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[19:57:55] ebijack (mi): Please WELCOME LEON LUKER!!!!!!

[19:58:42] Neon Leon: Hi guys, since there are only a few of us lets shoot some

questions at me and see what kind of answers I can dream up.

[19:58:50] ebijack (mi): :)

[19:58:53] ebijack (mi): good one leon

[19:58:55] wannabe: welcome Leon

[19:58:59] Neon Leon: Howdy Lundman

[19:58:55] wannabe: welcome Leon

[19:58:59] Neon Leon: Howdy Lundman

[19:59:19] Lundman: Hi Leon

[19:59:36] ebijack (mi): are you fishing only one division in 99 leon

[19:59:47] Neon Leon: For you that dont know me I am a guide and tournament pro

from Oshkosh WI. I drive a new Tuffy Osprey 19'9"

[20:00:16] Neon Leon: Ebi-I plan on fishing only the PWT and only the East division

[20:00:24] hyderipper: when did you switch companies?

[20:00:43] Yar-Man: How's your Tuffy treated you this year?

[20:00:53] big man (mich): what's your favorite way to fish walleyes leon?

[20:01:07] Neon Leon: Last fall I worked out a deal with Tuffy boats and couldnt be

happier,, I have had a lot of input into the building of their new line.

[20:01:20] hyderipper: good for you

[20:01:32] Yar-Man: They On-Line?

[20:01:49] Neon Leon: Yar- My Tuffy has held up great, at first I was in their prototype

and now in a production boat.

[20:01:55] ebijack (mi): tuffy does have a web site

[20:02:20] Neon Leon: Yar- Yes the y are online at tuffyboats,com/

[20:03:02] ebijack (mi): leon, did you run the tuffy at erie this year in those 10fters on

the last day?

[20:03:14] Neon Leon: Yar, at first we had a gel coat problem that has been fixed and

new and improved everything, from livewells to the casting deck it is totally new and


[20:03:51] big man (mich): whats the beam width on your boat?

[20:03:56] hyderipper: seems like all jellcoats crack

[20:04:17] Neon Leon: No, I wasnt at Erie, but I did have it out on some of the

roughest days on the Bay of Green Bay. It is the driest boat I have been in, drier than

my skeeter for sure./

[20:04:41] Yar-Man: How's there warranty?

[20:05:07] Neon Leon: Big- Beam is 90 inches, lots of storage and a livewell with air

injection. Lots of grreat features.

[20:05:13] hyderipper: i'm going to have to look you up next year before the pwt at


[20:05:51] Neon Leon: Warrenty is five years, and if you break something they have a

14 day gaurantee turnaround.

[20:06:14] ebijack (mi): leon, how well does the tuffy track while trolling

[20:06:21] Yar-Man: Good enough then.

[20:06:23] Neon Leon: hyderipper--I will be fishin agin ya buddy!

[20:07:25] Neon Leon: Ebi- Im trolling with my 9.9 4-stroke and it has been the best

trolling machine I have been in and I have been in most of them, even have a huge

netting platform with non skid rubber in the back.

[20:08:04] Neon Leon: hyderipper- just kidding, lets meet and talk, heck, its alway fun

to change some ideas and learn/

[20:08:19] hyderipper: what size motor is it rated for?

[20:08:34] hyderipper: you got that right

[20:09:05] Neon Leon: I have a 200 Merc efi and that is what it's rated for, top speed

with me and gear and gas is 63.6 sog.

[20:09:31] ebijack (mi): leon, what happened that you missed erie this year

[20:09:43] RAPALA: hey neon leon,do you like crapie fishin in the winter?

[20:09:44] Neon Leon: No other walleye boat has ever passed me, including the

Champions and the Targas with their 225's

[20:09:58] hyderipper: that is about 2.5 miles an hour faster then my champion

[20:10:41] Neon Leon: My daughter had some emergency surgury and had to pull out

of some tournaments. Just took 24th at Green Bay and Placed at the Merc Nationals

[20:10:52] hyderipper: the osprey is a fine looking boat

[20:10:56] ebijack (mi): cool, good going leon

[20:11:01] ebijack (mi): hope she's ok

[20:11:28] Neon Leon: Empty my boat will do an honest 68.2 sog with a half tank of


[20:11:59] hyderipper: that's 3 miles an hour faster then me

[20:12:05] Neon Leon: Boat is all composite material and only weighs about 1350.

