Walleye Central

[19:57:07] ebijack (mi): PLEASE WECLOME DR. MIKE !!!!!!!!!!!

[19:57:15] ebijack (mi): he will have an open forum

[19:57:26] LS(nd): clap....clap.....clap

[19:57:27] ebijack (mi): it's all yours guys/gals

[19:57:29] RoyG(PA): welcome dr. mike

[19:57:33] ebijack (mi): howdy mike!!!!!!!!!

[19:57:38] Drift'r: hi dr mike

[19:57:38] dr mike: hello people

[19:57:42] prairiepillow: welcome dr. mike

[19:57:53] Reefer: Mike: Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge with us!

[19:58:06] dr mike: just a statement before we get started

[19:58:20] dr mike: i have read most of the chats before

[19:58:39] dr mike: they seem to concentrate on the "stuff" of fishing

[19:58:51] ebijack (mi): mike, what's the first thing you do to prepare for a tourney

[19:59:28] dr mike: this is cool but the real important thing to know is that experiance

and time on the water is more important than "stuff" get it

[19:59:55] dr mike: usually when i look at a body of water

[20:00:00] ebijack (mi): that's why we ask mike :)

[20:00:08] dr mike: i get a great map

[20:00:16] dr mike: not a good map

[20:00:21] dr mike: a great map

[20:00:48] Reefer: hot spots?

[20:00:51] dr mike: try national geological survey or the internet for a great map

[20:01:03] dr mike: hot spots for starters only

[20:01:33] Magic Marker OH: internet for a map?

[20:01:39] dr mike: last year on the Miss. I found a arial map of the whole area on the


[20:01:41] ebijack (mi): mike, do you belong to a web site that supplies maps for joining

their site

[20:01:57] dr mike: no ebi, you have to dig

[20:02:22] Walleye Hunter: In MN the DNR has almost all lake maps available for free

on the net

[20:02:37] dr mike: make sure they have contours

[20:02:54] ebijack (mi): mike, what about a lake like erie where the fish are always on

the move, what do you look for

[20:03:04] dr mike: next you may want to try something new

[20:03:30] dr mike: get some friends together and fly over the water you want to fish

[20:03:45] dr mike: sounds crazy right

[20:04:09] ebijack (mi): nope, the bass pros have been doing it for a long time mike

[20:04:35] dr mike: be reasonable, if you have never fished a water before the birds

eye view lets you eliminate water fast

[20:04:53] dr mike: we got it from those guys iguess

[20:05:27] ebijack (mi): do you do that a lot dr mike?

[20:05:31] dr mike: dont spend more than 50 bucks though some will try to gouge you

[20:05:40] Reefer: Mike, I'm fishing a tournament this weekend on Erie out of Lorain.

Never been there. Have a good map and have been getting mixed reports (high,

suspended, bottom). Are the most active fish typical suspended? Obviously we'll try all

depths during practice

[20:05:47] dr mike: every water we fished last year

[20:06:22] Reefer: what do you suggest?

[20:06:35] dr mike: Reefer, start shallow then work deep

[20:07:04] ebijack (mi): dr mike, plug your boat...what do you have and how is it set up

[20:07:07] dr mike: typically suspended fish are the active fish

[20:07:36] dr mike: I drive the Lund 2025 with a merc 225 opti

[20:07:54] dr mike: its a great boat for any water

[20:08:01] Walleye Hunter: electronics used?

[20:08:07] ebijack (mi): do you run a tr-1, and pin point system?

[20:08:18] dr mike: Lowrance 350A and global map

[20:08:26] Lu (wi): Mike, your fishing he merc nationals this weekend. Any idea on

where your going to start?

[20:08:29] dr mike: x-85 on the bow

[20:08:40] Reefer: we'll be primarily pulling boards. should we set all lines shallow in

order to cover more water or vary depth to cover different depths of fish to start?

[20:09:02] dr mike: yes Lu, I always start on winnebago at last years spots

[20:09:08] Walleye Hunter: what size kicker on that beast?

[20:09:18] dr mike: some people are hung up on the past though

[20:09:42] dr mike: the beast hasa 9.9 four stroke

[20:10:00] Lu (wi): Great kicker mike

[20:10:04] Walleye Hunter: Is that enough? or would a 15 do better?

[20:10:09] dr mike: dont spend too much time on old spots

[20:10:18] dr mike: especially on reservoirs

[20:10:49] dr mike: 15 is a good motor too

[20:11:08] Walleye Hunter: not for you though?

