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Leon Luker 3/31/99 

[19:59:06] ebijack (mi): Please Welcome our guest tonight...NEON

LEON !!!!!!

[19:59:13] ebijack (mi): clap clap clap

[19:59:13] riverfishing wi: hi leon

[19:59:24] seamaster(ohio): hi Leon

[19:59:26] Bull(oh): <<<<,clappiong!!!!!!

[19:59:29] Neon Leon: Hi riv

[19:59:35] Drift'r: Welcome Leon

[19:59:42] walle: hi Leon

[19:59:51] Neon Leon: Hi guys, Im just hanging the weeds?;-)

[20:00:15] ebijack (mi): heard you just fished a mwc tourney leon,

how did it go?

[20:00:30] Neon Leon: Hi guys, in case you dont know me Iím

Leon Luker from Oshkosh

[20:00:51] riverfishing wi: have you been out fishing the river leon

[20:00:58] Neon Leon: I just got back from an MWC on the Illinois


[20:01:12] Neon Leon: Good bite but no money for this guy.

[20:01:32] critt(wi): was that spring valley?

[20:01:41] Doc(wi): what was the winning weight

[20:01:46] Neon Leon: For you that dont know me I run a Tuffy 1990

powered by Merc 200

[20:02:27] ebijack (mi): leon, last night someone was asking me

what your expertise is, can you tell us

[20:02:30] Spinner(WI): Leon, How can we find out the results from

the tourney?

[20:02:37] Neon Leon: It was a jig bite for the most part with some

guys trolling upstream, pulling cranks fast.

[20:02:58] Neon Leon: I believe Walleye Central has that info


[20:03:19] ebijack (mi): yes it does on the tourney page

[20:03:20] Spinner(WI): Were hand lines allowed?

[20:03:20] Doc(wi): must have been some walleye's caught in that

winning weight

[20:03:32] Neon Leon: Yes, the saugers were biting well,

unfortunately we had some engine trouble for two hours that hurt


[20:03:44] riverfishing wi: that is a bummer

[20:04:03] Neon Leon: Yes to hand lines, and very few walleyes,

saugers to five pounds were taken.

[20:04:24] ebijack (mi): leon, are you fishing both divisions of the

pwt and all of the mwc?

[20:04:40] Neon Leon: It was great fishing there however and they

run a terrific tournament with great people down there.

[20:04:54] walle: Leon what kind of jigs do you like best for river


[20:05:28] Neon Leon: Ebi, I am fishing the MAWC and only

the local pwt at Winnebago this year. For some of us it gets too

expensive to run all the circuits.

[20:06:16] riverfishing wi: leon what kind of tactics do you use for

low water, high current conditions at this time of the year...

[20:06:20] critt(wi): leon was that spring valley

[20:06:25] Neon Leon: walle, the kind of jig varies even in rivers, if

Iím fishing sand or a clean bottom I like a stand up jig, but in most

cases in river fishing I use a round head jug as lite as I can get

away with

[20:06:59] Neon Leon: Yes crit it was Spring Valley

[20:07:05] ebijack (mi): leon, what is your preferred method of

fishing for walleye

[20:07:39] Neon Leon: Low water and fast current is kind of rare. If

your talking the Wolf river just say so?

[20:07:47] riverfishing wi: no i am talking the wisconsin river

[20:07:54] riverfishing wi: it was like that last week there

[20:08:01] critt(wi): i'll bet you didn't have to fish the corn fields this


[20:08:28] Neon Leon: On the Wisconsin it is usually a wing damn

[20:09:23] Doc(wi): where's home for you Leon

[20:09:47] Neon Leon: Sauger are much different than walleys, they

prefer deeper faster water and they absolutely love minnows.

[20:09:48] Doc(wi): they fight like pike cowboy ..that's for sure

[20:10:14] Neon Leon: Home is just south of Oshkosh on the west

shore of the lake.

[20:10:16] cowboy(wy): what about sauger in res's????

[20:11:00] Neon Leon: Yes, when a sauger bites they immediately

flare their gills and fight like a bronco, they are fun to catch and eat,

but not from the Illinois River.

