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[19:58:41] FishinMagician: Mike, what GPS are you running on your boat?

[19:59:11] mikej (mn): Fishin: I have both a GlobalNav 310 and a Global Map 2000

[19:59:24] ebijack (mi): Please Welcome MIKE JENSEN the PWT PRO!!!!!!!

[19:59:34] Woody(MI): welcome mike

[19:59:36] mikej (mn): Thanks, Ebi!

[19:59:40] Just Look"N--MI: welcome again Mike

[19:59:41] Drift'r: Welcome Mike

[19:59:42] Harry: Hi Mike got in some how

[19:59:48] FishinMagician: Does that unit show small islands and small lakes on it?

[20:00:00] mikej (mn): I see you did the same, Harry.

[20:00:08] RoyG(PA): welcome mike!

[20:00:27] mikej (mn): Fishin: Absolutely -- I was amazed at the detail when you zoomed

in to closer range, it showed nearly every island I came across.

[20:00:55] FishinMagician: I bought the Garmin III and it won't show the small lakes in

my region

[20:00:59] mikej (mn): Fishin- On Erie, during the first few days of pre-fish, they were

very foggy and without the GlobalMap I would've been lost.

[20:01:01] Just Look"N--MI: have you seen the new 1600 map unit Mike?

[20:01:01] Woody(MI): Mike, how many days prior to a PWT tourney must you "check


[20:01:22] FishinMagician: Do you have to buy the map chips for that?

[20:01:25] mikej (mn): Lookin': I saw it last weekend at the Championship -- it looks

pretty impressive.

[20:01:47] mikej (mn): Woody: PWT allows us 5 days pre-fishing time, and we check in

4 days before the tournament.

[20:01:56] Harry: Ditto--- I was following Mike

[20:02:02] Woody(MI): thank you!!

[20:02:06] Just Look"N--MI: I was ready for the 2000 and they did that.suppose to be

improving maps I heard

[20:02:06] Drift'r: it even shows the street i live on , FM

[20:02:08] mikej (mn): Fishin': No, haven't bought any C maps yet. Wish I would've

known about them before I bought the IMS maps last year.

[20:02:35] FishinMagician: Mine will only show the highways and major roads, I'm

taking it back.

[20:02:51] Woody(MI): Mike, will you be fishin' both divisions next year?

[20:02:58] mikej (mn): Fishin -- we don't care about the highways! I want to see the


[20:03:08] Drift'r: :)

[20:03:11] FishinMagician: Yeah, Me too....

[20:03:24] ebijack (mi): mike, can you tell us about the new ranger your going to run,

and what the advantages are for a 20fter

[20:03:29] mikej (mn): Woody - Yes, I'm planning on fishing both divisions next year.

Looks like interesting bodies of water.

[20:03:41] FishinMagician: Where I fish in Canada has 30000 islands, the Garmin

showed about 20

[20:03:43] Magic marker: which unit are we talking about? 310,2000,or1600

[20:03:46] mikej (mn): Fshin- Good luck!

[20:04:04] mikej (mn): Ebi: The new Ranger has a fantastic amount of storage.

[20:04:10] FishinMagician: Which one would you recommend?

[20:04:19] mikej (mn): There are two big storage compartments behind both the driver

and rider's seats.

[20:04:27] FishinMagician: The global Map 2000 or the 310

[20:04:34] mikej (mn): Marker, next year I'm planning on running the 1600.

[20:04:52] Magic marker: OK

[20:04:54] mikej (mn): Fishin- I ran the global Map off of the 310, mainly to get the

12-channel receiver.

[20:05:28] mikej (mn): I'm also looking forward to the additional horsepower on the

20-foot Ranger next year.

[20:06:18] ebijack (mi): which motor you going to run mike and what size kicker for that


[20:06:27] Drift'r: what is it rated for , mike

[20:06:41] mikej (mn): Ebi, I'll run the 225 OptiMax and a 4-stroke kicker, but I haven't

decided which one yet.

