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Ralph Muccilli

[20:18:52] ebijack (mi): Please Welcome our guest host tonight

Ralph Muccilli !!!!!!!

[20:19:00] ebijack (mi): clap clap clap !!

[20:19:02] Juls (WI): hi ralph

[20:19:03] Lundman(Wi): Welcome Ralph....

[20:19:09] Hogboss (IL): howdy

[20:19:21] Ralphfish: Hey lundman,juls and the rest

[20:19:35] ebijack (mi): start is off when your ready ralph about river fishing and jigging

[20:19:45] bushboy: Hey Ralph

[20:19:52] Lundman(Wi): Oh Boy, river fishing......:-)

[20:20:01] Ralphfish: Lets just go with any questions, all the rivers here are open

[20:20:05] Hogboss (IL): My Favorite.

[20:20:15] canuck: please start ralph

[20:20:28] sundance: what size jighead do you usaually use ralph????

[20:20:33] Juls (WI): please start......clap clap clap

[20:20:35] Lundman(Wi): What's your predominant method for larger rivers Ralph...?

[20:20:54] Ralphfish: well, thats a broad question, I average around 1/8 oz

[20:21:14] CRANKB8: In how much current?

[20:21:26] bushboy: What length of snells do you prefer when drifting down stream in the spring

[20:21:43] Ralphfish: It varies as to how much current as to what size jighead

[20:21:58] ebijack (mi): let ralph answer some questions before

firing them off so fast folks

[20:22:05] Ralphfish: missippi river usually 1/8 oz will work in 10 feet of water

[20:22:09] Rod (Sask): lol ebi

[20:22:26] Hogboss (IL): what is your favorite presentation for dirty water.

[20:22:35] CRANKB8: more vertical or do you like to cast?

[20:22:36] Ralphfish: as for snells I start off with around a 40 inch snell

[20:23:00] Ralphfish: dirty water is usually a blade bait or jiggin spoon

[20:23:10] sundance: do you tip with minnow and what colors work best for you???

[20:23:32] Travis: what type of rods for jigging do you prefer?

[20:23:33] bushboy: Do you prefer a smaller (0) or a lager (5-6) blade

[20:23:34] Ralphfish: I prefer to cast in water shallower than 10 feet

but have verticle jigged in as little as 6 feety

[20:24:07] Hogboss (IL): Ralph are you fishing Ill.river tournament.

[20:24:14] Ralphfish: Tip with a minnow until around 50 degrees

and in clear and tanic water I prefer gold

[20:24:29] Ralphfish: I am in all the MWC this year

[20:24:57] Ralphfish: Just did the Bass pro show last weekend

[20:25:09] perch(wi): ralph fish do you use plastic in the spring and

what temp. do you start

[20:25:17] Steve (IA): what circumstances do you use specialty jigs

and which do you like to use?

[20:25:22] ebijack (mi): ralph, what type and size line do you prefer

for jigging in heavy current like 8 to 10 mph

[20:25:58] Ralphfish: Specialty jigs I use the Oddball and slo

pokes all the time and they are both specialty jigs

[20:26:05] canuck: what kind of jig setup do you use when you fish

weedy or rocky spots

[20:26:17] Ralphfish: I cast the slo pokes in shallow water and

weeds and use the oddballs for all the rest

[20:26:27] ebijack (mi): what about length and type rods ralph

[20:27:00] Ralphfish: I use fireline 6-2 for all my jigging and with

heavy heads such as 1oz its 14-6 fireline



[20:27:49] Ralphfish: rods are 6 foot medium light one piece

[20:27:56] Hogboss (IL): sorry.

[20:27:57] Travis: ralph, what type of rod do you prefer for jigging

[20:28:13] Juls (WI): fast action on those med lights? or....."?

