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[20:00:53] ebijack (mi): PLEASE WELCOME walleyecentrals very own LORRIE


[20:00:56] Just Look"N--MI: I am in Perchn

[20:01:04] Perchn ( Pa ): WELCOME

[20:01:11] Perchn ( Pa ): good

[20:01:13] Lundman(Wi): LS..!!!!!

[20:01:20] Just Look"N--MI: God job on the circuit Lorrie

[20:01:21] Lundman(Wi): hehehehe

[20:01:22] LS: LOL

[20:01:23] ^2old2^ (mi): Big Welcomes LS

[20:01:40] Just Look"N--MI: Good

[20:01:42] LS: just remember i type with 1 finger

[20:01:45] Perchn ( Pa ): My sister in laws name is Lorrie Schaffer!! WOW

[20:01:49] Lundman(Wi): :-)

[20:01:54] Perchn ( Pa ): errrr was I mean

[20:03:31] LS: well i guess i'm here to tell what its like to fish PWT as a amature.....1

word GREAT

[20:03:35] ebijack (mi): lorrie, how about a brief talk about your first year as a am on the


[20:03:41] Wolfheart: Yeah.... Now I can type... Howdy LS and all!!!

[20:03:50] Perchn ( Pa ): not yet.....

[20:04:05] Lundman(Wi): Most of the Pro's decent guys LS?

[20:04:08] fishncrazy: hi all

[20:04:13] LS: the Erie tourney was the most exciting of all for me....

[20:04:29] ebijack (mi): because of being the first tourney?

[20:05:10] LS: all of the Pro's are great guys....there was alot of rumors going around

that some were not too nice but thats not true

[20:05:43] LS: being the 1st tourney & meeting alot of walleye central people

[20:06:32] LS: i guess the best for me was Leech.....just not too nice of weather

[20:06:46] Wolfheart: LS, Do you enter alot of tourneys other than PWT?

[20:06:49] ebijack (mi): LS, would you recommend fishing the pwt as a am to everyone

[20:06:56] Perchn ( Pa ): lS where was the hottest bite??

[20:07:11] LS: Wolf, I fish about 8-10 tourneys a year

[20:07:23] boomer (mi): what tourney did you learn the most and what did you learn?

[20:07:39] LS: Ebi, yes I would ...its a great learning experience

[20:07:57] ^2old2^ (mi): did you do all the PWT tourneys this year

[20:08:04] Wolfheart: Do you fish any tourneys in Canada?

[20:08:23] LS: Boomer, Leech I learned the most ...mainly on sticking with the game

plan & things will work out

[20:08:32] Just Look"N--MI: how hard is it to get as an am?

[20:08:53] LS: 2 old 2, yes I fished the 4 qualifiers

[20:09:28] LS: Wolf, not yet....plan on fishing the Vanity Cup next year

[20:09:41] Wolfheart: Great... I'll see you there!!!

[20:10:01] Wolfheart: A buddy of mine just got 5th there last weekend!

[20:10:09] ebijack (mi): LS, how difficult is it to fish with different pro's doing different

styles of fishing on the same water you fished the day before

[20:10:11] LS: Just, this year there were 67 of us that fished all of them.....it will be

easier next year

[20:10:23] Eyeman (IN): Are you planning on fishing them next year or in the future LS


[20:10:11] LS: Just, this year there were 67 of us that fished all of them.....it will be

easier next year

[20:10:23] Eyeman (IN): Are you planning on fishing them next year or in the furture LS


[20:10:57] LS: Ebi, thats the tough part....everybody wants you to do things a little


[20:11:03] fishncrazy: LS, Do you feel you will probably have an edge in being picked

for the pro division next season, since you placed in 1/2 your tourneys in the pwt AM

div in 3rd place or better?

[20:11:26] Perchn ( Pa ): LS which pro was your favorite??

[20:11:27] LS: Eyeman, my plans are to fish the PWT as a pro next year

[20:11:47] Eyeman (IN): go getum

[20:12:01] boomer (mi): good luck!!!!!

[20:12:11] LS: Fish, I am told that fishing this year as a amature will help in getting in as

a pro

[20:12:56] LS: Perch, hard to say on that one.....Bill Mcgee would be my 1st pick

[20:13:08] Just Look"N--MI: do you have better chance to get in as am if you do all on


[20:13:34] LS: Just, yes you do

[20:13:38] Dave (Pa.): LS Do you have many sponsors yet?

[20:13:54] nail: hey guys

[20:14:05] Reefer: howdy all

[20:14:09] LS: dave, I have 3 sponsors

[20:14:14] boomer (mi): what type of boat will you be running?