[20:06:46] mikej (mn): Drifter, it's rated for 225.

[20:07:13] Drift'r: do you use a tiller kicker

[20:07:40] mikej (mn): Drift'r - I have been using a tiller kicker, but I'm thinking about

going to a remote control

[20:07:45] ebijack (mi): mike, yesterday we touched on rods, can you talk a little about

the rods you use for jigging and the rods for trolling and why

[20:08:04] Woody(MI): Mike, remote control as in TR-1

[20:08:14] mikej (mn): Ebi, I use 7-foot GLoomis IMX and GLX rods for jigging and

rigging, and...

[20:08:21] mikej (mn): Woody, no I don't use a TR1

[20:08:53] mikej (mn): ... 7 - 8 foot St. Croix rods S-Glass series rods for trolling

[20:09:07] Woody(MI): what kind of remote Mike?

[20:09:13] mikej (mn): I like the 7-foot Loomis rods for jigging, because they have a light

tip on them

[20:09:28] mikej (mn): Woody- just the steering drag link and remote control for speed

and gear

[20:10:18] mikej (mn): The S-Glass rods, being fiberglass, absorb the shock of the

strike better when you're using non-stretch lines while trolling

[20:10:46] Magic marker: line-counter reels?

[20:10:49] ebijack (mi): mike, i think harry wants to know what color are your favorite

jigs :)

[20:10:50] mikej (mn): I even have some HARRY STILES Signature Series fiberglass


[20:11:06] mikej (mn): Magic - I use Daiwa for line-counter reels

[20:11:16] mikej (mn): Ebi, don't start trouble this early

[20:11:19] Harry: Harry Who??

[20:11:27] mikej (mn): Dont' you mean Harry What?

Whisper sent to [Harry]: you remember the pink jigs :)

[20:11:46] Harry: Good one!!

[20:11:54] mikej (mn): And from South Dakota, folks, the famous Harry Stiles

[20:12:15] RoyG(PA): or do you mean infamous?

[20:12:24] mikej (mn): Yep, that might be it

[20:12:33] RoyG(PA): :)

[20:12:38] Harry: Hey Mike whats your favorite colar in a jig??

[20:12:55] Harry: oops color

[20:12:56] nail: hello guy s

[20:12:58] mikej (mn): My jigs don't have collars --my dog does

[20:13:06] Woody(MI): lol

[20:13:08] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:13:11] FishinMagician: lol...

[20:13:17] Magic marker: whats your strong-point? jigging,trolling or what?

[20:13:29] FishinMagician: humor...

[20:13:31] mikej (mn): Seriously, I like bright jigs in dingy water, like flourescents

[20:13:48] mikej (mn): Magin - I consider trolling spinners to be my strong point, with

jigging and rigging next

[20:14:01] mikej (mn): I still need to work on Pulling crankbaits

[20:14:18] Just Look"N--MI: any special blades?

[20:14:27] ebijack (mi): mike, what's so different on pulling cranks, learning what they


[20:14:51] mikej (mn): Just - I experiment a lot with blades: color, size, etc. At any given

time, I put a whole variety in the boat and let the fish tell me what works

[20:15:13] mikej (mn): Ebi, I dunno. There is something I just haven't gotten here yet,

and that's how to catch fish on them regularly

[20:15:34] mikej (mn): Harry thinks it's because I pull 'em too slow

[20:15:34] Just Look"N--MI: any favorites or at least consistent most places?

[20:15:48] Magic marker: bottom bouncers or snap weights on spinners?

[20:15:57] nail: thats not accurate use dark blue or black in dirty water

[20:15:58] mikej (mn): Just - Fort Peck and Leech Lake have been the least consistent

for me, Magic

[20:16:09] FishinMagician: How fast do you pull 'em, Harry?

[20:16:11] mikej (mn): Nail, why do you think that?

