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Ralph Muccilli 12/15/99
[20:00:07] Drift'r: Please Welcome Ralph Muccilli....MWC Pro !!!!!
[20:00:23] TerryMac: yeaaaay  clap clap
[20:00:26] riverfishingwi: welcome ralph
[20:00:29] Juls (WI): clap clap clap clap...welcome ralph
[20:00:30] eyefish(mi): welcome     clap...clap
[20:00:33] jumbojim: clap clap clap clap
[20:00:34] river king: welcome ralph
[20:00:36] gw(in): thanks for your time ralph
[20:00:40] Drift'r: start out by telling us about yourself 
[20:00:47] saug: welcome Ralph
[20:02:38] Ralph M. (Wi): Thought I'd go with an open topic tonight as that is usually
how the chats all end up
[20:02:49] Ralph M. (Wi): Well, I like to swim
[20:03:19] Ralph M. (Wi): I have been an outdoor writer scince about 1986 and
tournamnet fisherman for about as long
[20:03:57] Juls (WI): which tournaments do ya fish Ralph? 
[20:04:27] Ralph M. (Wi): I have fished the MWC since 1989 and a ton of smaller local
events since about 85
[20:04:55] river king: do you write single articles or books also ralph???
[20:05:00] Ralph M. (Wi): I won the Fox River Walleye Open in 1992 and have
qualified for the MWC Championship 2 times
[20:05:38] Bigfoot: whats your favorite program Ralph
[20:05:40] Ralph M. (Wi): I write articles and have written some product literature for
sponsors, I am gonna get going on my first book this winter though]
[20:05:40] Juls (WI): where is your favorite place to fish on the MWC trail? 
[20:05:57] Juls (WI): and why? 
[20:06:09] Ralph M. (Wi): I love fishing them all, But bigstone is my cup of tea
[20:06:22] Drift'r: what is your most favorite presentation- jig ,  trolling
[20:06:29] Ralph M. (Wi): I love getting up in shallow water and hunting big eyes
[20:06:56] Ralph M. (Wi): Predominately jigging and casting, but I never over look that
open water bite
[20:07:00] TerryMac: Throwing jigs  , then?
[20:07:09] Ralph M. (Wi): Or cranks
[20:07:17] *** ripper has joined Walleye Central
[20:07:21] Ralph M. (Wi): Program Rick?
[20:07:29] jumbojim: what boat do you run in the shallow stuff?
[20:07:36] Ralph M. (Wi): Ranger 620[20:07:36] Ralph M. (Wi): Ranger 620
[20:07:42] Bigfoot: methods of fishing
[20:07:45] TerryMac: NICE boat
[20:07:49] jumbojim: very
[20:08:00] Ralph M. (Wi): Ahhh, at Lake City it was ALSO RAN>>>>>LOL
[20:08:24] Ralph M. (Wi): program that is
[20:08:29] river king: in shallow water do you try to keep jig vertical or let it get away
from boat a little??? 
[20:08:33] Bigfoot: ????????? 
[20:08:51] riverfishingwi: if you were in starting tourney fishing over again what would
you do differently
[20:09:12] Ralph M. (Wi): Toss it away friom the boat in shallow water. Much of the
time I may be in only 2 feet of water in the places I like to fish
[20:09:46] Ralph M. (Wi): If I had to start over again? I wouldnt be so full of myself and
be more receptive to new ideas
[20:09:58] curt-t-o: plastics or live
[20:10:18] Ralph M. (Wi): Depends on water temps and weather history curt
[20:10:27] Drift'r: i can never get myself to try that shallow
[20:10:32] curt-t-o: cold water
[20:10:37] jumbojim: are you fishing shallow mostly in rivers or lakes
[20:10:42] river king: it takes everybody time to get over that i know it all stage when
they start dont it
[20:10:48] Drift'r: it just doesn't seem right ...but they are there
[20:10:51] Ralph M. (Wi): I prefer to toss live bait when it's tough, but I am becomming
more and more partial to power baits
[20:11:39] Ralph M. (Wi): I will fish shallow where ever I am, you'd be amqazed at the
places have found walleys
[20:11:53] river king: is berkly a sponsor for you
[20:11:53] riverfishingwi: but what about the time of year determining that ralph
[20:12:01] riverfishingwi: i mean determining depth you fish at
[20:12:08] Ralph M. (Wi): Power Tubes, grubs, leaches and jig worms about cover it
[20:12:22] Bigfoot: fish where the fish are right Ralph
[20:12:58] TerryMac: any luck in real clear  that shallow in mid-season?