[20:14:21] LS: working on more

[20:14:22] ^2old2^ (mi): have any sponcers approached you or do you have to persue


[20:14:23] Jim Alton: You'll be living a lot of people's dream next year LS... way to go...

takes some gonads to make the jump.

[20:15:08] LS: Boomer, i have a Starcraft T180.....I'll be using it unless I sell it before

next spring

[20:15:36] Wolfheart: Got any electronics you wanna sell outta that Starcraft at the end

of this season LS?

[20:15:41] LS: 2old2, you have to seek the sponsors......

[20:15:55] Jim Alton: Can you tell us who your sponsors are?

[20:16:15] LS: Wolf, possibaly.....

[20:16:56] LS: Jim, Evinrude , Minot Motor Marine, Ft. Stevenson Marina

[20:17:09] Jim Alton: Good start...

[20:17:17] LS: I also have a boat sponsor lined up

[20:17:25] Jim Alton: If I send ya $10 can ya add me to the list? ;-)

[20:17:39] fishncrazy: hehee

[20:17:48] Wolfheart: Ha HA

[20:17:53] boomer (mi): lol

[20:17:55] LS: LOL.....put a few 00000's behind it :-)

[20:17:58] Jim Alton: And don't worry... I'll make sure it's $10 US dollars.

[20:18:38] LS: the sponsors dont come that easy....its a lot of work to get them

[20:18:54] ebijack (mi): LS, what made you decide to move up to the pwt from mwc

[20:19:02] ^2old2^ (mi): can we take up a collection and get a walleye central sticker

on the boat

[20:19:03] Jim Alton: How did you approach the first sponsor and what did they want to

see from you in return?

[20:19:13] LS: if i missed any questions just ask them again

[20:19:34] fishncrazy: what was your most exciting moment in the AM div this past

season LS?

[20:20:14] LS: Evinrude was my 1st sponsor, got them through my dealer....have to put

in time at boat shows in the spring in return

[20:20:20] Perchn ( Pa ): LS was Erie the roughest Lake this season??

[20:20:52] LS: Fish, getting the big fish at Leech was the most exciting

[20:21:36] LS: Perch, the last day it was......but Leech wasn't any better

[20:21:52] Perchn ( Pa ): I remember

[20:21:59] LS: it hailed on us the one day at Leech

[20:22:49] Jim Alton: Don't name names... but.. were there any days you were in the

boat with the Pro and thought..."What the heck is he thinking?"

[20:22:49] LS: The PWT staff is great also.....they take care of everything

[20:23:09] ebijack (mi): LS, has fishing as a am, changed your thoughts on how you'll

fish as a pro

[20:23:30] LS: Jim, I can think of one day that I was thinking that

[20:23:47] Magic Marker: ??

[20:24:01] Jim Alton: Ya oughta go with me then... ;-)

[20:24:29] LS: Ebi, yes.....thats what I would say I learned the most, how to pre-fish


[20:25:16] LS: I did get to go out with Ebi one day at Erie....that was also a highlight

[20:25:31] ebijack (mi): thanks

[20:25:32] boomer (mi): how do you prefish better? just more time on water?

[20:25:37] Jim Alton: white knuckle time...

[20:25:41] Magic Marker: :-)

[20:25:50] Perchn ( Pa ): :-)

[20:25:55] ebijack (mi): LS, so the pre-fishing with the pro's also was a big help

[20:26:07] Eyeman (IN): was some of the prefishing alot different then you thought it

would be Ls ??

[20:26:30] LS: Boomer, how to use the time more wisely, which areas to forget & which

ones to stay on

[20:26:59] LS: Ebi, I learned more pre-fishing than in the tourney

[20:27:10] Just Look"N--MI: what was average prefishing ..2 days?

[20:28:16] LS: Eyeman, we didn't do anything new to me, trolling at Erie in the fog

during pre-fishing was new though

[20:28:32] fishncrazy: LS I have fished with you and against you in tourneys for years

and I know you are a well rounded angler but was cranking probally the best tech. that

you learned from the pros this past season?

[20:28:38] Eyeman (IN): :-)

[20:29:04] LS: Just, 2 at Erie, 3 at Leech, 4 at Oahe,0 at Peck

[20:29:38] Just Look"N--MI: thanks LS

[20:29:51] LS: Fish, I guess so...

[20:30:30] LS: I had a tourney here , thats why no pre-fishing at Peck

[20:30:32] fishncrazy: well you taught me plenty about cranking and Im glad for that!!

[20:30:48] Jim Alton: How many tournaments have you fished LS?