[20:16:36] mikej (mn): Nail, I typically experiment with blue or black on cloudy days

[20:16:38] nail: try it

[20:16:44] mikej (mn): I will

[20:16:56] Harry: 1 1/2 to 3 mph

[20:16:57] mikej (mn): Remind me, Harry

[20:16:59] Just Look"N--MI: sorry mike I meant the blade colors and shapes

[20:17:07] mikej (mn): Say again?

[20:17:35] Just Look"N--MI: favorites

[20:18:01] mikej (mn): Just - My favorites have to start with Lake Mille Lacs. I like Lac

Seul, though, too, and Lake Oahe.

[20:18:07] mikej (mn): But NOT Peck

[20:18:22] mikej (mn): Saw more elk than I did fish

[20:18:43] nail: neal hammagrand 22 in the pwt at redwing beat old skarlis hahaha

[20:18:51] mikej (mn): That's not to say Fort Peck is not a fantastic big-fish lake, it's just

I haven't been there often enough to figure it out

[20:19:58] mikej (mn): Just - as a general rule, I stay with #4's or under on inland lakes,

and 4's and bigger on the Great Lakes

[20:20:15] Woody(MI): Mike, what do you think of the new PWT format....East/West


[20:20:21] mikej (mn): As for colors, I like to keep things really bright, flourescent reds

and greens

[20:20:22] Just Look"N--MI: thanks Mike

[20:20:51] nail: im sorry is there a subject i missed or is this open discussion ?

[20:20:55] mikej (mn): Woody - I like the new format, but I think there's a lot of pros that

fish the circuit this year that won't be able to take the extra time from their day jobs or

have the extra money

[20:21:02] mikej (mn): Pretty much open right now

[20:21:19] Magic marker: favorite cranks for trolling?

[20:21:38] mikej (mn): magic - Storm Thunderstick Deep Jr

[20:21:52] FishinMagician: Mike, do you fish any NAWA tournaments?

[20:21:54] Magic marker: MINE TOO!!!

[20:22:34] mikej (mn): Fishin - I've fished the NAWA pro side in the past, but I like the

PWT and I think I'll stay where I am

[20:23:17] mikej (mn): Nail, where do you normally fish?

[20:23:19] ebijack (mi): mike, what advantages do you see from the split divisions

[20:23:52] Magic marker: any of the pros experiment with dipsys and spoons?

[20:23:55] mikej (mn): Ebi, it'll allow more anglers to get into the pro and amateur sides

-- I think that's the primary benefit

[20:24:01] nail: red wing or pool 9

[20:24:28] mikej (mn): Magic: Dipsys and spoons are usually used on Erie, from what I

hear from the charter captains

[20:24:39] mikej (mn): Nail, you're a local boy

[20:24:49] mikej (mn): How's fishin -- I want to get down there

[20:25:25] nail: yes i am

[20:25:32] Magic marker: they work great up there, thats why I was wondering if

anybody tries them elsewhere

[20:25:46] mikej (mn): That new format will also give us more variety of waters -- from

Great Lakes to rivers to shallow weedy lakes to reservoirs

[20:26:33] mikej (mn): Magic -- I know they do, because I hear stories about it, but I've

not fished the Great Lakes that much to have experimented with them.

[20:26:59] ebijack (mi): mike, what do you do in the non tourney months

[20:27:00] nail: mike j where you at guy ?

[20:27:11] mikej (mn): I know the charter captains, at certain times of the year, can

catch a lot of fish with them in a hurry.

[20:27:25] mikej (mn): Ebi - I play at running a company and plan for the next summer...

[20:27:32] mikej (mn): Nail, we're in Maple Grove

[20:28:04] mikej (mn): Actually, in non-tourney months, I study fishing.

[20:28:09] nail: ic ok guy im outta of iowa but im in rw constantly though

[20:29:15] mikej (mn): I'm already starting to collect maps to study for next year's


[20:29:36] ebijack (mi): mike, how often do you use your pin point for trolling in the


[20:30:04] mikej (mn): Ebi, I use that PinPoint more than I ever would have imagined

this year -- it was great.

