when water is warm and


[20:23:49] Neon Leon: Hog- I use only the Off-Shore boards with tattle flags and love


[20:24:18] Hogboss: do they trip in heavy wave's.

[20:24:21] Neon Leon: Once you use the new tattle flags you too will be hooked

[20:24:26] Skeeter WI: Leon how do you locate suspended walleyes on a big lake like


[20:24:40] Neon Leon: They have three settings and do not trip in heavy seas

[20:24:51] Les: How fast is fast trolling

[20:24:59] Drift'r: what speed is considered fast trolling

[20:25:12] Neon Leon: I consider trolling fast at anything over 2 mph

[20:25:28] Ric: what lures do you like when fast trolling?

[20:25:38] Neon Leon: Usually I start my trolling slow and let the fish tell me what they


[20:26:18] Neon Leon: Reef Runners and Husky Jerks are about the best at fast

speeds, be sure to tune you rbaits. Also like some of the storms fast.

[20:26:59] Jim Alton: Say there's a hump about 200' off shore that you think is holding

walleye... how would you attack it under moderately windy conditions?

20:27:46] Neon Leon: Jim- I would take a trolling pass over the top and if I caught or

saw fish would then live bait with a sea anchor

[20:27:57] seadog: is there such a thing as to big of a crankbait for walleye, does a big

bait usually mean big fish

[20:28:09] Redeye: when trolling harnesses what size do you prefer and whats on it?

[20:28:35] Neon Leon: Yes in most cases big bait equals big fish, on lakes like Erie

nothing is to big for a ten pounder.

[20:29:03] seadog: last week in april on erie how would you aproach it

[20:29:20] Neon Leon: redeye, when I troll harnesses I use number 3-5 blades and if

the fish are big I stay with #5's

[20:29:56] Jim Alton: What's the best tool for monitoring your trolling speed?

[20:30:13] ebijack (mi): leon, have you ever tried musky sized cranks to troll with

[20:30:19] Neon Leon: seadog- I would go out of port Clinton and stay east of the

islands and troll off of the Power plant about 8-10 miles out for suspended females.

[20:30:55] Neon Leon: I monitor my trolling speed with my gps but trolling indicators are


20:31:25] Jim Alton: Can you tell me more about a "trolling inidicator"?

[20:31:31] Neon Leon: I have never used muskie baits but have tried some big baits

like a # 18 Rapala with good results

[20:31:44] Rooster: when using gps to monitor speed do you use SOG

[20:31:46] bum: tack ometer

[20:31:49] oldben: what trolling indicators do you think work best

[20:31:53] Les: I went musky fishing with friend cought 2 big walleye on musky lures

going fast

[20:31:58] Neon Leon: Yes I use SOG

[20:32:25] Neon Leon: Most trolling indicators are good, I have no preference here.

[20:32:56] Neon Leon: Use a tach if thats all you have, just start slow and then go

faster if that doesnít work.

[20:33:07] Jim Alton: I've got a paddle wheel style speed sensor for my Humminbird... is

it any good at those speeds?

[20:33:33] Neon Leon: The paddle isnt very good at monitoring your trolling speeds.

[20:33:41] seadog: does line size make a difference when trolling, also type of line

[20:34:19] Neon Leon: I use all green trilene mono or Fireline in ten pound test.

[20:34:23] Rooster: how important is bead size on spinner rigs and what size is best

with a #3 colorado

[20:34:52] seadog: with inline weights is there a recipe for weight for depth

[20:35:30] Neon Leon: I believe that small beads are better and give more flash than

the larger ones, I was making some last night. Be sure that you have enough beads to

covert the blade and so your hook is exposed

[20:35:57] bum: have you ever tried rip jiging like the griz

[20:36:21] Neon Leon: seadog, no recipe yet, but use the 35-35 or 50- 50 set up on

your snap weights.

[20:36:26] Les: How much have LCR fish locators improved in last 10 years?

[20:37:02] Neon Leon: Rip jigging is gaining in popularity because it works, I have

used it in Green Bay with success.

[20:37:39] bum: is it tough to keep bait on

[20:37:49] Neon Leon: Les- You will see a big improvement over the last years, with

added pixel count and more power to the units.