[20:12:08] Yar-Man: How's the ride and spray?

[20:12:16] ebijack (mi): are you running a 99 model right now leon? quite a few guys

from here are moving into tuffy's for 99



[20:13:12] Neon Leon: I love it, and I liked my Skeeter but this is definatly better and

drier. great storage too. How has the fishing been on Erie this year Ebi?

[20:13:43] ebijack (mi): ohio has been kickin em, ask marker he's really been on them

[20:13:45] Magic Marker: fishings been great this year :-)

[20:13:53] Neon Leon: RAP-- No, I give seminars and chase sponsors during the off

season, I never catch anything but bottle bass during the winter.

[20:14:19] RAPALA: OH

[20:14:38] Neon Leon: Yes Ebi, I have a new 99.

[20:14:49] ebijack (mi): the detroit river was really off this year leon due to real muddy


[20:14:57] Neon Leon: Are you fishing east of the islands?

[20:15:24] Magic Marker: mostly out of lorain, vermillion

[20:15:27] Neon Leon: Muddy water? You had rain? Our water is very low, no rain all


[20:15:55] Neon Leon: Vermillion, thats quite a run isnt it?

[20:16:11] ebijack (mi): yeah, the whole spawn was off, water was only 4 in of visibility

wehn it's usually 6 to 8 ft

[20:16:22] Yar-Man: What's your favorite fall fishing technique?

[20:16:46] Magic Marker: not really, using lorain ramp, bout same distance from house

as islands

[20:17:01] Neon Leon: Yar- During the fall and even late summer I like to throw crank

baits. I love to structure fish.

[20:17:33] REELMAN: What cranks are you using????????????

[20:17:50] Neon Leon: I think lots of people miss some great action and it is so much

fun throwing cranks at shallow fish in the fall.

[20:18:34] Jim Alton: How shallow is shallow and what part of fall are we talking


[20:18:59] Neon Leon: I use shad style baits in Green Bay, thats the forage right now,

Shad Raps, Larry Nixon type cranks, lots of bass baits that are bright and rattle is a


[20:19:37] Neon Leon: I cast water from 10 feet to one foot.

[20:20:17] hyderipper: well leon, if i don't see you untill next year, good luck at all the

tournaments, see you later

[20:20:30] Neon Leon: Im casting now and have been for about two weeks, that is what

I did in green bay to win money, casting cranks to 5 feet of water on fireline.

[20:20:41] ebijack (mi): you going to be able to fit in any nawa tourney's leon

[20:20:49] REELMAN: is this a day time of night time bite with the cranks????????

[20:20:50] Jim Alton: Thanks Neon...

[20:21:35] Yar-Man: Leon do you prefer "lead-core" or "snap-wts" ?

[20:21:52] Neon Leon: Reelman- It is all the time, the fish have been shallow in the Bay

of Green Bay for some time, I had people trolling in 20 feet of water near me while I

was ripping tons of 3-5 pound fish.

[20:23:10] Neon Leon: I prefer snap weights when they work, its just easier, but with

some bites it is a leadcore bite, I think the baits react differently when using lead core.

[20:23:40] Yar-Man: Ever use downriggers?

[20:23:55] Jim Alton: Leon... are you ripping these cranks down to bottom then ticking

the top?

[20:24:17] REELMAN: Do you use the snap weights on fire line or mono?????????

[20:24:20] Neon Leon: I experimented with downriggers in Green Bay and had limited

success, but the active fish were in very clear water and I think I was spooking them.

[20:24:38] ebijack (mi): you think your going to jig or handline the detroit river in 99 leon

for the pwt event

[20:24:42] Perchn: Do you ever "ALTER The factory cranks and if so how??

[20:25:17] Yar-Man: What king of structure or location are you looking for when

casting into shore/shallow water?

[20:25:24] Neon Leon: Ebi, I cant see myself handlining, it is almost against my

religion. I am sure I will try and jig. Hope it works for me.

[20:26:07] Neon Leon: I never fished the Detroit river before......Help!!

