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RALPH MUCCILLI  Online Seminar 1/12/00
[20:00:36] ebijack: Please Welcome our host tonight RALPH MUCCILLI !!!!!!!!
[20:00:42] Drift'r: Welcome Ralph !!!!!!!!
[20:00:45] Jim Alton: Wild applause....
[20:00:45] river king mi: welcome ralph
[20:00:52] Den: clap clap
[20:00:52] Drift'r: clap clap clap
[20:00:52] ebijack: clap clap clap
[20:00:53] walleyemaster: welcome
[20:00:53] eyefish(mi): Clap   clap clap Welcome Ralph
[20:00:55] Airwave(OH): Welcome
[20:00:59] eye' catcher: yahoooooooo! ralph
[20:01:01] Swat1 (OH): Welcome Ralph
[20:01:05] Ralph M (WI): Aw shucks folks, I am humbled
[20:01:06] jumbojim: clapclap clap
[20:01:10] weye: lets fish
[20:01:17] #1 Saugeye: welcome, Ralph from Fort Peck
[20:01:33] walleyemaster:
[20:01:38] eye' catcher: how much money did you win last year ralph
[20:01:42] Juls(WI): clap clap clap clap...welcome ralph
[20:01:56] ebijack: ralph, how about starting us off with what tourney's your fishing this
[20:02:04] eye' catcher: rough numbers
[20:02:10] Ralph M (WI): In the neighbor hood of 2000, a little under actually, and
that was my half
[20:02:35] Ralph M (WI): I am going to do 4 or all of the MWC and thats about it guys
[20:03:00] ebijack: ralph, what makes you choose to fish the MWC's
[20:03:19] Ralph M (WI): I do not want to try to find a new partner so close to Max's
[20:03:28] Jim Alton: Ralph, how long have you been a Pro?
[20:03:52] Ralph M (WI): I have fished the MWC since 1989 , Kaz is a close friend
and he got me started in writing and fishing
[20:04:18] Ralph M (WI): I also like the team format as I enjoy fishing with a friend
[20:04:19] ebijack: how is kaz doing?
[20:04:55] Ralph M (WI): Really good, his house is real close to being done and he
cals to let me know just how nice the weather is in Atlanta
[20:05:00] eye' catcher: what magazines do you write for
[20:05:34] Ralph M (WI): I have been in every issue of walleye central and I write for
the Outdoor Notebook in Lemont Ill(outside of Chicago)
[20:05:42] ebijack: ralph, do you spend much time looking for more sponsors?
[20:05:59] Ralph M (WI): I have written for several other publications and have been in
the MWC newsletter
[20:06:46] ebijack: ralph, who are your sponsors now
[20:06:47] Ralph M (WI): Not really Ebi, all of my sponsors have been friends first and I
believe in their products, the sponsorships have all come along over the past 10 years
or so
[20:06:48] #1 Saugeye: What type of fishing do you prefer, rivers or lakes?
[20:07:13] Ralph M (WI): If I could choose only one place, it would be a medium sized
[20:07:17] eye' catcher: whats your favorite way to walleye fish
[20:07:29] jumbojim: good answer ralph
[20:07:43] Ralph M (WI): I am pretty much a jig man, if I can pick how to catch them, I
choose a jig
[20:07:49] walleyemaster: ralph what has been your most productive bait or rig last
[20:08:28] jumbojim: ralph where did your walleye roots start
[20:08:29] Ralph M (WI): I would have to say, casting shallow stickbaits, Husky Jerks,
thundersticks, etc.
[20:08:47] eye' catcher: ever try a sassy shad
[20:09:23] Ralph M (WI): Use them all the time in colder water especially when the fish
are iffy, I jig them aggressively and they will just nail it
[20:09:29] WALLEYEWIZ: they look pretty nice
[20:09:34] ebijack: ralph, who are your sponsors 
[20:10:46] Ralph M (WI): Ok lets see, Bait Rigs, Ranger, Bayshore Resort, Marble's
knives Mercury, Up Prop, Car Quest in Escanaba, MW Marine, Big Jon
[20:11:11] #1 Saugeye: Ralph, have you ever fished fort Peck and what do you think
of it?
