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[19:59:44] ebijack (mi): Please welcome MARK MARTIN, he's going to talk about night

trolling and it is a open format

[19:59:46] REW: How deep water do you practice rip jigging??

[20:00:06] ^2old2^ (mi): welcome Mark

[20:00:11] Lone Wolf: Mark are you ready for Erie?

[20:00:13] ebijack (mi): please give mark time to answer all the questions, let's begin

[20:00:13] RoyG(PA): howdy mark

[20:00:20] Mark Martin: basically any depth between 1 and 15 feet

[20:00:28] Mark Martin: yes i am

[20:00:46] Mark Martin: hello everyone

[20:00:56] Hunter: hi mark

[20:01:05] ^2old2^ (mi): what kind of fishing will you try on Erie first

[20:02:03] Mark Martin: i use my electronics and locate some big suspended schools of

walleye and troll them with either crank baits or bottom bounceres and spinners.

[20:02:14] Lone Wolf: What weight will it take to win at Erie?

[20:02:24] ebijack (mi): do you have an area you plan to start yet mark

[20:02:34] Mark Martin: well over 100 lbs.

[20:02:38] Les [N.Y.]: How late do you usually start catching fish at night?

[20:02:56] Mark Martin: no i'm just gathering info right now. anyone have any good


[20:03:16] Mark Martin: within a half hour after dark all the way through day light.

[20:03:22] Drift'r: how big are the cranks you troll after dark

[20:03:32] ^2old2^ (mi): where is the tourney at

[20:03:36] RoyG(PA): how does a pro go about gathering ideas?

[20:04:02] Rip Some Lip wy: On resevoirs, when the water comes up, do you head to

the back of the bays? And how do you fish for them?

[20:04:06] Mark Martin: usually my bread and butter lures are #13 rapalas, 90% of the


[20:04:23] Drift'r: how fast

[20:04:42] Mark Martin: you talk to the local bait shops and local charter captains and

friends that you have made in the area.

[20:04:56] ebijack (mi): and how do you measure your speed mark for trolling

[20:04:57] Mark Martin: can everyone please slow down so we can answer all


[20:05:12] ebijack (mi): we'll try mark :)

[20:06:03] Lone Wolf: Males are still spawing, Where do you find the big females?

[20:06:06] Mark Martin: yes i do head to the back of the bays. you can fish for them by

casting crank baits into the brush or jigs or troll the edges of the structure with bottom

bouncers and spinners to cover more area quicker.

[20:06:17] ebijack (mi): if mark doesn't answer your question, just re-ask please

[20:06:40] Mark Martin: by my Eagle GPS and SOG

[20:07:11] Mark Martin: usually somewhere off of the first big drop to the main lake


[20:07:40] ebijack (mi): mark, do you speed troll much early in the year, or do you wait

for summer for that

[20:09:01] REW: What cranks would you run in turbid water as opposed to clear


[20:09:03] Mark Martin: i seldom speed troll for walleye. the best speed that I've found

for trolling crank baits is 1.4 to 1.8 miles per hour and the same goes for bottom

bouncers and spinners and night fishing is usually just under 1 mile per hour to just over

1 mile an hour

[20:09:55] Mark Martin: i use flourescent colors first and then start with rattle lures. if its

real turbid i'll use both flourescent lures with rattles

[20:09:59] ebijack (mi): mark, do you use an electric trolling motor to go under 1 mph

[20:10:17] Rip Some Lip wy: At night, on reservoirs, is shallow the answer or do you set

up on structure?

[20:10:36] Capt. Marty: Mark,, if you had a choice would you rather jig/fish , live-bait rig

fish troll? I realize depending upon situations but do you have a favorite method?

[20:10:39] Mark Martin: yes i use my Motor Guide

[20:11:07] Mark Martin: Motor Guide Beast 36 volt

[20:11:55] KM (IL): Mark do you run a tiller or console. If a console do you use a kicker

to troll forward. If so have you found that this causes problems in big waves and/or


