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Please Welcome our guests GARY KING and DAVE OHLAUG !!!!!!

[19:59:33] OTG Guys: Save the applause, Steve

20:00:08] OTG Guys: We hope we can answer some questions for y'all tonight, so fire away

[20:00:31] Lundman(Wi): Ok, what product lines does OTG encompass...?

[20:00:34] Steve (IA): how about listing all the different brands you encompass

[20:00:35] OTG Guys: New product, new product and new product

[20:00:41] ebijack (mi): gary, can you tell us about what you do for OTG?

[20:00:46] Swat 1(oh): Are there any plans for a line counter reel from Abu Garcia?

[20:00:50] Speedy(IA): Are you going to market metered fireline?

[20:01:42] OTG Guys: Where do we begin? I'm Gary King and I'm the P.R.

Director for O.T.G. Dave Ohlaug is the Field Services Manager in the walleye market and

the Abu Garcia rod manager

[20:02:33] Speedy(IA): Is the line counter reel a possibility?

[20:02:37] OTG Guys: Regarding the line counter reel.. plans are on the

table right now for a unique line counter add on feature that will fit our Ambassadeur style reels

[20:02:53] blane (wa): Don't forget to make a left handed line counter!

[20:02:53] ebijack (mi): gary and dave, do you ever go to any of the

tourney's and talk to the pro's about your equipment?

[20:03:10] Steve (IA): will it fit all the ambassador reels

[20:03:37] OTG Guys: We won't forget the left handers, and yes, we do go on

the tourney trail (PWT, MWC and NAWA) and talk to the pros

[20:04:03] Thunderstick: any idea of the cost of the linecounter atachment?

[20:04:21] OTG Guys: The Line counter add on will fit all 4600, 5500 and

6500 models...it's about a year away

[20:04:48] OTG Guys: Don't know cost of L.C. feature yet

[20:04:49] Thunderstick: thats a great idea

[20:04:57] Steve (IA): any new line developments you can share?

[20:05:38] OTG Guys: This year, we introduced SensiThin..a low stretch mono

that many of the walleye pros really like. We're also working on some new revisions for FireLine

[20:06:00] Steve (IA): what's new with the fireline?

[20:06:15] Thunderstick: how can u improve on fireline????

[20:06:29] Lundman(Wi): I'm using the SensiThin for Ice fishing, I like it.....

[20:06:41] OTG Guys: Last year, we added a high vis green and some new test

weights...4#, 8#, etc. which are both great for walleye.

[20:07:12] Magic Marker: SensiThin----what makes it so good?

[20:07:19] Thunderstick: ive tried the green , seems to work great

[20:07:22] bob (oh): green is great!!

[20:07:37] ebijack (mi): gary, anything new in the fenwick rods for us to be looking for?

[20:07:40] OTG Guys: Remember with both SensiThin and Fireline you are

dealing with reduced stretch. That means you need a softer action rod to absorb shock

[20:07:57] Magic Marker: how does it hold up to zebra mussells?

[20:08:05] Steve (IA): any thought of adding florocarbon to your line?

[20:08:12] Speedy(IA): Softer action and or you don't need to cross their eyes to set the hook.

[20:08:14] Steve (IA): product line

[20:08:36] Thunderstick: lol your right there speedy

20:08:49] OTG Guys: Sensithin is a great new tool for people looking for a

strong, thin diameter mono. It has lower stretch than any mono on the market, and more


[20:09:14] Doc (wi): What about stiffness in cold weather

[20:09:19] Speedy(IA): How is the abrasion resistance of sensithin?

[20:09:47] OTG Guys: We are looking into flurocarbon, but we can't yet solve

the stiffness issue. We refuse to bring it to market until we can "build a better mousetrap"

[20:10:19] ebijack (mi): gary and dave, what happened to tri-max? i thought

that was your best all over line

[20:10:27] OTG Guys: Sensithin will react to cold water and abrasion much like our other monos

20:11:05] Lundman(Wi): SensiThin isn't any worse for stiffness in cold than xt or xl....

