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Richard Mellon Chat 

[20:02:14] *** Richard Mellon has joined Walleye Central

[20:02:21] Lundman(Wi): Hello Richard

[20:02:26] Reefer: Welcome Richard.

[20:02:27] Doc (wi): hi R M

[20:02:28] ebijack (mi): welcome richard !

[20:02:28] Canadian Loon: welcome Richartd

[20:02:28] ^2old2^: welcome Richard

[20:02:29] Griz: hello Richard

[20:02:32] Drift'r: hi richard

[20:02:37] mikej: hi Richard

[20:02:38] prairiepillow: hello richard

[20:02:40] Thunderstick: hi richard

[20:02:43] ebijack (mi): you sure got a crowd richard :)

[20:02:44] R Hill(mi): He Richard

[20:02:45] harry: Hi Richard

[20:02:46] bob g: hi rm

[20:03:00] Richard Mellon: hello everybody

[20:03:19] ebijack (mi): Please Welcome our guest tonight, his first

time here on walleyecentral...RICHARD MELLON from the


[20:03:42] Lundman(Wi): Welcome Richard.......

[20:03:48] Swat1(oh): So what are we going to learn tonight


[20:03:54] Richard Mellon: thanks ebijack pleased to be here

[20:03:56] Doc (wi): whats your specialty richard

[20:04:07] Reefer: welcome aboard to THE walleye site Richard.

[20:04:07] ebijack (mi): now that almost everyone said HI )

[20:04:21] Canadian Loon: hope it's speed trolling with all the

people in here! :-)

[20:04:31] Richard Mellon: toss up between bouncers and cranks

[20:04:45] Thunderstick: clap,clap

[20:04:55] Canadian Loon: best way to cover water

[20:05:02] Doc (wi): how long a snell on bouncers

[20:05:34] ebijack (mi): when you get a chance richard, how long

have you been fishing walleye tourney's

[20:05:37] Richard Mellon: i'm not a patient guy even ice fishing

means 200+ holes a day

[20:06:03] ^2old2^: woly cow thats a lot of holes

[20:06:03] Griz: Ice? wheres that?

[20:06:11] Richard Mellon: 1st tourney was in93

[20:06:14] Canadian Loon: Richard could we get some

background..where ya out of? home waters? favorite body of


[20:07:08] Richard Mellon: northern alberta until 18 mo ago now in

the sw corner of ab.

[20:07:10] R Hill(mi): Lakes around here you drill 200 holes your


[20:07:30] Canadian Loon: TY :)

[20:08:10] Richard Mellon: not in northern ab where a 4" auger

don't always get the job done

[20:08:16] ebijack (mi): richard, what kind of rig and equipment do

you run

[20:08:54] Richard Mellon: Fisher FX 18 DV c/w Merc 200

[20:10:17] Thunderstick: Richard u ever fish Tobin Lake In sask>

[20:10:23] Canadian Loon: lol

[20:10:35] Richard Mellon: harry & mike: am i gonna see you

guys @ all 6 in 99?

[20:10:47] mikej: alright!!!

[20:10:58] Scott: Richard,thanks for coming in tonight,do you use

cranks on btm bouncers

[20:11:16] Richard Mellon: yes tobin is the best big fish water i

have ever fished

[20:11:29] harry: Look forward to seeing you at all of them!!

[20:11:35] Thunderstick: great lake

[20:11:52] mikej: Richard how far from Tobin do you live??

[20:12:11] hot/tot: you gonna be here for the pwt?

[20:12:51] Richard Mellon: good enough! ya i have used cranks on

bouncers in rivers and before snap weights in Lesser Slave lake

where you often fish 35'+

[20:13:40] Richard Mellon: 13 to 14 hours the way i drive to tobin

[20:14:03] mikej: Thats a close lake for you

[20:14:52] mikej: Guys Richard has the honor of driving the furthest

to every PWT tournament

[20:15:03] sundance: howdy fellas sorry i'm late

[20:15:15] Richard Mellon: my fav lake are some of these southern

res here in ab. takes 45 to 60 lbs on 10 fish to win

[20:15:15] ebijack (mi): you get a plaque for that richard :)

[20:15:45] Lundman(Wi): You could buy a plane Richard, but I don't

think your boat would pull too good.....