[20:38:03] seadog: neon, petenwell flowage is that the next great lake after winnebago

in wis.

[20:38:27] bum: any tricks on bobber fishing walletes

[20:38:30] Neon Leon: bum- I use spoons and just a piece of crawler or a jig and

plastic when snap jigging.

[20:39:22] Neon Leon: seadog- next great lake is going to be Big Grfeen Lake, I heard

a 22 pounder was just tagged their.

[20:39:22] Neon Leon: seadog- next great lake is going to be Big Grfeen Lake, I heard

a 22 pounder was just tagged their.

[20:39:57] Neon Leon: bum-walleye fishing and bobbers go hand in hand.

[20:40:16] Neon Leon: I love using bobbers and on Lake Winnebago they are killers.

[20:40:38] seadog: bobber fishing on erie in big waves , how?

[20:41:15] Neon Leon: seadog, as far as bobbers on Erie, I have to admit I dont have

the expertise for there.

[20:41:44] busy (oh): Not to be stupid, but where are you form neon

[20:41:53] Neon Leon: I use bobbers often and effectively, and I use a small colored

leadhead at the end.

[20:42:05] bum: how about snap weights for trolling good idea or not

[20:42:07] Jim Alton: How small is the lead head?

[20:42:23] Neon Leon: I am from Oshkosh Wi and have fished both pro circuits.

[20:42:42] Jim Alton: I just bought 50 1/16 ounce jigs for this purpose....

[20:42:51] Neon Leon: 1/32 oz lead head on the bobbers with an oversized hook.

[20:43:01] seadog: neon , do you think walleyes will come alive on lake michigan


[20:43:09] Jim Alton: I got 50 of them too... :-)

[20:43:14] Neon Leon: Snap weighs are one of my favorites and I have had great

success using them.

[20:43:54] bum: how far in front of rap do you put snaps

[20:43:55] Neon Leon: seadog, lake michigan I doubt, but perhaps in Superior, where

they are trying hard to stock.

[20:44:13] Kingfisher: I use a hair jig 2 feet from a bobber tipped with a worm for almost

everything I fish for

[20:44:26] busy (oh): Lot of water to chase them in Superior

[20:44:56] Neon Leon: bum, put the snap from 35 to 50 feet in front of the lure and

then another 35 to 50 feet to the board.

[20:45:33] Neon Leon: Hair jigs work really well on the smallmouths too.

[20:45:39] bum: how about if you dont use boards

[20:45:58] Redeye: in superior you can find theme in the spring but then where do they

go in the summer?

[20:46:18] Neon Leon: You can just use a snap weight without boards but you will

have to experiment and dont let out to much line.

[20:46:59] Neon Leon: I have found them north east of Duluth out in the open water,

where I trolled like in erie.

[20:47:16] ratter: What kind of line are you using with slip bobbers and what lb test

[20:47:31] Magic Marker OH: favorite trolling lure, size and color for Erie Eyes?

[20:47:45] bum: smaller line the better

[20:48:11] Neon Leon: I use six or eight pound test on my line and I use a green

florescent line with a leader so that I can see where the fish is going on the hit.

[20:49:17] Neon Leon: magic, I use Husky jerks and Reef Runners, I like the clown

with a red head and purple seams to be a great color for erie.

[20:49:40] busy (oh): Have you used the new small rip stick

[20:49:55] Neon Leon: I have used many color combos on erie but I use only larger


[20:49:57] bum: do you like the husky jerks

[20:50:18] seadog: bomber 'a''s

[20:50:48] Neon Leon: I tested the baby ripper last year, and this spring, in fact

yesterday I caught 13 walleyes on the little ripper, it works great but you may have to

tune them.

[20:51:01] busy (oh): Our best bait on erie was Husky jerk, however I think the new

small size rip stick is going to be hot on erie, especially early

[20:51:14] seadog: who's the best walleye fisherman alive today!!!!!

[20:51:18] Neon Leon: seadog- your right , I forgot about the bombers on erie.

[20:51:37] Neon Leon: Me of course! ;-)

[20:51:40] seadog: lol

[20:51:45] seadog: good answer

[20:51:58] bum: how about thunder sticks they work great on bigstone in minn

[20:52:09] Neon Leon: If I had to pick somebody I would choose Rick Olson from SD

[20:52:24] gwalt(MI): neon do you use different lines when trolling with bottom bouncers

than when you troll with cranks?

