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Richard Mellon 12/1/99
[19:58:29] ebijack: Please Welcome our host tonight RICHARD MELLON
[19:58:30] mikej(mn): got snow richard?
[19:58:37] ebijack: clap clap clap !!
[19:58:38] TerryMac: clap clap
[19:58:41] Erie TT: clap clap
[19:58:42] eyefish(mi): welcome
[19:58:42] Mahumba: Clap Clap Whistle!
[19:58:46] RichardM(AB): thank you Tom Hi all!
[19:58:49] mikej(mn): clap, clap.
[19:58:51] mbrandt(in): Clap Clap
[19:59:03] RichardM(AB): no snow or ice mike
[19:59:03] ebijack: richard you sure got some press over that fish you got at the
[19:59:25] RichardM(AB): yes most important fish I ever caught tom
[19:59:39] mbrandt(in): Why?
[20:00:00] RichardM(AB): put me in the spot light and I said the right things
[20:00:28] mbrandt(in): Good Job
[20:00:38] ebijack: richard, do you think you got as much results from that fish as if you
won a tourney?
[20:00:39] Erie TT: sponsors??
[20:00:49] mikej(mn): and what a nice fish it was!!
[20:01:07] James: Richard, it's James Pugsley. Just checking to see that the
Americans like you too :-)
[20:01:11] RichardM(AB): hard to say it was great timing if you have seen the video
[20:01:21] TerryMac: hehehe
[20:01:40] Swat 1: Every body likes Rich...lol
[20:01:44] RichardM(AB): Hi James I tried to email you today
[20:01:47] TerryMac: yupper
[20:02:00] ebijack: richard, what determines how many tourney's you'll fish each year
[20:02:15] RichardM(AB): I do have a lot of friends south of the 49th
[20:02:44] RichardM(AB): money and time, I like how my wife looks!!
[20:02:51] TerryMac: LOL
[20:03:12] mbrandt(in): You do have the farthest to go for most of the tourneys
[20:03:29] eyefish(mi): Richard are you fishing all 6 again this year
[20:04:00] river king mi: how did you get started fishing in the us rich and the pwt??
[20:04:03] RichardM(AB): yes I think I do at that. I won The Fishing News Iron man
Award here in Canada for that
[20:04:08] ebijack: richard, yesterday you mentioned that you already have your next
boat sold. isn't that unusual?
[20:05:10] James: might see you at the Edmonton show
[20:05:16] RichardM(AB): River: I started fishing here and the next level was in the US
. I went and did 1 as an amatuer and went from there
[20:05:46] RichardM(AB): I have a lot of success pre selling my boats Tom
[20:05:52] mikej(mn): what tournament did you do as an am?
[20:05:55] river king mi: how long have you been fishing professionally
[20:06:18] James: Best of luck to Walleye Central. I'll tell Canada. Gotta go. :-)
[20:06:45] RichardM(AB): I guess part of it is that the Fisher Fx 18 is great product and
price, part is my reputation for taking care of it.
[20:07:08] TerryMac: Rich...what tourney water do feel is toughest?
[20:07:25] riggers[pa]: thats what we are using next yr
[20:07:26] TerryMac: to figure out?
[20:07:28] RichardM(AB): Mike I fished Lahe Sharpe on the NAWA in 94 as an am
[20:08:09] ebijack: richard, what job did you leave to start fishing as a full time pro
[20:08:28] RichardM(AB): Terry transition waters are tough ,like last year at Red Wing
with the flood and falling water
[20:08:41] TerryMac: thanks
[20:09:01] RichardM(AB): Construction super, working concrete Tom
[20:09:06] river king mi: rich do you use fireline or mono on your line counters and why
[20:09:55] RichardM(AB): mono, if i need extra depth I use lead core I like to have my
bait as close to the boat as possible
[20:10:43] Erie TT: so what is a typical set up for you???
[20:11:05] RichardM(AB): how so Erie?
[20:11:19] RichardM(AB): 5 years as a pro river
[20:11:23] Erie TT: (close to boat?)
[20:11:36] Erie TT: open water trolling
[20:11:47] river king mi: do you ever use snapweights
[20:12:14] RichardM(AB): fire line is great for suspended fish where you are not
following a contour
[20:12:44] ebijack: richard, do you have a time limit you'd spend to run for fish in a
[20:13:20] RichardM(AB): yes river especially when suspended trolling if I am, turning
sharply to follow a break they fall pretty fast and can catch bottom
[20:14:01] RichardM(AB): what ever left me enough time to catch my fish
[20:14:20] RichardM(AB): I have run over 60 mile 1 way Tom
[20:14:35] ebijack: that's only a few minutes richard  :)
[20:14:48] mbrandt(in): ever run out of gas that far
[20:14:58] Steve (IA): in my family, Richard, that's 2 bathroom breaks
[20:15:00] RichardM(AB): has anyone seen the new Suspending Shad Rap ?