[20:12:11] Mark Martin: shallow is good on reservoirs that have distinct mud lines either

on main lake points with the waters going down or in the back bays when the water is

going up

[20:12:25] Skeeter: Mark Skeeter here tell them what you think of using sent on


[20:12:55] Mark Martin: i've never had a favorite method. i usually let the walleye

dictate what my favorite method will be

[20:14:22] ebijack (mi): mark, do you always checkout the water your going to night

fish during the day so you know what's there

[20:14:29] Mark Martin: i use a console Pro V Lund. the wind doesn't effect my boat

because i have a TR1 auto pilot to control my forward speed and direction. its like

having a third person taking care of my driving skills and ability

[20:15:24] REW: Mark, do you have the TR1 connected to a kicker or the main


[20:15:30] Mark Martin: i think that its a plus to use any type of scent on crank baits

because its a plus not a negative. have you been late at any more tournaments, Ron


[20:15:52] KM (IL): I am in the same set up, only without the TR1. I find it difficult to

stay on track in really big waves and wind. Backtrolling however is a different story.

[20:16:12] Mark Martin: i have it connected to my 9-9 Mariner four stroke

[20:16:32] Skeeter: we werent late were we we almost were

[20:17:01] REW: Do you ever tie a drift sock off the bow eye to stabilize the bow when

forward trolling?

[20:17:17] Skeeter: ohh I know what your talking about now Mark lol

[20:17:48] Rip Some Lip wy: Do you plan on coming out to the Governers Cup in

Wyoming again?

[20:17:50] RoyG(PA): i have a tracker magna 19 and a red dodge ram

[20:18:12] Mark Martin: you may have to invest in maybe some sea anchors in heavy

wind and waves so you can use more power on your main outboard for control or my

suggestion is definately to get a TR1.

[20:18:28] Capt. Marty: I understand Tim D. got you and Gary's TR-1's fine-tuned, I

know I like mine!

[20:19:05] KM (IL): I have some sea anchors. I thought that the difficulty might be

caused from the kicker being off center. Tillers don't seem to have as much trouble.

What do you think?

[20:20:18] Mark Martin: i used to before i got my TR1. if you must use a sea anchor

and troll off the bow cleat remember to always put it on the windward side of the boat

so that if you have to let go of the steering wheel for a brief moment or two the

compensation of the wind

[20:20:23] ebijack (mi): mark, do you always run the water you are going to fish at night

so you know what's there

[20:22:11] Mark Martin: tillers are definately easier to back troll with in much higher

wind conditions especially if you have to stay on structure.

[20:22:44] KM (IL): What about front troll. They seem to have more control here in big

waves & wind???

[20:23:04] Mark Martin: always on new water i do because there may be unlit marker

bouys, stumps, rocks, and shallow points.

[20:23:34] ebijack (mi): you mark those points , bouy's on your gps mark?

[20:24:03] REW: Does water temperature have much effect on where you fish??

[20:25:04] Mark Martin: thats my ballgame right there. i fill my front live well full of water,

plug the outside overflows, put my anchor and tackle boxes up front along with my

fishing partner, and my Motor Guide electric trolling motor is as good up to at least four

foot wave

[20:25:48] ebijack (mi): good tip mark!!

[20:25:51] Lone Wolf: Last year I lost fish at St. Clair & Peck they were caught shallow

should I fizz or not? They had fresh water all the time.

[20:25:58] KM (IL): I also have a Beast up front. I will have to try this. Will it hit 1.8 or so

in big waves and wind???

[20:26:02] Mark Martin: yes you definately want to mark all obstructions and places you

want to fish. i have many places that i fish across the US and Canada marked on my

Eagle GPS.

[20:26:56] Mark Martin: how shallow were they caught? how fast did you bring them


[20:27:16] REW: Mark, do you ever use your pc to upload and download waypoints

etc. to your GPS??

[20:27:16] Lone Wolf: 3' to 10' slow

[20:27:30] Mark Martin: yes it will as long as you're going with the wind.

[20:27:44] ebijack (mi): mark, do you keep a hand writin log for your gps points?

[20:28:01] KM (IL): Thanks Great Info. Good Luck this season

[20:28:01] Mark Martin: never tried this before. i'm just now getting a computer lesson


[20:28:45] RoyG(PA): there are some great programs available for keeping track of

GPS waypoints

[20:29:18] Mark Martin: sounds like you might have a water temperature problem and

you might want to carry a cooler with bags of ice so every so often you can put ice in

your live well. i've done that on many occassions.

[20:29:30] Skeeter: Mark how do you find where the fish are in a massive Bassin area

like Saginaw or Erie?