[20:30:49] ebijack (mi): LS, after fishing tourney's out of so many different boats, did

you change your thinking on what electronics to have and other equipment

[20:30:52] LS: Fish, I love trolling

[20:31:41] Eyeman (IN): trolling :-)

[20:31:55] LS: Ebi, yes.....Lowrance is still the choice I think, I know i'm going to get a

TR-1 though

[20:32:45] LS: Golbal map is another must have

[20:33:04] Eyeman (IN): lowrance a sponser ???

[20:33:05] ebijack (mi): LS, have you found hot spots maps to be the best overall or

has another map been better

[20:33:32] LS: Eyeman, I'm wishing

[20:34:14] Eyeman (IN): maybe santa will bring something like that

[20:34:16] LS: Ebi, it seemed like everybody had them

[20:34:47] LS: I'll really need santa this year...LOL

[20:34:57] ebijack (mi): LS, after 99 do you think you'll try both div's?

[20:35:00] fishncrazy: hohoho

[20:35:33] LS: Ebi, thats my goal.....we'll see

[20:35:51] Magic Marker: If you were setting up new boat and could have everything

on wish list what would it be?

[20:36:45] LS: Magic, the list would be very long......

[20:37:00] ebijack (mi): to much typing eh LS :)

[20:37:08] Magic Marker: just boat and electronics

[20:37:09] LS: yep... LOL

[20:37:38] Wolfheart: Hey LS.... Take a smoke break if you must.... We can just BS

around and get to know each other....:-)

[20:38:27] LS: Tuffy 1990 w/Evinrude 200 Ficht, 2-Lowrance 350a's golbal map 2000,

TR-1.....on & on

[20:38:52] LS: Motor Guide bow motor also

[20:39:09] fishncrazy: you forgot the livewell full of 10 ib eyes!!!

[20:39:30] LS: this is true, Fish

[20:39:31] ebijack (mi): the new 94lb thrust motorguide LS? :)

[20:39:43] LS: Ebi, that'll work

[20:39:59] Wolfheart: Does anybody here run a PINPOINT??? If so, what do you think

of it?

[20:40:27] LS: I seen the new Triton boat at the championship....thats a nice boat too

[20:40:51] Magic Marker: I've got one, Love it

[20:40:57] Jim Alton: The 205 LS? the pictures sure look good...

[20:41:12] Wolfheart: Wanna sell it??? LOL... :-)

[20:41:34] LS: Wolf, the Pinpoints on the trail had a lot of problems breaking

down....everybody that had them had 2....1 for a spare

[20:41:37] ebijack (mi): a guy from here is selling 3 units wolfheart

[20:41:43] Wolfheart: 62lb. thrust Magic?

[20:41:46] Magic Marker: got a Motorguide I'll let go cheap :-)

[20:41:52] LS: Jim, yes the 205....nice

[20:41:58] Perchn ( Pa ): I gotta get jettn here hope to see all of ya in Huron at the


[20:42:04] Just Look"N--MI: when do you find out who your fishing with in tourney LS

[20:42:16] Wolfheart: I hate my Motorguide bowmount.... I have a Minn Kota transom

mount for backuup.....

[20:42:44] LS: Just, you find out at the rules meeting, the night before the tourney

[20:43:14] Just Look"N--MI: for one night at time or all 3?

[20:43:33] LS: at Erie I prefished with 2 pros & drew them both for partners

[20:44:04] LS: Just, all 3 days

[20:44:24] FishinMagician: Lorrie, how long have you been pro?

[20:44:24] Magic Marker: It's rigged :-)

[20:44:57] LS: FM, will be next year for 1st time

[20:45:00] Jim Alton: What's your personal goal for the PWT next year? Win a tourney?

End up in the top 10 overall? Make enough to break even?

[20:45:12] ebijack (mi): LS, what kind of safety margin do you give yourself to return to

weigh-in when running a long distance

[20:45:51] LS: Jim, the goal is to finish in the top 5 in the west div. & make it to the


[20:46:36] LS: Ebi, I like to have 10 min. to spare.....I've never been late

[20:46:38] Wolfheart: Tell Richard Mellon that!!! :-) That hurt him day 1 in the


[20:46:39] Just Look"N--MI: are you fishing east also?

[20:46:51] Bouncer: What are the divisions of the PWT?

[20:47:12] LS: Just, just the west for next year

[20:47:36] ccblock: was it hard to find sponsor's? or do they come to you?

[20:47:55] LS: Bouncer, east & west....next year

[20:48:33] LS: CC, they don't come to you.....you have to go get them.....

[20:48:43] ccblock: i thought so LOL

[20:49:24] LS: I subscribe to the Professional Angler Newsletter....it's a must have

[20:49:55] ccblock: how about electronics, what is your preference?