[20:12:05] Ralph M (WI): I have not been on ther Detroit in years and ave never been
to Fort Peck, but would like to take a shot at those saugeyes there
[20:12:35] #1 Saugeye: Ralph there's some big ones in there!
[20:12:42] Ralph M (WI): Have I missed anyone so far?
[20:12:57] eyefish(mi): your doing great
[20:13:06] Ralph M (WI): Yes I know several of the PWT ers who have been there
and just dream about it
[20:13:07] jumbojim: where did you start walleye fishing ralph
[20:13:16] Chairman: how do you locate fish in weeds?
[20:13:23] ebijack: ralph, can you tell us about the rig and electronics you run?
[20:13:35] Ralph M (WI): The Rock River in central wis and the Wisconsin River near
the Dells
[20:14:10] Ralph M (WI): weeds are tough, unless the fish are goin nuts. I start looking
along deeper edges near a point first
[20:14:22] Ralph M (WI): on cloudy days in clear water, i look for pockets
[20:14:34] Chairman: with a jig or casting a lure?
[20:15:09] Ralph M (WI): I like to start over the tops with cranks or swimming a jig, then
probe deeper with jigs , spoons and blades
[20:15:42] Chairman: thanks, I have a hard time there, no confidence
[20:16:03] WALLEYEWIZ: anything going on in the river now?
[20:16:26] Chairman: shallow water and weeds, used to my electronics for help
[20:16:36] Ralph M (WI): Weeds are not everyones cup of tea Chairman I have spent
a lot of time fouled up and pounding dead water
[20:16:58] Chairman: with 4 days of practice, it is hard to fish them
[20:17:28] Chairman: you have to fish them on faith i guess
[20:17:36] Ralph M (WI): I have had a good deal of time in the weeds both as an eye
fisherman the last dozen or so years and as a Bass fisherman before that
[20:17:43] #1 Saugeye: Ralph, since you prefer jigs, what special jig do you like best?
[20:17:43] ebijack: ralph, do you fish only the mwc due to time limits? for yourself
[20:17:57] Ralph M (WI): Faith, confidence and a light hand helps most
[20:18:05] Chairman: PWT is down to 4 days pre fish
[20:18:20] walleyemaster: ralph what boat do you run ? 
[20:18:21] RichardM(AB): since when Bruce?
[20:18:22] Ralph M (WI): also, set the hook anytime youíre not sure, you may be
missing a lot of fish that feel like a hangup
[20:18:53] Chairman: starting this year 4 of the 5 days and you have to sign a letter
saying which day you took off
[20:18:58] Ralph M (WI): I run  a Ranger 620 with a 225 Merc Opti Max, love the rig
[20:19:06] jumbojim: what line are u using for casting jigs
[20:19:11] walleyemaster: nice ship
[20:19:30] Ralph M (WI): I use fireline most of the time now, 6lb test and 14 lb test
[20:19:43] Chairman: just ordered my second 620 ralph great boat
[20:19:59] Ralph M (WI): In clear water I use Select from Berkely. On my jigging
spoons I use 10 or 14 lb Trilene XT
[20:20:00] ebijack: why fireline ralph
[20:20:01] jumbojim: use that for casing into current breaks too?
[20:20:28] Chairman: so the east or west guys donít have to take an extra day off. i think it
gives the locals a edge don't you?
[20:20:48] Ralph M (WI): I use fireline most of the time for all my jigging, I could not
believe how good I could feel a light pickup on slack line
[20:21:30] RichardM(AB): why not just 4 days then instead of 4 out of 5? this doesn't
make sense.
[20:21:32] Den: Ralph, what weight jig do you prefer?
[20:21:35] Ralph M (WI): Chairman, did you get the rails across the back like in the
catalog this year?