[20:28:20] Ralphfish: fast action

[20:29:32] Ralphfish: next question(not all at once)

[20:29:38] freshleech: wow. a full house

[20:29:44] Juls (WI): yes..go on ralph

[20:29:45] Ralphfish: Im basically a two fisted typer

[20:30:07] sundance: do you prefer to fish rocks or grassy area when


[20:30:23] Rod (Sask): ralph when you rig in a river do you use a

float ahead of the hook a little to give lift?

[20:30:32] Ralphfish: sometimes I hit the grass when i throw up over

the rocks ha ha

[20:30:37] bushboy: When you use snells do you prefer a small

blade or a larger one

[20:30:51] Hogboss (IL): good luck ralph, hope to see you on the Ill

next month.

[20:30:57] Ralphfish: no float unles it floating jig head

[20:31:02] perch(wi): ralphfish do you use plastic in the spring on

the river(twisters)

[20:31:13] Ralphfish: and to be serious, I prefer rocky areas in the


[20:31:14] canuck: do you use a lot berkly power bait and what is

your favorite one

[20:31:50] Ralphfish: I start with a #3 bait rigs blade and go up or

down from there

[20:32:07] Nite Eyes: what test line do you prefer for jigging??????

[20:32:16] bushboy: thanks ralph

[20:32:25] Ralphfish: most of the power bait is when fishin smallies,

but Im real partial to the power jig worm

[20:32:58] Ralphfish: line test for jiggin is fireline 6-2

[20:33:00] ebijack (mi): ralph, how many years have you been

fishing rivers

[20:33:10] Ralphfish: since i was seven

[20:33:46] RichardM (AB): whats your favorite river? why?

[20:33:57] bushboy: do you find that the fireline with little stretch, is

hard on your spinning reels?

[20:34:08] JC: Hey guys, sorry to interupt, I'll find a seat quietly in

the back row.

[20:34:30] Ralphfish: favorite river would have to be the Fox in

green bay....big fish and nice average size 18 inch

[20:34:43] Ralphfish: fireline hasnt been a problem on my reels

[20:34:55] Ralphfish: I use 1/2 a spool of mono for a backer

[20:34:58] bushboy: have you fished the detroit riv?

[20:35:02] sundance: do you prefer verticle jigging or using the

current to move the bait???

[20:35:03] ebijack (mi): you can use 1/8 oz on the fox?

[20:35:14] Nite Eyes: what is your favorite brand rod?????????

[20:35:35] Ralphfish: no, but we talked extensively about it last

weekend with rick lacourse, sounded real interesting

[20:36:03] Ralphfish: Have some berkely and quantum rods. hard

to pick between the 2

[20:36:44] Ralphfish: on the fox, i commonly use a 1/16 ozig, most

of my best spots are less than 5 feet deep

[20:36:45] ebijack (mi): ralph, when did you start fishing the mwc


[20:36:54] goose: do you like fireline for rigging??

[20:37:18] Ralphfish: in 1989 and first full curcuit was in 90, and first

championship appearance was 90

[20:37:23] ebijack (mi): wow, 5 foot depth? with walleye in a river?

[20:37:36] Jighead (WI): Ralph, is a small jig say 1/8oz & split shot

up aprox 48" productive to overcome river current

[20:37:41] Ralphfish: yes goose, but from the swivel back is mono

[20:37:52] bushboy: do you run a mono lead off of a swivel when

you use fire line

[20:38:12] Ralphfish: when riggin yes when jigging I tie direct

[20:38:29] Steve (IA): do you have a favorite mono, Ralph?

[20:38:37] Ralphfish: sounds a little complicated jighead, do you

mean with a floater?

[20:38:39] Nite Eyes: when you use jiggin' spoons what kind and

what size do you use???????

[20:39:38] Ralphfish: berkely xt and select and I use deep willows

3/4 oz and hopkins type spoons around 1/2 oz and love swedish

pimples in same sizes

[20:39:46] ebijack (mi): ralph, do you have thoughts of fishing the

pwt curcuit?