[20:30:17] mikej (mn): The battery life, the boat control, and the LCD -- you can't beat


[20:30:48] mikej (mn): Harry, what did you think of your PinPoint?

[20:30:56] ebijack (mi): mike, the other night you were mentioning on how the pin point

lcd's don't interfer with other electronics

[20:31:28] mikej (mn): Ebi, I'm able to run multiple depth finders in my Ranger, because

they all run on different frequencies.

[20:31:48] mikej (mn): I can run the Genetron and the PinPoint or Lowrance all at the

same time

[20:32:13] Harry: I agree with Mike!! The system really works and can't wait for the gps

[20:32:44] ebijack (mi): pin point gps? with maps?

[20:32:44] nail: hey guys everyone be careful on the water i gotta go ill be on next wed

thanks ebj and host. nails gone.

[20:33:48] mikej (mn): Ebi - PinPoint is coming out with a GPS in March that'll have

mapping capabilities and differential beacon built right in

[20:33:56] ebijack (mi): cool!!

[20:33:57] mikej (mn): You'll be able to view it from your networked LCD's

[20:34:04] mikej (mn): Way

[20:34:10] Harry: Mike are we going to have mapping on the pinpoint gps???

[20:35:04] mikej (mn): Sonny (PinPoint) said last week it'll be available in March

[20:35:16] Drift'r: if we could only convince them to come on and host

[20:35:23] Harry: sorry!! I must have missed that one!!

[20:35:25] Drift'r: :)

[20:35:42] Magic marker: can i put gps on my PP i have now?

[20:35:43] mikej (mn): Driftr - I'll give them a call -- Sonny said they were very interested

in hosting

[20:36:03] mikej (mn): Magic -- yeah, you'll be able to update any of their products by

sending it to them to load the new programs

[20:36:05] Drift'r: just a plug , mike :)

[20:36:11] mikej (mn): You'll have to purchase the GPS module, of course

[20:36:30] mikej (mn): Never hurts to plug one's sponsor , especially when one really

likes the product

[20:37:00] Drift'r: they are an interesting company

[20:37:27] mikej (mn): Driftr - they're committed to staying on the cutting edge of


[20:39:02] Just Look"N--MI: welcome back

[20:39:09] mikej (mn): I'm looking forward to the gas mileage on the new OptiMax next

year, too

[20:39:37] ebijack (mi): mike, you think you'll consider longer runs with the opti max?

[20:39:41] Drift'r: they claim a 45% savings across the range

[20:40:06] mikej (mn): Ebi, I try not to run very far, but maybe that's been one of my

problems on Fort Peck

[20:41:36] mikej (mn): Re the Optimax: I try not to run really long distances, because it

cuts out on your fishing time

[20:41:37] hyderipper: wish i could have been at the tourneys this year

[20:41:45] mikej (mn): but on some bodies of water, I'm beginning to think that you

have to do it

[20:43:20] hyderipper: did you ever try the china wall at peck

[20:43:43] mikej (mn): Hyde, do - where the heck is that?

[20:44:19] hyderipper: about 20 miles down from the launch

[20:44:40] hyderipper: go to the left instead of right

[20:45:32] ebijack (mi): mike, how does your blast off number affect your thinking for

the day

[20:46:06] mikej (mn): Ebi, how you go out in the morning isn't of major importance. The

main deal is to make the most of your short day.

[20:46:33] mikej (mn): With an hour and a half less fishing on the short day than on

your long day, that's the day you really have to perform

[20:47:22] mikej (mn): I try not to follow the guys who go slow

[20:47:53] Dave (Pa.): Mike, what is your impression of the Triton 205?