[20:22:05] Ralph M (WI): I use lighter jigs than most, 1/16 or 1/8 oz whenever possible
[20:22:12] Chairman: had that last year, lacourse ordered my first ranger for me
[20:22:19] #1 Saugeye: Prefishing peck, I'd stay at Hell Creek, save a lot of gas and
the bite that time of year is usually between the pines and Snow creek
[20:22:40] Chairman: I need you to teach me the light jig program
[20:22:51] sheila: Think I heard reasoning on 4 day prefish was fish-pressure
[20:22:55] Den: what do you tip it with Ralph?
[20:22:59] Ralph M (WI): It's tricky, but I learned from 2 of the best
[20:23:31] Ralph M (WI): I prefer to tip with power jig worms or grubs, but am a big fan
of a jig head and some live bait
[20:24:21] Ralph M (WI): The biggest trick for me < Chairman, was being able to
visualize where the jig is
[20:24:22] ebijack: ralph, why do you prefer to use lighter jigs
[20:24:53] sheila: good question Ebi, I have hard time finding a bottom w/them
[20:24:59] Chairman: how important is live bait in weeds?
[20:25:00] Ralph M (WI): I like a long hang time when the fish are shallow, and prefer to
swim the jigs in around and through cover not drag them
[20:25:16] slapshot: Always use heavier!
[20:25:41] Chairman: I saw bait rigs new odd ball looks promising
[20:25:50] Ralph M (WI): Live bait always depends on the fish. as a throwback to
bassin' , I like to use faster baits to find the fish and then zero in on them
[20:26:21] Chairman: plastic then would be a good choice in weeds reactive strikes?
[20:26:27] Ralph M (WI): I will use much heavier jigs when conditions are calling for it
[20:26:30] gw(in): chairman - all this jig talk from you is scaring me!!  lol
[20:26:33] Chairman: on jigs i mean
[20:26:46] Juls(WI): lol gw
[20:26:46] #1 Saugeye: Ralph, which type of jigs do you prefer?
[20:26:53] Ralph M (WI): High wind, strong current or a moving boat maker big
differences in jig choice
[20:27:02] Chairman: want to be an all around fisherman
[20:27:52] Ralph M (WI): I am partial to Bait Rigs. I use the Odd Ball most of the time,
but the Slo Poke and Slo Poke weed master are 2nd and 3rd
[20:28:03] ebijack: ralph, do you look for places to jig whenever you prefish?
[20:29:01] Ralph M (WI): I look over the maps and information and look for the jig bite
every where 1st. If I cannot find anything I look to trolling rigging etc
[20:29:57] walleyemaster: ralph what have you caught your bigger fish on jigs or
[20:30:35] jumbojim: do you ever long line drifting with the current
[20:30:56] Ralph M (WI): It is a toss up. I have many 6 to 8 pound eyes on jigs, but, all
3 fish over 10 were on cranks
[20:31:10] ebijack: ralph, how important is the rod you use for jigging
[20:31:28] Ralph M (WI): I usually long line when the fish want a slower jig
[20:31:42] Ralph M (WI): To me, rods are a matter of preference
[20:31:52] jumbojim: thats a fun way too fish
[20:32:08] eyefish(mi): yes ralph but that does depend on were you fish every big fish i
have ever caught has been on jigs
[20:32:14] ebijack: ralph..brand?  taper rate?
[20:32:20] Ralph M (WI): I also like to long line when moving up current in a river
[20:32:46] Pete[Oh]: Ralph, if live bait was no longer allowed but scent was what
would you use?
[20:32:56] Ralph M (WI): I have probably caught more big fish on jigs, but I think that
may be due to my preference to fish them
[20:33:03] #1 Saugeye: Ralph do you find dragging a jig on a dead pole to be quite
[20:33:16] eyefish(mi): i dont use live bait in the river anyway
[20:33:47] Ralph M (WI): I drag dead rods lots of times when fish are slow or I am
missing a lot of fish. I also have a dead rod out when I am casting to cover
[20:34:21] Chairman: bottom bouncer or jig on the dead rod
[20:34:25] jumbojim: do you ever use spinner rigs for dead poles?