[20:11:12] dr mike: remember, trolling speeds are usually less than 2mph

[20:11:16] Dave from Pa.: Why not just modify a 9.9?

[20:11:29] Reefer: mike: did you catch my question about starting all boards high or


[20:11:34] dr mike: a 9.9 will push you just fine at those speeds

[20:11:52] ebijack (mi): mike, when you fished erie, did you find that your fished moved

by tourney time, and was it weather or just regular movement

[20:12:02] big man (mich): is your 9.9 a long shaft?

[20:12:02] dr mike: reefer, in wis you can use 3 line

[20:12:14] dr mike: get a friend and cover water

[20:12:16] Lu (wi): 9.9 4-stroke it perfect for that boat

[20:12:28] dr mike: start trolling in 12 feet of water

[20:12:43] dr mike: get the boards on the shore and out deeper

[20:13:15] dr mike: very your baits to keep them near the bottom to start

[20:13:58] dr mike: use #5 shad raps at different lengths behind the board

[20:14:10] Walleye Hunter: I have just heard guys complain that a 9.9 dont cut it on

the bigger boats, just wondering your opinion. Thanks

[20:14:12] dr mike: and keep moving

[20:14:30] dr mike: no problem so far WH

[20:14:56] LS(nd): Mike, how long of a run at Oahe to get to the fish?

[20:15:11] Reefer: so if I'm hearing you right, outside boards high, middle suspended

and inside bottom?

[20:15:14] dr mike: LS,I will start at the border

[20:15:38] dr mike: you got it reef

[20:15:42] FishinMagician: Did you fish Mille Lacs this past weekend?

[20:15:55] dr mike: no,any good?

[20:16:45] dr mike: also reef, get a bait way up high

[20:16:59] Walleye Hunter: How did you do on Leech?

[20:16:59] Mud Duck: do you use mono or fireline?

[20:16:59] ebijack (mi): mike, why do you say you'll start at the border,

[20:17:13] dr mike: make sure to check the area in the "clutter" of your graph

[20:17:21] big man (mich): do you fish all the PWT tourneys Mike?

[20:17:35] dr mike: last year most of the fish were there

[20:17:46] Reefer: thanks mike

[20:17:54] dr mike: i fish them all

[20:18:13] dr mike: maybe not next year with this horrible start

[20:18:27] Walleye Hunter: And how was Leech?

[20:18:35] dr mike: yeech

[20:18:39] big man (mich): what lake is your favorite to fish?

[20:18:40] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:18:47] dr mike: Erie

[20:18:56] Walleye Hunter: that good huh :-)

[20:19:02] Mud Duck: you prefer to troll w/ mono or fireline dr.mike

[20:19:06] dr mike: with bug hatches ad a cold front, no fun

[20:19:22] dr mike: i like fireline for deep presentations

[20:19:38] Walleye Hunter: They never said it was going to be easy!!

[20:19:47] dr mike: no kidding

[20:20:07] Walleye Hunter: LS sure did good!!!!

[20:20:28] ebijack (mi): mike, do you plan on fishing shallow most always to prefish

[20:20:31] LS(nd): thanks WH

[20:20:35] dr mike: a good job LS, made us proud

[20:20:35] big man (mich): do you like the pro/ am concept

[20:21:01] dr mike: start shallow and work deep ebi

[20:21:11] dr mike: i love my ams

[20:21:52] dr mike: generally, the pro keeps you on the spot

[20:21:55] jigmup: i know who's buying dinner next time we meet

[20:22:05] dr mike: the am should catch most of the fish

[20:22:05] LS(nd): ???

[20:22:22] Walleye Hunter: that would be you

[20:22:27] Walleye Hunter: LS

[20:22:33] LS(nd): :-)

[20:22:36] big man (mich): mike-is it hard to get sponsors to help you?

[20:22:43] Walleye Hunter: with that big fish $$$

[20:23:14] dr mike: I have two sponsors

[20:23:21] dr mike: Lund and Merc

[20:23:29] dr mike: thats all I need

[20:23:34] Walleye Hunter: dont need anymore!!

[20:23:44] dr mike: no time to give them

[20:24:02] dr mike: its a trade off

[20:24:53] dr mike: lets talk about elimination of water on a new lake

[20:25:08] dr mike: once you got the spots off the map

[20:25:20] dr mike: then its time to "network"

[20:25:42] dr mike: friends, guides, baitshop owners the internet

[20:25:59] dr mike: get some info!