[20:13:03] Ralph M. (Wi): In the spring, in rivers at night the fish will be shallow. In little
bay, or great lakes type bodies of water the shallow weed bite is always waiting,
especially if it is cloudy or windy
[20:13:25] fishmon: ralph whats your line preference
[20:13:29] Drift'r: what gives you an indication of shallow fish.....weather , temps ?
[20:13:54] Ralph M. (Wi): Saginaw Bay in July in 3 feet of water works well. I have a
few spots in Little bay for summer, that are dry right now
[20:14:32] Ralph M. (Wi): Bait fish , cover access to deeper water helps, but moving
water like from a nearby creek cant hurt 
[20:14:48] TerryMac: Why?
[20:14:57] TerryMac:  sorry mis read
[20:15:06] Ralph M. (Wi): I use fireline for jigging and then Regular ol Xt for most other
[20:15:45] riverfishingwi: what lb fireline
[20:15:50] Ralph M. (Wi): I didnt miss ya Bigfoot, you are right
[20:16:15] Ralph M. (Wi): I use 6lb test 2lb diameter and 6 - 14 for jugging
[20:16:49] curt-t-o: river low still shallow
[20:16:53] fishmon: what type of rod do you use with  that fire for jigging
[20:17:00] Ralph M. (Wi): the 6-2 is on two medium light 6 foot rods and the 6 14 is on
two 6 ft 6 mediums, the later used for biggerr jigsd andthree ways
[20:17:03] TerryMac: What is your favorite jig (style) to cast to shallow fish? 
[20:17:25] TerryMac: live bait on the jig
[20:17:43] Ralph M. (Wi): Slo pokes are tough to beat. I used the Odd ball alot for that,
but then they discontinued the 1/16th oz, so more slo pokes
[20:17:53] fishmon: slow or fast tip
[20:17:56] Ralph M. (Wi): When in doubt Terry
[20:17:58] TerryMac: thnx
[20:18:19] Ralph M. (Wi): I usually tip one rod with and one without and let the fish tell me
[20:18:57] Ralph M. (Wi): Fast action rods do well, but it is important to go one size
lower with fireline. 
[20:18:58] Roach WI: What kind of tactics do you think you would use late July on
Mississippi, LaCrosse? 
[20:19:13] Reefer: outlaw in the house!
[20:19:14] Ralph M. (Wi): If you jig with a medium, you may want to go to a medium light
[20:20:02] Ralph M. (Wi): I use both, I just had to adapt to the line. I found that if I set
the hook too fast, I took the jig away from the fish
[20:21:16] TerryMac: What reels, Ralph...with that fireline and casting? I;m not doing
well in that dept? 
[20:21:25] Ralph M. (Wi): Mississippi in July? 
[20:21:36] Ralph M. (Wi): Look for wing dams firs
t[20:21:54] Ralph M. (Wi): Then rip rap points and inlets/outlets to side channels.
[20:21:56] river king: i tried the fireline jigging and that was my problem also pulling jig
out of mouth before they clamped down
[20:22:50] Ralph M. (Wi): I learned to do like when you are topwater fishing. Wait till
you feel the fish pull, dont set on the hit It only means waiting about 1 second
[20:23:00] Ralph M. (Wi): pull
[20:23:01] river king: yes pete but will get slower as i get older
[20:23:26] river king: its hard to hold up for that second
[20:23:27] TerryMac: I have trouble making the fireline behave on the reel when doing
a lot of casting?