[20:40:02] Ralphfish: if thats the case jighead, Id go to a heavier jig

[20:40:13] Jighead (WI): ok

[20:40:25] bushboy: do you tip your spoons with anything?

[20:40:27] Ralphfish: Ive thought about it. but time (and cash)

prohibit it

[20:40:46] Ralphfish: not often most of the time the spoon is bare

[20:40:57] Yar-Man(sd): What's your opinion on the Pin-Point

trolling motors?

[20:41:08] ebijack (mi): ralph, do you charter in the non-tourney


[20:41:12] bushboy: no scent at all?

[20:41:13] Ralphfish: look great, but havent fished with them

[20:41:21] Ralphfish: always scent

[20:41:50] ebijack (mi): which scents ralph do you prefer

[20:41:50] Yar-Man(sd): Do you use the TR-1 Auto-Pilot??

[20:41:53] Ralphfish: i put a dab of berkely fish formula on the knot

when I cinch it up

[20:42:00] goose: any favorite color hooks when you rig

[20:42:30] bushboy: nice touch

[20:42:46] Ralphfish: no tr 1 I havent tried that yet either, I dont troll

much and with my boat being on the way out, I didnt want to rig it

[20:42:48] ebijack (mi): is that all you use ralph?

[20:43:10] Reelhook(wi): what kind of boat do you run?

[20:43:12] Ralphfish: red hooks from vmc, especially in clear water

[20:43:19] Ralphfish: Ranger 692

[20:43:29] Reelhook(wi): are you getting the new 620

[20:43:45] null: do you use plastic when you jig

[20:43:46] Mud Duck: what boat are you gonna run ralph (sorry if I

missed this earlier)

[20:43:51] Ralphfish: no, Im waiting on the new 692 thats to come

out next season

[20:44:09] Reelhook(wi): my 620 just got here yesterday

[20:44:23] sundance: during mid summer and late summer do you

stay with jigging or go to live bait????

[20:44:42] bushboy: I'd say reelhook is the kid with the new toy

[20:44:44] Ralphfish: youll love it. i test drove the 620 at lake city

last year and was totally impressed

[20:45:04] Reelhook(wi): good to here it

[20:45:05] Lundman(Wi): I've seen talk about cranks behind three

way rigs, have you done this in Rivers....?

[20:45:21] Ralphfish: all the time especially on the Illinois

[20:45:44] Juls (WI): cranks on a three way??? never would have

thought of that one

[20:45:44] Lundman(Wi): Favorite Cranks for this application??

[20:45:52] bum-mn: with jig do you use live bait or scented bodies

[20:45:55] Ralphfish: I use bait throughout the year, but start with

plastics or power bait when looking

[20:46:11] Mud Duck: how heavy a dropper on 3 way & crank?

[20:46:25] critt63: do you use plastic when you jig

[20:46:45] Ralphfish: sure a floating rapala or thunder stick jr on a

wolf river type rig is sheer dynamite

[20:47:05] Juls (WI): k...will have to try that this spring on rock river

[20:47:08] Ralphfish: usually around 3/4 oz or more depending on


[20:47:11] Juls (WI): sounds cool

[20:47:18] ebijack (mi): what kind of speed ralph, and are you

talking upstream troll?

[20:47:40] Ralphfish: upstream usually just fast enough to climb up

[20:47:41] JC: Ralph, if you believe enough in power bait to use it to

find fish, why would you ever switch to live bait? I have found that if I

can get one fish to eat plastic most of them will that day too.