[20:15:08] Swat 1: Thank Goodness for the Optimax eh Richard...lol
[20:15:11] ebijack: not yet richard
[20:15:18] TerryMac: not I
[20:15:20] Erie TT: no
[20:15:25] mikej(mn): nope
[20:15:37] river king mi: no are you pushing that
[20:15:38] RichardM(AB): Yes the Opti is much better on fuel and yes I have run out
[20:16:07] river king mi: pushing the shad rap
[20:16:14] RichardM(AB): No not pushing just got some of the prototypes sent to me
[20:16:33] Erie TT: cool pass em around
[20:16:41] gw(in): Do they look exactly like the regular shad rap?
[20:16:46] RichardM(AB): first shad rap with rattles , how is that going to work?
[20:16:50] ebijack: richard, do you modify your baits from production much?
[20:16:59] Erie TT: good
[20:17:13] RichardM(AB): just change trebles if they need it Tom
[20:17:16] TerryMac: work great
[20:17:36] mbrandt(in): I have caught them on rattle traps b4
[20:17:53] river king mi: do you prefer lakes or rivers
[20:17:54] RichardM(AB): they look like a regular Rap just have rattles and some new
finishes like the Husky Jerk
[20:18:09] TerryMac: Cool
[20:18:24] RichardM(AB): Resevoirs River are my favorite
[20:18:25] fishboat: Richard, how does Lake St. Clair compare to the rest of the spot
on the tour?
[20:18:26] mikej(mn): do they run about the same depths as reg shad raps?
[20:18:35] gw(in): I did great on erie this summer on the new diving husky jerks
[20:18:50] ebijack: richard, what electronics do your run
[20:19:21] RichardM(AB): deeper mike and a quick dive so I think they're good for say
pitching at Fort Peck?
[20:19:57] Swat 1: Each spot has its own quirks fishboat... Just have to try to figure
them out
[20:20:36] RichardM(AB): Lake St Clair is a great fishery esp if you live there and hit
the migrations of giants
[20:20:59] RichardM(AB): I run Pinpoint Tom
[20:21:31] ebijack: richard do you only run pin point equipment?
[20:21:36] TerryMac: Who are some of your sponsors , Rich?
[20:21:47] river king mi: is it true you can see your jig with the pinpoint rich
[20:21:55] RickH: Richard, nice web page
[20:22:04] eyefish(mi): Richard are you running the new insync system
[20:22:09] RichardM(AB): I still have a Global map 2000 until pinpoint gets their GPS
[20:22:13] mikej(mn): yeah nice site Richard!
[20:22:32] RichardM(AB): Thank you Rick
[20:22:42] RichardM(AB): yes you can see your jig
[20:22:47] Juls (WI): what is the website addy Richard?
[20:23:04] RickH: Richard do you do any guiding while you're on the PWT tour?
[20:23:09] RichardM(AB): last year at Detroit river I could see the level of the muddy
water as it moved in
[20:23:16] null: richard what kind of boat do you run.
[20:23:45] RichardM(AB): no Rick
[20:23:49] river king mi: was it muddy on bottom right away or did it get that way later
[20:24:15] RichardM(AB): bottom later on you could see it move in and adjust
[20:25:14] RichardM(AB): yes my new system will have the in sync from pinpoint
[20:25:22] ebijack: richard, how do you use your pin point lcd in shallow water..for
bottom content only? or can you see fish in the weeds
[20:26:32] RichardM(AB): depends how shallow Tom less than 5' under the transducer
and it is hard to mark fish
[20:26:40] TerryMac: Fisher, Merc,  any other folks helping out , Rich?..sponsors?
[20:27:04] slapshot: They are the best!
[20:27:18] Juls (WI): ;-)
[20:27:21] ebijack: richard, do you know what motorguides plans are for pin point?
[20:27:43] slapshot: Richard, is Dallas Hodges still with Pinpoint?
[20:27:57] RichardM(AB): Terry some of my sponsors: Fisher, Ford. Pinpoint, Off shore,
Messengers Rod Wrangler, Polar wrap, Panther Marine
[20:28:22] mikej(mn): slapshot yes
[20:28:25] mbrandt(in): What's a rod wrangler?