[20:23:36] Drift'r: Ralph , do you ever do any trolling ? 
[20:23:44] Pete[Oh]: maybe i should go to fireline hahaha
[20:23:56] TerryMac: lol
[20:24:21] Ralph M. (Wi): What I have found that works best Tery, is every so often
fire off a long cast and then reel the line back in, keeping tension on it. 
[20:24:28] river king: it really works good if you have slower reflexes pete it helped cecil a lot
[20:24:36] TerryMac: k   thnx
[20:24:43] Ralph M. (Wi): Fireline is very un forgiving with slack line on retrieves with light jigs 
[20:24:54] TerryMac: 4 sure ! 
[20:25:12] Roach WI: What kind of motor do you run?
 [20:25:38] Ralph M. (Wi): I do troll often, I just set a deal with Big Jon and they are now
a sponsor for Max and I
[20:25:46] river king: what electronics do you use ralph
[20:25:53] Ralph M. (Wi): I have a 225 Opti pushing the 620 around
[20:25:54] Drift'r: tell us about that
[20:25:57] Ralph M. (Wi): Lowrance
[20:26:09] Drift'r: your trolling that is
[20:26:20] Roach WI: Have you had any troubles with the Opti ?
[20:26:30] river king: have you  tried the new dipsey divers big jon has out now
[20:26:37] Ralph M. (Wi): I wish (personally) that I was as confident with trolling as Jigging
[20:26:46] Pete[Oh]: anyone have a good deal on a lot of fireline? 
[20:27:54] jumbojim: but there is no other feeling like pitching a jig up shallow and
having one hit right by shore they otta bottle that feeling then guys would not need viagra
[20:27:57] eyefish(mi): I just do what ever the boat tells me too
[20:28:07] Ralph M. (Wi): True, there are plent of times when I will troll in rivers or lakes deep or shallow. Just depends on how the fisgh are reaxcting and how spread out they are
[20:28:11] Drift'r: do you know much about Big Jon's new dipseys
[20:28:26] Ralph M. (Wi): Do you mean the mini diver
[20:28:56] river king: yes thats it i watched a fishing show they were using those
[20:28:59] Drift'r: yes the mini
[20:29:06] Roach WI: Any troubles with the Opti Ralph?
[20:29:32] Ralph M. (Wi): I tell you what Jumbojim, there is no better feeling than a 6 or
8 or even a 10 ahniahalating a lure as you work it to the boat
[20:29:48] Ralph M. (Wi): No troublkes with the Opti, love it to death
[20:29:54] jumbojim: i bet
[20:29:59] saug: Thanks for all the useful info Ralph gotta go
[20:29:48] Ralph M. (Wi): No troublkes with the Opti, love it to death
[20:29:54] jumbojim: i bet
[20:30:34] Ralph M. (Wi): look at me I cant even spell 
[20:30:52] Roach WI: What kind of lures would you use to troll with on a river if the fish
were spread out? 
[20:31:02] river king: what about the divers ralph
[20:31:23] Ralph M. (Wi): The mini divers have been out for some time now. I have
played with them off and on for a couple of years now. A very interesting little tool
[20:32:03] river king: have you used the dipseys that they use in erie??
[20:32:04] Ralph M. (Wi): The mini get you extra depth and further away from the boat
[20:32:41] Ralph M. (Wi): I havent used dipseys for walleyes, but we use them all the
time for rainbows and coho on Lake Mich. 
[20:32:59] river king: which one is better???
[20:33:06] Roach WI: Are you using the Lowrance 160 or 1600? 
[20:33:26] Ralph M. (Wi): Roach, If the fish are hugging the bottom, I love crashing
shad Raps and Hot n tots through them. Wally divers are hard to beat too
[20:33:42] TerryMac: Ralph, serious question on the boat,,,can you work that model
backwards..backtroll ??