[20:48:15] Ralphfish: thats what i'll do, but sometimes they want live

bait better and we switch to that

[20:49:44] Ralphfish: im not ignoring you, just getting the feeling

back into my hands

[20:49:52] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:50:01] Ralphfish: if i missed any questions ask again

[20:50:07] Juls (WI): lol....ralph

[20:50:16] ebijack (mi): ralph, how much time do you spend on

each spot when prefishing

[20:50:45] Ralphfish: usually around 1/2 hour but it depends on if i

know the spot or its anew one

[20:51:16] Ralphfish: if its new i spend more time, but most of the

time im looking at the locator learning the spot

[20:51:17] ebijack (mi): ralph, do you jig each area or throw cranks,

in a lake

[20:51:37] Ralphfish: when pre fishing i try both

[20:51:51] Ralphfish: if max is in the boat we each do something


[20:52:03] ebijack (mi): do you have a regular partner you prefish

with ralph?

[20:52:28] Ralphfish: i also dont leave spot without tossing a

jigging spoon either

[20:52:42] Ralphfish: my tourny partner Max

[20:52:42] ebijack (mi): a jigging spoon is your goto bait ralph?



[20:53:16] Ralphfish: it can be especially this time of year, but it can

also trigger hits from fish that are ignoring bait

[20:53:38] Ralphfish: unfortunately not, scheduling conflicts

[20:53:47] jigmup: ralph, i saw earlier that you mentioned Deep

Willospoons, what type of conditions do you use them?

[20:54:04] Reelhook(wi): are you fishing PWT on Winnebago?

[20:54:09] Ralphfish: muddy water, deep holes, neutral fish

[20:54:11] canuck: bye all thanks ralph

[20:54:37] Ralphfish: no pwt this year, again time constraints

[20:54:48] jigmup: any special color on the DW's

[20:55:16] Ralphfish: Im a sucker for gold, or blue and white

[20:56:04] Reelhook(wi): the fox in oshkosh is open

[20:56:06] Ralphfish: rivers open and the launch at the mouth was

open last week

[20:56:28] Reelhook(wi): in depere Ralph?

[20:57:04] Ralphfish: the ramp at the fairgrounds is usually the last

to open due to shallow water, the one by their coast guard station is


[20:57:05] FishHawk (WI): how about launch at fairgrounds?

[20:58:06] jigmup: do you use many spinners? if so, what style/kind

[20:58:12] ebijack (mi): ralph, do you try to jig in every tourney you

fish, no matter what the water etc

[20:58:25] Jighead (WI): Ralph, will you use rattles on your jig

[20:58:35] JC: Ralph, what do you think is the most important

aspect of tournament fishing. I mean on the water stuff. Is it ability to

catch fish, mental attitude or what?

[20:58:45] Ralphfish: I prefer spinners to crank trolling and bait rigs

colorado and astrobrite blades are my best producers

[20:59:09] Juls (WI): what is astrobite blade???

[20:59:14] Juls (WI): never heard of it

[20:59:43] Ralphfish: I start out lookin for jig spots

[21:00:14] ebijack (mi): ralph, do you 2 rods when possible

[21:00:14] Ralphfish: astrobrite blade is a color scheme from bait

rigs, check em out on our website

[21:00:25] jigmup: Juls...check out


[21:00:25] Juls (WI): k

[21:00:34] Juls (WI): thanks

[21:00:37] Ralphfish: especially when verticle jigging

[21:00:50] FishHawk (WI): Ralph when is the Winnabago tourny this

year and can you fish the upper lakes

[21:01:37] perch(WI): ralphfish you would you consider the best all

around walleye fisherman

[21:01:48] Ralphfish: me? Lol

[21:02:05] Ralphfish: what a loaded question

[21:02:07] ebijack (mi): :)

[21:02:10] Lundman(Wi): That exudes confidence....:-)

[21:02:14] perch(WI): come on really

[21:02:19] Juls (WI): lol...good answer ralph!!

