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Ron Mickinak 10/27/99
[19:59:18] ebijack: Please welcome our host tonight RON MICKINAK !!!!!!!!!!!
[19:59:28] Bull(oh): <<<<<clapping!!!!!!!!!!!
[19:59:28] ebijack: clap clap clap
[19:59:30] river king mi: welcome ron
[19:59:32] RonPA: Hello Everybody
[19:59:33] bob (oh): clap clap
19:59:50] Kitch: clap clap
[19:59:51] Skyler: I started using count down rapala last night #11 What do u think of
them on the river
[20:00:29] Reefer: take it away Ron
[20:00:38] river king mi: did you have a productive year ron??
[20:00:39] ebijack: ron, why don't you start us off with a bit of your backround
[20:01:35] RonPA: I am from PA Fished tour, for 4 years local, NAWA and USFA ,
Fishing PWT, PTW and USFA next season
[20:02:05] river king mi: thats a lot of fishing ron
[20:02:07] pipesmoke: How do you afford all that?
[20:03:02] SKIPPER: how expensive is it to go pro ron?
[20:03:28] Skyler: Ron what do u think of using a count down rapala on a rusty colored
[20:04:35] RonPA: Don't like the idea Skyler, no noise
[20:05:03] Skyler: What do u recommend
[20:05:33] Reefer: Seriously Ron, could you share your views on approaching potential
sponsors and the importance of maintaining those relationships?
[20:05:49] RonPA: I use Thundersticks and Reef Runners
[20:06:18] Skyler: what size
[20:06:21] RonPA: #1 is keeping sponsors happy
[20:07:08] RonPA: When approaching sponsors, use professional résuméís and plus
show what you can do for them
[20:07:30] Skyler: Do u use weight to get them to a certain depth
[20:07:52] RonPA: snap weights and fireline
[20:08:24] SKIPPER: do you work alone or do you have a staff?
[20:08:33] river king mi: whatís the best speed when using snap weights ron
[20:08:44] RonPA: my father and I
[20:09:30] RonPA: It depends on conditions, usually around 1.5
[20:10:40] Swat 1: Snap weights and any other negatively buoyant baits are extremely
speed dependant... the faster you go the shallower they get and vice versa
[20:10:43] SKIPPER: i thought you only work with your father,  you have a partner also
[20:10:56] Reefer: Ron: How do plan to change your approach now that you be
"calling the shots" as a pro.
[20:11:00] Skyler: Ron what size of thundersticks and reef runners do u recommend
[20:11:05] SKIPPER: how do you get a partner?
[20:11:07] Reefer: you will be
[20:11:23] RonPA: JR thunders and little rippers
[20:12:07] Skyler: will they work well at night
[20:12:34] SKIPPER: do you belong to any clubs?
[20:13:11] Skyler: can u tell i am a rookie walleye fishermen
[20:13:47] river king mi: get some fishing magazines and read them skyler
[20:14:31] Skyler: which ones do you recommend king
[20:14:43] river king mi: walleye central
[20:14:46] SKIPPER: very quiet night for a chat night..
[20:15:14] RonPA: Fishing the new PTW this season anyone else
[20:15:29] Rabbit(Wi): Ron, have you seen the changes on the PWT for 2000?
[20:15:33] river king mi: yes ron theres a few of us
[20:15:37] Boatnut(OH): Skyler, try Walleye Central Mag, Great lakes angler, and
Walleye insider
[20:15:40] RonPA: Not yet
[20:15:47] Skyler: ever fished in the midwest king
[20:16:10] river king mi: mich does that count skyler
[20:16:42] Rabbit(Wi): adding more Championship spots, all winners are automatic
qualifiers, plus some wildcard spots, almost sounds llike the NFL
[20:17:31] Rabbit(Wi): use the on the fly water pick-up
[20:17:35] Boatnut(OH): lol
[20:17:35] ebijack: maybe richard and gary can fill for now
[20:17:57] Rabbit(Wi): not a problem, glad to help him out
[20:17:59] bob (oh): hard for him to respond since he has been under attack every
since he came on here
[20:18:08] river king mi: considering what
[20:18:12] Skyler: what are you using these days. im fishing in the st.croix river which is
very rusty in color
[20:18:17] ebijack: field some of these questions
[20:18:34] Skyler: that was for u king
[20:19:50] Skyler: Ron do u recommend trolling the jr thunder and little reefer
[20:20:15] Rabbit(Wi): Ron, you say your fishing the PWT next year, are you doing all
6, or east or west?