[20:26:04] Walleye Hunter: Ahh, network marketing :-)

[20:26:12] dr mike: exactly

[20:26:16] Mud Duck: how many other pros do you network with

[20:26:12] dr mike: exactly

[20:26:33] dr mike: dont be a hog either get what you need give more

[20:26:56] dr mike: MD, i work with two others

[20:27:18] dr mike: 2 is all you need if they are honest

[20:27:24] Mud Duck: share everything or just basic ideas

[20:27:50] dr mike: and believe me its hard to be scientific about fishing when

everybody lies

[20:28:15] dr mike: MD, we share everything

[20:28:28] bob (oh): fishermen lie ;-0

[20:28:37] Mud Duck: thats the way to go if you find honest guys

[20:28:47] dr mike: I will respect a spot if my partner wants me to though

[20:28:48] ebijack (mi): mike, how long do you stick your plan in a tourney

[20:29:03] dr mike: good question ebi

[20:29:15] dr mike: easy if you are catching fish

[20:29:28] dr mike: what you need is stability

[20:29:54] dr mike: stability in the weather, the pattern, temp etc.

[20:30:08] dr mike: no stability, get out

[20:30:10] big man (mich): do you always have a back-up spot in mind or do you look

at the map again to find one?

[20:30:11] ebijack (mi): like erie mike, how many other plans did you end up going to, to

find the fish

[20:30:32] dr mike: I had three main spots at erie

[20:30:51] dr mike: but its different for each water

[20:31:12] dr mike: at Leech you better have had at least a dozen

[20:31:46] dr mike: make a mental milk run of the spots and stay only as long ads you

have to

[20:32:12] Mud Duck: if you have a spot that produced prefishing & you have

confidence in the spot, but things just aren't clicking when it counts, how long do you

give that spot

[20:32:13] big man (mich): are the fish really scattered there, or why so many on leech


[20:32:17] FishinMagician: How much time will you allot for each plan, if one isn't


[20:32:53] dr mike: patience is a virtue that a fisherman can have

[20:33:01] dr mike: i dont though

[20:33:29] ebijack (mi): mike, do you change your plans if after day one, everyone

including you is getting small fish

[20:33:34] dr mike: I give a spot some time than change the presentation in some way if

it is not producing

[20:33:49] dr mike: absolutely ebi

[20:34:24] dr mike: bait, leader length, depth, color etc.

[20:34:42] ebijack (mi): mike, do you always try trolling in a tourney, even if you found a

jig bite

[20:34:51] dr mike: if a change in presentation does not work, then leave

[20:35:02] dr mike: always

[20:35:11] Mud Duck: how many days typically do you pre fish for a given tourney

[20:35:20] dr mike: remember, you need to find active fish

[20:35:46] LS(nd): Mike, do you always need fish on the locator to stop & fish the


[20:35:51] dr mike: a #5 going 2mph does not get bit by a passive fish

[20:35:46] LS(nd): Mike, do you always need fish on the locator to stop & fish the


[20:35:51] dr mike: a #5 going 2mph does not get bit by a passive fish

[20:36:07] dr mike: good question LS

[20:36:38] dr mike: there are two exceptions

[20:36:39] dr mike: there are two exceptions LS

[20:36:41] dr mike: oh

[20:36:56] dr mike: shallow water and weeds

[20:37:18] dr mike: you cant mark the fish in either

[20:37:23] big man (mich): mike, do you have a side finder locator on your boat?

[20:37:29] dr mike: so you have to fish them

[20:37:41] dr mike: no big man

[20:37:54] Mud Duck: I assume you use Lowrance

[20:38:06] dr mike: yes MD

[20:38:25] big man (mich): do you think that would be a good investment?

[20:38:46] dr mike: I think the side finder is like the Vexilar

[20:39:06] dr mike: if you were raised using them then great

[20:39:34] dr mike: but its hard to teach this old mule new stuff

[20:39:42] ebijack (mi): mike, what's the best advantage to your lund 2025

[20:39:47] Drift'r: what do you consider shallow water

[20:40:09] dr mike: ebi, the lund 2025 is a versatile boat

[20:40:22] dr mike: good for all types of water i guess

[20:40:44] dr mike: drfter, less than 10 feet

[20:40:47] Mud Duck: thanks for your time dr mike

[20:40:56] dr mike: no problem

[20:41:01] LS(nd): Mike , do you & your partners each cover a different area during

pre-fishing, different presentation & bait?