[21:02:38] Ralphfish: tough to beat my hero, Roach. there are also

many other top notch guys out there

[21:02:47] JC: I kinda like that young cute guy from ND. LOL

[21:02:49] Juls (WI): :-)

[21:02:57] ebijack (mi): ralph, how many more years do you think

you will keep fishing tourney's

[21:03:00] Lundman(Wi): lol

[21:03:02] jigmup: *cough* thanks johnnie

[21:03:03] IDOC(mn): lol JC

[21:03:04] perch(WI): what do you think of linder

[21:03:11] Ralphfish: as long as I can breathe

[21:03:27] Ralphfish: good fisherman, excellent promoter

[21:04:09] Ralphfish: as to good fishermen, bob probst sr has

probably forgotten more than i could hope to know

[21:04:53] Ralphfish: Kaz (MWC EXECUTIVE DIR) can blow your

doors off too

[21:05:20] Ralphfish: thats my elmer fudd

[21:05:21] perch(WI): did he teach the bass boys a lesson back in

the 70s down south(linder)

[21:06:21] Ralphfish: I fish with Kaz as often as possible and he

smokes me every time

[21:06:40] ebijack (mi): is kaz still running the mwc?

[21:06:49] perch(WI): what ever happened to bob newton

[21:06:57] Ralphfish: this is his last year, then he's retiring

[21:07:23] Ralphfish: bob newton fished the full mwc last year and

fishes alot in the madison area

[21:07:25] ebijack (mi): you going to take over for him ralph? :)

[21:07:36] Ralphfish: suuuurrre

[21:07:43] JC: Ralph, What is the most important part of tournament

fishing? I mean on the water stuff. Is it ability to catch fish, mental

attitude or what?

[21:08:24] Ralphfish: never say die and a little of the two you

mentioned JC a little dumb luck cant hurt either

[21:08:31] ebijack (mi): are there any more questions for our host


[21:08:52] JC: You can say that again.

[21:08:54] Ralphfish: bob who critt63

[21:10:00] Ralphfish: I fished with newton in 90 on the MWC and he

is really a good guy

[21:10:17] FishHawk (WI): Ralph what type of boat do you have?

[21:10:27] Ralphfish: Ranger 692

[21:11:10] Wacky Walleye: ralphfish has your voice recoperated


[21:11:29] FishHawk (WI): Ralph do you fish PWT

[21:11:35] Ralphfish: yes it has were you there wacky?

[21:11:53] Juls (WI): oh ok ralph

[21:12:01] critt63: ralph do you know ron bearfield?

[21:12:04] Steve (IA): Saturdays are tough for Juls to remember,


[21:12:12] Wacky Walleye: I was on the panel with you ralph

[21:12:12] Juls (WI): lol

[21:12:17] Juls (WI): hey!!!

[21:12:20] Ralphfish: too many slurpies Ill bet

[21:12:21] Nite Eyes: so are fridays

[21:12:26] Juls (WI): ok now

[21:12:29] Juls (WI): lol

[21:14:01] FishHawk (WI): Ralph whos your partner for MWC

[21:14:02] Ralphfish: no i havent, there is always some thing else in

the way

[21:14:17] Ralphfish: Max streichert out of escanaba

[21:14:51] Steve (IA): thanks, Ralph, for the chat.... nite all!

[21:14:51] ebijack (mi): i'd like to thanks our host tonight Ralph

Muccilli !!!!!

[21:15:31] Drift'r: Thanks Ralph!!!!!

[21:15:33] Jim Alton: Thanks Ralph... sorry I was late - again.

[21:15:48] Ralphfish: no problem, Im gonna hang out for a spell

[21:15:51] Juls (WI): thanks ralph you all done???

[21:16:08] R Hill(mi): Good job Ralph

[21:16:13] ebijack (mi): thanks ralph !!!

[21:16:14] FishHawk (WI): thanks Ralph and GOOD LUCK

[21:16:16] Juls (WI): clap clap clap

[21:17:12] perch(WI): nice job ralphfish

[21:17:22] Ralphfish: thanks all

[21:18:06] Jighead (WI): thanks Ralphfish <{{{{{{{{><

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