[20:34:25] Ralph M (WI): I use Berkely scents and Power baits most of the time when
not using or in conjunction with live bait
[20:34:45] Ralph M (WI): Snaggy water, bottom bouncer, deep water too
[20:34:47] Swat1 (OH): Do you have a favorite flavor though Ralph
[20:35:05] Ralph M (WI): all other times, a jig or slip sinker and floater
[20:35:07] sheila: sounds delicious
[20:35:20] Ralph M (WI): Flavor??
[20:35:25] ebijack: ralph, do you prefer to find walleye in the weeds or off drop offs
[20:35:38] Juls(WI): hey ralph...do you use baitcasters for bottom bouncing? wondering
which reels your using if you do...im shopping...;-))
[20:35:45] Swat1 (OH): Like Shad or whatever?
[20:35:55] Ralph M (WI): for ease of fishing, drop offs, for getting away from the crowd
, weeds
[20:36:32] fishmon: Do you use any powerbaits designed for bass
[20:36:34] sheila: Ralph, this is dumb, but where are you from? Bodies of water?
[20:36:37] ebijack: what about size of fish ralph like in toruney's
[20:36:42] Ralph M (WI): Shad type scent for most applications, but I have used
crawfish based scent when the eyes are popin craws in the rocks
[20:37:16] Ralph M (WI): I am from about a 40 minute drive south of Winnebagao
[20:37:45] sheila: Alright. like milwak or chicag
[20:37:48] Juls(WI): there are no dumb questions gal....;-)
[20:37:55] Ralph M (WI): the average weed fish ebi is a good solid 2 to 3 pound fish,
but I have pulled many 7 and 8 pounders when they are there
[20:37:57] curt-t-o: do you ever fish puckaway?
[20:39:19] walleyemaster: thanks for talking ralph. good nite and good fishing
[20:39:24] Ralph M (WI): I have a good friend who lives on the SW corner of
Puckaway, but I havent fished there in a few years
[20:39:38] ebijack: ralph, any tips to keeping a good partner and or finding one
[20:39:39] curt-t-o: jumbo where on puck?
[20:40:48] Ralph M (WI): Find someone who will also be a good friend as well as
a compliment to you in the boat
[20:41:20] Ralph M (WI): Find someone whoís opinion you will value and will not be
judge mental or place blame when things donít go as planned
[20:41:29] slapshot: You have to find one that is like a wife or husband! hehehehehe
[20:41:36] ebijack: ralph, has your opti max performed better than you expected
[20:41:54] Ralph M (WI): I drool when I turn the key  LOL
[20:41:59] ebijack: :)
[20:43:47] ebijack: ralph, since your not a rich man from fishing tourney's , i take it you
love the competition
[20:44:21] Ralph M (WI): Competition, camaraderie and I look forward to seeing friends at each event.
[20:44:33] sheila: and does it cost a lot???
[20:44:36] sheila: hehe
[20:44:48] Juls(WI): ;-)
[20:44:48] Den: good question
[20:45:21] Ralph M (WI): Fishing tourneys can be very expensive, the MWC full circuit
will cost 1800 plus in entry fees alone
[20:45:26] Swat1 (OH): Most guys don't make enough fishing tourneys to cover costs
[20:45:39] Ralph M (WI): True
[20:45:48] river king mi: everybody cant win
[20:45:55] slapshot: Very True
[20:46:14] Den: the winning can be in the learning
[20:46:21] eyefish(mi): thank god for those of us that just donate entry fees
[20:46:25] Ralph M (WI): but, then, if you branch out and are good at representing your
sponsors and promoting yourself, you can make enough to keep your mate off your
[20:46:26] sheila: I figure most pros are fairly well off, or fairly well broke...
[20:46:37] Juls(WI): LOL
[20:46:51] Den: both 
[20:47:04] Chairman: know how to make a million$ fishing?
[20:47:04] river king mi: the adrenaline rush is great being in a different place and trying
to catch fish when you start catching them its about as good as you can get
[20:47:07] sheila: Congrats Ralph, hard work helps the luck eh?
[20:47:20] Juls(WI): start with two...lol
[20:47:37] sheila: How Chairman?
[20:47:43] bob oh: market planer boards????