[20:11:13] OTG Guys: TriMax was a great line...we replaced it with our new

Tournament Strength line, which we think is even better than Tri-Max...less

stiff and better knot strength

[20:11:33] Doc (wi): hi -vis and low-vis options in SensiThin

[20:11:59] ^2old2^: what Lb. tests is sensiThin available in

[20:12:03] Magic Marker: which line best for trolling around zebra mussells?

[20:12:09] OTG Guys: Right now, Sensithin only comes in clear...but we're looking at a low-vis for next year

[20:12:29] Speedy(IA): Wire magic marker

[20:12:33] OTG Guys: MagicMarker...XT is our best bet for Zebra's

[20:12:33] Doc (wi): would the clear show up in black light

[20:13:12] OTG Guys: Doc...Like any clear line, it wouldn't glow under blacklight

[20:13:24] ebijack (mi): so XT is stronger than sensi thin?

[20:13:38] ebijack (mi): for abrasion

[20:13:42] OTG Guys: XT is more abrasion resistant than SensiThin

[20:14:08] Steve (IA): anything new ahead in rods?

[20:14:21] OTG Guys: Yes, quite a bit...

[20:14:51] ebijack (mi): gary and dave, do you still make the solid tip fenwick rods

[20:14:58] OTG Guys: We are using new materials and better placement of

existing materials for lighter, stronger and more sensitivity in our rods

[20:15:15] OTG Guys: No solid tip Fenwick rods

[20:15:30] OTG Guys: Anybody seen the new Fenwick rods

[20:15:38] Speedy(IA): Yes

[20:15:39] Canadian Loon: what model would you suggest for live baiting in the 7ft range?

[20:15:46] Lance L. (MI): How does the Techna AV compare to GLoomis

[20:15:57] Lundman(Wi): Are there any other Rods under your umbrella besides Fenwick??

[20:15:58] GOOSE: anything that compares to a loomis glx?

[20:16:20] OTG Guys: Lance, Techna AV can't really be compared to a

Loomis...it's made with different fibers and different construction

[20:16:39] Lance L. (MI): Is it lighter?

[20:16:45] OTG Guys: Not familiar with Loomis glx, Goose. Sorry.

[20:16:52] GOOSE: how about price to a loomis

20:17:24] OTG Guys: Lance, the Techna AV is incredibly light. We've got a

deal coming up in February...buy a Techna, get a free GPS

[20:17:44] ebijack (mi): you going to advertise that gary?

[20:17:49] GOOSE: tell us more

[20:17:52] Lance L. (MI): Soundss like a deal!

[20:18:04] OTG Guys: Price is comparable, in some cases lower, than most Loomis actions

[20:18:30] Magic Marker: gonna come out with other equip for walleye? as in

planer boards or other?

[20:18:33] OTG Guys: Rods range from $75 to $300 in Fenwick freshwater rods

[20:18:35] Lance L. (MI): How about those Berkley Frenzy crankbaits?

[20:18:52] Lance L. (MI): Are they in most stores now?

[20:18:53] Rx Fish: Where are your rods made?

[20:18:58] OTG Guys: No current plans for planer boards

20:19:10] Thunderstick: will these rods be available in canada as well??????

[20:19:15] OTG Guys: We have planer board rods, though

[20:19:42] OTG Guys: Techna AV, and most Fenwick models, are available in Canada, t-stick

[20:19:44] Thunderstick: still cant get a 7ft garry roach in a 1 piece here

[20:20:07] OTG Guys: Frenzy baits are unbelievable, and we're shipping all

we can make right now

[20:20:17] Pook (NY): does your new Ambassadeur reels still have cross wrap

levelwind for baitcasters?

[20:20:25] Canadian Loon: how many you want Thunderstick?

[20:20:43] OTG Guys: We have triple cross levelwinds in specific Abu series

[20:20:55] Steve (IA): what models are you making in the frenzies and what's

in the future with them

[20:21:00] Thunderstick: i have one i got from the states but we are unable

to get them at the store

20:21:21] ebijack (mi): gary and dave, have you found any problems with worn

guides by using fireline?