[20:26:53] Neon Leon: When casting on Winnebago I look for points , extended

points, and cups on the shoreline, in Green Bay I look for the same plus zebra covered


[20:27:15] ^2old2^ (mi): You Need to hook up with ebijack for Det. River fishin

[20:27:25] Yar-Man: Thanks!

[20:27:48] Jim Alton: Looks like it is...

[20:28:29] Perchn: Leon...do you ever alter the factory cranks??

[20:28:39] REELMAN: Leon, do you pull snap weights on mono or fire line????

[20:28:43] Neon Leon: Changing lures-- Yes I do modify some of my lures with paint

and for sure I change many of the manufacturers hooks.

[20:28:53] Jim Alton: I'll be around Georgian Bay in 10 days... should I be keying on live

vegetation or the shallow reefs that are close to known spring/summer spots?

[20:29:20] RUKO: i'm fishing rivers in northern ontario the water is about 60 deg's now

what should I use

[20:29:36] Neon Leon: Reelman, I usually pull snaps on fireline, it has been a good

combo when I go after deep fish, deeper than 20 feet.

[20:30:35] Neon Leon: Live vegitation is beginning to die and many of the fish here are

starting to leave the weeds, I would look more closely at the reefs and points. Beware

of fall turnover!!!

[20:30:38] REELMAN: i also use the fire line and really like it with the weights

[20:30:49] Perchn: do you like to use boards much

[20:31:30] Neon Leon: Perchn- I love using boards, I use only Off-Shore and love

them. I cut my teeth on them and they run great.

[20:32:05] Yar-Man: Using the tattle tale flag?

[20:31:30] Neon Leon: Perchn- I love using boards, I use only Off-Shore and love

them. I cut my teeth on them and they run great.

[20:32:05] Yar-Man: Using the tattle tale flag?

[20:33:00] Neon Leon: Yar- Yes I use the tattle flags, especially on Winnebago or any

body of water that has small fish, but they also are nice when pulling spinners, it allows

me to get to the rod faster, I use them all of the time.

[20:33:04] ebijack (mi): hey guys, team dunn here manufactures the releases for off


[20:33:33] Neon Leon: I do modify my tattle boards

[20:34:10] REELMAN: how do you modify your boards??????????

[20:34:24] Neon Leon: I drill holes to clip the spring into so I dont lose the spring when I

drop or throw the board, it gives me more positions and tentions too.

[20:34:58] Neon Leon: The new Willie clips are great and they do hold fireline and are

adaptable to Off-Shore boards.

[20:35:06] Team Dunn(MWT): we have prototypes to hold the Super Lines, now

[20:35:26] Magic Marker: when available?

[20:35:32] Team Dunn(MWT): sometime next year

[20:35:46] REELMAN: Have you tried the Cchurch clips??????they really hold fire


[20:35:46] Neon Leon: Great, we need them!!

[20:36:00] Neon Leon: My fingers must be getting fatter.

[20:36:12] Yar-Man: I bet you give those away just like the tattle tale flags!!

[20:36:16] Magic Marker: I get tired double wrapping line

[20:36:57] Neon Leon: Double wrapping is a pain, only a matter of time, and no aI

have not seen the church clips???????

[20:37:09] Perchn: so leon..wheres the best eye fishn anywhere??

[20:37:23] ebijack (mi): leon, what electric trolling motor and what electronics do you


[20:37:48] Team Dunn(MWT): yeah, we could talk now, but I will be hosting a chat

next week about the Michigan walleye Tour, my experience and these new products

[20:38:29] Neon Leon: This season I made the change to Apelco/Raytheon and I like

them, and now they have an even bigger and better model the 700 series. I use a

Motor Guide Brute with 65 #'s of thrust.

[20:39:37] ^2old2^ (mi): Keep plugging for Raytheon I own shares

[20:40:04] Magic Marker: what do you think of Pinpoint?

[20:40:21] Neon Leon: Hey, it took me awhile to learn it but now I like it and the

fishfinders work great. I havenít gotten lost with it sooooo.........

[20:40:29] REELMAN: what type of price are we looking at with the Rayethon 700???