[20:11:47] Doc(wi): lol..on the eating of I river sauger

[20:11:49] ebijack (mi): leon, i thought you were going to fish the

detroit river pwt, no time?

[20:11:53] Neon Leon: Sauger in resi are usually in the deeper

holes of the river channels. I dont usually fish for them as they are

smaller than the average walleye.

[20:12:15] Spinner(WI): Leon, what's your favorite method of

catching eyes on Winnebago?

[20:12:16] cowboy(wy): good point leon, on the size

[20:12:16] riverfishing wi: leon did u say some were trolling on the

illinois when you were there..if so, what were they trolling, how did

they do, etc.

[20:12:29] Neon Leon: No time and not enough money, two

teenage girls to take care of and they made me promise to stay

home more this year,

[20:13:00] sundance: daughters will do that to ya leon...lol

[20:13:18] Neon Leon: trollers did well, and they were trolling up

river and really moving, about 2.5 mph trolling small cranks like #5

shad raps and Storm babies.

[20:13:30] riverfishing wi: cool, ok

[20:13:36] Neon Leon: At least they arenít getting married yet!!!

[20:13:44] riverfishing wi: lol

[20:14:08] Neon Leon: Anybody been killing them at Detroit river


[20:14:11] sundance: not yet,give it time...lol

[20:14:36] ebijack (mi): still just a bit cold leon

[20:15:12] Neon Leon: I know everybody is heading there next

week. There should be a good bite for the PWT at Winnebago this

year too

[20:15:18] ebijack (mi): leon, what do you think about the pwt

opening up too 2 div's

[20:15:43] river king mi: they are staring to pick them up in river but

not killing them

[20:15:55] riverfishing wi: thanks for the info neon , have to run

[20:15:59] Neon Leon: I think the PWT did the right thing with two

divisions, it gives people an option and there is less travel


[20:16:26] Neon Leon: People dont realize the cost factor of fishing

all of these tournaments and the money you have to spend to be


[20:16:43] ebijack (mi): you got that right leon!

[20:16:45] Spinner(WI): Leon, what is your favorite method of

catching eye on Winnebago?

[20:17:25] Neon Leon: I love to jig and fish in the weeds if Im out for

having fun, but to make money I go trolling with cranks or pull


[20:17:58] ebijack (mi): leon, how do you have your tuffy set up,

eletronics/elec trolling motor and kicker etc

[20:18:23] Neon Leon: On Winnebago you can do almost anything

and catch fish, we have lots of small fish in the system 13-15 inches

with another good class of fish in the 20 inch range.

[20:18:33] SINKER: Leon what your advise for Erie?

[20:18:33] critt(wi): leon,from a point standing point of view what do

you think of teams only fishing a couple of tourneys.

[20:19:06] Neon Leon: I have a twenty foot tuffy and I love it, I run a

Merc 200EFI and a 9.9 kicker

[20:20:28] Neon Leon: I used to be against guys fishing only a

couple of tournaments, but now it doesnít matter to me, let them fish

whatever tournaments that they can. Fishing is still supposed to be

fun and when the enjoyment is gone, I will be gone too.

[20:20:37] Spinner(WI): Can you describe the type of spinner rig

you use on Bago?

[20:20:55] cowboy(wy): good point leon

[20:21:16] Neon Leon: I use a crawler harness with two hooks and

a number four or five blade

[20:21:40] Just Look"N--MI: treble hooks Leon?

[20:21:42] Neon Leon: On my Tuffy I also run an Apelco GPS and

depth finders

[20:22:55] Lundman(Wi): Leon, how long of a leader off the three

ways and bouncers...??

[20:22:58] Neon Leon: walle, neither, just a spinner and a split shot

and that is usually enough to get to the fish zone on Winnebago

[20:23:39] Neon Leon: Off a bottom bouncer I usually start at six or

seven ft and shorten up from there

[20:24:05] Lundman(Wi): Spinner doesn't sag to the bottom with a

long leader like that..??