[20:41:11] dr mike: yes

[20:41:45] LS(nd): so in SD 1 will run spinners 1 cranks?

[20:42:15] dr mike: the "plan" is important

[20:42:18] big man (mich): do you have more patience in prefishing or the tourney?

[20:42:35] dr mike: usually we will play on each others strengths

[20:42:59] dr mike: I dont have patience period

[20:43:37] dr mike: it takes everything ive got to stay on a spot and not catch fish

[20:43:45] misteyes: do you use snap weights?

[20:43:53] dr mike: yes

[20:44:06] dr mike: the problem is depth control

[20:44:07] ebijack (mi): mike, what is your favorite way to fish

[20:44:31] Walleye Hunter: Thanks for your help Dr Mike, Have to close the store

down! Later guys!

[20:44:37] dr mike: trolling lake erie with thundersticks on a sunny day and lots of beer

[20:44:42] LS(nd): c ya WH

[20:44:48] misteyes: trolling open water at say 1.5mph how much weight roughly

[20:45:11] dr mike: depends on how deep you need to go

[20:45:11] big man (mich): how far in front of the bait do you put your snap weight?

[20:45:38] dr mike: try 50-50 for starters big man

[20:46:05] dr mike: at erie we used them at 20-20

[20:47:05] dr mike: does everybody know what "20-20" means?

[20:47:08] big man (mich): do you have to troll extra slow to keep the weight


[20:47:11] big man (mich): no

[20:47:13] ebijack (mi): mike, how many days to you try to prefish for each tourney

[20:47:14] misteyes: i have problems with them popping up any suggestions

[20:47:23] Drift'r: no 20 20

[20:47:38] dr mike: 20 feet, snap weight, 20 feet board

[20:48:07] dr mike: the rules state we can only prefish 5 days in the PWT

[20:48:12] big man (mich): thanks,mike

[20:48:30] dr mike: ME whats popping up?

[20:49:07] misteyes: coming to the surface, dragging on the water

[20:49:19] dr mike: the fish

[20:49:44] ebijack (mi): mike, do you most always find fish in prefish that stay there in

that place for the tourney

[20:50:11] dr mike: if everthing is stabile and ther is a God

[20:50:33] LS(nd): :-)

[20:50:44] dr mike: misteyes, listen up

[20:51:00] dr mike: most walleyes are lost on the surface before the net

[20:51:03] ebijack (mi): ok, one of two, how many times :)

[20:51:25] dr mike: if the fish comes up early

[20:51:46] dr mike: take your rod and bury it tip first in the water

[20:52:00] dr mike: keep pressure on the fish and reel

[20:52:24] dr mike: the fish will go back down and come up right by the boat

[20:52:43] dr mike: sounds goofy but it works

[20:53:05] Drift'r: thanks dr mike

[20:53:07] ebijack (mi): mike , do you cut the engine when you get a fish on, or stay


[20:53:19] big man (mich): sounds good to me,Mike

[20:53:31] dr mike: good question ebi

[20:53:46] dr mike: the TR-1 has a cool feature

[20:54:11] dr mike: you hit a button and the trolling motor goes to idle

[20:54:46] dr mike: net the fish at idle, hit the button, and the motor goes back to the

original speed

[20:55:18] dr mike: i hate electrics

[20:55:47] ebijack (mi): why is that mike

[20:55:56] dr mike: If i could i would do all the trolling with the kicker

[20:56:04] big man (mich): does the TR-1 work well in big wind conditions?

[20:56:06] dr mike: mainly control

[20:56:30] dr mike: i have tried two different bow mounts so far

[20:57:41] big man (mich): 15 - 25mph

[20:58:08] dr mike: BM, troll with the waves and you'll be OK

[20:59:34] big man (mich): do you catch more fish going with or against the waves -or

doesn't matter?

[20:59:47] ebijack (mi): mike, what do you think you should have done on erie now that

the tourney is over

[20:59:51] dr mike: control matters

[21:00:06] dr mike: better control downwind

[21:00:28] dr mike: I should have caught more fish

[21:01:03] LS(nd): Mike, did you do alot of running at leech?