[20:41:53] Neon Leon: Magic.....I think Pinpoints are much improved over only two

years ago. I would love to have the chance to run one for a year, I do alot of fishing

from the bow, so it would be great. I know they are building a more consistant unit now,

less breakdowns

[20:42:48] Neon Leon: Reelman--Bout the same price as others, I have them as a

sponsor so I cant tell you exactly. They do have a website.

[20:43:16] Mike (MN): I got one for sale at the end of the year (pinpoint) motor and

graphs, anybody interested let me know...

[20:43:48] Neon Leon: Mike how did you like your Pinpoint and how did it hold up?

[20:45:00] Mike (MN): it was fantastic, I had a problem with the motor a little bit and

they over nighted me one. The graphs are scary good, almost to much power.

[20:44:27] REELMAN: Have you used the Aqua Vision????

[20:44:53] Yar-Man: I think Aqua Vision is to far.

[20:45:14] Neon Leon: REEL-- I used it with once and that was enough, it isnt for me.

Aqua vision is great for those who need it.

[20:45:32] Mike (MN): sure can't fish with em'.

[20:50:31] ebijack 1(mi): leon, are you fishing any of the nawa tourneys since your

staying with the eastern div for pwt

[20:50:53] Lee: Mike, can you actually see whts dowm there

[20:50:54] Neon Leon: Yar- I got spoiled there in 96 when there were all big fish. I had

a ball out there.

[20:50:56] Team Dunn(MWT): leon, how do you suggest fishing deeper inland lakes

with not much over growth?

[20:51:45] Neon Leon: Dunn- I would look for suspended bait fish and troll around and

trough them. Pulling cranks if I could.

[20:52:00] Yar-Man: It's still real good in southern region, oahe & north has been bad

this year!

[20:52:27] Team Dunn(MWT): what about rivers that connect to them such as burt

and mullet lake in michigan that has the indian river?

[20:53:05] null: Leon..so where is your fav of all eye fishn spots at?

[20:53:46] Neon Leon: Dunn, Well we all know that the fish will make a fall run up the

rivers, the trick is to get them as they stage near the mouths of those rivers, Im not

familiar with those you mention, but I know I would check points and reefs near the


[20:54:21] Team Dunn(MWT): using? bottom bouncers with spinners/crawlers?

[20:54:54] ClearCatch: Can you use live bait?

[20:55:05] Neon Leon: null- I have tio say that Saginaw Bay and Green Bay have

become my favorites, something about the way the fish fight in Saginaw!

[20:55:10] Yar-Man: Thanks Leon, going to Tuffyboats.com (later)

[20:55:47] Marbeliz..N.D: Leon do you prefer bottom bouncer's over the lindy set-up?

[20:56:17] Neon Leon: Dunn- Yup, bottom bouncers are a great way to cover water

but dont rule out cranks as the water gets cooler, and you can troll right along at 2-3

mph too.

[20:57:25] Neon Leon: Marbliz- Yes I prefer bottom bouncers, because I can go faster

and get the active fish to show me where the school is and then camp on the inactive

ones. Just a faster approach.

[20:57:33] FishinMagician: What lures run the best at 2-3-4 mph?

[20:57:41] Team Dunn(MWT): Leon, you ever fished saginaw bay, in mid summer?

near the Charity Islands

[20:58:20] Neon Leon: 2-4 mph run shad raps, fat raps, reef runners

[20:58:45] FishinMagician: What # for the shads?

[20:59:20] FishinMagician: What number shad raps?

[20:59:21] Neon Leon: Yes, what a great place, I fished the PWT there in 96 and did

great on days 1 and 2 and got a lesson on day three. I LOVE Saginaw

[20:59:51] Magic Marker: how bout erie?

[21:00:04] Neon Leon: Dunn, That tourney was in July, I fished by the huge concrete

bouys .

[21:00:19] Team Dunn(MWT): I fished the Linwood classic, a MWT event and caught

12 fish day 1, 5 weigh in at 30.15 lbs

[21:00:51] Neon Leon: Fishin- In fall I use larger Raps like the 7,8 and 9's. Forage is big

so go big with the baits.

[21:01:39] FishinMagician: Have you ever fished Kinzua in Pennsylvania?