[20:24:05] Yar-Man: Leon do you replace all you treble hooks on

your crankbaits and if so w/ what (triple grips?)

[20:24:38] Neon Leon: Yes I like triple grip and also like vmc


[20:25:07] Neon Leon: Lundman, I said I start at six feet and

shorten from there letting the fish tgell me what they want.

[20:25:33] ebijack (mi): leon, do you use many plastic baits when


[20:26:14] Neon Leon: Use plastics often in rivers that have

stained water, like the Fox and at Spring Valley or when I need to

slow the drop in shallow water.

[20:27:16] ebijack (mi): leon, do you ever anchor to fish shallow

water after you've found fish?

[20:28:09] SINKER: Leon what your thought in using creek chubs

vs shinners,flathead,ect

[20:28:34] Neon Leon: Absolutely, especially on Lake Winnebago,

where anchoring works great.

[20:29:00] ebijack (mi): leon, do you use one or two anchors to hold

your postion

[20:29:13] Neon Leon: Creek chubs are great especially out west, I

have never used them locally as they are usually not available. I

use fatheads most of the time

[20:29:24] Spinner(WI): Leon, do you ever fish the Fox at DePere in

the Spring?

[20:30:27] Neon Leon: Using two anchors is good unless the wind

is really howling, usually I use only one anchor and let the boat

swing to cover more territory, we use a sea anchor often too

[20:31:07] Neon Leon: I usually use only one anchor and let the

wind push me around to cover more territory

[20:31:12] ebijack (mi): leon, do you have a regular partner for the


[20:31:35] Neon Leon: Use one anchor most of the time

[20:33:17] Spinner(WI): Do you ever fish the Fox at DePere in the


[20:33:27] Neon Leon: Yes I fish with Billy Klotzbuecher

[20:33:43] ebijack (mi): leon, do you do any guiding when your not

fishing tourney's?

[20:33:58] Neon Leon: Yes, I fish the Fox at De Pere often and I

love it there

[20:34:29] Neon Leon: Yes, I guide whenever possible on Lake

Winnebago and the upper chain of lakes including the wolf river

[20:35:12] Spinner(WI): What kind of minnows and size do you use

at DePere?

[20:35:14] Neon Leon: The Fox at De Pere is giving up some big

fish right now. I love casting cranks up there

[20:35:41] Neon Leon: At De Pere I use the largest fatheads I can

get in the spring and red tails in the fall

[20:36:06] Neon Leon: When I fish the Fox I use any crank baits as

long as they are chartruese

[20:37:11] Neon Leon: Anybody running the new 200 optimax out


[20:37:24] Reelhook(wi): I have the 225 optimax

[20:37:25] ebijack (mi): neon, how do you start to prefish a for a


[20:37:29] Neon Leon: Iím curious to know how it is performing and

holding up

[20:38:06] Reelhook(wi): I love it, runs great, I put almost 200 miles

on it and it only took 30 gal. of gas

[20:38:29] Spinner(WI): Leon, do you ever have trouble starting

your EFI in cold weather?

[20:39:03] Neon Leon: Prefishing for tournaments is different at

each location. But it all begins at home reading maps and making

phone calls. Then it is to bait shops

[20:39:21] Neon Leon: No trouble starting in cold weather at all

[20:39:47] ebijack (mi): leon, has the internet helped you in finding

info on lakes?

[20:40:31] Neon Leon: The internet is also a great source of

information and also they are now putting lakes on cd rom which is


[20:41:57] Neon Leon: As for the internet, anybody considering

turning pro will need to know how to cruise the internet and how to

write articles for publication

[20:42:08] saber: any web address on maps of lakes

[20:42:37] Neon Leon: Having a computer is an absolute for

keeping in touch with what is happening in the fishing industry

[20:43:35] ebijack (mi): leon, do you have any plans for next year

on the curcuits you'll fish?

[20:43:42] Neon Leon: I dont have it handy but I will give it to you if

you email me. A guy from Appleton is doing all the computer work

[20:44:16] Neon Leon: As for fishing it depends on what my

sponsors want me to do. The cost is getting so expensive

[20:44:44] ebijack (mi): how many shows do you do each year


[20:45:03] Neon Leon: Often a guy can stay active by writing and

fishing locally and do just as much or more for sponsors, in six

years I have never lost a sponsor.