[20:15:52] hot/tot: hey richard when are you comin to Michigan???

[20:15:54] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:15:59] Thunderstick: richard is that with 3 slot fish??

[20:16:19] Richard Mellon: not sure whether i should get a plaque

or shrink

[20:16:32] ^2old2^: is there ice fishing going on in alberta yet

[20:16:37] Doc (wi): both

[20:16:56] Thunderstick: its just starting here in Sask>

[20:16:57] Richard Mellon: 5 fish a day over 20" min

[20:17:04] ebijack (mi): richard, do you any of the superlines for

your trolling, and do you make your own leaders

[20:18:44] Richard Mellon: tie all my own rigs spinners etc, tried

super lines but was unhappy with the way northerns cut line raps

arn't cheap

[20:19:00] Scotty: How do you determine leader size for btm b's

and cranks

[20:19:07] Richard Mellon: no ice here yet

[20:19:45] Scotty: length I ment sorry

[20:19:56] Canadian Loon: whats your confidence color Richard or

do you go with the conditions

[20:20:10] ebijack (mi): richard, how important is your trolling rod

length to your presentation

[20:20:12] Richard Mellon: unless i'm doin something special 12lb to

reel and 10 lb for spinner. great lakes 17lb

[20:20:36] R Hill(mi): Richard are you going to troll the Detroit River

[20:21:19] Richard Mellon: like 71/2 in side rode 91/2 outside big

rods are more forging and less kick offs

[20:21:46] ebijack (mi): are those noodle rods? richard

[20:21:50] Richard Mellon: i'll be at all 6 in 99

[20:22:26] Richard Mellon: no most are med heavy pitching sticks

or trolling rods

[20:22:33] ^2old2^: Which was your best tourney this year

[20:22:36] Scotty: Im just learning.....kick offs mean???

[20:23:17] prairiepillows: ?

[20:24:26] Richard Mellon: sorry guys - 4th at ohae

[20:24:43] ebijack (mi): no problem richard

[20:24:51] ^2old2^: 4th is good :-)

[20:25:00] Canadian Loon: contour trolling on Ohae?

[20:25:02] Richard Mellon: kick offs fish com'ng unbuttoned

[20:25:29] Richard Mellon: no rigging redtails

[20:25:34] Mike (MN): what sticks do you use for trolling?

[20:25:39] Mud Duck: how deep

[20:26:13] Canadian Loon: point jumping ?

[20:26:41] Richard Mellon: what ever is on sale when i need a new

one mike !

[20:27:48] ebijack (mi): what has been your best crank over the

past year richard

[20:27:51] Lundman(Wi): ...:-)

[20:27:55] Mike (MN): do you go with fiber or graphite

[20:28:00] Richard Mellon: oahe was a lot about timing for me.

certain points turned on a particular times and depths

[20:28:11] Swat1(oh): Richard: How do you like your Fisher boat. Is

the 18 better than the Targa 20 since it is just a shorter version?

[20:29:42] Fishdude: is this thing laggin bad or what?

[20:29:51] Lundman(Wi): Yup, it's bad...

[20:29:53] Richard Mellon: graphite. shad rap or reef runner . fx

actually has more trolling room in back than 2000 and it'll run with

any one!

[20:30:28] Fishdude: hey Richard this is Russ in calgary ...how do u

like that pinpoint stuff?

[20:30:32] Mike (MN): and a better price

[20:30:32] bob g: yep

[20:31:08] Canadian Loon: do you use any of the silver plated

blades I keep hearing about?..and if so where do you find them?

[20:31:13] Richard Mellon: i give it credit for my 4th at oahe allowed

me to just fish not drive

[20:31:27] Thunderstick: richard in your opinion are the pinpoints

worth the money???

[20:31:36] Richard Mellon: yep!

[20:31:50] Thunderstick: thanx

[20:31:51] Mud Duck: how user friendly are they

[20:31:59] Richard Mellon: my blades all come from Northland

[20:32:03] Fishdude: u doin the calgary show in february again


[20:32:07] Canadian Loon: :-)

[20:32:28] ebijack (mi): that's pretty good since we have a rep from

pin point here tonight :) howdy babba :)

[20:32:41] Bubbas: Howdy

[20:32:42] Richard Mellon: ya and ed and 4 others here in can

trying for some in the us

[20:32:54] Fishdude: good deal

[20:32:55] Mike (MN): got to love them PinPoints

[20:33:04] Fishdude: who is rep from pinpint here?