[20:28:27] RichardM(AB): yes he is slap shot
[20:28:41] slapshot: thanks, I was hoping so!
[20:28:43] TerryMac: good  deal, Rich
[20:28:44] ebijack: polar wrap...you use that alot in alberta?  :)
[20:29:06] riverfishing wi: what is polar wrap
[20:29:10] RichardM(AB): motorguide will have a high end unit that will have depth
track capabilities
[20:29:50] RichardM(AB): Polar Wrap is a high tech heat exchanger that looks like a
[20:30:07] mikej(mn): a what????
[20:30:13] riverfishing wi: and so what is that used for....
[20:30:24] TerryMac: That would be good here in MT....huh, Rich?
[20:30:26] ebijack: that's a dessert  :)
[20:30:34] Steve (IA): keeping your face warm, Jenn
[20:30:38] RichardM(AB): the rod wrangler is a8 rod holder that snaps into a seat base
in the boat
[20:30:53] TerryMac: they are neat
[20:30:57] riverfishing wi: oh ok; sorry..guess i'm a bit out of it..lol
[20:31:07] RichardM(AB): what is balaclava a Canuck word?
[20:31:10] RichardM(AB): LOL
[20:31:12] TerryMac: naw
[20:31:45] Juls (WI): it keeps moisture out and you breath in 98 degree air so it keeps
your whole body warm...not just your face Jenn
[20:31:48] mikej(mn): must be Richard
[20:31:55] RichardM(AB): the wrangler works great for keeping the rods tangle free
and off the floor
[20:31:59] riverfishing wi: ahhhhhh might need that this winter on the river lol
[20:32:07] Juls (WI): ;-)
[20:32:25] fishboat: Canuck word?  -  forgot the   eh!
[20:32:29] RichardM(AB): check them out at www.polarwrap.com
[20:32:36] riverfishing wi: ok ty
[20:32:47] riverfishing wi: it is a touke in canada isn't it
[20:32:56] RichardM(AB): never use that word do I mikeJ?
[20:33:03] mikej(mn): never
[20:33:32] RichardM(AB): toque
[20:33:42] mikej(mn): I use it more often than Richard
[20:33:45] Mahumba: touque
[20:33:50] slapshot: or tuuk
[20:33:54] RichardM(AB): LOL
[20:34:00] ebijack: richard, are you doing any fishing shows in the US?
[20:34:17] Swat 1: Depends if you're french Canadian or not I guess....LOL
[20:34:24] RickH: Do any of you have any ides about the dive curve for
[20:34:30] TerryMac: tuke...tossle hat?
[20:34:30] RichardM(AB): yes I am Tom
[20:34:48] Mahumba: I call them Block Heaters! Ha Ha!
[20:34:49] ebijack: and those would be
[20:34:49] slapshot: I play with a bunch of French guys I will ask them
[20:34:53] ebijack: :)
[20:34:54] Lundman: hehehehe
[20:34:58] TerryMac: LOL
[20:35:02] RichardM(AB): check out my web site for the dates
[20:35:21] Big Eyes: can"t wait till we get some ice
[20:35:26] ebijack: and that would be....richard
[20:35:30] ebijack: :)
[20:35:39] RickH: start with shallow.
[20:35:40] TerryMac:  got a tuuke -trick...3 goals?
[20:35:42] mikej(mn): how long have you been working on the web site Richard?
[20:35:55] slapshot: There you go!
[20:36:00] RichardM(AB): 2 weeks or so mike
[20:36:05] mikej(mn): wow
[20:36:17] mikej(mn): you got a lot done in a short time
[20:36:30] RichardM(AB): it becomes a grudge match between me and the computer
[20:36:41] RickH: would that be Precision Trolling?
[20:36:44] Mahumba: What's the address of your page Rich? I'll add a link to mine right
[20:36:54] Erie TT: obsolutely
[20:36:58] mikej(mn): just leave the hammer in the gaRAGE!
[20:37:05] Swat 1: Richard there was an interesting post on the message board here
today about what makes a Pro a Pro. What is your take on that?
[20:37:09] Mahumba: ha ha
[20:37:23] RichardM(AB): http://telusplanet.net/public/rmellon
[20:37:34] Mahumba: Got it.
[20:37:55] RichardM(AB): look for it to change in a few weeks to:
[20:37:56] TerryMac: Thanks
[20:38:21] RichardM(AB): http://sportfisherman.net/mellon
[20:38:30] ebijack: richard, does fisher have a web site?