[20:33:54] Ralph M. (Wi): For ultimate versitility, the mini diver (If I had to pick between
the two)
[20:34:09] Ralph M. (Wi): Dipseys require heavier linbe and rod combosv
[20:34:16] river king: thanks ralph i/m gonna get those
[20:34:37] fishmon: whats your favorite color if you only had one
[20:34:41] Ralph M. (Wi): I have two 160's on my boat and am adding an X 85 on the
dash for next year
[20:35:01] Drift'r: do you use boards when trolling? 
[20:35:02] Ralph M. (Wi): Gold (Jig) Shad (crank)
[20:35:06] river king: x85 is nice you/ll like it
[20:35:10] Roach WI: Why not the 1600? 
[20:35:17] Ralph M. (Wi): I use boards frequently
[20:35:27] jumbojim: i ahve the 160 good unit
[20:35:49] Ralph M. (Wi): I prefer not to use boards when pulling spinner though. I
have 6 8 and 13 foot rods for trolling spinners
[20:36:28] Ralph M. (Wi): I picked up the 160 as they are a combo unit and i had not
quite figured out how i wanted to rig the boat
[20:36:40] river king: do you change hooks on the new lures you buy for trolling
[20:36:46] eyefish(mi): I have the 1600 and love......but I can't get it to find fish
[20:36:55] Ralph M. (Wi): The 160 and the 1600 are the same GPS units, just one has
a locator in it. 
[20:37:09] river king: how can you love it then eyefish
[20:37:31] eyefish(mi): It really looks cool setting on the table
[20:37:35] river king: lol
[20:37:37] Ralph M. (Wi): Sometime I change the hooks. If they are a good quality
hook, I touch them up but leave them on
[20:37:49] Roach WI: Its something to look at when the fish won't go river king
[20:38:26] river king: i lost quite a few bigger fish at saginaw bay with hot and tots thats
why i wasking
[20:38:35] Airwave(OH): Does it have a similator mode Eyefish that works for me..lol
[20:38:38] Ralph M. (Wi): I am adding the X 85 to pick up more detail and useing the
160 on the dash as a GPS
[20:38:43] Roach WI: What is your favorite  water in WI to fish?
[20:38:45] eyefish(mi): lol
20:38:26] river king: i lost quite a few bigger fish at saginaw bay with hot and tots thats
why i wasking
[20:38:57] Roach WI: Body of water that is
[20:39:19] Ralph M. (Wi): the hooks on tots are good hooks, although most of mine are
changed to a wide gap treble.
[20:39:28] river king: there you go rod leave it in simulater mode it/ll show all kinds of fish lol
20:39:45] jumbojim: lol
[20:39:47] Ralph M. (Wi): I was losing lots of fish on Saginaw bay too, but I think it is
because the fish were striking them short
[20:39:58] eyefish(mi): well it shows me where the lakes are anyway
[20:40:11] river king: in rough water i was losing more of them
[20:40:22] Ralph M. (Wi): I'd have to say The Fox River in Green Bay and the bay itself 
[20:40:56] river king: ebi will be here soon
[20:40:59] Ralph M. (Wi): Try putting a crankbait snap between the hook and the split
ring and see if you get more of those fish on Saginaw
[20:41:01] Roach WI: Yeah, I had a good Fall on the Fox this year
20:41:19] river king: cool i/ll try that thamnks
[20:41:28] eyefish(mi): Ralph where in Saginaw Baty do you fish that shallow
[20:41:40] Ralph M. (Wi): It helped me, and it doesnt change the action that i could notice
[20:41:44] fishy: you interested in anything, sorry they went quick, have sold over
$7500 worth of equipment
[20:41:47] fishmon:  ralph both hooks or just back
[20:41:57] Drift'r: good tip Ralph
[20:41:59] Swat 1(oh): I went to all Excalibur hooks on the Tots and that seemed to help too
[20:42:01] Ralph M. (Wi): Just the back hook
[20:42:55] Ralph M. (Wi): I like to fish the rip rap around the island out of the mouth of
the river and the submeged Island in the river mouth. The weeds out in front of Linwood are good too
20:43:11] Pete[Oh]: may have missed the answer Ralph, but how's the backtrolling with a 620
[20:43:15] eyefish(mi): thanks
[20:43:21] Den: hi all[20:43:40] river king: at night or daytime in river mouth ralph??? 
