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[19:58:39] ebijack (mi): Please Welcome RALPH MUCCILLI "no fish" our


[19:58:39] Drift'r: hi roy

[19:58:47] FishinMagician: which gps unit do you use Ralph?

[19:58:58] Magic Marker: hi no-fish :-)

[19:59:03] ebijack (mi): ralph fishes the MWC and is a big time jig fisherman from what

i'm told

[19:59:08] RoyG(PA): howdy ralph

[19:59:12] Drift'r: hi ralph

[19:59:12] ^2old2^ (mi): Welcome Ralph!!!!!!!!

[19:59:20] No fish: right now I have the eagle gimble mount but I'll be upgrading on the

new boat once it arrives

[19:59:28] FishinMagician: to what?

[20:00:10] No fish: I was going to get the global map 2000 but scnettler talked me into

waiting to see the new stuff

[20:00:13] ebijack (mi): tell us about your rig and electronics ralph

[20:00:36] No fish: first and foremost it's up for grabs

[20:00:39] FishinMagician: I checked out the c-map internet site. I would have to buy 7

or 8 chips to cover the areas that I fish. That gets expensive

[20:01:00] FishinMagician: they show what areas each c-map covers

[20:01:01] No fish: second it's a ranger 692 with 2 zercom flashers and the gps

[20:01:46] ebijack (mi): are you going to be able to go to a lcd after using flashers


[20:02:15] No fish: my new rig will also be a 692 but i want to add more lcd stuff, but i'll

always have a flasher on the bow

[20:02:56] ebijack (mi): ralph, what do you consider to be the best reason to use a

flasher on the bow

[20:03:22] No fish: I just learned to use them and love the real time display they afford

[20:03:46] ebijack (mi): ralph, do you use any of the superlines for your jigging?

[20:04:24] No fish: you betcha, in fact I have three current hall of fame catch and

release records all on fireline

[20:04:41] ebijack (mi): wow, tell us more

[20:05:37] No fish: one is a 40lb carp(don't laugh) one is a 23 inch sauger and my

favorite is a 21 inch smallmouth

[20:05:59] ebijack (mi): ralph, do you use a leader of mono?

[20:06:37] No fish: no just straight fireline, but I prefer the black and the small diameters

for clear water

[20:06:50] ebijack (mi): black over the fire green?

[20:07:19] No fish: I use the green in dirty water but overall I prefer the black

[20:07:42] ebijack (mi): ralph, do you use softer tipped rods for jigging with the fireline

[20:08:38] No fish: Yes, in fact the two rods that I use for the brunt of my jigging I

almost got rid of as they were too whippy to bury the hook with my bait rigs jigs

[20:09:51] No fish: With mono that is but they are medium light action and do well with

6lb 2 lb diameter fireline, caught the 40lb carp with that

[20:09:58] ebijack (mi): ralph, do you try to find water in in the tourney's to jig or do you

cover water trolling then goto jigging

[20:11:09] No fish: It's no secret that I don't much care to troll often I prefer to jig and

we break the lake up in chunks and look at it that way

[20:11:53] ebijack (mi): ralph, how are you averaging in the tourney's staying with the

jigging pattern

[20:12:28] No fish: in the tourneys where we stuck to jigging or casting cranks, we did

very well this year

[20:12:51] ebijack (mi): good to hear, i'm more towards jigging also

[20:13:08] FishinMagician: What places did you finish, and in what tournaments?

[20:13:36] No fish: I started out fishing largemouth around home here and needless to

say jigging and worming are huge parts of a bass fishermans arsenal

[20:13:46] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:14:13] FishinMagician: Did jigging give you any firsts?

[20:14:56] ebijack (mi): last year and this year, jigging won the pwt championship

[20:15:22] No fish: spring valley we wrere 85th out of 250- Ortonville we were 43rd

Little bay and green bay were bombouts and pepin wasn't that hot either, but on liitle

bay de noc in two others we were 7th and 15th and we also took 5th in a smallmouth

tourney on big bay de

[20:15:44] FishinMagician: That's what I like to hear. I prefer to jig, too.

[20:16:05] No fish: I won a tournament in green bay in 92

[20:16:46] ebijack (mi): ralph, do you plan on fishing any of the pwt in 99 eastern div?

[20:17:09] FishinMagician: If you were to divide the pro walleye anglers tactics into

groups, what percentage would you say jig, and what percentage troll?

[20:17:19] No fish: I'd like to but with the real world invading this fantasy life it's tough

[20:17:50] No fish: I'd say about 70% troll consistantly

[20:18:05] ebijack (mi): isn't trolling playing more of the odds

[20:18:33] No fish: you certainly can cover alot more water especially deep water

[20:18:55] FishinMagician: Isn't it tough to change tactics from using trolling to locate

the fish and catching them, and then switching over to the jigging?

[20:19:35] No fish: if you are just guessing yes, but we try to find likely locations and

patterns whille pre fishing

[20:19:44] FishinMagician: I would have a hard time convincing my fishing partner to

switch to jigging, if we are catching them trolling.