[20:33:23] Bubbas: Bubbas

[20:33:24] Fishdude: sorry bad speller

[20:33:24] ebijack (mi): that will be next weeks chat..pin point

[20:33:31] Lundman(Wi): Richard, what's your favorite application

of Bottom bouncers?

[20:34:16] Richard Mellon: pinpoints are very easy to learn and

the graphs have some very neat features that other companies

better pay attention to or loose out big time

[20:34:22] ebijack (mi): yes it's bob healey

[20:34:43] Fishdude: no problem i was just wondering

[20:35:18] Mike (MN): If you can run your puter, you can run a

PinPoint no problem.

[20:35:18] ebijack (mi): richard, do you team up with anyone, and

who if you don't mind telling

[20:35:30] Richard Mellon: actually like spinners but love rigging

redtails off bouncers

[20:36:00] Lundman(Wi): Plain snell and hook, no components...?

[20:36:04] bob (oh): what's your favorite spinner size - color

[20:36:09] Thunderstick: what size of hook do u use for rigging?

[20:36:14] Richard Mellon: have teamed up in the past... looking to

upgrade this year

[20:36:44] Canadian Loon: upgrade?

[20:36:53] Lundman(Wi): ....:-)

[20:37:03] hot/tot: richard when are you coming to michigan?

[20:37:22] Richard Mellon: rigging redtails ..2's love #5 or 6 blades

[20:37:58] Scotty: Richard,In general how heavy do you go with

btm b's and crankbaits?

[20:38:15] Richard Mellon: i'll be in mi for the pwt plus a swing

earlier probably.

[20:38:21] Fishdude: richard what color is your favorite of reef

runner cranks and do you like the ripsticks or reef runners best?

[20:39:12] hot/tot: hey richard are you guys aloud to wireline??

[20:39:20] ebijack (mi): hope the river is clear of ice flows before


[20:39:27] Richard Mellon: btms b i start @ 2oz on average i

probably go faster than most

[20:39:36] mikej: it'd better be!!

[20:40:20] Swat1(oh): At this rate who's worried about Ice.. I hope

the fish don't spawn in Feb

[20:40:32] ebijack (mi): richard, do you use the pin point alot for

your trolling?

[20:40:33] Richard Mellon: yes i've used wire great for btm b when

40'+ and fast

[20:42:12] Richard Mellon: when i'm trolling i use my 15 I use pin to

steer on contour if the corners are sharp btm track is fantastic!

[20:42:58] mikej: Richard whats your favorite crank bait??

[20:43:03] ebijack (mi): richard, have you found line size to matter

for trolling, or the heavier the better

[20:44:15] Richard Mellon: shad rap or reef in chrome blue

[20:46:18] Richard Mellon: i use thundersticks esp on 'bago

[20:47:09] Canadian Loon: the higher the better on 'bago for


[20:47:11] Scotty: if theres room, could you explain rigging redtails(

also new to me)

[20:48:17] Richard Mellon: i rigged them on oahe like you would a

herring for salmon on west coast....allowed me to go faster and not

wait before setting hook

[20:48:39] mikej: how fast did you rig them??

[20:48:43] Reefer: harry: Mike is pickin a fight again!

[20:48:52] ebijack (mi): richard, have you found line size to matter

for trolling, or is heavier the better

[20:48:58] Richard Mellon: 4 to 6 on my pinpoint

[20:49:05] mikej: wow!!!

[20:49:28] mikej: thats almost spinner speed

[20:49:56] Richard Mellon: like 10 lb for most cranks 8 line counters

is alot of line to change for awhim

[20:50:03] harry: Richard, some kind of quick strike rig????

[20:50:20] Richard Mellon: ya thats the idea

[20:51:08] Canadian Loon: did you use that presentation to cover

water or did the fish just want it that way?