[20:29:45] Mark Martin: yes i keep a hand written log, and that will be a book someday


[20:29:50] Skeeter: suspended fish that is

[20:30:35] ebijack (mi): wow, what info, can i get a advance copy? :)

[20:30:45] Mark Martin: i make sure that my transducers are properly adjusted so that i

can run at 30 mph or so and still be able to pick up bottom structure and fish

[20:30:59] RoyG(PA): only if you share it with the rest of us ebi! :)

[20:31:05] REW: Roy, yes, I use the Eagle software and download to Excel spread

sheet for sorting and then back to a word document for storing.

[20:31:46] Mark Martin: i just received my new walleye book two days ago when i

returned from Missouri. if anyone would like a copy e-mail walstalker @ Aol.

[20:32:08] RoyG(PA): what's the cost....?

[20:32:22] Rip Some Lip wy: Rew, where do you get the Eagle software??

[20:32:45] Mark Martin: the cost is $19.95 plus $3.00 shipping and handling, plus 6%

sales tax for michigan residents.

[20:33:44] REW: Go to the eagle home page / same as lowrance and download for

free - Eagle acunave and LMS350 use early software and expidition use the GDM

(later software).

[20:33:58] Skeeter: Mark how do you plan to use your underwater camera to help you

while prefishing for a tourney

[20:34:04] Mark Martin: sure if you order, i autograph every copy just the way you want


[20:35:24] Mark Martin: by identifying some of the underwater structure that im seeing

on my Lowrance and Eagle electronics.

[20:35:31] Brad/nd: Mark, what crankbaits have been your most productive overall?

[20:36:47] ebijack (mi): mark, do you use the superline's for trolling or do you stay with


[20:36:52] Rip Some Lip wy: See ya at Glendo!!

[20:36:56] Skeeter: how does it work out of the boat as far as being able to tell what

size the walleyes are ?

[20:37:29] Mark Martin: the most productive crank baits that i use for night walleye

fishing have been the #13 original floating Rapala at night. Shad raps have dominated

my daytime trolling during most of my tournaments on various natural lakes, rivers, and


[20:37:31] REW: Mark, do you use lead line much , snap weights, planer boards or all

of the above?

[20:38:29] Mark Martin: its very hard to get exact sizes. you can just tell exact species

not size.

[20:38:30] Rip Some Lip wy: Mark, What size Shad raps?

[20:39:34] Mark Martin: i used to use 10 lb Berkley XT soley. but because of the zebra

mussels in some areas i have adapted to fire line which fits the bill just right.

[20:39:53] Skeeter: OK is there a way to know in the boat exactly the direction the

camera is pointing to?

[20:40:11] Mark Martin: i use all of the above and clip on weights not snap weights

[20:40:49] Mark Martin: my favorite size shad raps are probably 7s to 9s for most

situations, and on some bodies of water i have seen a real preference for #5s.

[20:40:56] bum: do you use snaps when useing raps or tie directly on line

[20:41:08] REW: Mark, have you or any of your associates tried the new Raytheon

L-750 depth finder?

[20:41:51] Mark Martin: yes because you have a fin on the camera so that it keeps it

pointed in a certain direction plus i have a direction indicator for the side of the boat

[20:42:12] Skeeter: ok cool

[20:42:22] Mark Martin: no i dont know anyone that has talked with me about them.

[20:42:58] Capt. Marty: This camera sounds "cool" would be interesting for my clients

and educational as well!

[20:43:24] ebijack (mi): mark, how is the new 2025 lund to control compared to your old


[20:43:30] REW: Because of Erie water clarity, are weight forward spinners pretty

much outmoded?

[20:43:38] Doc[sd]: Did Minnesota outlaw the use of the underwater cameras, I heard

rummors of it

[20:43:43] Mark Martin: i use Berkley Cross Lock snaps. no swivel except 1-1/2 to 2 ft

up the line attach a Berkley ball bearing swivel

[20:44:23] REW: Minnesota tried to pass a law banning the camera's but it was

defeated. There is no limitation on the use of cameras in Minn. in 1998.

[20:44:54] Mark Martin: especially educational for kids just getting into fishing i think it

definately has a real plus for ice fishing with kids.

[20:45:48] Capt. Marty: that's are future, KIDS

[20:46:25] REW: Mark, do you use line counter reels for your trolling?