[20:20:26] RonPA: yes I do, and use fire line , gives alot more action and depth
[20:20:51] TerryMac: excellent, plastic man
[20:21:13] RonPA: Just the east side this year, both PWT and PTW
[20:21:17] Skyler: I take it they make noise
[20:21:24] RonPA: yes
[20:22:06] Skyler: Do u recomend noise do to dark water
[20:22:21] RonPA: the Reef Runner Ripsticks are also a very good Lure
[20:23:18] Skyler: should i troll 2-3 miles per hour 
[20:23:53] RonPA: Being From PA , it will be a challenge going against the crew from
the midwest
[20:24:18] Skyler: fish are at 15 feet will these lures get me down there
[20:24:36] ebijack: ron, how long have you been fishing tourney's
[20:24:38] river king mi: what kind of boat to you fish out of ron
[20:24:54] RonPA: 2-3 miles p/h is good in summer especially or use that speed in the
fall to create a reaction bite
[20:25:03] RonPA: 4 years
[20:25:23] Rabbit(Wi): what circuits, ron?
[20:25:37] RonPA: the USFA, Nawa Team and Local
[20:26:10] river king mi: what kind of boat do you use ron
[20:26:16] Rabbit(Wi): how was Lake of the Woods this year for the Championship?
[20:26:24] Skyler: other than that how should i use these lures 
[20:26:41] RonPA: Fisher Hawk 200Fs powered with a Mercury 135 OPtimax
[20:27:00] RonPA: LOW was different
[20:27:01] Bigfoot: yep
[20:27:02] ebijack: who are your sponsors ron
[20:27:34] Rabbit(Wi): nice fishing up there, at least there are fish up there to be
[20:27:48] gilman(IN): cold and windy at low
[20:28:02] RonPA: Fisher, Mercury, Aqua View, Offshore Tackle, PK Tackle and my
biggest sponsor is my local dealer Millers Marine
[20:28:15] Skyler: Ron have u ever fished on the st. croix river
[20:28:29] SB (IA): Ron have you had any problims with your O Max i have a 135 with
electrical problems
[20:28:43] RonPA: #1 sponsor I feel you should work on first is your local dealer
[20:29:29] RonPA: no, everything that was a potential problem was fixed prior
[20:29:52] ebijack: ron, what made you decide to go full bore with the pro curcuit
[20:29:55] river king mi: how many top ten finishes this year ron
 [20:30:09] Skyler: do walleye hit better at night
[20:30:12] SB (IA): Ron thanks for the answer and advice
[20:30:55] RonPA: After doing well fishing the circuits I did and then fishing a couple of
NAWA on the AM side I feel that I can compete
[20:31:07] Rabbit(Wi): Ron, how did you do at LOW ?
[20:31:27] RonPA: Not as good as I wanted
[20:31:28] Max(wi): Ron your biggest walleye caught?
[20:31:53] RonPA: 12lbs on lake ERie this past spring
[20:32:34] Juls (WI): Ron have you ever handlined?
[20:32:35] RonPA: no
[20:32:43] ebijack: ron, will you be going to a different boat for 2000?
[20:32:53] RonPA: YES, YES, YES very interesting
[20:33:30] RonPA: NO, I am staying with the Aluminum Fisher Hawk
[20:33:59] RonPA: This is due mostly to the request of my dealer
[20:33:59] ebijack: ron, what is your favorite technique to catch walleye
[20:34:06] ptart: dont most pros get new boats each year?/
[20:34:06] Skyler: what are u using here in the fall max
[20:34:16] Bigfoot: besides handlining
[20:34:34] RonPA: YEs i am getting a 2000 year model
[20:34:41] RonPA: Trolling
[20:34:55] RonPA: LOL bigfoot
[20:35:15] ptart: is it your sponsor now or a new one?  
[20:35:36] RonPA: Fisher is My boat sponsor now
[20:35:57] ebijack: ron, are you doing any fishing/boat shows?
[20:36:19] RonPA: My dealer also requested Fisher to put be in an Aluminum boat
[20:36:20] ptart: how do you go from a local sponsor to a larger one?
[20:36:57] Swat 1: Fisher is a great Sponsor . At least 3 of the people on here now
are sponsored by them.