[20:51:17] Richard Mellon: actually i went slower than that on peck

with blades

[20:51:22] ebijack (mi): how do you keep them from spinning going

so fast richard

[20:52:13] Richard Mellon: all in the rigging..larger 6 to 8" chubs are

more stable

[20:52:13] harry: Richard, you touched on it , but are you as

impressed with the pinpoint LCD as I am ???

[20:52:34] mikej: me too!!!

[20:53:52] Richard Mellon: absolutely!!!!!! can't wait to try 7800 and

the new gps ...i'll have my entire boat networked.when i think of

what i have done to get the views they make so easy!!!!!!

[20:53:57] harry: If the word gets out, if Im Lowrance I'm shakin in my


[20:53:58] Thunderstick: Richard u ever rig with waterdogs?

[20:54:32] Thunderstick: if so what kind of speed?

[20:54:39] Richard Mellon: ya all i caught were northerns is this a


[20:54:57] Doc (wi): is the pinpoint an advantage in an old river with

lots of depth change

[20:54:58] RoyG(PA): i was wondering if lowrance and pinpoint are

working together on their sonars...they look similar in pictures

[20:55:16] Richard Mellon: slow like rigging the flats at mille lacs

[20:55:55] Swat1(oh): Richard what do you think of the Genetron


[20:56:24] Richard Mellon: pinpoint has a far superior read lots

more definition my video sonar wasn't as good

[20:56:39] harry: Put a lms 350 next to a 7500 pinpoint and you will

see there is no comparison!!

[20:57:09] Doc (wi): how many lbs thrust available

[20:57:17] Richard Mellon: thats right harry what new tricks are they

going to have for gps?

[20:57:27] Drift'r: how does it compare to an X-85

[20:57:31] Perchn: how about the watts? is it more powerful?

[20:57:38] Swat1(oh): What is the ball park cost on a pinpoint graph

(that would be better than the Genetron?

[20:57:45] Richard Mellon: 60 on 24v and 80 on 36v

[20:58:00] harry: I'm not sure at this time but really looking forward

to it

[20:58:12] Perchn: I still use the old papergraph..x-16

[20:58:23] Reefer: keep up the good info Richard...good night all.

[20:58:36] mikej: its close to that good perch!

[20:58:45] Perchn: wow

[20:58:55] Richard Mellon: not sure of cost new 7800 will have 320

vert pixels!!!!!!

[20:59:09] RoyG(PA): i believe ya harry...i just meant the general

layout of the two..... the buttons and all

[20:59:21] harry: WOW!!!

[20:59:55] Doc (wi): bubbas whats the price on the 7800

[21:00:11] Doc (wi): retail

[21:00:20] Richard Mellon: pin has some short cuts for sens cont

and depth that are one touch...no body else comes close!

[21:00:51] Drift'r: tune in next week & ask bubbas anything

[21:00:54] mikej: Richard how did you get the hook ups a oahe

going that fast??

[21:01:22] Bubbas: 7800 - suggested retail $499, console version

(7820) - $549

[21:01:30] Doc (wi): thank you

[21:03:42] Richard Mellon: mike has to do with rigging....simple but you

troll for salmon

over 6mph.

[21:04:01] mikej: sounds interesting

[21:04:31] Richard Mellon: for once my wasted youth paid off

[21:07:03] Drift'r: everyone get you questions in to Richard

[21:07:28] Scotty: Richard,Thanks for you time,Good luck next year! Night


[21:08:50] Rod: richard do you fish any tournys in sask can?

[21:09:32] harry: Richard great job!!! got to go

[21:09:41] Richard Mellon: vanity at tobin

[21:09:52] mikej: we were just there on monday

[21:10:05] mikej: by hairball

[21:10:08] Rod: mike at tobin?

[21:10:37] Richard Mellon: arkansas

[21:10:37] mikej: yep

[21:10:48] Rod: how did you do a t the vanity

[21:10:59] mikej: a dealer and prostaff meeting

[21:11:00] Drift'r: are there anymore questions

[21:11:08] Richard Mellon: new size this year?

[21:11:14] mikej: yep

[21:11:43] RoyG(PA): thanks richard...good job

[21:11:45] Drift'r: Thank you for a great chat Richard Mellon!!!!!!!

[21:11:50] Richard Mellon: didn't fish vanity this year partner canceled

while iwas at


[21:11:57] Swat1(oh): Thanks Richard

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