[20:48:18] mikej (mn): Dave, the internal layout of the 205 is very similar to my 692


[20:48:33] mikej (mn): The hull is interesting but I think they cut some corners in the

seats and seat bases

[20:48:59] mikej (mn): It seems very fast

[20:49:49] Woody(MI): well all, have a good night!! thanks for the info MikeJ

[20:50:09] ebijack (mi): mike, while prefishing you don't find early morning spots and

mid-afternoon spots and that would affect your course for the days blast off number

[20:50:38] mikej (mn): Ebi, in pre-fishing, you're as much ELIMINATING water as trying

to FIND productive water

[20:51:03] mikej (mn): If you go fish-less in pre-fishing you don't go back there or

experiment with different techniques in future days if you mark fish there

[20:51:18] Marbeliz..N.D.: Mike when you go to a new lake what is the first thing you

look for in the fall for eye's

[20:52:16] mikej (mn): Mark - I typically start pretty shallow in the fall, the fish are

moving up shallower on the food shelves

[20:53:19] ebijack (mi): mike, do you look for long tappering points as food shelves?

[20:53:52] mikej (mn): Ebi, long tapering points are always a good spot to start

[20:56:21] Just Look"N--MI: how about a good reel for casting and backup for jigging


[20:56:52] mikej (mn): LookN, I really like Daiwa reels. I have several of the SS700's

[20:57:01] mikej (mn): Also have a few of the higher-end models

[20:57:30] Just Look"N--MI: thanks mike

[20:57:31] ebijack (mi): mike are those line counter reels

[20:57:32] mikej (mn): Also like the Daiwa bait casters TD1 series -- they're nice and

smooth, they cast long, and have a flipping feature

[20:57:43] mikej (mn): Ebi, I use Daiwas for line counters, too

[20:58:16] Just Look"N--MI: my daiwa linecounters are 10 yrs old never broke one yet

[20:58:37] mikej (mn): LookN -- that's why I like them -- they're reliable. Just watch the

drag settings.

[21:00:58] Dave (Pa.): Mike, maybe you've already covered this but what lines do you

use for different presentations?

[21:01:03] Marbeliz..N.D.: Mike do you do any seminar's on your time off ?

[21:01:45] mikej (mn): Dave - I use Berkely XT and XL 6-lb for rigging and jigging,

typically, and 10-lb XT for trolling

[21:02:12] mikej (mn): Marb - I'm pretty new at this game, and I've not done a lot of

seminars. I've done some and hope to do more

[21:02:25] ebijack (mi): mike, do you make your own snells?

[21:02:52] mikej (mn): Ebi - Yes I do -- I tie them most of them up in the winter when I'm

watching fishing shows. I start the year with about 25 snell holders tied up

[21:03:33] mikej (mn): Ebi, I typically tie long snells, as it's easier to shorten them up in

the boat than to lengthen them. Usually 10 ft

[21:04:46] mikej (mn): Does anybody have a favorite resort in Canada that Mike and I

could go to, guys? -- Deb

[21:04:56] ebijack (mi): mike, do you use those quick change clevis's

[21:06:02] Just Look"N--MI: how about the one Ted Takasaki sponsors?saw tape on it

looked nice

[21:06:16] ebijack (mi): i'd have to recommend the page off of walleyecentral with

listings of resorts/charters etc deb

[21:06:21] mikej (mn): It's in a great area. I think it's on Lac Seul.

[21:06:31] mikej (mn): Why, what a great idea.

[21:07:19] Just Look"N--MI: looked like my idea of roughing,nice resteraunt lodging


[21:07:22] ebijack (mi): deb, do you travel with mike to all the tourney's?

[21:07:27] Dave (Pa.): Maybe rent a houseboat instead of a resort?

[21:07:34] mikej (mn): No - SOME of us have to work

[21:07:58] bob (oh): it's good of you to do it !!!!!!!!!!!