[20:52:45] gwalt(MI): fireline to mono

[20:52:59] Neon Leon: Thundersticks are a great bait, and I use them but not as much

as I used to, I like to find baits that other anglers are not using.

[20:53:32] Neon Leon: Bottom bouncers I use Fireline 100% of the time with a mono


[20:54:08] Neon Leon: How is the bite now on erie?

[20:54:08] bum: what is your favoriye musky bait

[20:54:29] Neon Leon: I like a creeper and top water baits for Musky.

[20:54:32] busy (oh): Last two days were good, today was bad with east wind,

although some real pigs coming

[20:54:34] PW wi: Neon when do you start trolling on Poygen, and on Winnebago.

[20:55:06] ratter: how close do you run your bottom bouncers to the boat

[20:55:11] Neon Leon: I trolled yesterday on Winnebago and had 13 and I am sure

that Poygan is giving up fish too, and white bass.

[20:55:39] gwalt(MI): any size?

[20:55:50] Neon Leon: I keep my bottom bouncers very close to the boat not vertical

but at a 45 degree angle.

[20:56:15] Neon Leon: Nice fish yesterday 18 to 22inches.

[20:56:19] ^2old2^ (mi): the water on erie is like mud right now i heard would you use a

rattle bait for something like that

[20:56:24] bum: how much line behind bottom bouncers

[20:56:29] busy (oh): I feel they work much better on a sharp angle like that, gives better

action, it is cricital for consistent action

[20:57:00] gwalt(MI): do you use a standard size leader when you troll with bouncers a

then modify from there?

[20:57:09] Jim Alton: Great job as usual Leon.. thanks... catch ya later...

[20:57:17] bum: standard

[20:57:24] Neon Leon: Yes, rattle for sure.

[20:57:58] Neon Leon: I only use a leader of from 3 to seven feet depending on


[20:58:14] ^2old2^ (mi): does any particular rattle bait come to mind

[20:58:20] busy (oh): In the mud we have good succes with sonars over anything else

on reefs

[20:58:39] gwalt(MI): do you do much with inline weights neon?

[20:58:50] Neon Leon: Try Cicadas

[20:59:18] busy (oh): What temp is the water on Winnebago now

[20:59:32] Neon Leon: Rattle baits, like Storms and Reef Runner, anything that you

like, maybe put some rattle beads ahead of the lure.

[20:59:45] bum: what do you think of the pilot control trolling motors

[20:59:51] busy (oh): Cicadas have been good, couldn,t remember their name

[21:00:03] Neon Leon: gwalt, I use snap weights all the time or lead core.

[21:00:16] Neon Leon: Water temp is 53.

[21:00:58] Neon Leon: I think the auto helms and tr-1's are great if you can afford them

but some of us dont have that kind of money.

[21:01:33] Neon Leon: I have a fishing budget and my wife said no to my auto pilot.

[21:01:54] bum: have to win a tourney

[21:01:56] gwalt(MI): do you do much vertial jigging in tourneys? I have noticed that

most guys try to cover more water

[21:02:11] Neon Leon: Any questions out there on boat control or sea anchors or

anything else?

[21:02:56] ebijack (mi): leon, what's your best trick for trolling cranks in heavy wind and


[21:02:59] Neon Leon: gwalt- during a tournament it is important to cover as much

ground as possible and 90% of all tournaments are won trolling.

[21:03:20] ratter: Is it true that Motor Guide is offering a new foot control for their

standard bow mount electric converting them to an auto pilot

[21:03:53] Reefer (IN): Neon: sorry I'm so late getting in. I've been getting the boat

ready for a USFA tournament this week end. I have a friend looking for a couple of

guides on the Turtle Flowage the end of May. Any recommendations?

[21:04:28] Neon Leon: ebi- best trick is to troll with the wind and troll your baits high.

Also you can get away without using planer boards in the high seas, and that makes

things much easier.

[21:04:49] Rooster: how crucial is a transducer on bowmount for boat control

[21:05:04] gwalt(MI): neon do you use planners over inline boards

[21:05:21] Neon Leon: Stop at Ross's bait in Phillips or call there and ask, I dont have

anybody in mind for the Turtle Flam.