[21:01:04] ebijack (mi): besides that

[21:01:04] Ellrod: dr. mike, I'm a manufacturer of a lure saver... how do you recommend

I go about contacting pro's one's that will really help... I'm in the northeast and don't get

to travel too much?

[21:01:36] dr mike: I guess, i should have been more versatile, the fish came up the

last day ebi

[21:02:05] ebijack (mi): how could you tell in those 10fters mike :)

[21:02:10] dr mike: do you think a pro is what you need ellrod?

[21:02:33] Dave from Pa.: Can a novice ask a question?

[21:02:49] dr mike: no;)

[21:02:55] big man (mich): Mike,I have to go watch the wings start there sweep.

thanks for the chat and good fishing to you

[21:02:56] ebijack (mi): you bet dave, that's what he's here for

[21:02:57] Ellrod: so many people are skeptical, I think it would help

[21:03:03] Dave from Pa.: What is the TR-1?

[21:03:05] dr mike: see you BM

[21:03:50] dr mike: just kidding Dave, its an autopilot for the kicker

[21:04:08] ebijack (mi): it will handle up to 40 hp dave

[21:04:21] dr mike: E-mail me later elrod

Whisper sent to [Dave from Pa.]: it can also run off of a gps

[21:04:50] -=Fisher Guy=-: I already have your link on my page Fishing hints and tips

we talked a while ago

[21:05:21] ebijack (mi): mike, were the fish on erie where you though they were, just

not biting

[21:06:02] dr mike: ebi, we had good fish going all week

[21:06:15] Ellrod: sorry, yes it was.... so many people

[21:06:27] dr mike: the bite was good for the most part

[21:06:27] misteyes: back to snap weights and spinners, are we running to fast if we

get the lures down with snapweights and 100 yards later they are floating behind the

boat. no fish strike it happens only with spinners no matter if its a ounce weight or 5


[21:07:02] dr mike: you are going too fast misteyes

[21:07:13] misteyes: thanks

[21:07:32] dr mike: also try bottom bouncers instead misteyes

[21:07:37] ebijack (mi): what's the best speed mike for snap weights

[21:07:32] dr mike: also try bottom bouncers instead misteyes

[21:07:37] ebijack (mi): what's the best speed mike for snap weights

[21:07:53] dr mike: depends on the bait ebi

[21:08:15] dr mike: 1-1.5 for cranks, slower for spinners

[21:08:35] misteyes: i get sick of rowing to keep them down

[21:09:02] dr mike: remember that spinners are for really inactive fish, so slow as you


[21:09:37] ebijack (mi): mike, how slow will your lund go with that 9.9 kicker

[21:10:11] dr mike: I can back it down to .5 if i have to

[21:10:22] dr mike: use a sock for less

[21:10:52] dr mike: put the kicker in reverse for less

[21:10:54] ebijack (mi): mike, do you tend to run your side planners out further since

you prefer the kicker to electric due to noise

[21:11:23] dr mike: you bet ebi, but that only matters in shallow water

[21:11:38] -=Fisher Guy=-: Hey Mike, Do you ever jig?? If so how deep do you usually

go and how far off the bottom??

[21:11:44] dr mike: less than 10 feet

[21:12:24] dr mike: depends on the water, i trol to find the active fish then jig or rig

[21:12:37] Jim Alton: Thanks... bugs me when people say shallow and you find out

later their idea of shallow is 30'

[21:12:39] ebijack (mi): mike, do you carry a full tackle store on your boat? :)

[21:13:03] dr mike: I do!!

[21:13:17] Jim Alton: Doesn't everyone Ebi?

[21:13:22] ebijack (mi): :)

[21:13:34] dr mike: I try to limit the stuff to one bag at the time of the tourney

[21:14:12] dr mike: but my boat looks like cabelas during prefish

[21:14:21] -=Fisher Guy=-: Mike,,, What lenght rod do you use? Do you like baitcasting


[21:15:05] dr mike: FG, I use Team Daiwa rods for heavy trolling they are indestructible

[21:15:41] Jim Alton: What about the baitcasting reels... I'm thinking of using mine for

bottom bouncing this year....

[21:15:49] dr mike: some people like the long rods for trolling, i really dont

[21:15:56] -=Fisher Guy=-: Do you suggest 6" or 6.6" ?