[20:20:24] No fish: as would I do what we think needs to be done if trolling is

working we,ll stick with it

[20:20:40] ebijack (mi): ralph, do you tend to use heavier jigs than what is the "norm"?

[20:20:53] No fish: quite the reverse actually

[20:20:59] FishinMagician: Have you found that jigging works better at a certain time of

the day, and cranking the same thing?

[20:21:24] No fish: it only seems to matter based on the type of spot we are on

[20:22:12] ebijack (mi): ralph, has color played a big part in your catches as far as jig


[20:22:53] No fish: sometimes. mostly I feel that once you put some meat on the jig

color doesn't matter that much

[20:23:19] ebijack (mi): so you always use live bait ralph?

[20:23:30] tp: do you tip most of the time

[20:23:51] FishinMagician: I have a friend who has a lot of success snap jigging. I

haven't had success with it. Do you ever snap jig?

[20:24:03] No fish: no In cold water or cold front conditions we always have live bait

but there are plenty of times where a jig n tail does it

[20:24:46] No fish: yes snap jigging works well for us early and late in the rivers but

then I usually try spoons or blades

[20:24:52] ^2old2^ (mi): do you ever use scented plastics

[20:25:28] No fish: more and more, I've had better success on smallies when I use them

over live bait

[20:26:04] tp: the banna works well for us

[20:26:55] No fish: I'm really impressed with the power jig worm that came out this year

and if the plastic isn't scented it gets a dip of fish attractant

[20:27:17] No fish: salt impregnated works well too

[20:27:29] No fish: works well

[20:27:34] ebijack (mi): ralph, do you spinning gear for your jigging

[20:27:54] No fish: except for jigging spoons yes

[20:27:57] FishinMagician: Well, I've got to go. Thanks alot Ralph. I appreciate you

coming to talk with us, and good luck with all of your fishing.

[20:28:25] No fish: thanks hey can you make some walleyes majically follow my boat?

[20:28:34] tp: C U fishin

[20:29:09] ebijack (mi): when did you start fishing the MWC ralph

[20:29:42] No fish: I started in 1989

[20:30:12] No fish: I did the full circuit for the first time in 1990 with Bob Newton

[20:30:14] ebijack (mi): ralph, did you have a partner before you started fishing the mwc

or did you have to search for one

[20:30:56] No fish: For the mwc I had to search for one as my bass fishing partner

turned green and buckled at the knees when I said walleye

[20:31:29] No fish: guess he wasn't up to snuff

[20:31:30] ebijack (mi): how long did it take to get a regular partner who also was a jig

fisherman ralph

[20:31:49] No fish: After newton in 1990 I haven't

[20:32:25] No fish: Max is great and he's learning alot about jiggin, but he's a better


[20:32:41] ebijack (mi): ralph, what tips can you offer for guys to get involved with jig

fishing for walleye

[20:33:22] No fish: I've been with Max for 5 years now and the nice thing is we both

agree on the next move before we do it

[20:33:56] ebijack (mi): ralph, are you and max fishing the full MWC curcuit in 99?

[20:34:13] No fish: tips, that's a broad question, dont be afraid to fish shallow and dont

be afraid to use small jigs

[20:35:02] No fish: yes were up for it again next year especially since it's Kaz's last year

I really want to go to the championship for that

[20:35:05] ebijack (mi): ralph, you tend to look for a slower fall than a more of a bang

the bottom

[20:35:20] redeye: any preference on the name brand of jig

[20:35:54] No fish: alot of time it's the slower fall, hovering presentation more than the

bang type, but either works if the fish want it

[20:36:26] No fish: I'm a Bait rigs fanatic, I was for years before I was on the pro staff

[20:36:31] ebijack (mi): it's kaz's last year? as host

[20:37:03] No fish: next year will Be Kaz's last as Executive Director of the mwc

[20:37:49] Magic Marker: all around favorite jig?

[20:38:03] No fish: 1/16th oz gold Odd ball

[20:38:33] Magic Marker: and dressed with what?

[20:38:49] ebijack (mi): ralph, have most of your walleye been takin in shallow water?

15ft or less

[20:38:53] No fish: I have all the colors but time and time again I reach for the gold no

matter what size

[20:40:03] ebijack (mi): ralph, do you use stinger hooks regularly

[20:40:09] No fish: I look for fish shallow and deep but most of the come from 5 to 15

feet of water and on a plain jig and crawler or minnow

[20:40:32] No fish: if i start to miss fish then I sting em

[20:41:22] redeye: snap jig or verticle

[20:41:37] No fish: when snap jigging, then i prefer bright colors and a high action tail

like a sassy shad or an orbit tail

[20:41:50] ebijack (mi): ralph, did you break yourself in on bay de noc for your walleye


[20:42:24] No fish: most of my jigging is casting and verticle, most often i try to swim the

jig along with the current right at the bottom

[20:43:07] No fish: I fish up there a lot as Max lives there, but I started on the rock and

wisconsin rivers

[20:44:01] redeye: have you been there lately

[20:44:09] No fish: lately I've been partial to the fox in green bay and the wolf by


[20:44:27] redeye: little bay

[20:44:27] No fish: I havent been to the rock since 1993

[20:44:57] No fish: I was on little bay last in sept of this year and am going again in


[20:45:31] ebijack (mi): are you going to the 20ft ranger in 99 ralph?