[20:21:57] Thunderstick: do the frenzies come in deep divers???

[20:22:11] OTG Guys: Steve, current models are divers and rattlers...seven

colors, six shapes, ranging from shallow to deep divers and 1/4 to 1/2 oz. Rattlers

[20:22:37] Thunderstick: thanx

[20:22:46] Speedy(IA): deep divers are awesome I have gotten them 40-45ft deep

[20:22:50] Steve (IA): how about minnow bait model

[20:24:18] OTG Guys: We've heard rumors of worn guides, but can't produce

evidence that FireLine damages guides. We've tested it, but can't show any

abrasion to guides from FL

[20:25:07] Lance L. (MI): Do you have any plans for a line counter reel?

[20:25:50] Doc (wi): please

[20:25:53] ebijack (mi): gary and dave, anything new in rod handles?

[20:25:57] Steve (IA): tell us about tournament strength power bait

[20:25:58] Thunderstick: yes please do

[20:26:14] Speedy(IA): Make sure it is calibrated to Precision Trolling

[20:26:26] Lance L. (MI): in feet not meters

[20:26:28] ebijack (mi): a lower cost linecounter would be a big seller!

[20:26:40] OTG Guys: In handles, the trend is back to high-grade cork and

designs are to reduce weight and improve comfort

[20:27:04] Steve (IA): how will you improve comfort?

[20:27:16] Thunderstick: yes u could take the market by storm bringing it in cheaper,

[20:27:18] ebijack (mi): anything about balancing the rods as in more weight

in the handle end?

[21:00:39] OTG GUYS: As far as adding weight to rod handles to balance the

system...we prefer to reduce tip weight through the concept guide system, for instance.

And remember, reduced weight is reduced mass which is more sensitivity

[21:00:43] Speedy(IA): cork vs synthetic handles and balance

[21:01:21] Speedy(IA): Jig

[21:01:24] Harry: Hi Guys soory I'm late, I couldn't get in

[21:01:44] ebijack (mi): none of us could harry :)

[21:01:53] OTG GUYS: Hi Harry

[21:02:25] jig stop: are you going to come out with a thin rapala style frenzy?

[21:03:04] OTG GUYS: We are looking at some extensions for Frenzy...we think

we've got a hot one here (and some new hot ones coming)

[21:03:06] ebijack (mi): gary, how are those new cranks running behind

boards and what speeds seem to be the best

[21:03:08] Jim Alton: Ebi... I missed the intro... could we have it again?

[21:03:43] golden (co): What is Frenzy? Did I miss it?

[21:03:43] Lance L.(MI): I have used the Frenzy and I am impressed

[21:03:59] ebijack (mi): gary king and dave ohlaug from OTG..outdoor tech

group...abu garcia, fenwick, berkley

[21:04:03] Speedy(IA): they run fine behind boards for me at between 1.5 and 2.5

[21:04:13] Lance L.(MI): new Berkley crank baits golden

[21:04:26] OTG GUYS: We have a tuned action with Frenzy that can be

duplicated in production every time.

[21:04:35] RichardM (Ab): could i have some back ground on this new bait? I love pulling cranks

[21:05:14] Lance L.(MI): tell us again about the models and sizes that are available.

[21:05:18] Speedy(IA): Very aggressive action and loud rattle.

[21:05:30] OTG GUYS: Frenzy is the new Berkley crankbait...four years in the

making and they're worth the wait. Computer generated actions, tested for years on

the fish..and the fish have told us "They're Ready".

[21:05:36] Jim Alton: Darryl Chronozy has a TV show up here and he's been

promoting the Frenzy baits....

[21:05:59] Jim Alton: They looked pretty impressive...