[21:16:16] dr mike: 7" with daiwa line counters

[21:16:29] ebijack (mi): why is that mike, do you lose more fish on longer rods

[21:16:54] dr mike: light trolling and bottom bouncing i will use longer rods and


[21:17:20] dr mike: actually, you probably lose more with a short rod

[21:17:44] dr mike: but i just dont like reaching for the bait etc.

[21:18:13] dr mike: a soft tip is the key to keeping fish on

[21:18:31] dr mike: that and a good am

[21:18:36] ebijack (mi): mike, what determines your trolling speed to start

[21:18:42] -=Fisher Guy=-: Ok, Just one question, Lets say it is a Hot sunny day no

wind or clouds and glass water, would you go deep for walleye,,,, or where?

[21:18:49] dr mike: weather

[21:19:13] dr mike: name the water FG?

[21:19:31] ebijack (mi): faster in calm weather?

[21:19:36] -=Fisher Guy=-: What do you mean by name the water?

[21:20:12] -=Fisher Guy=-: Northern Ontario Lake

[21:20:22] dr mike: fish anywhere

[21:21:00] Jim Alton: Do you ever use plastics in place of live bait... if so, what


[21:21:22] -=Fisher Guy=-: Because I went out one day on a good lake for Walleye, it hit

79 and there was no sign of any walleye

[21:21:23] dr mike: ebi, generally start at 1-1.5 and see what happens

[21:21:42] dr mike: vary your speed if you get no hits

[21:21:55] clay(wy): dr. mike, what is your number one priority to figure out about a lake

before you arrive at it, i.e. depth, structure, patterns, forage, etc???

[21:22:15] dr mike: try making SSS's in the water to vary your bait speed

[21:22:43] dr mike: great question

[21:23:14] dr mike: all of the above go into figuring out a new lake

[21:23:39] dr mike: but the number one concern is weather

[21:23:53] clay(wy): thanks, great answer

[21:24:12] dr mike: in stabile conditions then go to forage and structure

[21:24:24] -=Fisher Guy=-: Probally, Do you go to Key or something

[21:25:34] dr mike: get the weather report early and often stability is key

[21:25:45] ebijack (mi): mike, do you prefer any type of structure

[21:25:49] dr mike: all bets are off in unstable conditions

[21:25:53] Jim Alton: Do you ever use plastics in place of live bait?

[21:26:24] Ellrod: any preference for fat, shad or risto raps? Or do all 3 work about the


[21:26:40] dr mike: of course, walleyes prefer any type of structure but i like to troll flats

or weedlines

[21:27:00] dr mike: all three work Ell

[21:27:16] dr mike: have not used plastics

[21:27:29] clay(wy): On western reservoirs it seems that water level and whether the

water is rising or falling is a big key to walleye location, do you find this to be true and

how if so?

[21:27:43] spankin'um: what lake do you like to fish and why

[21:27:52] -=Fisher Guy=-: How about Berkley's PowerBait for walleye, know if that is

any good??

[21:28:14] dr mike: the reservoirs are funny, her today gone tommorrow

[21:28:16] Ellrod: the single best crank I've ever used is the Mann's stretch 10 in

chartruese, What is your favorite?

[21:28:32] dr mike: get about three good plans for the plains

[21:28:43] dr mike: if at Oahe get 6 plans

[21:29:02] dr mike: good bait Ell

[21:29:28] dr mike: my favorite is a slime green deep JR

[21:30:01] dr mike: next favorite is a perch #5 shad rap

[21:30:46] dr mike: anyway to answer clays question

[21:31:05] dr mike: the water level changes the structure for the fish

[21:31:59] dr mike: also water level affects forage

[21:32:13] ebijack (mi): mike, does the water level change turn on/off the bite

[21:32:55] dr mike: ebi, i am not sure, i have not fished out there enough

[21:33:12] ^2old2^ (mi): i sometimes have a little trouble getting a deep jr to run straight

do you have any special method you use to tune them

[21:33:42] dr mike: yeah too old, bend the ring with some pliers

[21:33:56] clay(wy): my observations dr. mike... water rising, check backs of

bays...water dropping, check mainlake points

[21:34:03] Eyeman (IN): does the water level change fish off structure as much as the

fish on it ???

[21:34:03] dr mike: try the bait till she runs true

[21:34:10] -=Fisher Guy=-: Mike, Is it hard to get in to the BIG tourneyments?