[20:47:47] Ralph M (WI): as long as you keep your perspective straight and keep
enjoying what you do, the expense can be painless
 [20:48:08] Chairman: juls has it!!
[20:48:21] eyefish(mi): Tell that to my wife Ralph
[20:48:37] Ralph M (WI): I think Bruce has a good hold on the sideplaner market
[20:48:49] TBO/MN: Ralph, I am a first time MWC fisherman, am going to fish only 3 of
the 5, fishing only to learn, how was your first year??
[20:48:57] Chairman: with the help on the anglers fishing tourneys.
[20:49:00] slapshot: Bruce has the best product out there!
[20:49:02] Swat1 (OH): Sure do like the Off Shore Products
[20:49:16] Ralph M (WI): Rough, but fun. I fished 3 that year too, and learned alot
[20:49:25] slapshot: That a boy!
[20:49:28] Den: they work good because they are good 
[20:49:30] Juls(WI): yes he does...agreed mike
[20:49:45] Chairman: how do you see the new owners handling the MWC ralph
[20:49:46] TBO/MN: how were you treated by the other guys, like a rookie??
[20:49:57] slapshot: They work so well!  and the tattle flags #1
[20:50:09] Ralph M (WI): TBO, keep your smile on and your ears open and you will
learn as much watching the weigh in as fishing the tourney
[20:50:26] TBO/MN: thanks!!
[20:50:32] Juls(WI): you got it mike...i wouldnt fish without the flags....well ok i would if i
had no choice..but LOL
[20:50:58] Ralph M (WI): So far, so good. They have made few changes to this point.
Time will tell, and they do have the tourneys best interests at heart 
[20:50:59] Juls(WI): good advice Ralph...very good
[20:51:41] sheila: Well Ralph, do you use boards too?
[20:51:43] Chairman: thanks, guys I have read all your resumes ha ha
[20:51:50] Juls(WI): hahahah
[20:51:51] Ralph M (WI): You will get treated as a rookie if you act like a , well , dork
[20:51:55] slapshot: yep!
[20:51:59] eyefish(mi): LOL
[20:52:02] Juls(WI): ;-)
[20:52:09] slapshot: hehehehehe
[20:52:22] Ralph M (WI): If you are yourself, open and honest about your viabilities and
willing to learn, you will come away with a good time
[20:52:49] Juls(WI): you wont have any problems with your personality tbo...you'll do
fine...just fine..;-)
[20:53:08] Ralph M (WI): I use boards most of the time when trolling, especially with
cranks and spoons
[20:53:28] ebijack: are there any more questions for our host tonight?
[20:53:37] TBO/MN: I am a teacher, so learning is my way of life, only I'll be the
[20:54:14] sheila: none from me, hope you have great tourney year Ralph
[20:54:22] Ralph M (WI): All you need to do thern is act like one of your students that
are a joy to teach and you got half the battle won
[20:54:31] Den: good luck ralph
[20:54:35] ebijack: I'd like to thank our host tonight  RALPH MUCCILLI !!!!
[20:54:37] slapshot: Good Luck Ralph!  Great Chat buddy!
[20:54:42] Ralph M (WI): Thanks to you all
[20:54:44] Eyeman IN: Thanks Ralph , Good Job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:54:46] Swat1 (OH): Good luck Ralph and Thanks for a great chat
[20:54:49] Juls(WI): clap clap clap clap clap clap...thanks ralph..good job buddy!!!
[20:54:53] Jim Alton: Thanks Ralph.
[20:54:57] TerryMac: Good job Ralph
[20:55:00] TBO/MN: thanks Ralph
[20:55:01] eyefish(mi): Great Job Ralph
[20:55:01] Den: thanks ralph
[20:55:05] #1 Saugeye: See ya, Ralph thanks for the chat
[20:55:05] river king mi: thanks ralph
[20:55:06] Ralph M (WI): Where did the hour go??????!!!!!!
[20:55:12] Chairman: See you this weekend ralph need more weed advise. thanks
[20:55:13] Drift'r: Thanks Ralph
[20:55:59] ebijack: thanks again ralph for step'n in and hosting tonight

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