[21:01:59] Team Dunn(MWT): Leon, have you had any luck on these new reef


[21:02:03] Neon Leon: Dunn, I weighed in five fish for 49+ pounds on day one and

was a fish short of a limit and in 18th place.

[21:02:28] Neon Leon: Fishin, sorry never fished in Penn.

[21:02:40] Team Dunn(MWT): 9-10 lbs average?

[21:03:29] Neon Leon: Dunn, From early spring until mid summer the Little Rippers were

doing great, then for some reason the fish wanted more of a shad style bait.

[21:04:18] Neon Leon: Yes, I had an 11+ and a 10+ and three others, I think it may

be the largest five fish weight for the PWT, unofficial.

[21:04:49] Neon Leon: Saginaw and spinners, God I loved it!

[21:04:50] Team Dunn(MWT): leon-maybe the runners, shake to hard for those later

summer not as aggressive fish

[21:04:59] Marbeliz..N.D: Leon what is the best fishing line, do you use for jigging,or


[21:05:08] Team Dunn(MWT): leon, yeah we used boards 1/4 oz weights, and


[21:06:16] Neon Leon: Marbliz, you ask two questions in one, for trolling I usually use a

ten or 12 pound mono, however if the fish are deep I go to fireline in ten pound test.

For jigging I use either Stren or Trilene in six pound test.

[21:06:17] Team Dunn(MWT): I noticed the fish ran a bit smaller this year as well,

about 1-2 lbs less

21:07:33] Neon Leon: Marbliz- if the bottom is clear, no snags, try the fireline for

jigging, but use a longer rod and a softer hook set.

[21:07:45] Team Dunn(MWT): leon, have you fished the detroit river in early spring?

[21:08:13] FishinMagician: Do you ever use jigging spoons in tournaments?

[21:08:46] Neon Leon: Dunn, Never been to the Detroit River, but will be there next

year for the PWT, I hear the River has been poor this year but usually is a hot bite.

[21:09:11] Team Dunn(MWT): the fish that come out of the bay in late summer, were

6-9 instead of 8+ this year

[21:10:14] Neon Leon: Oh, how aweful only 6-8#'s....JK.

[21:10:40] Neon Leon: Hope I dopnt have to handline in the Detroit River!!!!!

[21:11:37] busy: handliners rule???

[21:11:38] ebijack: i'll help ya with jigging leon

[21:11:47] Team Dunn(MWT): we dont handline at all

[21:11:36] Team Dunn(MWT): usually we get mounters all late summer this year, it was

a bit disapointing for the bay

[21:11:37] busy: handliners rule???

[21:11:38] ebijack: i'll help ya with jigging leon

[21:11:47] Team Dunn(MWT): we dont handline at all

[21:12:03] ebijack: hey everyone, lets wrap this up before everyone gets booted

[21:12:44] ebijack: i'd like to thank LEON LUKER for his time here tonight

[21:12:50] Just Look"N--MI: fishing was better early on Sag Bay Dunn...when I was on


[21:12:52] Lundman: Thanks for showing up Leon

[21:13:03] Team Dunn(MWT): thanx Leon

[21:13:07] Just Look"N--MI: thanks Leon

[21:13:44] ^2old2^ (mi): Ebi can show you all the hot spots on the det river

[21:14:09] Team Dunn(MWT): I will see you all next week for the Marshall Dunn

"Offshore/MWT" chat I will be hosting, possibley with my father Paul dunn

[21:14:12] Neon Leon: Thanks guys, save some questions for this fall and winter, I

know it is tough to be inside when the weather is nice, thank all of you for being here


[21:14:39] Lundman: Thanks a lot Leon....good Job....

[21:14:49] Neon Leon: Thanks Lundman

21:15:06] Neon Leon: Hope to see some of you on the Detroit River!

[21:15:21] ebijack: thanks again leon!!!!!

[21:15:25] ^2old2^ (mi): I'll voulnteer to tag along with ya's on the Det. River :-)

[21:15:34] Just Look"N--MI: bring a lot of big jigs neon

[21:15:35] ebijack: :)

[21:15:50] Team Dunn(MWT): Leon-you coming to the Offshore chat I will be hosting?

[21:16:07] Neon Leon: Sounds great!


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