[20:46:45] Mark Martin: all my Lunds equally adapt at their ability to handle any

conditions with ease and not much difficulty with any movements with electric motors or

gas kickers.

[20:47:41] Jeff: WHAT COLOR RAPS and Rapals

[20:47:46] ebijack (mi): mark, do you sell your lund every year after the season is over

[20:48:40] Mark Martin: no they have just been replaced and refined with electronics

being able to target fish at certain depths and i'm able to put a bottom bouncer with a

Northland float and spin crawler harness right in the majority of the fish's face for

maximum results.

[20:49:03] Mark Martin: i agree whole-heartedly Marty!

[20:49:15] Mick: Hi guys, just taking all this in

[20:49:18] Mark Martin: yes i use line counter reels

[20:50:17] Mark Martin: yes i do i sell my Lund fully equipped for a great price

[20:50:26] bum: have you had any luck with rip jiging

[20:50:44] Mark Martin: color depends on water clarity and sometimes just the body of

water i'm fishing

[20:50:54] bum: plastics or live bait

[20:51:22] bum: with jig

[20:52:06] Brad/nd: mark, when trolling bottom-bouncers, how long of a snell do you

prefer and what size line for snells?

[20:52:36] Mark Martin: yes i do a lot of rip jigging or snap jigging because you can

cover large areas of structure faster than vertical jigging and i use Berkley power baits

and sometimes just live bait, minnows, small crawlers, or leeches.

[20:53:15] bum: any scent with the plastics

[20:53:37] bum: just power bait smell

[20:54:24] Mark Martin: open water fishing snell lengths usually are between 6 and 8 ft

long. snaggy conditions rock and rubble, i keep my snell lengths 3 to 4 ft long and

fishing in rivers or brushy conditions snell lengths will be 1 and 1/2 to 2 ft long.

[20:54:32] REW: Mark, do you ever use scents on live bait and if so what brand?

[20:54:53] Mark Martin: just the tournament walleye strength power baits

[20:55:35] Mark Martin: yes i do use scents on live baits - Dr. Juice and Berkley Power

Bait Scent

[20:56:07] R Hill(mi): Mark whats your favorite presentation for fishin weed lines

[20:57:02] Mark Martin: snap jigging along the weed edge or pitching jigs into small

pockets in the weeds

[20:57:14] Redeye: Mark, I know when trolling at night you like to add and doctor up

your baits for extra visual appearance any favorite colors?

[21:00:39] Drift'r: are there any certain times of moon phases that seem more

productive ex. 1 hr after moon rise or set

[21:00:40] Mark Martin: silver prizm strips on each side of the lure with glow in the dark

eyes and glow in the dark ring around the tail

[21:00:43] ebijack (mi): mark, what motor are you running on that new 2025 lund

[21:01:05] Capt. Marty: Gotta go guys,"sleep-time" got a date with a walleye in the

morning! As always," Mark" a great job, always can learn something new by keeping

an open mind, good luck throughout the year in all you do. Maybe will see you on Little

Bay this year?

[21:02:52] Mark Martin: the only thing that i can guarantee about moon phases is no

matter what phase the moon is in as long as it's rising off the horizon to a quarter of the

way in the sky or just the opposite setting from a quarter ways up to after it disappears

on the horizo

[21:03:04] Mick: Mark, how many lines do you run at night, and how do you monitor


[21:04:08] Mark Martin: one line per person every line in somebody's hand, whether its

trolling or casting, hands on method is the only way to detect bites and make sure you

get every hit.

[21:04:50] ebijack (mi): mark, so you flat line at night?

[21:04:59] ebijack (mi): no board

[21:05:11] REW: Mark, do you upgrade the hooks on your cranks with excaliabler, or

triple turn or the like hooks?