[20:43:53] Roach WI: Gotta go Ralph, thanks and good luck next year. 
[20:43:58] Ralph M. (Wi): I havent done it often, but the boat tracks well with a 9.9
kicker. It would be a little harder in rough water and cross winds though
[20:44:16] Ralph M. (Wi): Thanks roach
[20:44:24] Drift'r: Tell us about your sponsers, who they are
[20:44:44] river king: you have an electric trolling motor on boat ralph??? 
[20:44:47] Ralph M. (Wi): Daytime is the only timer I have ever fishe d the mouth, but it
need to be a little bumpy to be hot
[20:45:10] river king: saginaw bay is always bumpy is.nt it
[20:45:17] eyefish(mi): lol
[20:45:17] Ralph M. (Wi): I have the 107 lb thrust Motorguide tour edition, That
monkey can put my boat on plane!
[20:45:28] Drift'r: :)
[20:45:42] river king: then you use it fore backtrolling right
[20:45:43] Drift'r: is that 36 volt? 
[20:46:16] Steve (IA): That's the Tim Taylor edition isn't it Ralph?
[20:46:24] jumbojim: lol
[20:46:27] Juls (WI): lol
[20:46:31] gw(in): lmao
[20:46:32] TerryMac: LOL
[20:46:53] Ralph M. (Wi): Sponsors, Bait Rigs, Ranger Boats, Mercury, Big Jon,
Lowrance, MW Marine, Marbles Knives, Bayshore Resort UP Prop repair
[20:47:29] jumbojim: i neep a prop repair sponsor lol
[20:47:35] Ralph M. (Wi): Car Quest inEscanaba, Dales Building and Remodeling
[20:47:37] TerryMac: hehehehe
[20:47:41] Swat 1(oh): Prop repair for a sponsor now that makes good sense...LOL
[20:47:43] Ralph M. (Wi): I know I am missing someone
[20:47:56] Ralph M. (Wi): I use Up Prop once and a while
[20:47:57] riverfishingwi: ya u do jumbo lmao
[20:47:57] TerryMac: Northland? 
[20:48:02] gw(in): bait sponsor? Cranks? 
[20:48:09] Drift'r: i really like the Bait Rigs blades
[20:48:14] Ralph M. (Wi): Max has killed more props (of MINE) the I have
[20:48:47] jumbojim: i really had mine int 7 times this year
[20:49:09] Ralph M. (Wi): I didnt even scratch one this year, go figure
[20:49:17] TerryMac: Needin a Jet....Jumbo!
[20:49:18] river king:  raise the motor occasionally jumbo
[20:49:32] red baron: hate to see your skag Jumbo LOL
[20:50:18] Ralph M. (Wi): I dont have a crankbait sponsor gw
[20:50:23] TerryMac: Ralph...any PWT for you this coming season?
[20:50:32] eyefish(mi): don't take the boat up on the launch....till after you back the
trailer in[20:50:35] river king: or ptw ralph
[20:50:39] Drift'r: Are there anymore questions for our host....get them in.
[20:50:54] Ralph M. (Wi): I used to be with Storm, but they downsizes a few years
back, before the buyout, and I didnt make the cut
[20:51:06] Ralph M. (Wi): If I missed one let me know
[20:51:10] river king: no more questions here thsanks ralph stay dry lol
[20:51:24] TerryMac: PWT in '00? 
[20:51:31] Juls (WI): thanks Ralph..clap clap lcap clap clap
[20:51:40] riverfishingwi: thanks much ralph
[20:51:41] Steve (IA): I came in late, but, I assume you already covered late season swimming?
[20:51:41] TerryMac: thank  clap clap
[20:51:42] Ralph M. (Wi): No Pwt, with the new baby due within the month, i will have
my hands full with just the MWC

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