[21:35:00] dr mike: now i learned something clay, i'll test it in two weeks

[21:35:20] clay(wy): glad to be of assistance

[21:35:33] dr mike: FG, as a pro or am?

[21:35:41] -=Fisher Guy=-: Pro

[21:36:14] dr mike: Eyeman, I really have not fished the reservoirs enough to tell you

[21:36:46] dr mike: all you can do is apply FG, see what happens

[21:37:41] outlaw(sd): mike, did you get to be a pro the first time you applied

[21:37:55] dr mike: anybody can be a tournament fisherman, you all have the skill

[21:37:57] -=Fisher Guy=-: Mike, do you like to fish Canada for Walleye?

21:38:42] dr mike: to become a professional takes time, patience the right attitude and

a whole lot of money

[21:38:59] -=Fisher Guy=-: Have any sponsers?

[21:39:44] dr mike: outlaw, I was a PWT am for 3 years before i went to the dark side

[21:40:03] Dave from Pa.: dr mike,how long do you keep a boat?

[21:40:09] ebijack (mi): how many years you been fishing as a pro mike

[21:40:10] dr mike: FG i love the canada walleye

[21:40:16] outlaw(sd): mike, have you ever fished in South Dakota at Lake Oahe

[21:40:17] Jim Alton: What are the AM entry fees for a single PWT event?

[21:40:34] LS(nd): 475 jim

[21:40:37] big Rand: hey mike why is it that the walleye in the upper niagara river seem

to stop hitting jigs when the water temp gets above 60 in your opinion

[21:40:43] dr mike: ebi, this is year #3

[21:41:02] dr mike: am entries are about 475.00

[21:41:44] dr mike: big R, try crawlers or leches above 60 degrees

[21:42:20] Eyeman (IN): your holding up good mike :-)

[21:42:21] big Rand: yea they work great above 60 just wondered if something triggers

this change

[21:42:25] dr mike: it seems like the minnow bite always seems to go away in warmer


[21:42:39] dr mike: biology

[21:44:30] ebijack (mi): mike, would you go to a bigger boat than the 2025 if lund came

out with one

[21:44:54] -=Fisher Guy=-: Mike, Do you have any sponsers?

[21:44:59] dr mike: you know ebi, thats a good one

[21:45:28] dr mike: I guess for big water i could but i think the 2025 is the limit for rivers

[21:45:50] Eyeman (IN): what were you running before mike

[21:46:05] dr mike: FG only merc and Lund

[21:46:18] LS(nd): Mike , what presentation were you using at leech?

[21:46:27] dr mike: 1890 Pro-V eyeman, wanna buy it?

[21:46:27] Eyeman (IN): what model of lund 1900 ???

[21:46:39] dr mike: its an LE

[21:47:07] Eyeman (IN): i wondered how much more of a job the bigger lund is on boat

control ??

[21:47:26] dr mike: Ls , I mostly trolled to find the active fish till i got a strike then pulled

out the live bait rigs

[21:48:05] dr mike: Eyeman, as long as you keep a low profile you are ok with the

control[21:49:02] dr mike: I guess Leech was won on crawlers and spinners

[21:49:49] -=Fisher Guy=-: Ok, If your trolling and it just wont work, what is you next


[21:49:58] big Rand: what color is your favorite for floating jig heads

[21:50:26] dr mike: go to the bar

[21:50:32] -=Fisher Guy=-: Hehehe

[21:50:36] dr mike: chartruese

[21:50:47] big Rand: do you have a preferance over day or night fishing

[21:51:01] Jim Alton: Hey... that's two questions....

[21:51:01] outlaw(sd): what is your favorite crankbait or plug to use for walleye

[21:51:04] -=Fisher Guy=-: What is that? chartruese, A color?

[21:51:17] Jim Alton: you mean colour....

[21:51:30] dr mike: actually if a trolling bite does not exist,i will head for the nearest

weed bed

[21:51:32] big Rand: how do you deal with working thick weeds when the fish are

inside them

[21:52:02] dr mike: hit the pockets with the jig

[21:52:17] LS(nd): Mike, how did you make the transition from am to pro?

[21:52:22] -=Fisher Guy=-: Color is american Colour is Canadian

[21:52:36] Jim Alton: :=}

[21:52:38] Iowa Bob: going to check out. GOOD JOB, MIKE. good nite

[21:52:58] dr mike: LS, I guess i just asked the PWT and they said yes

[21:53:02] outlaw(sd): hi

[21:53:05] Jim Alton: Thanks Mike... much appreciated....