[21:05:57] Mark Martin: i longline no boards

[21:06:54] Mark Martin: i just make sure my hooks are sharp and bent out slightly for

max hookups

[21:08:25] bum: have you ever run snap weights on raps with no boards

[21:08:37] ebijack (mi): mark, what depth do you usually start trolling at night

[21:09:20] Mark Martin: ive run roach clip on wtswith and without boards both

[21:09:36] Jeff: Mark do you fish with BIG FOOT

[21:10:06] R Hill(mi): Mark when fishing shallow water (6 to 12 feet) do you prefer to

troll or jig

[21:11:53] Mark Martin: usually wherever the first weedline next to deep water is or the

first breakline to deep water that could be any where from 6 to 10 feet depending on

water clarity and charateristics of breaklines in certain lakes

[21:11:56] ebijack (mi): mark, do you always check out your old spots from previous

tourney's when starting a new year

[21:12:22] Mark Martin: yes i fish with ric on the pwt

[21:13:58] Mark Martin: at nite i prefer to troll rapalas 1 to 2 feet off bottom daytime i

have many different methods that go along with jigging

[21:14:22] Brad/nd: mark, I'm looking for a new baitcast reel for bottom-bouncing &

light trolling, what do you recommend?. Any experience with abu-garcia 5600's?

[21:14:27] Mark Martin: no i havent yet but hope to some day obs

[21:14:52] Magic Marker OH: have you fished erie yet this year?

[21:15:24] Mark Martin: yes i usually ck out my old spots but seldom get hung up on


[21:16:09] ebijack (mi): mark, do the old spots produce more often than not?

[21:17:22] Mark Martin: thats one of the most reliable and been around for decades so

it has to be able to handle everyones fishing techniques over the years

[21:17:35] Mark Martin: not yet

[21:18:25] Nick(IA): Mark, how much time do you spend with map study and then

graph watching on a new lake before deciding where and when to fish?

[21:18:44] Mark Martin: they produce but usually only for a token fish or 2 but thats

maybe all i need

[21:21:12] Skeeter: Mark what do you use to tell your trolling speed?

[21:21:13] Mark Martin: usually i spend the nite before every practice day deciding

where to fish that particular body of water and my eyes when i get on the water seldom

if ever leave the graph

[21:21:30] Mark Martin: yes a splash cam

[21:22:23] fastrack: mark are you going to fish merc natoinal on winnebago

[21:22:39] Mark Martin: my Eagle GPS

[21:22:49] ebijack (mi): hey guys, mark has to finish up, he's guiding tomorrow, you got

5 more minutes

[21:23:19] R Hill(mi): Mark what di you look for on a map to make your discisions

[21:23:31] Mark Martin: i havent decided yet due to sponser obligations

[21:23:43] Nick(IA): Mark, when starting on new lakes will you fish a prepicked spot if

you don't graph fish?

[21:24:14] Mark Martin: major points ,sunken islands

[21:24:15] Brad/nd: mark, when trolling .5 to 2.5 mph, what do you rely on for your

most accurate speed?

[21:24:35] Lone Wolf: What do you think of the boundry limits for Erie (PWT) this year?

[21:25:17] Hogboss: Mark where do fish from Muskegon, White and Macatawa go

during the summer.

[21:25:58] WHALE-EYE: how much weight to win P W T at erie

[21:26:02] Mark Martin: no never fish an area that i cant see fish on my electronics

even if i caught 30 fish there yesterday you cant fish memories and you cant waste

time i rely on my Eagle GPS

[21:27:59] ebijack (mi): LET'S THANK MARK MARTIN for his time, . great chat mark,

we'd love to have you back when you can.

[21:28:00] Mark Martin: most of them head south towards ind and chicago while a few

head north to manistee traverse city area i did a little research on this that is in my new

walleye book

[21:27:59] ebijack (mi): LET'S THANK MARK MARTIN for his time, . great chat mark,

we'd love to have you back when you cna

[21:28:00] Mark Martin: most of them head south towards ind and chicago while a few

head north to manistee traverse city area i did a little research on this that is in my new

walleye book

[21:29:22] R Hill(mi): Thanks Mark great chat sorry I was late

[21:29:23] Hogboss: Where can i find this book at Mark.

[21:29:59] Brad/nd: thanks for sharing your info, Mark, and good luck this year.

[21:30:00] Mick: good job Mark

[21:30:02] R Hill(mi): Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap

[21:30:05] Mark Martin: thanks everone i had a good time hope to see you on the

water sometime say hi if you see me

[21:30:13] Nick(IA): thanks Mark

[21:30:30] ebijack (mi): THANKS MARK!!! and mike arnold for the use of your puter

[21:30:37] RoyG(PA): maybe we'll all see you in erie Mark....some of us are going to be


[21:30:41] Kodiak: Thanks Mark, Good Luck on the Circuit!!

[21:30:47] Redeye: so long mark

[21:30:56] Hogboss: Bye Mark.

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