[20:38:51] Swat 1: www.themarinegroup.com
[20:39:00] RichardM(AB): yes 
[20:39:01] Swat 1: is Fishers Address
[20:39:10] RichardM(AB): thanks swat
[20:39:17] Swat 1: ;-)
[20:39:17] mikej(mn): been there a few time swat?
[20:39:18] Mahumba: Your site is moving to sportfisherman, Rich?
[20:39:30] Swat 1: Just a couple Mike....lol
[20:39:33] RichardM(AB): yes once I have it totally built
[20:39:38] mikej(mn): me too
[20:40:34] RichardM(AB): Swat I read the post on a Pro and i have to agree that
interpersonal skills are the most important
[20:40:54] ebijack: richard, how do you plan to prefish each tourney, from past reports?
baits shops?
[20:40:54] Swat 1: I think so too
[20:40:56] RIPLIPS: you bet
[20:41:33] RichardM(AB): you can be the greatest angler and the worst person doesn't
make you a pro or marketable for sponsors
[20:41:36] eyefish(mi): Then how do you explain Ron Seeloff Richard
[20:41:40] slapshot: Juls you had good insight on that one
[20:41:48] Juls (WI): thanks buddy
[20:41:56] TerryMac: richard..will you still hang with us Montana guys ..using your
interpersonal skills...now that you have hit the big-time...LOL
[20:42:19] RichardM(AB): Ron is a great person and extremely out going in my
[20:42:34] RIPLIPS: richard do you know chris gillman
[20:42:51] RichardM(AB): of course Terry I have to ref the bar fights!
[20:42:51] RickH: I'v got it . Best addition since my 2330 depth finder
[20:42:56] ebijack: richard, are you planning on fishing the ptw curcuit?
[20:42:58] TerryMac: LOLOLOL
[20:43:21] RichardM(AB): no I am not Tom
[20:43:47] RichardM(AB): yes i know Chris rip
[20:44:10] RIPLIPS: is he a good fisherman
[20:44:22] ebijack: richard, are you only fishing pwt events?
[20:44:41] RichardM(AB): I think this year when i pre fish there will be more thought in
to what I am doing
[20:44:59] ebijack: explain Richard
[20:45:24] RichardM(AB): yes the 6 pwt is a full schedule with all the travel and the
exchange rate
[20:45:34] mikej(mn): lol
[20:45:44] ebijack: you get back your exchange  :)
[20:46:18] RichardM(AB): I had THE answer at 2 events last year and failed to notice
it. I don't want that to happen again
[20:46:33] TerryMac: hehehehe
[20:46:40] mikej(mn): which ones?
[20:46:41] river king mi: do you keep a log on places youíve fished for future
[20:46:44] RIPLIPS: richard how many pwt tour have you won
[20:46:56] ebijack: get your questions in folks...time is short
[20:46:58] RichardM(AB): yes I do river and GPS points
[20:47:33] RichardM(AB): never won rip and yes Chris is great angler he has won 3
[20:47:45] RIPLIPS: the PWT should come to winni 
[20:47:58] RichardM(AB): in MN?
[20:48:31] river king mi: did you see the arguments on the message board between
some minnesota guys and canadian guys if you did what is your take on that
[20:48:37] RIPLIPS: chris is a good friend richard yes MN
[20:49:38] RichardM(AB): ontario is 1900 miles east of me I know very little of the
[20:50:31] ebijack: richard, how much do you use the internet to help you hook up with
info on lakes your going to fish
[20:50:37] RickH: The Ontario problem is mostly political
[20:50:41] mikej(mn): its really only been an issue with Min and Ont
[20:50:56] river king mi: didínt realize it was that far you really have a long trip when
you come to erie then
[20:51:07] mikej(mn): both are political
[20:51:15] RickH: Quite so
[20:51:16] RichardM(AB): I like meeting on the net and hooking up with partners to pre
fish with
[20:51:34] RichardM(AB): some here tonight I have fished with
[20:52:30] RichardM(AB): river, Port clinton is 42 hours non stop from here
[20:52:57] ebijack: wow!!! what a drive richard..that is tough!