[21:05:55] bum: do you know steve bisset

[21:06:27] Neon Leon: Rooster, I think it is crucial to have a bow depth finder of some

kind, your bow can be in a totally different depth than the stern.

[21:06:41] Reefer (IN): Thanks, I'll post a message as well.

[21:07:01] Neon Leon: gwalt, I use off-shore in-line boards all of the time and I love


[21:07:17] gwalt(MI): what type of electric motors do you use neon?

[21:07:26] Neon Leon: Yes I know steve bisset, great angler.

[21:07:53] Neon Leon: I use motor guide or minn-kota. I have had good luck with


[21:08:21] gwalt(MI): foot control bow mounts ?

[21:08:24] Neon Leon: I have a 54 inch shaft on my skeeter and will get a longer one

for my new Tuffy.

[21:08:26] bum: brother use to be his neighbor i fished with him on green lake in minn


[21:08:37] Neon Leon: Yes foot control.

[21:08:57] gwalt(MI): manual or mirco touch?

[21:09:16] Skeeter WI: Leon what is the most important factor in walleye fishing?

[21:09:19] Neon Leon: manual, I dont care for the micro touch with my big feet.

[21:09:35] mikey: hi leon. how many did you end up with yesterday?

[21:10:02] Neon Leon: Most important factor is using your brain! Not fishing memories

or yesterdays dreams. God gave us all a brain, lets use it.

[21:10:37] Neon Leon: I am thinking walleyes all year long, reading maps and studying,

things we as anglers should all be doing.

[21:10:56] gwalt(MI): neon do you prefer one circuit over the other and if so why?

[21:12:06] Reefer (IN): Neon: I pre-fished a reservoir in Ohio last weekend a was 4

days behind spawn. Marked fish suspended and on drops and breaks. Lock jaw! Tried

jigs, bouncers and live rigs. Would've tried boards but left them at home, any

suggestions (besides don't forget

[21:12:12] Neon Leon: I prefer the In fish circuit, cheaper and more exposure but much

tougher because you are going against more guys.

[21:13:02] Neon Leon: You hit a bad time Reefer, sometimes even I get skunked ,

especially at post spawn.

[21:13:38] gwalt(MI): neon do you use drift socks often?

[21:13:47] Rooster: what qualifications do you need to fish on the PWT as an amateur

[21:14:00] gwalt(MI): and in what situations?

[21:14:05] Reefer (IN): I'm think I'm going to work boards hard. Cranks and spinners.

[21:14:28] Neon Leon: gwalt- I use them often and I like them because most guys donít

have them and they cant do what I can. I like using my electric along with my drift

socks in windy conditions.

[21:14:41] mikey: rooster. all you need is time and money

[21:14:52] Neon Leon: Rooster- No qualifications as an amteur to fish the PWT.

[21:15:56] Neon Leon: Rooster, all you need is money and get it in on the first day to

have a chance of being on the pwt traill they fill immediatly.

[21:16:10] mikey: leon. how do you like the tattle system. do the springs hold?

[21:16:22] ebijack (mi): leon, do you use 1 or 2 drift socks

[21:16:43] gwalt(MI): what have you herd about them having a divided circuit next year


[21:16:58] Walleye Hunter: Neon, you fish rivers I would asume?

[21:17:05] Neon Leon: I had to make a bed in the spring after I installed them and now

they hold just fine. They worked great and I just rigged all of my boards with them.

Once you have them you wont go without.

[21:17:20] Walleye Hunter: If so, ever fish a 3 way rig?

[21:17:34] Neon Leon: I always have two drift socks one for the bow and one for the


[21:17:59] Neon Leon: Yes there is definatley a east west division next year.

[21:18:14] gwalt(MI): which will you fish?

[21:18:37] Neon Leon: Three way rig is a wolf river rig developed here in WI and yes I

use it.

[21:18:55] gwalt(MI): do you here that infish sold walleye insider mag to time?

[21:19:20] Walleye Hunter: If so, what size line, floating rapala on the back line? What

size Rapala or like?