[20:45:19] ebijack (mi): great job neon!!

[20:45:20] R Hill(mi): Leon do you use a gps that can be loaded

from your home pc

[20:45:22] SINKER: Leon if you had to start over would you still fish

for a living

[20:45:46] Neon Leon: Shows are fun and I love to work them, it is

where I get to meet all of you and so many others, I usually do

about six shows a year.

[20:46:11] Neon Leon: Yes, I use a Raytheon GPS and download

to my pc

[20:46:44] Neon Leon: I dont fishfor a living!! I fish because I love it.

Making a living at it is next to impossible.

[20:46:55] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:47:02] SINKER: Leon whats your advise if someone wanted to

fish as a pro?

[20:47:04] R Hill(mi): How good of a map can you load into your

gps Leon

[20:47:39] saber: so if u dont earn alivin from it what do u do on the


[20:47:46] Neon Leon: Sinker, find a network of guys you can trust

and fish with because nobody can compete against these guys

all alone and many have tried.

[20:48:01] Just Look"N--MI: which Raytheon Leon?

[20:48:56] SINKER: What do you do for a living Leon

[20:49:12] Neon Leon: What do you mean how good a map can I


[20:49:36] oldcrow/MT.: I just got on Leon so sorry if someone

asked this already. Ever use fireline?

[20:49:51] Neon Leon: I build spec houses and guide for a living ,

as only a handful of the pros can actually make a living at fishing, I

also write for a couple of magazines

[20:50:45] ebijack (mi): and i thought i was busy :)

[20:50:51] Neon Leon: Fireline, one of my favorite topics and yes I

use it often

[20:51:41] Neon Leon: All of us have to make long runs, and we

have to work at keeping fish alive, all our tournaments are from

one location for launching and weighing

[20:51:47] ebijack (mi): leon, do you use fireline for trolling and


[20:52:00] Pook (ny): Leon.....What size do perch have to obtain

before walleyes target them as prey?

[20:52:12] Just Look"N--MI: how about the green fireline?... I like it

for jigging can see it better

[20:52:41] Neon Leon: Yes, I use fireline for jigging but only when

there is a clean bottom. Otherwise you snag to often. I also love it

for trolling in deep water or where ever there are huge walleyes

[20:52:50] oldcrow/MT.: I bought the six / two and snapped it when

i got a snag and jerked up , to light or should i have done it


[20:53:02] Neon Leon: Yes of course, green for jigging and black

for trolling

[20:53:22] Just Look"N--MI: Thanks

[20:53:55] Neon Leon: I use the six two all the time and usually

when snagged you pull steady or cut your line so as not to break

your rod. Dont be afraid to go heavier if you feel the need

[20:54:30] Neon Leon: Perch young of the year make for a great

meal for hungry walleyes, after they are an inch and a half long

they become heavily targeted by walleyes.

[20:54:35] ebijack (mi): leon, what are your best crankbait


[20:54:43] oldcrow/MT.: whats the biggest male you've ever


[20:54:58] R Hill(mi): Leon have you ever ran a mono leader off of

fireline for jigging

[20:55:23] Neon Leon: My brother in law the biggest male I caught,

he is about 300 pounds

[20:55:37] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:55:42] R Hill(mi): lol

[20:55:42] oldcrow/MT.: good ballast

[20:55:45] sundance: lol

[20:55:49] Neon Leon: Generally I do not run mono leaders unless I

am rigging

[20:55:56] Drift'r: lol

[20:56:09] Neon Leon: Really, a three or four pound male would be

the largest

[20:56:42] Retrac(alberta): comment,one of the ways we keep fish

alive longer is to have our live wells at the back of the boat.

Question do the pros fizz there fish when the tournment allows it?

[20:56:50] Neon Leon: Best crankbait producers have been Reef

Runners, Shad Raps, Rapalas, and Storms in that order

[20:56:55] oldcrow/MT.: caught a 8.6 ounce male last fri on a dead

stick on Missouri neat Gt Falls Mt.