[21:06:05] Speedy(IA): right on OTG Guys

[21:06:12] Lance L.(MI): Extremely true runners right out of the box

[21:06:33] OTG GUYS: We're getting al lot of good reports from the guys that

have used them...they're still new, and we're trying to catch up with demand

[21:06:59] CRANKB8: How are the color assortments

[21:06:59] RichardM (Ab): profile? size, depths?21:07:31] Ruko: where can i

see or get one of these frenzy crankbaits i haven't seen or heard of them this far north?

[21:07:54] OTG GUYS: Frenzy comes in Divers and Rattlers. Rattlers are in

two sizes, seven colors. Divers are in three sizes, seven colors, and three depths.

[21:07:57] ebijack (mi): are you going to sell them thru bass pro and cabela's?

[21:08:10] golden (co): and Walleye Central?

21:08:28] ebijack (mi): tell us again about your deal coming up gary on the free GPS

[21:08:32] OTG GUYS: Ebi, Yes. They are in the current Bass Pro catalog, and

coming to Cabellas very soon, if not already there.

[21:09:10] ebijack (mi): scot is starting tackle central the biggest and

best tackel site around gary and dave

21:09:37] OTG GUYS: Starting in February (mid), when you buy a Techna AV,

you can mail in for a free hand held Magellan GPS. It's a screaming deal to help

us launch our Techna series. Fenwick is BACK!

[21:10:08] Jim Alton: Ok... for us morons... what's the Techna AV?

[21:10:40] golden (co): I"m an avid Fenwick user, have been for years

[21:11:05] OTG GUYS: The Fenwick Techna AV is a new rod made of Aramid Veil

fibers (the same material used in bullet proof vests). The story is a

lighter, stronger rod with enhanced sensitivity.

[21:11:07] Lance L.(MI): These rods are the lightest thing I have ever felt!

Extremely sensitive!

[21:11:29] fish-alot: how is fenwicks rod warrentys, are the covered for

accidental breakage

[21:11:38] OTG GUYS: Storm, don't know about Canada. I'll check on it for you.

[21:11:42] Ruko: what about the $$$$?

[21:11:58] Jim Alton: Since you brought up rods... most folks agree G-Loomis

makes about the best rods going... but are they worth the money?

[21:12:06] OTG GUYS: Ruko...around $250 for Techna...but worth it!

21:12:26] ebijack (mi): different fibers jim

[21:12:30] ebijack (mi): i believe

[21:12:33] Storm: 250 american??

[21:12:35] Steve (IA): did you answer the balance question before the melt down

[21:12:42] Lance L.(MI): You have to feel and see these rods to believe them

[21:12:50] ebijack (mi): that's about $700 canadian :)

[21:12:54] OTG GUYS: $250 USD, yes.

21:13:04] Ruko: not that much ebi

[21:13:06] Jim Alton: $700 before taxes..

[21:13:07] Storm: lol ebi

[21:13:14] Doc (wi): Thanks OTG Guys gotta go bowling

[21:13:15] CRANKB8: Do they come in 8'

[21:13:15] ebijack (mi): :)

[21:13:26] Jim Alton: It'd be about $350/360 Cdn.

[21:13:26] OTG GUYS: Steve, we added balance question after the meltdown....scroll up.

[21:13:34] OTG GUYS: Thanks, Doc.

21:13:56] OTG GUYS: Crank...They will soon come in 8 ft.

[21:14:13] ^2old2^ (mi): what action is it available in

[21:14:33] ebijack (mi): what's new with the fireline gary and dave, any

coating on it to help stop it from fraying?

[21:14:36] Rx Fish: Just checked your Frenzy lures are on back page of Bass Pro Spring Catalog

[21:14:52] CRANKB8: how limber of rod are we talking in the 8' rods

[21:15:07] ebijack (mi): thanks for the tip there rx, i've been looking for it

[21:15:23] OTG GUYS: FireLine now has a "color fast" to eliminate exterior

fraying and color fade.

[21:15:26] Canadian Loon: hey fishhead you gonna pick me up some line at the

company store?