[20:44:57] No fish: I was on little bay last in sept of this year and am going again in


[20:45:48] No fish: no too big for me, actually

[20:45:56] Magic Marker: how often do you fish Erie?

[20:46:16] No fish: like I like my steak rare.....

[20:46:40] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:47:17] No fish: I have been there three time and had a blast each time but time

limits where I can go and if that doesn't stop me money does

[20:47:34] ebijack (mi): ralph, do you ever use dipsy divers for your trolling

[20:48:16] Magic Marker: ever troll at night ?

[20:48:22] No fish: not lately, I used to use them all the time salmon trolling

[20:49:20] No fish: sorry about that, yes we troll at night almost all the time we fish at

night for eyes, but again I prefer to cast

[20:49:35] Magic Marker: several of us gonna take lessons next week, come on down

for WC get-together :-)

[20:50:34] No fish: unfortunately I,m tied up the next couple of weeks

[20:50:37] Magic Marker: favorite lures for night-eyes?

[20:51:10] Magic Marker: or any other tips?

[20:51:16] No fish: shallow running thundersticks in shad patterns although firetiger and

clown have been good too

[20:51:33] No fish: don't overlook spinner rigs at night

[20:51:53] Magic Marker: you mean crawler harnesses?

[20:52:24] No fish: yes they will pull those fish as well as they do during the day,

sometimes better

[20:52:40] ebijack (mi): bigger blades at night?

[20:52:44] Magic Marker: should we use bigger blades

[20:53:34] Magic Marker: what color blades?

[20:53:36] No fish: never gave it a whole lot of thought, we’ve been having luck on #3&5

s and hatchet blades from walleyes choice

[20:54:14] Magic Marker: with bouncers or snap-weights?

[20:54:16] No fish: the bait rigs

[20:55:08] No fish: both bottom bouncers and snap weights, I like to run at least one

rig/lure 10 to 20 feet back to see if any shyboys will bite

[20:55:38] tp: would you use the same for saugeyes

[20:55:47] No fish: 20 feet back you need a removeable weight or you'll not be able to

net the fish

[20:56:15] Magic Marker: you mean run a 20 ft leader?

[20:56:30] No fish: I guess so, haven't been targeting the saugeyes as they aren't really

common where I've been fishing

[20:57:14] Magic Marker: OK

[20:57:29] No fish: If snagging the bottom is a problem, pick the weight up until it stops


[20:57:38] ebijack (mi): ralph, do you flip jigs in holes in the weeds?

[20:57:51] Magic Marker: how deep water you target for night-eyes?

[20:57:54] No fish: all the time at any time of day

[20:58:59] No fish: deep water is a relative term, little bay 30 feet koshkonong 6 feet

green bay 12 to 25 feet

[20:59:56] ebijack (mi): ralph, do you tend to look more for holes in the weeds or do you

go for the inside/outside edges

[21:00:49] No fish: edges can be good any time but for mid day rooting them out of the

holes is the norm

[21:01:47] No fish: few more minute ebi one kanobi

[21:02:02] ebijack (mi): :)

[21:02:15] Lundman(Wi): Good one No Fish....:-)

[21:02:19] ebijack (mi): ok guys, get your last questions in!!

[21:02:46] Lundman(Wi): What would be your main method for fishing these late fall

walleys No Fish??

[21:02:58] Magic Marker: Best walleye fisherman around?

[21:03:29] Lundman(Wi): In smaller natural lakes that is......

[21:03:58] No fish: sure fire cant miss? high explosives! seriously though, hard to beat

casting or trolling big cranks at night jigging edges and structure during the day

[21:04:34] Lundman(Wi): Ok, are you talking reef tops at night, and off the edges

during day....?

[21:04:40] No fish: best

[21:05:03] No fish: lundman has a good plan

[21:05:14] Drift'r: hi again

[21:05:35] No fish: also tailraces and lakes cranks over weed beds just off deep water

[21:05:46] Lundman(Wi): Thanks...

[21:06:47] ebijack (mi): I'd like to THANK RALPH MUCCILLI for his time here


[21:06:58] Lundman(Wi): Thanks Ralph....

[21:07:05] Drift'r: thanks ralph

[21:07:09] ebijack (mi): we appreciate your time ralph

[21:07:10] No fish: thank you for asking me and thanks guys for the fun

[21:07:14] Magic Marker: thanks ralph

[21:07:18] ebijack (mi): stop in anytime ralph

[21:07:37] No fish: MUST do THIS more OFTEN

[21:07:47] Lundman(Wi): :-)

[21:07:50] ebijack (mi): any time ralph!!

[21:08:10] tp: enjoyed it ralph

[21:08:21] Lundman(Wi): Your doing real good for a self-proclaimed rookie....:-)

[21:08:21] No fish: good bye

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