[21:19:27] Neon Leon: I will see where the tournaments are and then decide, with

travel being a second concideration. I love fishing out west and also Saginaw and


[21:19:38] hunter of eyes: what is your favorite lake to fish for trophy eyes in the

midwest Leon

[21:20:15] wannabe: Leon do you know how it will be split up ,east states?

[21:20:28] Walleye Hunter: What size weight or jig on the drop weight?

[21:20:52] Neon Leon: States have not yet been decided as far as east and west


[21:21:22] Neon Leon: Favorite big fish waters are saginaw erie, oahe, and bays De


[21:22:15] Neon Leon: I usually use from 1- 3 oz on the dropper but it depends on the

current in the river.

[21:22:58] Neon Leon: Yes I heard that in -fish sold some of it's holdings, that is a for

sure thing.

[21:23:00] ebijack (mi): your doing great LEON!!

[21:23:16] Neon Leon: Sorry about any missed questions.

[21:23:23] Neon Leon: Ask again

[21:23:29] Reefer (IN): diiddo

[21:23:30] mikey: I fish with Leon. He is one of the best !!!!

[21:23:33] Walleye Hunter: Thanks Leon!!!

[21:23:40] gwalt(MI): cool

[21:24:31] Neon Leon: Is that it or you guys have any more questions?

[21:24:44] Neon Leon: thanks mikey

[21:25:05] Neon Leon: skeeter lets go fishing

[21:25:12] gwalt(MI): neon what tuffy are you getting

[21:25:32] Neon Leon: I am getting the new 1990 osprey with a merc 200

[21:25:37] Skeeter WI: lets go leon you know we can anytime you to Mike

[21:25:40] MT. Troller: good questions by all ,good answers Leon !!

[21:25:41] mikey: Leon they are biting right now. Lets go the boat is hooked up to the


[21:25:48] Neon Leon: Hope to get it soon and fly.

[21:26:05] Rooster: when traveling to your spot in rough water how do you cross the

wave properly & at what speed

[21:26:21] gwalt(MI): new sponsor neon?

[21:26:41] hunter of eyes: Leon is there a guide between color of lures and water


[21:26:48] gwalt(MI): tuffy Imean.

[21:26:53] Reefer (IN): Neon: Good luck on the PWT this year. Hopefully I'll be giving

you some competition next year. Just getting things line up to turn full time pro. Gotta run

and finish getting ready for USFA. You're doing a great job as usual. Thanks to you

and Ebi

[21:27:00] Neon Leon: rooster, be sure not to run over your fish that you want to catch,

go around them and be cautious in big seas, experience is your best guide.

[21:27:22] Neon Leon: Yes lundman

[21:27:41] Lundman: thanks

[21:27:51] Neon Leon: New sponsors are Merc and Tuffy

[21:29:03] Neon Leon: In bright clear conditions use your silver and blues and natural

colors, when the water is dirty go noisey and bright as you have in your bag.

[21:29:51] Skeeter WI: when we going for that 22 pounder Leon?

[21:30:12] ebijack (mi): THANKS for the great info and your time LEON!!!!!!!!!!!

[21:30:20] Neon Leon: Well guys it has been great and you had some real;ly good

questions tonight, dont forget to mail your checks to the irs tonight!! Yuck!

[21:30:20] busy (oh): Walleye rule, thanks Leon, see you on erie

[21:30:28] ebijack (mi): thanks to leon's neighbor also!!!!!!

[21:30:40] gwalt(MI): thanks leon

[21:31:01] Neon Leon: Pleasure was all mine guys, I got away from the wife and kids.

[21:31:02] hunter of eyes: thanks Leon for your insite,and time good luck this year

[21:31:03] Rooster: Great chat thanks Leon

[21:31:09] mikey: did you guide today in the rain

[21:31:10] Skeeter WI: Great job Leon

[21:31:24] Neon Leon: No guiding today, to rough.

[21:31:25] ebijack (mi): good luck leon

[21:31:30] MT. Troller: thanks Leon !!

[21:31:36] Lundman: thanks leon

[21:31:41] Drift'r: thanks leon

[21:31:41] gwalt(MI): great info neon see you at erie

[21:31:45] Neon Leon: Thanks for having me ebi, it was great fun as usual.

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