[20:37:33] RonPA: Contact the prospective sponsor and find out who the person is you
have to deal with and send a Resume'
[20:38:00] RonPA: Tell them what you can do for them
[20:38:08] ebijack: ron, how important is a lenghty resume
[20:38:22] ptart: wha kind of info do you put on it.
[20:38:28] RonPA: My resume is 6 pages
[20:38:36] Victoria: and what might this resume contain?
[20:38:53] ptart: in only 4 years?
[20:39:19] RonPA: Cover letter ,Experience, Qualifications, Tournament and Show
History and Most important Goals
[20:39:37] slip-bobber(MT): Do you include past seminars, sports shows and dealer
shows you have done???
[20:39:53] RonPA: A sponsor wants to know what your goals are
[20:40:14] Victoria: What are your goals Ron?
[20:40:16] RonPA: Definately include theres 
[20:40:17] Rabbit(Wi): Ron, I think that is to long, you need to be short and to the
point, high points, what you can help them with, and what your plans are for
upcomming year, plus personal bio.
[20:40:34] RonPA: also include your upcoming schedule
[20:41:44] RonPA: understanding Rabbit, but I feel the more they know about you the
[20:42:00] ebijack: ron, is your ptw partner going to fish the pwt?
[20:42:05] Rabbit(Wi): Ron, I am in charge of the Pro-Staff for Yar Craft, and I get 10
resumes a week, some are good, and some I can't even understand. The best advice,
I can give is be Honest to a potential sponsor!
[20:42:40] Victoria: It is important to maintain good, honest relationships with your
[20:42:44] dock: its almost like having a record
[20:42:52] RonPA: Also my very first page is A color photo of myself so that the sponsor
can put a face on the resume
[20:43:19] RonPA: Very important Rabbit
[20:44:06] ebijack: ron, are you always looking for more sponsors?
[20:44:07] RonPA: also resume is constantly changing, always keep it updated
[20:45:01] RonPA: no ebijack
[20:45:33] ebijack: ron, how many years have you held some of the same sponsors
[20:46:41] RonPA: I just started getting sponsors 2 years ago and have all the same
[20:47:22] zapper: are you having any problems keeping them?
[20:48:27] Reefer: Ron, are you working with Dave and Keith next year?
[20:49:11] RonPA: Keith will be fishing the circuit next year
[20:49:36] Reefer: W.W. Promotions?
[20:49:42] RonPA: Dave is no longer with Fisher
[20:49:54] Rabbit(Wi): ron, have you heard the championship field for next year on PWT ?
[20:50:03] RonPA: Yes I am doing something with Dave
[20:50:23] RonPA: no
[20:51:09] RonPA: meaning what Rabbit
[20:52:04] spampy: Ron whatís your favorite fall presentation?
[20:52:09] Rabbit(Wi): out of the 75 who fish all 6, there will be 30, then anyone who
wins a PWT qualifier will be an automatic in, plus there will be 2 wild card spots, plus
there will be 1 wild card for East and West division
[20:52:41] RonPA: understand now , yes i new that
[20:52:42] slip-bobber(MT): How are wild cards determined?
[20:52:50] RichardM(AB): so how many fish the Champ total Rabbit?
[20:52:54] RonPA: Trolling
[20:53:04] Bigfoot: 43 or 44
[20:53:19] Rabbit(Wi): by the highest best finish average who does not qualify
[20:53:25] spampy: Do much in the rivers?
[20:53:37] RonPA: Jigging in Rivers using creek chubs
[20:53:37] Rabbit(Wi): 49
[20:53:50] slip-bobber(MT): Average East and Average west separate?
[20:53:56] Rabbit(Wi): no
[20:54:48] RonPA: I have 2 local sponsors that cover all my expenses
[20:55:09] river king mi: very good sponsors
[20:56:20] ebijack: i'd like to thank RON MICKINAK for hosting tonight!
[20:56:32] ebijack: thanks ron
[20:56:44] spampy: tanks
[20:56:45] RonPA: welcome
[20:56:48] Bull(oh): thanks ron and good luck in 2000!!!!!!!!!!
[20:56:52] RichardM(AB): thanks ron
[20:56:58] Reefer: good job rookie, lol, thanks Ron, I know you'll get even.
[20:57:24] river king mi: thanks ron good job considering the distractions
[21:02:16] Rabbit(Wi): Ron, good job, sorry about the hecklers, who ever they
[21:02:32] Juls (WI): Way to go Ron..thanks
[21:02:46] slip-bobber(MT): Great job Ron THANK YOU!

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