[21:16:15] OTG GUYS: As an FYI for any interested, you can call our consumer

services department at 1-800-237-5539

[21:16:40] fishhead(Ia): you bet Loon how many thousand yards

[21:16:52] ebijack (mi): gary and dave, does fireline need to be kept out of

the sun like regular mono?

[21:16:53] OTG GUYS: Another FYI...some of our products are now being sold

online at ffo-tackle.com

[21:17:07] Steve (IA): will you be adding a thin minnow bait to your frenzy line up?

[21:17:36] OTG GUYS: FireLine is not as sensitive to sun as mono, but it's

still a good idea not to expose it to sun needlessly.

[21:17:50] Canadian Loon: about 3 or 4 thousand..will let you know

[21:18:12] OTG GUYS: Yes, Steve, we're looking at minnow baits now. May be

coming soon (fall). How's the clothing biz?

[21:18:13] fishhead(Ia): ok

[21:18:35] Steve (IA): stay on task :-)

[21:18:48] Harry: I've got one of the Frenzy baits in my hand, looks great, can't wait to try it

[21:18:50] OTG GUYS: Steve, you're such a slavedriver.

[21:19:05] OTG GUYS: Harry, what do you think of the finish?

[21:19:10] ebijack (mi): gary and dave, you should plan on talking to scott

about getting set up on tacklecentral.com

[21:19:17] fishhead(Ia): are the Frenzy balsa or plastic

[21:19:20] golden (co): I'm sure interested!

[21:19:31] Harry: The finish is GREAT!!!!!!!!

[21:19:34] Steve (IA): What's the feedback from people who have used the frezies

[21:19:36] OTG GUYS: ebi, we'll chat about that.

[21:20:14] Rip some lip wy: That's right it was pretty easy!!

[21:20:23] CRANKB8: I just picked up my Spring Fever Sale catalog form bass

Pro and the FRENZY is on the back cover

[21:20:30] OTG GUYS: Feedback on Frenzies has been very positive. Lot of

fish being caught. There is a unique action with the Frenzies that seems to stimulate

more strikes.

[21:20:33] Speedy(IA): I have used frenzy's successfully am really impressed

with action and depth I can get them.

[21:20:35] ebijack (mi): gary and dave, does line type make a difference on

the depth that the frenzy's run at?

[21:20:39] Lance L.(MI): Very true running and unbelievable action right out of the box

[21:20:45] Jim Alton: Gotta go gang... work to do... thanks OTG... I'll be

adding MORE of your products to my already bulging tackle bag...

[21:21:29] Steve (IA): what's new in power bait?

[21:21:44] OTG GUYS: Line diameter will affect the depth of all crankbaits.

[21:22:11] ebijack (mi): gary and dave, how about a thicker body on the powerbait tubes

[21:22:45] OTG GUYS: Steve, lots of new colors and shapes in Power Bait.

Cool new grub colors in the tourney strength for walleye. And the Jigworm, designed

by Kavajecz and Parsons is a personal favorite.

[21:23:12] OTG GUYS: ebi, thanks for the tip on the thicker body. We'll look at it.

[21:24:02] OTG GUYS: Anything else?

[21:24:27] Steve (IA): When are we going to see Tom in one of your Comercials?

[21:24:30] ebijack (mi): for those of you how came late, gary and dave tell

us they are planning on a new abu garcia line counter reel

[21:24:34] Ruko: is there a site we can see this new stuff?

[21:24:37] Speedy(IA): Thanks for stopping to chat. See ya on Okoboji.

[21:25:01] Lance L.(MI): Thanks for the chat OTG

[21:25:32] Swat 1(oh): Thanks OTG great chat

[21:25:36] Steve (IA): How are you involved in the Cabellas tourney this Summer?

[21:25:48] ebijack (mi): Thanks for your time GARY KING and DAVE OHLAUG !!!!

[21:25:52] golden (co): Sorry for the cybermeltdown, appreciate the time and effort

[21:26:19] OTG GUYS: Thanks for all the interest. We'll do it again soon, eh?

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