[20:52:57] river king mi: you better stop at least once for nap lol
[20:53:16] RichardM(AB): not going I'm too pumped up 
[20:53:27] RichardM(AB): coming home is another story
[20:53:34] Juls (WI): ;-)
[20:53:41] RIPLIPS: richard did you like to fish leechlake 
[20:53:43] river king mi: i heard that but the drive home is tough unless you win
[20:53:55] RIPLIPS: $$$$$$$
[20:53:58] ebijack: richard, do you have another fisherman to travel with?
[20:54:03] RichardM(AB): no rip I didn't LOL it treated me bad!
[20:54:18] TerryMac: What is your favorite tourney water, Richard?
[20:54:27] RichardM(AB): then your hung over river
[20:54:41] RichardM(AB): no Tom I donít
[20:55:02] river king mi: probally only time you would welcome a hangover lol
[20:55:16] RichardM(AB): good rip , but I would say Oahe Peck or Erie
[20:55:34] ebijack: are there any more questions for our host tonight?
[20:55:43] mbrandt(in): What do you like about Erie
[20:56:17] RichardM(AB): suspended fishing is cool ,Saginaw is great too
[20:56:24] TerryMac: You gonna be in Billings for our Convention this year, Rich?
[20:57:01] RichardM(AB): I may be there terry
[20:57:32] ebijack: richard, about how many miles do you put on your truck each year
[20:57:52] RichardM(AB): last year 52,000 miles Tom
[20:57:53] river king mi: thanks for your time and info richard see you when you get
back to detroit
[20:58:17] Juls (WI): yowza....that's alot of miles rich
[20:58:38] river king mi: probally see you at saginaw this year
[20:58:40] RichardM(AB): yes it is a lot of hours behind the wheel
[20:58:42] TerryMac: Too bad ya don't get paid by the mile , Rich
[20:58:52] RichardM(AB): look forward to it river
[20:59:00] mikej(mn): thats why ford sponsors him-- he's their biggest customer!
[20:59:06] Juls (WI): ;-)
[20:59:08] mbrandt(in): LOL
[20:59:08] TerryMac: Parts?
[20:59:10] TerryMac: lol
[20:59:20] RichardM(AB): no, new trucks
[20:59:26] TerryMac: good deal
[20:59:32] fishboat: just new boats
[20:59:43] Lundman: Do you use the diesel Richard...?
[20:59:47] RichardM(AB): boats I had 3 last year
[21:00:05] TerryMac: sound like Klick , now...
[21:00:17] fishboat: should try to keep track of them better :-)
[21:00:20] RichardM(AB): last was the power stroke this is the v 10 next year ? who
[21:00:47] RichardM(AB): Ford rip 99 f 250 super duty
[21:00:55] ebijack: richard, how do you like a diesel in that cold weather
[21:00:58] Thunder: The Excursion for Next Year, eh
[21:01:23] RichardM(AB): no they told me i could sell as many as I liked they changed
that rule in July
[21:01:37] RIPLIPS: power stroke is best on mileage is it or not rich
[21:02:26] RichardM(AB): diesel is great in the cold no troubles starting when I lived
north in the 40 below country
[21:03:49] ebijack: I'd like to thank our host tonight RICHARD MELLON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[21:03:56] river king mi: seems like you never get to learn your boat good and then its
time for another one i dont know if i/d like that
[21:03:56] ebijack: clap clap clap
[21:03:58] mbrandt(in): clap clap yea
[21:04:00] RoyGPA: thanks rich
[21:04:01] Swat 1: Thanks Richard Great Chat
[21:04:02] RickH: thanks Richard
[21:04:05] TerryMac: Yyyyaaaaaaaa
[21:04:07] eyefish(mi): Thanks Richard 
[21:04:07] Juls (WI): thanks richard...clap clap clap
[21:04:08] Thunder: clap clap
[21:04:09] RichardM(AB): I get not bad mileage from the V10 about 18 not pulling
[21:04:15] slapshot: Thank You!
[21:04:22] gw(in): Thanks for your time Richard.  Good luck in 2000.
[21:04:22] RIPLIPS: THANKS!!!!!!!
[21:04:27] RichardM(AB): thank you all
[21:04:37] Juls (WI): safe trips to ya next season Richard!!
[21:04:40] TerryMac: good job...Mellon
[21:04:52] ebijack: good luck in 2000 richard
[21:05:02] RIPLIPS: tell chris you talked to rory rich
[21:06:01] RichardM(AB): thanks Tom Juls and all I look forward to seeing you all next
year and meeting some new people too
[21:06:16] Mahumba: Thanks Rich
[21:06:19] Juls (WI): ;-)
[21:06:34] ebijack: look for some of us at the last day of the erie pwt

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