[20:50:16] LS: CC, Lowrance is my preference

[20:50:38] fishncrazy: gotta run good luck in 99 LS

[20:50:48] LS: thanks Fish

[20:51:24] ccblock: LS will you be fishing any in south dakota in 99

[20:51:57] LS: CC, Mobridge May 5-7th

[20:52:15] ccblock: big fish there as well as stumps

[20:52:51] LS: i guess there will be a 18in min. there

[20:53:06] ebijack (mi): LS, is it a must to pre-fish all 5 days for each tourney

[20:53:25] ccblock: there are a lot of SD waters that are or have gone to 18" min

[20:53:38] ccblock: and 1 over 21"

[20:53:46] LS: Ebi, as a pro it is.....expecially if its a new body of water

[20:53:59] Jim Alton: How long have you subscribed to Pro Angler Newsletter?

[20:54:58] ccblock: ls do you troll with BB and spinners or plugs??

[20:55:00] LS: Lots of good tips on creating a resume

[20:55:01] Jim Alton: Now that you're turning Pro... can we expect to see photos of you

in Playgirl from your starving actor days?

[20:55:13] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:55:19] Eyeman (IN): :-)

[20:55:32] Jim Alton: Monica says Hi...

[20:55:42] LS: CC, both

[20:56:14] ccblock: which catches more fish or is it a horse a piece?

[20:56:20] Magic Marker: what was your best presentation this year?

[20:56:35] ebijack (mi): ok folks, get in your last questions

[20:56:53] LS: CC, depends on time of the year I think.....both can be great

[20:56:56] Jim Alton: If you had to hit the water with one rod, one lure, one

presentation... what would it be? (mean, ain't I?)

[20:57:29] LS: MM, Cranks would have to be the best

[20:57:52] Magic Marker: favorite crank?

[20:58:01] ebijack (mi): LS is that what you took big fish on?

[20:58:14] LS: MM, thunderstick.....

[20:58:31] Magic Marker: my kind of fisherman :-)

[20:58:33] LS: Ebi, big fish came on a spinner

[20:58:37] ccblock: do you use planner boards also?

[20:58:53] LS: CC, yes...offshore

[20:59:40] LS: Jim, 1 rod 1 lure would have to be a crank'n one

[20:59:56] ccblock: i would like to fish a pro am once to see how its really done LOL

[20:59:40] LS: Jim, 1 rod 1 lure would have to be a crank'n one

[20:59:56] ccblock: i would like to fish a pro am once to see how its really done LOL

[21:00:29] LS: I fished NAWA in 95 as a amature....it was great also

[21:01:11] Jim Alton: Thanks LS... and congratulations a GREAT year on the PWT.

[21:01:25] ccblock: well LS we will be watching for ya in 99 be safe and catch some


[21:01:32] LS: the deadline to get in this year in the PWT is early janurary

[21:01:40] Wolfheart: Well... My blood sugar meter is in different units than yours.... If

mine says 20 or so.... It's high, but you're using one that's reading over 300, right?... On

mine.... I'd be dead if it reached about 50

Whisper sent to [LS]: you had enough? :)

[21:01:43] LS: thanks guys] [21:01:43] LS: thanks guys]

[21:02:08] Wolfheart: Oops

[21:02:12] Reefer: good luck Lorrie!

[21:02:23] ebijack (mi): THANKS FOR YOUR TIME LS!!!!!!!

[21:02:28] LS: thanks Reefer

[21:02:30] Wolfheart: Thanks LS!!!

[21:02:32] ebijack (mi): good luck in 99!!!

[21:02:36] LS: thank you all.....

[21:02:39] FishinMagician: Thanks, LS

[21:02:32] ebijack (mi): good luck in 99!!!

[21:02:36] LS: thank you all.....

[21:02:39] FishinMagician: Thanks, LS

[21:02:51] ^2old2^ (mi): C-Ya on the water LS

[21:02:53] Wolfheart: Best of luck to ya.... Hope to see ya out on some lake


[21:02:53] Just Look"N--MI: Thanks and good luck LS

[21:02:56] FishinMagician: Good Luck,

[21:02:59] Magic Marker: luck to you LS

[21:03:08] FishinMagician: Good Luck from Boucer

[21:03:09] Skeeter (WI): Good Luck LS

[21:03:18] ebijack (mi): i'll be watching for you in walleye insider LS

[21:03:09] Skeeter (WI): Good Luck LS

[21:03:18] ebijack (mi): i'll be watching for you in walleye insider LS

[21:03:30] LS: thanks guys....hope to see you out there

[21:03:35] Jim Alton: So when is your first book coming out?

[21:03:49] ebijack (mi): thanks again LS

[21:03:55] LS: LOL.....

[21:04:00] Magic Marker: any movie deals? :-)

[21:04:06] ^2old2^ (mi): can you autograph my copy

[21:04:08] LS: not yet....MM

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