[20:57:11] saber: any www address for down loading river or lake

maps any one

[20:57:52] Neon Leon: Sabeer, I have that info but not handy, email

me and I will get it to you

[20:57:55] Spinner(WI): Leon, what is your favorite crank for


[20:57:58] river king mi: explain fizz leon

[20:58:02] ebijack (mi): leon, you ever try putting 1 oz jigs in the fins

to keep the walleye uprigth in your live well

[20:58:14] Neon Leon: Little Rippers from Reef Runner and shad


[20:58:25] oldcrow/MT.: do you use whole , half, none twister ,

when using minnow?

[20:58:36] Retrac(alberta): for everyones benefit can you explain

how to properly fizz!

[20:58:52] Neon Leon: No ebi, I guess that would help, but I never

needed to do that, most of the time I am fishing shallower water.

[20:59:46] Neon Leon: When using a twister I bite off part of the

head and use the whole tail, except at spring valley where we

would bite off part of the tail section

[21:00:28] Spinner(WI): Leon, do you like to use plastics on your

jigs when fishing DePere?

[21:00:29] ebijack (mi): how did you find that out about the tail leon

[21:00:47] oldcrow/MT.: do you think its true to fish a minnow and

jig back up stream and float twister and worm down stream

[21:00:47] Magic Marker: regular twistertails or Powerbait tails?

[21:01:13] Neon Leon: Fizzing is tough to explain without showing,

but you move five to six scales up from the anal area and point

needle towards the head and into the air bladder, it is hard to

explain and easy to show.

[21:01:55] Neon Leon: Power tails usually but not always,

sometimes we use what is in our old tackle boxes and saved a

little change

[21:02:20] saber: its like a diver coming up to quick need to relieve


[21:02:51] Neon Leon: oldcrow, no I dont believe that , I almost

always fish a jig and minnow by slipping downstream and keeping

a tight and vertical presentation and then troll upstream

[21:03:48] ebijack (mi): are there any more questions for our host


[21:04:37] oldcrow/MT.: how about the theory of colors walleyes

see? and what do you think they are

[21:05:06] Spinner(WI): Leon, do you like to use plastics on a

minnow tipped jig at DePere?

[21:05:45] Bull(oh): GOOD LUCK Leon in 1999 hope u do well!!!nice

job on chat tonite!!!!!!

[21:06:00] Neon Leon: At de pere I always use plastic when near

the damn, and it is always chartruese, when fishing the bridges I

use just a jug and minnow

[21:07:17] Neon Leon: Walleye color I believe only plays a part

when the water is stained, otherwise a jig is only a way of getting

bait in the strike zone. However, in dirty water we do what we can to

enhance the chance for a walleye to see the bait

[21:07:57] oldcrow/MT.: how about barometric pressure? any

pressure better than others like some say 30

[21:08:48] Neon Leon: I fish whenever I can and have never

charted pressure. I know one thing, you cant catch any fish from

your couch at home!

[21:09:22] ebijack (mi): I'd like to THANK our host tonight LEON

LUKER !!!!!

[21:09:38] dc(Co): good job neon leon and good luck

[21:09:38] oldcrow/MT.: yeah , thanks leon

[21:09:48] ebijack (mi): clap clap clap !!!!!!

[21:09:48] Drift'r: Thanks Leon !!!!

[21:09:50] Spinner(WI): Thanks Leon, and good luck this year!

[21:09:56] R Hill(mi): Great job Leon

[21:09:59] Just Look"N--MI: THANKS LEON

[21:10:05] Neon Leon: thanks everybody, and if you have any

questions on anything please feel free to email me. I can help

with sponsors too.

[21:10:13] Neon Leon: Saber, yes I have it

[21:10:42] ebijack (mi): thanks leon, good luck in 99 !!!

[21:10:45] saber: thanks leon this was my first pro chat

[21:10:45] Neon Leon: Thanks guys for all the questions! Good

luck fishing!!




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