[21:53:10] LS(nd): thats all???????

[21:53:17] dr mike: its not easy, the ams just show up

[21:53:20] -=Fisher Guy=-: Yeah, thanks Dr. Mike

[21:53:26] big Rand: thanks

[21:53:30] outlaw(sd): Thanks

[21:53:34] dr mike: all of a sudden you are making all the decisions

[21:53:40] Eyeman (IN): Good job Mike!!!!!!!!!!!!

[21:53:47] dr mike: no problem people

[21:53:55] outlaw(sd): c-ya'll later

[21:53:56] Eyeman (IN): Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!

[21:53:59] LS(nd): did you fish tourneys before PWT?

[21:54:06] dr mike: yes

[21:54:32] dr mike: mostly local stuff LS

[21:54:39] LS(nd): so you were used to making the decisions then

[21:54:44] ^2old2^ (mi): do you ever let an amature make some of the decisions if

nothing seems to work for you

[21:54:57] ebijack (mi): he's not allowed ed

[21:55:05] ebijack (mi): not in pwt

[21:55:06] ^2old2^ (mi): oh ok

[21:55:23] dr mike: yes, if the amateur is in a position to win the tournament, i will turn

the boat over to him or her

[21:55:41] dr mike: not so ebi,

[21:56:07] dr mike: the am cant help the pro but he can help himself

[21:56:26] LS(nd): just can't share prior info ebi

[21:56:33] ebijack (mi): ok

[21:56:52] dr mike: The pro needs to think of the am asa partner

[21:57:12] dr mike: i have always done it that way

[21:57:16] Jim Alton: So if you know the water well you can't direct the Pro?

[21:57:33] dr mike: this is true JA

[21:58:01] dr mike: not on tournament days anyway

[21:58:21] dr mike: anybody got a score?

[22:00:19] -=Fisher Guy=-: Do Canadians ever do good in PWT'S? Or Pro bass

[22:00:41] Jim Alton: There were 2 Canucks at Leech... one got the big fish on day 1...

[22:00:42] dr mike: There are 2 canadians in the PWT

[22:00:55] Jim Alton: Day 2 really... but day 1 was cancelled...

[22:01:00] -=Fisher Guy=-: How many people total?

[22:01:03] dr mike: Greg Horoky and Rich Mellon

[22:01:05] big Rand: mike do you ever troll shallow water weeds 4'-6'range

[22:01:18] -=Fisher Guy=-: Maybe some day I will win a PWT

[22:01:21] LS(nd): Mike , what do you think of the up comming changes in the format

of the pwt?

[22:01:32] dr mike: yes bR, try shallow baits on boards

[22:01:36] FishinMagician: Good night everybody, Thanks a lot Mike, very informative.

[22:01:51] -=Fisher Guy=-: Still got a long road ahead of me

[22:02:17] big Rand: any suggestions on how to combat the depth of the lure and the

height of the weed growth

[22:02:22] dr mike: LS, I think the PWT is growing and that is good, but it is getting too

big for me

[22:03:07] dr mike: if the weeds come right to the top then ther is nothing you can do

[22:04:12] dr mike: try a baby Manns 1-

[22:04:23] ebijack (mi): well mike, i'd like to thank you for all your time and the great


[22:04:36] dr mike: no biggie ebi

[22:04:38] Lunker: darn..missed it!

[22:04:49] LS(nd): thanks Mike....you did a great job!!!!!!!

[22:04:50] prairiepillow: thanks Mike sorry that I had to leave earlier.....

[22:04:52] ^2old2^ (mi): Yes Thanks Mike!!!

[22:04:53] Drift'r: thanks dr mike

[22:04:56] dr mike: get the printout Lunker

[22:05:15] Lunker: ya..I know..thanx Mike :)

[22:05:18] dr mike: good to be her people, and good luck

[22:05:30] LS(nd): see you at oahe

[22:05:36] Lunker: wanted to ask you if you fished the Canada/U.S. Walleye


[22:05:48] ebijack (mi): good luck to you mike on the rest of the season

[22:05:49] dr mike: you bet LS, save me a day!

[22:05:57] LS(nd): will do!!!

[22:05:58] dr mike: thanks

[22:06:16] *** dr mike has left Walleye Central

[22:06:33] Lunker: damn..came too late..had to work..

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