[21:08:07] mikej (mn): Dave - I've done that on Lac Seul and it was a lot of fun

[21:08:35] mikej (mn): Dave - I like Look'N's idea of roughing it. Where I don't have to


[21:08:40] ebijack (mi): get a hotel, then someone else takes care of the clean up :)

[21:08:49] mikej (mn): !!!!

[21:10:03] shiner: is anyone seen the new fish size limits for s.d. on the river?

[21:10:08] shiner: has

[21:10:23] mikej (mn): I think it's one over 18"

[21:10:36] ebijack (mi): mike, is your ranger from 98 for sale?

[21:10:44] mikej (mn): You betcha

[21:10:49] shiner: 4 fish only 1 over 18 how will that effect the tourny's?

[21:11:12] Marbeliz..N.D.: Mike what do you think about the treaty on Millac's Lake

[21:11:30] mikej (mn): Marb - I have to stay away from discussion about that. Political


[21:11:45] mikej (mn): re boat - I'm really waiting until spring to sell

[21:11:53] mikej (mn): I don't want to be boatless this winter

[21:11:57] Marbeliz..N.D.: ok sorry

[21:12:13] mikej (mn): Marb - no problem. There's just very little safe territory

[21:12:26] Dave (Pa.): Almanac says we won't need boats this winter!

[21:12:56] mikej (mn): Dave, maybe true. The saugers in Feb and March on the

Mississippi are too good to miss out on -- that's my recreational fishing

[21:12:57] bob (oh): ice shanties

[21:13:02] Just Look"N--MI: is that a promise.Ice in Michigan

[21:13:07] mikej (mn): Bob -- tough to troll

[21:13:08] Drift'r: i'll believe that when i see it dave :)

[21:13:13] Marbeliz..N.D.: we were there last week and saw a lot of thing's that made

us sick.

[21:13:21] mikej (mn): Where?

[21:13:33] bob (oh): use a bigger motor

[21:13:42] mikej (mn): With an auger

[21:13:59] mikej (mn): I've thought about using a Ditch Witch but didn't know how to

get rid of the ice in the slot

[21:14:01] bob (oh): then run back and forth

[21:14:03] ebijack (mi): :)

[21:14:20] bob (oh): use a trencher - long hole !!!!!!!!!!

[21:14:21] mikej (mn): On Mille Lacs there are thousands of ice houses -- it's an entire


[21:14:38] bob (oh): there are on erie to - mostly on the bottom

[21:15:03] mikej (mn): There's a few on Mille Lacs too. But it's colder, longer, here -- so

we learn to do it better

[21:15:04] bob (oh): they get caught out there almost every year

[21:15:10] Magic marker: :-)

[21:15:24] mikej (mn): People have to learn to use caution when ice is involved.

[21:15:25] ebijack (mi): that's why the southerner's call you blueneckers mike, your ice

shanties are bigger than your houses

[21:15:35] mikej (mn): We have our priorities straight

[21:21:04] ebijack (mi): I'd like to THANK MIKE AND DEB JENSEN for all the great

info tonight!!!!!

[21:21:07] RoyG(PA): so........ therefore I don't like him anymore :P

[21:21:36] Dave (Pa.): Great Chat Mike!

[21:21:46] mikej (mn): Thanks -- good night, everyone!

[21:21:59] ebijack (mi): thanks mike, i'll be talking to ya

[21:22:00] mikej (mn): PWT does run a tight ship, Roy. . .

[21:22:00] RoyG(PA): thanks mike and deb

[21:22:10] Just Look"N--MI: thanks for coming mike..and deb

[21:22:29] mikej (mn): Good night, gentlemen. It's been a pleasure.

[21:22:35] ebijack (mi): c ya!

[21:22:58] Whisper from mikej (mn) to [ebijack (mi)]: Thanks for your help - fun, as


[21:22:59] ebijack (mi): stop in any time mike or deb

[21:23:14] mikej (mn): Thanks! This was fun.

[21:23:25] mikej (mn): I don't often get to speak for my husband like this

[21:23:31] RoyG(PA): :)

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